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Howard and Jeremy
Thursday, July 12th

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It's always I'm an end Jeremy White you've got it yet but no greater spirit that Gary didn't go almost young due to war everybody who beat. They're always Simon thought I had happened that we're gonna. It's just a second Jeremy light I'm in a really bad mood about everything. At my entire sports life Sox. Untethered I aids battles out thousands on WG ER Sports Radio 550. Ramos and commend them down too hard. Program over England. He tried every time he plays an open I think what my sports life right now. And the hazard for England but I pulled for them I'm not devastated not. I'm skipping but I was I was pulling for them I did felt an old choked up at the end of the game since some of their faces as they were sitting there on the on the pitch ya on the pitch. After the the game had been completed it was. Actually I didn't join in until the 51 minute actually thought what is it like. If you're in it if you're a fan of England what ever your name your and a World Cup game for a chance to go to the final maybe more so within the you scored the fifth minute you expect to win at OK I was I think do you expect to win forty go. Oh god there's still 85 minutes left and we hang onto one nil you definitely do that but they mentioned during the broadcast only. One time ever who had a team trailed at halftime and won yeah and that team came back and won on kicks the Argentine. I forget that it be united for Argentina was a team that won in the 8181. Yeah where at some point out so. Croatia comes backing did and you have to go to kicks right you know they they just want to it's never been done and regulate the regular time. They do it in extra time and yeah I mean that's tough hard and I felt so bad for them and and you know I don't know that there are you know there are there a couple of moments for you thought maybe they had a chance to score. But. Then they get Ellen they give up that goal it to slip like racial all of that got out of a big boost of energy and they were the better team the rest of the way and I I was really impressed that they were safe and this is never happened before that's that's that's the first time a country has ever won three straight games that went extra time you know it's a lot of soccer it is off its axis. The I can't do the math thought the top man. Want to LaMont kicks a Meena Lee stating if they want this woman kicks it would have been three straight. And that would be tough right be tough to take to watch team go all in the final only winning and Celtic X I mean you know it's it's. It's partly aimed they scored a goal they don't in the 109 minute but that's three. That's 360 minutes of soccer. Dish gets a lot 12121. Torn in probability more because a stoppage time so that that's really. And one thing it's funny about watch parties right is official all the videos of the watch party showed. Zagreb I guess when the yes or celebrate in the second Croatian critical yet is couple things that have started to happen and I think now in the modern age which is. He'll show pictures of fans who weren't face paint or totally decked out in your team wins it's great. Booth but if you're team loses you just feel like the biggest speedy in the war got to go walk you want to call out your ride the subway. Ever body of the you know whenever your done you know mode transmission and everybody knows I'll man that poor guy I was thinking about that country just lost. Can I not only that feature advertising it's it's you know you were built Jersey on the way home from a game and they lose that Webber but if you are. Neutral site face painted decked out wearing a flag discuss that they don't like. You know lost. Health of the about the parties in the closet that stuff they were showing Hyde Park. In London which is I mean a massive market their Central Park basically and there were thousands of people there. And eight years ago I was in Amsterdam among 80000 people when the ducks whether. And walking home. From Iranian made big gathering to celebrate a party to talk about your to watch your team whether it's party applause for the sabres or. Being actually at a bills when you have to leave. After this great build up and it's over you lost. But that's silence that hangs over there the crowd is so sad because you know what it would be like if they'd won rise instead it's just that. Post is fun right if we're a good time. And the rest it's its weird because. Even winning when the game ended. You know they they they finish the of the game and they go back to the studio and the guys that hit the folks in the studio talk over the picture coming from the stadium. And and at that point they're all talking about England hold your heads up high. This was a great run. It's still a young team they've changed the culture the good you know great things are coming for this England team and it's you know was affair and you probably that you may have that'd be paying attention to that point did you games so close to making it. The World Cup final and use you suffered that loss so. It's it's them it's odd spot to be and I am in luck having where we've had our hearts broken. Numerous times it in the immediate aftermath you're not thinking. Flat I was a hell of Iran we're still gonna be good Europe you're just moaning and groaning about how couldn't hold one nothing lead or you're thinking back to moments in the game work. May be you thought they're gonna score so forth and so on yet it's a tough situation I. I think as a fan. Whether you if you're at a watch party in your hanging out somewhere and England watching you'd almost feel I don't know like a path. It almost feel like almost zombie like like I feel like I'd be in some kind of trance like you wouldn't be. Like don't have a first off don't have a conversation with me I just would I would wanna like crawl to a whole be left alone. And I feel like can be walking around like a hollow feeling the rest of the day I can't even write I I cannot relate we have Stanley cups we have Super Bowls we have all sorts of playoffs and championships. A World Cup once every four years and the national team come that close. I'm not even sure Erica I don't even I can grasp the depth of despair of a fan of a country that came that close. Stuff yeah and that maybe Croatia would have been different it's it tiny country day. You know exceeded expectations it's different inning and I again guys for a case of racial religious and immediately in the aftermath equation that is. Great job guys and England fans are probably beside themselves. Right does George Mason making the following losing they're not mad that your players yet in England there's a there's probably a little inaudible. Because there is you shouldn't lose to Croatia. And then there's thanks for the ride you know I right there are people in the stadium singing the English national ahead of us tonight they would they sang it during the game. Right they. I forget which inaction time there was probably after Croatia scored and in English fans were I assume they were just trying to you know get the spirits back up for their for their boys on the field. On the pitch they sang it during the England fans are great I mean they they brought upon a spirit to the to the game yesterday at. Part of the fun of watching that yesterday was. All the singing. And the chipping has learned every game by the way the World Cup I feel like I have not noticed that there was not the road a lot of fans just kind of thing and and you know your typical. There was that standard and all the games that soccer okay I I know this yet and I just for whatever reason. I only noticed it yesterday like I can hear the fans singing throughout the course of the of the match the points that I watched so I. I guess they just wasn't paying close enough attention to the other games but. I did I felt a well fire I felt sorry for them my thoughts are for the guys that votes are for the fans because as you've talked about England over the years. It seems like there's a little bit of bills to them and I just thought man to get that close and not have a shot at the final to lose in the semi final. You know when when fans were thinking this is our year you were telling me about all the you know it's coming home and all that stuff I've written to add for those guys. Yeah I mean it it would come right down to pony fans rap game if it's. You know. Senate all against. Panama on how many there spans traveled with its Coastr Rica right and Russia you're gutting it anthems from Russia and on a silly for Costa Rica so that's I guess I wasn't paying close in the potential but I know I know you might event it just it really might not happen focus in my and I have an office as a gains are watching it could have been just mostly. Neutral observers in the stands for a neutral fans is supposed to fans of their of their respective countries replacement it was great yesterday and a I I enjoy again I enjoyed it it was. Dramatic it was it's it's a great story either England may would have made it to the final which is fantastic and it's England. Now you have this little tiny country of Croatia the second smallest country making their first ever World Cup final appearance and as we said. Three straight extra time games and being able to prevail and find their way to get through. That that in itself is its own great story and Alba I'll root for them against friends 'cause I'll pick the underdog of the two now. That's probably coming here it's of their going to be a heavy favorite for a breath yet each New England ran her off England. They were a favorite Croatia be in and is not exactly huge shock but if Croatia were to be France that would be. A massive upset they said this morning I think it was on sports that are going into the tournament the odds were gracious to point at all 1331. Okay yeah I mean not. So it's not like it's you know Saudi Arabia but are. Our friends over their trade or exports they they got a 22 when he you know occur following their drama filled journey through this there emotionally in the fill a mostly invested quote unquote got emotionally invest cotton 28 to 1281. That's pretty good. The left. Couple of Beers or some wings yeah right. That's what it it's funny I was thinking about this too. For anyone that says you know what I decided it like this and I wanna get into soccer what can I do two things one picked team and they can do you make it to bat. Fake it till you make make it's they make it and dumber two is gamble via you'll be into the sport in no I'll come like Al sudden those shots that US the in all the marginal fans they were that wasn't all that close you'll have your heart in your. And you know in your stomach when someone. Winds up and take a shot from outside he gets blocked because you know you bet on the game so I would be yelling at periphery anytime a guy falls down. I would be yelling for penalties and free kicks and all these thing cards I would be yelling for everything that was just the it was that was. England had to play with ten men the last few minutes of action tiebreak they lost the got to an injury now though they're down 21 time is ticking down. And by the way you've only got ten guys on the field yet it our do you sell the substitutions and if you're gonna get certain time out of luck tough yeah I felt side that that. The tough way to go I mean I don't I can't even give yet. And and you're down one goal and in the seventh game of a Stanley Cup playoff series and you got to penalties you got to try and score shorthanded I have no idea it was. But it was it again as I've said all along. I legacy that I I tuned in in the 50% and I watch the rest tonight. And it really interest in I mean I've thoroughly enjoyed the tournament nine it's too bad that it's come in come into an end on Sunday that have been some great stories and some great games in this tournament. Now while son they'll be fought and I guess. France probably winds of Croatia wins that's great there's a good story about wanna be more prominent players on Croatia's in his Luka moderate she plays for Real Madrid. And his story is fascinating Mohammed old Lila who is a correspondent for CNN wrote this. When he was six his grandfather were shot dead Estella became refugees in a war zone. You group the sound of grenades exploding coaches that he was too weakened to shot at play football and today. He just led Croatia to its first ever World Cup final four M team he's great play they they have. A couple of great players. Who's the guy a guy wrote it down ms. who pitched Mario ms. Lucas who cassettes got to score the these guys apologies for the amendment like keeps cracked ramped up I think you again you're gonna help me a picture for up on also but I am I am looking at Twitter. After he scores everybody is making fun on Twitter about the magic spray like he went down kept going well injured men they took everything he did and he did get into a pretty nasty collision on a scoring chance before. They took the lead so yes limping around and he couldn't really play in the they took the lead that comment and but alikes flared up again UN even got at least twice after I get guys like c'mon get up like you're gonna have stoppage W could see there are getting frustrated I up and he's like he's way up like. I'll be OK we just let me let me stay here right now they're just like almost like they wanted to put our hands up and getting the guy up off the aria field like let's. Already got. The ghosts on the sideline I heard out I don't need to be here right you're just all the gala yup and the referee has his own discretion whether not he's gonna stop the game he and if it's not a serious injury or head injury so you can just lay there as long as it takes he did not have to stop the game there were a couple times that happened guys were down and is it does it isn't based on who got possession but the game just kept going. And I just thought that's that's that's got an odd now but it was. I guess apparently both teams are kind of upset with that with the officiating refereed so that happens yeah I guess that means that means he was OK if both teams are unhappy with a that's fine. By but but anyway yes so sorry Annie I've been I was I was pulling for England I'm sorry but it. It didn't work out Oswald from Belgium is Paul offering all the teams aren't like again said the open the state in my sports or whoever it's for free land mines let me Francis. I France's work brooding for their fought in the got great players. But what's the best thing you've got going right now on your sports like the seriously Toyota writes great plays that open and I hear me say never socks and I think a man all right what do by. One of my got its ballot I'll tell you what it is it's Colleen it's the only thing we have right now that's right it does no question about that you at least the bills and the bills that split of the drought so that's not draft a quarterback in the draft of a quarterback solely those two things that you had to carry around the those are gone yeah but yeah out of the best thing you've got. Is Colleen there I had a dream last night Tebow might get caught up in September so that's help had a dream last night the sabres lost their opener fourteen to two. Seriously. And I'm taken the next day off you know your dreams you know you dreams topic is kind of hazy. I can remember in the dream my first thought because I whenever it's a dream I didn't watch the game and I checked my phone the score says. Fourteen to 202. Thoughts right away be your dream thoughts. Ray is that not real but first thought was when what may be housed there really is going to be on the hot seat and my second thought was. I click the box score to check with Al Ali plus minus I don't like horizontal and Dolly I do I'm awful with the other guy thought he looked out there in my dreams I'm looking arrest misspelling his ice time. With a B play I hope we didn't play but shall we didn't unilateral policies minus nine out there you know you kill me so it. Seriously team did 214 to two in the opener where this to make last year's games against the islanders and devils seem like good games to open the C got to be a rough performance ought to Carter Hutton. I don't know if uh oh boy out they got this guy for three years. And I no I I think it's it's deathly the sabres are singing about this yesterday just couldn't comparing them you know. If you're a buffalo sports fan and you think about the bills in the sabres how are you feeling about your two teams renowned and even. Even prior to the LeSean McCoy story and all the stuff that's going on with that. Because but that might bring down a little bit but prior to that. And I thought you know it's weird and look the bills led the class I'll bet fans the bills make the class last year the sabres were the worst human hockey. I think fans probably feel better about. The GM coach combination for the bills right now they would with the GM coach combination with the sabres you feel better about being in doctoral I would assume. And you feel better about McDermott and housing help net. And yet I'll tell you I feel better about where the sabres are going because you've got pieces you know if the if Josh Allen's good. Greg discussion over the right now if you look at the bills in the sabres he's there where's your sports life that I actually feel better about the sabres I've got Michael I've got Colleen. Also you know and then we'll see Rickles and their medals that mullets rather goalie and I'll. But what you know what do my feeling right now I'm looking at the sabres won I've got two really big pieces in place. A franchise senator and at number one defenseman wonderful and I look at the football team go yadier common off a playoff spot you were nine and seven. And yet. What's going on a quarterback you know you draft the guy great we'll see if any of them panned out so yeah I. I I would picked Colleen and where I've where I met with the sabres over where I met with the bills the Mets are just lost cause for god so but but that doesn't really bother because I'm used to this iPad a lifetime of the stuff and outside of that. Yeah I don't know about the state football sold it for another day yeah I installing and yet that's the best thing I got going in my life for now I enjoyed the sabres prospect tournament I enjoyed the challenge I I was excited to see a number of those young guys skate and it. I I want attempt Brit because that was a three and three prospects development camp it's real. It's like I'm here and all the stuff about Knick fans are going crazy because Kevin Knox looks great in the summer they can like you know. Slowdown everybody's so I don't I got a temper myself off the sabres prospect camp but I was really excited about a number play. How things go last night in dove beauty league. By its and we got a article about the guys that are in their they play last night via a cat and I actually played you can stream their games. Ala take your word for breaking you wanna be Arab give beauty league beat reporter. But all things to beauty desk just like we get asked you what happened in to beauty league which is this four on four league that. A lot of NHL players play in in that is Dinah Minnesota yes right and post put it Lester yeah a lot of guys do. In the middle step slang and this year there are number of sabres coaches and their two I think yeah I saw that now which. Don't ask me out mice arcane and I don't know I'm gonna send out its arcade insurer on. Wait ocean plays hockey sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry and start it's not his fault and he gets hurt. So I don't wanna take shots and got tickets are because I'm sure he'd love to run not beat her right but there's a little bit of week he's actually playing I know I didn't want to. I didn't want to pile on the port guys again again it's not like he's on his injured and it's terrible and I bet he's. Tired of being frustrated yes I I would if firing him might be incredibly frustrated now I might tell you that if you were healthy we would see that you know he's not really all that good. And the sabres are kind of stuck with him for a little while longer but. Whenever he's clearly healthy enough to be playing in this league so in theory he's healthy enough to be in the opening night lineup. Knock on wood don't get hurt in the beauty and the beauty leave a moron for coming to training camp aren't I gonna find out its its its some. And just look at all of us it's like round Robin for eight games and then there are two other games. Part championship. Are that are the sabres split up amongst team yeah okay us know what that does no one team that you watch because tour three of them Iran. No the same team no middle stats on the team by himself some gonna need to beauty league thanks package Ayman I have to watch everything yap for instance. And look at a team rosters here you've got a lot of corrosion is on I don't know which team he's on this is the whole. The whole list of players website actually did. That they stream their games. For freight you can watch this week. Bogosian Mittal said Casey Nelson and Adam will come course to be league dot com accent your. Those the year the sabres players. But you know you've got others that Trevor ran van riemsdyk is in this. The PR. TV and TV are a couple of bigger name guys Braden at nick you stat as Fiat to beauty league beat reporter who go to say the biggest names are in this league. Well I think that Zach Parise are probably out okay biggest name and then you've got guys like Brock vasser who scored Patrick yesterday with TC medals that Hudson flashing is on this list offense and it's honestly yes it's all rosters yeah case in middle set brought bass are lined Neitzel connect our Ali all of last night's also CJ Smith. It's a display in this league to he's going yankees Nelson's team aren't. Did you what happened in last night's game the one thing I can't find his results as amateur web site. I see schedule. I'm looking for stats I don't see results from last night's game well let me tell you the the big team that he's a middle that brought best at the bic razors one yes. And and what's the other team that that one but the team velocity one as well I don't think there's any secrets and team velocity. All right all they play OK so they play won't. Looks like they play every where every day Wednesday in July and August. And then they got the month couples on Monday games in August 2 so they don't play again until. Where are we next week counts and come back every Thursday a little bit to beauty leaked report you have to remind me Wednesday the I can't believe we've been talking about Wednesday the eighteenth 8 PM I think that's central time though. That's it that's at 9 o'clock game to watch Casey medals that in the beauty league. Not sure about that one that's it's a late night for me but they I can't we have actually talking about possibly watching the beauty league online next week Monday and Wednesday night at 9 o'clock. Is that the next level of sickness about sabres hockey you know watching to beauty now and all you know why well it's it's who it's who's put it simply not watching for Casey Nelson and Zach Bogosian a lot of terminals that much middle stature and his example I would Brock bastard that be fun to watch actually. Like luck luck. You know I'm not a huge tennis fan but Roger Federer sonnet and it's in the fifth set. Lock me in Davie a watch and it's Federer I mean I would. Del potro in and Nadal apparently had a fantastic match yesterday at a watch a second of it. But Roger Federer resign he brought me into that that tournament to watch him yesterday and ended up losing whatever the heck it was. Thirteen to eleven whatever that tiger was in the in the fifth set but I watched because Federer that the beauty league. I would I would actually watch a game to see how medals that looks. You know I would watch anything that Jack Michael is playing in before the sabres to. There's a league that he had oblivion there's a league locally there's. Is the federal Patti Lee may be and I don't think that they don't that's the name of democratic runs ago. Doesn't is an early in New England rebellion against these everywhere I don't know that this one streams they're games online. I mean. It at that that's next level. Did that the Minnesota league is streaming online you can watch them for free that's pretty cool there well we Minnesota were paid for by sponsors and all the teams have. You know corporate sponsors on the earn their crest. So that's the latest on the sabres Rory and thunder show up at und Colleen you know we kind of got sidetracked there. The reason that Dolly is the number one thing in our in our sports lives is because he's supposed to be. And I I I don't wanna say I have trouble but like ying and there I still. Don't know how excited I should be. I'm excited they got the the best possible piece right bought. In terms of the big difference he can make right away yesterday Sean. Tierney at charting hockey we should get him on the show he puts out a lot of analytic and really beautiful charts that break it down and he did. Top six defense goals above replacement like how good is everyone's defense the sabres are dead they're DF well. Shocker right but he doesn't factory and Colleen the AFL. Dead last okay. DF felt opposite never heard that one before so they are DF file which is not a shock. And he says it's a little bit weird because he he factor eat eat considers Carlson's gonna go to Tampa. And he doesn't consider high skin and in Dallas the Keck and Colleen in buffalo saying like that will definitely change this and I'm looking to see. If Colleen jumps in this top six and he's. One of the better defenseman in the league. Right away. The sabres are still at the bottom six bottom ten defense core. And it just makes me think now are right he should show up and be good. But how many years and I'm not saying he's going to be the same interest line but how many years did you watch the sabres be bad and we were told humorous line and he's a good one he's good. You know I'll I'll at this point can I'll settle for just be entertaining just give me a reason to wanna watch team play. You know why don't why I've I've been watching the team player Alaska appears well it's my job. You know you are season ticket holder how many games have you actually gone to the last couple years. I just at at this point not expecting a playoff team next season I'm not sure they'll be in contention next season quite honestly there's still plenty of holes on the roster. So I'm good with at this point give me a reason a wanna be excited to watch this team play. Let let me let me at least see that your getting better but meek actually believe that you know what this coach knows that he still went. The you know this team is getting better they look like a cohesive unit hey look the defenseman. Are getting better you have a head coach who is a former star defenseman in the league they just hired a new assistant coach who was a defenseman for a long time in the National Hockey League. But my sabres thoughts will I mean it'll crystallize more we get to October. But at this point. Just make it fun to watch the game the team play again and I'll take that I don't have appoint told in my mind. I would just like to not look at watching sabre hockey games as a as a dreaded part of my job that hey it's fun again. This is entertaining look they're cycle look there's there's pride part have a good season hey oppose those bouncing back. Dolly is a joy to watch Bristol lions got his head on straight. Middle status developing nicely I Cooley wild goalie is like act of the young to. It's wanna feel good about watching this team play well. Would give back we tell you about the patch are ready idea which are laid out yesterday I've got to who says no. And a few people pushed back on the idea they want nothing to do with that. Or did he can figure out why. This every year that the team that's rebuilding and that we make like. Quickly as ahead of schedule. Right and it dirty double that at this here. Colorado did as well we thought the least do your report so there seems to be it Tina spending every year that we I don't think. Cattle buffalo are really like the moves they made so far. Has met Larkin from the hockey news we've been talking more hockey just a moment. Let's get to the headlines though. Was shot McCourt has hired a prominent. Atlanta lawyer. Q what work for him to help them out in these legal issues that he is facing a Donald Samuel represented among others Ray Lewis back in 2000 the Ray Lewis murder trial. No statement yet from McCoy. Additional statement no statement from the lawyer although there's a report from Yahoo! Sports. That says you can expect something because the lawyer in part will be doing a big public relations campaign to boost his client. Moving onto the World Cup Croatia beat England yesterday to one and one of the World Cup final Croatia scored in the 109 minute they become the second smallest country ever. In the World Cup final that will face France on Sunday morning. Wimbledon women's semis are today Serena is inaction at 10 o'clock this morning yesterday men's quarters Roger Federer and as Wimbledon streaks snapped. Actually. All little stat of the day in the extent that they brought to buy express Smart not your average convenience store Federer went up two sets to none yesterday ended up losing three sets to two. As he had been at Wimbledon in twos 66 cent to. When leading two sets to none at least 266. And three. Having lost yesterday Novak us that they brought to express my not your average convenience store Novak Djokovic Rafa Nadal John Isner American John Isner all winning yesterday. And moving on at Wimbledon yanks beat Baltimore but Boston won again the jays lost to Atlanta the Mets beat Philly. Cleveland had seventeen runs in the first four innings last night in the beat Cincinnati nineteen to four Colorado saw that said all top that. Bit eighteen runs in the first four innings and won nineteen details can mercy rule. Right that's just crazy burst your own baseball eagle by ten in the first four demons set and I think I. Think in Cleveland it might have been enough it was fourteen to nothing I don't know with seventeen and nothing but it was deathly fourteen to nothing. Other Saber chart a new assistant coach Steve Smith and kinesis basketball play defending champ Villanova exceeds those your headlines. I have I teased him expect three things that first before you to that beyond the baseball stuff there was a yesterday we talked a lot about baseball now. There's talk that there are radical changes needed for the Washington Post asked it's readers send us your radical ideas. And there are some you know lower the mound to pitch clock. What do you think the most radical idea laws. First team that scores wins. New what's more radical. That for the one that I've got. That's pretty close. In terms of worst possible ideas. One Washington Post reader wants to make home runs outs. To get up. A case out. You got you can swing hard candy noted at the track don't put over the you'll want to put it you want warning track our allies can you imagine. What what happened while we yankees to baseball. If we would not be in pledges of gonna play spot imaginative that you that you don't this year home runs are out her. Oh so I'm definitely not gonna go to the stadium because the best part of baseball is not going to be there is bad so joint Batiste last Friday would have that would have been an out instead of a walk off Grand Slam the game would have gone into the next dinning room. I've know for that one but let's try under handed pitching instead. Pretty weak. And let's play with. Two infielders. You know what we'll do a softball defense. Now at Gatwick that we that'll. That's pretty funny I told you you'd have a whole bunch of like number eight hitters in your lineup. You know he wouldn't have any in that it Howard your order that's just my guess though when you ask for radical ideas you that you're gonna get radical ideas it is radical idea. And radical cool way tomorrow by the way Bob nightingale USA today who recently wrote a piece about all the problems that Major League Baseball is dealing with he will join us I'm looking forward to the discussion of what they can do to try and make the sport little bit better now. So on the out patch ready idea so I put up yesterday I think Max patch ready is a very good idea for the sabres. And we're talking Lleyton what. Who says no I mentioned a prospect you're okay with parting with an a second or third round pick at journal that's. Neil Lander that's a high price if you it's funny. What an agony Lander Boston stakes on include a trade. Oh well that would deter drug you know ignite yet so if Jason Basra could identify prospect. And then a couple different people rolled in some trade offers and Jorgensen was one. Sign me up. Oh sure cure organization about that triggered and since then something's. Four catcher ready for a year sounds. Great are wary isn't just your concerns on the team receive your fourth line center are going forward left Winger. Today one of the left wingers I wouldn't worry about it but anyway as tight as they. Started laid out Sean Tierney at charting hockey on Twitter he basically point out that if pat surety were returned to his shooting percentage of two years ago now Lester but two years ago. 11% he's always he's an average shooter his averages 11%. His shot great shooting percentage 82 games 35 goals moon which is where he had bet. And last year patch ready had seventeen goals which would have been fifth on the sabres and he didn't sixty something games I'd. Soul patch ready to meet is a very good idea because. I don't I want the sabres to try to make the playoffs I want the sabres to be good and a little bit of the push back I got on the idea was if you do that. You'll stop the growth of the kits. I I don't want patch ready because I want caged Thompson to get to show tops six I'd like to win not just that but. Putting two page Thompson in the top six doesn't just make him into top six players to and ideally what this will look like an extra the sabres are good. That the top nine will be more make you happy and takes Thompson as a third line Winger with a third line senator that is going to be Casey middle stat bar. Terms gonna I was gonna bring that about stopping the growth of the kids. The sabres might absolutely think middle that is not rated B the number two setter started training camp and he might not be ready so I don't know what they're doing I have. Great and are having this discussion after the show yesterday I I you know I'm sure you guys talked about this a lot since I was out the week that a rally which traded but. Who's the number two center. And I think ultimately will be Casey middle step a doesn't mean on opening night in October he's ready. So are used in a what if it's I don't know pick a guy Patrick Burke and I've no idea are you stuck in the growth of medals that. Or you developing case in middle stat at the proper stages. Page Thompson was in L. He's got some skill he's got some ability but he was up and down from the HL for the blues last year you know he he won the job he'd he'd do well in training camp. Plus they had some injury so he earned the spot. And then he plays and goes down the American Hockey League and comes up again and goes back so that there there's nothing given in terms of these young guys I think there's some good talent here but they have to develop. No I. The pat jury thing to me. It's very simple it comes down to. Is he here for one year and and then your trading him is he staying yearlong term. And depending on whether he's here or not long term what are you given up form but it's not you know patch you ready doesn't allow such and such player to develop both those guys who get their chances and honestly you wouldn't want to push him into a role they're not. Right right port and that's I am in the idea of room forcing competition. It's not better competition to make it easier. Is that better come addition if somebody from Rochester is here because while oil is going to be here and keep him in Rochester and other better than Max patch are ready. It's a rental. And I don't know what the price is gonna be prepared to ready as soon as he is trade which Montreal's reportedly gonna wanna do this as soon as possible. As soon as he's traded were gonna say well. I would have done that or I wouldn't it on the idle Montreal is gonna get there's also though always trade with Montreal version of this to always who always trader at Montreal. So yeah he he's a perfect fit he plays a position that they could use some help on the could help their top six. And he scores goals so maybe get him up here and if Connor Syria or Jack cycle. And those who don't work Alec you can put. Pat to ready on his wing haven't score bunch of points he doesn't have a no trade clause he can boost his own value he's in a contract year. Try to win yeah I don't look I'm all about I'm I'm all about. Developing great and and let in the young players develop look. Look at last season talk about young guys in and moving them up too early. You think Brendan goalie would have made this roster better last year I think you would have but for the most part he was luck jealous yeah they wanted to develop and you know their their you know we can watch Victor Olson and say hey the kid looks pretty good they could certainly use that. Is it gonna kill Victor all of shouldn't be getting fourth line minutes next season in October probably not but I'm pretty sure the gonna put him in Rochester and let him develop. So so yeah I don't. I get the whole thing about where people might be concerned and I just I want wins I want goals and you know who isn't tired of watching the worst offensive team in the NA. Shot and the idea that you have to. If you do that you're doing it at the exit of these kids know what that this team has never been at the positions whenever it's been a long time since they had bull. But you can have bull you know there's. Getting a guy like catcher Eddie are making another move for other guy in the top six does nothing to hurt. CJ Smith or mean if you're not making these moves do you think. We'll just in Bailey's do mean you don't Bailey might turn into something maybe maybe not how many guys right now would you write down in pain in the top six for the sabres Michael Sherry. Polls so. Sure he asked to be okay and then maybe Reinhart sure he what a -- heartened that be enough third lines that are in medals that the second line center but anyway my point they put Ryan artists and are going to be mad right but I'm not. My point is. It's not like you think you'll look at the top six ago everything's locked in guys we know Thompson's there and every. No it's in flocks. And an even if these and it's not even just the top six discussion like you said this is changed over the years. We used to think OK you load up your top six in the third manager checking line you know fifteen years ago that's how we thought. And your fourth line both of the fires Bozo the cruisers those are the energy guys that score around 78 minutes a game and beat people up. It's changed now. You know now you you ideally you want for scoring lines if not you won three really good scoring lines so. There's Perreault for these guys on this team the sabres don't have three really good scoring lines they don't have really good scoring lines. So if you could had a patch ready for Jeff Skinner you're increasing your depth of scoring your ability your skill level goes up and it doesn't mean. Well now that's gonna stop the development of fill in the blank prospect either gonna get their time there they're gonna get there. You're your and you're trying to build twelve forwards not load up on one or two lines and say well patch ready campy here because then. Justin Daly doesn't have a chance to training camp. They all have chip shot to training camp they play well we'll get ice time and it's not like there weren't space is available on this roster right now. It brightens article will really there's still a mess left wing. But look at the depth chart for this organization and it's not. Well again like I keep mentioning. Charting hockey their goals above replacement a defense was dead DFL and their forwards was if not last near the bottom. So yes they they need a lot this idea that well they've got a bunch of guys just waiting to step minerals that might be a year away. So I'd like to get as much help as possible 8030 I picked to join us 88855. DQ 5:50 shared opinion this morning whatever else is on your mind that you wanna. Bring up got a question you want another topic you wanna bring up that is far into we have a deal of the day for you available through my buffalo perks program roads that connect. Save your money you can lace up your jumping shoes and run it's the great inflatable race at the great pumpkin farm. That is July 14 which is. Saturday I think yeah Saturday. It's a 75 dollar registration pack can be yours for just 23 box that is today's deal of the day again the great inflated or race of the great pumpkin formed this Saturday. Registration packed normally 75 bucks is only 23 dollars if you want to purchase today's deal of the day all you need to do. Let's go to my buffalo perks dot com. More and an eight day they're definitely on the right track so I would agree with you where I don't think it. Season where yeah you know that that might be a playoff team but I think there's going to be a lot of hurt you signed in and definitely. A team that's built into the future. NHL network stick of hockey. Big day today countdown clock is one with the countdown clock at our web page. 2 o'clock this afternoon. The WGR hockey team will take to the ice at Harbour Centre and play their game in the eleven day power play. And I'm just look at over the roster yeah. Oh in this roster screens culture to me screen as the room good you guys have a good room. You know Brayton here there Joseph. Derek Kramer prime Mazur ouster from our sister station WB yen TJ lock me and Chris park old giant police on him. I mean he's got great been drafted that's right yeah Mike safari all. Tim Tim Wenger some brands play if you guys always talk them very god yeah this an Allen Davis the veteran of the group is Alan. The ballot Allen is the veteran leader right he's the guy he's the messier of the team is an. He's the Reggie Dunlop Reggie Dunlop is up with the bounty on team they're here playing teen Lancaster apparently. At 2 o'clock today so good alum opener of a bounty on on the one of the guys on the other team can't do that. I thought you were playing. I don't have any gear I what does sold dollar donated at all OK I skates but I don't have everything else there and I thought I could find it I didn't find it we've been down there extolling the virtues of a tank. I might put on there and say hi I mean I'm usually done. Daily dish so pop and I'm I'm planning a popping into the final hour break and don't get this don't take take this the wrong way am I love you guys. But nothing Europe's nap time. So I'll get down there and then. Actually there's some some I gotta go over river works for so I think a catcher final hour whose best player. All in. Bibby is a goal yes he plays he is he playing all as a week or is he actually she's playing golf OK I mean I mean Beatty is pretty intimidating out there. Blog BD oh I was like PD he's like eighties that aircraft carrier he's dead he's hoping and skates he was Fiat right you'd see it bearing down on you. So bulldogs the best guy yet nobody else has game. It you know what were with all in the which I'm goalie son. You might shut out the other didn't it also enrolled in four hours that's unlikely score of all yeah a little bit. That probably happens that he gets beat her goal or two OK is there a general team philosophy strategy plan. Survive to get hurt survive and advance don't get hurt and had four hours. As a long. Long time to play hockey now mothers know advancing after this as well as for downward and or not I at a position that that god now that's dialogue long time so good luck and that that's going to be a excited. I don't actually pretty excited them already to go and well as ready as I can possibility there's much there yet we're still taking donations so Garcia and there's an idea for next here from Michael was just you turn it into the same community shipped. Except golf smack her style. Or every team that wins advances and you have to get enough teams play and you keep score four hour shift you win you advance now you win you advance. And he'll be just like the massacre. And that he played the same as well not only will know you gotta you have to go back DOS days down the line right it be just like because Mecca because they'll be times where you think it. Mean do we really want to win because I am I don't want a plane that's a big gusts Mecca for me when I've played and it was all right we won when's our next game it's in four and a half hours. Man but it's Saturday it's like I'm good on the I don't want to do that baby come back tomorrow morning at 8 AM. Below that that's a that sounds like a forfeit that stomach and make that game okay. Well I'm I'm looking towards senior guys like just don't get don't get hurt yet. And they got smacked her idea I think people would start tanking guided by the last hour just like half. Plea with the other team wins c'mon that's not a that's a guess that's good solid strategy if you wanna tank put me on the ice I can't skate. So by mean I would just be standing back there are people would be going around me all day long we'll Portugal Howard. I'm a Fred pock yeah I guess that would work out really well. Be elected the scene out of the ducks movie. And you can still donate and discuss a note from our boss. Over one point two million I think he said yeah it had been raised so far which is outstanding we surpassed the we surpassed the amount of money that was raised last year for the event. Okay am just an island semi a couple more text so yeah one point two million so that that's fantastic that top last year. Mike shop will be broadcasting live from the harbor center. Like all of the game. He's gonna be ripping you guys is and there will be. Mike and Sal I think I feel like Michael have some analytics on how the game is going in and and who's doing well and he's not doing well out there. It's also also Jody yes he's got the nightcap like from. Our arsenal of aka Joseph during updates from the bench pet is it possibly can do an update during the show with Mike and Sal from the bench while he's playing. They buddy Mike up down there. That be fondled somebody's gotta be Mike dumped on there that that's that show and and south can check in with you every now and then in talked lighter on the bench. A talked engineering 8030550. To join us this morning 888552. By fatigue and that is going on at heart while the eleven day power play has been going on. But if you'd like to check out the GR team to until six but this afternoon at Harbour center.