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Mike shield and a Bulldog. Losers in other words on WGR. Sports Radio. Fine. Bulldog is off but I saw him yesterday and apart from. Powell. He was somewhat labored on the ice. In the eleven day power play he's seems to be doing well and is. Excited to come back next week. He's aware that he set he has to come back next week juries excited and so well maybe not. Here three days in advance. I'm Mike show thanks for listening. Joining me now is Scott fish creator of the finish he cares dot net site. Scott I have heard your name so many times we've never spoken by I'm excited to learn more about the site and your life thanks for being on me. Yeah yeah in fact big obstacle nobody from the Scottish fold higher proposed defense security but they're they're combined there. They're you puke. Thing Abdullah. Yeah can we opted to go by. So since I mentioned the website first fantasy cares this is an operation where people sign up and play fantasy football leagues through your site. There's no entry fee is no prizes the donation that you make goes to what. I coached her well the last few years we've bought. Toys all over the country. For torture touched. Basically it is essentially industry. Saying that we do. Particular era and the doctors bullet which is an event that has. Every single candidate LSU can match. Yet you Yahoo!. Yeah I mean like that the big all the big name is Mac Berry plays like every single entry analyst played and it. And you can play and I wish you just regular you don't not Ellis can put your listeners can sign up and played it with you people and everybody just gets together. Make donation. And that's for regular at that would buy toys. At and I've heard the format is interesting to how many people is it in all. It is 918175. League. Well men each. Armed and every week at at least six or seven Kansas analysts are very tight very tight. Okay even in today's. World there are so many analysts so that they that would only be like one team meet shifts police people would have to have more than one team. No no there are literally that that you can see analyst I mean they're not all alzheimer's some of whom have small little flights that don't in my sort podcast. That they're China eager listeners (%expletive) that'll allow it to excite you had a good you know five an analyst at that shop and a lot of us period except host. A lot of radio hosts from around the country. Yeah. Dump it in play and get there if they're for them to play it well. A lot of so obviously like there's there's an inherent challenge that the rest of us would face going up against those big names in fantasy football it's got to be real exciting for people. It is that it definitely love it hit you use your people like geek out a little that would make it play with Jerry you know they've. I don't know what restrict our business it is now a bit these are. Celebrities such. Oh right. So why am the finish he cares site solely were to the idea come from Scott and it's a massive undertaking it's a great cause you're raising should I saw today more than 30000 dollars already for this year. Where where did it start out of its start. Well it started about. 45 years ago there just a couple of pro on these are people understand industry to raise just a few hundred bucks for her first certain things and that causes. And the following I helped over that and an appalling here realized. At the trinity community we can really make something good happened here and I like to say outside of the Tibet even outside and that's. If you're playing Atlanta QB and exports to one of your Entergy donated donated to charity. No one in the league it's gonna miss that one achieve key and you can cure bad about doing it you know. You're gonna get behind to cap the winner picked the charity but ultimately just figured it. If all of all this principle by industry. Got that mentality of trying to help out we can there's hundreds of the leaks we keep you a lot of good out there. I love that. Joseph a momentary commit to I'm taking that to regroup rethink. Take one what 112. Of our of our pool and we'll donors will do that. Of our guests are right it's already this idea is already going going over well. Scott Fisher is my guest fish the fish bowl and also fantasy cares dot net. You view cohost of podcast you're on the radio or Minnesota I believe talking fantasy football I have a draft tonight. Let's let's let's talk gun nuts and bolts here I have a draft tonight. And I am picking eleventh. Twelve teams. PP our league relatively high stakes for me this is really important to do well. So. What should I mean I've of course I say of course a lot of research and I'm pretty good idea but as you hear me you lay that out what done. Do you think I should be expecting draft wise. If you. Not simply the guy to get there it's estate Melvin Gordon Lennart porn addict current hot dog cart cooter Jones Michael Thomas takes to get there when I'm drafting and delay and at that round. I just I talked to get one until stud running back because you're you're a good twenty clock ticked away. At least one of what you're the target when he plot takes away from another. Another case and believe it or not the running back since. They try our quick as you know the top 1213 fourteen. So by the time you're Garrett by the time you get that report turned. You're gonna be really out of side stud running back options. Whom. I've seen estimates and mock drafts were as many as ten running backs going around one. You have Antonio Brown in there as I've picking eleventh he would go in the top ten almost always and maybe Hopkins. So. I'll have to pick from probably or want to pick from Gordon Ford that about hunch is he gone we've got your gas. I how to restrict positions right around nine right now you know he's he may may catch. You accusing each year usually find him right at the tail and a first round or don't like computers started to slide down there as well tell. Yet to articulate hunt could make it but he's. Not an effort she's not. And Barkley is right there a notch above Paula is that what you would say to. Yep yep they're they're pretty much gone back to back and eight vantage. Okay. How do you compare Gordon. With four Nat. Patents. And guess that's it like Barkley gone on goggle Gordon verses four net for you Scott. Well I'm more recording I just because I think he's gonna have a better a lot more perception here I especially for the Q purely extra. She's he's they lost Patrick Henry thank you an idea how little more to rivers I know that it went seven yards per carry on three areas she. In a little disappointed that. He does you don't have that the account status and in this sport after etiquette cute you expect good read on back you jaguars ran the ball had the most rushing attempts in the NFL last year. So I hit a a ticket it's such a ball and I'm a Orton got. Two teams with excellent defense as you would think to. May be setting up well for running backs who thinks so I was talking to warn sharp on the air yesterday. And he has written about in his analysis how inefficient the chargers are. Like they have right specially with Henry and their like the they're everybody's idea of all of a trendy pick last year to. But some. They still seem to do it statistically strategically they they make a lot of mistakes are what I think about a team like that and Keenan Allen being around that kind of status to eighty. Scott I wonder if like I should look at the chargers as a team where more is possible or if instead leave your party answer this really perspective Gordon. Alec which direction they go lots of talent is there are they finally ready to win is 11 factor in this for me. And Edouard Sharpton meeting him. His his book has it's total community it's it's like a reference I love that thanks but. Yeah I'm actually really on and on bandwagon over over his career when he's been healthy. He either scored the touchdown Orkut potter plus yards 47% of the time which is light years above most other outlets like put up record June year Antonio Brown territory. Insist incredibly consistent way and help you just gotta worry about the injuries which is fine last year. I take up on the side that we need that they might be on the upswing. If you. You gotta have gotta have progression usually end that conflict positive progression back to me where they'll be more efficient. Them but that was a playoff team last year almost anyway they missed field goals early in the season like. Here the bills making it the chargers had this great point differential and the bills made it with one worse than the bearers and the Buccaneers so but that's. That that uncommon in the league does a lot of lot of that the league year to year and talking with Scott fish Scott there's also fantasy cares dot net. Well we're talking here Scott in buffalo a lot about LeSean McCoy of course. Warner if if this is the right question at this point what is what are you seeing. Ever draft position wise if it's not too soon here in the in the last few days thinking about McCoy and his off field stuff. You know it might be a little too soon to get like real hard date on it. But I have I have noticed and dropped. Dropped at least an official drafted me and Lotta people have. Has jumped in cute don't even draft mode which is you know there's got to give up points for every player right right. I think she's I think she's definitely got several rounds already if not more than that. Where was he at the best this offseason was he like mid second. That I. Yeah huge he's always gone between now and the latter half to the second round. Q who you know admit. At third right now arranged. I'm just looking at my site at some recent draft and he recorded and played it strategic force so. Yesterday he was gone that put it. It is for which has. Certainly in the third round. Right mid fifth. Or another got another few guys your Scott the have bomb maybe maybe the worry is polarizing. People have varying opinions about them while we're talking about running backs one is Gerry McCann and in San Francisco he he's got a lot of fans a lot of people expect that to go really well. Not everybody what about you on jerk McKinnon. While men and yes like the widest range of outcomes of any ready back out it should be about cal. Reception guy that understanding and seeking a minute pretty mineral or you can beat these guys I thought it and it got that I watched. Not be able to beat out the tickets Murray or that yeah. From contention. Well I I think QIQ. Can be somewhere in the middle where people think I think people are probably too high on him. But she's gonna have that all out of it and Shanahan is going to want to at least. Right to teach him that much. And argument came to running back and sent people all edit every every appearance IP is that she's going to get that volume at least early on if you can take advantage of it. And its ground below is. Good enough record back at secure will be I think he's going to be a good play but yes some people are a little little too optimistic. Speaking of the 49ers. Ordeal like more. Your car so on from mark he's good when. I'll haul home and certain that the top one. I I love it went upside I think it went the better basketball player predicting correspondent. In it's just it's safer more consistent target. Still. It depends on the format I'm playing him but. You know you're a huge if you need to secure the sense that it probably get an if you need speech or because you. Already taken too many such already it's probably get dark side. Pilot that point thought it was Scott fish. Scott how about Deon Lewis and Derrick Henry. It's probably their candidate for me another and I might you know I've I've got a little bit I would sure sure that I love you on the list and we're talking about a a redneck that was running back up and indeed DR over the steps from weeks six last year but well I mean about a guy that New England chose not to resign. That figure Tennessee wants to you once you at least lead off with Andrea and to draft capital they quit in him. I think Yahoo! is going to be a bet that if I have to pick one it got to be. All right how votes new England and some speaking to Dion Lewis the teeny left you've got Burke had James why the Sony Michelle how would you rank them. PP ER. I yup I'm 100%. That sort of Michelle on that fund they got in the first round today they expect that our capital on and they let Lewis to a golf course Lamar just said. What Louis did in that stretch at the end of last year I think Michelle. Can replicate that someone asked me purple on a rookie and the other day and I said Saudi Michelle gonna hit 12100 yard double double digit touchdowns. Do you feel like New England with all that all the credit they get all the success do you are you also when you're thinking about him making this point that. For New England to draft him in the first round means a lot better third gonna do that like if the patriots are gonna do that you know they're gonna use them. Q that would hurt our running back in general and can skip that gives them the opportunity I mean maybe it does me no important drag and I'm not I'm maybe it doesn't it doesn't work for me it's just to draft capital invested in a running back that heights they're gonna keep him. I think I think that's what that letter. All right like that. Our Cleveland has a lot of names. I know winless but they do so how do you look at the browns and what do you expect from their skill guys. Well I I expect just cordoned. QB. Good not great. She's being drafted like he's going to be a target in and we have to remember it worked like years removed from that. I think he can be good. I think Tyrod Taylor's game can be good for him I think it's a acute got a good keep all the could be good for Dutch Gordon terrorist lynch is gonna take kick a lot of middle stuff that militants and that will especially that Joker and those well. There will kick Gordon opened and I think eastern dealing consist. I started running back. I don't know man. I paid to note that but I think that sharp is easily the most talented. But I don't keep your job and future our role going anywhere and it just signed Carlos Hyde and I kind of believe it's gonna just yet pull on committee and I have zero trust and hue Jackson knowing what to do it any. So probably would have misty you were dresses. The time columns and more of those guys is an option you might look elsewhere just because of that lack the confidence. Yeah pretty much. Somebody else can take that chance. And act one guy for me were I'm doing that is to Shawn Watson. I'm letting somebody else I'm letting somebody else take to Shawn Watson because there's somebody in every league it seems that can't wait to. What you want him. Yet I mean that's exactly right and I think I have the ranks fourth Kirk chipped in my quarterback right now. Actually the back and forth but. That in type no chance to getting him because of what you set in politics and one team out of that well it's just beats. This guy is amazing look at this sporting apple side that we so. If we got to keep reminding each other exporting and I know exporting with like. Thirty plus vanity point but it was just four games. And the defense is getting bought back its giving birth slipped backed him I have to score as much as it is as they were before. And quickly Scott if I can keep going your a couple of interesting teams that are around a little bit mysterious Chicago is one. With the new coach and a lot of uninteresting and new pieces there party a look at the bears. Off. Yeah I'm not a Jordan art and I look it is nomad Anke and I think when an offense elevates. A rising tide raises all boats. There's a long history or top five running back from and from top ten often does that not seem that there's gonna get their store in the opposite get better running backs get better. I think three Cohen to the meeting satellite package. Such a game breaker but it depends on how much Nady gets you in some at Miller Alan Robinson. Just. Trey Burton a lot of weapons for too risky to have. Potential terror that that Jarrett got light jacket year and another to get there but a lot of potential there it just a lot of potential I'm not. I'm not each Sri pertinent to topped. And the tight end yet but a lot of my colleagues are. Tight end is so tough mean. Todd it's tough to get to 1010 good names there army I think five or so war pretty obvious. Certainly the top guys are but then like what is six times look like on that list is it it's probably Rudolph. And let me are also an acute. You're asking me how you fifteen guys that can be in that that kicked the can range. Okay great may be I like. I like break because they pay them. I immediately got two years ago it. What the context sound to monetize it and then QQQ the clintons security blanket even when they brought in which it Howard's he kept going to break. I I think that we're gonna it's gonna be interesting to the first or game went into that actually because. At Patrick did not look at great all last year when Jamison and was injured but the other well game to the scene and for your fantasy anyway. I think Britain it. I Internet options. Scott one more thing so when I hear people talk about the fishbowl. They often are quick to then mentioned how the format is interest thing and that includes points for first downs right. Yep yep every year it changes IA I wanna keep analysts on that so now I wanna put the industry to considered different scoring option. I think first downs batter in the NFL so I think it would be nice to that should be categorical start today. Get used to playing with it's fun watching the play around in at one. And has the player on the heels aren't they can get appoints. But yet to play extra first down. Import and allocate GR. But it also has QD premium story in and tried and commute for and that with us you perplexed so it balances every position and scoring. In the draft absolute chaos. A I mean so who is what what's what's a certain player or type of player that boosted by that the tight the first round scoring does that like a short yardage back may be your rule. There's definitely goes back it did you that having that big on our Catholic brought in Chelsea who looks set to ridiculously high percentage of their receptions. Go for first down and yeah and and there's there's little players that and it's like QQ are persons not to be out there are players that are better in this format that you wouldn't. Usually consider. I would have a tough time finding you could tell me probably but the website that would allow me Iran mock drafts with that format you know because they. Sites some so many sites are so good now like you type you customize your. Your scoring in the give your rankings but I don't I never see first downs in there. Yep yeah out and it's it's a little more difficult. Two years ago last year when I brought. But her first down cute fish ball hostile blog go to it is talking to Joseph Bryant about this and sirens shepherd who's wanted to die Anderson the other day about this day they've brought in points or are down to that football guys strapped dominate her out. Specifically because I elite force that. Some analysts are set out for humanity and I'm gonna go look at that. Right now. Very good sky has been a pleasure good to know you thanks for your time and have a great season. Yeah I'd like you do get an.