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Thursday, July 12th

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I. And if. It was weird spot where they've got this. Young group really young group of talent that they're trying to bring through it the same exact time and it it really is fantastic recipe for a long term bill that you know they now re emphasized to byways the draft if you get the number one overall pay franchise altering move again I'm not proper to ask Jack Nicklaus system and a number of other talented young players. Travis Yost talk a little hockey and we chat a little bit about that earlier in the in the show. Give them a little LeSean McCoy update for you to 8030550. Join us. 888550. To 5:15 this morning here LeSean McCoy has hired a big time lawyer. Two things on that. Yeah of course it's. It's you hire big time lawyer when your big time person right he driver expense if you have money you driving Jensen got sky yet sure you'd you hire the big expensive guy. I think that there is a natural role. And writes I hope. This comes across right way there's a natural reaction when you hear same got the defendant or Roethlisberger and Ray Lewis. What do you think about those two why the great Lewis was guilty and I don't know as much about Rothenberg I don't remember all the details but it didn't sound good believe that the climate sound like he was it lets us slime bucket I would say that. Did somewhat of a public perception is that both of them. Did it for sure loads but again apple for sure people think think Lewis got and somewhat and the pleading guilty to obstruction of justice right yes. So. That's colleges I think there's a natural hoping time lark that makes sense oh. Is this the guy that gets people that did it anyway yeah I just that's that's the nature of defense work you. Someone's accused in you know you you defend them typical I guess you would you look to hire a defense lawyer who wins the night Edwards would look for guy has won in May be. And maybe penalize profile races were athletes before yet apple of that nature and whether it's one high profile cases or handled high profile cases that never even go to court what I sure. He's entitled of course to a lawyer. And he's entitled to hire the best when he defied. Think with Roethlisberger. The charges were dropped weren't than I think. And and again Ray Lewis was ultimately found guilty but it was of a completely different charge obstruction of justice sure it makes it look. He got you gotta hire somebody because you know who knows where this investigation is going to go to promotional McCoy yeah you better have some representation and I thought it was inching I mentioned this earlier. To this point. What ever has come out has come out from the Milton police department the suburb and of Atlanta where the go home invasion took place. Whatever has come out was basically the police department saying we think it was a target invasion. But all information coming out is from the attorney of the woman who allegedly was attacked. And we're we're talking about this yesterday in off your air promotional McCoy and come back together or not not the Yahoo! story read another story. Then made the point you brought up yesterday from the Sharma quite. Why aren't you a little bit more vociferous at this point like you should be screaming. To everybody who's listening. It's good you know I didn't do it it's completely false you'd you'd be sold. Out there and little bit at these accusations but he isn't. Charles Robinson Yahoo! Sports said a source tells him you're about to see a PR campaign that one of the reasons why you hire a guy like Don Samuel is yes. That he's really good at what he does he's gotten athletes out of sticky situations whatever. But that you also hire a prominent lawyer who is now going to put out some kind of a PR campaign because at this point it's been really one sided all we've heard. Whatever details we've heard about. The the jury that he told her he wanted back. The changing of the settings in the in the home security system the possible removal of the of the cameras in the security system everything we've heard. Has come from the attorney who issued a statement Tuesday night and her attorney. So at this point if your McCoy you know one of the things you have to do is hire your guy and then he's gonna put out some kind of PR spin for you because everything's been one side it's a far. So I'd expect to see something. I don't know what I'm not a lawyer I was opry lot of state. But something will be coming out soon I would think from mccoys legal team to try and counteract what's coming up for the other attorney you guess that would be today. As soon as possible. They talk about Friday news dump that's also there's good if there's good news I think if you're trying to start a campaign you might not on there that on Friday in my wanna get that out today on Thursday went for a you know there's an opportunity to and there are many reports suggesting that was gonna come last night. So out expect today in this campaign you're talking about might start. In the meantime the you know the investigation continues the police department is investigating there is. One of the articles I read this morning that SSI I'm sorry it was it was SI dot com and Michael McCann. Is the legal analyst for SI's website and he has a rather long piece up about this this morning and he makes the point that who knows where this goes look at the investigation is at its very early stages but he points out like. Felony. Or the home invasion in Georgia as as is the case I guess in many states. Is a serious felony charge like parish jail time involved with this stuff that they proved that he is in this home invasion mess so yeah mccoys and potential. Forget the career ramifications I know we talked about it yesterday from a football standpoint. If he's involved in this he's he's an ex bill and more and most likely the bills we'll get rid of them. And the league might have and say you know the league by thrown out for good to. But forget for a ramifications you know this is a serious charge in the state of Georgia that cares where that lengthy prison time. So yeah after bushel on the court you go find the best lawyer that money can buy. Because football is an even it is an even your top priority at this point you'd like to stay out of jail if if these allegations are false in this guy gets him off that's great. It and have to worry about it but. If there's something to that's. That you're you're looking at some serious issues beyond the world of football foolish on the court. For sure and that's obviously first first and foremost for him and that's why I have this got to take care of the sport. In the meantime if you're the bills. I don't know about the example dad had no idea that you know he could be put on this exempt list and basically not necessarily not even suspended by the league. But basically told. While we're looking at this you can join the team. So it's an unofficial suspension like you couldn't go to camp you couldn't practice you have to be away from the team I assume away from the facility. If you put on the exempt list so that add that to the number of things in terms of the football side that Jeff the monitor in the next few weeks. The league is doing its own investigation along side. The Milton police department today reach a point where they decide to put him on an exempt list if they do he's not a training camp. In the bills are sitting there getting ready for the season without their number one running back with Chris Ivory as your number one Ryan and Taiwan Jones and for virus cadet and whoever else is on this trust him yeah so that's. That's another side of the story that you have to watch the next couple weeks was I don't know how. Don't know how quickly investigations move don't know what evidence they have. It is there still it was they're still surveillance camera video we there was a report again that he had had those cameras McCoy had had the cameras were moved. Woolsey today have a suspect in place if they have if they have the suspect who actually did the alleged attacking. That would seem to make the police investigation will be leisure to talk to that person and find out exactly what happened so we'll signals you know how how fast or slow moves he and aren't. Not like a lull subterfuge going into little sides to. Welding and eternal tell it it really is who I found myself in news yesterday it is kind of exhausting that. Anytime you get to July like the attorneys for someone Sosa this new attorneys for Sony's thank. While this is supposed to this is this is the time that. I mean we are in such a place with with pro sports in the covers they get that when they break right thing about Rex rough. The difference between McDermott and Rex right now is that wrecks and we want the offseason and then bad stuff happened. McDermott didn't say that and hear bad stuff has happened in the offseason. So in a Rex was roundly mocked for that because all he was trying to say it was like they're doing OK you know we feel like we got a lot of work in were happy about how we how we did things. Not just trying to pick on McDermott just to point out that you know where things that were out of Rex is control. We want the offseason vs trust the process I guess trust the process one out of this yet exactly what. Which I think what was Rex is they must've been martial artists right he was found with a synthetic weed in that offseason. Oh wait Aureus is in trouble yet again. So I guess the bills made the right move in and deciding that he was not going to be turning it around and turning over a new relief that your dog or. Owns and happy place today yeah you know the right but that genetic yeah I you don't look them the McCoy thing. I hate this I guess again this is part of it and having not had mixed extensive experience in this area. What one of the jobs of the of the lawyer for the shot mccoys yet he got trying to your side of the story out. It is all one sided now you know like if this ever got to a jury trial I don't know this is a problem in terms of influencing jurors and all that but. I would assume this is part of of the legal process that if you have someone who's been charged. And the accuser. Is getting their information out through their attorney the accused at some point I would think you've got to play the PR game here you gotta you can't just be. LeSean McCoy post something in social media that says these are totally baseless it's completely false I've had no direct contact with these people the last few months. Week we looked at that. And to me I put that didn't think it. Okay G yeah I've taken at his word it's completely false I looked at that thought how we structure with no direct contact and putt. Okay that doesn't mean you were actually involved in this through some other third party I that statement did nothing to make me think. He's not involved in its and the attorney's statements are making you think. Aha there's a lot of small care I think there's fire so the job of of public courts lawyers and they haven't done it yet is. To combat the trying to put something else out but it. You know it's to make you think OK you know what maybe this is all made up maybe maybe she maybe you know what maybe it didn't take place as this woman says it does anyway. Woolsey and it's. I'm sure the bills are. You know it's it's obvious she's up in the bills. Didn't wanna be dealing with that this time of year and I'm sure that they're they're gonna take care of it their own fashion in some way shape before as I said the league might might trump damages committed say. You know while we're investigating you're on the exempt list in which case the bill's hands are tied. They don't have to decide anything quite can't go to camp in the league just hasn't sit out for the time being then they might just do that and it is this is a pretty short window here. You know I don't again I don't know how quickly investigations go but two weeks doesn't seem like a lot of time. Unless they've already got a suspect in mind and they're ready to move forward. This is a pretty short window like I wonderfully to set that at some point says yeah we're still gathering evidence in the meantime you staying home. Mostly. I've got instant trip if you call on the senate that I gotta be honest with it it's it's an instant tribute that I had. A couple weeks ago and I never used it does that is that still OK it's not a freshly thought of instant trivia what you've had a sit on the back on I was while I had this ready to go after the NHL draft and I never used it and then it went on vacation so I saved it. So here's your instant trivia break your involved in this one Q it's a hockey trivia latest element. We were talking earlier about you know what would he got owning your sports life what's the best thing right now on your sports life in were saying its wrath missed a lean. So speaking of rest installing you know he was the number one pick in the NHL draft got it right. He was the eighth guy. Not North American drafted number one overall in the history of the NHL draft only seven other players not from the US or Canada. Haven't drafted number one overall in the history of the NHL draft Kenyan named those other seven guys now military goes back in 1989. From means a regional birthplace birthplace yet because there are guys that are of Russian the company OHL I considered a nudge Americans like it's okay right. There is they're rushing got there are two Russian guys analyst for example but yes original birthplace OK Jack. Unit called chuck one of the two Russian guys is Ilya Kovalchuk in 2000 there are three Russian guys. You're right I forgot what you're right yeah yeah oh that's in. That'd be the second 2004 and the third is doctor Paul doc popped in 2012 very good you have now taken care of Russia Patrick Stephon. From the Czech Republic I think with the Czech Republic yes 99 and it's of their eight there are seven he's out of force of three more ago. Met Sunday 1989 the first non North American drafted number one overall Swedish star mats and being very good went to Quebec should ask you address the united Roman ultimately yeah very good 1992 Roman hammer elect from I believe it was still Czechoslovakia yes at that point. To the Tampa Bay Lightning you got one guy left. Number one overall not North American. It's not dialing it is not darling he was the eighth guy. I can give you a clue what we give it away don't give a clue yet. It's it's not a sweet because Sunday and in doll leaner them not only could give the country that would minutes older they get to. If you give us the cultural get ready OK yet the under is going to be here sit here quietly and watch my countries could it be we cover the Russians recovered the Swedes and cover the Czech he's been covered but there's the checks not a check. Who's left. Offend. Trying to. While. The outlook that doesn't like first overall pick lists all know times I'm trying to remember in my head now to. About that whether it is. What position. The defense forward. Forward. Again to see if he's a Winger center but he is a forward. Boy. I give us the country Switzerland. All Niko he's sheer merry go regalia. Nikko teacher. Last year so there you have it. But he was because it's the most one little trees this one app. Soldier eight players non North American taken them one over on the NHL's feature had a really good year. Think it is that there's there's a good example of what to expect. Mean he's out forward. Well what and what you get get out harassment styling. Last year was a year what did the top of the draft to set to not be amazing it was just hey there's good players here Nico he sheer one of them and who's the other got a goes number two. Nolan actually don't want Patrick he was initially thought to be the number one pick he sure at 52 points in his first season. Solid that's rare Soledad yeah he's one of the reasons that Taylor all had such a good year like the two of them. You know played a lot together so. If I get 52 points out of a foreword it's not thought to be amazingly great. What do I get out of a generational defensemen in my first season you know I should I look back earlier I was trying to think if we wanted to do a comparison you know you. Are you you could pull an up dowdy stats are Hedman stats I just typed in act that was the first name that came to mine act what had thirty. I he had 38 points I I was thinking d'alene can get me at least thirty points. At planet 38 in an in you're number 116 goals and twenty to assist a lot of goals actually for defenseman. Five on the power play. So eleven even strength goals I was thinking 3030. To 35 points for dialing in your number one. What are you what do you think about for W 35 to allow. Yeah still I think he's still gonna be on a pretty offensively challenged hockey team. Well she'll look up NC like guys like Hedman and out in those guys. One is it one might think for points dove Bristol and had forty in his rookie year and and 41 maybe. Is this team gonna score I sure hope I had what forty said thin okay 48 maybe after getting yet you know before I know that. If Colleen is as good as Myers. In his first season. And the sabres will be good. Right want to be kinda good. One of the reasons they were good his and it went from. Not expecting to do anything to winning the division. You know that team didn't have great forwards that it that was that's post Briere and Drury and their top senators are Derek Roy and Tim Connolly at that time. And Myers was amazing in that first season so if I got that out of him in his first year not just the points but the way he defended it was you know. I would take that rookie season from him. So act let at 38. Dowdy had 27. Granted you don't different seasons RC but dowdy had 27 to grab and had twenty points in his first year with the with the Tampa Bay Lightning. Cup miers to punch like if people 47 sounds and it sounds right was in that area. And all go ahead and endowed not much act like I guess I expect but gets 38 and the sabres are on and dialing down. Pretty still pretty shaky offensive team. I know thirty to 35 to mean. Is he on the number one power play right away no what. I think usage plays in this as well. If he's on the number one power play from the get go that's certainly gonna help the stats this season I'd just don't know. How's that puts him out right away and give them that kinda ice time where they put them on the number two power play let him get its feet wet let him work himself up to that 48 per game Meyer said. 48 points is first year that's the most which is that any season eleven goals and 37 assists I don't think Dolly won't get that he does. Yeah I I think the sabres will have a a pretty decent season if the Dolly gets that I don't ski well. It's don't expect in the it to get to like forty minutes from the good 3035. 8030550. To join us this morning 888550. To 550 if you have media fought election are left in terms of the world of sports. We will have shall here in studio this morning two weeks from today. Bills will be on the practicing too beautiful thing and the who's tackled kick into full gear of itself and join assisted this morning for all things bills football from eight to nine we'll continue our training camp previews for bill's opponents. Minnesota Vikings were up next which means we get to tap into the knowledge of our good friend Matthew collar he's gonna join us at 9:30 this morning ESPN. 15100. In Minnesota one reminder about a path to all camp speaking of getting ready for football season you wanna get ready for fantasy season. You should go to our first ever fantasy football camp it's going to be Thursday August 23 bring an end. Longtime pro football insider John Clayton were bringing in Kevin Payne from brutal wire and they will be there answering all of your questions. Giving you some insight and hopefully giving you a little bit of an edge under competition in your respective Tennessee football league's. Would you like to get tickets really simple just go to WH ER 550 dot com we have. Give me we have general tickets available. And we have VIP ticket packages available as well all the details are on our website again it's Thursday August 23 it's seven to 9:30 PM. Gonna be at the marry out out here and Amherst on Milledge for highway. Tickets available at WGR 550 dot com to sponsored by Hamburg brings 550 game time. Decent time to play this in the variables down into the air. Okay. Do gets. Ornaments to get Steve goal sends Croatia to be World Cup final. In extra time each team in extra time hit the post I think can. And is good game. Good fun game Croatia and France 11 AM on Sunday and also be the Wimbledon final so no conflict of entrance of interest for. You know it's right in have to worry about that upbeat which met Bo bay of channel seven ranked he's. In France both during the final all that's lost some days tweet about messing experience and it'll be I was sick that that would like it's going to be unreal yes. It was comical hires a prominent Atlanta lawyer Don Samuel who represented Ray Lewis in the 2000 murder trial also Ben Roethlisberger for one of the sexual assault. Accusations. World Cup party mention Wimbledon women's semis today Serena is playing at 10 o'clock men's chorus Roger Federer lost. Djokovic Nadal each kid wins. And the sabres hire assistant coach Steve Smith's former NHL demon. Keynes is the last four years there'd been rumblings that Davis Payne was going to be fired by the sabres knew he hasn't yet. I wonder if this addition means. Davis Payne is out the door. They just add to their staff or the they make sure they can bring someone in before Davis Payne is on the way out. I kind of have a question about the fact that a member did someone was one of the assistants working with defenseman last year was housing doing that because when I read the when I read another release the sabres set out about Steve Smith I think he was in charge of defenseman with Carolina. I think it was defense and maybe the penalty kill so maybe the sabres are just added to the staff. And have decided to give Steve Smith the responsibility of just working with the defenseman and and perhaps pavlik who has wells that we didn't Carolina. Did you get a plot track did you get all the headlines and her knowledge that the current eight red wings have to. Million dollars in cap space little more than two million and have not yet signed Dylan Larkin. Exact points out they have four million they'll be freed up with rock are you on France and going and long term IR. So they've totaled six million ish in cap space and still unsigned dole Larkin we'll see if they. Get that done they did just agree to terms with Anthony man on a two year 3.3. Per year. Deal Samantha was an offer she candidate that signs for two years and six point six million he had 48 points last year. Ryan Howard's gonna get a little more than him and that had one year of forty points ish and Reinhart said you know a couple three now of over forty. You would devers is time to Jeremy in the break about this if you want since you're big on offer sheets since that's one of your obsessions and sports. Good read Jonathan Willis has an article up. The athletic. About our face and offer sheets which NHL restricted free agents are the most attractive targets for opera sheet. You mentioned one team that's on this list Detroit is listed. I'm a Detroit having so little cap space and being so terrible and having sole and many no trade clauses to what you know at least at least tea but. If you look at Tampa we talked about yesterday all the no trades and no movements all these things at least you could say. We ever got I mean they just. You know they've been to the conference final few times and eyes Romans keeping that team together and they are there legitimate Stanley Cup contender. How did Detroit spent all that money. We're Edward at a golf that the only have two million dollars in cap space. But he brings up. Detroit as one of the teams. Dylan Larkin. As mentioned as a candidate for an offer sheet. Winnipeg is in here he does mentioned Toronto but he points out if you know of the taveras still and everything he actually does point out. That the least secure offer sheet the lead Sunday Lander. This year isn't a problem they have apparently tons of cap space this year it's what's gonna happen down the road. When they have to take care Boston Matthews. And Mitch martyr. So Neil Lander isn't necessarily. A great Kennedy because it sounds like police would have enough cap space this year to match it but. Tore that these guys like fifteen different guys listed here. Who was the guy wants it was a month tour. Got no Hannifin listed. Yeah Brett a month or once a guy decides to go to arbitration he can't be opera maybe that's why it's so I saw a month tours name on your guy that would have been a great candidate for that but he's going to arbitration. They'll Hannifin is listed if you're looking for more defenseman now he's out calvary went over there with the trade and he's got the breakdown of the compensation and all that stuff but there are some mentioning names in here. He again it's more about finding the teams that's why would need Landry points out Toronto's got cap space this year it's more about finding. Part of it is finding the teams that are up against that on the cap that don't have a ton of room. He brings up Winnipeg but it's not true. You know Pete if you figures the jets are gonna load up and keep true but he's got a couple of other guys Josh Morrissey and nick the ten from the jets of that you would attract that she would you should go after in terms I appreciate. Don't think it's an app Darnell nurses on this list appearance didn't him no Edmonton Oilers so I don't think it's going to happen but if if you're into reading about if you actually about a white. Yes Cameron heard on this list. Points out the hit career high goals and points last season. And offer sheet Richard up deprive Reinhart away from the sabres would be ultimately self defeating though so. Whenever he's got all bunched candidates the wanna check it out victory in to offer sheets are phase. Probably not gonna happen from anybody in league but it's there for the for the crucial piece of desire. So poppa John has just resigned. I didn't even see what he said I I know it's about a racial John Ray purity and and word during a conference call earlier this year. Yes. Hold on let me let me make ketchup on the story. You'll you'll remember pop and John as the guy that the NFL decided they couldn't afford to lose because he was upset about dealing during the anthem and then he uses the and word our conference call and then. Since resigned he's he's. Taken quite the downward slide out right did you first didn't they first booted off the TV commercials right he doesn't do anymore I don't think. Keep it body lost the NF LTV commercials gig yeah first. And he was also what it was unlike the local board of directors who reported trustees I should say that you lost that gig two and a. The fall from grace they're from. For Papa Jon and Kate. I who's gonna bring up to the Pope Orly you got a minute Tim got. A few. Hours reading a column this morning about. Teams of five teams it's that the time here if you're if you're a football fan and you're on Internet. Doesn't matter whatever whatever sector you're at it the time of year before camp opens up. That you see a lot of lists they're tried the football writers or try to generate content nfl.com ESP n.'s CBS sports bead on who wants SI whoever that you check. So there's a lot of you know best running backs in the league best position group in league best this best that I sat jerseys jerseys. I found. Someone's article about you know the five teams that won't make the playoffs this year so that we're in the playoffs last year so I thought OK I'll bring this up with you. Teams that it's the bills are in this group by the way and they were one of the teams that were not expected to return to the playoffs. Teams ever in the playoffs last year that not me gonna make it in 28 teams are ranked right I do I have the two refresher every paper. How about final football music in the let me get a little football music underneath there I was a talking over football music it's it's the best sports music that's out there. I knew I'll go in one through six OK from last to go AFC New England. Three all six a player who's not commit coming to I have to pick. You don't wish I had this data on how much average turn over there isn't an average of sixteen how to plow through it happily got how vaccines let's go 66 all right I got picked sixteens are gonna make a guy you want your AFC first dude yep all right New England Pittsburgh. Kansas City. Tennessee. Jacksonville. Bills. Those three or at least teams at least one of Tennessee and Jacksonville at least one annoyed Tony Romo has Jacksonville playing in the Super Bowl against Green Day yeah I wouldn't go that. I go to Jacksonville. Buffalo and injectable misses the playoffs really didn't okay it they weren't that good last year I know well they were that a phenomenal defense they did they won not that good last year yeah. And got some drinks. And got a bunch of racist just like the bills and even in death they're great defense they did nothing offensively their running attack was not good. So Jacksonville buffalo and and and in Kansas City and San Diego makes instead. Mean if I've got I've got to pick one I'll pick density could be great with more homes but you can also see a little bit of a drop you like Tennessee gone back and I would've picked I hate that I like Tennessee because marionette. I think marionette is couldn't underrated. And they've hired an offensive coordinator an offense that looks like it's going to be. Not exactly. What their coach Lester. Malarkey Malarkey I have re able coherent right migrate right now Malarkey was exotic smash mouth and I think they're gonna be a little but more modern so I think that can work for them I think in Jackson earlier look at that portals being portals the running game was not that great last season Ford ad ends up get banged up his yards for carry dropped over the second after the season try get your formula is. Portals has portals and their defense isn't lights out day and to Shawn Watson stays healthy they play JJ watt stays healthy they get two wins over the colts and without Locke get two wins over the Texans in each case not playing outlawed to Shawn Watson and I got in the second half of the of the opener so. There's four wins that are kind of freebies if so I'm I mean that I don't they and they did well against Pittsburgh beat him twice. But. I'm I just I was not Byron Jacksonville last year and I won't be one this year tonight he got three out of the AFC now we'll go over to the NFC hearing or six teams. That made it last year Philadelphia. Minnesota. The rams. The saints. Carolina Atlanta. Philly Minnesota rams' New Orleans Carolina Atlanta so three Rihanna is just not to self made it at least one of the NFC south teams won't make it. Minnesota's not a bad pick to come to come out either because. Now that's the same thing that the Packers and Aaron Rodgers that that division to me looks stronger and it wouldn't shock me Minnesota mrs. Even though they sign Kirk cousins. I like I had to Carolina I just I never know how to feel about the Carolina Panthers from one year to the next and I think. You know of the way Brees is still playing and how their defense has improved in New Orleans and I still like Matt Ryan and I still like. Their overall team I think is better than Carolina I would. I would pick the saints and the falcons to emerge and there are I think I think Carolina that the rams will be in the playoffs this year that leaves you. So you got he got to Minnesota Mitt gives you four to others. Minnesota is before two others. Let's go. You can go back there Carolina did they make it you say Carolina Fahrenheit the Carolina did make it I don't outgoing back get a good amount you know. Carolina and got a guy one more one more Philly rams saints falcons. Falcons sure. Maybe the saints in the falcons could I think the saints are more likely choice in the falcons a feel like the top of the win that division. And cracked I think apple be in last and whether Davis Winston played or not they still could be a last. I'm just wondering if there's that's that's what's the that the scenario where the rams don't make it they still think Venice itself is the best division in football top to bottom I can teach him to do well. Their defense is going to be improved security good on their front seven and they added to it in the draft. We traded down with the bills and yup picks. So I think Tampa could still be respectable he could be the worst unit division MB six in ten MB kind of it. But tossed six and ten I guess I'm trying to think about the rams. You'd you'd have to look at ago that the 49ers just had a fantastic season grapples really good in and all the moves that may pay off. Seattle's. I just I think Seattle as a team in decline unless you think somehow their defense gets back to his form used a lot of Russell Wilson. Am I just I can't see the ram's not. Not winning that division or at least not making it as a wild card because of the good defense is better unless like Aaron Donald pulls I'm not coming to join you and all this season. Think their defense is better. And golf made some big strides last year they lose Sammy but they still have weapons in the receiving core I don't see a scenario of the rams. Don't make the playoffs. And even if Wentz gets injured you know maybe Philadelphia still gets back in with nick falls so I think Carolina would be the most likely candidate to fall out of there. And sure Green Bay should be and if green Bay's in somebody's coming out and Green Bay would probably win the division. And that would mean Minnesota after the wild card team so okay they're your six Buick builds jags chiefs vikings Panthers falcons. 8030550. To join us for 888550. To 550. Nice to see the treats from the WGR staffers about the hockey game today. Bulldog tweeting about culture it's pretty funny. 2 o'clock today get a wanna check out the WG your hockey team through downtown where you don't mind heading downtown to check it out for good cause the eleven day power plays continuing. We will remind you that you can still make donations all the guys have links at their various Twitter accounts Brayton Bulldog. Joseph Jeremy you were raising funds for this to. Who else Derek and I know I'm leaving some people output all the guys that are on the team you can still donate. And you can go watch him at 2 o'clock this afternoon from two to six against team Lancaster. Down at the eleven day power play at Harper's. Why I'm called a coming up in just a moment sounds good to be here in studio at 8 o'clock spend and a quality hour of bill's talked with us from eight until nine. We're looking forward to that too yes squad aligns next going to Beckham to whine about something. So locked into one about there's a good. And Google tweet here a little money on the stats every two point conversion attempt the last seven seasons. What's the worst play to Ron. We'll never hired a guy who can show what team all the little pocket and that. And fortunately it's a miracle that. Steve bed. Hired by the sabres. Feel sorry I really do because that's always remember gang member we get when when Dwight Clark passed away we had this discussion about like Dwight Clark what is known for the catch like I could tell you anything else about Dwight Clark's career. And out of the Steve Smith name came up that day but he's another guy that in this in this instance it's a negative not positive but. Like players you know you know nothing about their careers but you'd like when the sabres and at the release yesterday sent out an email I hired Steve Smith. And you know brings NA unit yes to got played into all that I put the pocket is that against Calgary Flames I mean that's it I mean he had a long career. Who was it general it was obvious suggested talking about great guy played them at Chicago really intense going to be a really tremendous addition to the coaching staff. And and yet I'm sitting Italian Steve Smith puck in the net I feel so bad that it the poor guy that might be the only way solely people remember you. Yet you're the guys scored in game seven of this might finals on your own net. They put a program pure actually. So what do what site why don't like holiday brought to by the Khmer group wind made easy. Amerigroup one of the weakest fourteen hands cabernet it's just 777. For a 750 milliliter bottle it's only 577. After mail in rebate. It's the lowest price here during premieres my favorite sale also brought you by premier gourmet Buffalo's craft your destination Steve Smith. The only one that put a puck off his own goalie and into the net. Chris Phillips that it Stanley Cup final in 2007. Tony remember he puts a game winning goal for Anaheim to win the cup for them. Off of Ray Emery and into his own net entirely possible I wasn't watching that cup final had nothing for me was over in five games right I tapped him. And I have model was about one of the worst cup finals in terms it was ice ormat yes social about it. So knoller Riley on Twitter has posted a piece at his website little bit about. Study on two point conversions. This is a preemptive one night I will whine about this during the fourth full season whine about it today just in case you know. People say behind says Tony Tony. This is another thing I whine about a lot. So he went through and charted every single two point conversion of the last seven years what they were and how successful but it worked. The most successful planet two point conversion is. And disgust most successful ploy successful converting it 73%. Of the time. So out of touch is in serious elegy jump into this I can't get a descent like a generic running like a handoff to the running back on and I'll give all the options okay. On page a microphone on. Salina a month. These microphones in a minute stilts. Don't wanna cut. Out here on out I am using two of them don't want I got played guys wrote of the tight end. X does exist it's running it's not beckon it's not that specific it's quick pass drop back pass rollout pass pick. Boom lag it inside Iran with a picnic or so ago a pick pick flat pass just like that yet not the answer is a draw play. The draw is the most successful the last seven years a two point conversion does it differentiate between quarterback draw or running back draw no. Draw play OK I always like the quarterback draw I've been decent young I think you're taking everybody out of the box got I Eric I agree so the most successful to draw play. The second most successful is an inside run. The third most successful is an outside run. What you learned here is that running on two point conversions has been much more successful than passing it will keep on going down the line here. After that so draw play 73%. Inside run 62% outside run 60%. At 53%. Blew the quarterback who like that. At 44%. The pick it 43%. Are sort of 50% drop back pass 43% quick pass and you on and on and get down in dead last. The least successful play a two point conversion is. The fate. Death to the fate. Don't throw states. That's all. The least successful to a point conversion right I mean if you go from like that thirty earlier from the twenty commitment to but. When you are inside the five yard line. It is not a Smart call and at the two point conversion at that pits the two yard line it's not even the goal line from the two of the two point conversion for the last seven seasons and the least successful played is the goal line feed. What's funny is the pick play that's what they called against the colts in the snow. Against the bills are they called the panel. They had the fire Claudia in the score they call the penalty and the coal that's the desire to the right version or in the cell. Yeah zero for the wins right. I assume everything's a bigger body that I hate it yeah they had never than they had to huddle up it is going to have a very late flag I finally threw the flag too good play. Want to play right rob it's it's so tough to talk to pick it's a rob right. The patriots have perfected it really because they do it all the time and they get called very very rarely. Their planet teams admitted this it's a really effective place you can if you do the right way and you and again you don't it's not a clear pick it. So it's the same thing is the Seahawks holding receivers all the time what to do as you do whatever playing you bet the officials just full stop called the strength and as the patriots doing you weren't whatever play use his sock on. Smart flash today. I'm flash. That is the kind of speed back. South here in studio around here you know we wanted to get a little quality time a south where he runs off to training camp. So we got here in studio for an hour and if you have any bills questions. Now's a great time to get involved. 8030550. Or 888550. To 550 we will talk with mr. about Joseph. For a solid hour that's coming up next on WGR.