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Howard and Jeremy
Wednesday, July 11th

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We've also started our our previous for training camp opponent opponents of the Buffalo Bills yesterday we talked about the Baltimore Ravens. The chargers are up in week number two although maybe we not get against him to make sure we get OK record aaron's gonna join us why. War from camp X radio out of Los Angeles we'll talk a little bit LA. They read it's Howard and Jeremy thanks for coming our first look at morning. I. Hey I reading more and more for some reason about the chargers as AFC west favorites where's this coming from and why. Well you know you think about that it is bank while the way to the end of last year they want all those games in a row on the way they were playing and and the fact that. They have some changes coming up but really not a lot I think it also you take a look at the rest of the caught the rest of the division I mean. Kansas City we don't really know what to expect from them especially with a quarterback change. Denver is a maps and the raiders well they could be good as last year probably better but. You take a look at the teams and you wonder will which is the team it's best suited to really have a good start. And it just comes out chargers are here on the ticket they're kicking scenario put together a and we all saw what happened last year where that. There's a really good chance to the chargers that they get a good start wool load that have a chance to prevail. And yeah killer Randy with the chargers like the theme of the charges in recent years has been. You think they're gonna do better than they do they end up losing games you can't figure out how they lost and somehow they missed out on the playoffs. Oh absolutely naturally been and there are modus operandi of late but you take a look at the way they ended their season last year what all those wins in a row and there was just something that was collected everything seems to be going especially the way they lost in the first few games again I bring up the kicking game which was horrible. They went through kickers like most of us. Go to caught cups of coffee in the morning and hey just have seemed to turn that around thinking yet that fixed up they brought in some question I am still not totally sold about Gina Smith is back up quarterback Philip Rivers. And then of course they brought in part L Jones from you guys end up in buffalo it's going to be interesting to see if this team can avoid injury. If they can keep going the way they candidacy last year. You brought up quarterback. You know for a number of teams including the bills this was an offseason to think about the quarterback of the future. The chargers aren't how many how much longer is rivers play. That's a good question but he seems to really be as long as he could be healthy and and I can't. For any team in the NFL health is important especially the chargers could be start kick up some other top guys for example hunter Henry the tight end who played so while last year. Well he's done for the season so you're gonna now rely on at the ball went Braden Bowman your look at the ban job to do look at the guys that you may not know very well. So that top line guys are gonna have to perform for the chargers and more important stayed healthy this season. And as far as you have seen in terms are river's level of play any drop off any troublesome signs. Not really I think if anything he showed the end of last year that he was getting better I mean as long as you can make that connection is long it's Keenan Allen stays healthy as long as Melvin Gordon out of the backfield stays healthy as long as cellular guys Mike Williams that he can stay healthy and you're talking about. While that Philip Rivers is gonna happen so we're pretty good season because again with the wave Melvin Gordon's been taken of football and running at this last year. Remember when they bombed. Two years ago that's when and you had all those injuries that's when Keenan Allen went out that's when somebody guys went down to injury and and really he had nobody but himself that the road to an dissent. Because that there receivers just weren't. In a position to do well they weren't relieve. Somebody you could rely on don't doubt is lauded these guys can catch the football they're going to be in good shape. Don't mention Keenan Allen anymore I'm having very bad flashbacks to the the game. Went when it comes soon and you know you mentioned the kicking game where are the other biggest bigger big questions as they get set to open training camp. Were there other questions about the 2018 chargers. Well I think defense is going to be interesting you're bring him back. Branded me bang you got Melvin Ingram you've got and they'll Paramount you've got guys up front we're gonna play well Casey Hayward is also great in the backfield you've got. The big question is the rookies Derwin James coming out of Florida state of the draft pick the chargers first guy they chose. He's going to be a guy that everybody is going to be testing this year because he's new and it's going to be interesting to see how that all works out of course they've got Chile boasts Jason Barrett is back from injury. Now Barrett is able to and from all reports we've heard him some audio offseason practices. He has looked really good since coming back from injury and missing most of the season last year all these guys can certainly put together a good performance. Chargers defense is gonna certainly helped them. You mentioned during James who else from the 2018 draft class could have an impact. You're a do you guys view that because it's funny there's a kid from USC I believe it's. And I always had trouble even pronouncing it when he was at US seasons alone so we know that linebackers. Who chaired them all so yeah okay that's. It's better than me I you did a much better job than I would of trying to bring him up with you. All my buyback plan was to go is anyone is due to an editor of the but now you're talking a delegate it would be with the US they've but nonetheless. He keeping guys that your gonna really keep an ally out more eye out for you've got some other guys that are coming up for the most part though the defense is going to be based on a lot of the veterans but I according to those two kids named pat. Friday I believe his name has had an outside. Good defensive end that's gonna back up opening group he's a kid that's going to be somebody that you're gonna keep an eye out for. Certainly so many other people that could command but again like the offense the defense cannot stay healthy this year that's what the charger did not start labor. I forgot you bet you mentioned hunter Henry I honestly don't even remember did they bring back Antonio Gates or if not they considering doing that. There is a lot of talk at one point to the chargers would. Would once again approach Antonio but so far no. It hasn't happened which is kind of interest income and no gates wants to return and I know. C'mon some of the guys other teams in the NFL. Have to want a veteran that knows how to catch the football and has shown that he can do it over the years but if he comes back and he be joined the chargers again or that will be somebody else. That does certainly hopes the cult LE chargers situation. Ready foul thing for you know ticket sales and you know other team the opponent having lots of fans in the stands is a big story last year. Will it be any different this year and LA for the chargers. Well they're going to be acclaimed play. And of course. It's just kind of an odd thing you're looking at a soccer stadium that the charges are going to be playing in and they do try to expand that they do try to make it look good. I but as we saw last year at the end of the season wryly it didn't matter is under the chargers were able to play some good football. Once they got over it I don't think they're worried too much about help me answer in the stands. Of course the new stadium is being built that's going to be coming up in a few years as well. Randi thanks thanks for the information on the charges appreciated given us some time this morning. Thanks.