07-16 Schopp & the Bulldog Hour 3


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Mike Chenault. Cold dark. All the good hockey critics compare. Players the players. I think what you got that Michael is like a pack of Michael packet to wait players. And opt into it player I check it could be an off checked he says it would have to be here for better. He can he could put them anywhere on the ice might show. What won't begin to concern you as we go forward with Jack cycle that make you might think well wait a minute this guy has. Who might start to see a potential problem and other. Home to hundred no bull dog. We might start to see the potential for another chilly day. All market. I Don WGR. Sports Radio five feet. Greatest hits. Memorable clips who's just no question about that I guidance back that gets a reference. That's got to be is there are some. Certain is probably some mechanism I don't I'm not aware of on Twitter that allow me to find that out but that. That gets reference. To me maybe more. Mean as it more than any thing but it is very regular. That I get a Jody gauge blast from someone sarcastically of course. Whenever he does something or we sometimes we're talking about him. You know and now that he's been incredible or anything but you that was insane. Anyway. Let everyone thanks for hanging with us today we're into the 5 o'clock hour here on WGR I am the bull by the Maliki as the day off today. And we have spent. The the most of the show it to a couple of guests and roll their sale and a commitment dole out on their in the for a clock tower. But the first hour I really enjoyed an animal to kind of the real restart that conversation. Which began on Twitter when I asked. Ten years ago. You never imagined being really into blanked. And I've got a lot of responses that we've not really gotten through on Twitter. As he sitting here and just reading too much of Twitter responses is not his cool I think is taking phone calls. But I I will do it. Eventually because there are some good responses that I wanna cycle through your putt for me. I spent some time this weekend I watched. It was off last week source solves some final games in the World Cup in yesterday's but it was. It was the focus of my morning was being ready. Like having breakfast ready for everyone and being able to sit down and just watched the soccer when he began at 11 o'clock just like that was. That was appointment television for me. And so it's sort of dawned I mean look let's wait to talk about belly and wanted to start a soccer is cool who wants to wants to do that. So sort of you like and is is there something. Four people in the audience. That. Can relate to be like being in the something that they never saw coming and for me soccer is that statement I I I I did not. Grow while being really into soccer I never played soccer. I asked our kids if they wanted to play soccer neither of them did. So we never did it and I'm certainly open to do we have a great scene of Delaware park in Delaware soccer club that we could've easily slip into that we didn't. Because they didn't express the interest. So silly I was like completely shut down but it was never something that I was into that I had any real interest in. But. Over the course so of I'm all the last 567. Years or sell is just couldn't rolling to the point now where. But I know old Premier League is only a couple weeks off. And an eyesight I know I know that's gonna start a startup. And I'm gonna be into that. And I'm gonna watch it as often as. My kids' hockey schedule holds that this is how it would put it but it it's it's time at a time of the day that works for me and I'm really into. And I was really into this World Cup. And that was not something that ten years ago. I would have ever expected. But a debt and I'll I like them or don't like being opened to. Possibilities open to new things and experiencing. Different things and it doesn't mean you're gonna like everything that you you give a try but. I've been reported I I'm I'm glad I did sort of spent some time was like I. At my age become. Dying to be friends with people like soccer I have lots of friends who like it. But I wasn't like our need to fit in much you know when you're a teenager maybe you okay I'll like this band and hang out with these people because like I wanna be in the group. That your head is just gross organic it's just very real. And again something I never saw coming so if you got. Something that qualifies. As an answer to the question Mike what what is a thing for you. That. You would have never guessed ten years ago you'd be really into. I'd love security in 030 by fifty and one of 888550. To 550 I'm very behind on the Twitter mentions but I did I do want to. Specifically mentioned Brian has a rusty who is with he's ready at 930. Also a all of the power play participant. Tweeted her very early in the process your spinach. Elusive with his answer service spinach onion or jump or that yet. You don't with spinach and I'm Donald spent its manages oddly I'm in a salad and go for spinach now over. I remain here something else. Exclusively. And opening a mix instance pulling excellence while Americans to change direction aren't. Jody B Ozzie everyone. Josh is first up to 5 o'clock are just thanks for calling you are on the air. Uncle look they are having knee jerk. I grew up in southern Ontario and it was a Steelers ran through my dad the love of autos they he. It'll and I grew up liking football liking the Steelers and so. Whenever and that belt that is it was hey let's drive to Pittsburgh and should such a magical and cool experience. And I'd be in the football and and I went Q Niagara for college and now what the dark side. And enjoyed the sabres became savers and that's still dirty for the Steelers. And then around 2000 and I moved down to South Florida and a lot of my dirt on Obama so let these are EGR and after your particular realized. I could use a name I healers. Operated in a good portion of those look easy but they were going on though I never would have imagined. You know about eight years ago and years ago. You know the bill and both men when they may play out those jump out well it early well I'll check. It. I did yeah it was only about a four hour drive I got their twenty people. Down year and I want my friends we elect a were don't want and we jumped in the car port and. It was cool actually rein in my college roommate. And lot during one of the creepy not that it. Lot X is where I recall correctly where it was really going down right here with that. Note I am sure ride. Awesome well good I just it's nice I will I will double. Thank you for the compliment. There's I considered a compliment it's like listening. Got you more into the team like I really like your. So especially in the air freight our demand banks be well. Yeah I mean. And immersing yourself but it like got zVue Eads automobile in Florida and like listening online. But your your choosing to do that and but just like absorbing the conversation around the team. Will. It can and it's a little raise your interest level. In in the team that's being talked about at least if it shook the bulls if it's being done well it will. May be regardless I guess it was not to be done while he won't keep listening in the air for maybe you won't be absorbed into being interested. In what's going on with the team I I merely mention this because for me. I grew up I ten years old on I love the Red Sox are Red Sox are my baseball team. And but that's a 75 whole series on ten years old and like I'm I'm into what that's my team. And in 88 or so in 88. I moved to Connecticut. Now all. In 1986. Of your members are not that it's a long time ago. But the Mets in the Red Sox played in the World Series and it was. Horrendous for Red Sox vendors are just. Suffering. Doesn't even begin to describe what that was like with them being so close in game six and then hopefully Bill Buckner and all that right. That's the Mets right so I mean Connecticut. As of 1988. And IA. Listening to WFAN big all big deal these Sports Radio station in America. But the first and them do just great station legendary Mike and the mad dog Imus in the morning which is great great lineup. Am now I'm there is they're just sort of giving. I think this sort of establishing themselves. And they carry the Mets teams so I'm listening this is where he doing this came for when I I'm listening. I'm running a restaurant all day in the kitchen I'm listening to. WFAN. Driving to and from work in the morning I'm Wilson Imus on the way home almost in the Mike and mad dog I mean I'm just I am I'm just super fan of this radius. And they carry the Mets did so a lot of the continent is match related matters. But the manager should all or much about it's just Mets Mets Mets. And I think and missed. Its. Can start like it's. Seemed like the I was interest in the Mets because I was following. I ever written below lake and public I knew everything that was going on with the Mets so I sort of felt like a met fan. Whenever I just like them is a little strong I just knew what was going on because I I was into the format. The personalities. The contact SARS it's absorbing all this stuff solid. All the drama around Gregg Jefferies of betting lines up timeline wise I think it does. Like all of all the stuff but I'm arm and into. And I care about and its them that's. I couldn't get a Boston's. You know there really was on the even terrible that was like this that was all sports mean Imus has come all over the road. Even men. But still but the focus was that and that was really cool. So it's nice to your job actually describe that that happened. You know kind of like. In listening to our coverage. The station's coverage of the bills or enhanced is. His phantom that's tough pull for him like. Into the Steelers. When he's a kid but that's pretty easy. They're pretty awesome almost all the time and they've won the Super Bowl ball with a lot. Annual from back to the holes in your in a drought. They've also never been my bad every Kabila talking now's the time or when a jump off of them but he's been consistently good pretty much pretty much yeah. I think that's yeah I think that's right. Yeah and I think you can be interested in a team but not like them. You're mean because. I've van that would specially when it was Kipling when I was looking for like hockey talk in the middle of the daily now just try to finally Toronto station accidentally that way I would like. I just listen to talk about the it was a lot about the sweets right that the interest in the weeks Beisel hated them. Shearer leg like that I didn't like them at all but yet right right right. Yeah no total yet that that's pretty close to meet with them with the maps as opposed. I mean they've been more like a rival Warner in the same league when I was a World Series defeat at their hands rose was up to date. For me so yeah you know I had. The fact that there. I I had that. I think your work about to ever think you Joseph I only ever really light the match by just what you want about the it's like I can carry on a conversation about the mad at a bar like nobody's business you know just was not my team. Anyway some Twitter responses. To. The queries here sir something you're into now that ten years ago. You you never thought you'd be. Digging out with a lot of soccer responses which you know that's my answer. Well I like this from Steve noble war working and carpentry projects. He's got some pictures here I did re tweet speech this of them pretty handy work here and this is he says. No previous skills. Lots of YouTube watching. And mauled a tweet I tweeted it pump some pretty good pretty nice stuff that he's made himself. Four looks at a patio in the basement bar area. Let's see full waffle. Yeah I want conscious of had four awful ahead. I lived in New Haven and 88 and 94 waffle like there was a late night falafel place mat got done for me for awhile. Jonathan really into basketball now more than it was ten years ago rooting for the Chicago Bulls I hope. They are wondering what might might cop to this like the warriors but I don't hold that. But he's a huge NBA fan that I feel content saying he's not political warriors are really interesting to him and any a lot of people. The sort of gotten into basketball. Again the NBA again. Through the warriors are Dave Buchanan host a fast track on Sunday morning's hearing WGR. Says he's back into watching wrestling and going to Monday night raw and didn't see that come in ten years ago. But he Kevin Newsome of the community beer works guys craft beer. Ten years eagle I think it was already in. Pretty like I think I was already in but. I will say this there is somewhere. I go back Mike I don't work any of the 2003. Somewhere in the year. There is. There's a there's a day of boss talking about like. Orange slices and beer or something and I mean I'm just like yeah. Who wants food in the year. And when I am a huge IPA and white if you read the labels energy taste them maybe you can tell anyway. But you can read the labels and it's all pineapple grapefruit and orange and all. I think someone out there in a radio land heard me say something really negative about fruit flavors in beer. And lighten that it is a joke. That's a complete completely. Spun the other way a daddy is my beer of choice. Especially this time of the year and get in the fall and winter and come into the dark stuff some porter's style to them but. Craft beer yeah let's. A lot of people probably experience that golf couldn't stand until about two years ago now wanna do it all day every day. Golf last week. And it. Yeah my group causes so I think we finish six under. Which of course doesn't really nothing like that like big big news that Conan but new group. The previous couple years at the same guys. Fully I think three years running. And these guys jumped in and pay Beloit buy now price right away and got me and it was great. Best part for me but no offense to anyone today. It was like it was hot right it's. Not an out of houses today but it was. And you're you're out you're out there all day and it's of those Beers in the water in their shots and there's cigars and it's you know. It was fast we got done really quickly. And the dinner is going to be in this tent but the dinner and like all the auctions dolphin all of the main dining areas just this tent. And think him. Her. And my guys. Look at the leader the guy that I think did did the bidding. Says in a hole. But borrowers are conditioned buses goal discovered beer so well right. Fine so we go in there and we have around and then we had another round. And they didn't care about going to dinner like I didn't know really everything you had been sped up when we missed. I never we got dawn in the volley I think we should probably get to move in and see what's going on and it was. It was over what was the dinner. The error while is like buffer days there's like so. Last year I ate it and it was delicious. But these guys are just like cool hang out in the air conditioned place puzzling fine and good morning here with these guys smut. You know they spent the money does what they wanna do I'll do this. As a witness didn't. Who missed last in this thing. I don't know. Did Howard finished but I heard that I that I heard he wasn't last by never heard that he actually finish to their I don't know that would have been. May be my prediction from what I saw on Twitter yeah well like I wasn't going I mean. I don't know how good the guys and his group are I know he's terrible. Which you know I'm totally fine especially now saying after he posted video evidence of my. Whole wages and aptitude skating on Thursday. So. But I don't know if it like his group could be good enough that they would do they would carry him and finish last. So I respond not a successful WGR celebrity golf outing again that's. Week ago but I've been here since then so anyway more so golf this. Curling I get another guy with curling David says he's into a curling. Christopher oral auto says he didn't expect ten years ago that he be really in the talk radio. And I'll take that as a compliment or not consider the possibility of trying to be ironic. Another one on soccer Tour de France captivated the strategy in drama for 21 days. Interest. I have never Bob never been. I've never done down that rabbit hole. And I got a little more interest in him I bought the gun. It's exaggerated I for me it was a high and boy it you can spend thousands more dollars and I spent on a bicycle but. I have a bicycle with those clips for panels what you gotta have special shoes like that's about global byte of its blue maybe the cheapest boy you can Biden as adults. Anyway I had like a touring bike about it I'm washing tour of France didn't. It just didn't didn't get there but good for you Jeff is in the bat. Got to vote for the mandolin that's awesome fantasy sports. What are you gonna do without any fantasy sports conversation Joseph or you don't know what to break the door down at some point in late may we talk about and she's. Or I'm gonna have to grab the turn turn the Mike offers an. Underrated through it how just how much I did not get to hear much of last week and all all. Lots of fancy Friday was all of public stressed. Pretty much duty when was the draft day it was Friday night it all 8 o'clock thank via text me the next day and ask how he did. And what one point suggested. That maybe he could use the studio in here to do his draft which of course was not gonna work because. Of course I'm in their seven and nine. Right I didn't really wanna have a fan I would been distracted there aren't. Only at every computer use wanted to sit here and use the computer yet to do after. It was on the but it was it was. Lot won't doubt it will all work. Although fencing you're not in the fantasy ten years ago. Not to say you are now would your IE. You know I mean I mean a league. Heavy team and media. Via. So into it no I mean I grew up you know I'm I'm very he. Very entry level and I don't anticipate that changing but you don't get a row I am I am immersed in it. In that I work here and in its talked about constantly. But other than that I don't know not seeking it out actively at this point 8030551888550. To 550. Those are the numbers ten years ago I never imagined I'd be into blank. If you can fill that out for me. I hop on we got lots of open lines Korea plus more courted to get through Michael as a cal Steve from the Albany power play is slated to join us at 6 o'clock to. Review another wildly successful. Charitable endeavor by those folks at the Lebanese power play so stay tuned lots more coming here on WGR. See that he understood coming to death camp at this stage for him for the ball more than just what was going on on the volume was a leader from day one realise I'm the older guys here I've been through this before my job that kind of stuff that's on hand and kind of guide these guys the logs are sequels the first period jump so it is skating ability but again. Held at the cliche is that that are common with what case you broke the all in a relatively poor but fact that they all want to get better. That is former sabre in sports regular contributor to millions to gators. Told someone who is deeply involved with the academy of hockey harbor some that's Matt Allison was on with Howard Simon this morning. On WGR you can access in that interview in all of our other. Interviews and show segments. And WGR fighters he dot com and on demand audio section brought Cuba a northwest make the switch northwest and get back to living. Thank you for being and I heard they have not heard that whole interview but I saw. On Twitter Jeremy who had the day off today react. To that and pulled summing up to how fantastical wasn't one so to get the website check that out Matt Ellis again with Howard Simon. This morning here on WG RI and the bulldogs thanks fur are tuning in this is the show open mobile logs show the shall part of it is on vacation this week. So you've got me Ellis sale in. Tomorrow and on Wednesday the Thursday Friday revenues almost happened. 8030551888550. To 550 we spent a lot of time. Today talking about. Something you're into now these didn't envision being in to say ten years ago. And for me that is soccer. Got a lot of fun on Twitter a lot of responses on Twitter. But back to the phones will go at 8030 by fifty and 1808550. To 515. Chris is next up on WGR hi Chris thanks for calling your on the air. I think I should. Tiger obviously. Beyond a part of it or sit them out what is. I knew I took part in your. I'll look kind of only Colombia open. Just I didn't major in college convert it did end up satellite. They're all right there. I covered it up are out in wideout. We you know we've been going at bear hunt in order. And we hit it big game go to I would kind of depressed about it all my dogs are they're drawn to this that I currently I thought. Awful lot like your voice that I don't that you all might gadget guy sounds like. Absolutely. You speak my language to meet at the bell and Eric are quite. Represented what the part act like that you would like oh wow armory. More. What. But you guys. You guys. Really working in that ROL and at least a change because I grew up on Rangers stand in hockey. I've yet so well in 94 cup ski market eking by idly. Been paying two attempts and cement and then when you guys talk about the pain of the well I'm by the public can doubt Bieber are while. Our pocket about the pain. I don't like oh my god it hit that being. That I've wanted to build if you act like hands out of all these in between eight and twelve and never. Getting quarterback yet. Beat someone who someone like him cock Hewitt put out all right away and they did you. All that aren't actually it. And all every day in an accident that you walk into that which she's apple. Would I want it almost. Like I really. I connected with it if you guide them and the western York I don't want it the end up from saying. Even if it wasn't my favorite team and it became a favorite team because I'd really. So it connection with what are you go out and block them out like you know and how you restarted. Yet people are are everywhere they're out there got it right didn't seem I'd like after the you know. Which is all the there relic now play. Yeah it's always remember I I wanna keep it certainly could reported seeing how all over the years right so out. So you got to help me out. So that's why this of that then tank seeing me do into receivership and his. All us talking about it do border combination of the two great. I embracing what we are. What he always. Flying could be better. Without superstar but without going that Barbie take a look at some of the great player obviously that would. It would know a lot of our yet the article it. All the people all. We'll get so many top three pick quarterback whoever that it is it is. Go on to have great career like you don't want to deal that would I want to get it gaining him. Always going to be that would deny it does and it just knock it like what are we doing you know idle for some people hate that. A split I just wanted that aura you know late every time or the big name quarterback if you're all the key that will finally got one year. Right. As we I mean Chris I totally hear you mean it is as much as. The the whole thing to get our goal. Was conflicting for me I mean I want I want it is it just was it was arduous for me I I did not have an easy time. I would have been better off. My job obviously proves that prevents me from doing out of better off just walking away from the entire season. And just wanting the negative result is like watching it and wanting them not to win was very hard for me. That said I wanted to bills do this last year. And they made the playoffs so I mean who knows right I don't they were setup to do it last year. If they would have divested themselves of Tyrod again this before last season. But instead they went nine and seven and got a miracle play out of Andy Dalton and I would void in their in the White House so I mean you never know. Up. Aaron and thanks for the call. Appreciate it. Be good for them to be good some times that. I'm from where world poverty for Netflix which society's need to beats at. That's the thing about what lit listened. Ministerial website the wasn't the stuff but late Matt Allison I did see piece on the on the website. But Matt Ellis raving about Dolly. And you heard the clip derelict Colleen good Lee and Nelson three young defenseman. Who'd have buried your reasoning d'alene is obviously going. To be we expect. To be the most and apples but I'm amber road back when the season was ending. Maybe when it ended but how all. What's the way forward here what does Jason bottled due to this hockey team to make them better. And you know that the the obvious answer to me was always going to be fine find ways to shed some salary. And change the makeup of the team and Ryan O'Reilly was always going to be the answer to that and that ended up happening. But a part of it also to me while I mean I wrote a few times but it is an okay don't hope to win a lottery but that's not a planned. But. It happens Soviet consulate and they're getting rest was d'alene. Dow leaned Nelson. Cooley. To be all three of them are on the team. I mean I'd just I'd scant. I don't wanna I'm wolf quite. If you sir tell me that the closer guys is that they all Nelson isn't the skater the other two guys are but they all are there the knew who. NHL defensemen moving the puck good passes good vision. And stating the goalie and Colleen possess the both of them world class skaters and the commute that is. Something that has the potential to be really impact full what. I know only in Nelson were cure for mean where would. Maybe thirty games of Nelson last year which I should but it wasn't much. Wasn't even half a season I don't think. I'm cool it was probably to less than Matt. Soul. I think. A mic over 50% of your blue line basically what you're talking about and and Colleen it's not high end make over. That that should be bashful but that's a lot different then went out there what roll up. So mom I'm eager to see that in action when when they get to your in in training camp. So. Yeah did you did you don't know that Nelson was 37 team's goalie was eighteen okay. So I I think those three guys and Nelson is not like a game changing player but. Competent lead playing. Fifteen minutes a night. In place those. Torches took public whatever has been there are taking up like that that those minutes. I think that's a big upgrade. So I'm into that all right 8030551888552. By two. Ask you how you would answer this ten years ago I never imagined I'd be into blank. As we continue and don't forget Michael as a Toski from eleven a power play. Is weighted to join me in the 6 o'clock hour so stay tuned for that as well we just wrapped that up. Yesterday and ended up raising. More money than they did last year they usually one point 26 billion dollars the as the total so fantastic job by everyone involved there. So what reported chat with Mike and looking forward to hearing what may be in the works already for next year. As well also stay tuned I'm mobile blog Mike is away today this is WG. You know it's very severe meaning if C. The best the best in the in the lead off on the one roof really end just be a part of it is definitely hit the bus. Bad news. Red Sox all star starting. Outfielder murky depths. It. Sex the same this year and been fun to watch when nine concealed. Some cable television difficulties like this should have been a weekend for me to link re the enjoyed having. We've had bundled together. Through company in Canada. At the cottage Internet phone and cable might. When my wife set that up a couple of years ago as they need to TV I don't care about the TV and then my. Overtimes legal bouquets games on the blue jays were really good for at least the first year of this. Like I don't want to Obama wants a blue jays. Special weekend they were in Boston Mike so I got home on Friday a right. See the TV soap operas Internet got bigger programs and difficult to going to and it's hooked up so the TV must be hooked up. And I'll stop because it's very frustrating calling them is just really I need to call them on a comedian Paul. But above all to start polls say that march and what can imagine from their. See that is an 8030 by 518085. To 22550. We also gamers to mount a home run derby. Is tonight Bryce Harper Freddie Freeman. Max Muncie and Javier Baez. Alex Bregman. Kyle Lohse warmer. And Asians and you are and who. Rich rice rice rise Reese Hoskins Reese Hoskins. Reese Hoskins RHY. Yes Reese at a thank you count a good new Kolb did go to one man. -- squeeze in one more forward at the top of the hour at least one more and it will time for more Michael's account ski from all of the power play coming up top the hour Malik is next up on WGR. And I'm. I don't worry I'm super thank you. Illiquid all the essential that were talking about what milk Sheridan where he's trying to Internet. And that taps ex there I mean I really like a key that you grew leery I mean he. When that the United States their food you are they want that cup how this one hour you're trying to mimic. I think he plays I think he's a bit too so he's a solid NHL defensemen I mean. Soul guy I'd I know her or heard all I hear all in all about so. Well Pete I mean got the Vietnam devastating shoulder injury I think is. The talk about nobody took him out. Yeah I mean I like him but I think she's a player that is. You know don't play in the league for ten years. He's he's good he's not great at any one thing but I think he's pretty solid all around player and I'm. Totally fine with him. Five it is really the point you might be making his leg whip where we don't win or do I put everybody missed like there are a lot of Japanese because of the fans and sign. You know I wouldn't be against blew him a great trade present itself put. I don't have a problem with them at all by any stretch CJ is next up on WG RC do what's up. Obama can get a street appreciate so I have to alert key issues up that are out at GM. Where we have addiction an addition is frequently not working. Clear up a few weekends ago and my brother and I are trying to get it on watched the average at HL draft you know he. Know what the result is an. And we chewed up spit on an optional goes up and says we're picking Dolly at that moment I had faith in Canada. Pretty good deal aren't all glad that ended well I don't mind gets addressed I thought this. I ended up on the phone a mud on my buddy John gale storm I tried to call my phone like date the company would not accept the call. I don't write why because in Canada yeah I old I'd be nights right. I have my iPhone which works great and I dialed the number that was on the televisions during the says your account suspended even though the Internet and so it okay so I doubt the number and it won't go through my so I do my body's phone I called and but just don't know what they're good nobody knows it's it's incredible was the least satisfying customer service. Scenario. You can really image but if there's a long wait. And the person you start talking to. Doesn't understand your problem. And then puts you on hold. And then comes back with another person who you don't have to excellent well we've got Internet. Phone and cable TV bundled together and we had a problem giving the Internet working but. My wife was able to get a technician to come out and he took care of the K the Internet. And he said of the cables and working in a couple of days to call back. So it's been a couple of days so I'm calling back. I don't normal but. I don't know apple. Well. Let us what it should warm your look at your bit Paul thanks or try and sports talk. You mean you don't know are now well I'll tell you what we're gonna do we want bill you. Oh. Not only for the service. Thinks that's satisfying. This has reached a reasonable conclusion. How. Is. It to give you money. So I can have the color television picture beamed into my old. And the best you can do is tell me we won't charge you. Do you lament a listen to me not your imagination well we have to charger which part of it was because I don't know what your baby's going to be on. I don't really know what I'm only really works here but I just it was quite. So I don't know where I have cable again now because I I my wife got the guide com to fix the Internet and like that's good. That's good. And with that was. A massive undertaking that required numerous phone calls. People in Canada if they can still listen. Right now are guessing what company this is an understood to tell you do right. I'm not gonna say it does that would be unprofessional. It's not at all the Arabs that that because I don't want you to think you do thinking that wrong about that. I don't know I can't imagine. Calling again. Because I I was you know the oak okay I'm sort of befuddled. By. Resolution or lack of resolution to it that I I didn't even like did. Property owners are okay so you're telling me you don't really know when my TV is going to be on earth whatever else. And the woman said. More will read yeah. Okay short. Back. Her no she said. You can chuck back. OK it's like home up Mike. Now now muddied at all like you did you kidding so I can't I met my wife does not call it. I can't imagine me calling in because this is gonna happen Michael again and the like who wants to be I wanted a movie that. And so recovering from losing my mind on the referee in the eleven a power play game which was one of the worst two minutes apart if you catch a mile and no I didn't I didn't happen to. Talk to the rough a little bit but I had and I'd in Texas I'm period so now all well gotten rid of reasonable point. Bill was of problems it was. It was sports in all sports and sports it happens a guy adrenaline was running high I was upset because I'd it was a big debt burden couldn't skate. Through that a lot of aggravation that it manifests itself. And Boykins poured that I'm making out to be a lot worse than it was but I'd I yelled for a few a little while and he'd. Totally that he knew it was mostly. Kitty thank. Anyway I said too much are ready Michael as a Toski formula really powerfully lots of volunteers that go on the eyes and he yelled at by radio personalities to great great event really. Michael beyond me may be aiming to his once. Will be joining us here coming up after this to put it put a ball on this spectacular. Charitable endeavor that they initiated. The 2 July in a row the breeze over one point two million dollars for cancer research Roswell park and camp good days just spectacular anyway bold review all that was my coming up after the some WG.