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Orders saws is welcome and a Bulldog. Like I'm very familiar with Michael buses on WGR. Sports Radio 515. Bedtime story. Coughing fit and sorry everyone most especially Sally Anne Tyler Dunne. Who joins us now. By the AT&T hotline is Tyler. What's the latest. In your one man and efforts to get the world the shoppers of the world put their carts away. And I'm glad you bet that figure that power to talk about. Or burger for the people out. A light boards and Beers at the parking lot there and lo and behold wouldn't have a forty something year old man accused of a moped at some sort. Circle with a full pledged motorcycle but clearly just doing a 360 look didn't think anybody would look and let the car. In the parking lot even though you know he couldn't just let it right we're supposed to go to those short twelve of fourteen. Stepped up and bigger guy that called automatic it's got out of the truck and had a little chat with a man. Just you know reminded of that that network cart goes so good on that on Padilla bonded labor in front and side. I you know situation is I think what you know what it done he would do it with something like that we're with you wouldn't and that that you. How did I wanna know how does that conversation go. They tell that it gimme gimme exactly you said what he said back in like the look on his base. I hit a sorry I kind of the it would separate the cards go in it is gonna help it and he just kind of authority has good looking around it and I'll I'll I'll get that for your biggest obstacle course. It has got a lap and I opened and that was that I guess. While. You know if I were ever going to have the nerve to do that I would probably want first to buy a sure all of the store. Or at least if I'm gonna confront somebody I'm going to throw line but the store. Make it look clearly plays so it looks like I worked there if that's. About it and I admire this I just don't think I would have the nerve to do it. What we don't I got my money where my mouth is so you know like flipping the complain about what currently got a kick in at intercepting and there was. That poorly fourteen or fifteen year old kid you know doing everything he can't make money like literally walking behind this guy pushing like. Cart back into the stores like the U that in connect the and it's bigger normal human being here. You know and one of these times the guy's gonna be like who were you to tell me whether to put the carpet actually who was this guy right. You're prepared all that well you're ready you're ready for. I I you have a solution here OK we haven't talked much better than I saw it with you and I but I do the solution here. My wife and I mostly shop at LT and you have to pay a quarter to get the cart out which forced Judy you want your cornerbacks they you have to go put the cart back to get order. And I look at it. Tokyo they've got to figure out. So they go that he can shop there in the collier there's never any. Ever any cards left in front of an Al these store. The principle of it you know I mean my. Car back and only seeking it yeah and a better get stored. Scott Parker Mercury you know you don't put your energy. Depict what it's ever talk whether the cops I mean yeah you know racquet you can brighten 85 year old that are heels literally McCain you know they're. There's definitely an understanding that some people he got a little leeway but. For the most part it's you know 42 year old in the multi. Oh. Able bodied. Customers the Jews did give up those ten seconds. I'm driving into the city this week every morning again to take my kids to camp and I'm every day I'm noticing somebody. Just rolled their cigarette butt out the window. And this is my shopping cart now like I just. I don't know how we got to a point where Ehrlich. That is the one thing were littering just does not apply what you don't care at all and so you're just gonna throw Roydell dropper Roydell the window. I don't again I don't have Tyler's courage Roman who like what pull up next to the person they dropped something. I don't that's hit many peel people smoking real cigarettes anymore to be honest with so that's I guess retrial I got a streak a lot of people in front of me doing that. I would that would about Iraq nationalist hole is getting with that. It big cover Nationalists holes today okay Tyler. I'll. All all all. Government reach into our pockets that take money from it but it Winnick and. Human they make you feel like it's it's good for you and rarely uses now you're not gonna bother him about the tolls anymore you don't have to stop. But it got to the out of nowhere for you know violent little ten or eleven spots but it but it didn't even know I went to put the it's political gold out Chicago last week there Al. It is it to the question for me here in Chicago you live in New York that was the question to start the show how it works out of state so that's what happened you I appreciate it you've solved one of our dilemma is already on the show today. Buried up while you're not have to pay me that's what you questioner as well we'll have to pay out when how what happens when it happens you got it a month later in the in the mail I I appreciate it. Bring out. I once I once got a speeding ticket in North Carolina and my friends convinced me that I didn't have to pay it. And when I went to renew my license it'd been suspended for months. Oh man now. So once sometimes I don't know what it was four but it from time to time that kind of question errors as like at your regular licensed by to a gas. I'll be all right yes that's the truth right but I'd be judged that's why because I just. Mean you can are gullible yeah I see all the time you could tell me did you miss me of anything. Let's get to let's get the football here it's very important. We'll struggle so McCoy story that. Opened up yesterday here but is everything you would want to add to this like of course we don't know. Whether he had anything to do with it and then from there what kind of bucked consequences there might be so what can you say. Yeah I mean it. Let me answer that kind of gone over the x.s and though an effort thing or go at this second I mean you can. Can break one or two ways right now I mean there's no veto. Out there you know lead early release anything at all but you know what they do it you can operate in a one direction where. You know he doesn't really add any responsibility. You didn't know these people in arranged yet salt or. You know be comical that the digital footprint that he could sign. But it is emails. Voice mail whatever and make that connection between the it's aliens retailer Amazon accordion. Ortiz connected punitive. Mean it does that is everybody's if you don't fear there could expect to eat. Really really dark really really fast here but now he came out quick with that denial and not talk that he he's also on. Hurdles involved for months and he was in for a weapon in Atlanta that Powell and you know but their vote there which if it looks like there could be in that. Wanted her out of that whole month ago and she was still there. Significant experience at bat I got elect that'd be quite idol stars need to be put automatic gun list. And he can't practice he can't play and in terms of football which seems trivial even talk about when you look at. A horrible horrible total collect data and this just awful. The football I think that put the bill and aren't. Get practice to get where he's been investigated here Adriatic Sea after move forward about the are where. And so. I don't remember when I ask you what at least not yet like what happens if they were to do that. Put. Might my attitude about that is a couple things your Tyler one is a really mostly really don't care like. I don't see him or really almost any running back is so important to a team's fate like oh really wanna have to worry about that and I think I'm right in. And in thinking that most fans see it differently. And so I've got like an offense here where this really matter too much to be whether he plays but it that at the same time like who else is there right so. Day young would probably. I don't know what we're talking DiMarco marine here if the got to training camp or god whatever into the into August and felt like McCoy was going away so. You know do you think they would go for namely that. Yeah definitely the only name that popped right now I mean on the open market in. Yet at moments still last year kind of wanted to go forward Derrick Henry that are the mark heard that kind of wait and court situation like this where he could be the lead guy because there's really not. A lot of I'm back available in your taught in the same greens of the world yeah Andre Ellington there's. Not pregnant Brandon Oliver eight to bring back the awful it still out there but I kept it secret factory or credit signed and then. It would be. You know looking at that 2019 I mean spear realistic. Which I record of one player that at least give you a sense that they might be able. To win now I mean they're kind of rebuilding and all kinds of other spot on the roster and you know what will be playing just yelling at some point so you know it was comical it is that in the bunker. Remanded in a bunker and caught it and then what belies everything else it can only investigation built picked barrel action that they learn something. That we don't know and they just want it written published on the court and I bet it right. Where I also was explaining earlier Tyler that the kind of has this exempt. List that they will put a player on if the if investigation isn't complete and they wanna say hey. We're not sure he didn't do something we're not sure he did so. Which can which on this exempt list and I don't know necessarily what the threshold is for that exempt list to be quite honest with you but. I think it's something a monitor here over the next week or so. Yeah absolutely yeah in you have to think that. They're gonna be a police reporter irk some Eagles common aren't really see how this result and unraveling I kept him when he seen button to to be. Our commitment that the current post in there and that schools deleted by. Hold pops up and I I deleted only the paperwork over Cuba thereby causing it that you would have a core social media. Put in an understatement there hasn't but it car create a document that come out with. Here's does happen it's just been with the attorney that said and you know what we get. We can gather it if it does not look at it there was some court I mean you can. Connect one got two brother in and see that yet he might have been. Connected to that somehow Buffett obviously he. Until more calm about it you can't really conclude anything. You know Tyler you might be exactly the right person to ask this of with all the athletes you Matt and you have a great knack for getting into their personal lives and making them feeling apparently seems seemingly. Making them feel comfortable in talking to you about some really personal things. Yeah it at that at the heart of this story perhaps is a relationship. And if you read back on LeSean McCoy you've got. You know you've got a woman here who has been linked with Michael Beck in the there's also another matter in the past his brother. Mean I'm just thinking about like the the relationship piece here you've got McCauley having sued her for his stuff. To get her off his property to get his jewelry back or whatever also relevant in this in this case I'm thinking that you probably talk to people. Who have shared experiences players who shared experiences about relationships that have turned dangerous as they see them. Yeah not that sort of that it can't say it's seen something to that extent and that graphic that public. With the details that emerged here I mean there's there's law. Surely this is about as extreme and in the wild other cases is you're gonna see in the and poems ever year and it's not good not pretty but again I think that. There's a lot of situations where a lot of these players in Munich. Have a lot of money have a lot of relationship I mean how often you hear players say publicly that. They're gonna keep inner circle small and as there. Pretty rises as their name recognition. Goes. Go off and later well. Caught everybody can out of that circle and Lotta times that glint that have been around them their whole lives a lot of times it's still the number they try to. Keep it small possible. Means in and out somewhere don't I guess but accurately at the moment you. See these kind of stories in the light pop up because. A player that they're early in the facility they're even better environment that they're very strict structure. Dated dated it seems to happen and I mean you wake up 56 they have in their facility they go home eat dinner they wake up to do it again. This month but that happens is when Cotto really worry about about something happening but yeah I mean I can't really repeat it to anything else that's. I don't think we've seen anything close to this glass bottle by six years. Tyler Dunne joining us here in the AT&T hotline there's eight so a slight update and everything here as we're talking to serve he knows how we do you know they LeSean has hired Don Samuel. I've represented him he is a prominent defense attorney in Atlanta according to Matthew fair Byrne the athletic the firm is preparing to release a statement. As soon as this evening so we might get something from LeSean side on all of this as soon as this evening that is the report right now. You are in unique position such as myself to. Get to know a guy like LeSean McCoy much more than a most people who talk for a living or on TV for a living nowhere in the locker room every day as reporters you then there. Down at one bills drive as I have. Can you give an insight to our listeners. What do you think about LeSean McCoy how we strike you as a person in what you're thought was when something like this came over. You know I guess. How am I went back to our conversation last training camp Tom. Early Tucker twenty point five minutes or so and and those around LeSean McCoy and I want to take away ahead. Everybody close in just that he got to fly back on track. Opposite field after the coincident with those up duty officers. Philadelphia that at a nightclub and not just remember that and that means a big. Conversation was due to build just read the result of Osama court right now and where everything hurt whether it was from Osama voice felt it around him was. Cookie is re dedicated himself up the field and did exactly what I kind of just said and and put the right people around him. I'm refocused himself and it kind of show on appeal they. What the 2829. Now thirty year old right back. He can still and maybe the accident sort of vector you know felt so it seemed like. Yet kind of everything and order and he was really great so quickly the filter or. It could get stuck with them and you wouldn't do what the build up to bat and he wouldn't years. He didn't. The postal vehicle light and obviously a lead and I think that a lot of that anchored a evolved into. Genuine happiness at the situation with the Buffalo Bills. And yeah I hear it you never know what a guy. Does that you'll never know these players as people so hopefully more detail. Come out and Annika definitely social cool way to put up more than a sentence statement you read what would you would bet you're not exit. To this situation whatsoever. You can map from the mountaintop. And how about some reference to how bad you feel for her at the same time in the course of that. That come a kind of talking. A Tyler Dunne from Bleacher Report or the us all about you would for Bulldog guy Mike show OK so were a couple of weeks away from training camp. Poor a couple of teams Tyler's you just think about it I'll stop your head that are especially interesting. To use this year what what. What are you most looking forward to is we set out to cover this season. The man you know. A lot of industry it feels the strain to kind of move credit credit of what all clear in its training camps writer article are a you know spend a little camera detects and that app in the pot because a lot about where football and before that injury. And he was really the MVP you contract when the MVP is for the impact. With the honey badger the JJ watt coming back. Lot alike with Houston a look at four Q have spent little time which I want some point it. That interest thing you know even at Vanderbilt and prepared and here I mean so much change at what point it got Ellen had to be a point percent startle the field. My aunt is orderly it reset on their locker room so. Keep at it if it NN can. New England and everybody else I mean it I know we look talk about. That discourse in the wake of the Nazis and didn't lose you know the players that did the man until it Dion Lewis you're so right down album Butler who they benched for some reason but I mean. Bear of the paper and it's not even close battle in the division by crop poet. You know I think more than usual about New England faltering by it. I mean you have it's just I just can't get myself to like actually predicting. You know like there. A long time ago I thought it was right to predict that maybe like twelve years ago. After they won three Super Bowls and then not won a couple of times but okay well. That's about as long as this usually goes but a dominant run like this. And out here it is like more than a decade after that of the night I know Brady's forty your realistic guys the cattlemen suspension. But I don't know I'm not gonna do it especially in this in the AFC east I'm not gonna knocking about the under on them. Am not I'm way it did it early and I think it's real and obviously we. You hear from out Guerrero hit a gradient in everything he does outside the facility making it does create problems with what Bill Belichick wants to Cuba. I know adamant put on this Bill Belichick knows. He east operating pampered you know he's got ballots checked in. That the greatest dynasties in all of sports I mean you're you're gonna pot heads are gonna help close that. Are gonna collapse and and how to get things done so get a day they're gonna show on Sunday in our country's LP. They're probably gonna win and it that we could Beijing still. Apparently weak conference and even with the people they lost I'm what you might I think that knowing it that simple again. One of the story lines I think this year is going to be the Cleveland Browns I mean with the baker mayfield. Situation coming in all the talent that they went out and collected including Tyrod Taylor and now they're gonna be had a hard knocks as well. Which will be adjusting because the bills play pre season game against them so we'll get some insight there. Just kind of where do you see Cleveland knowing how much of a job can they make this year Tyler. I need to be big over the animal weapons interpret Landry chuck scored quite recall red. Carlos Hyde I mean it shallow and everybody who saw him playing college step in at any moment it. I could pick I'll come down to the player that. It dominated the airwaves and the port here in buffalo rightly Tyrod Taylor how long you stick with them at quarterback and I guess that it landry's seen its praises. You Jackson's fingerprint as you look great but as we don't know I mean there's. Gonna come a point where yet the pull the trigger and in the pocket like taken ahead and deliver that with these big plays all the weapons they happen it. I just don't think he's anything more than an eight day. 97. Bring starting quarterback so you're Cleveland you just kind of let them linger around her and her or. You hear that Matt got baker make you opened in May switch at some point right now itself but they wanna stick with Tyrod is on again. Yet to be really interesting to see how they decide to move on that because they should be a lot better and Taylor is in. He's not exactly adjourn and hit a journeyman he's not McConnell you know is not a guy that's clearly there. To hold the position until you decide your rookie is ready. So like he's more than that you know it's funny that sell you brought up the browns with Tyler because like on Twitter the three of us I had always poking that Moreno have built in browser. It's so we interest thing that. Here the bills coming off their first playoff season. Of the century. And the browns winless. And there are wind totals are like the same. The goal going into next year there both six like the bar the browns are five and half in the money's on over in the bill for six and a half in the mornings on owners so. But I'm I'm always sort of poking you guys that wouldn't you rather be Cleveland and the bills made it there's a lot. You know valuing that but they go into this season. Expected to be the same as ever you know it not a team that's expected to at least out outside external Lee to to go to build up that. Mean if if the goal to sneak into the play out you know I guess Tyrod Taylor can do that for you may be in the AFC in the best. We your goal isn't clear what they want to get that monkey off their back like the bill then I mean again and get an error but I mean I don't know Mike I just think he's. A colossal yeah I mean he's got to suck up some bombs jobs court you can see it now a miniskirt it's a little. Seventy yard the head and interprets and what you like and pretty but end of the day you. Not gonna where new Super Bowl and it might be next year might be the year after that but there are here to move this. Some oh I think it'll be this year that's the first overall OPEC but would you say if you're trying to sneak in the playoffs for the Cleveland Browns. Be thinking that way like would that be huge for just the snake playoffs although we in five. You know I think if you want it. Take you wanna get to a point where your just respectable men make that jump. But you know may field goal with our overall. He's going. Yeah it wouldn't special moment last year for the bill let me have we ever got on a reverse where they were you caught that touchdown earlier. That means something that you get then yes doesn't care they are now looking at you know of a rebuild projects come into the browser. Gonna debate that reality with the director of the first overall. Tyler always a pleasure keep up the good work out in the parking lots of America that. An eight track down those that cigarette but I'll. And a half mile may be one of these times I will I liked just the past and I'm the typical passive aggressive guy I'll make gesturing in my car that. You know means nothing. Looked to avert. That he'll do that that's never been my style but it might be time. Thank you Tyler.