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Wednesday, July 11th

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It's Mike Hsu joke no other saws as well and a Bulldog. Like I am very familiar with Michael buses on WGR. Sports Radio 515. Bedtime for you. Coughing fit and sorry everyone most specially Sally and Tyler gone. Who joins us now. By the AT&T hotline is Tyler what's the latest. In your one man and efforts to get the world the shoppers of the world put their carts away. And I'm glad you bet that's a figure that power to talk about. The the park service that people out. July board the beard of the parking lot there and lo and behold what you have a forty something year old and it was at a moped at some sort. It was a full pledged motorcycle but not clearly just you and appreciate you look didn't think anybody would look and let the car. In the parking lot. Even though you know you can it is later Wright were supposed to go to those short. Twelve of fourteen. Stepped up its. Bigger guy that called automatic it's got out of the truck and had a little chat with them and just you know reminded of that that network cart goes so you have done that on Padilla bonded labor in front and side. I you know situation is I think what you know what it done he would do it with something like that would would you wouldn't ineptitude. How did I wanna know how does that conversation go. They tell that they're giving Demi exactly you said what he said back in like the look on his base. I hit a but I am sorry I kind of the but that's the cards go that it is gonna help it and you get started with sternly as good looking around it and I'll I'll I'll get that for your biggest obstacle course. It has got a lap and I opened and that was that I. While. You know if I were ever going to have the nerve to do that I would probably want first to buy a sure all of the store. Or at least if I'm gonna confront somebody I'm going to throw line but the store. Make it look cleaner they play sort looks like I worked there yet that's. About it I admire this I just don't think I would have the nerve to do it. What we don't I got my money where my mouth is so you know like flipping the complainants what are we got a kick in the intercepting and there was. There's more like fourteen or fifteen year old kid you know doing everything he can't make money like literally walking behind that guy pushing like. Cart back into the store play. Yeah that. Connect the act and because normal human being here. You know and one of these times the guy's gonna be like who were you to tell me whether to put the carpet actually who was this guy right. Your prepared all that well you're ready you're ready for. I I do you have a solution here OK we haven't talked much about life's over with you and I but I do the solution here. My wife and I mostly shop at LT and you have to pay a quarter to get the cart out which forced Judy you want your cornerbacks say you have to go put the cart back to good order. I look at it. So they've got to figure out. So they go their tee shot there in the collier there's never any. Ever any cards left in front of an LD store. Hit the principle of it you know I mean my. The car back and only seeking it yeah and a better get stored. Parker Mercury you know you don't put your energy your. Dick coop the let me talk whether the cops I mean yeah in our activity can frighten 85 year old that are yells let current McCain you know they're. There's definitely an understanding that some people he got to have a little leeway but. For the most part it's you know 42 year old in the multi. I. Able bodied. Customers the Jews did give up those ten seconds. I'm driving into the city this week every morning again to take my kids to camp and I'm every day I'm noticing somebody just rolled their cigarette butt out the window. And this is my shopping cart now like I just. I don't know how we got to a point where Ehrlich. That is the one thing were littering just does not apply if you don't care at all and so you're just gonna throw it right out dropper ride out the window. I don't again I don't have Tyler's courage Roman who like what pull up next to the person and he dropped something. I don't that's hit many fewer people smoking real cigarettes anymore to be honest with so that's our history I know I got a streak all people in front of me doing that. I would that would about Iraq nationalist holds yet inning with that. It big cover Nationalists holes today okay Tyler. I'll. Awful all. Government street and our pocket that I take money from it but it Riddick and. Human they make you feel like it's it's good for you and rarely uses now you're not gonna bother him about the tolls anymore you don't have to stop. I just got the out of nowhere for you know of illegal ten or eleven spots but it but it didn't even know I went to put the it's political poll about Chicago last week there. Yeah. It is it to the question for me here in Chicago you live in New York that was the question to start the show how it works out of state so that's what happened you I appreciate it you've solved one of our dilemma is already on the show today. There you go up while you're not have to pay me that's what your question is well we'll have to pay out when how what happens when it happens you got it a month later in the in the mail I I appreciate it. Bring it. I once I once got a speeding ticket in North Carolina and my friends convinced me that I didn't have to pay it. And when I went to renew my license it'd been suspended for months. Oh man now. So what sometimes I don't know what it was four but it from time to time repetitive question errors as like at your regular license despite to a gas. I'll be all right yes that's the truth right but I'd be judged that's why because I just. Mean you can are gullible yeah I see all the time you can tell me you humans may have anything. Let's get to let's get the football here it's very important. The short social McCoy story that. Opened up yesterday here but is everything you would want to add to this like of course we don't know. Whether he had anything to do with it and then from there what kind of what consequences there might be so what can you say. Yeah I mean it. I mean answered as a kind of gone over the x.s and though an effort thing or go at this second I mean you can. To break one or two waves right now I mean there's no Ito. Out there you know police early release anything at all but you know what they do what you gonna upgrade you know one direction where. You know he doesn't really add any responsibility. You didn't know these people been arranged yet solved or. You know be comical that the digital footprint that he could sign. But his emails. Voice mail or whatever and and make that connection between the it salient thing they'll an amateur record and Eric he's connected punitive. Mean it does that is everybody's if you don't fear or could've expected to keep. Really really dark really really bad here but now he came out quickly that denial and not talking that he he's also on. Little involved for months and he was bitten. For a weapon in Atlanta that Powell and you know but their boat there it went in it looks like there could be and that. Wanted her out of that whole month ago and she was still there in the connection and it bad I get elected added that wouldn't be quite idol stars. He could be put an addict a list. And he can't practice he can't play and in terms of football which seems trivial even talk about when you look at. A horrible horrible total like and this just awful. The football I think that put the bill and aren't. Get practice to get Whaley been investigated you know they out of the effort move forward about the rock where. And so. I don't remember when I ask you what at least not yet like what happens if they were to do that. But. My my attitude about that is a couple things your Tyler one is a really most they really don't care like. I don't see him or rely on almost any running back is so important to a team's fate like we're really wanna have to worry about that tonight I think I'm right in. And in thinking that most fans see it differently. And so I've got like an offense here where this really matter too much to be whether he plays but it looked at the same time like who else is there right so. Day young would probably. I don't know what we're talking DiMarco marine here if the got to training camp or god whatever into the into August and felt like McCoy was going away so. You know do you think they would go for namely that. Yeah definitely the only name that popped right now I mean on the open market in. Yet at moments bill last year kind of wanted to move forward Derrick Henry the public Mark Murray just kind of wait and court situation like this where he could be the lead guy because there's really not. A lot of I'm back available in your caught in the same greens of the world yeah Andre Ellington disk. Not a new brand and Oliver to bring back the awful it still out there but I kept it secret factory bureaucratic side and it. It would be. You know looking at that point in nineteen means spear realistic. Shot record of one player that at least give you offense that they might be able. To win now I mean they're kind of rebuilding and all kinds of other spot on the roster and you know what will be playing just yelling at some point so you know it was comical if it sat in the bunker. Amendment is a factor in their bellies separating out and conducted the whole investigation that built picked barrel action that they learn something. That we don't know and they just want it written published on the court and it can bet right. Where I also was explaining earlier Tyler that the head of has this exempt. List that they will put a player on if the if the investigation isn't complete and they wanna say hey. We're not sure he didn't do something we're not sure he did so. Which can which on this exempt list and I don't know necessarily what the threshold is for that exempt list to be quite honest with you but. I think it's something to monitor here over the next week or so. Yeah absolutely yeah in you have to think that. There's going to be a police reporter irk some Eagles common aren't really how this result and honorably I get him when he eighteen button to to be. Our commitment to impose in there and that will deleted by. Hold pops up and I I deleted or because earlier over Cuba thereby causing a you would have a core social media. Put it in an understatement there there hasn't been a concrete. That document that come out with. Here's that happen it's just been with the attorney that said and you know what we get. Have what we can gather it if it does not look at it there was some core I mean you can. Connect warned that two or other and and see that yet he might have been. Connected to that somehow Buffett obviously. Until more calm about it you can't really conclude anything. You know Tyler you might be exactly the right person to ask this of with all the athletes you Matt and you have a great knack for getting into their personal lives and making them feeling apparently seems seemingly. Making them feel comfortable and talking you about some really personal things. Yeah it at that at the heart of this story perhaps is a relationship. And if you read back on LeSean McCoy you've got. You know you've got a woman here who has been linked with Michael Beck in the there's also another matter in the past his brother. I mean I'm just thinking about like the the relationship piece here you've got McCauley having sued her for his stuff. To get her off his property to get his jewelry back or whatever also relevant in this in this case I'm thinking that you probably talk to people. Who have shared experiences players who shared experiences about relationships. That have turned dangerous as they see them. Yeah not that's certainly I don't. Can't say it seemed content to to this extent and that graphic that public. With the details that emerged here I mean if there's there's all. Surely this is about as extreme and in the wild other cases that you're gonna see in the an opponent ever year and it's not good not pretty but again I think that. There's a lot situation where a lot of these players Munich. Have a lot of money at a lot of relationship I mean how often you hear players say publicly that. They're trying to keep an inner circle small and as there. Pretty rises their name recognition. Goes. So walk in that later well. Caught everybody they can out of that circle and Lotta times that glint that have been around them their whole lives a lot of times it's still the number it's right. Keep your small possible. Means in and out somewhere don't I guess but accurately at the moment you. See these kind of stories in the light pop up because. Our players that are currently in the facility they're even better environment that they're very strict structure. Dated today that it seems to happen and I mean you can wake up 56 they have in their facility they go home eat dinner they wake up to do it again. Bit more about that happens it's when Cotto really worry about about something happening but yeah I mean I can't really repeat this to anything else that. I don't think we've seen anything close to this glass bottle Isaac. Here's Tyler done joining us here in the AT&T hotline there's eight so a slight update and everything here as we're talking to serve he knows. A we do know they LeSean has hired Don Samuel. I've represented him he is a prominent defense attorney in Atlanta according to Matthew fair Byrne the athletic the firm is preparing to release a statement. As soon as this evening so we might get something from LeSean side on all of this as soon as this evening that is the report right now. You are in unique position such as myself to. Get to know a guy like LeSean McCoy much more than a most people who talk for a living or on TV for a living nowhere in the locker room every day as reporters you've been there. Down at one bills drive as I have. Can you give an insight to our listeners. What you think about LeSean McCoy how we strike you as a person in what you're thought was when something like this came over. Yeah I guess. How mine went back to our conversation last training camp from early Tucker when he point five minutes or so and and those around LeSean McCoy and I. And pick away at. Everybody close in to that how he got to fly back on track up the field after the coincident with those up duty officers. Philadelphia back at a nightclub and I got rubber that and that means epic. Conversation was due to build just read the result of Osama court right now and wherever it hurt whether it was from Osama coins fell. Around him was how he could re dedicated himself off the field and did exactly what I kind of just said and and put the right people around him. On refocused himself and it kind of show on appeal they. What the 2829. Now thirty year old right back. He can still and maybe the accident sort of vector you know felt so it seemed like. Yet kind of everything and order and he was really great so what went on the filter or. It could get stuck with them and he went up and do what the build up the baton to the years. Didn't it apparently being as polite and I'll give a lead and I think that a lot of that anchored ain't evolved into. Genuine happiness with the situation with the Buffalo Bills. And yeah I you know if you never know what would a guy. Does that you never know these players as people so hopefully more detail. Come out and Annika definitely those local. To put up more than a sentence statement you read what was up with you would that the you're not exit to this situation whatsoever. You can map from the mound. And how about some reference to how bad you feel for her at the same time all in the course of that. That come that kind of talking. A Tyler Dunne from Bleacher Report or the us all about you would for Bulldog guy Mike show OK so were a couple of weeks away from training camp. Who were a couple of teams Tyler's you just think about it I'll stop your head that are especially interesting. To use this year what what. What are you most looking forward to is we set out to cover this season. The man you know it. A lot of entry it feels the strain to kind of move credit credit of football but you're having a training camps writer article are a you know spend a little primer on the accident that happened in the pot because a lot and that's where football and before that injury. And he was really the MVP you don't track to win the MVP is for the impact. With the honey badger with JJ watt coming back. Lot alike which used in a look at port do you that's spent little time with Sharon want some point it's. Just saying you know even at Vanderbilt and prepared and here I mean so much change at what point does got talent to be a point percent startle the field. My aunt is orderly it reset on their locker room so. To keep edit a bit NN can. New England and everybody else I mean it I know we looked talk about. The discourse in the wake of the Nazis and didn't lose you know the players that did remain until it Ian Lewis and so right down album but it would make sense for some reason but I mean there of the paper and it's not even close battle in the division by. Crop or at. You know I think more than usual about New England faltering by. I mean you have it just I just can't get myself to like actually predicting. You know like there. A long time ago I thought it was right to predict that maybe like twelve years ago. After they won three Super Bowls and then not won a couple of times but okay well. That's about as long as this usually goes but a dominant run like this. And out here it is like more than a decade after that of the night I know Brady's forty you're listening guys the cattlemen suspension. But I don't know I'm not gonna do it especially in this in the AFC east I'm not gonna knocking about the under on them. Not more that it. I mean and I think it's real and obviously we. Hear from out Guerrero and Tom Brady and and everything he does outside that facility making it does create problems with what Bill Belichick wants to Cuba. I know at a replica of this Bill Belichick knows. He beat Tom Brady pampered you know he'd go ballot check in. That the greatest dynasties in all of sports I mean you're you're gonna bought ads are gonna help close that. Are gonna collapse and and how to get things done so get a day they're gonna show on Sunday in a foreign countries LP. They're probably gonna win and it too weak division still. Apparently we can't operate than even what the people they lost I'm what you might I think that knowing it taxable event. One of the story lines I think this year is going to be the Cleveland Browns I mean with the baker mayfield. Situation coming in all the talent that they went out and collected including Tyrod Taylor and now they're gonna be had a hard knocks as well. Which will be interesting because the bills play pre season game against them so we'll get some insight there. Just kind of where do you see Cleveland knowing how much of a job can they make this year Tyler. I'm an idiot did you over the album weapons chart of Landry got scored Cory Cole led. Carlos Hyde I mean it should everybody who's taught him well in college step in at any moment it. I get the welcome back to the player that. It dominated the airwaves and the port here in buffalo rightly Tyrod Taylor how long you stick with them at quarterback and I get it that landry's singing its praises. You jacksons singing his praises EU looks great but as we don't know I mean there's. Gonna come a point where yet the pull the trigger and the pocket like taken ahead in the liquor with these big plays all the weapons they have in the I just don't think he's anything more than an eight day. 97. Bring starting quarterback so you're Cleveland you just kind of let that linger around her and her or. You hit that magic got baker make you open and make the switch at some point right now itself what they want to retire out of arms again. Yes it'll be really interesting to see how they decide to move on that because they should be a lot better and Taylor is in. He's not exactly adjournment a journeyman he's not McConnell you know is not a guy that's clearly there. To hold the position until you decide your rookie is ready. So like he's more than that you know it's funny that sell you brought up the browns with Tyler because like on Twitter the three of us I had always poking that one right don't have bills and browns. It's so we interest staying that. You're the bills coming off their first playoff season. Of the century. And the browns winless. And their win totals are like the same. The goal going into next year there both six like the bar the browns are five and half in the mornings on over in the bills are six and a half in the mornings on owners so. But I'm I'm always sort of poking you guys that wouldn't you rather be Cleveland and the bills made it there's a lot. You know valuing that but they go into this season. Expected to be the same as ever you know it not a team that's expected to at least I'll outside external Lee to to go to build up that. Mean if the goal to sneak into the play out you know I guess Tyrod Taylor can do that for you may be in the AFC and the best. When your goal isn't clear that they wanted to get that monkey off their back allow the bill then I mean again you get to air but I mean I don't know Mike I just think he's. Colossal yeah I mean he's gonna suck up some bombs just court you can see it now miniskirt is Earl huddle. Seventy yard bomb to head and interpret and what you like from pretty but end of the day he's not gonna where new Super Bowl and it might be next year might be the year after that but that perhaps you're. Move somebody oh I think it'll be this year that's the first overall peck but would you say if you're trying to sneak in the playoffs from the Cleveland Browns. Be thinking that way like would that be huge for just the snake playoffs although we in five. You know I think if you want it. Take you wanna get to a point where you're just respectable men make that jump. But you know may field goal with or over OPEC he's going to. Yeah it was a special moment Lester for the bill and that we ever know how to reverse where they were people that touched down earlier. Does mean something that you get it just doesn't cure they are now looking at you know a rebuild projects coming to the browser. Gonna debate that reality with the director of the first overall. Tyler always a pleasure keep up the good work out in the parking lots of America that. That's an eight. Tracked on the of that cigarette but I'll. And a half mile maybe one of these times I will I like I just the pastor under typical passive aggressive guy I'll make gesturing in my car that. You know means nothing. Looked revert. Nabil do that that's never been my style but it might be time. Thank you Tyler. I would on Bleacher Report talk more on the bills and browns get trivia. Silk but you would for Bulldog I'm Mike show this is WGR. I think you guys I know they're gonna beat up volume going to be there just because of where he's going to be about me you know out of that now and now. You volume dropped only honor. But I'm in the war I mean we've been good dog got out and out on him without real Ibadan. Any wrongdoing or anybody getting out or anything like that and you know I don't think deputy situation possible though but we are battle on that note drop a little bit at the debate but I'll find out that it is all true which I beat him take about a lot about the good. I'm deeply we found Whipple ball. Our guest from yesterday's show Kevin Payne over rural wire two clip from our conversation. Kevin lives here in the area. And I didn't realize that by the way has about I'm Croatia to win the World Cup. There is looking really really no finals for hours and then get to the final. I disagree with something it is set in the sports update you had all the facts of course you read which are all correct. What you did say that Steve Smith is maybe best remembered for his three Stanley cups not for me though he's been there for that normal I yeah I think that's true right an amateur to be. A negative Nancy and the guy as people point out to me when I said that's what a table it's true it's just part of his legacy he knows that. And I setter he had a really good NHL career but every time I think of him if his name ever got brought up. And I had heard his name over the years as an assistant in the NHL I would think oh that's the guy that shot it off of gripped years leg and into his own net. In game seven in the smythe division final. That isn't that laws. I mean I. Look any Bill Buckner had a really really great. Major League Baseball career unfortunately. He's remembered. For the ball going between his legs in game six. I mean I don't know I've gone soft. I won't confront the cigarette but people. And now I won't even. So say that about in the sport's. About the sabres new assistant coach. I you don't have to an outlook again I'm not trying to be I want someone from the sabres going hey we hired this guy and the talk host on WG RC look it's just it's part of his legacy and that's OK but that's how I remember him. And I heard he's a great assistant coach like things that I've read and seen people he did really good job at Carolina with their defense I hope becomes the buffalo and makes Dolly spectacular. But that's just how I remember him growing up. Being younger is that was the guy that happened to be its thinking introduced at banquets Nasser outweigh well well well that's true my guess this this putt but those Oilers teams were loaded with such talent I don't remember Steve Smith being at. The yet he was a player on them and I know that some but I don't remember him being lake. Even a copier Anderson you know what I mean like those of the guy is beyond Gretzky curry messier did you remember that were so great moto. So not everybody is not a burden now that's right any team that's right now everybody is one of the stars so again not trying to amateur to be insensitive to the man a night that's great that he got hired. I just what what I think of his name when I first saw he got hired. That was the first thing that popped in my head tells him skating with the Stanley Cup yeah let's find it's also about the the like had a penchant for doing about pets. He's not I I assume he's not expected to try to coax the same thing is that that's that's true you know in that area I will also save you go back I do after this happened today I get a little research on that. He handled that with incredible class that he answered questions about it he he bounced back from written at a made a great career like I said so he was on his birthday by the way was 23 years old in realize that it was his birthday that happen. But one of the positive aspects of how he bounced back in his life his career after that horrible thing happening in his professional career. It immediately following how he handled it with the media and the locker room his teammates and all that I think is actually a really positive thing. So again I'm not trying to be a downer I just. Wanted to note that. Noted are you his absolutely didn't notice it and I I agree I agree with that what was your question for me. We were at the WGR golf term and on Monday we have a silent auction going. And there's all these jerseys all wives got something about this a Warner is going to be some of it well there's the there's a joke guys man. Victoria eight man there's a restless Colleen is a Jack Michael fifteen of yup. Old school yet there's for X as of three days ago there's a Croatia has won by the way they have won there in the World Cup final against France 21 over England. There's a sign has shaped picture there's a sign Sam ran hard stick things like that. There's also a signed. Authentic I guess you'd say they are at least license having authentic Jason palm in bill adult Jersey. It was the starting bid was sixty dollars. No one bit that there was five minutes left I said. It's a sign Jason comical Jersey for sixty dollars so I put my name on it and got it moon. You want it for sixty bucks a bit and I'm wondering at duke was that like by a okay or that's pretty Smart investment. I mean here you've collected you know about these things. I don't know if I'll keep it give it to Max give it to a charity myself you know latest something else that's. Raising money I don't know what I'll even do with it but I figured it's a sign Jason common build Jersey it's sixty dollars so I'll buy it. Right how much is it on sign 200. I don't know that's a good question I have no idea about these things. I mean. Not much of that stuff really. Serves as an investment. You know like not much of it is really an investment dollar lien could be looked at that way. You know if it's deemed Warren in his rookie seat which it is in. In this case. Deem warning his rookie season or forty wore when he scored his first goal you're talking about a lot more money. For that kind of peace. And that's kind of thing where like if that guy has a great career. That might appreciate handsomely. A Jersey at an auction like that it's not been worn or any thing. They are so many. So I wouldn't ever look at that as an investment exactly it seems like a good price like if you bought that book store that probably. Think that's another way of asking your question yes or answering your questions like it's included good price have been restored might probably cost more than sixty box. I didn't see that I like geez Bob Dole very much annoyed but. I would say like 90%. Or more of hockey player signatures are so oddly. And illegible but I just hate the piece that it's another shot like I just. The that the the exception. Are there are the jerseys that where you can actually read the person's name you know what is cause of what the Jersey he has. But now it's just like that there was a piece there at that auction or just a jerk Saber Jersey signed by the whole team. And if they write their number on it which is sometimes also illegible you have no idea who any border laws is just align another life. And like it's that's almost offensive to me that's a signature. You deploy the signature on a on memorabilia. Is that the person will be able to read your autograph and you know hope down and like with hockey players are here it's almost always illegible. Especially active players when when guys retire they seem to get better at that. For some reason. Like I don't know but this is how what is now also. I also had a Jack cycle fifteen and signed Jersey. It was the starting price was a 150 dollars. No one that. It went down on bid on it from what I saw him as someone got it late cut it was an I'm wondering. How about that but would it be more with is it more attractive because it's fifty. And it's cheeky side it is ever gonna Wear that number again well you know knows there's less attractive to lessen that OK but it's not just some would say no just General Motors kind of I just deeply and it. Three years and there are going to be thousands of them out there and so it's. Right now I think it depends earlier what we're talking about talking about it as a collector's item. If he has a great career and gets his number retired it'll be nine probably figures yet number retired. By the sabres but okay like it'll be sort of a novelty and walled old and that's what he wore all remember that. It's you know what conversation. Piece conversation starter. But I don't see it ever having like. Big value. Somebody can make they can make Michael fifteen jerseys and yeah that's true you know at any time again is not one hates it he signed that it was now war and it's just. It's not relieve likely to be. You know an investment exactly what you have an autograph someone dies. For more. Now I have been figure out what to do with less pop common bill signed jerseys I guy I could keep it and you bring to games. And cut Japanese for sixty box I don't know I don't let's bring signed this your mortgage framed. There are caused you to buy it so that's yours where I think I would swear it. Maybe. Or if you know as a gift for someone that would really rightly guess that in yeah I think you've been a lot more than that that's right give you big points with I also thought about and by the way we talked about it on the year and the money go to does the auction of money went to the on sabres alumni foundation they raise money. For different things I've often I've actually thought about even. Some other fund raiser maybe I can donate to that you know at first to raise some more money so flippant yes put it. Let you know if I wouldn't sell about of that would give it. That was not my eight story about that auction. Okay what your old friend of mine wanted to bid on. One of the jerseys oval say which one doesn't matter. He he went over you you were in charge of letting people know how much time was left. Yes I and my friend went over to make a late bid and a guy block them out hole a hole. Can you believe that like I can believe that I don't like I ate I. You can believe it might like there's a married. A guy he said he's got a guy like block them out. His slate. Will it or he couldn't get over to the item he said that as my friend was trying to reach around them he like moved to block him and then. You were saying like two minutes left one minute left yeah on the like that I was and I think I the guy did not have. My friend said he did not have the leading bid. But when it was like thirty seconds he picked up the patent. He would block did successfully blocked out my friend and whoever else wanted to bid on it. And man picked up the permanence lol we signed his name and so. Saddens me in water jerk next dirty pool you don't you do you know what. What would you do. You can tell someone else is there that wants to bid on it and total I don't recently bit on those but they could probably get pretty stupid like you go back and forth with someone. You know I've never had that happen and these do what you want is for the auction into Joost sort of if in a situation where people are still actively bidding to sort of keep it going. But I don't know if we didn't want we wanted not to do that one to wrap it up I don't look like protocol is for the well. I'll tell you I have I was in a situation like that at and Alex writes about it. With the outright skate park and they had it was a blind auction it's a few years ago now. And they had to airline tickets to anywhere in the United Continental United States and always a great. Item right cat it was a Q were 250 started at whatever so I bid. That amount and then. It was quite allow them with maybe ten minutes lest someone came in it was a family I can do is they were together so it they've they went over me and they bit me it was in maybe. 25 or fifty dollar increments whatever was. And I said all right I want it and and I guess I just tied decided in my head how much is my most I will spend on this. And it was about maybe a hundred dollars more than what I was already spending. So I went back up and I put my name back on it. They put their name back got it with about five minutes left I said this is my last I knew it this is my less I was trying to trick anybody are doing I think I just went up. Re bid and set myself if they over did meet. That's my third time I have a cut I yet so so I was doing them. It was meet them. Need them me right they did not go back and it if they what they would of got. Yup I was not going to go over the top is not doing nothing wrong with that but I was watching them I was writing them because they knew they were the only ones and they write me and I can see the internal debate going on a and they decided not to so I got the. Those airline tickets ya mean used used embassy my brother a couple of years ago when Oregon. The host wants the action like you can't run the station over the sabres alumni in this case wants there to be as much action. As can be but you also wanna. You know not have a drag on I guess but it was about the block anybody outing I don't nine point I don't think there are hurting nobody doing I usually go up there and end I have I have before but not always sold. General protocol is for that month the porch with really annoyed. And here's rob with a sigh rob. They got a Toyota next time. The oil on the Dutch baseball and I'm from Mary I'm and we have theories you all the double A Toledo about Detroit Tigers. In all in mind really good teams do all of a different Jersey and you can bet on the Jersey game one dirty is without saying that dot. They give the same thing there. You know by the Fort Benning you know betting Osce and the sixth inning. But like the fourth inning every camper on what Jersey number they want and there are just kind of sit there in them and really get get to the prodigy. An ally I won one a couple of you're the all Star Wars one and I would have dealt from the pit betting on. And pretty much you know I don't I don't think it's right to let it be able to get a chance but I knew what I wanted and I. That my camp up to block it out. But you'd think it was right what you justified it because other people or don't. Other people or don't let yep absolutely. But well I've I've yet you know every time they haven't heard the auction that. You know third or banning people start them at the table and it can't get to the fact that you want. While. Thanks for being honest this is another case where the people camping out for something to me is like. What is wrong with you heard her you know. Okay. Elmo bought I know what I wanted to want to live in our popular player. Big prospect it was just. I'm a little guide to the Erdogan Pittman. All right cool I can't tell from the rival's playoff tickets when I was in high school overnight stay the night at a bank in a parking lot. When I was in my tenth or eleventh grade I did two nights in night the stadium that is his ceiling is that he won three in his said camping out overnight the same thing he got to get in line. I was there like 10 o'clock at night. Until it open the next morning the ticket office is that the same thing. Of course it is Joseph Corley is you said giving out I know these camping now oh. That was a blocking anybody I had to get my lying I'd get in line get my name's Ernie Vijay their. To me like getting in line for tickets is appropriate. And if you are you get you get there to buy tickets and there's super long line of people that'd been their old Lleyton you weren't then you know that's your problem but there by eight. Is that the same thing you're sure evidence. What do you tell what kind of camping out or you're talking about well at this thing with these autographs that he just parked himself there so no one to know that I get them I get what you're saying. If I were. But I think if you personally if I were all slick warning that auction a deal like sir. Other we want other people have been punished and that person should have to understand that I thought you meant camping out for something im waiting overnight like people who do well when Black Friday shopping with a way to build a broad range and is it the parade share for the last rats yes are coming back to buy right. That's what's the tonight since you pressed me. Silica podshow and for bulldogs is Mike show on WGR. Here's your chance to win a pair of tickets to see the Eagles this Saturday July 14 at keybank center in the value fifty dollars courtesy of live nation tick collars five and six at 644. 9878. General contest rules apply tickets are on sale at live nation dot com. Eagles guy in south. Mean couple songs any of the comes on the radio yet it's nice but I don't search them out you don't searchable now. You don't put them on now I don't put them on and honestly there can be a song plane I would not realize maybe they've employed aren't I had solely due. I'm an Eagles mood a lot. And they're just I think I only have room for Ehrlich a few bands Revis. My wanna listen to music and I think of like one of the rear forbearance lets all have room for. I don't sit there are either. I don't know how long it would take you think of all the wounds in the nudged be comparing them and I would be a rack I'm the same way but. It's generally not aiding the before herb. The mid eighties they have one of those front row seats in my brain for when I wanna listen to music the Eagles like I can quickly come up with that thoughts. Not too many others who what are the other ones. Radio had cash. Zeppelin now. Great Amman to aim for Mormon acoustic like evening sort of scene you know mood music. I'd I'd bomb. Idea Sinatra for that Sinatra. Tony Bennett. Yeah like there's only a few. Open chairs here that are her chairs that are from me the be available any utility number one I listen to a lot of YouTube element in any time I'm in the car out. Try to put it on LA a level lot of their lives up I'll go to YouTube put out one of their concerts and put to my Bluetooth. So I can listen in the car it's great I love doing that. Then I listen to WGR in the car right. Van Halen is on the list I make special trips to so like it was into a more this Lori and the reminiscent of that conversation we had several months ago Iron Maiden might be on the list. And down. But the Dallas was of that but pretty much go anywhere muffler and get that anyway so. Don't have to try and seek it out. Knowing you sure about that. I hear is Mitchell with a solo Mitchell. The outgoing. But yeah I thought I would for an old Europe but he recently moved out silent auction. And these two guys where they just kept sitting back and forth for Mike Tyson sign roll over and glove. And it got to be like you know one minute last year whatever and they're you could tell they were just gonna keep going overeat the top of each other. And vote count like carbonneau it and about 32 plastic surgery article on the flip a coin or. What's with calling that guy is shook and then they would have a couple other than just. I am not a solid like it because when it's like that the two people should just work it out. Is that of just writing down higher amounts right all the time dislike. You hole higher you go save the time if not the money to what was it was it just a personal event lake just a biceps or was it to raise money for something. You talk and I'm sure there was I'm sure there was some sort of fund raiser I'm not sure exactly orders or. Well I think that's even better because if that's the case you don't wanna get to pay we're here for the right reasons the same reasons trying to raise money. It doesn't really matter it's going to a good cause let's put a point because of it's a difference that somebody's they really want it for them then you might have a different situation. Right right gadget auto industry insiders say let's just opposite on shake hands and it was good you don't see that too much much like Mitchell. The right reasons the bachelorette has just ruined it for like at about army federal leverage. Every time I hear someone say like for the right reasons I what happened there of what happened oh it's every every season sale. It's a stop watch this channel first seasonal average bear is not here for the right reasons yes here is always someone there to say that is that just like. Coming up the most dramatic rose ceremony ever think that is kind of a thing in our house because I'll say that there are one. If Bennett Bennett knew who's the executive producer of the show was from here and he was a sort shall this all with love Bennett but they had they had one the other night where. This one contestant was a virgin. And he was insurer opponent towel the bachelorette that. And so he does and I'm watching this with my wife as we always do sorry to embarrass her like she's might not one of liberty to know who she watches the bachelorette every week but we do I I tell everybody this anyway. So she. Says why would the woman in mind what was the big deal. So why. But on the show on what I've asked by the office wondering if like they had the bachelorette leave the table and just go stand by herself where your urged disposed to think she's like contemplating. The dispute the magnitude. All of this guy telling her that he was a virgin. Like you know so what. Who cares why would that matter all right now is interesting but what about knocking it I'm not gonna pick you because there are item because a lot well it. And every guy like he stewing in the other contestants are all talking about it and she's just standing their looking out over a lake. Like there's no way she's actually thinking about the slick so what I have to find out if I'm right we will probably have for a on the show. When the season is over like we did Rachel Wynn's lead Lindsay when her season ended packed. That's the question for her. Now this is in when that I'm here for the right wait it out. The buffalo show welcoming us coming up soon right I'm OK maybe this week yeah. What night is that Monday. In this coming Monday soak it up on the can notice it. No you know you're going to be an old habits what do you know I really am noted in note of it but no on the put in my calendar to watch it. Absolutely now I'll I'll put in the Keller so I know two recorded if I can't watch it. How what I have a jewelry making it Odom I literally do that so my wife and I know I got it it's a thing in our house did you put in the calendar. How would we know we've got to get sales February fix league fantasy roster out and scrutinize it Joe's too and mine will do little fancy talk next hour. Bill's questions we'll Shawn McCoy the latest on him where we return self Abacha when the day Mike show and the Bulldog WGR.