07-12 The Night Cap

Thursday, July 12th

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All. I grew up like most kids. We like it intends to place. That I would've been end that I wouldn't find love that I discovered partying and Philly all those queries went to the wayside. I didn't need love. I had keg stand. I discovered I was good arranging and reveal wonderful things about myself I can relate to broad regardless of what kind of broke they were. I can be at a party and moving people and everybody would laugh you know be ready. And I could play coupon and compete with real integrity insured up to fill my potential. The nightcap on. And everybody. The night and Jody Ganassi and they're Kramer fresh off the ice bag here at eleven aid power play at Harvard center. And another game going out front of us that night several entertainment front of us not just the computer screen. National grade civil war National Grid that you complaint against each other. Yet that team WGR wanted to know what their history das one what was it fourteen that night. Something like that little this little distracted right now if there is a guy on the ice right now as well back or he sought. Sox and they are they are. Anything like I wanna go down there to ask for right now qualifier awful right now. So it goes well a lot of power play still go on and Tony at 118 powerfully dot com. Over one point two billion dollars raised already he's back on the ballot here. And eliminate powerfully. You have up your time when guys do it was it was a blast and you know thank you to have one forgive us the chance to go off their play hockey I mean. I think it might need a housekeeper organizing the whole thing thank you Allen dance or including me in this in this did this of the blast and I'm definitely with important signing stuff signing us up again this next year it for everybody out there that didn't see the game which I'm assuming is. 99.9. Percent of the publicity right now. When we were joking leading up to us about. Us being built from the data out. While were rebuilt from the that I cute it was. What was at the lowest scoring game of the community ship yet. Ninety nor us was I think 3937. Yeah that people were in the thirty lack arcane was like fourteen night is like an actual like our league hockey store for. Or followers. Averaged we averaged just Overton goals against per all war. Yes always raise the old Parker did a great job to out tonight police on another goalie who don't remember who was did you. Vijay I did immigrant do but he dated a great job. Jacqueline sought so we were definitely bill we're from all he knows how the populace it L also had three coaches throughout the so you guys were either fired during the midst of that over. I don't know brightness or operate as we had Paul Hamels and as coach at one point Alec Davis also it was get a coach it was like you're going to be via and not now or joint. Maybe that's yeah I write in gates hello first return to the nightcap. This is my purse returned my god. That you're gonna cut. He and I. I just so happens if yes I'd like after it died anywhere do. Go the media all ages show up so it was really knows me. And it was made those listening witnesses radio Brian it's got panels are uniter. Donald Schneider I don't know buyers just because Scott what a what a dollar a different Schneider diners like. Around here you got. Or rather lack. Schneider. They just not a lot but there's like there's some groups that forming around. What I brought to three. Bryant I almost lost it by. Another excuse to laugh or to your right every which is which is interesting because when I was in eighth grade Palestinian. Lockers so low stick up in the air. It came down Atlantic directly Ira Wright that years later that I took eyes to that guy. Actually lost my vision but I'm like apples are so it was a blow strictly speaking or something. Aren't eligible Atlanta I was flying through the air just hit me directly in the era was that the slide that like. I don't know what the laggard on Netflix out of the little sharper more irritating and I need to know what it wants to be on the line here in your life you're. All of that why did it apparently that's been here I've got it though until I got to all stick around I am right policy grade. But you wrote glow stick here for probably tell a lie object tackles and hits you directly behind all packaged much like us that's. Legitimately happy that there yet so apparently my iris stretched. And it's nearly blinded at the Wear goggles while play baseball. And it was an error. It was absolutely. Not the right thought I was czar of baseball yeah except I've you know obviously the dollar pair of racks that that cool. Virgin or could it. But that's not so once they get what you eat subscription lapses items where. Jobs. In the stock now. In addition to Ryan's nice little cut and losing more on the nose there. That probably I would say the built in school that the it's this afternoon you know it's one million. I got to work on them move on billion times quietly worked all Hamilton told you don't post so I know what I eat here this year. Because he told me go coast to coast and I finally did it had nothing happening. You know it's happening. Trying to figure out that these teams where are saved at Hewlett partly website. It's gonna find the goal that he gets the bitter negative but out there. I I like it what honestly I might be that was one. So we also late we quite like cancer it yet who isn't Randall Wayne test fired a competition laws. I was pretty good or pretty good at it we had been doing our trading shots or old little wild. It definitely eat it it's another team that was that the they are well I don't know what that tees they've wants. But it and butter we are doing extremely well enjoyed the fact that we went higher competition. But I was first that first period we outscored them four of us here they came back. You know we're up or nothing pops back. Five before you go one points I'll be we get out of it rightly that we can about that fast start there and let him like let's give credit where credit's due to ankle he saw an aunt of all we I did not die each day. OK guys where. On the right right no I felt right before you came on we were talking about how we were definitely built from the yes we don't work for those guys be. I think our courts you know. On how to proceed through the stars that are here. Ratcheted that second one the second hour without them back. Second. As this that's got the artist or may go over here to and we don't have. The artist hurricane passed fortunately I hate it for your attic you know. You're gonna have heard it at dot net year. To joke settlement with. Your age and there would we do not think this wouldn't stiffer competition. I find it merely art she just a lot more lax than Arty ones. Yes. I temple well hole on. Guys that are like. These guys are a lot more lax. And letting things happen you know. We had earned everything. So you can vote on it by the way I'd imagine what it partly dot com there over one point two million dollars or donate. He'll turn it over than nights at eight point. How do you like the ads across the ways they got a radio show a lot what's it directly across the way. You have a the other side it's it's nice that because you know now it's. He felt it go it's really user. There will be a lot of power capture because there's people here for the adequacy of eight scarcity I'll edit they be crowded and that's that's that's the bleachers after. Why would anybody the other side we you're at your comics have rocket over here it would rocket out there and down the site in front of part of you can picture we're on the side with all the windows and across the ways and it's. Why and at night on this site it's eight feet eight feet. Okay yeah no you make of there and now. That's I don't I don't. Got no comment that it's actually really good point Hala how did you enjoy this entire experience that practices the gains fundraising honestly. Right while I wish that we put at. Or practices to be obvious that it will be a lot well. Hey I'll play hockey. He can't get much better those four hours today at that last hour I don't know about you guys the last hour I really started. There. Four hours there. Are chugging Gatorade. It goes so hues that. Users. There. I think about the IQ did it last year. Pop the whole way how ridiculous. I don't they treat heart board particularly in this building over at the impact this. They trained really hard or 68 plus more. But I'd be. More hours on public golf 24 hours like four hours off for hours just. Over it over and over and over again we got what 4050. I felt there was Ellis fifth sixth. That's six per shift the four hour shift at six guys and there was only once about the facts and it would be rotating. Don't think a couple of guys are absolute warriors that out now. Eight that I would assume they were up in the hotel it's connected here. In the background yet here. Wooden boards and there's a budget law I think it's so there's badges locker room. They are night matches because very India by rate like at 9 o'clock or not. I don't know how that happens we yeah we definitely did it's that culture. And let buyer after apple. Although it looks well. Why can't really much that he he was much of the you are right vocal but vocal kept bites. What was that I'll sample. The example of screening at so it's charging someone with. Wrote that you use our little physical yeah. Locking. Us out yet but it doesn't always got to be the most. Help. Jack Michael's probably going to be kept Buffalo Sabres and rob OL. Rosters now. And meet theirs out there what what was the work you've brightly yet and probably. Because. It's so strange that they. Went out and they allowed people to come down to get pitcher Heath on Monday with a number nine B we're not not at this up. That's true that irks you birdie of people coming dollars which the number of people come down there yet. It has eclipsed that number they just you got it didn't work out it's yours right oh I mean I figure that there's C ability to get another incredibly. It themselves. Right so that might make point box mean it's idiotic. It's just another witness was to make money that it when he bought this thing. Here's the guys took over the party if so you bet you they are making too much does that that that could mean being ignored overseas and quit three days I mean IE I. I find it strange that that I would now I'll be surprised by that. And buy it. Kind of scramble. It's like to eat with the idea of 380 run lightly and it's what the return for that I thought it was a pretty good return but it was one of those trades that was it. Definitely you what way if the return that was a good return. I think it was a good trade for the blues that was a pretty good trade for the sabres to do that there's a winner or loser yachts. But I think one of the reasons for the trade. I have so excited Bo is. I think there was all sorts itself if the locker room where there was actions of people. Players who support it right O Reilly out the water ball beater and people start or act like a list. The ROR party in the Jack party yet and I. We talked about it over the course disease that you know there was this policy. Goals are. Right Steve writes he's used. Much hands gently. That was that was something that we talked about here aunts. I thought that was a little bit overblown but I do believe that there was some sort of excuse for the where that I kind of pop up what actions are another good word for I think there's people supporting these. Michael Riley style leadership of this party be Jack Nicklaus style leadership I think with at least patriots obviously Sheikh. I think it's signed. Into law. This is Jack right now it's not anyone else's TV is now the leader he changes his helper. Ella turned the page returned the page from the first three years likely take ten million dollars it make them the calf did he changed his number it's a new era. It's a mural sabres. Like you you it and that's one item 30 but that if the phone number I wonder ovals or about fifty don't give it to. Because that will see more than it being given too because I think I think we're expecting that it happened. One day so what does that say if you still wearing it right. When that next season starts are there any question about you what's blogs I've really not leadership material that we are now being. To come up that made it co captains in the freer Drury. I won't vote and I also wonder how important it is that way it Ronald Maple Leafs haven't increased it appears there. That's what you that's better quality you're bringing into bars and they're obviously. A very. Oh captives may be analyzing each captain Patrick Marleau slap this. Marleau for the next two years we've got and you stick side to side. Did you ever even where the the C and San Jose. They typically prepared yet to report. He was saying that like for a few years. Our goal as the captain that they brought or in and it lets the captive an extra mile Oval Office gave them or at and the strip. Important note to see it it valves and soon they're at a strip but felt it it's either you give me a little better. It hey Cody funny here. That would definitely like that. How it happens. Both Getty that would let us not. To say anything you about the team not handicap that nobody thought ever that guys like a cat that you need a guy in the room. Like I don't really care if they don't have a cap that I think it will be interesting to talk about why Jack cycle doesn't avid fans I think it's more on Michael I. We both of don't really care you haven't kept. I don't think it's that at war and I think especially Ali yeah NHL for the most part you get that type player like Michael. And it's more so just expected that he is going to leave it right. Beaten economy David with Jack. City crowd via the council baskets captives and goes snapped most of our it can't yet. Oh god so I. If you gotta disagree on do yet so that. Like when it's not a much better player without a blanket a few years ago the sabres side slams yet that it's your it's. Which we were all talking about your. I I want. To. Hear the case at that game that if the camp. Everybody would be speaker ops at it and see it yet you guys all want it a couple of years ago obviously that would be of little job. Are ready egregious. But frankly if it. I don't think that we. Dotting their. I think that Michael and it's aimed at this and. Odyssey that Walter's situation in the back they're selling pictures now with the if I think that's more or less what I suspected originally you know we're talking about last week. Which is I think they well the whole situation. What. About the fact that he comes out degree that your opponent Barack. You the classic view tiered it's rare photo others want victory got the other pictures. It doesn't reveal any reason why that is like there wasn't. Margaret you want him I don't know I think you don't really well to cap in the middle that's all right. Know what to go to right now. Don't training camp that you probably held captive media signal that like OK guys are OK Jack. We need economic training camp really. We go here that we are expecting you to be and if you aren't that god will reward you can't nights at wrapped. It verified that number Jody out right there Cramer alive or are from Harvard that are. And you levity partly it would take have been botching his number. I mean I get I hit you in two different ways you from the perspective and from their perspective. I think itself. People have so many upper fifties Jack altered my kids out there OK that's a wool. The court fractured kind of bad that you were there from the beginning with Jack yep that proper procedures the but here are that's it. Jerseys are super expensive. About making people. Pay more on these forward with the went out after that is not supply enough you got it right. Getting on with it's not like it which is the original article you quote we would. What about a guy who bought a check like yours or the mom what had bought jacket for the last Thursday. Or whatever oil earth hour like they're worked. People out there right at what Jack with your security before reaching number they take it off HL dot com story there days before hand. I don't openly. I know the report I called in when it happened it's at yet bought one that the night before so so. I'll be let me go back with. Ideas and meet with your and it. I would be I yup I think I will hear that your. I would be that guy that at me I I don't not that guy I would be I don't know it ever sat idly speak with your manager for here on diapers I would. I don't think I've ever seen as a consumer I just take the Al. It's whatever because you know I had I got excited that words like. You work at regionals that advocated the now I guess so Rollins couldn't help sites. Oh. I know that's rest at all. But not a problem. I I wish I was only at assets to. I can look at Jack cycles at the camp I could see the reason C. Biased as the how it could be something that you can bluntly what a wart which but I idea I think it falls that was there that I had my feet up. They botched this because it was supposed to happen. If like covers the number on his helmet it's over we don't have this discussion right Odyssey he covers the number that we all know he's changing. Why say that out covered the number talking on the back of the helmet while pass out out relief flights that's why the bulls got the lead but why send out its grand. Like it Sam right our keynote tomorrow. And posted it will be a botched job relatives in that like lions got an outlet to get it if you could be making fun Michael he did this now looks like looked at each number there's nothing like that. It's at right guard. Boast that its program a picture himself with security. And he's got the number covered up by yeah devotees at the number that helmet camera my vote. Would we not just kind of thing that's it right are my number and that you don't buy Jersey. Runner on L. They would catch him writer chooses to avert get fifty. Be there but the other side of Pittsburgh is OK I think about it row. Jan Michael's perspective it much differently war but he probably rate of six shots when he was very overnight with EU. He gets to national championship game and it bodies of rush through waves hold me baker gets to the national championship game it is. The highest level this sport that can possibly play that. He goes gets it pertains here so for him it could lead. Almost psychological thing. Hey John the first three years kind of thing right it's okay. My greatest science lab where the numbers now. And what might want out of my rear wheel well wanna be extremely successful player that's playing in the playoffs like for championships. And it. I'll know players hear that stuff. I idly while the numbers out Crowley spot where the numbers up that mountain high school. I could get the numbers up policy cute here playing baseball like that the number 34. Because that added up shot. The only reason I've been overlooked because it and it helped us. So where's do stupid stuff like that to happen out there I would accept them. Companies that there was patents those that we happen to accuse your own bill okay I think it while it shows per hour. That was one of the selection that. It wasn't that didn't OK I think I grew up north college hill to get out yeah. Shares that are okay again around about every five years ago. We we need to keep our Jersey Connecticut those things that. So I got there before. I've met that you know. Yeah I just feel like that I can't I don't like they it brings back memories and I got so the reasonable estimate for this week so what do you think it would be doing. You know I've yet this gets shall. On I don't know what else. I am not going well it's easy and people lost driving down to eat rats. Each ball evil acts and honestly yes yes. I would ask them well you but I. They thought anyway it's oh. There's a reason why they're asking the department needs after playing for our hockey you got any utilities they saw yet. I don't know what are there I. Theater up everywhere. This that I can't will be right back at that it's great to be out there like from harbors any realist here. Welcome back. The nightcap Jody Ganassi and their Kramer right did that fluff does his notably beach volleyball that you ran. Is actually pretty cool that's the sort of quietly insane. It's tough. Although a lot of a lot of jump it I don't know Mike foot jump right now gone up against letting it sit which is consistently it's I need your audience and yeah like online thinking. Eight at 30 my fiftieth phone number talk a little bit about the captaincy. And not see him there in bars and Austin and use that would take you there out. Co captains and that. Set the idea. We point out pretty high today. Equivalent of rock today a team that hopes. But the contract area right it will team up with Pavel Datsyuk and a cat friendly super. I sent an open at depth its context of going through the eyes betrayed that Patrick now tree houses. Six other players in the field putting Marcus Kruger back to Chicago. The Blackhawks it is. I don't know what they're doing they. It's mine did he stay at Al. But they are doing fight over paid players the party had that they know are kind of pastor Bryant's it with Patrick Sharp they brought him back with our sister that brought him back. On if it's accurate that currency albatross right it's not LE aberrant but if they kick it out it doesn't matter. It's old. Chicago looks like they might be a problem. Thought ray walked by it was worth it got a but. Like. Knowing. What might show up an interesting question last week which you. Save its neighbors will be better than the black boxes I would actually take it back. Complete medical clinic for Chicago and thirteen it's not be any horse that I'd need. Crawford to be healthy mentally I'll look at Wichita and I don't know about all we find it it was. Without healthy. That lets you rate accurately. And they needed. And they probably could use without that ability beside him more so all. And that's it that's like it's a team record in the Cyprus coats. Glued awesome. It verified that is the vote ever done it earlier in outward were not open it would all were hanging out of harbors them I. I have been thinking about what talk about today because I was in four hours hockey yourself. Whenever I talk about let's start the segment off with like a lot more like what's going out. Good evening right. I am actually really happier to period as Burma is last week I believe it. Before it all right retreat and now I think it's so wonderful call back work. Bilateral guy. I'm gonna go are really similar fate it's sabres will be better than black look at their goalies. But it flew and there are I'm gonna go on him favorite favorite and make the playoffs. Black art sucker me out of playoff obviously. Up like it's all I view or think it's that thing you talk about Chicago and what they're looking like going forward and really when we look at the sabres. I'm not a short term care as an argument made it could matter you are given out about it gets it is it that the secret agent it's insanely good. A top at least but. What you're looking at how Chicago's eight. But that was it's closer to it with guys in jail. It won what three cups six years. Jonathan Toews Patrick Kane delicate heat superstar players Fritz Weaver. It was an all star level player is right. Corey Crawford with a great goaltender Brian Cabell with an all star affect the and it all starts or the players all over the place it. To me what the sabres are building right now. Which is front loaded at the moment but process don't mean Jack cycle it base metals that. Look at what else being built around that I don't want it to it how Chicago it early. It's what you thought of doing it early on they were cheap contract rookies guys called for each album for using. They're producing fear it rolled it right. And it worked signing it deep read it's they were going after. The reasoning when he was at three C they were doing. They were. Building from which made to complement their superstars. Anthony what sabres have been doing the opposite statement trying to. Acquire players that they didn't bring up your age to be their star players like when he signed Apple's free when they sign title Bozo. It rates before Christian air off Robben are here illegally. Now this will be the first time you actually see what happens here buffalo. When you do it that way we Chicago have superstar players and that suddenly. You don't have to talk about signing it because freeagent. Out there because you've already got three guys here at ten million dollars they're going to be incredible players and let them worry about what. And it's funny when the tank originally happened we were thinking. Think each other here at. They're gonna do it all of their content like Pittsburgh. While those. You know drafted you accidentally he HL to help rule they want but you got that war. And now we're actually seeing it is coming you wish it. Which kind of you know. Again makes me wonder what if you. Guys. You know. That's what we are all the tanks start was OK they're gonna do this like it's like Chicago. They're going do it to belt there's gonna get their core office draft and it and it. Bring these young guys it. It's more on the HL bass and everything like that. But it missed it in the aids now at that also you know going in making those big time. Rate signs like Kyle well as though. You're right now. You know watching what was going on there not to speed. In my pocket but I think it's kind of happens when you're standing in you're sitting in front of a break here and watch hockey running your eyes that reassurance that natural things just happen often. On the line. Especially after we just played and you know world I know you and I were feeling good politics that are not young eight cents up about plants do not. Double losing eight I'm shall I feel like I'm the complete opposite IE. Take a while the warmup. But then once I am going. If they'll stop like I don't get cramps almost ever think of Galley waste my entire life I rarely. At dot. Getting tired I just kinda what I hit what I hit my second lately it's over and it go forever and it's like that's the opposite from most people. Like bring for it's it's great that a that it. We'll talk strategy in the early it broader right to laugh and and you can't Qaeda. Kind of burnout deal with it yet at opposite I felt at a spread out and did crack and dynamic all right I'm going right and like. It wait for the Mike are packing to open and I could do. Another one later I don't watch it. Honestly so that's been a couple days and he wants it. I'd like spineless I would want Hewitt but then again that would probably take in doing that. Take into account that I'm already getting probably are all throughout our planet that's gonna amplify it by RO it's it's going to be exposed today. But I can't stop at a I had those guys that did it last year what is it all like bloody days when he you've ships audience all gone that's incredible that is warrior that. It is war. Eight of real fight if you what you think at Toronto coconuts. I hate it. Honestly I think that our eyebrows at whatever team got art science but he's the cap. And yeah that might be the case here. In LA continues that whole thing like his days you know living on his boyhood dream of playing for the big leads and I honestly say. He's probably the best all around player than a half. Us at four holes. And he's got stronger in that sense I do think Matthews is a little underrated though the Fed's ability scary good in the neutral zone edited Soledad. He doesn't necessarily get the credit or because it's such a sniper output at the same way Sidney Crosby ever wind speeds up to. Right it's probably what it every week's best defensive forward but he's it's almost like he's too good offensively. To witness so you ticket itself you guys get a hundred points and you. I don't feel we hear that's what MVPs in a way. Exactly so on I do think that look great in that area I don't I think. I wonder if it is it art. I think so it is a journalist scoff at the meeting. Let's I'd probably didn't know it's had a bad maybe that's been discussed what's more likely co captains there won't. What's more likely to happen hope happens there co captains here. Now room. I. I think Dolly whatever it is in here with Michael gets it now now I'd be acutely. I didn't like it I concede that Ali is riding shock. It almost no way possible. Michael what is the suffering that I went through this offering we at that with Ali. Because of it and yeah I think. Now I outfit more likely scenario because at that Bravo well this. I also expect it not be surprised that the sabres haven't you're not a cap. It feel like it is vote number. Pressure earlier in the station probably spent a lot op shop way. As far as I know. There haven't been any major developments now there hasn't been much yet and really we have to wait back there. Of course you want me of course what was that happened. I can see man something from like Janet. Who is it from news to and a heat it took me six hours ago lawyer for the shock was ex girlfriend pull meets eight we recorded. Has ever accused the court domestic violence can't speak for what courts right boasts that its program earlier this week and it could just need. Like eight woody strongly implied in the statement couple nights ago. They need to set up. It's not looking good now and again one out forceful that now. Actually happen it's it's however you have to obviously we all maxed out all. They'll go quietly. Judging one way or the other gets. He's a sports yeah it got away and that's how it's got to be in its kind case because. You eat that backs you out there. I know you guys Wear on the ice for our you know the majority of the middle of the day there have been some. Releasing a police reports that have gone on that. Show that they're both there has been police presence. At mccoys residents there in Georgia for domestic disputes though every time the police came there hadn't been any accusations of violence by either side. So McCoy did make it a point to note that he was afraid of potential false allegations so that's just something to keep in mind it's kind of leaked the news cycle throughout the day. Yes of all every subject from my careful here don't police released reports today this is from a couple hours on three times they were three times they're called the jump was residents. Not at fault it's the pilots like this that they're this one from last July 8 pointless to serve according. It's sexy things step dad and it really. To me what that says it does nothing to me I'd. I'm still going to wait until there's actually evidence or. Something or anything else of the sort I'm going to wait celebrities out there. And that's I had to treat these and again. Obviously you want to hope that that's something that hasn't happened not because the bills either way because the bill be without their. Bass player on office felt I didn't want to take solace that there's one last night out there. To me I agree I can't make judgment on him until we absolutely no accidents it for a couple days not a stolen that mode but it. I have been talking about. What this team looks like a debate moves any means it was shot luckily it's spent getting the season and if you think yes yes. If we're talking strictly a football standpoint and I didn't wanna out of it one bit about that. In this case but if we're talking it streetwise football sub point here. Absolutely it builds probably here who were three wins out. I can't see this team be good at all he's they have no offensive weapons peca that are not mean cal Batman tropical. And I trust that I trust it a real fight if he is phone number we'll take a break here wrap up the first hour next hour. We hear from Lorenzo Alexander. So one guy like really it would Hester. CF Feller some of Steve tasker all and it skip outgoing program to don't you tell yet. Wait for what to detain the starter I don't wanna go seat gain their money but he needs to get what that shoppers at. And we just had right it's not. Old right now that you are and Wilson readers don't support at him but it certainly you know the most part you know it's small blast that's gotten out of last past well. I think college power here today. It's gonna. We hear from him. Now what's gonna do all right so. There. Well will be at daybreak here welcome back into the site. And I can't Jody Yuxi here Kramer live from harbors that are eleven date power play you're listening to W here. Welcome back to Harvard Saturn 118 powerfully that I can't Jody the Osce here on WGR. Luke. Hester welcome back to harbors that are. And I can't Jody FiOS here at eleven date power play you're more from the rental Alexander joined one bill's wife earlier today here at W here. RA that's gonna do it from us out at. The Harvard center. Joseph assi thinks they're Cramer thinks you rank it think it's her turn. You that nightcap thinks are ridiculous they will be back tomorrow Saturday night right here on dummies here. There is Luke testers CF now Soledad Steve tasker mr. portion of that document that he 550. Dot com let's. Think a break here and we come back we'll hear from bills linebacker Lawrence outdated and also on what feels like today. We'll bring it to you next that I kept it in the Aussie right here on W here. Here at Harvard center. If they're playing again. He national great teams are off the ice there at intermission. They're halfway there. That unit cops are going on hillsides hockey here however senators are right there is and an art center. It's that time it verified that these that whatever you want to about anything pretty much wide open to any thoughts my dad you can talk about tax. I'm not to be able to give you much other than. Acting it actually about him right I can't keep much. So we get to sixty across my time line on Twitter from earlier today. Bruce Feldman. With this college football freaks let's head. Hi rejects. Court back from the university at buffalo Dixon big college football guys I want to get his thoughts on this well but Bruce Feldman writes. Tyreke Jackson has a big army has been clocked in four fives in the forty despite being 67245. That's its. Red raider we labored on Monday and last week Thursday without their station and they QB guy does works in the broadcast. Doing. Pre game halftime tapping into their voice there on the broadcast. And he's talking about. Potentially. Everything goes perfect be the number one overall pick and a program. But you'd be quarterback. And eight UP being undefeated team at your your pick out involvement which one are those more racy and it which one would be more likely. But. The one that's most likely is you viti go undefeated they really you are sick of known don't know I mean. It's it's far more likely for you legal undefeated only because like every year in in college football you get like that one. Need to load tears school in a lesser conference like UVs really and they'll put together an eleven and one at twelve and now they'll get their New Year's here six berth against like you know. Wisconsin or something in the Cotton Bowl and western Michigan did a few years back like that happens from from time to time across these like smaller conferences. Whereas Tyree Jackson going first overall he's gonna have to overcome a lot of a lot of things for that to happen including the small school tech like. Part of that also heard Josh element he was coming out even though he somehow still managed to go tenth after passing for ninety yards against air force guys Internet. Flying jets not playing defensive back he threw for ninety yards. See that's the thing though because while Joshua Allen wins eight with just basically to stop tools because there was a lot of production in college. Hi every Jackson what recently. We haven't seen that ninety arcade that we saw from. That we saw from Josh Allen which is 211193244534313. For a 6352. That. Monster games it was a great great great competition that back but that's kind of missing that we thought Josh Fields are that's why I wonder. Especially if that you're not supposed to be a great quarterback last year after that who knows. That comes out with a huge numbers. I don't know about what the small school that will hurt them because how much did her job jail. Not a fun. You connect it stands still at that going overall Parsons went small school yet great production you went second so. Right first quite a stretch but I think maybe it might be more because the draft class is it. As good works its team going oh if this guy 670 but it keeps numbers could throw it ideal to Iran or five. I would be surprised if there's team it's because this goes are able to convert. So it's. Partially the small school thing in the other part of its use is the offense like some of the college offenses don't really translate too well to the NFL player might it seemed. Not really ticked the most modern examples of like ten years ago Texas Tech with Michael scriptures is top wide receiver Graham Harrell through for like 4000 yards in twelve games and went undrafted it's been like two years of backup to Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay. So there live these guys are hyper productive in college that just. It's that's that's going to be the best they ever aren't they don't actually they don't have the physical tools they'll Jackson does. It's just. I I don't know maybe it's just me growing up from buffalo and thinking. Oh in twelve you'd be losing to Stony Brook you know I mean and is opposed to who what what really could be. It's really golden era effort that you be athletics in general their basketball programs pull the men and women have been super strong. Their football team has a bright future Lleyton and there's actually it's a really good time to invest in college. It's stuff that's close enough majority FiOS about harper center exit. Its duty to care studios. Amber's pick timeout here we come back we will hear from the test your son. He felt like receiver tester you'll update on what's going on open candidate John itself in the sky wants that player for him I can't be seen. In benched for Jeremiah missile. You might remember what or another one of those guys it'll mess right yeah. The count. What it timeout will come back with that the ball secure from Lorenzo Alexander second hour too he was not one bill's life as well tell coming your way next that I camp with Jody the Osce Nicklaus and not eat. Opt out harper center thanks for listening to be here. I'll want to talk about little world spotlight segment so a little bit of that here before we get. Task here and then after that right no Alexander. Third place game I think it's dumb I don't think it's since I don't think anybody's gonna watch it and lately should watch it now that he should care. I don't know why it exists. But Belgium and England play Saturday and am. So what is it that. Speaking at bat. I had you know waste them off. Friendly wager. I'm Croatia when you hired department before the World Cup started. And honor roll by the capitals anything they want the cup. They're with a weighted we've trained there underdog. What posters checkerboard I hope there where. Big Wear them out I don't see it I think if she wants. They were like awful lot checker or your you know apartments. We'll get it would put a fifties diner. If yours you know they are supposed to Wear them for Sunday's final and friends both were all take this all of its breath for it as literally perfect. Fox probably that the republic as bad as an upper box they did get the US. Better ratings. Messi Messi got eliminated the group's needs that probably hurt ratings that it superstar. We're also got a that it kind early that they missed out on it Argentina. Portugal game. Between her and although it probably would have increased ratings they don't get that. The final Clinton brits would have bet. If they draw they don't get that for which. At this point out hope boxes and boy. I feel like you've probably got it to edit the mosque because. The battle I got vehicle. Let's go to you move faster now he is CN FL player. And I had the team in front of me for which you and I do have it now. There is Hamilton tiger cats. A teammate of young football. Johnny can't tell you story native son of cast your. What seven years old. CFO also argue. He joined what bill's wife earlier today with your format the test here on one build live right here at W ya.