07-17 Chris Carlin of WFAN in New York with Howard and Jeremy on the Yankees

Howard and Jeremy
Tuesday, July 17th

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Nick talker met stalk not a wealthy Yankee talk I'll throw a Mets question our luck I can I do not let my distaste my eight. Hatred of the Yankees blinded me as a talk show host cell. Having said that Chris Carlin joining us from WFAN radio in New York honor AT&T hot like Chris soured Jeremy good morning thanks for coming all of us today. I was told there were Reno met often could put it up I don't. I'm I'm a frustrated Mets fan looking for guidance so that the end after we get through the winning baseball clock then I'll ask you Matt's question. Well when you find that guy who you let me I thought well I've been looking for her geez I don't know about forty plus years by now Chris and that's an unbelievable. I the Yankees trading for Manny Machado. Doesn't look like get it looks like he's gonna end up at Philadelphia. You know I think there was. There at all a lot of talk to it but. That was borne mainly out of the idea that they were not connect yet. Up front line starter that you know the level of start that they're talking about this point it's Jay apt. Rule has some excellent career numbers against the Astros against the Red Sox but then it. You know got beat up. That's the great the last restart the quick shot a plot which just all right well. If we can't get a Frontline starter. Let. Talk about adding Machado for the rest of this season. They're talking about Saudi in the offseason anyway. And then as blunt. But if you're not gonna happen because yankees don't wanna include just shut field with Gilbert topic. Would confuse me when the Machado stuff came came out and you know that the Yankees were said to be involved. I mean honestly Chris you look at the lineup go really who did you need more. Did you you'd be saying why would you give up may be a die able young player or two whatever you'd have to give up for that line up when your critics. I picked up that spot and you know they haven't they. It's about winning the World Series I think last year really stuck in there walk or to come and look at the situation that they're rip. You could be a 105. Win team and be playing in the while art. And that's that's pretty tough to swallow so I think that for the thought process behind it is you know it. They everybody knows starting pitcher but that they can't get the guy that they would you do want a certain level. Then let go and see if we can beat elliptical way. I'd show at this point would you are you thinking you're not expecting them they're going to be public completed guilt of that front line starter. You know what I don't think so because he took French it's okay if that there were looked at the top. Twenty starters in baseball in terms of BRA right now well you know you don't aren't contending team. And mostly. You know those Internet radio and the Yankees can. Likely. Ought. The Tampa rays in the trading voice mail. You know only been in the league for a couple of years I don't think it's a little. Which victory there at the division later Cuba Pope spoke vote. So I think it's going to be difficult to do now. What happened yesterday it would check of the club. Are you think they'll lie in the weeds on that one little significant. You know talked a Mets hit it in to making a deal as the deadline gets close if it back and that's what they're not get. An extension I would still term highly likely. I'd say you know I I I had Yankee question for you but since you mention the Mets let me ask you this what what is what is that what are they doing. What is the organization's plan my I'm sitting here as a met fan looking at that you know the trade rumors about the gram or send to guard. And I'm I'm sitting here I think it OK look I wouldn't want to trade the ground but what's the organization's plan are they are they gonna retool that they think they can still compete so what is the Mets plan. Like how they think that next year they can be back at the OK. There's not much. On the way in terms of help there's a couple in terms of the bodily system. Others a couple of guys that that they'd be able to call to action work but there aren't a spotlight on inspection that the election. According sixteen they had probable at these. I believe six strengths farm system in all of baseball. Now twenty. So. You know they're so long term help is not air right. They think they get back into it next year. But I would argue that they can't you know I I think I think you Putin met right now. Is autistic rum and these guys have been. You know. A couple of these guys have injury history. You have to take that into account. And I think the ground at this point you know I don't blame them one that. You know they they can't score runs form he has written up in particular soldier. Never ending on an extension is rendered broached. The Mets are like there were good. And I think that's because they feel like he's thirty years old that they don't have to Pampers or years. I've been able to. He's already had just Tommy John surgery like this stay on the match part I really do like. You know this is a guy that. You want to be the front of your rotation. For the long term so he's not going to be. The other problem as. He's not going to be if you wanna trade up well treated now he's given a vote vote Orman return mail. Forty wait until the offseason didn't elect whoever the in general managers going to be John Recco work currently the guy's there or it's somebody new completely outside the organization. Which it's more likely. Eleven. It's very typical spot there and. Chris Carlin WFAN host with a senator AT&T hotline what Chris what's what do the injury updates on Torres and Sanchez. You know applause as it sounds like AP ready to go here. I pretty soon think that what Torres. You know Torres let tickets is more likely. To be an extra series maybe. I Sanchez may be able to go to recognize a match that they were probably. I'm more likely. We the race next week but the bulk. Exceptionally close. Couple other things were let you go I'm curious I wanted to ask because. With Jim Carla stand on ask our how this has worked out how he's doing he got off to such an awful start and honestly. I remembers that as a Mets then I saw enough to stand I said hey Yankee fans stop freaking out the guy's gonna be finding a hell he'll he'll be who he is. How is his season going overall with the Yankees. And it's it's okay it's still OK and I think it. Yeah you can't just getting used to them but they've seen a couple of news. The clutch moments have been better. The last I would say it more personal. He's not gonna prepare right now so that's a good thing. I also think the fact that he didn't make the all star in the airports they oral. You know he can. AP a little paranoid about it pre Eagles. Can go work. All along and help I'm so psyched up what you are that you. I'll let you know Yankee fan so he's gonna be about the clock almost. With those new and dynamic player that comes grew. And oh well all that has dramatically. Then the last thing with the Yankees this goes back to that the talks about who knows today it'll be prefaced the questions prefaced with. Whether they get a starting pitcher not a right now as you look at a Chris how do they stack up with. The Red Sox the Astros if you wanna throw in the Indy NG Canada they just played them how they stack up against the best in the American League. You know I. I think I stopped at the best team I do it I know the Red Sox pitching is probably a little bit better. I guess what we're concerned me the most at this point. Is Tanaka if Iraq is healthy and who he was in the post season last year they're going to be fine if he is. At all you know it's been banged up if it is at all. Or in that spot and it's all about apple Bruntlett. You know if he can heal or give it up. To pay Paul runs. Spot or just weeks a couple of pitches up but really some very simple and you know all the you know constantly and there have been hit or so well. Just cannot get an end Kenny avoid doing it I don't think. They're better. I Victor a little bit better right so we'll see help. Have problems. Not lose and we're aware of oil Slick Rick number. Just because that's. Our leader he's seen his daughter lost. You know more than three in a row at any point this this season so. I think it's going to be a dog play yeah. Just remember please take it easy MI Mets okay Chris. And up sell off. That's truth and that hurt about it Chris thanks thanks for given us some time this morning enjoy the rest of baseball season down there. I.