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Itself comply GO. I'll tell much sealed sound government CEOs. Go Baggio. Sent out a bunch yields down upon GO. I'll go Ponzi don't sound good I feel on WGR. Yeah. Are indeed sell Claudio is on the AT&T hotline with me I am boulevard my children as the day off today. Sales appearances always brought you buy outlet liquor need to stock up shop New York's only. Outlet liquor. Sell you are probably he giving Nancy argue. Campus campus compact it's it's less it's it's a little more than a week away and we we are there are many things I've learned over the years have been together now that we have in common. But something that would differ about this like campus coming and you start getting excited in the I dreaded because it means some little morsel of equipment so there. To me while I I enjoy my summer as well way I look we'll also much I love being around it regular IU. Forgive the pun here on the process of practice I do you know you know I I I like watching individual coaches coach I like to watch. I worked aircraft and I I really enjoyed how things come together. With eleven guys on all seen it could be three five victory I gonna team and I suggested appealed to me up with someone who's been around the game and coach the game and you know I think that's really cool part of it that's right. So you you've loved football like as long as you remember what your little kid you love football right. Should I do I start playing when I was in third grade. I was on the 65 pounds he ambled out he had a way and then you couldn't be more than 65 pound and it still anyway it would all my equipment on because I was. Like fifty pounds you know boat okay. And yet and I and I and I love the bills. And they were to have fourteen and they don't. They didn't matter. You know so I really just enjoyed it it was this year I think there's always the game that I love. I don't know what the most out of baseball kid growing up too though I really love baseball. A con brother playing baseball but I think you know that I got older I I think the camaraderie. While really got in the really could be it being with guys. In the locker room working towards a common goal of peaceful political or an individual sport what I love that are good at it and that's what really got me was well. Right and then of course getting involved in coaching it. Right right that that's that's the kind of thing that I think. I I I feel like sell IE only I coached you sauteed a very very mole closely lob when I went or was really little. And because I I didn't feel like I I could've kept going in the continued its certified public level three level for. And and and coach you know higher level older kids better kids. It just wasn't that increasing the me. But I I even in grew as much as I've loved hockey my whole life. The the few years there were I was only practiced with upon two of eight year old kids. Grew my love for the game even more I think when you're involved at that level there's a whole mother later that your maybe not aware of before you do. Yeah I agree and I think you know I know offset a little different a little bigger. But it also depends on the people you're with the other guys are when you're coaching list right I mean if there. They're loving it or if they're they're for the right reasons vomiting that can really grow you as well and that. I've been on all sides so I guess you know I I think for the majority highlight in coaching echoed protect your school. In Florida and I I was with a lot of great guys who really love the game and they're for the right reasons. Let a few times here there there were guys and I didn't enjoy being around him were their for the right reasons then. Would rather you know not be necessary mentors and would rather be no I look at friends to get my point and that that. At a dollar meal little bit let you know are they true what you're doing. I think you know the best part for me now I'll be out of Libya is here I am like I let your coat was 2000 and melodic figures later. And I gay wedding invitation and about it from these young men that I coached that they're having is and the it's just so cool and that who love they have for you would you have them. Now that you realize and or out of you working together every day per common goal and I think that's why also I really do I think it's. Just a big part of the game for me is that camaraderie like ecstatic and really what you can accomplish together when you got even realizing. It can't really remember a time when you didn't love football I know you know in talking about. For the first hour of the show. Is there something that meets the criteria that I I've described. That puts it to ten years ago you would not expected to be really into do you do you have an easy answer for that. I don't think the word love would come to mind for this but the answer is. Paul patrol. Paul patrol. I opera all because my son and our patrol and it static that you volley go I think I mean like. Now I mean they're superheroes more than I ever was not ten years ago because Mac isn't that stuff like. It sounds funny but like I'm all about Jason Marshall and you know they'll be there on the double whenever there's trouble you know I'm really glad. I'm telling you that's what they're well because. An and it's true because how my wife and I could not. Necessarily having kids. Until. Qaeda before right before we get back. I was married 2003. For that first probably I secures our marriage we. Look at it that have happened that happened but we haven't so much while we never thought really about it is as we got older we are very cool it. Saving our money and using it on ourselves and rattling around and you will think Purdue at. And then we have the Brenda head to head then you know you'd start as the local that isn't. We just after we moved the ball well we decided this. Have a child along came back and now on. I'm in the pot patrol and I'm in two. Rusty rabbit so I'm in two cents Spiderman and iron man on the other marbles. Gather there the comic book characters those sort of span generations I don't recognize any of the other things you mentioned here. Because like I I had like. I don't know who won the first thing the concert arguments involve trolls aren't really what would that have been for me when my kids were below 64. And I think the rebels might be the answer do you do you know what they are they still look thing are they not a thing anymore. I don't think so I don't see the wiggles and relax a lot and we elect a lot of that you'd hear an illegal. They have what apparently that let's. The exact amount what the wild but Bobbitt is out something enacted into a little bit so. You know he watches a little bit of that stuff split apart which go to school and I love dogs so. Core of a sudden departure on the AT&T hotline. With me here on WGR bills training camp is little more than a week out here will be players will be reported one on Wednesday and then Thursday evening is the a Thursday and Friday the first practices and will be do when our show all of those two days Thursday and Friday. How'd that saint John Fisher. College so armed sell all eyes obviously will be young quarterback when we get there. And what what kind of rotation is they're going to be and is there going to be any time for her first team reps for Josh Allen. And all of that is there any forecasting that here now that we have a little bit of a break since last mini camp. No I don't think god he's an Iranian itself probably at least a week maybe two weeks in the air I think they're gonna let that settle. Are some sort of pretty much made it clear that when they go to camp he'll be with victories and he'll rotate like Eric Peterman with the ones and twos so I don't think that's gonna change. For a couple weeks but look he's always also said that they're not flying that you know will go see. You know where things go after they start to put these guys out on the field it had done. They have likable sort of speaks so. I don't expect any change. Look. I think jockey Alan will it eventually at some point get his shot I think. It's the quantity of how much. Shockey gets really with how much you know he can determine by how he plays if he's really showing that he deserves more he'll get more I. I can't see him not getting any work with the waters. Even at so it just because just because right you wanna put out there and you watch you can do but I would expect it within the first week and probably not in the first couple weeks. At least a person receiving game dot. Do you think he gets us started a pre season game. Well probably weeks sport he's not going to be the starter so yeah right but what illegitimate start I don't know about that stop. I can't see it happening in the first preceding game. Possibly defective but even then you're probably looking at leopard at the start which in the Kerrigan's. Hear me it's the second. Then adopted him and I think by the time that we three if you start that game. We're having a lot of discussion only got Allen probably be in the starting quarterback. We want to so other than just the mop up type of week or appreciate it just yell because you wanna make sure you keep the other guy's healthy I don't really see it on the radar. But I wonder sell like as this all. He starts on Bolden and recognizing how how how much greater the unknown in all of this is then what we don't know very little we. We know what McDermott said which you just reiterated his plans were when mini camp was wrapping up. Four out of rotation was gonna be when camp began but that doesn't mean it will be that way a week or two weeks in the camp again what you just said. But I am I'm wondering sitting here today. If I had the divide the back. Who start week one for the bills. I think not that anyone would be like what is clear favorite I don't think they're they're really just does it's it's it's I think is very close you've got a rookie that. Has the project label lot hum you've got to fifth round guys one who's played little more than the other. I might bet on Peter mean just because of McDermott's comparable bubble within. And I I wonder. Just how all that goes over. I don't maybe within the team certainly within the fan base they don't know how much faith people will have in the process of many computer man wins the starting job. As I said many times I forgot streak until four point this out right Q and I agree with that switches. It's a gimmick Kerry gets the start you know week one OK it's kind of like. That we all kind of expected that they signed there's really not a big story there other than making the terrible side of the better if they computer and when the job. I forget the parish say I want a term that he maybe gets the starting you have to win the job but I think the story almost becomes more about got talent has. People say it's a shot just point out of these races. People then say all the sudden. Likened likened dot John not be out you can hear about human wings job and hey look at this can be earned it would adding an unfortunate pretty considerate because we beat those. Are then he deserves the credit for earning that spot on. I think there's a very real possibility they can hear it starts. If you pin me down right now instead of who you think I think I would leave the care. Pop does he does have three more years experience in the league and they and Peter and of course four more years and got talent. But I think it's close and I always set right now I'd do that percentage is. They'd be pretty I think to be pretty neck and neck Biederman in the carry but yet the pin me down at a Gately a little bit McCarron simply because. Of that excerpt here as you're going to Baltimore we want hostile environment on the road of the EUU a little bit more comfortable. You wouldn't think that McDermott. Would be influenced in making this decision between McCarron and Peter and exclusively. Will it be influenced by what you just said in your attributed to hear your buddy Josh Reed. But he wouldn't start McCarron because it would look better for a Allen woody. I don't think so I don't think so I think. He would only start the guy who I think it is it's in the best chance to win and I meant no like. How would go over with the transverse the locker room the only thing locker cares about is that you choose the guy that earned it and do we have a chance the way it. Way to make that Peter and then when the job. Any starts everybody a locker room gonna be OK with it because they thought they'd been running it they've severity it'll work to get what it. Every day I think that but that the storyline about the variances. You know Wallach technically you're starting to appear in if you really draft somebody seventh overall can't beat out a guy. Five interceptions in his NFL debut run and I think that's where. That's where that becomes a little bit Dicey but. McDermott will stay true to his own principles which are we're gonna start the guy who earned as a Sebastien at the. Is there any outcome here amongst all three guys competing for that job. That sees. Well it's really only. I do Peterman or or McCarron. Where all three guys aren't on the roster in September. I I guess. Dear to my own question. I guess I would suppose that a Allen wins the job you could argue that you don't need both McCarron and Peter. If one of McCarron appear mean wins it then maybe you still want another veteran backup just in case but. Billionaire Allen dispute started maybe you'll meet both of those. I think it got talent could even be the number two that it possibility. Because I think it yet if he. Acclimate themselves and not to say I'm good enough to at least committee give you a shot to win if you need me. I think that you start having those discussions now here's the thing. I don't think it's likely is it I don't think it's likely. That there's less than three quarterbacks in the roster adding all of them are on the roster. I think anybody is completely foolish. To dismiss the pot the possibility completely because. Every bit as it is Invacare favor and against them by the way. He's cheap so you know you hear what you keep an OK it's on the roster are caught a lot of money. But the same time you're what are you gonna cost. If you want it mobile people policy on accurate and because Peter men and Allen are your guys it's also not cost you something on you know chart that cap or anything like that big thing inside it every now of course Josh delicately on the roster. So I think it. They're all going to be there. What if Josh Allen proves he can be the number two quarterback app at bat at worst I should say and obviously humans are. Think you have to at least acknowledge the possibility and I think about what happened yet. Other injuries to other positions that you really need roster spot sport I mean yeah what you care about. Man accurately what we need a running back we need a wide receiver we need an extra. Defensive back. It that it comes out that they make you look we we have a guy that work opposite number so we don't need. These records act would last year they only got two bulldogs now they did at Joseph Webb on the roster he didn't play quarterback at practice I'm not trying to be funny. Because he'll let you know Joseph Levin let me get a commitment he. You know Aaron Rodgers wouldn't it have to commit to a no game and ultimately wound up winning it for this. He he can complete my biggest past year. Correct so I mean they had a dying but he just what they quarterback so I don't know how to treat that they had two quarterbacks. But it did keep a guy that they were at least company could throw some passes. Sell you mentioned running back and and demise are yours there's no new news on the Shawn McCoy. Ears we begin this week I it but I was all ball last week. Who what where where. What's next year what what what what should we be expecting to hear next on this McCord story. You have any idea. Well I I I think we're all hoping to get some things from the police in Georgia I think that's first and foremost like. What's going on here what LeSean McCoy involved and anyway what he's not involved in any way is there. Iraq is or even a suspect I find it odd that her opinions and any sort of suspect named in any capacity. With this investigation and they may be really really tight lipped and admit that maybe normal protocol that's why army because of the high profile major mystery. But artists by not that there's right and suspect that we heard about that they're looking for a name a person of interest yeah noise they say all the time bomb. You definitely need that in order if if if if they they were going to be able to time according into it you definitely need a person of interest to try to put him to. Item in its afterwards. Yeah I mean I know it just seems a little bit odd to me that you are still waiting for that happened so. From the league standpoint. The longer this goes on without any of that. The more I think that we could be hearing that the commissioners gonna put money example because they're gonna say look. We see investigation has not complete we don't wanna presume that since we ought to presumed guilt so in the mean time. You can't have any football activities so we're gonna keep electrical all he'll Wear short what's going on here not quite sure that your rosenhaus. His agent and it lawyers would say well wait a minute if you or anything tying him. Then what why you put right that was just you know made up stop they would say they would have an argument there you know I think but the commissioner has done this before in cases. Unresolved situations where they wanna kinda let things play out they have edit template they can use and I'm wondering if that's right now becoming more a possibility the longer this goes. And are there any hard and fast is there any hard pressed structure to that public once he's on it does he have to be on the first amount of time or is it simply at the commissioner's discretion like all we got information now that exonerates you when you're off of that. Commissioners distraction as far as anything I've known about it and the time they used it that's what I believe it happens so they could get information that says. Okay you'll find the back of football or information that says hey now we're officially suspending you because you did something. That warrants that so. I I just don't know it and hear from the built their point I mean I'm sure they want everything resolved before like six Sharma court showing up. On the point that they're practicing on the 26 with that hanging over the organization and Emma is not good for any. Yeah I definitely can conceal that mean. And there's been nothing more from them other than they are aware of the situation rightly diet I'm just making sure I didn't miss anything I was keeping up on a while I was away. But it didn't seem like there was march after. He lowered all the men. We we hear some comments from from the woman's lawyer. And that's been pretty much it. That's right let the latest comment worth it. The woman's lawyer reeling from hurt she's not certain if he was directly involved. By at the same time says well that doesn't mean they're backtracking city she still thinks they get something to do with it but doesn't have enough evidence. I don't know what all that means but actually it's not a lot about your not alone look I mean. I'm of the reporter for the team and everyday I can say that I missed anything because I repeat from anything about anything and and I don't just think that's kind of interesting that we moderates are this are a brutal attack on this woman and we saw about her a thing about. After all those really really harsh accusations. Made against what comical. When you make me feel better about reviewing the stuff I as translucent thank you for the audience's sake is that if I'm if I'm not alone in your not alone may be a lot of people were. We're right out wondering may be a lot of the same things that I was wondering before you go. Cleveland over the weekend. I gotta tell you. Good job Indians are in that organization really does a great job with their kids club their kids dec. We had a fabulous time I mean so I haven't been there out in the right field area. They have a nearly club ticket that we went out Sunday specifically because they have a lot of it's not going out. That particular day but every single they don't matter when you go eagle decades deck in about their so much in replicates it was a two story sly. Is that it's later in Iraq in that you can do. And that's all they do is step outside and the like a balcony. It's not crowded at all it's there watch the game. Independent of your own C and whether the actions lightweight portable at a player meeting him or we all this wanna sit out there we can do they load up their drinks. And we spent the first recording there. And that we walk Dorsey which were. And 500 they were covered by I get a diet that I would definitely go back. To Progressive Field with Macs because it was so easy and accessible. And affordable and the staff was greatly get a really great job. Yeah we've been we've been a few times when the kids were really little and then I went with just don't win. And another time. And all of a third a third time I took the boys on a whim to see Strasburg. Strasburg rookie year like we are Saturday night. I Ide despite walked to deliver like Google C a baseball game tomorrow but we just bought I got really good seats and the guys it's a great. And totally drivable obviously if you're not staying in but you know stand is always always easy to so. Say about it way before I go out today and they're they're down out of their waterfront you know a lot of very similar race to buffalo where. Very revitalize a lot the restaurant down there and they'll be your places in place to get something eat it primary so really good job it was a it was a nice nice week. Aren't even though your Keisel who lost yesterday. Yes that was the only thing that kinda soured it now if that he also on the Red Sox. One half games you haven't as great season and that's where every freaking night it's unbelievable. You know walk off Grand Slam on Saturday where it was I sent off the senator. Yeah pretty good for a half for a gamely all right knowledgeable and also all right we'll see some yelling tomorrow and Wednesday right. I'll be a radio report pretty good deal art itself about Joseph on the AT&T hotline he indeed will be your co hosting. With me. And Hilton's embassy tomorrow and a Wednesday it would come on sale so lots more from him. This week we thank him for his time his appearance as always again brought to buy outlet liquor need to stock up shop New York's only. Outlet look terrible take a break. Bowl on the World Cup body nick men go along with NBC sports soccer. Is gonna be our next to help us wrap all that up and woods gives his gauge on on how it all went over with no team USA. And all of that so I at least they don't. Soccer on the way after this on WG. Feel this stuff. France wins the World Cup. For two victories over Croatia yesterday in the World Cup final. Joining us now on the AT&T hotline is our old buddy nick Amendola. You know you love them as co owner of FC buffalo is a former coworkers here at WGR Sports Radio 550 and also rule writing and talking soccer for NBC sports soccer. Net good afternoon aria. Our daughter about your armed when I'm doing well have you have you had a chance stickier the lewd. Laying out this like love affair I'm having with soccer over the last I don't know 67 years or so. I'm not today. That day but yet it has spoken at vote your level about it and I think I I. I hate. I went to your won't. And I think about it saying that because I've been to I've got to know that's a common thing that they're right you support what we're. You're into but. No I've I've kind of been amazed at at the direct ground swell of an okay term. Or what court on here. I think it's a lot of fun. Is is error. Meaning Jesse you've spent at least some time thinking about what Y Yi that might be happening what are you supposed to harm. While. They're they're two angles what is is strictly. Kind of an American languages. When what I was growing up I didn't play a lot growing up but you know I was coached by the tax. Right and so. You know the dad who was around how we took a I think that X. You know ten years later you had guys who are being coached. I played up by coaches or players and now there's another generation that I just think when you get in the sport now that a or tanks. Yeah that was a great play they're owed it to see this. As well at the technological Angola. I mean in the ninety's everybody was a Manchester United and beat cars. They were awesome that was the only thing they put on TV like a pickle than let's get the empire I'll what do the two would put on. One per merely gave every week and it was almost always Manchester United because they were the baton now. I put the channel and there's eight people on you know there's an American. And quite per cent I think you know I I think that helps as well and I think the other thing it. And our culture that we don't quite understand that we can plug into it because of the Internet. Because of you know my employer in terms look at really the fox in terms of the Bundesliga Germany's. Luckily you can plug it into an entire culture what does that say about simple click right. If it's you know he started there was there's a song about that I can't. Because there's profanity to because. Old people wanna get it but once you put down that rabbit hole is the funniest thing I've heard it right at duke. Take ten minutes to explain it is I think it's a number of things but the state that they were the people of the bush. Are fascinated by you know quite because it idea Cowell why would we be activated by. Quote soccer. I think the plugging in to another culture thing is is an interesting part of this like that not a I am not sure how far I'd wanna go on it but I know this like I definitely. I think I've I wanna be the sort of person that appreciates the fans and I'll make a point like in in hockey season. When our team is out of it which is you know like Halloween. But who does that mean the most to write like Calgary look at those people want an attack. The update lobbying. And like that's an easy team and he's in for me as a hockey fan I'm gonna root for this team. Because you know on TV from 600 miles away it looks like they caramel. And with soccer like watching. Even you know the the season with the EPL season but. Certainly turned the World Cup but offered flippant tongue square errors everywhere are owned. Every country. I mean that is moving to me to see it. Yeah you know I'm not in the and I'll use both club and international soccer here I am not a report and order guy in England fans by. What you're watching game and they kicked off. And the people who are pull you here. You know 60000 people singing you'll never walk alone in unison before you even know you know the background behind England. You know all the ordered everyone in the stadium or most of the people given that they look at a lot more money that they've kind of odd to trample. And barrel in god save the -- like back really cool like what was the last time and how they view the effort or. Randomly in the middle of the united. United States sporting event you'll start at the national or what it. There's the about that that I think. I'm not trying to make a loaded statement with the that let them buy dot com. I just I I think it I think it's a really cool thing in the end it helps you get into the sport. You know the Olympics. On a wave lesser scale I don't. Care about the skeleton. But it is the guy with the American flag going better than the guy at the Swedish lacked a bit. Right yeah that's I mean that's really it's it's a huge part of it to me and a I don't know we've known each other. It's funny like you're getting you know beyond today I've known obvious is this is forty and beyond today and at and at a three or four different sides of the neck. And and I don't I I never got to an answer because I got distracted there as you know will you know will be the telcos. But you'll you'll hear of men like you could do all that I become a soccer fan I guess is one thing I wanted to ask you. Op I'm I'm gonna see ya artwork that for everyone that read about it that is these similarities. It's the way I felt. On the similarities to hockey our our overwhelming. At times. And I know people don't like your back if so people curator regularly that by the the the the cultural connection the I got the way I've always wanted describe it to people. Use the team connection stuck on the soccer locker room with the closest thing I've ever had to locker opener. It's a sport where everybody's not going and Malcolm Gladwell book about soccer and he says that the weak links sport. If you don't want to have a team with sixty particularly on Iraq really get a usually make up about it. I mean I think that would be my iPad accidentally Asia where we're also it also kind of it's still an underdog sport here so it. It it has a little political punk rock mentality like out there that it I feel like in America are moderate growth floor a better spot. You know how much grief to steepen deserve for agreeing to to to go to Russia and following your Twitter feed you turn beyond two. I'll forgive me now for our forget the name of the writer. Writer yes thank you. And has some questionable. In the very important persons. Areas of of the World Cup. Hi I'm mark how much criticism that standard drill from people. You know I I think it would have span. Even more in focus so they're not won an award at the the 20/20 two World Cup or Qatar or Cotter that'll calling it it's been changing. Opt leading back and forth. But yeah I mean that is. It is a loaded question today because of the news right I mean my but if we can step back from what the president said. Well or didn't say today who rushed for the leader Abu Dhabi to a lot of good. Problem and it is a quick spoke up and now you're going to 28 point 20. Wood cutter where they're building the stadiums with lately. That's cool right an and it's hard to divorce yourself from the political side that it. In especially that are international soccer look at her in a couple of editor who. But even then like I mean it is the VIP section but he the next that the commissioner sitting next to. I think it's the U beer I can't remember that they've it. President or whatever Saudi Arabia. Who hold I guess global. If not could stop it loses or shows what that fit the typical of the politics or soccer doesn't stick to sports beat but it and you wait boat to Europe. Subset of people they're constantly fighting. And or a different shifts in Britain politics and an even when they cut away yesterday a broadcast because. Or members of eighty Russia protest. Political protest group ran onto the field to make April or. I think it. Having those people around him somewhere it is one of those hate this it's sports and we're all here so let's trying to pass that makes sense. So overall this was a it was like not I'm still as much as I'm into it and and I watched the the PL on weekends. You know in season. I'm just I'm still like I'm not one to really gauge at how good I mean I can tell wanna game is really exciting and there's lots of chances but the overall like. This World Cup was a rousing success. It was it was. The the vote better dating one. That I can remember some time span anywhere near adulthood and up to anywhere in Europe measurable status. Most of the game there was only one bill and hill. There were the one nothing game work on their desperation was great appeal he was ever really come together I think again. Technology for that right at their degree training grounder to you know in England that doesn't take. Three months to get to South America productive implement it it's just not so. I think teams are catching up to each other. The talent on display were great again I think nickel back. Again you can watch it pop or leaks. In Europe. From August until May and because of that we owe a lot of the players by the time they get a little bit like go to Broadway for the first time and I don't know that politics is not state I know that guy battle. Would I ever hear it. Too much outside of these social political aspect of Egypt making the world cup of echo what Mohammed a lot from the report to air it out for a year. I doubt it like it is much in. I hit the bays and loved the World Cup this much. Without the United States and like I hope they never do that again. And this was at a certain number I've. Could this could be anti. Buffalo. Cultural background World Cup for Italy wasn't that it. You have what an and it Poland and Germany went out quickly Scotland and Ireland or February I think there is. The rooting interest you have to figure out why he got it all back on your back like that help. Knowing the players for sure like that you know again I'm not into the other big leagues but I watched the English league. So we just about every match that I watch there was always going to be a you know. Forgive me like I went broke a sort of like Paul but some of its okay. That could also. And the that was really fun is this tournament unfolded for me it's a thing. I think it was great and I think it was something like forty of ninety Warner forty of the last 91 players in the tournament. More in the Premier League so that was barely fantastic company like nighter kind of that more from taught them. Who is seen. Possibly the number one up and coming team. In the world so yeah I I it that are one fantastic. I also enjoy this that this stop stories on the player Tribune piece is really helped. The piece about rob little cock through a match has neither the belt it out critical or service. Instantly I was like are adamant and kept coming in Belgium I want to ask this guy like Kyle. And and that are similar peace is followed but again the rags to riches. Stories. Happen more in soccer than anywhere else because everyone else like it because the other parts of the world so darn competitive. That they're not think in the themselves. And he look and I'd really like you know like you that you gotta find five grams or you cut it via thinking. If your matches in his academy at me. Provided Google places and I think. Whitaker could now setup ideal places that you play. I love that I really love that I editors talk at eighty bachelor party of all places with. With David let GO. Who ladies. I don't you don't as well. Played goaltender for it was Red Bull Leipzig I think whether there was a political or whatever he's. Playing in the Bundesliga hockey except the coolest thing about it for him lot of it is. Seeing that the fervor that seemed very he grassroots that there and that's what the other party with soccer's. Right alright Nicol got to run man I appreciate all of us and I hope we get to see in person and that wonderful family or your sometime real soon. Our ball better while Becker are much love that's Mitt Amendola. NBC sports soccer and an old old friend of pretzel personally endo the station to. Art will take time out. 8030551888550. To 550 watt to catch up on. On the question I asked to start the show we need to get right back into that yours we roll towards the 5 o'clock hour. Mike was a cow ski from the eleven a power play slated to join me in the 6 o'clock hour as well stay right here it's. WG. I worked on it. Young quarterback with young Graf and like you need to think we've got to rely more on Scotland football or actually on first ballot to establish the run. Salvage her presence that his Alley. But especially with the young quarterback but for all things in general. All on earth bounce is much more efficient and even if you do have that young quarterback. You do not want to be predictable when you run the football on first down. Warren sharp was on this show old last week and was on with Murphy and Steve tasker on one bills alive. This afternoon. Check it out the guy is. Has got to go on and meet me at its next. I don't know how much of an uphill fight we'd still consider. The analytics movement in football to be it probably is maybe got longer to go than any other sport. But this guy like even though it's convincing listening to him talk about the data he's mind in the work he's put into it really thought provoking. Conversation today with Merck and tasker and I'm sure in here but Hampshire was with with Michael last week when he was here. With. With sharp let's. Remind you right outside mangle the clock here went long with a goal there. About brews and wines on the water to two tickets now for this event brews and wines on the water Saturday July 28. Bad to grant Waite park in north tunnel Wanda tastings of over 100. Years from around the country and why means. Local as well as national for one price plus. Music from national recording artists. Oh lord you're on the plus medicine ward and the Molly bear the tickets for this event. Are to be accessed at alternative buffalo dot com. Some alternative buffalo dot com with her sister station here when a sub seven welcome. Anyway and get your tickets for brews and wines on the water. I a miss is about Lester was added two years ago and was fantastic. So make an order that and Summers are busy but this has been a can't miss pour beer lovers. And beer has come up. On the fill in the blank question I asked a couple of hours a global reset all of that. What is the thing if there is one you got an answer for something you're really into now day ten years ago you never imagined. You'd be really into we'll reset that we have some good calls on early they'll take another run at that as we continue I am the Bulldog. This is WGR Mike is on vacation the phone numbers 80305151888550. To 550 degrade your more coming up after this.