07-12 Howard and Jeremy Show HR 3 feat. Sal Capaccio

Howard and Jeremy
Thursday, July 12th

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These self comply GO. I'll tell us field itself up dungy goes down to about shield itself a punch yields don't feel Fazio. I'll go policy bills now go to our geo on WGR. They would try to clean hill joining us in studio for the next hour but forgot by the way that I saw Richie saying he claims you know. The details I remembered that I was gonna say something yesterday on the air but. Because it's Richie and everything you never know we're not I think Mineta has Malcolm figure that's exactly I gap right he I know the whole story he says and he said you're good shady here good PM and they basically implying like he did nothing wrong. He said something about how she was living a fake lifestyles and about enough of living a fake lifestyle I've. I don't know I'm with you sound right I saw. I saw a headline I thought. I'm not sure where Richie said is that these days as I don't last Saturday morning out of reseller Richard did I saw that the weird so Wright was the kind of weird it was very where'd suddenly out of the blue. He quote treated my article on him and his episode that he had. Yeah which was two months all this is that the end incidents of that at the gym and breath of like suddenly Saturday he'd like found that tweaked. He found it was the police report and what the police and said he was saying about. You write the an inside a sweet was this is sad and disturbing and Richie Incognito yeah he quote treated me saying that it's a good morning sell. Car pot GO. And I wrote back good morning Richie I hope you're well. Kate Richie read outs a rich I have a good relationship when he he I was sailing I've. We've had many many fun conversations in the locker room on the record off the record everything. You know I I think it. I think I had I think he respects what I do yeah but I AM. I I don't know what was going on there you had you ever felt a case I had planned massive averaging got it right are really curious. Because you think about everything that's taken place this offseason with them. About retirement well the doctors told me like my organs are failing and and its health issues and it's not the pay cut but he fires agent because he didn't wanna take a break gotten any on now he says he wants to play again then the infinite the gem. In the time you've dealt with him did you ever think. You'll thought mumble some not normal about well I think at times he was a little moody. You know where. He. Just didn't wanna necessarily is he to meet you go from being very very. You know playful happy to just kinda wanna talk grabbing me righteous I cannot not being wanna bother I mean and mean things like that but but generally. I don't know I not really I think he's kind of a normal football player in that regard. That you know these guys that come out of practice field they're sweaty they're taking their equipment off they just banged heads for awhile maybe if they're that kind of practice. Citing a lot of guys are just kind of you know you never know what kind of mood they're gonna be what kind of day it's going to be. So I never felt like that back. He's he's been in situations I know that other other reporters in the locker room have not had this bit of experience with him as me. You know nothing necessarily I would say that's incendiary or inappropriate and I've witnessed but just that I think that he has to. May be like your personality to be that person that can engage with you that much look at that makes sense right hello. I guess that it it would seem I mean he is a different kind of guy he's a character so I guess you kind of have to. Almost like you feel a guy out like that Gregor on how to handle someone like that in a media tour player relationship that I think that was a lot of guys for sure yet but but he was inching characters I don't know. What's deals with that and you know again if it's. Some still allow him I hope he gets it right but that was odd what he tweeted about shady but I didn't match anything when he did it because. I don't know. Who knows what he's saying is right or wrong and I honestly again who knows what the weather all the stuff. Is from bush responsibility or not but I would think you know I I went to William tell me if I would I think. McCoy is pretty popular in terms of what his how he is fell how is not a witness teammate I would think in kind meego. Like. You know income need to would be just supporting a guy who likes on the team when I initially saw the headline follow Richard pry gets along with a guy and maybe maybe it's true maybe all the stuff. Is not is is not McCoy is doing. But Richie is a friend and saying you know hey I'm here for I believe if I. I spoke to a former teammate of LeSean McCoy somebody who's not in the league anymore. Who. Told me they were very very surprised even read these types of allegations because no one at. That was a teammate with him that he even knew about whatever think he'd be a violent person yet. You know if it was in this was this is when I was first coming out late that we didn't know. As of right out of the inning we think he actually did this specifically a physically assaulted and right with the guy out actually broken that out right right right but but but I know that I would say. This former teammate said this was like Polly and we don't JD Zimmerman violent I would never think that about so. This to be pretty surprising for a lot of people think I think you didn't. When when Richie first announced that he was retiring to the portrait something out like I need you back to get to twelve K or something like that okay they're they're they're good friends Dan and Frankie I osprey image complete offered money is not up that there is money an issue. But they're good friends together so he might be supporting his friend but I will say this. Richie spends a lot of time Miami that's where LeSean works out okay so they could also very well be in contact with each other may be Texan and said. Do what happened here in I have no idea what went down there. This whole thing just I I wish we would get a little more warm more movement on it because the longer it drags out the more concerned you get for. The level of possible. Either involvement or at least question mark surrounding LeSean McCoy. And that in I didn't bring this up yesterday because I didn't all the rules there's this exempt list story that the NFL can basically just put him on an exempt list and they can't he can't practice. I wonder for is it possible again this is a pretty tight window here press you know camps open in a couple weeks. I wonder the NFL doesn't feel like it's got enough information that I can have a definitive ruling. But thinks there's like it's. There's a reasonable. There's reason to that something may have you know I'm getting too when in doubt is apostle that is put among the examples I think flour and guess this life you can't practice. I don't know I say likely German I think it's it's very possibly to keep that in mind because here's the thing I don't know what the threshold is for them to do that other than. Hey we don't want to presume your innocence or your guilt right again you'll get no reasonable doubt what what I wrote that I. I don't think I think I'd really be careful saying that reasonable doubt I think what what it is Howard is now that's not language in a tell you tell this that what it is is. Our investigation is incomplete so instead of us assuming your innocent or guilty we'd like to complete the investigation so you're on the exams next okay. I think that's what it would come down to broker an end and that is something I think that needs to be at least acknowledge here over the next what fourteen days. But. It could also be that maybe their own findings are so far we found nothing to involve LeSean sore I'm gonna do that to him. Yeah if they do that that they do the former if they say. For now we're just gonna put John exempt list if you're the bills might I guess my question would be again purely from a football standpoint how long is the on the list like do you have any. Is there a timeframe. Took to the league again this is set and saw investigation Writely is separate the police investigation not be wondering if I'm Brandon being in John McDermott. To the league hey guys any idea how we it is he going to be back if you're not gonna be back are we gonna. Is gonna miss the first pre season game to have backed by the third pre season game do we have to go find another violent they would say. I have no we have no idea right we've noisier. It went went out when our investigation is complete will let you know on yeah so I think that I think they would have to be very. Cognizant of who's out there and available but not necessarily have to make a move yet yeah. You also to remember once training camp comes that's when other teams start sort of their depth chart a guy might not be. A first or second guy that he could wind up on the street or you could pick up through trade of some sort for early round pick if you needed to so I don't think there's a rush. Necessarily to go and add to your depth chart you have not I know they're not who's who names. The draft Chris Ivory into our scan that in America's Murphy in Taiwan Jones and those guys you bring in and say. Probably like like we're gonna. Now you he templates does give you an opportunity to add somebody. Because you're exempt from the roster. Does not count towards the ninety OK Andy that's a whole point of exempt based on an actual spot anywhere right on the Internet time that's rights navy and I right now they would have 88 of that case okay they could just bring up body and let. It's that's the another body had just to kind of take the wraps off some of the guys. I think what we're talking about here probably eventually is. Do you actually go out and get somebody like a DeMarco Murray to carry the load and I don't think that happens and so you're pretty sure he's gonna miss some time if he does at all. OK and you know what to do with McCoy Q we are talking about a guy who at least in terms of pre season games would be getting very limited if any action in some of these games. That's right and even even during the run of camp. I feel like keep you gotta get one of those veteran days and guided you be watching reps on him anyway it's not gonna run him into the ground and he's a running back I mean he can just you you can walk in off the street probably pick things up and play him in Hampshire keeps himself in good enough shape right he was at all the OTA's and mini me so I mean he's then he knows the offense presumably you know well enough that he could. Patrick up from there as well. I was going to ask one of things and cures about Sao went with their also camp opens in a couple of weeks. Everybody of the talk about the quarterback got to be the story the big story might be story number 12345. And I was gonna ask you beyond the quarterbacks. What's what are the what does the next biggest story or what are the other stories of most interest you McCoy will be won by the he might be number two behind the quarterbacks if this thing hasn't changed in two weeks but. What else you're gonna camping your rolled through your head in your thinking about stories you wanna cover and things you got a track beyond the quarterbacks what else is percolating in your mind. I I know I heard you guys talk about this the other day as far as the overall big season picture Jeremy said Kim Sean McDermott build a defense and I like that answer for me it's the offensive coordinator. I think that we have a situation now where. John McDermott going on his second coordinator in his second year you know he hired Rick Dennison and did not work out. He's got out hired Brian Cabell who is not had a lot of success as an offensive coordinator in this league there are a lot of questions. Now he had success obviously college last year winning the national championship I don't expect is NFL office to look. Exactly like his college office of the there's a lot of different parts in different situations and scenarios there that are gonna change obviously. So I am I think that for me. It's really the off what does the offense look like in let's just presume LeSean McCoy place then you know he comes can't even then. What how are they using him. What does he office look like what are we are re is this more of a balanced attack is are they going to be throwing heavy running heavy I think the philosophy of the offense how it looks aesthetically is going to be interesting to me it you know it's inching to with. McCourt again getting back to that. Off your point about the office you know we always hear next man up. Given his LeSean McCoy LeSean McCoy Chris Ivory is not exactly next man up and I you know if as stable as try to put in this offense. If there's an unknown are you get McCord back when and if Howard does stable go about running running things installing everything. When the guy who is the focal point of the offense might not be available in July and August so forth and so what we make comparisons are running actually goalies and hockey night like that because. The duke did goaltender conversation is let's you can find one do the job. But the great ones do make a difference and that's a lets you don't that's right that's I filled up a courtly you can get somebody else they could do the job. But he is going to make that a little bit of difference in for a team that is sold reliant on that guy. I don't think it is a negligible effect I think the offense would be very very hurt he was 6060%. Of our offense last year. Here's the reason why Jerry what do they have a stars. Weapons are common Benjamin's close did you come to somebody who might at least threaten a defense that you have to think about right now but. But no defensive coordinator is watching film throughout the week. And really worried about anybody other than LeSean McCoy that you have to revolve a game plan around LeSean McCoy is not on the field. What are you talking about your space less straight up with what's in defense guys right I mean you don't have to had a building game plan so I think it's your question I'll say it this way Howard it's it's. But any team any team that would lose a guy like LeSean McCoy. Nobody can just step in and be that bright if the Steelers lost Libyan Al no one's gonna step in and be him right I mean is it doesn't work like that. So yeah they're gonna be hurt but for what they do have. They at least feel confident this is why they paid Chris Ivory more money than maybe you know people thought they should get that he they feel obviously he's the kind of guy. Did they need him to carry the ball fifteen times a game. He'll be able to do that so I guess that's what I was getting through and and that wouldn't necessarily maybe this is a day July 26 issue as it is. You know opening week issue if McCoy is is not here are suspended released what have you because if you're Brian Cabell. You have and you in your mind you would have an offensive philosophy you wouldn't necessarily. Put all your eggs in LeSean McCoy basket you'd you'd believe in a certain way to run your offense and McCord is part of that I I guess I. I'd be worried about if if gable can still do everything he wants to do. If he doesn't have the number one weapon the offense and doesn't know when he's coming back and my guess is he retreated as if McCoy blew out and stringer right on ACL mini camp OK now you wouldn't put all your eggs in that basket anyway. According you're never gonna be do everything you wanna do I mean there's no way I don't think there's just some guys just that there's people you can't replace LeSean McCoy obviously they can't. Necessarily make every play is LeSean I mean you can keep the same playbook I think the you have to think about though on third down why don't LeSean McCoy I have this other guy so is this play. Is that really as good of a match up now for me as I thought it would have been a would LeSean mature right I think what you do you treated as. What do they twist an ankle on Tuesday and Wednesday practice he misses a weekly you have do you adjust on the fly that's what you do in the NFL. But Shawn McCoy got hurt in the Miami game last year they had to win and make the playoffs. Markets are became head and they had to adjust their game plan and use him now. All the game playing a bit and all week though maybe that's an area they said we're gonna his run every play we did at home markets can do with it a good enough job but. Now Alison you look at the next week and they had Shawn for Jacksonville but what do they didn't how you start to I whole week to kind of prepare right. If you in this situation you have. Season out camp a week to prepare any change change. South here for the hour about it devils question her opinion you can dial us up at 80305588552. Effective. I mean I think he getting Carolina and I think he has very similar parts this is this defense is starting to really remind me. Avoid getting Carolina first Jeff Starr who weighs star right he's same guy. Right then you think about it and you have Kyle Williams can be your what can I want short right. Then you have on the in the we have Laurence wells injured Thomas Davis. You have your Lou keep clean I'll ask you your getting that mincing Keiko we I mean I didn't look at it and I know it's high praise and forgive me but. I think you're your take you took the guy in the first round he's got all this world of talent such drafted a debate that's right I mean I think it's it's apropos might not be right away but that's who you'd think he can be eventually right. No I think that that you're looking they had really get to devious way. And what's needed jobs dormant right I mean guys who like you know that guys they're a lock down right so. I think gun you're looking at that. I wouldn't see Mike Heidi Shaq Thompson. What you kinda use them in a similar role where. He can tackle what play in the boxing kind of go back so I I see him really building. The defense the way he did in Carolina where they were pretty much a top five unit for most of his time there. At this point. And it's a mix Kazaa there's veterans there's rookies in terms of the biggest impact on defense trip where he could end up being a starter right. Starlet tool like I don't I don't know about that I think trends more of a situation a pass rusher. It was huge it really depend on a check Lawson is. That that depends on Shaq on the depends entrant Murphy okay Roland let me let me rephrase it Murphy the to allay. Edmonds Vontae Davis social the court the key newcomers on the defense side of the ball via who has the biggest impacting year in this this season. Food. I think star and I don't even in terms of stat line I rains could delay is not gonna apps that I mean. This guy's addition. Has the biggest impact on the group of eleven and the people overall performance of did you get tight. I've watched some stuff on starlet to allay. The thing about him is like he does not get nearly the recognition or credit for how good a player he is of what he does for that defense. He never ever gets hooked don't you know that means so so basically out unblock Jeremy blocking me we are going down the line you're gonna. East he's got to keep his outside shoulder free never allows a guy to get to it he just keeps right there and everything just keeps going. Any forces everything away and he never allows Simone Holcomb back the other way to get a block to create that hole. And ice I I had a little conversation when Leslie Frazier before OTA's and mini camp and it. And I kind of said that to any just got this week's rally goes that's right he goes in just take a look at what Luke did behind him because of how many times he just did not let guys get to. These freedoms sort run or own 12 punch base I mean right the same way that you're number one receiver is necessary for number two to get better match. Totally right Jeremy I mean. What star will do for the line backing core especially young linebacker like Edmonds who. Has not seen everything in his sleep he still gaining weight he's going to be it's really tough for him to be gaining muscle to necessarily take on a big linemen coming at him and swallowed him up yet he's a big guy but he still young right. I think what's star can do to keep him clean. Is going to be the biggest impact on this defense because. Again it was good last year yeah the what really was and a lot of difference would Vontae Davis though is. Age he's going to be much more physical. Than EJ gains but. I think that's the difference if they can play more man to man. Now you can maybe see those sack numbers increase think about what they did the Aussie stars gonna help push the pocket also up the middle. I I think what I was told was the one of the reasons they really wanted to bring a guy like star in was a lot of times Jerry Hughes was getting in off the edge recorder could step up. And used in any so you would avoid the rush which are their maybe. Now we can't do that maybe Jerry gets a sack but think about if you can play man to man and you can let a guy like -- Murphy Jerry Hughes maybe kind of do their thing I think that's what they're hoping for but. I think Starr has the biggest impact because he's gonna allow Matt Milan now and Jermaine Edmonds to do what they expecting that honor to be an everyday every down linebacker got to stay healthy I'm concerned. He he he hurt his hamstring. In week seventeen against Miami missed the playoff game. He missed all three days of mandatory minicamp and Hampshire like he's got to get healthy you gotta stay healthy. If he's healthy he's an every down linebacker and I think he's pretty good. But I mean you were you what you'll do what dollar nothing on the Dallas Cowboys did not. I mean I don't know I like that as much as I did on the rams rams was good last year but I watched it recently. And Sean Lee tremendous player could never stay healthy just always had little nagging it was always the hamstring too it seem like. The hamster in a growing maybe it's always seem like it was hamster. Had these little nagging injuries that just protecting myself geez I mean. I think adding that a lot of can be really good but. EU need them on the field it was just kept reminding me of that lake why this guy so good he just couldn't get on the field and the drop off the what they had linebackers wasn't good enough. I was gonna ask you. You know opt to refresh my memory with the depth chart we get to camp but it Milan I was in healthy and can't be an every down linebacker can't be out there each week. Where do you go from there I don't know I think it's it's a very big concern right now there depth at linebacker. And they obviously lake ten heavily though. He hasn't had much experience plate special teams last year had a couple injuries and no early in the season but. You know who we have there now Ramon numbers are nice player to have as a veteran. But he also lost a starting job to a rookie last year. So am I OK with Ramon Hummer having a command places Hampshire even a gamer too sure I mean you can get by. I don't think Ramon homers a guy you want starting sixteen games so you have to I think you have to be better and charger debt and then. I mean what do you have a strong siren I got Lorenzo who in the. I think it's funny Edmonds gets drafted it's a huge hole and they get Edmonds and it's almost like in my mind are Rick I thought up. Linebackers are good they got Edmonton and you look around the depth chart you look around the rest of the position talent you realize. It's still doesn't mean it was it was it was did last year and even though they addressed it with the guy insiders think it's going to be a play making linebacker and sideline to sideline and all those things. It doesn't answer all the needs at linebacker obviously but it it kinda made me forget yeah they that if they still got some questions there. Xavier Woodson lost her. He's the guy that was the issue since second seamer summoning Xavier guys just say it was changed to save it really does take a lot of guys are you still going to be in there OK senator rally here we have lost their you mentioned the name I don't know how to deal I think I'll do result put up against Xavier lost her once. I don't see which one you can remember on a thumb so I think you think linebacker depth is a concern us especially with Matt on those injuries hamstring injuries that he's. Been dealing with that I think really need to be he needs the health. Salas sticking around in studio for the hour 8030550. Great time for Erica got a bill's question or opinion coming wanna share with him woman to back. Buick it's been a little bit of a tough couple days ago gee these things don't look so good things don't look so good a the new comment on Rasmussen Colleen. You know we've got a lot of positive ones this one might be the best one yet get out. The bill corporate citizen here I mean. So much change you at what point does Josh Allen you're the appointment and startle even you know Miami it's orderly here reset on their locker room so. If you could a division and can. New England and everybody else I mean it I know we looked at talked about that discourse in a way to put that stops you. Didn't lose you know the players did did the man until it Dion Lewis still write down album Butler who they spent for some reason thought. I mean they're the favorites and it's not even close battle in the division but crop oil at these. Bleacher Report. Talk a bit about LeSean McCoy as well with. Mike show and sell urine yesterday afternoon. The headlines for the day LeSean McCoy hires prominent Atlanta lawyer. And we expect some sort of statement from that camp soon it was reported it could happen last night. So that did not happen lest I mean it happens today. World Cup Croatia beat England 21 a a goal of 190 minute went to extra time the second smallest country. In the final first appearance for Croatia the final Sunday Croatia and France. Baseball yankees beat Baltimore nine to nothing Boston won at the Red Sox. They're what 63 wins already. There's going to be I wonder if you'll get an all time record in wins for baseball team this year or next. And it comes in a bit of an era where teams are also worse than ever lose really are pulling apart of this standing there was this data that a few weeks ago it's. I was sicker member carrier's first first time in Major League Baseball history have like fourteen is on pace for like on whatever hundred wins and you have five teams. That are blow 400 winning percentage is to point out. The top and bottom are just incredible parity you know parity early it's all around Athens they've never had this man there attacks winless on the new one again and sabres prior to retire Steve Smith assistant coach former NHL demon cain's assistant last four years as well. And it Tweeter ask you think he took the job because of harassment style Lee. And because you don't use the job and Carolina that's pretty good defense core two. I don't mean that it's entirely possible that going to break it told Joseph wanted to give you one more comment about Colleen you know this has been a avalanche. Of people saying how great he's going to be so here's the latest more Mike Maury out from NHL network. Tweeted out a comment from Fabian is setter Roland he is a doubles prospect who played with Colleen at the world junior championships in 2018. And he said about dialing quote he's sick he's going to be the best player in the world I can say that right now. Right don't know just wanted to like guys guys right right enough about you know I'm not easy easy every time we say that's way over someone say guys is really not as it is and nobody does it I know that not only does nobody do it. Every time Jeremy you and I've talked about this. We went through this right after they won the lottery right and was like two weeks of this guy's gonna be really good and I. It's not only south that nobody tells us but I keeps ice keep mentioning Mike revel was the one guy came closest to. Calm down everybody right what he did he said calm down everybody remember he's eighteen dot dot dot. He's all right always going to be great you got a lot of it but I don't remember is always someone else to top the previous comment about. Right and I remember who was there I saw one draft analyst at said he thought Adam vocalist will be a better pro. My vitamins and I hope I saw one guy that says you know I call me crazy here like focus a little better yeah a difference bold and different style game and again another Swedish defenseman so. Anyway yet the all this positive stuff on Colleen is great. Just I'm I'm ready to see it translate into five on five hockey over the course of a month click show me what it looks like show me who Luis paired with shown. I need to see it because the highlight package for great all haven't watched a full game I haven't watched him play and the smaller surface all that much so. You know I'm excited wanna hear that stuff artery that stuff but I do have that little bit of all right I've I've I've filled up by how O'Grady's supposed to right now we do and I know I need to see it that's why the prospect shall. Was I mean it won't it's not the same as seeing him play in an NHL games that at least he was finally on the ice and you could see him wearing you know savers collars and eight in in drills or even the challenge on Saturday showing off his his skills at this point. South here wanna get back to the bills that a quick baseball question for yourself out of it brought you buy outlet liquor need to stock up shop New York's only outlet liquor. SNY. According to Major League sources SN YS confirm the Yankees made an offer to the Baltimore Orioles for Manny Machado. I don't want to. I was going to ask you I don't want and I I was I was even I was not a big fan of the stand interest I wanted to ask you before you give me the comment on that so anyway they they made an offer. Apparently the Orioles are pushing to get this thing done the trade group done. Before the all star break which is Sunday. Five or six other teams or have serious interest to your yankees that you're having a phenomenal seizing your sit behind the Red Sox because there having a phenomenal season. That shot all starting pitcher any thing hey hey let's leave the team as is their they're good let's not give up anybody will. What do you wanna still need a starting pitcher and I think in a right hand reliever I mean he I think that's really to me I mean. You're building something in your farm system which is really good use of really good prospects in this very good young team on the field already. I don't wanna give up suffer meaning the Toronto and then have him walk away I mean it just it doesn't make sense he's a really really great player. Joni Moore hitting the pace or regular home run record. You need you need a little bit more pitching to keep pace because the Red Sox are freaking great. And you need dates come down that lineup by the way. It's it is mentioned against the Aggies have a really good pitching processor the name of justice Sheffield don't trade on that yet not and he offered the S and our report says he has not they don't know what they offered Baltimore. They didn't offer that is justice Sheffield a combination of David justice and Gary Sheffield LV its JUSTUS. Might be a not offer him so Mike Florio must be listening to our show he just wrote an article that said the bills need to be ready for the possibility LeSean McCoy ending up in the exempt list -- home scenario that's who we just talked about by the way so. You'll see that goes. Back to the bills. We're all recorded to make the final 53 man roster good question I don't know I I have a sneaky feeling. That if if McCarron doesn't win the starting job he could be. Out I don't see them moving on from Biederman. It's possible. So I'll rephrase it this way. Whoever doesn't win the starting job. Between that McCarron or Peterman. I think could be out of a job or doesn't want it it's not named Josh now that correct because an accurate about obviously now we can be your number to share but. As long as they but but I don't know and look I just think we Caron would be more likely to be released and Peter in that scenario. But it could be either or maybe they keep all three I don't know unique to the only way he would really need to keep all three I think. Is it your soul. Not competent to Josh out to be a number two and come into a game and all we gotta give a redshirt year he's not get up we gotta keep an inactive every game. But if he can be a backup. Why do you need three okay. I I would find it I mean if if if McCarron doesn't make this team I'm gonna feel like. They kind of whisked to in free agency they were arranged in a couple guys in if they bring in the Caron is they're veteran and he doesn't even make the squad. Then my quarterback remiss Peter Manila and thus I concern I would really concerns secondary guy and a rookie. I will say though McCarron this cat is cheap you can keep her around but. To your point Jeremy tell them that the port the differences there though they were interest that we were you gonna pay Sam Bradford twenty million. Dollars know they know what you that I could have paid Teddy Bridgewater I know I would like to unite the you know there are other options and if the other thing about it is McCown was an option to. All these guys that would have paid you know you want paid 101000015. Million. What they would be worse if they were focused on getting Allen which I think they work they were right that they traded up with a guy they got together they've they've won at one of the two whatever. Then. The the investment that I would I would have made in the locker room in the quarterback room to make sure that he becomes the best the key can become there's no dollar amount I would I would not spend on that I need to spend. If it's ten million I spent ten million of its only five that I spent five but if AJ McCarron doesn't get. On the actor doesn't make the team then it becomes well that the mission to get him a veteran to get someone help him adjust to life and learn the NFL. That is that's a whiff performing. Now I understand that understand. Doesn't mean it doesn't it won't work but I feel like in its player development especially for a guy that has been talked about is a pretty good project. Our right he's a project only build stuff around him they haven't done much what I mean the line is going through a change the receivers are bad McCoy is now point a question mark. The coordinator doesn't have a history of great success you could say it's because he hasn't had good players and that might be right but. All the things you want in place for a rookie quarterback that's a project mean I'm not even saying McCarron is a great piece but at least he's. Solves liberation of a veteran. Yeah he's been in the league for for more than yeah I mean they could keep all three but to your question is there a chance sure there's a chance I think it only to make the roster record I think that that obviously Allen's making it. And then it comes down to how old you shake out the other two I I guess part of it is you guys just touched on it that if McCarron doesn't win the job. Is there a value. The most important thing we're going to be talk about offseason is here if Josh on doesn't when a job as he developing one's gonna be ready so McCarron doesn't win the job with the bills look at and say. There's they still played value to have a guy who's been in the league more than one year. Even the back up around to help with Josh I'll. I think that's that's fair there is a difference between last year and this year but last year they only kept two quarterbacks but they did have Joseph Webb and I'm not trying to be funny. But they figured they had an emergency guy who has played quarterback in this league right so when I think about how they would of structure their roster ago while they only kept two last year. That I go back to but they did have a guy either company could take snaps right so. Maybe that's why they fell and he did Wear red Jersey practice a lot so I don't know and I think that's fair Howard they probably do you find value in that. But it's about Josh Allen that do they think Josh Jones coming along fine just without that guy around it and they think Josh Allen is right well that you know making it that comes. How much would he need the Caron who if if McCarron isn't starting. Is he valuable have to say yeah but as a mentor he's still gonna help this kid. He's going to be in the quarterback room every day sure he's not starting but he sat practice he's working with Josh she's answering questions whatever he's he's a guy that political record and extra quarterback coach that's right I don't know that I've I've probably overstate this case we're not that valuable and what are we talking about AJ McCarron that regard a four year back up who has three starts in his career. I'm an idyllic spot but it's all relatively speaking and humans been here when you are. I mean right click and point of this mentor Wright he's not he's not Brett Favre at the end of the Bradley kind of mentor that that's that's part of it though for me is that. I'm McCarron was not even really an impressive move to me it was like Ari you got a guy for cheap. But if you don't even have that guy I mean imagine coming out of last offseason and saying in the bill's gonna draft quarterback and his mental or is going to be nation Peter. Not right that and you just meant or less altogether yeah I don't know I mean I. It's I don't know how they view that I think it comes out to what they feel about Josh Allen's own development has mental makeup in eighty needs a guy like that. Around and you guys know today's LeSean McCoy is. Thirtieth birthday we talked about that on Tuesday and down your rosenhaus just post today is to Graham photo of him happy birthday wish on disarming that was so I thought it was something. Bulger rosenhaus but it was just happy birthday it is his thirtieth birthday and parent of two point. Arab and we have the numbers they're been Peter tend running backs norms are. We have the ten best seasons by thirty plus year old running backs Tiki Barber they like 18100 arts yet. It surprised me Barry Sanders is on the we think about very Sanders is retiring early he play till I was thirty. Okay that's right and Tiki Barber Walter Payton. Forget who else was not a sport you know ask for tomorrow's on that list has Marten river 16100 yards at the age of 31 Yahoo!. Think about that. Right by the way I have the a cell stumper today America Collins a tribute to sell us something like it yes have you today's markets now I I didn't but I issue that is I think that I wanna sell stumper hat may weaken Brayton had played some attribute music but we can do that when an hour when he combat plumber and I'm doing right now I bring to replace them. Turning in a little killer self government as they existed for about hit the brake on time but I'll make it except oh as a life okay so here to Israel quick. If you guys want to pull it up you can do this if you want you can put the all time receiving yardage leaders in the NFL just all time receiving yards leaders they give you a little. Bit of way to look at this here okay take any career leaders all time in receiving yards right. Out of the top twenty of them you can take a look at your list I'll just say real quick for realistic. Rice Owens FitzGerald lost Bruce Gonzales brown Smith Harrison Wayne. Andre Johnson Lofton Cris Carter bald and Eller hole read large and prior month out of all of them. There are. Six. Who have also. Had at least forty rushing attempt stuck. In their career out of human list again okay. What about here a lyric you and I can give him outlook and topic and that I'm give my computer when you rush up Tony it's when he rushed her forty rushing attempts. Eight out of that list that you're looking. The top twenty receivers in NFL history six of them have had forty rushing attempts or more a neighbor regular season. I wanna guess Terrell Owens just because he ran for a touchdown for the bills by the way on a reversed it and try it like right like a play you have forgotten about reverses and around whatever incorrect. Tim Brown is my first answer that's correct okay. Asked. Torry holt and correct about that office that would tried anything Andre Johnson. Incorrect. Andre reed yes he had 75. I version yeah so I didn't get that many via a destructive shot but okay. Who else would be used speed guys Rory holes here yes I know that was a good 1 I really am surprised he wasn't alone. Isaac Bruce. No okay well I thought Mike Martz what he has these guys and any possible way. Odyssey Steve Smith yes and Erica good guess the F three if three more. Tim Brown. Here's a guess of how we did I'm sorry I and it's directly more attention and it's of the top forties at top I want one topped one they had forty rushing attempts and cost one immigrant forty rushing attempts beaten and has stayed. I'll often. No Steve large and now okay well the good news is we're limit hitting half the list at this point. Henry Heller not art monk known. You are monkey art my art monk really yes art monk with that ID did kind of a weapon. Played a long time and that's why there's two left you're missing one very near the top of the list Randy Moss. Know. Could come all time leading rushed for your predecessor Jerry writes many Russian gas really. I'm just looking for now apple I'm I'm so our enemies is computer to look at that list I wanted to see the scene goal. Season records for rushing attempts for receivers like who's got the most bunkers. I'd recited this is because I thought you know I feel it we don't see receivers running the ball a moderate we used to examining five Roger's big 967075. I believe me check you have that in their but until the last that is unless career robbers last one is a former I believe overall first first pick overall I believe. I believe. Who'll spend spend spend some time since he was but. Number one overall at the UN number one overall. New patriots and scrolling through a list. Irving for yes he was number one overall Levy was yes he was you know why I don't like yeah okay. There you go Irving Fryer art monk Andre reed Steve Smith Tim brown and Jerry Rice so those are career so do you find single season most amused by a working on that right now I think I've got it. No home I'm I'm I'm going to them pro football reference thing trying to get all this in their because. And sorting my position in a while you're doing now since the merger before we go to break somebody tweeted about Peter mean could he be cut and still go on the practice squad. Acog hasn't. Yes I think there are safe yes at. The practice squad rules a little different now but they even have a couple link you have these two like exempt spots that guys actually can have played assert my time Boca but he hasn't had never crude anyways it was a rookie last Alitalia games played seasons what are what can I don't number I think the media I think the eligible that I'm not that's always genocidal ends against if you don't wanna use three spots on the court I think I think you. I mean. The B eighteen in my beach and bring it and if you really got to be careful with that eagle 30550 self talk and bills football and us. Jimmy's got the pick of the week when we get back and another edition gets the country's south here have some fun. We always have fun with cells here. They will come yeah. And this is. The official World Cup anthem and it's really a bad one I feel like it never caught on there are some better ones Ole Ole Ole. That's like them standard on you're a tab of the take a week it is brought you by riverfront auto sales. And the pick of the week which is going to be the World Cup final regularly brought you back riverfront they're big the weeks and Torre twelve Chrysler 300 limited edition. Pro like Chrysler 300 has an upgraded a new body self through point six liter 24 valve V6 engine. Automatically leather interior would only to owners wait to see how well it drives. And how new it looks riverfront has this limited edition Chrysler 300 unlock for thirteen 995. If this low price of Arafat's call Marty senior or junior at riverfront model sells for more info today. 8861626. The World Cup final is Sunday at 11 AM France will be the heavy favorite. France is such a favorite that in France there expecting to win this thing for short. And I have felt the same way against England probably already planned the parade route in Paris yet bunker and to give via an idea I'm looking at them should they be that much of a favorite yes. Yes Croatia is plus 358. France's minus 110 to win. Did you know they're only there's only eight countries that have ever won a World Cup. Yes that's a pretty short I can name them I had a guy actually wrote it down there is there's sort of this France Brazil Spain Europe wide. And Brazil. Thing you're right okay. France results may your writing or England five. Italy six. Moment forgetting the Netherlands ever USA Germany seven sorry one more. And I think Argentina correct that's all I. That's pretty that's pretty impressive list. Was on the ribbons average all your list but I mean it's been going on since both. Thirty drumming up from a World Cup goes back who is the smallest country to make the final Croatia is the second smallest country. The small structure to make the final is wouldn't that be England. The Obama look at it right now check you're going. There's the small country their smallest by a population in their smalls by size. Yeah I mean Croatia has four million people. Europe why has 3.4 billion you know if you go back to when they were in it in 1930. If only there was some way to find out more about the countries that are represented in the World Cup if if only there was some kind of fun game we can play. I yeah I have no idea that would get that give us information that we would maybe not know about some of these countries before you do that I have to correct myself I wanna add and fumbled in that list your 42 rushing attempts. Well so were so guys that's top twenty OK so to say you know and humbled but neither you guessed him so it's OK I went against him. Partners clue number 13 guys in this edition gets the country. Voting in elections in this country is compulsory for everyone eighteen years of age or over. With an initial fine of 72 dollars issued for non voters despite this only around 81% of eligible voters cast their vote. New policy you have to vote yet find. But it you to find money. Who would. I'll take another clue. I'll guess. Denmark. I've. This country was the second country in the world to grant women the right to vote in 1894. Who pretty progressive country here. Has terror baby thing you've been job would be that forward thinking. I'm gonna go England. Only licensed electricians are legally allowed to change a lightbulb in this country for a moment or are you kidding with Ed's ideal I think I do well around south back after the verse. Couple other. I thought you progressive guy or not. I've no idea what else would do if I don't change like Apple's around the house. Swimming a public beaches in this country during the date was made illegal for 64 years. Shark attacks Australia. Wow. Ruin. Greats. The best way to figure that out but I thought it was nice it was illegal during the day. But you could swim at night with his back when it was a prison colony. And well and I'd event. I mean it makes us the guest made no sense actually because if you're worried about shark attacks she would swim why would you be swimming at night are asleep or some other interesting facts about this country one of their former prime minister is once held the Guinness world record for the fastest pierce going down in 2.5 quite severe and eleven seconds. The average person in this country will eat the equivalent of 83 liters of beer per year in this country. Let's see while mining is one of the country's biggest industries morally and is covered by pubs and minds up. Henceforth the drinking what are the states in this in Australia has been said to have the world's cleanest air that would be Tasmania. Where the devil came from test yes yes exactly this country's first police force was made up of twelve convicts who were judged to be the best heaved. And this from the prison colony Yasser it was a present it was a prison held and that's all it was found out Australia is also home to the world's largest cattle ranch which is bigger than the entire country of Belgium. And it is the only continent the world without an active volcano. Want answering that didn't it's a confident yeah Australian ladies elements. Founded by the British as a penal colony in 1788. 160000. Convicts were transported to Australia from England Ireland Scotland and Wales in lieu of being given the death penalty. Seems like a pretty decent place to be maybe they do that was developed it wasn't as much fun to be there was a penal county saw the punishment was the long trip. It is today it's still large trees via got a mr. Koch yelled at Dexter coming at no problem we'll watch and a lot more side Italian festival starts today she stacking. I am not I'm unable to this year because I'll be in Cleveland this weekend to see the Yankees play. So I'm disappointed I can't do that gee I talked to chuck mark by some so sorry I wish I could this year will be one has any. Max is disappointed but are happy he's going to see the Yankees player we have is that you won't be alone I got a gonna be a lot of Yankee fans include yet it's going to be can be fun night. Thank you coming and you welcome Sao brought to us by outlet liquor need to stock up shop New York's only outlet liquor break annual headlines topped the hour. LeSean McCoy has hired a prominent Atlanta attorney Donald Samuel who among others represented Ray Lewis back in 2000 in the murder trial. A World Cup Croatia is in the final they beat England yesterday to once scored a goal of 109 minute. And they'll now play France Sunday at 11 AM. Wimbledon the women's semis are going on Serena will be on court scheduled at about 10 o'clock this morning. Men scored three yesterday. Federal lost a fantastic match went five sets and I played forever so he's out Nadal Djokovic is their all the wind yesterday. Yanks won but the Red Sox won the jays lost the Mets beat Philadelphia the sabres have a new assistant coach Steve Schmidt former NHL defenseman. Who'd been an assistant coach with Carolina the last four years those are your headlines on WGR buffalo.