07-16 The Nightcap Hour 1

Monday, July 16th

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Major League Baseball takes center stage tonight as the T-Mobile home run derby kicks off from the nation's capital at 8 PM. Hometown slugger Bryce Harper headlines a star studded field of eight contestants and he hopes to join Ryan Sandburg and Todd Fraser. As the only contestants to win the derby in their home ballpark. Park will be taking on braves' first baseman Freddy Freeman in the first round of action. Elsewhere in baseball the all star game starting pitchers were announced earlier today it's going to be Chris Sale for the AL vs Mac certain Max Scherzer for the NL. For the second straight Midsummer Classic there's also sells a third straight all star game starting not for the American League the third time in May Italy history at that appearance has occurred. We've also passed the NH the NFL's franchise tag deadline Adams sector reports earlier of certain that none too big for franchise tender players. Reached agreements with their respective employers. So bloody end bell the Marcus Lawrence ZE outside and LaMarcus Joyner will all be playing on the under their tags for the 2018 campaign. Speaking of long term security atrial contracts were signed in the NHL allies slid home inked a six year deal with the flames. He was dealt to carry last month from Carolina and a five player trade. All the ducks anatomy and wreak agreed to a five year 29 point two million dollar extension. He tallied fifty points last year between New Jersey and Anaheim in the predators signed their backup goaltender UC Soros 33 year. Four point five million dollar contract on buffalo more of a minor move the sabres signed for CJ Smith threw one year two way contracts. He posted 44 points in 57 games of the Amber's last year his first full professional season. And with Smith the signing on with the club that means a Sam Reiner is the only remaining aren't today. To check off the list live coverage of any self free agency on WGR Sports Radio fight fifties brought you that lock port outdoors or. I am packed year for our working men and women. And finally the buys his return home looking to shake off a tough weekend in the Lehigh Valley they play host the Norfolk tides tonight at 705. Catcher Jamie Jetsons and trying to the team at three very busy week where he was a choice the IL all star game. And also homered in the MLB all star futures game yesterday at Nationals Park. All the action from local field getting underway right now can be heard over on our sister station ESPN fifteen point. This is Kyle Albert WGR Sports Radio bike fifty and as the days and brought to you about linkup. Are you in the know doling Dell online at lingo buffalo dot com. It's a nightcap with Ryan gates. Owners. There is enough. Nightcap on WGR. Sports Radio 515 million. Would goodnight cash and. Jody B I'll see here at WGR Sports Radio 550. Is the one hour show tonight. We have the Major League Baseball home from home run derby tonight. Kyle's rubio with a filly UN that way more than I can I know Bryce Harper's and it. I know what's over be rooting for. And that's it saw no. It's it's ten Washington is it that's correct what the DC Washington DC monopoly that the state which would be Seattle. So that it's not Seattle's in DC. On. Seems like a good night to view one minute baseball Kyle Powell. Jerk who do that little little home run derby preview perhaps little I do wanna talk media little all star game to. On the format especially because every time of year every time the Major League Baseball all star game comes around. It reminds me that they are. IC do think I think all leaks have figured out. Their all star game but. The one thing that baseball has over the other sports right now is affected it does mean something and I wonder how youths that feel about that we'll get into that later though. 830550. Is the phone number I got one simple question today. I need fantasy football party ideas. Committee putting together something here. For and won a big leagues and it's. I know a lot of you are most a lot of you out their play fantasy football and sure a lot of those that play fantasy football you offline drafts. And I'm just looking for the Cree yeah aided fallen. Ideas for a group of guys to drafts and drafts of football players. Barry got some reaction Kabul attacks like 55550. And and on Twitter at sneaking Joseph WG are going to phone calls to 8030550. Is the phone number 1808550. To 550 is the whole free line if that. Floats your boat. Speaking of votes. Think it lake house. Now. I've been. Trying to talk down and that idea thinking it's too big. But. And so this this league Lebanon to a little over decades now. Are about a decade it's Iran. Every single time in the same place as Ben. At our one of buddy's parents basement is serving her kids so that's where it is and it's pretty nice setup when it's nice basement. It's got a governor's room on the side that as a door so you can go when we make that draft room that's a pretty nice set up. But it seems like the popular. Mean it's not popular but. Draft rooms at like restaurants. That the cook the restaurant verses. The posting it somebody's house vs maybe renting out somehow slightly counts with those taken of the can be pretty cool. Some of the ideas are already got word to it in a restaurant. Because they kind of set you up with everything you know I've looked around there are some places like that they'll set you up with a private room food of course. And draft forty even with the set of that. Doesn't it kind of bring you out of your comfort zone like like I don't know a big and I'm trying to think more creative than even that. And there are some. Other. Responses that I can't necessarily read on there. Somebody else is directing me to web site. And then. Jeff rates then. Haven't somebody's house you can do one games nothing beats affinity draft to kill time and long games some Arab. Actually currently. On Wikipedia page have a net users are used to watch a guy that's not there anymore but you're watched the league. Golf course a threat. Amazing TV show a current of its a shame we don't have it open somewhere yet I know we're at to do that whether it's for the nightcap or for the afternoon sure we're gonna need to league optic I was only going to final list of all the places they helped draft parties. Yeah I'm trying to think back to the show elegant beach or pool. I think TO was actually one of their draft parties some crazy one of those guest stars wonder if I can get TO cool. You mean in this trap and if I I don't I don't know what what do you do give a hall of fame jacket. Guests have given his own little ceremony at the draft is just to show off I mean. I don't know I I wonder how would the odds are good at the TO at this thing but not really. Again another idea of the long game guy says go for a there's other stuff here's what can jam. What's the what's the long game where you throw the thing up it's out of the numb shocks kind of they're not actually 00 that face Kyle looked me was. One of sheer terror nobody knew exactly where you were describing you thorough public does the different levels of latter Imus called letter letter ball. On the silly ball but I think. That makes him since Robert golf balls frank Frank's very funny here's his watch highlighted each of the naked human interceptions before the first five picks. Kind of appreciate that because I think it's kind of funny but I should I shouldn't I don't know if I should think that's funny. So yeah also someone says it's an auction doing this is this is Carl do it in an auction house with a legit auctioneer. And paddles. Then. It's not an auction draft first off so I'm not sure I can do that. We got some good ideas for a better cook out vs restaurant. Basement which currently just mention of our place a restaurant verses. Some sort of lake house and then long game's story got written down so far. Or make all of that happened. Or. 8030550. Is the phone number. Give Kyle some space here to brief person baseball talk I'm ready to give you a little extra time considering it is. Home run derby night while is my favorite night of the baseball year. Because he's maybe the only event I will watch nick Thatcher of the to be honest I don't know this is because. The fact that have been on the radio. Kind of makes me think maybe I should know at least a little bit about baseball I have watched the playoffs on and off and that I will watch the World Series. So I am watching more baseball than ever have before the home run derby I was watch even as a kid again never liked baseball's kid I would watch that. On. And that ended again past couple years. The World Series still. The greatest moment I've ever had watching baseball that was still that. At a news that's fit their seventh inning between the Rangers in blue jays a couple of years ago. There's his one inning the last link to our fans are throwing things in the field and Jose Batista hit the home run of the bat flip. So it's hard to get into it a little bit. We're doing here. One is based on. Yes sir perfect but again of one off tubman and it's been ten years since the I think it's not doing you got demonstrate you know do this or we need timer. The tiger exists for legit read its home run derby night and now I said oh give you extra time and I will be the judges that we need to see how it's going the timer exists for any reason. Does think to be a baseball show. No it could be. Maybe one day it could be they do one day I go to the finals vs them in a reference doesn't it Norman derby Islamic way. Fourteen added there's different format to what they're not like last couple years have been a different formats at home is at least one to fifteen at a time. Not albums we get as many swing so cost me Christians. Three minutes added it's form added a timer for the home run derby but they will not. At a Tyler for elegantly pitch clock or anything. It's get it's it's close you think it yeah what do you generally woody woody think of the LB also form the fact that the winning. Side gets gained seven. In the world accused. Offers all the more incentive I mean and also a game is an all surname honestly I know you. It's it's a lot more about the fans Lama about. The players and the camaraderie here camaraderie and coming together and have a great time and taken some time off from the regular season but it you can incentivizing Melvin Mora believed. 20022003. Was the first time made installed this I think two dozen to us in 2000. Shoes. Weird it is an accident it being like a tie. In the also a game as a went so many innings that. Both teams ran out of starters and actual pitcher's because you only throw them 23 innings but. But I don't know it's it's a little bit some a little bit of something that keeps the dazzle more motivated to stay involved in the game I mean. There's always guys like Nelson Cruz who stops the game to consulted with Teri they're Joseph west. In the middle and at bat but Joseph west. Kendall that is. The comic cowboy then. He's an old school umpire marrow for 3040 years. Gotcha I do think it's I think. Every sport has figured out the Austrian. I really do I know they get a lot of criticism especially the NHL all star game in the the Pro Bowl was the one that got. Eighty ton of flak. But I really do think that. All these weeks have figured out their All Star Games I think that the NHL it's better than it was Jon Scott all streams awesome. That was Superfund. Also. The NBA all star game age if if you watched it this year. It was pretty competitive from start to finish the pat the last couple minutes where really intense. Very tightly the last play of the game staff Currie. Trying to hit a fade away three over LeBron James and Kevin Durant who were going all out to block the shot. Which was to tie it LeBron had a shot in the final seconds for it before that to take the lead like those guys were giving it their all specially news yet. So the NBA figured out a way in part that was just the leadership of the two captains is here to the bronze after they just kind of did the players that it. The NHL with doing it going to three on three allows for more skill. It doesn't rear leg if you if you don't skate it you stand out or you can't be as lazy if it's three. So I think they've done a decent job at the pro polls are right the past two years I don't know what they did. To fix it but it's a little better maybe it's the threat that was gonna go away but the point two years ago Kirk 'cause it hurt Laurence Alexander. Actually I think it's the interception. And then lateral that somebody else. And Kirk cousins who threw the interception late eighty yards. The other way. Chases down the the guy. And just whacks the ball out as he's diving for it right before he gets that the goal line it was a great play. So the in the Pro Bowl was a little bit more interesting this year. So there's that. And I do think that bill I think these leaks have. They're start to figure it out. The third figure out how to make it more competitive. Because that's what's gonna make it more entertaining you got any competitive or nobody's gonna care if the players don't care and fans are gonna care and then your sponsors are gonna care which is pretty much the only reason these things exist. And kids kids enjoying them did you enjoy this kid all the Austrians. But it speaking of also earnings friend of mine got in touch with me speakers we apparently misspoke. The mobiles are game since it's the end of the toy sixteen. Season has axed him and so last year's old sort it was the first time there was no playoff implications and ball real real operative. The most those. Nom. Followed the cubs and Indians. Did something happen to trigger that or they just kind of I don't know I'm still looking into is that actually slipped my mind I'd forgotten last year was. So you have any memory of last year's all star game how'd that go. Is there any difference they are really the no offense baseball's not really much of an effort sport. Late usually it's a boast the guys standing around for most of it so. League you can. It it's hard to not try in baseball you know I mean like hockey league you can just not bad check football you can just not block. Better ball I guess is kind of similar where it's hard to not try. But you cannot we defense. He's a Miami lesser memories being very pitcher. Pitcher friendly pitcher heavy com. A lot I believe both sides win with less starters in more relievers. Because of the one inning you know you never throw more than four fight out the most even your star revealing those two innings. I believe it was 11. Into the tenth inning in the L actually took the lead and Robinson can no home run off Wade Davis in the game and to want and so. Not on offense. Was ironic it is via home run derby was one of the more foreign ones is that we've had since. Point fifteen maybe tot freezer and pools went off it was like UH for as young age. What's what's your what's your prediction for tonight Burris harper hometown. I light yet I think the field is a little bit weaker this year but I would not sleep on it. He's use Ankiel are out of the one seed only carelessly autumn because. And literally knows about it or couch were over from Chicago. Are nice. 830550. Is the phone number two and chime in on the All Star Games and other formats how would you make him better also didn't see more fantasy football party ideas in here. What do you donning your drafts and creative and fun. Get some good stuff or read a couple more of those on the other side of the break also I do wanna play back. The Matt Ellis interview from this morning with Howard on the morning show. By all accounts I listen the most of it it was really good good insight. Got me pretty excited for the season. Just talking about the young guys that were development camp that are probably be on team talking to Lee middle sad d'alene. New AB CJ Smith he signed today. Those of the private key guys that were development camp do you think have a legit shot. To make this roster daybreak a little bit early we'll come back with all that it's and I can't Jody B Osce Kyle Powell thinks the listening to WGR. Don't let here's. Under me. Chris Berman is he's earned that much but a plea deal and he did not 2000 and it doesn't look at those ten years ago. There's ten years on the got away Josh Hamilton pounds 28 home runs in the opening round. It's always the finals loses to Justin Morneau by I believe the final score five to three. While Daniels is only about an hour baseball. It's. We can't do it McCain may be a split up in the segments I can't do on our street. Let's go to feud Joseph Joey and I kept going on. I thought I don't go to Leo. God god on guard lieutenant devote all us go to the person. Ever pay act and always strap on hardly been a lot. But we came up with the idea if you do that. I've won it out. Gotten nice Alec that Alec I like having to actually punish the person for doing that and that's the I know you gotta go back and pick again. Debts good idea like that. Great idea as a good time and or people abide shocked that it did not expect. Aaron delicate Joseph thanks for the call. I'm deathly down for punishing the the guy who forgets. It's almost retired avenue mile the couple years ago some drafted Brandon Lloyd. After like two years after he retired from the patriots. Or did he retired came back and then return and a retired again I don't remember. 830550s. The phone number you know anything with the talk him on the past. Half hour or so horribly met Alice coming up in a little bit here he was on the morning show earlier today can negate pretty at the got me excited for the upcoming season. Sought count up early days away we were early Tuesday pre sloppy muted forget that but. Couple months. Couple months away from hockey season. A week away a week from. Thursday is the start training camp. So that's common and pre seasons come and I wonder. Two on that what the odds are. Of who certainly as we go into training camp conversation for another day and up. 55550 by the way is tax line you can tweet at me. At sneaky Joseph WGR. Getty couple other draft party ideas. Well it is a trip. That's going to be tough. They went to San Diego on the trip so I mean fun. That's something you gotta land in it but welded it to be at least a year in advance I would have to think yeah everyone on the same page. Yet. Islets ST medalists here. Medalists former buffalo sabre. Regular contributor to the investigators and also the academy hockey. In downtown buffalo at harbor senator he joined Howard Simon this morning give a little recap. Of development camp in a preview of the upcoming sabres season. Can you excited for some of the young talent. That is going to be receiver uniform for the upcoming season here's Matt Ellis out of Howard Simon this morning. So where this team is headed with just cycle playing down the middle and if you double that's coming as well you know paying guys you. You know that type of money to yes the second or third line under depending on where bill that land. Or can understand even from an ironic perspective what it might wanna move on them and they get obviously there's they're the things that we don't know all the hills about as well so it was a really really good player rival rather a question. As Mike Kelly yes everything. So the bulldogs. Where you talk a little hockey here what you would consider wanted it too much more calls in on the baseball discussion get a concrete tweets about it and I'll try get to those two. 8030550. Describe your current fan status when it comes to Major League Baseball you're gonna talk bills sabres World Cup whatever else undermine you know foreign throws of we love to hear from you. We have another win cash code we're we're gonna get you at the bottom of the hour but. First let's go to our AT&T hotline I'm not gonna lie and basically stealing this from the investigators. So Matt Ellis was on the and skaters were you here regularly on in skater but he was on the other day and were talking about the development camp this map was one of the coaches on the ice. And I'm driving home and I'm listening it was a little things where you don't hear this to hopefully sometimes about us were like you're listening to and interviewing your life in Ike. I got my destination but I'm really enjoying what's going on I wanna hear more this I'm not gonna get out of the car. And that was talking about Rask is Colleen in the prospects that he was working with on the ice and I found it really fascinating that's a long way of getting to. Hi Matt it's Howard in Brayton thank you for coming on what this is warning you Dylan. Are good guys spectrum are know as I tell yeah I was I didn't really interesting first off. Matt you should be like you know coaching full time I mean your your breakdown. All of everything you saw from Rasmussen the guys that camp I thought was really interest. Well I guess all stirred up by say in this growing into the the second lightly in the playing like hide in and jump in all. Full throttle and the development world and it changes your take on things. We've been doing a lot of lot of good work done at the academy and its permit them and a building process of going from player development coach and since she may gain through different lands. Being able that take process. And translate some of those things to the athletes that we work with an in depth camp was a great opportunity. To not only showcase. A little bit about that but as well as a as a young. Development coach being able that she out some of these elite athletes such as Rasmus polian. And actually see Middlesex. Page digestion process and that translates. The teachings with baby girl spent on things which helps a coach continue to go all we get batters while you get through their lands. I'll get to them specifically in a moment but in in a larger sense that as. When you were at a camp like that and you are working with those guys and you know you you work the academy of hockey Cuba when you're at a camp like that. When it comes to young players who are considered to be top prospects in the organization. Look for are there certain indicators or signs that your looking for from those prospects that to make you think. This kid's going to be good. Well I think Garrett to start operation in India some of that talent there there's obviously something that is made them a leak or is. Caused that not all of bought around them to get them to this point and they all curious since uniqueness I believe that. That developed the development is unique players calling cards. Certain intricacies. Well within that that make them special he would start looking I guess first and foremost what jumps off that the page that you see right away. That makes bad we something special and you know it may be as speed it may be the change of speed it may be the way they can get hooker. Two disconnected upper body from his lower body it may be as is crop protection ability or. The ability to make plays and tight spots you're able to pick something note usually raid away. Not to get chewed or under the first time I had residents going in on yours prior to death camp. I in the first time you received without the pot but support is with his posture right veterinary turn to one of all what are my colleague and expect you know what. Watch this ever slaughter on the clock everything was done queen employers. They're not a certain moment like that is on a simple skill jumpstart your right away because accuses both small parts. That make the big difference in the end it right away just handling the puck are kind of jump stop and it said you know watch this luxurious coats. It's funny you you could you bring up when you saw we were there Thursday that we're doing our show Thursday morning at Harbour Centre and and a couple things that out with him one was some of the skating drills and it wasn't. It wasn't pylon and I forget which you guys had on the ice but it's stuff that you can you got to skate around them. While yes handling the puck there was another drill where there were two pucks in play were they were skating around things and what they they started with. Two pucks and then all of a sudden they got to feed a coach and coach got defeated back. And he just looked it he thought there was self loading him and he just he never Boston's stride and he never lost control the clock or has been I mean it was just so. Smooth. Ball that are sure I mean we conclude the way he does think there's a level poised everything. Our poise and purpose I'd like to call it just watching it movement pattern. Our efficiency of the big word or income but a lot of those real power their their base dark beat and separation there are say god. Multiple skills haven't I think a step had such a multi parter will be available at the process and know where your next step is going to be before you make the one prior to that. And you know just seeing that. Lol go through their no panic not imagine it on the gators the other dates that jump soda Buick and is his ability to cheapest upper body on walk. Which I think you know is a big piece though allowing everything wolf from there and watching them go through those drills. Lot of the content separation bolts Epoch of the movement drills. There's definitely that level there were. Is that you can't separation at the upper body as smooth which usually pulls the lower body mark. Not only that. Skating style the way that he is Bruce's hips were unlocked. She does not she does not lose this posture and is able to create speed and met in different ways. And that that's on there that makes him unique as well. The other things met Alice with a journey eighteen Joplin for a few more minutes he's actually busy down on the at the academy at thinks like an like you to like but. One of the other things like o's it's about Rasmussen that is is really something we're hearing from guest since we were talking about his work ethic. And you told the story about the date of the press conference itself like key. Is possibly trying to work he's constantly trying to get better what do you see about his work ethic whether it was on the ice or off the ice in the short time you were around him. Well first off of the day at a press conference in New Orleans because you know what. Look at Rasmus went through he did it a couple weeks prior to coming in the ball lol. Or death camps in all I can only imagine in the world of an eighteen year old debut about a stresses and things that went on it would. Take pre order of anything that they ought microscopic and go get on the bike get a little sweat on get a flush but I got a cult and we pushed it back rather than make you really want it right there that jump started because initial maturity already. Initial level for special about hunger. Or young player that you want to get on the ice and you want to get this thing started or not just words in the press conference. Of all Alexei what did he did and get on the ice you know he he talked the talk and walk the walk on board. Out of the ordinary there. And secondly. See the effort that went and went into the practice your religion prominent. And a session be run by the guys at the academy doesn't know us normal and and the body and the execution. You know. You can you can just see a driving on the way don't count on this board knows they can. I'm like one of the bills or jump though is in this betrayed Malia. As the Jack. Should never wanted to not. Whether it was. Only in order those finishing an opportunity. What are it was just nailing. Vigil for the best of his ability you could keep that in a and that's speaks volumes for for you on where there a reason why it makes it special and thought Howard. I'd love Vista that's. Chicken pox long after the session were done smiles on the basis. And about each other a little bit. And you know that were treated you really you that your passion and love for the game. Which which would agree foundations. Two to build build move or opera. Nice some as young guys maybe building a bomb already some together in the since we hope they're going to be part of the core group. Before let's go Matt the couple other guys just give me your thoughts on what jumped out argue this in name's Casey medals that what grabs you about him. Are the one thing with Casey. And I I loved this back because all players learn differently just like everywhere do you call players learn to communicate in the process art art being. It was a horrible clock protection and small areas and we ought to all be honest with Koppel. Of the things that we threw actually Hewitt out VA LER two are what you this search how can I do this smoother in it and do this better. And you know I can see him like really really portion. Wanted to do it into wanted to nail. But like one of the things I've learned what mail processed separate sometimes the best way it just roll and it acquired a goal. And case in port a small area game we did at the end where she was able to protect the pocket everything just came out or you can upload to it years. The way she grew as his body you know he's able to changes speed courses is parks skills. The major asset he has that Lehman's side where he can he use his body to protect. Chapter defenders triangle and one of the victims who thought voters do know though eliminate heritage and stuck a defender on your backside. Casey's great at that as our protections guild and a small area and being able to changes speed to manipulated defender is he's extremely excited. And the sky's the limit. Not only protect in the puppet getting it back to in that truly was very good at that. Brendon goalie what would you tell me about him. Let's say electable goals you know write or read off the bat you could see that he understood coming adept camp at this stage. For him. Well the ball more than just what was going on on the volume was a leader from day one realise I'm the older guys here I've been through this before my job kind of set the tall order and yeah and kind of guide these guys a log are sequels the first thing to jump so it has skating ability but again. Held at the cliche that says that or call them what what case you wrote misspelling number and doing. Or the fact that they all wanna get better and schools again you know what you could see another layer come and his game there's certain model poised. Maybe that's after its first troll see them coming in with a lot of confidence in a real role in this confidence and I loved you know they've got steps from a leadership standpoint. So young guys that the bar for the work ethic. Habits in the detailed the standard but they're trying to center. And the last guy I met was the guy that everybody was talking about the jade. Less than we ought to cut their debt thereby I tell you tell you under assault outside you ought to be noticed that a little bit to get noticed they add that. Albeit a fire. My heart was electoral power I would I would put that small area given place. And I didn't take a run that Dolly and as an actress Taylor Michael Carla goal when he took the second run but quite you know. We can't play with a lot of jab a lot of fire up that stop you can't teach that stuff that's not the Nate that it knew that the willingness that the certain level of a competitive fire. That is that you and in one thing I've found with plane and I'd like like a car. Is it sometimes steps up is contagious your teammates and that's a good thing to her I bought this huge dad gam. He didn't care. Who it was cool was targeting. It was up there are going to be my pock yeah I got a ticker run a German it take around it yet are procedural camped kind of created a buzz for Dolly and battles that. But you know he did what he came here for he proved himself he came to sit you know what. This is an opportunity for me I'm gonna see that are gonna do it they can any definitely you know you check that box. You got noticed people talk to bottom I think at the end of the day people love that fire. And from what I really like it is teammates. What they're out in the media when his teammates were out the vote it. They all kind of understood. Word can't from our team from and it seemed like there was a mutual level of respect. And that's one that you want because it is better than a drawn together and their teammates. You want guys that are gonna push each other on that dated days. What are more cold weather on the right. What are your habits away from right you want guys that are gonna push you to be your best to be better and I doubt felt that you know that was one element of cars game. That that really stood out. And you gotta get back on the ice like you get in a plug for all look. The working guys do down at the academy a hockey. All of metal I appreciate that disturb your straight down here at the academy. Our mornings in the summer or fall lol I don't 716 date for people should be extremely extremely proud. Of the hockey community. Your job as a lot of great young hockey players are from the youth level on up. My morning this morning consists we have a junior group. For or high level hockey players working the full. Scribble bode eighteen division one college athletes. Look at the pro group with other local and teller such as your outside of follow it and Dan Girardi. So this place is bothered in the summertime got a lot elite level I and outreach we're doing our part to create a training culture it's a wonderful thing. What our young kids in the youth programs come in in the morning. Then it's see some of the best of about your talent on one bridge and understand that. There's the picture there's rural we all dream of getting you. There is guards and delivered it right now so we've done a great job creating that Rick from from the use hockey standpoint Arnott. These mornings are great I get the jump vote it kind this is my way to. Keep connected into that game put together these plans and in being able to help. A guide she each. And I guess pace forward some of that knowledge that that I picked up throughout my career. I truly believe I'm in the right place I love what I do and the athletes that are work with send out. Or get a couple of copy in every hour of I've ever aired at all. Great stuff I would I would say. You're bang on with everything you told us but I feel like I did it cease and desist from the investigators that's probably their phrase so. Almost apple remote desolate I was rent out this awesome stuff Matt thanks again I know your busy thanks for giving us some time this morning. No probably appreciate the opportunity have a good day guys. Met Alice former buffalo sabre. On the power this morning miss any portion of that on demand WGR 550. Dot com take time out here last column and I kept coming up next to be got to get to the home run derby. Which is at 8 o'clock that's come up in about fifteen minutes right here on WGR stay tuned Jody BSE Kyle Powell more next year end of each year. The flight. More Chris Berman. He then then back home run derby. Office island Hawaii wherever he's that. Let's call it like at 8030552. Wanted to chime in and pretty much anything we've talked about today which has been fancy football party ideas. All star game formats. Sabres. New young players CG Smith signed today he might end up being their second line left Winger. Who knows at this point I these everywhere actually. Who knows maybe you'll end of second and left wing. Could just thought on the World Cup. Which is now over and I sadly did not win my. I'm my bet that I had in Croatia. Almost went the full distance without. Having this that this is the dry season for sports it's just baseball and you get. The guy did. Tennis major golf major here in their like the British opens this week. Wimbledon is this past weekend. Having the World Cup was such a blessing. When there was nothing else going on. And it should be had to be out in the morning with perfect. That is not gonna happen. Where you get those summer. Morning games for at least twelve years. And that kind of sucks because that's exactly right place the World Cup I had my choice every time I would want the summer. And I would watch morning games and it wasn't always morning is there some inserted to. But there was games started the assists 6 AM game even in the eighty yen gains 11 AM 2 PM. 20/20 twos and Cotter. So that's gonna take place in this in this in the winner. Right when hockey's happening. Right on basketball's happening football's still going on so it's gonna get buried. And the winner. And then point 26. It's gonna be cool to have it in the US and also Canada Mexico to its and it equal have a here but that's gonna be a lot of RE of the thing about despite. The prime time games. Are gonna be like 7 PM. If there on the East Coast. If there now lady or at Nintendo or Seattle wherever the games are going to be out Wesley poser in nearly 10 PM 11 PM games that's stinks. At stinks I want the morning World Cup games in the summer. When you're dumping knocking it when he 22 not getting in twenty point six personally. It's kind of sad that I'll be 35. The next chance I get at that and that's if they put the World Cup somewhere. The other hemisphere. In 20304030. It sounds so far off in the future. 2030. We all be alive that doesn't it and it. Is closest who don't sex. No wait all year 2006. That that is a game that makes it seem really. Weird. That 2006 is as close to us right now is 2030. We think about. Are they serve if listening to the nightcap will be back tomorrow and we will not be back tomorrow. I'm a be all star game tomorrow starts seven here on WGR so we will be back myself Cali the year Wednesday may be in that will be. Cool there will be herb Tyler yak on Wednesday I'll be back on Wednesday so we'll be back then. Thanks several things that I kept on WG.