07-13 Nightcap with Ryan Gates Hour 2

Thursday, July 13th

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No effect rhythm rhythm with Ryan geeks love who pulled him. For the red shirt they'll fix up the good the guy is cool but clearly don't look good footprints and little wind. I love food looked good so please stop. All rights. We're previewing the sixth round draft were looking for in part. From all of you you don't real fight if you want to eat eat eat. 515 to 515 really Nasrallah ski over there he's going to be participating in this account draft. I will be participating as well we've also got. Mary Alice down winner WG RZ she's coming in. Shot mobile blog obviously they're going to be involved as well we've been trying to work for some some of these designations. Of what. Makes things a sitcom. And in the break we were talking about the only. I think is brought up briefly with Mike and Chris. We're talking about the link the show's whole we were talking about better call Saul yeah we are talking about her call sol which you said you would not consider sitcom because. Eat what that was I think that was nominated in the comedy category for the Emmys today I view it as a comedy it's a comedy Bob boat anchor is lets all you need to know all about it what. I don't think it's a sitcom because that there's a few things working against that one. It's you know heavily dramatic. Yeah it's may be more dramatic than it is funny yeah that a lot of times too it's a spin off of drama and there's no old you know. Going around that breaking bad isn't drama. Yeah it's the is now a lot of comedy there but then the biggest thing to me was no wind it's an hour long. And that's what we were we are getting ads in Iowa gets up and down my my list here. Think pretty much everything is a half hour. I think you have to pay down half hour to be as sick now I think this account is a half hour and we could we can discuss this we're gonna have to run this because one run in the draft were this participants. Raft to put all these rules there Mike because I guess he's the draft curator who called. And our NAFTA but these rules up and now he's gonna need to have someone enforce you know acting that's repeals an apt comment yet he's values the rules master. The rules master gel applied to a guy I look at I think at half hour. A year your typical comedies you sell out our minds prime time half hour primetime has to be half hour prime time. Can be cartoon can be detonated a half hour your start time is between eight and 1030. I think that's right I think that's the correct way to go about this and you guys got anyone out there if you got. Suggestions for what exactly makes a sick on the sick because we're still trying to. To narrow this down he can call in with that as well it'll 30 by fifty. 1888550. To 550. Gone right now on the phone lines really hit Paul in Kingston Ontario he's been waiting. Patiently for us Paul in the nightcap with Brian Ryan what's up man. I. Dropping. Out at pace Paul wrote Kingston Ontario. So Europe in Canada were you it's just for laughs gags. That your nomination. Now and on I've got a couple all of that six he Vietnam actually couple up a wildcard in the dark to grassy. I predict no no no Canadian. The so. Her missing yet on either Bob Newhart show or new art in the wrong with either of those and haven't heard guys talk about them at all I don't think you will leader that I. They're classic though he can't just stick with. What the doorstep it's been in those are great. Editors are old married with children and that and it all our our. With Christina Applegate. It all done a bunch of shows that O'Neill a modern family and I mean I had Napster and innocent as that those Christmas. You're wrong there. So. They got married with children is definitely. It's gotten. It's one of those shows that. I grew up and this is married with children the old they showed it's still being syndicated game Ron and every single day now I see that on a TV just about every day in the middle of the day some more. Idol is the real cult. Classic a couple of guys might notice to a show on fox I think it did to ease and called Greg the army green Eugene Levy and and it was a take up on the market. Is on the most players sic on ever just didn't ever find an audience so that would be a real dark horse while our. You know I I like that suggestion I actually remember that show was pretty funny I just I'm against draft personally. Everyone else for you do it but I'm against drafting something that's been on for. Two seasons or less there's just not enough to go off. It's it's weird because I'm looking at the Greg the bosnians. Had an IFC east spinoff to. In the I have sees that you look I don't know that Greg the Bunny on I am DB and it just it says TV series 200202. Blake they don't they don't have a mandate for even though it's clearly back and ending of that series there's no lending to. Maybe there is a mandate maybe is still going on we just don't know about YouTube. It's a YouTube show now. Maybe it's just going on some obscure channel forever so I guess YouTube mom Netflix. Amazon Hulu they're all like exempt from the time slot. Yeah that's. They have to be. The bill that the game has changed yet the game is changing you've got Netflix releasing all these exclusive shelves now and Hulu doing the same thing. 3281. 2010. You have to be down between eight and 1030 years start the preen Affleck Sarah you know there's different eras in the sick draft or you just hear your eye on. TV TV. Yeah well that's that's where it all really began. Nash is still on every case is John and that's also that. Oh OK some mash is well. What channel two because married with children is a non like one of these channels that show old TV shows all the time. I think mash might only beyond bode talk like classics channel I don't think cable. We're gonna start differentiating between like no no I don't know he I'm just. But I'm I'm saying I think measures on every day I might meet TV well yeah but what I was just saying it doesn't really matter but I'm saying -- with children ST all the show I can think of it's being shown every day I am like actual. Channel. I don't know what an actual chance you got acids outward wares gonna move on from Allen got comedy acts. So comedy acts comedy acts hi I'm. Well bear I had all over because I want it in. Our own called com. Are your back and walk over are now good ideas. I. Ayman. Comment. Do you it think all comedy yes Colleen thanks. No and ordered a new black so I would try on. I think we ruled both of those out. They're kicked to the curb. I got myself a little doubt that stick it down well not if that belt. What. Am I don't know you but you mentioned about it but on a porch swing in the north. Art and I'll work she does. Well. About where. I haven't. Err no it will. You have been I'll. I'll Rivera and dancing. The mirror ball chipped it threw me for a loop there for a second. Yeah and let let let let's get your arms that are comedy. You actually rate but for a while. I don't I'm about to look at the camera and Fiat. Wants a first person view that any company. Yes that that definitely. Fresh prince has done absolutely I am wireless it's got an hits so many marks its so many marks for the sake I mean Al. Whole areas he got the star power with well Will Smith it was. Groundbreaking comedy and it has a super catchy theme which he now it can't be overlooking that yeah can you put that in sheer assure you can't. These charity that he. That being critical we're looking at our our air even what. You are not doing dirty about it. Yeah I guess that just died just last week with Carolina Panthers their their whole Twitter account was dedicated to it Soviets but the cultural impact is still huge. With a fresh prince I think if you were to talk to athletes like Athol NBA MLB players you were to ask them what their favorite sitcom has been a lot of them go to the fresh prince. I'd I'd I'd I'd. I wouldn't ID add even want them. I. Wow that's dedication. That you think that is critical I'll never forget this one we actually. When I was taking classes at UCC. Our whole class got extra credit for. Properly being able to recite the entire team of fresh prince misses this is what you're paying for when you send your kids how to shot clock so. Thank god it was it's one of those great. Everyone goes. Yes all this was the causes is a little while back to itself but it misses and even recent. Yeah and it's I mean again apple involves nutshell I don't think I've ever met anybody loves anything as much as that lady love the French fresh prince of Bel Air the first. Prince is one that is constantly on TV to follow up this high temperature on TV he could but I'm pretty sure it eternity. Fresh prints and selling foul and I would say probably the King of Queens there's still a lot of yeah of queens reruns that deal could probably show a lot of Ramon great. I would have to imagine. No I don't think now peek and see where do you rank. Those to me are almost the same show where do you rank Raymond and King of Queens is one above the other for you. That is. A I think I would go to show us a little bit. Everybody Loves Raymond over the case. I think I'm exactly the opposite you'd go the other way I think King of Queens made me laugh a little bit more then now Ramon did you wanna lie down with B mass on this on I love everyone loves Raymond because it just. The old man. The old man is so good and I'll show his head that data that show itself every time he is on that show. Stealing scenes yet but so is. The all other and mr. casino. Our first people are there's an element of queens the guy and they do in the gap had Oswald into I said it's almost like the same show just. You know there's a forty closes saying network to. There might even aired back to back. Which you know you're watching a different show probably but. Yeah I know there's significant differences in the show you know ones delivering packages the other ones sports writer. Same thing with the it but the real life if you want our package on a hot cakes by fifty I'd do not provide optics my taxes and ethics in a sports. True the Kim in buffalo you are on the campus like him. I got it and by the way Raymond and King of Queens is still on the Santini. Every night. TV land every night TV and you know really pick it. I would I think the TV land I think of like the Andy gray and these are all out and done small when did that stop that probably stopped in like 1998. Him we just have watched TV land cents via. They are on their hands on might not. In Queens example eleven to 1 in the morning to watch it every night. Mean I'm I have to stop. I'm an upstart tune into TV and late night bottom. I'm Colin Lakewood that I'll still way ahead of its kind com night court. Check the. Are on I have an I want my car. So on this on this team earth believe hair and yet that that's that's the wanna says I'm here it says W care. Like you got got. Tell me about these shows because animal I just a young guy I know I've heard of Volvo but relief I know given only made yet that the biggest thing that I know about taxis that Danny DeVito as a. Doubly off. Get Danny DeVito in taxi. Well yeah I'd heard. What was it about it there's a diet and a like taxis and there's this character in and make outs he. Cool you could compare to what it states signed by park I never watch I. Think Cramer. Com viewers like you don't. I don't know they took Cramer from his character. And he was played by eight. The cranky professor and director of future. Paul Christopher. I forget his last crazy Christopher crazy Christopher until they call them. And he had that one bit like Hubert he was the burn out Stoner. Guys it is it is and they are on the cab stand in entirely give him a license and he's going for cap. Yet the best that I've ever seen on a comedy he's preparing me guard and he. Either they're all standing around him a picture Ramallah the DMB and they're asking him you know what does yellow light mean they're while on and then he goes 08. War. So. As. Yeah I'll lol long lay me yeah so and they just keep doing and it's funny is that I've ever seen. They were gonna have the same character on the draft tomorrow well who you. Now you. Well the guy who justice this donor burn out type who just hangs around in cracked stupid jokes okay. At that time anyways yeah weird. It's a contract like look at this we got WK RP we got taxi because it does it we've got TV lands TV land now and we'll look up the TV land line up because. That's all I ever think about of this TV land is. The Dick Van Dyke Show and Johnson so much gun smoke. Just I thought I just played don't smoke from. Mourning tonight for a while I can't believe I've never seen gone smoke coolest show name never probably right. Gun smoke. Records just to name. Is pretty cool. Gone smoke somebody at the the late night lineup TV land starts. Right now right now if you turn on TV and right now we've gotten ash on. Net from 832. Two Aladdin. Just straight Everybody Loves Raymond what about the Andy Griffith Show does that get taken. I feel like the Andy Griffith Show if you don't let your kids ever watched TV you'd still let them watch the end secret show. Because it's so holes since the wholesome it's as wholesome family entertainment it is the most wholesome show ever made. Like Leave It to Beaver. I was never seen we've receiver yet. Christopher Lloyd is the guy's name that the current crazy guys crazy chris' Brian is calling him play eat yet you think of all of these shows in there there's endless there's so many shows there's only show them we've been getting all these tweets is our Hala how Evan you mentioned down home improvement yet how having image in this out. Because there's so many shows. You'd think going into this like I said the very beginning. There's like five shows that you think like okayed these five shows are dumped five sick comes I want to mess it. There are so many shows. We don't realize how much TV we watch until you start remembering them all yet and it's it turns out. That. Our generation here at grew up on TV. That's what we did how would mean I didn't watch a ton of sick comes all the time I'll go home and watch Nickelodeon cartoon network's I had a lot of those type shows. At the prime time. What about Nickelodeon Nickelodeon they had prime time cartoons. You now that their Internet they're not for 22 minutes type cartoons you know what about swing Josh. Althea counts either that's definitely a situation here I don't think it would show. It doesn't rank against you know all these these adults shows butts that is technically sick. And so I'm just thinking if you're showed its. Definitely strictly geared at kids. Are you still sick count. Are you were cute show. While looking at I think Arnold still it's. Is that kids show a separate. Phillip king show our separate category. So you're there it's like a kid I guess you're a library looking for dvds that will be under children's and not mean your accounts your right. Imus I I did go to Wikipedia after comedy acts. Told us to check it out so situation comedy genre Comedy Central rated centering it. Centered. On a fixed the south of characters who carry over from episode episode. Said company contrasts with sketch comedy were true may use new characters each got. Pretty much it's just you have the same set of characters that carry over cell. That's what a sick Imus. The need to see characters I guess sounds and a terrible definition it's what I like it better it's Wikipedia he can't he can't. Go against consensus. Yeah it's clearly just a situation comedy that's what it is a situation comedy television program may be record in front of the studio audience depending on the program's production format the effect of a live studio audience can be imitated or enhanced by the use of me. Laugh track. This episode is what he. His record and revenue less media needs. This episode is not be record in front of studio audience it should be based on as a contract it'd be sick contract probably should be recorded in front of a lot studio audience. But we don't have really a lot of space in here to bring in. A whole audience I think that's gonna happen in a 30551888550. To 515. South Park. You know what about it. The same we have mentions an hour and a half. There's a lot we have mentioned so we're gonna continue this while we get back after the break here Brian. Mass Rouse the running game steer Kramer we're all targets accounts here you can call in. Give us your suggestions we got Ron Paul and Chris. There hanging out there right to get on the right. To make their case for their sitcoms you do the same 830551888552550s. The nightcap on WGR. This soothing sounds of these it's always sunny in Philadelphia and I often falsely to this. We can get a cake. What for the flight yeah. That would be pretty sweet I am. You're you're talking me into it a little bit more now. O'Brien has brows ski here enough here we are talking about Mayweather McGregor a little bit because. That's going on that is the thing that's happening the progress. Or worse in Brooklyn tonight it was in Toronto yesterday and I'm actually going to a show at that exact same place they had this press conference that places. Pacts. For I'd just a press conference it's an end not only just oppressed Cameron a press conference featuring the same two guys. What a press conference the night before we're gonna have a press conference than I after not I saw that they were in in line to end. And meanwhile they're going to be known unknown error. So they they start I don't know where they started last night they were in Toronto tonight their Brooklyn. They might go somewhere else and then they go straight to England. I saw its of Yale. Partner leading chants that side. The others. And it looks like a crowd just filled with people with Irish flags yeah that was in Toronto that wasn't around free sure looked like an opening her place yet yet that was I'm OK I'd just indeed the night before it was Drake was there I guess to kick things on Greek of course you're going to be it's going to be the biggest event. And the sporting event and it rates yeah Ali edits the law. It is the law. He was on degrasse he made believed for a probably on just for laughs gags from teenage. Guy to rapper. And now to the teenage guy anyway wheelchair at Doral and yet he was shot and you know wheelchair. In the in the grass that and that until the bottom there and started from that is the bottom the bottom where it started from. Are you a trio by 51 EE it. By fifty to 550 Bryant right for the break. Talking about South Park. And re occurring side characters it's definitely sick vets over ten seasons right. Close to seize this so I mean it's hole and it shows he can just pick up anywhere. It wasn't until the last two seasons of the best of both worlds with South Park because the last two or maybe in three seasons haven't serialized. And everything before then it's just a one off episodes. Except for the few that are like four off episodes. Yet we yelling imagination Lam yeah that was like a three part thing before. I must say season eighteen I think it was as when they started doing the the more serialized. The gentrification. And people keep roads commie any and you know yeah all that stuff. The 21 season coming out next month pause why do you season's 21 season of South Park and become an August. That's up there for me I think that's the one where if your draft strategy if you miss out on the Simpsons. And you need that enemy Sheila Matthews I need top line senator. And everything else is like a really good you know top four. So you're grabbing South Park a little early. Yea got solve our opinion some other of the animated type shows that probably could be considered. Beavis and by god is definitely my judge and I think in my judge King of the Hill. King of the Hill is another one. All King of the Hill it's terrific show her a terrific show where do you stand on Family Guy. You know I ball early Family Guy was. High school I law of Family Guy before Family Guy was canceled for what. A year or two so they have like three seasons than they were kicked off the year for a couple years yet those first three C I thought were hilarious and ever since it's come back. And they have probably like ten seasons now since it's come back. I just had no interest in it whatsoever I don't think it's all that funny it's not for me. I may I think. After the cancel part they did have some good times though I'm sure they did actors. What probably hundreds of episode there's hundreds of souls utters I found to be good months probably recently. More recently. It's gotten a of them before it's it's very formulaic I think Family Guy went in the flash backs in the V cultural references. And matters only so far you can you can get with that until you start recycling a little bit right and I'm not even sure there's recycling but I think are now. The writers of that show are probably like OK what do we do enacts because we've got this. This formulaic. Lay out. And we got to keep coming up with new jokes that in the formula and I think Murdoch at a quarter jobs none and now I think especially have gotten worn out some with a lot of that so. Both both are definitely the heavy hitters of the the animated action of the sick contract I think is definitely. The citizens obviously is number one south market. In my opinion got to be number two K and L beavis and bought Paul Stanley guy all about like American Dad! in the Cleveland show ran. Now hey I'm like the American Dad! I think there's a few funny scenes remember from that but that's not hit it with me. At a King of the Hill though bets hilarious show gal volleys. I used to tell my dad that he looked like cake hill. He didn't like that he did not like that I'm like dad when you wake up in the morning become well. And you're wearing your genes in your your white T shirt you got your glasses on I hate to tell you look like him. You look I can't help but you look like Hank Hill propane and propane accessories. Future problems some attacks in the future on the future round was another good show yeah that's that's got to be up there with the V animated hit sits down the depth chart of the pre being good drop off against South Park even a South Park is. One of my favorite shows period. And then. Boycotted. It's a huge drop drop offs to line everything else another what I think should be mentioned is archer. I was thinking about archer because that's one of the shows that I you watch still like I had that's a show I won't put on Netflix. Yeah sadly it's really funny yet and it's it's if that's all right we let's get some calls in here before these odd for a call Chris and on the muscle will kick things off with. With call in England medical school and then. I think for an accounts. Toppled like donuts and on you guys are talking about hot similar Everybody Loves Raymond and the other shall watching it queens yes thank you they'll forget about shows actually crossed over a whole lot in between you know. Oh that's right Kevin James will be on Raymond playing the same character. Yeah. What did it go the other way around soup. I think Raymond did it a couple of DeSoto came. King of Queens. Yeah he was the bigger starts we didn't have to do it I think I'll just say that the crossover happen so that more people account to keep we MI wrong in thinking that. Kevin james' character on King of Queens actually started as a secondary character on the Raymond. And then got his own show. I honestly don't know Jack could be potentially correct gonna love lust after school. Well I mean that literally quarter up beacon news I watch those old sitcom all the time. I'm they talk about things that we just can't talk about anymore on regular cheese that count. One of the shows that I love dearly I don't know if you guys touched on it what else. El Al we have not touched on health at all but that is. Just that complete sarcasm that he had which just. All right got revolutionary. I I have Alf. Not the elf but. And health you have stuffed Alf I have a stuffed elf. Momentum. Probably the only stuff. Think from my childhood that I still have I don't know why am holding onto it. But there'll always be an Al shoved somewhere in the back of a closet. Yeah it's just that stopped you talk about I mean really what are really really painful after watched. Bought. Al character really made up for anything that really ever had. Yet yet that's elf I had not considered at all and maybe that's because you. What is what is the crossover appeal column with sitcoms and puppets like does dinosaurs come in here now he got dinosaurs is that does that show they can consider. As a sitcom. And I. Second that it's not so thanks to the call Colin appreciate and never forget yet I can't keep can't forget dinosaurs you know I've watched that show a lot ends. Great show. Not the mama I had there was there was moments in my childhood. Where there were people all my life I got a little too close to them and they would tell me not to momma the B like Ryan listen. You're in a little too low a little too close here I'm not the mama he would that's anomalous. Devlin resonated with me we've got to Chris in buffalo now Chris is going on man. It was guys I like the topic. Now I got I have been a couple that I have one problem I'm sure is Jeff. Not gonna be drafted in net result and compounded by showing my aids a little bit. That's one of the the ones that really kicked things off with a sitcom though Soviets got to get it's all what. Without without a doubt just like every app lets all look like just a misunderstanding. I'm pretty sure that one is going to be. Told shortly pars and one of them to get Smart I don't know if you guys off the middle additional. Yeah I saw. Like its kind of the James Bond spoof with the kind of right. Just like a bumble and back Obama in secret agent but you always of them didn't. And I'm not one that I have meg not going up and eight school I'm not even sure how long initial launch or. But Benny Hill I mean I'll never watch special and I literally did all right just cry. Just watch him to become Lama laughs and so aren't I don't know a lot of people remember about one but that was to me wanna like all the time for the sort of history of. I think people remember Benny Hill yet beauty sex. And that's the extent that was from any ill right. Yes yeah yep run around one. Yeah I was looking at a much better right now we equity sex theme song about the Benny Hill Show ABC British comedy. Okay yeah. I think the culprits hey if you draft the office to give both of them. Now. I think here the dry yet to specifically the office US. Yeah but I office UK. But honestly I don't think the the office UK is going to the stand much of a chance he should get both draft. No I can't give Paul that's different is different casts here's a show there's a cast again that just came up on Twitter. The Drew Carey Show I was looking at that they drew Carey show. Loved it and I lottery Gary showed TO has some serious star power. While a draw Hilary it's it's all these whose guys Craig Ferguson. On you for Gotti was Mimi. She's not sure. How much of the star. Who had. Oh what's the guy's name it and Vader her Bader. He's in non. Help me out here he's in office space. All of the neighbor yet office space that guy yet he's in there on the tall guy from who signs an anyway Ryan styles Ryan styles and they're there so pollen. He was in drew Carey show preacher I don't know but. Some serious are hard it is a funny show for awhile yes indeed the theme song of that shell is one that always sticks with me got drew Cary now. And you took over Bob Parker who might be the biggest new dates are all time. Bob Barker and I got Drew Carey fill those shoes self. What last a lot of you know drew Carey show lasted from 1995 to 2004. That's a good rob it is. The huge run out they used to do episodes I remember me be once a year or maybe they only did it once. But they would have an episode where you could spots. The things that were messed up yeah I Angel episode like a clock would be upside down and they'd run a contest you would. Litter and this is how things worked before the Internet. You would write these things down. Put it in an envelope yes mellow it's who they drew Carey show. And they would sort through all of these centuries. And pick someone who got you know X amount rights are maybe the entire thing you'd win a bunch of cash I do you remember I think a few shelves would do that but it was that it was like a trend there it was for a little while. I heard as distinct they're in our audience interaction by the mail. Doing that in there was another few shows that my favorite though is when a rerun of one of those episodes will come up and they'll have the explanation and it'll flash on the screen this contest has ended. Yeah thanks I've picked up on that. You can now no longer send your letter to the Drew Carey Show because it no longer exists. And if you did you think they still get letters. I'm how often is that episode being there probably do right. They've got you I would do it if I saw that episode right now right now watching Mel B inhaled helium on America's Got Talent. If they had this drew Carey show class right now are we talking about this in twenty years yes we will be. Maybe an hour let's go oh mark on them we got the last call coming up on in the nightcap round in Hamburg it's gone man. A guy is right normally I'm. You know why you are avid that your weight and I'd by the mother so that I was gonna really about Vietnam and that'll keep you on the secret I like yet. Well I don't now these throat here so like your bigger Barrett nowadays are often so and who embodies. I don't remember they happen it was brought up earlier that Tom Meeks Tom Hanks and it's available. Great but I'm saying that whether. To me start out that now look at him. Yeah eyes of one of the biggest movie stars in them in the history. And then on her welcome back Carter oh yeah Travolta. Got to hold up. Those I don't barely mentioned before. Now what I'm surprised that welcome back Cotter has been mentioned just because. For some reason to welcome back router just gets a random mentions on that afternoon show emotional and the Bulldog. Saw surprised that that one hasn't done. Bet that the very good show back in the days enough. Well I and it Dan rather classic battle the vulnerabilities are that Dick Brandeis wrote brought up. We we've we've touched on the date and it showed just a little bit thoughts that we. What do you think you bring up a lot of these old shows it. My theory has been there for awhile you know people brag on us for picking all the shows from the ninety's sedan Kobe and later. But I think those shows are better because there's more competition. The older shows didn't have to be is good all the time because there's only two other options. You've got it and if you pick about their classic in the that the situation were much better done they were welcome Beckett and I don't remember honeymooners. Dabhol empathy your gold. I I remember the honeymooners because I would watch all the honeymooners with my my grapple we would recorded on the teams for a mouth like TV land or something so that he can watch him so I watched the honeymooners my grandpa. Mean there's a good classic but then I told the guys into the all I use the lake home. Welcome our rock. Barney Miller. Yeah Barney Miller hasn't been brought up yet it spends its Spanish all that's coming at me through Twitter a bunch. It's not one that I'm super familiar way but it's it's one that's getting a lot of traction. I can't believe there's a crossover between people who watched Barney Miller and people who are on Twitter. But apparently there is apparently various. And W here. Yet they took all right appreciate it it's. That's the thing see you get on and here he lets five shows that we pretty much haven't even talked about. Now in the if you were to go through mine my Twitter. Interactions right now that the WG. Taxed page right now there's. Over hunkered. Over hunter jokes I really wanna get in on the Barney Miller Twitter. I want to find where it is and become a part of a community you you'll be able to find it you just got to go to its online mentions in there'll be Barney Miller. Twitter waiting for art got take one more break. Last call on the nightcap coming up next. This WGR. Yes. Another nice theme here. We go to jail last fall on the nightcap right gates'. Past ski. An analogy here. Brittany involved in. It involves the sick draft and become an issue for 6 PM. WGR Shelton bull dog show Mary Alice down there can be unique special guest appearance in his ski. Special guest appears to my results go going to be tough to piercing. Tomorrow is hard working man. Guest appearance guest appearance. Mode you call the do here. Making a guest appearance yet using proper ground I would go hole. You know I'm I'm sorry my parents there on the radio in the proper grammar isn't Ali is number one is the longest I've been on the fuel and haven't talked about pro wrestling. Each makes it a little on comfortable no just the dispute is observing just rolling that out there yet. Yeah. I think a it's okay though it's okay. It's impressive that it was actually go out pretty sweet wrestling is pretty hot right now laments our mortgage giant mortgage and one of these days we'll get into the summer months or so incumbent. Coming up and about a month a little over a month total did you do a nice summer slam preview when we get back here. They're here in a couple weeks and weeks from tomorrow. The where is just house I'll show you asked Friday night how showed the best thing you can non. Possibly having wrestling while we all know what happened the last time Friday night out shadows here you me and I we went to the show ends. Had a very good time had a very good time so well thanks for coming in and out previewing the sixth draft are you feeling prepared for tomorrow. No I feel way you less prepared now because now there's more shows there's way more shows that you didn't even know existed that potentially have the potential to be drafted I came in with like four shows them again trying to these four shows. Be pretty good yeah now. Others 400 shows ads it's tough sell yet. It's going to be tomorrow got sick on draft coming in as usual a drought how happening in the morning show. I think it's the finale of drop well so I know that's happening in and we're also having Kevin Payne wrote oh wire and toggle fancy football which over the bulldogs that's welcome to now. I'll have the I guess the wrap up the recap of the the sick I draft round site and like separate the nightcap rehab and I can't nightcap. Cap. Of the sick on draft tonight the sick cap the night recap. And yet have that coming up. Tomorrow and we never talked about where favorite sports video games mean that's the beat toss around tomorrow night in the futures and you'd see you for another day yet it's the summer it is the summer's right all right I am taking off. ESPN radio coming up next thanks to Brian thanks to Derek I'm trying gates on WG here.