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The lawyer for mccoys extra references the bills running back orchestrated an attack that left her bloody. Amid attempts to get it leave his suburban Atlanta maintenance came down in the letter. Issued by the lawyer last night no police report yet the bills maintained that they have been in contact with equality and are monitoring the situation. And no other details available today in the NFL supplemental draft taking place this afternoon the giants. Got the top pick. In the draft the top talent anyway. With their third pick in the third round the giants got former western Michigan quarterback Sam Buell six foot one inches tall and a 447 in the forty yard afternoon recent work out. And defense to back it down as evidence Zander Virginia Tech has been selected by Washington in the sixth round of the NFL supplemental threat. The Baltimore Ravens are gonna play in the hall of fame game they're also gonna open the regular season against the bills and ravens rookies reported to training camp today. In Owings Mills Maryland they get an early week. Because of their participation in the offing game this year. John Harbaugh as players report. Earlier than most teams due to the ravens participation. In the golfing game sabres out today they've added. Steve Smith to the club's coaching staff and rules assistant coach is a nine year coaching veteran Steve Smith joins the receivers coaching staff. Roger Federer lost in a four hour five set epic. It Wimbledon today it felt through Kevin Anderson. And now also today. Anderson moves on to view play. Novak Djokovic who won his match today and Wimbledon. World Cup semifinal today with. The semifinal. In women Croatia in Moscow and England leads it by score one about the in this game is that just getting started. And that is the update from one bills drive John Murphy and Steve tasker starting our third and final hours and joining us. On the subway fresh take I'm happy to have her frequent guest the acknowledge sports business expert. About the NFL and others he is a host of the business of sports podcast director of the more at center for sports law. At Villanova University Edgar Brandt in my with a standard John Murphy Steve case here thanks for joining us. I'm busy as always NFL's interest thing media anthem policy just has brought out by the union with a grievance it just reminds me of the conduct policy where the NFL ignored the union crafting its policy they did it again. And here's what happened the union filed a grievance and says they won in two but it just shows a lack of trust between and a felony and Sophia. One of the things I saw in that statement issued yesterday by the PA go and I don't know what how much to make it this in your. The players association says they will have dialogue with the league right I mean that's is that a positive sign under to talk. Anyway I guess I mean it's too little too late it just seems like they're the policies crafted that I don't know what maybe look at some tweaked on it you know I mean. NFL wanted to give up much if anything so it's just. Where was this when their crafting and maybe they were just ignored and now they got around filing something. Andrews it posturing by the NFL to put so much on the plate of the NFL players association so that it in further negotiations the CBA comes to a close or just one more chip on the table that they can ever take that they really don't care about. Yes you know what I don't understand is we've got DeMaurice Smith and Roger Goodell both extended now passed the CBA gates 221. Yet all we hear about it Armageddon and strikes and lockouts it's never gonna work bubble Bobble come on. Any moment of any day in the past few years and going forward. They can start negotiating. And this is where the lack of trust the the Panama animosity between the two sides. Is not good for anymore because. All they seem to do is talk through lawyers they never talk I would. I would suggest Roddick don't DeMaurice Smith with the rise without their wives have a beer at breakfast have launched just. Do not talk business because there's no relationship. And that hurts and I think I agree got that back in the day when Gene Upshaw was the head of the brain and Paul Tagliabue they had a weekly lunch or regular lunch at they would sit down together and talk things over and really hash out some major issues. Literally over lunch. That is exactly what could have and should have happened with the Tampa policy. Instead that what are we that was in May were two months past. And now we can agree different hunting c'mon it's like let you know I know DeMaurice Smith campaigned against the buddy buddy that gene and Paul. But these are the kind of things where that really helps these these greasing over these issues like this it's always something right with with these. Andrew Brandt analyze Melissa Andrews in your former role as a top club executive with a Green Bay Packers. I'm actually ever had a situation similar to LeSean McCoy is with. We're just hitting your take on what the bills position should be now and what they should be looking at. Moving down the road here with still sketchy reports about what the court may or may not been involved it. Yeah mark my point of contact always in the position of kind of VP of the Packers whatever the to build the equivalent is you have to. Please contact the agent agent gonna tell you what it. Hopefully have a good relationship he could work through it whether coach or player personnel guy there were a position coach gets in touch with the player. That tends to be the relationship there. But you wanna get all the information you can and true in the Sean May not want to give you all the information so it is a bit and you know then you look down the road potential discipline that the company's ability to come from the league. Seems like these teams all deferred Roger right now that he's the one given all the disciplines so. We'll see what happens I think you were at this Lowell in the calendar. Which is good and bad it's good because nothing's really going on it's bad because. These things tend to drag without teams are deadlines to it to make them happen. What do you think the process is going to be for the National Football League what do they are what are they in army they've got to have a point of contact to the taking go outside the player coach. Teen relationship. And they look at police reports and they look at big baby you know put one of their security guys on that and I just think that they're gonna have to. Consider everything. And one staying is Bakken term fourteen in this kind of policy came out we talked about a exempt list paid leave. First situation would seem to be exactly like that where they're trying to find out more that look good. And remember back in the day we had picked Pedersen with this kid and Greg Hardy with a girlfriend. They were put on that list this seems to be just made that we have really seen that since that. Thank I guess that's still an option right is this move forward I would and I wonder com. Your thoughts that and the timing of it that the bills I would think. Probably would like to do something as soon as they camp but there also was a benefit to waiting right to it. The given it little time to to let the facts come updates that they need facts right now. You have to do and we're seen bits and pieces and social media but we don't know so. There like us but I would think maybe they know more nuts but they're trying to figure out everything you know I think it's gonna take time and I you know it. Tough role for drew. Because is loyalty to his client. So I don't know how much he's sharing with the bills and how that's working out. You're talking about Drew Rosenhaus hesitation for LeSean McCoy and you're right that they agent really got to do that if if there's ever a time when you need an agent this is it. Forget about contract negotiation navigating these waters you need somebody who. Is connected and has some experience with handling not forget about the PR. But also. A lot agree. I mean you've got to have somebody these guys got to get him as everybody gets lawyer up. Right exactly and that's what's gonna happen I think the suns I can say much of anything and can they may be true. Beyond that. Anders thanks for this could talk we will start against some time our guys are Andrew Brandt MM QB weekly columnist handles the business of the unifil the business of sports. He's director of the more at center for sports law at Villanova. He makes a good point Steve about McCoy situation I believe in that. We're all eager world you know. Breathless what's next what's next what's it mean what's Aminu and for the bills it there's probably benefit to just saying let's let let's wait a little bit. We have a game for seven or eight weeks and have we have camp for two and a half weeks just chill will see what's out there let's see what that the Fed the official facts are. I think that's a benefit for the Buffalo Bills now it is this up it is because it was Andrew bridges it is kind of it's good that it happened now not good because it kind of dominates the story line of of the season. But there are no games and no deadlines and you do have a chance to sit back and there's nothing the got to get ready for you just kind of waiting marking time now for training camp began anyway. So at least they can take a deep breath and say okay we need to rush to any kind of judgment or action. The for or against or you know him in anything. They can just sit and wait because they're not it's not costing him anything to make quick decisions so. They can take all the time they want to hopefully get it exactly right and his point about the I think it was called the commissioners exempt list when it came out wearing a hard yeah it was the exempt list paid leave and they just. Set it's different just setting the guy's side. No consequences for him on the case in the case that he may be innocent and no consequence for the team in the case that they may get caught by an act that was out there control. Tom why not do that right exactly I mean. It if we get close training camp and if there's still sorting through effects and sorting through deals on this. You know Greg Hardy went through it a couple of years ago is and your Brent pointed out. It was a cute and I'm looking up now party placed on the exam commissioners. Permission list they called it. Talent lost here. These have permission list. And this is the example is the same one Canadian Adrian Peterson when I'm saying gay actor remember this it was the same day back in September of 2014. Party arrested on assault for female Peterson and the issue with his son I think both cases at the time is if memory serves. We're still in the fact finding stage and that's why it made. Sense awards set aside base was Rubin Foster ever on that list followed I don't know I think watermelon vendor says it as a menus since 2004. They can come up with that whatever. Lou poli wanted to set the guy's side his roster spot his career his you know his presence just set it aside from the team from the league until. The matters that are out of the league's purview. Get settled in and they can make a decision on whether that it will be allowed him recently. Be apart anymore so. Obviously Adrian Peterson was readmitted off the list in great it was not news. He's known in the league so. You're right I mean that that's. Just one mortal degree of difficulty of the sorting through this whole situation is probably what they're league annals of what their options a winning get a chance SN. Your brain about this the other another engagement and we apologize we got to only we had too much fun the last hour and one department replay. One government replete. One of the things Otis come and I always take you know again need to talk bit or replace one of the things that is come up and picturing Andrea would it at some thoughts on this. Was Russell Oka who somehow got off on a Twitter rant about guaranteed contracts and the fact that they do that exist in the National Football League. What do you know about the. Steve what do you think our Reza I read this is tweets and and is and is justification Foreman and their and they make good sense when you sit and look at it objectively. NFL play he'll say and this word we've got it up on image yellow never understand how billionaire team owners have convinced the public that the players who put their bodies on the line every week and make less than 50% of league revenues. Are the ungrateful ones. Well. It says and grateful. But yeah I mean you know. Nobody says it. Because most of them are not on greatly appreciate their they appreciate their careers they appreciate the game they appreciate the certainly appreciate the paycheck no question about it. The thing that every player wants and I you know going into search and I've always sought after this was security. When I sign a contract I want him I want to get that money you know wanna make sure that I'm my family's taking care of all people in my life for whoever they maybe. That I America and there's no guarantee that there's when you sign a contract. You may get unless you get a signing bonus were all of its upfront. You don't you're guaranteed anything. And you may not see a single dime or dollar of the contract he signed and that's been always been a point of contention for the players now. For the owners here's there can deacon and and the risk for the owners is obvious. If you sign a guy for instance let's take Drew Bledsoe. Robert Kraft sign Drew Bledsoe to a 110 million dollar contract two days late two days later. He's out. And injured and Tom Brady takes over for him. You've got to robbery plain and Drew Bledsoe playing 110 million dollar contract Drew Bledsoe. Can't even get on the field because he's physically injured that he is bad business. And owners are that's that's there has been has always been their stance in their justification for doing it or you've got players like. Marcel de arias who a lot of bills fans in buffalo think it's picture this he can exaggerate if you want this guy. Signs the deal he signed with the Buffalo Bills very lucrative deal on the bill subsequently traded him away but. Before that a lot of bills fans think once you sign that contract he was never the same player. Exaggerate that a player who not only announcing player. He doesn't show up. He's now want to play anymore I don't wanna risk my knees I want it hurts me when I plan on this I'm done I'm just gonna sit here on my couch. And collect my hundred million dollars thanks all cash the check when he gets here. That's exaggerating obviously you know player to have our tundra but that's also the players the owners stance you've got guys who. Mail it in now when they sign a big contract why would you want a guarantee everybody that have everybody mainly in the league goes down to as a result because nobody wants to. Coca answering some points though he is absolutely nobody even tweets and rights. Considering football's level the brute imminent misspelled musicality high turnover as well as short life cycle of its participants. It would seem to me that NFL players are in the most need a fully guaranteed contracts he goes on to say that. People argue that it's apples and oranges in a film others sports he said yes and no league revenues are skyrocketing. A monster media rights deals on their rights in the business of football will never be the same. He wants players. To convince ownership to respect them as partners and you know he's talking about redoing the CBA and allow I think you can do it now fully guaranteed salary of these inning stop and input. Boy I think owners would. Go to the wall to prevent that from happening fully guaranteed contract for anyone. I don't see that happen some irony there. And Andy really are the leverage in economics of the book of the NFL football are much different than they are for the NBA. Fewer players and fewer roster spots. Eighteen game schedule vs sixteen game schedule. But by the same token the NFL has grown to the point where the the revenues dwarf any other pro sports sleek and the players right now are making less than half the revenues and and if you wanna be considered a full partner should make you know give math you know what that's only you target 2% of the gross. But it's still spread among 26 guys plus the account and here's some of the bit more. Knowledgeable. Pointed Russell come made in his Twitter. Tirade it was tiring yet. Is that the accounting techniques that they use. To set the salary cap. Or antiquated. And miscast. In the present day economics and National Football League those need to be reworked. And re look at so that the revenues that come to the NFL horse or X all split and and handled in any uniform and modern way to set the salary caps of the salary cap should be different now and rot in oak Kong's. Reason and and it's it's very it's really reason quite well there's no question. You can look at the dead money that's that's lost on the revenues and what happens is if a team has a lot of dead money on their cap. The revenues are still there they just don't have anybody paid money they're paying the money database that you're not allowed to pay the players that money. And done and that. Oh come to that money should still go to the players who are in the league it was 10% of the overall cap of five point something billion the cap number this year for all 32 teams. So that money that is dead should still go to the players that are actually planes and that's what the players. See them revision. And overall I actually CPA I think they can recruit warriors away yeah I think so I think they should start on their right now I don't think you need to go guaranteed money but certainly the dead money that's in the cap space. Should still go to the pool players that played this goes to the point you just may go with Andrew Brandt the relations between the league and the players association are so strained. And sold. You know piled up you can't imagine they would there's accountancy. Let's get a jump and we should redo this and I am telling Wright is I think can't agree about grandkids can't agree about it it's an absolute mistake I think one of the things that deep Maurice Smith the head of the players union. Has done some really good things and he just looked up for the killers in a lot of ways and I've never met him so I don't know but. I think he did make a mistake when he came in and I know you gotta do what you gotta do to get elected I have seen that enough times. But I think it is a mistake for him to go on the on the platform with the players news it was I won't be buddy buddy with the commissioner whoever it is. Listen. A lot of great things groundbreaking deals were cut over once between commissioner and he union. It it is not dead to me. It is not that difficult sit down have lunch with a guy and talk to them because I I think that's how things get done and I think if you're talking through litigation. I think it takes. And infant an infinite number amount of time longer to get it yeah well I mean there's incentive to make it oh yeah to make it to drag it out right. I thought at the feet right idle hours I don't know I think when that the commissioner and head unique and sit down and have once and talked things over as partners. Rather than adversaries. I think things get done I think that's which should be and DeMaurice Smith kind of sabotage his ability to do that because he would be going against what the union. Rank and file hired and I think a former player as yourself might be more open to the concept of guaranteed money guaranteed. At first I was not because I've seen because list tonight was hard for me earned the money that actually earned and I saw enough guys taken out of here. And it and I had to play with him they were making you know three times the money I was in and they. They were put forth the effort I want. So I had debt that but also. I know. That was the one thing I always strive for would've loved to have it for myself and my fans get to him again Germany but. And I but I understand that economics of it. And I know players are voice are striving towards it announced Kirk cousins deal 84 million or eighty million dollars fully guaranteed over three years. Hi hey I tip my hat to them that's what every player's always strive for. Break here were back but more one bills like from one bills drive in this is Buffalo Bills three. Now where people like me. Again it was a runaway as well as Twitter pole day after whose Twitter. Here's. I had nothing to do. Completely washed my entire incident which bills defense of player will make the Pro Bowl and funny team that is the question we put before the before the folks here today and as far as the responses. Is Steve said it is a runaway more than 70% say 72%. Security be as white is the bill defender who make the Pro Bowl. And tell us why you think this too by the 17% say Micah Hyde. Mated last year he presidency toward employer. 4% of somebody else in mind give us a call 8030515. Toll free 1888. By fifty to 515 we'll discuss collier from Mike it Las Vegas not on that topic but go ahead Mike you're on the heiress. Well Mike it Las Vegas. Good thank you. Are your. The partner has been here the puppet in the musical lost greatness. Would you tell me. Wrong I have our personal and am just wondering how and where. Steve you did Kelly's camp blessed to take a couple we started to sell through with them plus he's been on mr. Graham he went to a wedding that was actually in Scotland this last week so he's been traveling around the world he just had a he had an operation a couple weeks ago that was a little bit more reconstruct. Post operative recovery operation. Had it was about the cancer is about reconstruction. And cosmetics it. And estimate that and that seems to have gone well. And it's from Y knowledge she he's doing great he's he chimes in every once while on the five president's tax loop and and and from what I have talked to him lately but I talked to when he loses football camp he seemed really good spirits. Saw him thank you for asking Mike I appreciate. Within their minds gotten further on out own. And in. You don't know what you plan put Volvo either. While I appreciate it Mike I was it was fun while it lasted. Our thanks Mike thanks for call from all the way in Vegas you know it I guess and they're saying Steve. Jim has been a sick for so long and faced so many challenges that. Mike reminds us you know you cannot ignore what he's been through what he's going through and Al. You know. I guess courageous is a word what he's what he's done you know he's he's amazing he's an amazing resilient. Human being who's. On through an awful lot and yes of course we operate Foreman and wish him well and I stand and in awe of his strength in his ability to continue to bounce back I do. Yeah he's phenomena on the one time the only time you seem kinda. Yeah he's just is sometimes when it's been a bad stretch what areas him in his tardiness or hurtles and that's and that's one of the aggregate or aren't we dad does and it and it also is one of the bid. Common denominator for. Old football players in the whatever vintage wanna pick they just you know they hurt too much all the time it kind of starts to Wear on. Although I got to sage him. When he feels good he's he's his old self and it's fun to see it it's reassuring to see but you're right. The guy's been an inspiration. Inspirational call here from Jerome go ahead Jerome you're on errors. Oh thank you good afternoon gentlemen I think I'm a lifelong goes there ever I'm going to be good you have to agree to be honest with. I'd like to see the guard were voted due to a had a hunger hunger in them to win a global folder where I would like to see what our city every year. We're gonna win receivable Tucker I think in our consideration anti Iraq. Focus along guards into the playoffs and that we're. You noses field. I mean you have to consider offers so what I'd like to see you do go wall went. Gentility style to be asked which I love the weekly. These are until burgers and I think you have to their quarterback here. You know in that's just my personal opinion yeah integrated in the 34 straight Super Bowl I've never seen it happen. A lot like currently probably the Barrios you don't know where does not support. I can get your state and this is what it actually does. I appreciate your your right and write a major that's the idea and eat your Jim Kelly style is right I mean because GM. We're really fortunate to and we watched him since you retard he lives here in buffalo he's a guy he's part of the furniture here mean people know element. If you haven't met him is because you just have been out enough place is that guys here in buffalo and the thing about winning like Jim Kelly the thing that overrides everything about that team and about gene about in his personality. He why he. Was a reflection of RC. He was blue collar he works hard on his sleeve. When he was mad he knew it when he was happy celebrated together with him. He never hit anything in buffalo in the title like that there or were in people and where there aren't sleeve. And Jim personified that a football field the way played in the way he won in the way he lost. He was tough competitor all that stuff so when you say you wanna win and go to when the suitable Jim Kelly Steiger right that's the way buffalo wants to do it. And we were fortunate to be at a time when we had a chance to do it exactly the way the city would like to do it. And and I'm telling yet it was fun to be part that's why that team was legendary because guys like him in the waiting personified this city relationship between the fans the players. And that's what. This group is striving to do this is what this coaching staff in this front office had just tried to formulate here. And I've said is where this an easy team to cheer for. Got a lot that two guys they drafted this year are phenomenal guys can't wait to see him play and and Kelly cities to worry Jerome just called that we're gonna win the Super Bowl Merck. I need to give him cool labors in the expense and currently he's got who I think he's got a he's got attacked and he's he's he's dispensing and equally doron you're on you'll put you in for the person who. Is on the cool late dispensary committee. Time now for NFL true or false presented by UT's fancy New York's artisan cheese a couple of quick items from the NFL wires up on probably we wanna talk about whether we believe it at a cultural Alter ago an hour ago Randy Moss. All of fame wide receivers and we'll all be in this year he's in Tampa this week. Helping Bucs quarterback change his ways and he's working with the receivers to. Help helping Bucs quarterback Jamie as Winston. Who obviously he's got that three game suspension coming up at the start of the year after the incident with that over driver Randy Moss is out Winston can overcome this if he makes a right choices the rest of the way. He's says he Paul informed of my C players fail Randy Moss will help game is Wednesday and get better as a person. I think we're talking about your true or false Steve OnStar. I'm gonna have to say at first maps say off the top true because I as a region the message that Randy Moss purportedly is trying to tell Winston Janus Winston. And it seems to be the right message if you're gonna get people in your life who were willing and able to tell you know. They're able to put in check you don't want yes people in your life you want people who are enabling you. You don't wanna have people in your life who you Zhu for a meal tickets so they never wanna make you mad. You've got to have people that you love and respecting your life who love and respect you enough to tell you know. And give you advice that is contrary to your wishes. And that's the message that Randy Moss is giving to James Winston now that so if Janus is willing to listen and and enact. That stuff. Yet Randy Moss can definitely. I hope he does right I guess I group formed did have a positive impact on them. I I worry that James was in maybe. May be beyond redemption. And Adam Simon Says false penalty will moment. I don't recall that it's up it's like everything's up to James it is more about Jamison is an operating Ross about James. NFL tour false this very interesting Gil brag you know he is right on terror cowboy an encyclopedia yes he has written a post four nfl.com. About the top wide receivers in NFL history. He's got number five Steelers Antonio Brown let me go through the top five here Jerry Rice number one I think everybody would agree top these are the top receivers on time and you'll bring its. Donna Hudson Green Bay Packers. Number two okay. Never someplace but I know he's held in that regard he's got Randy Moss number three the aforementioned. He's got Lance all worth the fourth best wide receiver all time and then Antonio Brown. Browns had great years great year six time pro bowler for the Steelers but you know what. I'd plug Larry FitzGerald when there remembered by struggled falls on this I don't know if he's a top five receiver top ten yet. And here's some of the names he brewer Marvin parents read the list he saw the list Larry FitzGerald Marvin Harrison Bob eighties. Chris Carter Raymond Berry Tim Brown James Lofton he's got ranked number thirteen is Antonio Brown the fifth best wide receiver in NFL history it's a false police. I'd say falls absolutely falls amount. He's great no question is highly talented to Steelers are markedly different team with him on the football field but putting him in that at number five all time. I think. I think that's beatle that a prisoner at the moment I don't think just because this guy's flash right now that he's going to be that he's an all time great you're back across the course of history. Yeah I and I can't put in there and Calvin Johnson I mean really. In the year you're talking my guys and that's and we were gonna get on this topic two great players who on bad teams. I think. Antonio Brown. Would be. Our football if he was playing for weekly number I'm not saying I'm I'm exaggerating he would via football but he wouldn't be that kind of player begin have been prosper through two. If you don't play on bell road he won't curfew was in Chicago for the bears with mr. Visteon whoever the long line of quarterback question marks they had in Cleveland in some of these towns that didn't have a quarterback like Ben Roethlisberger for his entire career who was in the elite. Established. Quarterback wasn't going anywhere yet Antonio Brown has put together some phenomenal seasons. But I don't think you could plug him in just anywhere like he could some of the names on this list and he would be as great. Good yes but he would be on this so staples. Also Paul's finally and a coach were false the so it's funny Mark Kirk cousins. Remarking on the scrambling ability of future hall of Famer Tom Brady Kirk cousins says Tom Brady scrambles like a quote. Baby giraffe says he respects some cousin says he respects and you sit when we watch a video patriot saints. Some of the plays he made were great I see is some mobility. But he finds it in the pocket to keep his eyes downfield but he does say. Cousin says says. He he looks like a baby giraffe when he starts zero. Were false. We stayed true yeah. On legs that extremely fast I don't through this is. Yeah I would say. Mystic falls because his nickname. On the raiders is collides dale so when he starts and they say looks like it collides dale right. So obviously Abbott he's not yet he's. He's no Tyrod Taylor. He's no tyrants and Eddie you know it's it's a testament to him he can't run really well. But. I would not picked to be Beechcraft. Let us know pretty does and I'm Palin compliment here yet he's not Tyrod Taylor mobile but Brady has pocket awareness like may be as good as anybody if I ever. Sees what the rest is coming from feels words coming from knows how to take a step step and a half to get away from the rush in Macon played it. And wait long enough to make played outfield he does that. As well and oh absolutely that's part of the reason he's maybe the greatest guy ever take snaps in the league in league history certainly one of the most X and not the most successful guy ever do it. Because of his ability to keep his eyes feel not be bothered by the rush yet. But a baby drama was. NFL true or false occupied units these fancy New York's artisan cheese. Art a break here we're back with more one bills life present a back a lot of health work company from one bills drive this is Buffalo Bills radio. WGR. Sports Radio 550. Hope it. What have we learned from today show we'd like to learn every day this is a learning project. Every day we come here to work three hours weekdays and hope educator so little bit and if you evidence. Excellent education in the considered a plus write what you learn. Presented by advance on providing westerners Holmes in businesses with the finest insecurity in home theater. He preferred alarm on the theater writer of the Buffalo Bills good guest on David Halberstam that that one but he distant relative. David Halberstam joins us talk about a post wrote for the sports broadcast journal. About great incomes to play by play guys different sports seeing cities he had been Miller. And Rick generate as his fourth all time great play by play and a and David Halberstam talked it was about his take on Dan Miller and what made him so great. Today he to regain my radio and hate seeing the pictures being the work. And art there's that I traded in the law. Never happen without a doubt. I had a great command of the language. He poured properly he built the drama and you can just hear from the inflection in his voice. And good conversation with David that was him about those two broadcasters regenerate and then Miller. Andrew Brett joined us earlier this hour sports business expert he is the man behind the more at sports Los that are below the uterus cities and it fell. Business executive and former executive in the front office of the Green Bay Packers we talked with the Andrew Brandt about a variety of topics. Including the allegations made by other by people against. The bills LeSean McCoy. Yeah Sander Brent to give us an assessment of where he think the Buffalo Bills might be and where they should go in the near future with the the McCoy allegations here's what he said. You have to. Part of contacted the agent agent gonna tell you what did I hope we have a good relationship you can work through it whether coach or player. Personnel guy that aura position coach gets in touch with the player that tends to be the relationship there. But you wanna get all the information you can and drew in the Sean May not want to give you all the information so it is a bit hand. You know then you look down the road a potential discipline that the company to build a comfortable lead. Seems like these teams all deferred or Roger right now that he's the one given all the disciplines. LC IO that works out again no new details that we can tell today about mccoys situation. No police report filed I don't know where it's gone we talked about it the top of the shall throughout the show. We just kind of on hold until this thing sorts itself out the bills are on hold the bills movement is Donald is Anderson Steve hander Brett said. You know. The bills have the option to be proactive when it comes that. Punishment if there needs to be some sort of punishment you don't have to wait for Reggie you don't you can team can issues suspension. Maybe that's a week ago maybe that's it the best way to I don't know and it builds on of the union yet to see what their plan is there are what they know. Now that's right and it it. His connection it there's no connection being made except that his relationship with the girl and and and some of the its circumstances that surrounded the via home invasion. And if this is a farce ever goes this cannot be up to the to the team in the league to decide. What that means to his future is part of the part of the organization and part of the NFL. Oh well we'll stay tuned in them that right all of us well we'll find out I'm sure there's going to be some substantial Ramsey about this today Steve. If you're NFL reporter national NFL reporter this is a national and it felt figure Shawn McCoy and a big story. In a quiet time I'm sure there's I'm very many reporters on after details on this and I don't think it will have to wait too too long. Get a sense of what may have gone on here right I mean that's the big story. At a time when there's level like it will do well we thought we want that we would love to have the answers to all these questions all the innuendo innuendo and and them. The Twitter reaction well I wouldn't have used it to put forth and we just don't. And that's the frustrating and went back to speculate we're gonna Lindsay and to talk more about it unfortunately in the days and weeks. Tomorrow show looks like chip and out to be pretty good we've got a young man named Luke tasker. On the show us Steve's son Luke plays for the Hamilton tiger cats and see about how many years the CFO for Luke this is sixties. Their bye week old as the out of panic said in the hat twice every hero but to ask your Easter aren't native. He would be I would think the the most notable receiver on the packets rosters right. Brandon Banks is one of their guys. Terrorist golfers and guys who've had a couple coughing files by we care what you wonder too into to a 222. And playing better than people learn very much they're playing really good football right now they lost to a couple of really tough teams on the road. Big road trips out west and they're playing. They lost a couple of close games. And one. Some convincing and so it's it's been fun to watch so Luke will be ominous tomorrow and 1 o'clock and then come out of it to one of our favorites Lorenzo Alexander with the lowdown. A believer as is gonna join us from his offseason. A post in the Scottsdale Arizona. Where I've read sept and on Twitter he has been working outs I wanna ask about this so I think he's got a new workout partner media. A trainer that he's working with on his own out there and Scottsdale. Reza is is a physical freak in the physical marvel he you're here. When asked about the the break you know when mini camp ended before the training camp began the slack off a little bit as far as your and nutritional regiment was on though. Well it's on now. He's a freak in the which is why he's a plane and age what 35 is still playing 35 minutes as it at a position is way different when he began. I've talked about him laying. About how he went from 315. To forty. And do you I I won't. And go to Robles and go to Pro Bowl after you make that change transformation it's unbelievable rental Villa with a tomorrow 2 o'clock. Wanna thank covered action assistance George last night even here wife Emma let's. Jeff cotton picked how George W but you know kill line. Just called to tell us how to Kelly route JJ terino Kevin carcass and James robo our producer. Back with a another show tomorrow twelve known one bills live presented by collider help from one bills drive and this is Buffalo Bills rating.