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Wednesday, July 11th

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Might show. And the bulldogs. Home just one day and guess what day it is and everybody. It's Mike Hsu OK okay. Mike Mike Mike what does it Mike that I. And a Bulldog. And guess what status doc and I know you can hear me it's my shield and a Bulldog and guess what today it's. Tungsten. And on WG ER poll. Sports Radio you'll find. Hi everybody welcome I'm Mike show Bulldog is off this week. Celta podshow this year in bulldogs chair. Cell said to me like ten minutes ago we said let me know. When. There's a replica of a quiet moment today I have a question for you it's off topic. And you're the guy for this question and think of myself stacked. I mean is July. Let's go first let's go now don't hesitate RT. OK so yeah whatever you want to ask that question as you do you live my Grand Island correct that's right probably. I have to admit I'm gonna get a lot of flak for this I am still very confused and had okay actual missiles work. Because I do know that you have EZ pass and I have an easy pass. I think beyond that is what I get confused about what do we what do you do if you don't spend what about people from out of state what about people from Ontario. Do they literally sent a bill to your home for one dollar. Mean I I I think I don't understand how this works I think maybe like a period of time may be a multiple go by the memo sent to a bill yes. I I ain't apple accidentally. Took the whole road to Toronto or on the Toronto want to reserved for a five might like it goes on and we did the same thing once and got a bill you get a bill that's a different country. So that's what I think happens there are few states I think that there is not required license plate on the front of the car. But the back but the backs or did they take a picture of I think they have listed in the process in how we get from a I went through this at fifty miles an hour and suddenly there's a bill in my mailbox like I'm interstate in the process. Well do you accept first off that there is one. Yes I heard I sure I want to I don't think it's reliable. I I question ensure reliability. Are you yes I'm pretty sure happens is they have the address of everybody's every every vehicle it's. Whether it's the owner of the vehicle or what in the country they would have the address is everybody's car. Every car has an address I guess right to be registered insurance why leeson's. So. After a period of time maybe it's among them just guessing that I mean the easy pass. Statement comes every month okay so you get. A bill so this is this is part of the reason I'm confused so I have an easy pass. However. The easy pass I have the little box that's unit that they attach to your windshield. Has come off so when I go through an easy pass when I go like exit 50 am going east. I have to take it actually hold it up as I go through the easy pass told you might not have to like really hold it up. Well what I could to make sure I did I do the same bits and here's my question on the cash let's tolls on Grand Island. Ya doing need to do that or might find because I simply have a license plate. Will end and no you want it on your account OK because if I don't do that are they just going to attach and say. Oh that belongs to sell the popular he is an easy pass so they just charge that know an idol I've been an actual deal. I don't know but I bet they don't do that exceed EZ pass thing was not in your car. Right I feel like we're probably would happen is you would get the bill is if you didn't have easy past not that they would put them. There's then you don't need to tag anymore. So I think you need to tag I think you need the white tag. To get the money charge on your recent past and for island residents. It's less. Which for you it's a balk. Something that's 95 cents I think for me I think it's eight cents oh okay so I like I was Jersey and actually team yes the last two days I had to take. The Grand Island bridge to go to Louis to resume our tournament is immigrate. Go to love it so much easier the don't have the stopping go tolls but yesterday Elena to Niagara Falls country club. M Monday I did not take my EZ pass out in flash it. But yesterday I did. Well I don't know exactly how close it has to be you're not going to be able to tell to read it driving under that thing. It's not like when you read the slowdown. And you show where did you see the green light it's not a right like you're not gonna know. So I don't know if it will just know if it's anywhere in the car making BV I don't have any idea on this technology probably not. Like I always hold it up and up to the windshield and I feel a little about it means it probably didn't need to be that exact and that I think people are looking at me going you're an idiot I probably also that I think I I don't want that buried under. You know. Paper or anything like a wanna hold that don't have it in my hand so it can be noticed. I'm just I for some reason I'm fascinated by out of the cash was tall and how it's all working. Yup I damaged in the process I'm interested in the people who have it forces don't have it. Got it done we got it I I I it works it works for me I'm glad I have and it helps me get through other elbows that's for sure. OK Peter is calling it on the ERS question I think fellow Peter. All but yet whether it and it. At your light that are out with Ed you re edit your cute bogeyed that 3 AM. Heavy duty belt broke from Wal-Mart because that but I did remind him quite dark it in all you. And right that's right that's right there aren't thank you Peter and bill's questions for sale at the milk OK Carolina and her mean. I don't know what the bill's question for you was an off topic now if it does are the bills off topic I know I. I think we're started with easy pass or quite on topic for what's going on but. Michael insecure and view. Live on the island thank you you do have to you do pay like we all do just that it's a sense it's not lake. You don't have any special. To live there you pay a certain rate every month and you can just drive over the bridge whenever you watch I don't have any sort of unlimited oak island passed so everybody knows on the house. Gets charged every time you cross the bridge but that's eight cents each way. As far as I know yes and I don't know if it's exactly the and I are a team zones like that yeah of course so is he says this was. Thing that I. Brought up a lot when I was on my tenure speech suspension. Because I was paying a dollar to go over the bridge every time when they should've been paying eight cents or whatever. But I was on tenders what does that tenure what I've got a ten meters pizzas patio. A guy got to take your speed suspension for going too fast. Through recent tests. So what they did was this is like you're here comes the story again for anybody who's hurt I sellers Oliver I'd. I got a lot of mileage out of this story no pun intended so maybe like 2001. Or 2002. I had gone with the wind there were tolls. Across the near the peace bridge. Okay yeah I remember that I'm the one night I was coming like they used to be it's all here yup its pretty interest and I would go through those and sometimes too fast like north of forty miles per hour in the speed limit was spots. Okay so. They sent be awarding. Don't do that. And like I didn't open my mail cause that was a bachelor and I released the vote but. Which is too lazy to open my mail didn't have easy pass at the time that they do the I didn't know that okay. Yeah so. I was too lazy to open my mail I thought even EZ pass was just to recede so a lot. Should automatically replied mission so what. OK so that I did and a second time in unknowingly got a second warning in the third time and unknowingly got a third warning. And then a fourth time and one time I open my mail and it was the fourth time and it says you were on. Speech suspension for taking her wow. Doesn't work any big yet I opened it only after it didn't work for me once probably. Yeah and sent what does this all about why does that work yes and I opened my my email and it was viewed as it's not gonna work. You still see the whole closet by the way right there that that section of the 190 to have toward the water yet AA still see that little doubt plus and then there's that little office building two on the left. And then I think at one time it while the four EZ pass it was one of those kinds Regis thru the Amish the money. Into the bucket. Yeah well and bright ball it ended the game was always to make sure you got it in. You gotta get it then yeah I remember we went to saver games from the I'll London and I would go with my friend Todd whose mother one time miss the bucket and she held she got out which you I would get out I'm the kind of person who gets out retailers up there. It's embarrassing yourself but you do it. Rather than just drive off and Todd is mother remember getting out of the car. But you couldn't each region by opening the door that has yet to get out of the car and pick up that. Whatever 45 cents fifty cents and then thrown in the button so the speed suspension takes effect and it's ten years and then my wife and I moved we got married and move to the island bought a house there. Sold now amid a point I'd love to west Seneca previous to that so now I'm at a point where. I can get a cheaper rate. Going over the bridge because I live there and bottom on speed suspension judge refused again too lazy. Two is the guy was too lazy to open his mail is wait too lazy to go to EZ pass off showdown about that even though it was on the dial. And you to save a lot of money. Yeah overall sure no doubt about it that are paying a dollar and every day or more I would pay its its every day. More ever twice 8%. Double you only pay one way but right okay. So. I've I'm telling people this story 20052006. The speeds suspension is all in 2013. And it's your 20052006. And telling the story the story always got laughs. Toros got a good reaction and I love a story that there's there's a lot of value to me in a story that gets a good reaction well. On the one that had the bucket any time we had one that had a bucket I would be in the back I remember being in the backseat in my father instinct and I. Can you slowdown so I can you want we can do I tried the same thing thrown in the bucket. So. You know 20062007. You know you tell people about your being on speeds suspension. And some people saw but a number I remember who was but somebody new. That if you just royal latter. Too easy pass apologizing for going too fast they wool cancel your suspension and they'll give you an easy pass a Michael wall that's dumb. And the person says whoever laws like the personable what's dumb about it like. You get your EZ pass back and you pay eight cents a day is that of a dollar like no I won't I'm not sorry. Man so then I also wrote great really meant by a not sorry is I love having the spike there's nothing dangerous about me. But I've got to take your speed suspension. So how cool is that they look like why am I am cool isn't plug it up pick up line at bars my shirt you know that I'm on speed suspension I probably your own little bubble and dangerous and you all I don't know whom did you hear the porous and I got married in the nit while they. So like that's probably why they probably work for me. So mom who cares about a block. I'll just pay the block and all have the story Mike walks into the bars couple ladies sitting down pain at the camp XP that's Russian. Who. I am gonna get a T shirt. Now that says on speed suspended until 2013 you said. Coming up to just rip it a little bit so my wife eventually is like you were such an idiot. Just go in there. All do with I'll go with you whatever just write the dome letter can be two sentences. To write the column letter and get on with it. Enough you're married now it's that doesn't matter your stories like there's no good reason for you to not do that. And I said our I guess your right so. I wrote. Hated it's I hated it I'd like what I wrote what I am sorry for going too fast on the EZ pass. What just that was it like a soccer is brilliant second grade I'd have written in Dutch talk or I should have this sort of had to talk they should have a chalk board Americana is currently twenty times right I will not go to the faster. So I wrote a I too loosely paper up consoled lover I just wrote. That and they're like okay thanks great would appear to have that get out of all of our tickets to items are write a letter stamps are it was going. Eighty in in the in the thirty bombs that that's not. You guys that doesn't work community hears you but that's not that's park now don't you go to court in my consulting Emeril aria into the give you a lesser punishment when they do that. I don't know crimes or feel like they would say I don't care if you're sorry this is too heinous crime right it doesn't matter to me the judge that your sorry. What about going. Fifteen miles over the speed limit. Like are they going to be be accept your apology and just give you some. You don't give you a citation or maybe a parking ticket instead of just like the full fine I think it depends on the job at every corner Leon have that story. Maybe. I. Here's bill he wants to say something I've built. I occurred directly toward. The governor lighten your whole world is so I actually work for the mask. The arbiters patient earned prostitutes and they sit cool he everything comes down to. Your license plate one way or the other. If you are I don't know who works at point he'll probably tell us. If you have the transponder. Then you pay a lower rate if you have to pay by plate pretty full troll sometimes this city service he attached to it as well. Parents are you save a little bit of money desire I think that's why am I easy pass account when I look today because this was bothering me it showed up as 95 cents when it's normally a dollar. Correct all right what happened yes. Now what happens is evidence targets the registry so if you. Have already are likely to rent a car. Oftentimes what will happen is you go Lou they've built oracle company than the record companies charge credit. I hate that that happens to me all the time always forget to ask renting the car there's EZ pass Florida. Yet with those whatever that is that down there like they have zone has Ozzie has this song that's yet. I know I I see this thing in the car so Michael good uncovered and I'm not covered. But it and then there's this don't even like I'm so naive as just the mobile traffic why public eye on display through the adopt a tank here a distorted it does not activate. So bill the bottom line here is the question I have is if I don't use the transponder and I'm in my normal car will they. Well they charge my EZ pass account because it's linked or will they not just send me bill. No I believe in certain to a bill welcome to separate import suggest there are detractors serve she prepare for you know fail a error Serra. And drop like that. What they do what they don't the thing is that they have the technology for a long car they could've done this year. But the problem. That they encounter was state to state. Agreements mutual agreement on how to open a chart such. And it was only until a couple of years ago so where all of the states as Pennsylvania has written book characters much it's our New Jersey. All of them have the capital they all kind of came to agreement. Then they were only able to be worked out all patrol boats you know and put all the it's what they call him he'd still like Cole. Are to get it correctly with the copper. It is the net goal. Practical crossed above your head that's actually collecting information. Everything's going to technology now. I don't know if you guys ever see who's arms like you know exit 4230. Minutes away. Eagles aren't as it went back yes. Eat don't you don't Hubbell's work. Know bill a bill a BI and early I can barely stand Celestin is a question about I mean I don't know I'm I don't become that we find out another time lemon I don't know what is it wasn't. When you have what do you have for us here. Oh just quickly what discusses the first aren't either says thirty minutes to work that distinction and that's taken the data from new boot to consult all sure that we call it records what are you get the F. What kind you get to that actual destination street everybody that does that that's an average. That's period that's our GPS were that's exactly how when your driving it tells me how long to get to. An exit is bill I'd I'd appreciate it I have to say state the state didn't we all know our forefathers would have a problem with this. When they came up with a democratic republic of the aisle when they had to go and state this state for easy pass tolls would be the issue. Thank you thank you bill okay. I just thought of a bill's question for you thank you businesses is this an appropriate time at disasters there is no more appropriate time and right now after that after yesterday we got it don't matter right now Paul. Pull him because every time Paul comes on bull dog makes one up all for like hijacking the show and taking a summer polls are now go and get in trouble for doing that. I am. Hang on. Here's Dave with a solo Dave. And I got number L I don't know all. I don't know it's just didn't care if you shoot at the grand talent rich a lot I do like you'd almost every. That's how this conversation started yes I do. OK okay Goldie epic commuter with eating. The fielder Eric you. And each byproduct. Instead of the dollar 95% he rebuked. Well you have should at least ought to be hr a minimum of five dollar a month so get out here I'll educate the younger. OK I don't go over that much but I happen all over each of the last two days which is how this started you know maybe you make the investment thank you gave me you make the investment in nickel and then you just did you make a commitment to come up come up and a CEO. Or anybody restaurants. Fantasy Island you know you can roll a attractions I do like to go to the false account. OK speaking of going places and I mean. And dunked on a com okay speaking of going places do you have the bill schedule memorized yet. Memorized now. I can beat that can come pretty close you think you and I could figure out like a gas and it would you think it would be right if we did. Giving you an out right now we're tasked with what is the bill schedule from memory. And like you when I come up with a gas wouldn't be right. I think we led to get something wrong I don't you do you know we get a 70%. Populist right okay. We have talked with a date just week one week to write already dates okay we can do that and you have to but we shouldn't. But we have obviously he's my and there's a one game is not. On the Sunday afternoon. Okay here ago we know week one is at Baltimore movements brought out through I think. I agree to is against the chargers I believe your being truthful at home. Now I'm actually. After remember is that Minnesota agreement OK good because I was getting confuse those two little bit and Minnesota Green Bay. Then it's Tennessee here do you think. We five. I weeks late biweekly week eleven or twelve in there Tennessee here a week five and then at. Tennessee here week by giving so I want her I think there's a there's only. Two there are only two afternoon games. I'm still. Two. Organs too all afternoon games. Tennessee I think it's Tennessee. And there might be at Houston. How does that sound OK that sounds good to me and Trent what what week is the money that game you know let me tell you this eight week eight OK so that would be yet new wing that are New England against knowing at all. Yeah so it's week seven so we accept it Indy. Is Andy yes I believe that in. So there we have New England here we gate yet. How about Chicago. After that week nine home. Like early November now. Sounds good went as the by leader. It's either the next week the week after that I don't go aboard the jets here what about now right okay so that I think the by then. OK okay that's right that's right I do you get the jets week ten away. That's that's November 11 and that's veterans day. You are you sure about that yes a few of them were great shape here and the lie is the following week isn't going to Vegas that weekend all right we don't let them know ride volleys Jacksonville only it's Halloween at some Thanksgiving weekend great job I didn't have that okay. Then how about. That Miami. That would make sense scorer to get my act. Miami is. At Miami. Detroit. I would come I think you were too weak fourteen. Now yet 151617. I I'm putting Detroit here fourteen OK does that sound they go right right yeah. And then week seventeen is Miami here yet so I still have the jets here and at the patriots in their literally order. And it's a New England is the Christmas week it's a New England is sixteen I think that's right anyway. Would that be three home games in a row Miami Detroit jets. No no person does that Miami correct. All right guys we have one to seventeen at Baltimore chargers here at Minnesota at Green Bay titans here. At Texans at colts. Patriots here Monday night bears here. At jets'. High. Jaguars here at dolphins lions here jets here at patriots dolphins at home how did we do. Is your right shoulder right to look. I got a bed face down here at a scheduled tag. And a seemingly a mistake news. Did we flip. Can't beat Chicago and we put we put the jets and lions. In December that sent. Right. Very nice. The jets are weak fourteen home in the lions are fifteen. At New England Miami and while her current job sell your job to do you'll know now what you wouldn't you will not again. Not know. Their schedule. Actually have a little pocket schedule I just grabbed from our golf tournament that I set a better have one of these just in case of grass or go. We have a tie game in the World Cup. Croatia has tied England in about the 67 minute 11 winner gets France in the final what. Sunday senators on Sunday they have a third place game. Saturday will be the third place game and Sunday the final so we've got to there great finish coming up. Questions for cell bills questions eagle 30550. If you're not listening when he and I talked yesterday about. Was Shawn McCoy the investigation the potential consequences. We'll get back into that talks and fantasy football today to. Tyler dawn coming up lots of NFL. Mike show in the bold I would sell in for Bulldog today this is WGR. Then you look down the road potential discipline that the company builds a comfortable lead to cool things like these teams. All deferred or Roger right now that he's the one given all the disciplines so. We'll see what happens I think you were at this lower in the calendar. Which is good and bad. It's good because nothing's really going on it's bad because. These things tend to drag without teams are deadlines just to make them happen. That is Andrew Brandt. More bills live receive sports business journal is that right. I think that's Andrea used to be with the packers' front office also Monday morning or Monday Morning Quarterback thing you Joseph you just told me that it just dropped it. Bomb. What does that tell what you we also knew that clip. I didn't hear it beginning part of his point was without there being games to play there's no particular rush. From the league standpoint right at the same time there in camp when two early tomorrow. So. I mean to me that's in need to have things buttoned up. I mean you know. The first thing is gonna happen if LeSean McCoy is activities can be inundated with this the team is in the questions if there's no. If he is exonerated cleared and said people say hey get nothing to do with this let's moron. There's going to be a lot of questions as soon as he relied re arrives in the campus saint John Fisher. On July 26 so I'm I think everybody would like to have some sort of resolution on that end. Pillow on the hill make one statement. About it if it's not bought dot writes if that. That's right Gil -- one day where he goes guys I'm. I'm not tell talking about that at all or like they just get the word out to the media that he's not taking any questions about that. Here in the area might still got one or two and then he'll have to say I'm not talking about that right that's very would have. And you're right and and look I mean. And during OTA's and mini camp. We LeSean is this special player on the team. He's treated kind of like quarterbacks are which are they only talk a certain time when the medium when the team makes them available lot of guys we can just go up to and chat you know by. And I want to talk to Lorenzo Alexander reckon just basically go up to and say you have a minute and yet it's not a big deal but guys like LeSean. It's pretty much on the team's schedule he can't he can choose to do that. But they generally don't do that because he's so high demand for a lot of people at a normal basis or something like this I think would ratchet that up and he would be pretty well protected. And they would say he's not talking until May be something is resolve or. Wait till next week or something like that. Yet he probably have a kind of a tough time. Answering questions about this if K airport are open right now often because. Review got the woman's lawyer. Saying that she was attacked by someone who wanted to get jewelry. All of his from her and he has sued her about it already. So is McCoy really go to represent like I know yesterday. In a state a short statement lie and he says I have had no direct contact with these people for months. Is he really gonna tell you that he doesn't know anything about how they could have happened at his old house. If he doesn't he be outrage in there would be that you you would hear him say that. Or what they mean is he gonna relate to you that it's I guess it depends on what you believe maybe four. The the latest today by the way in case people don't know LeSean McCoy has hired a prominent defense attorney Atlanta somebody who's very well known in Atlanta and but there has not been any official statements necessarily from his and other than what you read yesterday what we reported yesterday. And when he posted on his disagreement out all of the. All the statements made in this coming out right now has all been from. The accuser side and her lawyers and things like that which is including what you just talked about. And the NFL does have though might they do have a. A policy where. If there investigating something. And the investigation isn't wrapped up. They can put a player on the exempt list that commissioners exempt list until they're comparable with their findings are fuelcell. Yet we're not we're at senior guilty of anything but until we know we don't really want this person involved in Opel activities. I have no idea. If this would apply in this case. But I'm sure some people would say this would be the kind of case where that would apply if we get two weeks down the road. And we're still having the same kind of questions we have today. Yeah I would I would agree with that I don't know. Oh look the standard is either I don't know that by. The day you have that example listed in. It's pretty much panic at the commissioner's discretion where they says. Hey will we're investigating this we don't know. We don't want it accuse you analysts say you're guilty and we don't wanna Cleary because we don't know sort of put Jenny exempt list and as soon as that's all done. You can come back to playing football and. I don't know. What in who qualifies for actions they who everybody does what what would qualify for that list but it's something to monitor over the next two weeks. Yet there should be an arrest at some point media before two weeks go by I also haven't heard a may be. Joseph or Kyle or someone in there has been on top of the updates today and things like that and telling me be you can't. I have not heard of any suspect at all even being mentioned even if not by name like you know we have a suspect or there's a person of interest. Even that hasn't happened yet from what I've. Many live look at and gathered on using that. Big you know sometimes images to the just arrests arrests yet so I don't know. Well if that happens or if the bills even before and expect that to happen. Then view would we yes I guess you yesterday. Like you do day make a move there one another running back on the roster maybe they go big maybe they go small Iqbal Woolsey but. Either way they would get somebody like if McCoy were to miss what training camp wouldn't they bring someone in a. Think that I don't think they would in less they thought maybe that would go beyond that into the season and they needed someone of. Because. Here's a way I compare to and forgive the comparison because obviously we're talking about a very serious issue but from a football standpoint. It's like what do LeSean McCoy twisted his ankle and though first week and they just didn't know he'd be ready for week one when they really got assigned somebody I don't think they would. They would say we got a stable here we're just gonna go with what we have and that when he's ready to come back we'll be fine we can get by for game I think it would have to be. Then there really go out and get someone and by that I don't mean like some guy who has the right street free agent known name. I mean it DeMarco Murray Adrian Peterson someone like that for that to happen. I think that would be a signal that they may be a little bit more worried about him missing a lot more then you know the tail and a training camp in the first regular season week let's say. Imagine if McCoy we were. Suspended a report on a list like that. Four and but. An investigation and includes allegations of child abuse and Adrian Peterson her bra and a bit ironic. That. And I you know that it's not it's something I've thought about until you just brought that up that's. Actually something that probably the bills would have to think about it not bring him in I would think that number one analysts like that would be DeMarco Murray. Play a guy that still may be able to play give you even carry the ball lot. DiMarco Murray is saying just a couple of days ago that there are four or five teams he's got talking to Seoul for him may be more like dad's for him. What whatever the situation is asked to be won or he would expect to play a lot in this wouldn't be that at least yet. That's correct that this early becomes that if McCoy just almost like suspended for a year or something and nothing else reach out to them. And even in that case they have to wait they have to wait till that happens from their end as well like I said they're not just gonna go hey we might. We don't allow LeSean McCoy let's go invest in the mark Omar I think that would have to be. Weighed on the road there right. All right let's go phones series Shaq with us that is a cool name Shaq. Yet they're sir. Of my question it is. It was horrible Corey is suspected. Who leaked it should replace the shuttle port. Which are discovering that. It depends on how long suspended forgery of a different questions who. Yeah I'll I've got a question what he did their record could be if the trouble Korea's suspected. What he did the ball well records couldn't be. I think you'll be the same either way. Which is not going to be provable. An hour but I think running back you name a running back and any team and asked me. What is that team's record with him or with him being replaced and I'm probably always gonna tell you I think it's the same either way I don't think it matters you. Think their record would have been exactly the same last year had LeSean McCoy not played at all probably. I don't think I don't think I'd go that far Mike I I'm I'm with you pretty much I don't think it's. Such oh why you can't say there's a difference between a third when six without an intent with them. I do think that he can account for. A win you know I mean like there's a game where maybe like a goalie steals a game in a playoff series I think was shot we didn't have LeSean McCoy they don't win that game they don't have a guy maybe that made it. A couple of bill really big plays to keep third downs alive with his legs in the set them up for field goal position or something like that so I do think there might be. Eight different of a game let's say it. Seven to eight winner eight to nine win I don't think you're talking about. More than one do you think of them a game like that are out trying in my head this by guy if I can think of the game last year specifically there was like that there was a play we. In the Tampa game that. A player named Taiwan Jones may answer that was important and respectfully I would say to that argument bowl who was Taiwan Jones because of that here's a guy who did exactly what you're talking about. And they won at the at the end. They want in Miami. Were McCoy got hurt and had ten yards. At the in week seventeen and so he goes he's not even. But he gets hurt in that game they have no opportunity to replace him for that game. And it's Marcus Murphy parks Murphy yes and they won anyway. He went over a 103 times. The opener. Against the jets a team they would probably have beaten with anybody. The he went over what 151 against Oakland statistically his August 2 basking yards per attempt. One of his best. He went over a hundred at the chargers which they lost by thirty. Anyone over 150 in the snow. Well I think there's also you know it's so. It's in football it's different you caddie at the think about how the team would play the bills differently. If LeSean McCoy is not on the field for seventeen games last year let's say. There is a way different way defenses might be playing the bills and not having to worry about that rarity don't have much to worry about the passing game now suddenly. You know you take him away so I do think there's a bit of a difference they're so. I generally grid you I don't think that a running back makes a big win loss to personally I do think this particular player though is good enough that. With out him on the team I think your hard pressed to really have any defensive coordinator scared of anything you do. And I think that change the dynamic of the game. They should make the running back the other running backs job easier. Because there and he's got to stop this is not with Sean McCormack through but he's also not LeSean McCoy. That's right and I mean you know it is that that talent nick is next alone back. I Yeager at target about a game that local and one for us or are we didn't have a last year we probably a little frustrated I was critical game. The snow running back yes yes. Went one billion. I don't what are being able to. In order it was an overtime in I don't know if either team would escort at the correlate. You don't want the colts game for the bills the ref called the pick on Jack stored opium of the fourth quarter. It's who from the colts game for the bills it's all right but yes he had yards you're right thanks nick and the winning touchdown. The game here against the dolphins. That he actually went over 101000 yards first career that game a fire remember he heaped. He was very good he didn't have a huge day statistically but he had a rushing touchdown in receiving touchdown they won by ten points I think he. Eight points they may I think he made a difference in that game. That may be some other players to have they don't do those things with that wheel route they Rihanna read out of the out of the backfield and sure you had a player on the team that would do that and get in that spot catch that pass. That that's the best I can do. The question I have is what would the bill's record event if they never handed off last year. I say better. I say a the ornament lots of we routes and lots of fun pass plays that were worked out Tyrod doesn't throw interceptions Tyrod runs so if they had gone zero RB for the whole season what with a record of that I say I say better. This is also something will never know. I mean like never because the bills are going the other way they are not going forward spread it out. It's seems McCoy McCain forty for fifty before her 46 and a touchdown reception. You like him. I say about him as a receiver just okay. He he gets targets you know he's the only running back here right so we gets targets but I don't see him as a really good receiver for a back when you. Well the difference in it I think is a vote come always have to look at it. Two I think he's a really excellent you know. Receiver per say catching them well no I think there's a lot of guys are just like him when I think the differences though. When he catches the ball in space one on one are very few people who can make the first man miss slinky can and that's why you put in that position he comes out of the backfield you say. I have him on a linebacker you get on the ball he's gonna make that guy miss. Much more often than another guy to get that extra four yards maybe for a first down that's why he's so valuable passing game will have. Warren sharp tomorrow will be on from harbor senator tomorrow and tell you that by itself out are we at Harbour center on eleven day power play OK and what have worn sharp on it for a couple things about him come to mind. For this conversation we can ask him one is. Yards both for contacts button where the bills in this offensive line probably gets worse. But we don't know yet and the quarterback will be different so a lot a lot is up in the year up until coordinator to me is a M Gloria that's right and maybe eventually the running back. But yards before contact will be interesting here and 11 thing war and I think I would say has on Hearst about the NFL is hollow. In my mind the word is dom teams are down and distance run pass and one example that comes right to mine for me is second and eight. Second and long when teens. Or second intent is better example when teams throw incomplete on first down. They run on second down all locked. Because what you got to have balance aggressor don't want to hear on your rival on the radio why didn't you on that way point why did you abandon the run right click here that. It rings in my ears from Paul from posting post game shows so what do coach is due date. Don't abandon the original wanna be criticized for that to be run on second and ten percentage wise just about the worst thing you can do in the NFL. Chris butcher probably gonna get to his third in passing anyway. You might as well article but we'll try to place to get the first donors that one. We'll talk to him. Tomorrow big mind in football Scott fish on Friday with some fantasy. And he's unique in the fantasy world as far as I know like these is fantasy football to raise money. Toys for kids that's cool. Thirty some thousand dollars last year with fantasy cares people playing fantasy football and don't meeting in that money went to kids and pretty cool guy I've never talked to normally like animal for Friday's. Donating and raising money I made an interesting investment which I normally don't do that I'd like to ask you do you think it's a good and wise investment always come back. I'll be ready. I mean I was prepared today I knew great Phil there's still I eleven is that. Time yes Tyler Dunne coming up at four Mike show with silk apology go in for Bulldog on WGR. Here's a chance agreed to a pair of tickets to see Leonard Skinner this Friday July 13 to Darian lake and Peter. That's at 6 PM in the value is sixty dollars Kersey of live nation will take callers five and six at 644. 9878 general contest rules apply tickets are on sale. At live nation dot com. Frank Gore's name came up last segment. And there was a report. Yesterday. That Miami. Plans on using Frank Gore he's there. And so they're one of several if not many. NFL running back depth charts that are really kind of confusing. I mentioned Detroit yesterday talking with Kevin Payne a brutal wire. Here's the dolphins a look at them. They have. Drake who was nice for them typical NFL fashion right in other guy Williams last year after a Jai. Went away in the ashtray is that Drake is everywhere the Drake over Drake so. They had Williams over Drake Adam gates right behind informal bake ovens of mine he had dean Williams over canyon Drake. Williams gets the call after a July goes dollar traded and this really got productive and intrigue comes in a while he didn't even know. Right he's right he didn't even know what he had you're talking about McCoy and his value teens don't even give the team has LeSean McCoy to the back ups get a chance. To show what they can do to get told usually a pre season that mean nothing. Because of McCoy status and his money in a giant wasn't even that but this is the dolphins. So Drake gets a chance was at the Oakland game when Berkshire Drake it's a chance and he gold off. And so you know look at the dolphins like oh look how happy they are. Then this year they signed Frank Gore sell and draft Kalin blogs out of Arizona State. I don't know how that adds up there are a lot of teams like this right now trying to figure out their depth chart mean for me Drake is a guy have not really drafting. Because it's kind of confusing and I don't know what do you need to have canyon Drake and your team and to find somebody else treated by some deals. And so gore we do believe you me and Joseph. Are in a league that drafts. Before the Super Bowl the right before the Super Bowl ever effects. And I just looked up gore in that league and he was he was chosen that day even though we didn't Noland. Well it with a lot of guys which team he would be gone. He has had a remarkable career really. I mean for in I say that because not the blowing away stats he's been so consistent for so long really that's what. Is amazing at that position and the way he runs he doesn't run like LeSean McCoy. He runs he'd he takes pretty good beating and pounding on his body. And he is a really. Really fun player to kinda think about and what he's done in this league and the fact that he's gonna go to all things and. A new had a question for me couldn't wait chair. I'm gonna build a trivia question for later about Frank Gore okay I like it because he has done a thing. That I think not that many guys have gone who. By his longevity. Beers drafted in 2005. Candidates amazing. Average at about careers about three and a half years. Skies and playing at that position at that level for thirteen years right going to his fourteenth your amazing dolphins knew with the dolphins. Yes. All right Tyler dawn coming up LeSean McCoy questions general NFL questions with our body Tyler Dunne. That's next much over the Bulldog with cell in today's WGR.