07-12 Matthew Coller of ESPN 1500 with Howard and Jeremy on the Vikings

Howard and Jeremy
Thursday, July 12th

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Tom. I think cracked skull. That the name were just with a chip Security Council. We're scholar we got to bring us on the defied time for a school that does like notice. You know the vikings song right. Yes the word czar. Hey you move like games. Cause that goes on that's good or day and maybe we'll win a football game. Look good in the birds always rock them sock them. Go ahead run up the score and it's not good. When classless bulbs. There were. Now what we're there and true as then for Matthew Collin who might have hung up by now on our AT&T hotline. From ESPN 15100 did you learn the words to that Matthew when you first got there. Oh yeah yeah well well jogging I. The that's what I had to do our goal just means go vikings but this song was written by Swedish diet thing and there are a lot of people here. From that region. OK I feel like every time we should have you line we should do this because there are many places we can do it to pays its no one there in Minnesota. Our notions toss whether jokes at each other. You don't want people don't know about Minnesota is that also get. Super hot here is it is like they heat index the other day it was something like a 110. So it actually it's hotter. And also colder than buffalo that's a very interesting factoid about minutes. Not to try heater anything's he would still feel really good. It's just start. Also really well so could very well you have a lot of lakes they'll go jump in them. Yeah definitely I we went kayaking so they're such a Minnesotan Minnesota land at 101000 lakes and 20000 kayaks probably. Yeah I'm working on becoming Minnesota's become a debate here of whether I am Minnesotan yet because. I saw you're about that. You do you have like checklist you've got to go through. Yes people here go up north. Which means you go up to lightweight superior dilute invite. I still not eyes on emerge. People you're not not a murder the other interesting thing about minnesotans. They drive dispute. Like why it says it but I've yet everyone will be driving 55 it's so story that's very annoying. It is yet don't they know you get a cushion them. You can guarantee in the far left that that person is going 55%. And make no. Matthew how come they don't know how to merge. It kind of polite blast happened regressive thing. Like you go no you go out you go and then you crash. Okay isn't Minnesota nice like a phrase that people are Minnesota nice. Oh yeah. But the people talk about all the time. People are sort of I'd really polite to everyone. But also. Like not as friendly a way if that makes sense that. Here. When someone who here people will just sort of what that person mine or business. And they'll be able to say that people from out of town have trouble making friends because nobody wants the bothered them elements the more of their house. Right so and so when it went wild when you tell people of their earlier from New York State today say ha you don't seem like a jerk. If you're a nice guy like I wonder they would like if they're so nice in Minnesota they must think New Yorkers are jerks. They're familiar with the other cold weather cities and the other cities that have had problems when Super Bowl you see street cred walked into. Right that's a good market. Despite that from buffalo know that I mean the bill the bill played in the Super Bowl in Minnesota. Really well now bills so how. That's got to save our yeah your resume is old rate now that's awesome. Yeah and I got a championship game that would melt down last two. Alina this church forgot about yeah. Hey so listen yes vikings since their they're playing the bills. Mr. collar that's why we got you on all the army through your wild question at the end. And I wanna talk a Rask was the leaned forward onto. Kirk cousins. Big contract I assume come but a big expectations so yeah what what kind of pressure is she facing. How higher the expectations with cousins in Minnesota. But it is. Herbal or button for Kirk cousins I mean when Jews spend 84 million dollars on a quarterback guarantees and you put him with the number one defense felt last year. A very well respected as coach. An offense that has two of the best wide receiver in the NFL and Adam deal on the bondage. Running back who last year the first three and a half games before Cortesio was. Incredibly explosive. Velvet coat like looks like yet the potential. To be one of the best running back in the NFL last year training camp he blew by two established veteran running back who wasn't even close and then. He was at the top of the league in rushing in the after three games and then of course ended up getting hurt. So this is an offense that they are placing Kirk cousins and where he has no excuses that is going to be lots of talent around him. I knew up to coordinator I'd have a question mark but as you guys that. I was really getting some conversation potentially forehead coaching date so they handed him a golden throne and all you have to do is just go win. But occur it never really had before in Washington it was always. You know I used as it was always the defense wasn't good or the ownership was kind of a joke or they didn't buy into him. But now he can't even use that either that this team has always bark at him as their franchise quarterback. And now he has to go win it and at least do what this team was able to do last year with kicking them or are going to be huge disappointment. I don't mean this as an insult to last season but you said Super Bowl or bust. Okay. Aaron Rodgers is back I mean if he stays healthy that makes a big difference in the division how much does that factor in what vikings fans I mean last year. You know Green Bay was a non factor once he went down. Yet an opinion about the regular season record if you look at the vikings' schedule it really I mean we've got air rocker's wife they. Tom Brady they've got breeze they got to go to Philadelphia. To LA so they have I think one of the toughest schedules in the entire NFL. If they come away win a eleven and five boards and six records that have thirteen three. I don't think anyone cares about that. It's all about what happened when they get the playoffs and because last year you know they have in Minneapolis miracle game and then went to Philadelphia and just had everything fall are in the the biggest thing. In that game even though it was kind of a blowout was. That eighteen of growth that fixes the biggest moment when they were upset enough in that game and other swung everything. Toward Philadelphia and then when Philadelphia's starters scoring Kate you know what type of quarterback who could come from behind and I think that's what. The entire focus more on. He need to find a quarterback he. You're sure others help for one they weren't sure Teddy Bridgewater help otherwise he'd be the quarterback they wanna be sure as hell but then. A quarterback who might have the ability to bring you back it doesn't need to go everything go right on defense. Which it did last year to actually win a playoff I think that that was more of what they're thinking. Then hey can we go. You know fifteen and one or something that they're not gonna do that I think that they'll be like ten to demon might hybrid copper division or even. And up second but it really all about the playoffs with the decision to bring her cut. Matthew where the weaknesses or the biggest questions about this overall roster in your opinion. Right darted right tackle. Which is not particularly great perk perk cut and who was that the most last year and also has the most fumble in the NFL last year. Content such have a tendency. The whole run the ball a little bit longer than sure he's one of those guys that what they hang in the pocket and make that great relic he's getting hit. But sometimes that means hang in the pocket stripped back. And their their right tackle was an undrafted free agent two years ago that they brought in at the end of the year and he played last year in the playoffs. Struggled quite a bit. And everyone expected them in the first round pick a guard for apple and they didn't until the second round in the second round tackle Ryan O'Neal is. In my opinion nowhere close to being an NFL starter right now he needs a lot of work was techniques can go a lot else. Wait to put up I mean we're talking. 1520 pound you as a former tight end great that we are essential. But if he started today at least you would get killed out there and that's where there's the biggest concern because I think a lot of fans when the draft. Thinking OK sure the opposite wind inevitable yet he's real weaknesses. But now there's the big question mark going into camp or whether it was shot on my plumbers to handle the right sidewalk. One less thing on the vikings don't get some hockey for deceived we talked a lot about the offense. You know Mike Zimmer has always had good defense is how is that side of the ball shaping up again. Well they added Sheldon Richardson yeah as a defensive tackle and I mean there's. No weakness these are the only weakness would be adapt and a couple of different spots and they really didn't. Bring him anymore linebackers but they have been barred Eric Hendrix are two of the best than last year he would vacate the park teams with good running back. In the passing game and the vikings were number one of allowing the fewest yards passing game the running back met each of them. Defense of wind has he ever seen grip on one of the best pat structures in the week. Bigger wrote the become a shut down corner Harrison Smith is probably the best player I've ever covered these incredible. You can play. He can play out at the line he can play outside corner he can play the center field safety he's basically this. Generation's version of what port call columns no I mean it's been defense they help you may have a very good chance to be number one and yes it's yet. How many times that that happened two years and well last year this same weapon that's start week one also start the playoff game. And you kinda worry about it okay last year nobody got hurt is that the year that people are not dropping like flies by. A lot that happened they should be a top by. The OK to handle hockey question. I heard you heard the sport right yeah okay. Do you go to jump beauty league games. I've never then now I think it will well at some point you gotta you gotta take a look at C gala see how mills that these guys are doing let us now. All little one year of playing in the league was it those that erosion Casey Nelson. CJ I met this apostle to we suppose it was finally did you see his name and it's possible to not this year but this year so we heard this Colleen kid I don't know much about him but I hear he's supposed to be. Kinda good. I have and he is exactly what you really really desperately so Hadley. Yeah well. The debate over lessons for the line and all that by about guns. Even better perspective on where the wind and what he has by watching line suitor. Bet real right answer isn't the guy who is. You're driving the pop up the ice every play by. He's out there eating big minutes protecting the net making simple plays and he's really but what helped him a lot. Farmers control in the pot and having success is that he played a lot which are urgent. And that double and those guys carry the puck exceptionally well and I don't know if Ali for alignment plan together but. We're in sort of maximize some of his skills potentially end and actually have. You know somebody dangerous back there to carry the puck up quite how long is it Brian Campbell last guy that was. Is dangerous carrying the puck up the lights from from the back and I think if you look at almost every team who has. Except there's always that at least one defenseman who the other team have to worry about so. But not only good for the favorite that they got the first overall pick that's always good. But you get this guy I think is exceptionally good because he's exactly what the doctor order. Sure anybody else in the wild available for trade there were so many names being rumored this offseason with Minnesota that guys might be available. Yet so I think if they trade again when buffalo people here we'll have not yet image from our standpoint right now because of fully knowing and and it's against nicely right. Yes of and they can GM Bentley but they were to do a deal with the sabres that would probably fine but he's always on us. Things look bad here is out of the last straw for chuck Fletcher says it was such a lot of betray. And people like Mandela but you're giving away a guy who's maybe a solid sport defenseman. For two forwards did absolutely nothing for you and I think Palmer that was also fairly popular here as well so. You gave away. Some players that actually plays for pretty much not. And that was kind of it hurt reflector but. Right now yeah I mean everyone should be on the table for the and you know last year it was very much of the same go into a playoff beard you don't have the best players and the other team beat you pretty handily so I think that women higher rate that everyone what that life. Okay now are we going to give it. A move here are we gonna get. A victory. You know and our topic yeah. Oh well what would take. So would it take to acquire Alley Jason zucker done right. And that's a good question because you know zucker is. A good goal scorer he's fast. He can fly up and all the way he had great chemistry in the telegram one but them in the playoffs he's. Scored four goals and 31 games include easy to shut down. And probably don't want a lot of money because he had a career high goals. Seoul is he's a perfect candidate for somebody to move but. In order to treat him I think you have to get a roster player back who they can step in right now and improve the wild. Because they look at their roster like we should be back in playoffs. And the best way to look at it then that sort of limit who you can trade or you're not trading prospects at that point you're trading just player for player and and in buffalo but I am and who are you going to send who's really a roster player that you give away. For Jason Tucker right it's it's not hard come up with someone out run the last straw. Can range studio Zambia's Gergen Sen Clinton. Or yell on Larson. Probably on twitter.com. Okay. Now offering. I know you walk back tactics while our edit I mean maybe we could track him down. That worked out really well as much as. I still think. That. Then get Jurgenson could be much better. And has been not really used to bet they're not really given much opportunity. No he's they're not gonna trade someone who's barely scored goals or someone's court overturned. All I need to rape and. Altman ball and yet. That I mr. Carr always great having you on always nice document we mission of hope ball as well with him. All right. The captain regret their or weeks to keep it and I've heard all the time don't worry about it. Yeah I know not art it's really hard really is make you. Think guys thanks Matthew.