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Howard and Jeremy
Tuesday, July 17th

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How excited and take care of you. You're there with aloe well right laugh out loud got your familiar with ass and eight shaking my head yes. I like this game now when I got the breaking sports tax I thought. GT FO. You know now once I do get. Below say it freak out I thought. G yeah football. Like that are you kidding me on WG ER Sports Radio 550. Collect slam often the first thing I can promise when I come mechanism and make your day right off the Batman to make your day. Right from the start of the show. So glad the rest of the day often at W go home go back to sleep Knoll but I thought if you yesterday. Because just lets you better not start with the dinosaurs no no no no that's for later however that a source all yeah I saw you in Britain teaming up on me you'd never even seen the word colossal rap I meant I could and if I knew it a fight I would pronounce that I know what it. You talk the Toronto wrapped growers what occur covered up yeah I didn't digital revenue rapist raptors and the other was a velocity in front of it so yes I've played in the UB golf tournament. A scramble like WGR golf tournament you put on by UB and mark all of of their athletic director mark always given him bills but welcome everybody. You know good to have you here it was hot by the way it was. Throughout my life isn't was golfing yesterday yes ban and I said this to happen all that he was hot I went out and bought assure that claimed it would keep me cool because as a freight how hot it would be yes it did job it was nice. So anyway marks up there speaking the EV athletic director and he's talking about how. This is his first time golf. Oh now I don't know if you meant. Figuratively. I don't awful lot. I thought his speech included. My first time ever sold the he get his basic concept was bear with me I'm gonna be just whack it out there. And I thought of you thought the dude like Charles Barkley the FCC might play that I did not I did not see him swing or play you know we've we've it was just a speech and he's talking about how. If you can send first tie. Which would be you know that's that's simply wants to go golfing with a that's what I say it. You guys should get together only good if you could play together you judge how long round of golf at the two of what would take you wouldn't feel bad you would you don't to be with somebody else that's kind of may be learning the game a little bit I hope I understood. As again I was in the cards he's welcoming everybody I hope I got that right but I'm pretty sure let's just say he's very very he. On the spirit inexperience when it comes to golf let me ask you this in the answer might be Charles Barkley because that's the guy people point out. I I would tend to think like mark call that may have never played golf before but he's an athlete I keep played football and in college. I feel like you would still he could pick up clubs for the first time because he's an athlete still look better than me maybe that's right I'd like to our athletes just more inclined to be better. At other sports I don't that this is where you say Charles Barkley stairwell on a golf course depends on the athlete amend their there're people that would tell you. The different sports and it will borrow things from each other there are people that will tell you the hockey players are able to more likely to go to call because there's like a swings. And I stuff for sure I think there's an element of baseball to baseball swings aren't necessarily good in golf but. You know you you swing you you've got first there's form your work I mean it's footwork its arms its follow F follow throughs it's in all I can tell you that learning to ski for me was a lot easier because I knew how to. Hockey stop ice skating if you can hockey stop. You can ski I'll stick and hockey stuff that's not gonna try to that's definitely that's with skiing is it's is at least the start it's a series of hockey stops except you know media you know gravity doesn't work together there are things that. Different sports will borrow from one another too hot to golf yesterday it was very hot all I was doing which is running errands yesterday it was one of those days where you go outside and I like your breath is taken away because it's all hot and humid outside well. I actually drove what Michael windows down I thought hmm that's a bad idea idea. Did you get an idea how hot was over this isn't TMI 110 but you know were on the course for plane eighteen holes it's it was not a long scramble when it's hot out. Bears appear to but I was. Not just me but Greg wean ourselves from we were chugging water to you know so we were just constantly staying hydrated yep and one of those situations where. Again not to be TI but. You putting all that watery and yeah well it's got to edit and never thought Elena get at thought. Let's look at it it took over I was stop every second hole no OK we're like fourteen holes and Stanley K. Something should happen here we should. Now like Niagara Falls in this should be so that ma am so. That's how hot it was it was so hot that it was all going nandan. You know your body needed every step every bit and let him out he got it right right that yes but does it it was a good round we. We had a I almost read this but I didn't just because the first hole we played. We chose to take a shot out of the bunker. Like that's a cardinal sin of a scramble that was our best shot our best. Our best opportunity was GR out of its and it's only once but we did it and start but was we just wanted to dish the ball okay say we didn't want well if you if you like that element of it and yeah yeah I'd let you know what what look I mean you guys were you I may be well you guys probably better than. We were at we show 45 under book some like that we just thought I I think every every year return emit at least one time you want a shot on the popular rap artist just to see how we are. And I I. I screwed my shot up and hit it outside the bunker it never went like four feet hit the wall came back in anyway go ahead you you're here in the bunkers on the bunker we were all the barker we just you know would we we play out of bunker which is probably your right I should practice more on the bunker Kazan when I'm playing around rep play my own ball you can need to do it the heat instead it's like why avenue to block a shot in six years because all to explain scrambles yet. So yeah it's it was thought that it. You know what was I'm trying to think what but it. That's fun you know golfing in humidity and heat and that that's good but we had a good time yesterday we enjoyed the we enjoy our show yesterday. Amid the whole show obvious she was four hours of radio call but if I would pick one thing that I that I enjoyed. A lot and I I hope people got a chance to listen to the interview if you didn't hear it live it's an on demand audio. Braden put up a story yesterday at our website we basically stole. Matt Ellis from the investigators. And asked him to recount his. His opinions from the prospect camp of the development camp about refs missed olina Casey middles that in Brendan Cooley and but today peak but tying Pete car. And APEC car. But hey KP cart car and apartment hey. The car as quickly gets here responded it's actually pay cash because he's changed yet investigation the and that's not a joke but that's actually how it's pronounced that the check is yes you check greatness Republican tax cash. But tapered anyway. Yeah I caught a little bit of that interview I can we just go to camp now is here and I just I. K I gotta wait till September which you wanna do is go to camp and sit next to Matt Ellis and have him talk you through it. Tell it what this drill is what to be looking for yeah I caught the you know have a might stop. Just so you could listen in the extreme a practice online Mike up Matt Ellis. So fans that the that are watching the practice online can listen to Matt Dallas over the course of practice and what he's saying to the players listening to him in if you you can do it consistently. He would change the way that you watched the game men elsewhere because he's in his coaching and he's he's talking about drills these talk about fundamentals whether it's. It KC Mittal said in the tight area drills or however getting inside the defenseman triangle these are young these are things that hockey players would know really well but. You know to the layperson like you're me. He'll give opinion on Colleen. And I'll think OK on the watch for that next time I'm gonna see how he does what Matt is talking about and seem him with middle stats so. Yet. You can tell old east coach and he does a great job. Of relaying that super hyper technical information. And relating it to our right well this is this is what goes well this is what's incredible about this is what's impressive so. You wanna go out look for that so yeah I I but I loved it and I've I've heard of with the investigators the want them in the segment you were mentioning and her with you yesterday you know just you know keep going more bad Alice you know that's why. That's why. I kinda you know I can't really take credit for the interview concede what he was saying the stuff on the investigators and I just wanted to hear more because I've missed the beginning of that interview but. It's we we aren't in you know we had that stretch about dialing where you know I mean I'm I'm more and sit in in bills camp mode not sabres Campbell I think we all army built campus. Little over a week away. You know regain the C a little bit more football I mean the bears and bears rookies are actually reporting today the bills we'll check in next week so we're getting him the bills camp mode we're gonna be doing our shows and saint John Fisher again but. The it. The less the less build up of Colleen it's not you know I like what am I getting to. Darlene every day it was fun right after the lottery and now of course you know we haven't talked about him as much week we've grand at a Swedish people to talk to about rats with Dolly and I think we got everybody in the country on the show. But then you hear stuff like that and you just cut it just kind of remind you of like. How exciting it's going to be to watch this guy play but I love what he also set about medals that and and some of the other guys in PEP car. I think I thought it was really informative I enjoyed it and if he if you didn't hear it and you wanna get stoked for all that stuff again. I as as we get in the football mode don't forget were couple months away from Rasner stalling going to his first training camp as a member of the Buffalo Sabres. Check out the interview it's it's. To run on the home page you see the article a lot Matt Ellis. That Braden put up and says Darlene has a level of poised to everything. You can never read the articles on the Mets cloture in the article and then Brayton link the actual interview itself. Poise. Anyway. End. Parent or get some tweets about the the F Seattle is not working I have sent a message along you know cut on ports on the people who are telling us the apps not working aren't journalists on the ups and making it zero saying that's not were aware of the situation suggestion tweet out yes we're we're we're aware of that situation and working on. Quick thing on the lightest Lind home. So he's in our fate was signs a deal for nearly five million dollars a year that is allies went home was never gotten fifty points. Went all in his entering his sixth NHL seasons he played his first three years been cited two year bridge deal in that bridge deal he went for 45 and 44. His career high in goals it's seventeen. And he's got nearly five million dollars a year. So if you're samurai are at the sabres did its work or probably. Days a week two weeks away right nerves got to get done at some point. Yeah and I would think that it is the number one thing that Jason bottles dealing with right now with the on the offseason is pretty much calmed down outside of signing aura phase right analyses doing another trade somewhere surely there to run they have no contract facelift that right from a faltering and because of their third round pick is tied up I can't really out there and offer sheets too much. Sole. Real it's got to be focusing on Reinhart and you know the more we look at the context. Mean five million dollars a year seems like it's probably what that the neighbor he's gonna be and if he comes in lower than that great. But went home and Lendl is 23 and has ever had fifty points right art has steadily increased his point total it's got two seasons medical and home ever did. And he's 21. So I think if you're right our look at it comparable you're saying I am a younger player with more points than that guy. A five million dollars a year at least now he might be I mean I imagine he's asking freedom more. Let me ask you this does this factor at all when he when you get into this discussion now liberals got five years in the league. He's coming up this bridge deal so he had a three year entry level contract and then before the 1617. Season. He signed a two year. Five point four million dollar deal so he's on the make make it to seven yes it is bridge east and that is low right because we're talking about fortified and a bridge for Ryan art. He was making 27 in his bridge comes off that now he gets this extension via. Yeah I'm just trying to figure out because it's different with escalators in your cap hit in his cap hit for the next four seasons four point eight. Just looking and exactly how this all played out yet seat. That it's it's he's got a New York five mean in his first three seasons when homes cap papers is AV was one point seven right are spent three. He's not about to pay a guy you know he's not but take take caught right. Seoul this guy is gonna get. If it all comes out a term my guess is they probably have a pretty comfortable range that they are in terms of dollars per year yeah but it's about determine what to do that Iran arts average annual value of his contract is 3.5. As he hits those bonuses and let it in if you look at Lynn Holmes numbers. The last time we were and I'm so I don't mean a lap we were we talk about Iran rally you can pretty much lock in who rhino rally is in terms of production like 5055. Points. Alliance slid home. Four full years last four full seasons 39394544. He's in that rail you know exactly. What he has been with Carolina maybe maybe it goes to another level in Calgary. And no there's some there's some good talent on that team some really good defenseman some very talented forwards in Calgary so as numbers go up. But you know right arts got three years in and in a pretty solid body of work went home is 39 to 45 points over four years but again. I try Escude he's coming off the bridge deal I don't know how much difference that makes. The fact that he's now in his third contract and Reinhardt is only going to be going into its second contract and his bridge to but. His bridge could be right so you think in his bridges going to be around five million dollars two years 102 years may be two years eleven. But that does my first guess was two years eleven million. Pretty good considering went home was to five point four disparate Steele you'd almost you'd almost be you can double Lynn Holmes bridge steal liquor samurai and art yeah. That seems to be the only thing remaining in this offseason that we can we can say this is going to happen is there another trade coming possibly. Is there a free agent signing. Not one that you're gonna care about I saw something that said the the most the best bang for the buck free agent out there's Derek grant. And I were you afraid that they know what's going on you'll pay world and endless you know maybe they're sign more guys Rochester I think like I said Paul tweeted out the other day. When they signed Smith and Reinhart they'd be at fifty contracts the organization that's it that's the maximum so they just signed TJ Smith they took care about T east. And Bailey an old Regan so after he gets right heard sign unless there's another trade it sure of what you would. You'd look at it goat looks like he's done other than maybe fill out the Rochester roster with some veteran players now. Already for that emerged that write our contract and never happens that the term will be the most intrigues me here's Calgary. Just to put in context cover just traded the limp home and they decide six years yeah it's a big long contract. Here's the sabres who. And if they if they announced six years I'll be surprised. If it if they want the goal longer term it just seems to me it would have been done by now it seems to me that. The bridge is probably the right place for them released what they would be pursuing their locked into Jack they're locked into the wrist aligned and in a post so. And don't lean will be here forever and was right are and whether the are quite sure what he is aren't quite sure. It just seems that two to three years is probably right. Yeah and I think. Remember Calgary makes that trade. Where the lies led hold Calvin make that trade knowing there's going to be a long term extension coming because that the deal was in cal era. Carolina that as I believe the hurricanes had approached Linn home. And couldn't come to any kind of an agreement. On a contract realize that you know he wanted to long term they couldn't come to an agreement so they ended up trading of so I think capped a remixed that trade knowing. Whatever number they had in their mind for years five years six years I don't know what Calgary makes that trade knowing you're going to give allies Lendl the long term contract extension that's why he left Carolina to begin now. But but it's sting that you know you look at that. I mean it's not like his numbers are eye popping you know 39 to 45 points. Don't OK not great obviously it kinda drives home how if you think samurai attorneys begin eighty points to be any good. Mean Lin home is a guy he was top ten pick you sixth overall. And my them what to what you wish that is that the Gregory Cohen cured and sincere possibly may be little. More recent and doesn't make much difference opt I think he's a look these are the line and year to be honest. Right five years in wanted to look at bodies are slide out here yet. Okay is that that draft is stacked. Was he sixth overall my computer from fifth overall confusing him now it's Sean Monahan was also on Calgary anyway but the point is. That with the went home in on top ten pick who's put up fifty points year consequences is okay. Ryan O'Reilly is a guy who's making seven million dollar seven and a half who puts up. Fifty to sixty points per year so you you've got a lot of guys that slot in about that number and the guys the globe Bob Beckett paid you know pretty well. So pitch here but the whole different field overall he was in the McKinnon draft okay echoes recent good and McCain in that. Is bark off in that deal to look at bark off drew Landry. Four is don't tell me look I think it's the risk though draft so. Seth Jones right. Five Lind home six Monahan got seven nurse and an eight Bristol line in nine nick cushion. Known efficiency Vancouver. Bold or that poll or that OK and a Christian was after him at ten got you to doubt gotcha yeah. All right that's I mean I stopped by a very good tough and it's occurred draft now. Like temper your expectations and in five million is a fifty point guy. If ten million is a hundred point guy five things a fifty point guard. Well things have changed I do mean it that you know points have been harder to come by over the years in the NHL I think. Maybe it's a little bit difficult for if you're older like me and used to a certain point total when you start getting in the league in the seventies the eighties. And points for easy to come by. And then you get to the point yet we you'd look at ago really a forty point guy is worth how much for five million dollars it might be hard for you to fathom. But that's where were are and in the National Hockey League these days so that's I was. I I I thought and homes numbers were better than that but quite honestly right if you do an average average vs average. Reinhart is probably all better than alive slid home he's just got a smaller body of work. And Lynn home was building off a bridge deal whereas right artists coming off his entry that the difference also might do Lind home Ken. Survive it sent her and Ryan are might be more of a Winger depending on what the savior do this year because they certainly are talking like they're gonna put him. They might be putting Americans senate which would make me nervous yeah I wonder I. You know it. Post the number two said or an opening night pastor Burkle. Okay and then middle stats three yup I can see that I can see them not just saying. Hey it's a given Casey middles that's gonna be the second line center let's bring the kid in let him play and he's got burned more ice time he's got a earned that ability you you've got a more responsible that not more responsible veteran player who may be is sub. Little more ready to handle number two linemen it's an opening night and Patrick Bergman and I think over the course of time Casey mills that will work himself into that number two role so yes I. To me it makes more sense to put ride herd on the wing I'd like to get his scoring ability and get him out there on one of my top two lines if not he is. If burtless an overture senator and middle statue number three setter you know put where you put Reinhart he's not gonna play center. You've got to I think you've got to have him on your wing you need more scoring in your top two lines I think Reinhart. Again second half of season last year. Sam Reinhardt is a valuable guy whether he's on Michael's line or maybe he's on burglar in line or maybe you put. On a win with Casey medals that and you hope to get some good production at your third line acts like a good run about top two but I don't like Reinhart at center I think. Again you look like Michael and medals that will be locked in. Knock on wood for years to come. Maybe it's next season past when it's going to be here I think at some point is as a two way center of your third or fourth line center. I think right hard etc. be a waste I think your putting you've got pieces in play a play at setter this team needs guys on the wing who can score so why would put Reiner and on the wing I wouldn't put him at center. When nine days from training camp for the bills does look at our schedule last night fifty days for the sabres still ways away. Wants Olivia belt to Benoit. He's not right well. Navy I think he's not until I until actually see like what the contract how was put together you would look at it on on. On paper you would look at and say five years. Seventy million when your plan for 145 this year and a one year what are you doing right you'd say your urine your running back and are offering you five years seven million. Thirty something 1000001 years right yes as you let your knots 3030 really in the first two years and then years you really want to learn what what he's still in racked yet but unless there's struck there maybe there's something to the structure of the contract it didn't appeal to him I don't know but on. On the periphery or whatever initially you look at and go why would you turned out Fieger seven million dollar to one Celeste woody and get. Once a less big free agent running back to sign. Home court just how right he got an extent got got traded you got traded and then extended the last time. A running back hit the open market and got paid. DeMarco Murray an argument I've. I can't imagine a team gives Levy on bell a better offer than Pittsburgh adjusted. Well have another under the here on is on his mileage if you will and and I'm gonna I'm gonna guess he's going to be extremely involved in the offense. Yes that's right that I'd I'd I'd love to agree with you and say. What is she'd I mean when I saw the numbers I thought what is he doing and I would only say that you know Mike Florio pro football talk pointed out. Before we know the details. Maybe he does that make how much was guaranteed what was the signing bonus what was the structure like look upon the Steelers. I would load up the first years of the deal thinking how many get Libyan bell and Ben Roethlisberger got more years out of them. And you know by and I can release Libyan bell after two years in the deal and I'm not gonna screw myself over I don't know what it was structured. Well he wants seventeen million and they're offering fourteen year fourteen a year for running back is a ton of money I can lose. When no one no one's gonna pay him seventeen million dollars a year on the open that's what I mean what does he think he's gonna guess I'm not sure how many teams. Would offer him term. And average annual value. Better than what Pittsburgh and again another year. Later you know again another year of mileage on on his legs and everything so yet it on the surface that's what hurt to. On the surface it looks like it's a mistake on his part. Because. Nobody's nobody's the top running back average salary okay this is over the capped dot com. Libyan bells gonna make 145 this year is the one you're tag so you're talking about what can he get on the open market. The top average salary this year outside of bell is eight point two about they Freeman. We'll show on right there at eight point 01 key thing so he's gonna billion dollar she's gonna make fourteen per on a long term EA prep. As I said on the surface it sure looks like what do you do when once you just take the contract. And I think it's more about how do you get that deal. A year from now on the open market in what T don't pay running backs that kind of money nobody does that not a good not a Smart teams. And it certainly company seventeen latest know the next highest average salary is six million dollars lower. Freeman McCoy sick one Barkley who's on his rookie deal seven point seven jerk McCain and landed four net I mean were now we're down into the seventh in the sixes. Nobody pay running even those guys are making a lot for the position you know. So yeah I'm not sure I'm I'm not sure again maybe he just I guess that maybe he thought the Steelers were were not doing them a solid in terms of how they put the contract together but. Yeah the biggest question is how do you replicate that deal a year from now in free agency I think it's going to be hard pressed to do that. Are happy Tuesday everybody. Right overnight if you're you know when you wake up this morning guess what maybe the blue grass won't be as brown today. 8030550. To join us 888550. Q 550. On the show today it's it's the all star break and I'm doing something nice for Yankee fan you know the Yankees are big story in Major League Baseball. Going to be you know there are going to be in the class barring a collapse but there is still the race for the division with the Boston Red Sox. And the rumors that the Yankees are going after Manny Machado or maybe a starting pitcher. Chris Carlin WFAN in New York he's gonna join us at 730 will talk mostly yankees but a pro throw with the ground question. We'll continue our training camp previous for bill's opponents dropped to the Houston Texans today. We'll handle that at 830 Landry blocked 610 sports in Houston. Porter cup get started tomorrow with sixtieth Porter cup. We'll have a preview later this morning with the cast he stunned tournament director for the wonderful portico pop Niagara Falls country club you can join us at any point in the show. 8030550. To join us or 888550. To 550. On WGR. About the last year Jack and they were in this exact same. Situation at this time. And the two sides to the dance open told a 4 PM eastern deadline and nearly got a deal done. And the same was true. I think the two sides were close and I think Libya Abdel. Really is determined to see these value. As offensive playmaker on the pulpit more so what Pittsburgh Steelers were offering to make him the hottest game running back. In the game they were willing to pay the position. But not in living on bill's mind a player. Have a shot there. As the Steelers and Lovie and bell were waiting. Lists of greatest song. Are we a nonviolent and a song. We are the waiting are we awaiting him to inform American idiot yes great album. Credo. So. It turns down the big contract extension he's gonna plan a franchise tag. Man if our third Pittsburgh I would just be thrilled that he didn't that he turned on that deal with no part of it. He thinks he's gonna get seventeen million on the open market while the next best running back it's paid these good luck. Bryce Harper once the home run derby the all star game is tonight is Max Scherzer against Chris Sale. Buys and beat North Fork 821. Gigot the ground once a long term deal or a trade what do you wanna. I don't know. I would say long term deal the Mets have a really bad history with law they give long term deals to guys and they don't produce and he's 32. Is he thirty united even checked like his age his contract status what's left honestly. I would tell you I'd I would like TJ good to ground stay with the Mets. But I need to know what's the Mets plan I'm sorry he's thirty children 31 when the when his current deal is up what's their plan. Are they in every are they re tool in our day you know Reyes Dubai sets that is what do you do when Jay Bruce what are you deal with Todd Frazier. Are you turn over the roster are you gonna go young do you have enough prop it up. I need to know what the Mets approaches to determine whether or not it's time to give Jake what's he looking for five years six years. I need to know what their plan is as an organization that they still think there in position to win compete in the next few years. You gotta keep him and send a card that's the pitcher pitching staff if you think you're gonna turn things over and moving on from some of the guys and some of the deals that work out. Now they're talking about. If he's traded three or four parts. Major League controllable players who are ready to play now not like top prospects from the minor leagues who might be 23 years or west they're looking for young guys under control salaries that are ready to play. Now so if they're turning their roster over that probably makes more sense for them to do that and paid to gram for long term contract. Sabres signed CJ Smith to a one year two way deal Calgary analyzed Linn home get a contract on for six years. Adam Henrik in Anaheim for five years and for football image Libyan bill bears rookies report today. First round pick rope once meant still unsigned much like Josh Allen remains on site you be wide receiver Anthony Johnson on the watch list for the Maxwell Award. For the top player in college football. Here's a funnel question will he be the best receiver in buffalo this year. They'll be the more most productive receiver in buffalo this year if he's on the bills he's their number the true. They're yeah yeah he'd give Kelvin Benjamin run that probably he's he's he's extremely talented. It's fun to watch he is he is a big play maker. He can catch balls in traffic I mean he's just throw the jump ball outlet impeded guy one on one can flat out beat a guy wanna I wanna get in space he's. He is such an X he and it will be so much fun to watch he and him in. He had him and Tyree Jackson this season you know so much fun you be as. Buzzing about those two are not what they could be doing I've attacks from air in buffalo on Levy on bell that. I knew we would get today in airing I don't think you're wrong. I just it's worth reading. Ericsson and let's be honest if there's any team that's willing to pay that running back and put that value on running back its ability give a date. There's no there's no way Brandon being would give out that contract Libyan belliard from no no way. How old I think it's 26. He's gonna he's just turned down. Fought again who knows about structure but if you just look at it as a AV. OK he just turned down. Five years seven million what is it guys. Thirteen or fourteen or your fourteen year OK right. It actually is fourteen year flat. I don't I know there's just no way Britain being is good this week about how. What easy what big contracts as he handed out so far. I know I know he's gonna make big splash he just he's got the got rid of martial artist is big contract he's the guy the the that the lead in the organization had said. What do you mean Sammy Watkins he's gonna want how much money 1213 a year and Jamie lock and that organ he doesn't. We're gonna and he's going to turn around and give. Fourteen million dollars a year on a long term contract to a 27 year old running back no I. He's not saying the bills are actually do it now be saying if there's a team it's just not have to bills I would agree and Aaron are a team that. Again as soon as I'd put the tweet up this morning like. Who's gonna give love him Belmont I expect a lot of bills fans they're like the bill probably will know they won't know they want then wall and because he's probably not trust the process guy I east China. That's about that stuff matters too it's like not a Smart business move to do that if you're not not seventeen year. But where will bloody and l.'s top offer come from. I don't know like what that's that's the question was that seem willing to implement him a five year let's say worth maybe maybe what did you want a top that. Who's given you five years in what fifteen per well I guess I what you're looking for but ports topping that. On an open market contract I just have trouble even picturing anybody going above nevermind above fourteen million. But LB 27 Bryant McKinnie team offering a more than eight is why we're taught we always talk about running backs the magic numbers thirty right. We'll see how much magic number tends to be twenties as it does Villa 27 K so he's going to be 27 next year when he hits the mark continue to give a five year deal worth fourteen don't know what's gonna do I thought. The not the bills would never do that. Did the going to be the bills a year from now. Well less than a year from now come march though stepped figure out there wanna get help Benjamin big money. You know that's that would which does he stay healthy does he I don't know what kind of numbers he's gonna put up with this quarterback picture this guy's gonna be an unrestricted free agent. And what just happened with free agent wide receiver salaries this past offseason went way up. 1213 a year on the app. Richie up except for that and it may be he gets Jordan Matthew used. And tests unfurl what less than a million because his production is so down. You know I don't think Benjamin names as a guy that's gonna see crazy offers the same way these other guys did injure he's a big target but. I don't I don't anticipate him being him the number one target on the free agent mark. No but what's she what's she what's he make an issue like eighty something it's about a case of your Kelvin Benjamin assuming you stay healthy first off. Member Jordan Matthews not only had. Stupid that numbers but he was also injured he missed a lot of time it was it was the worst possible time. For Jordan Matthews to go on to the free agent market if your Kelvin Benjamin first you've got to stay healthy. Second B does stay healthy place sixteen games sure I building anybody's expecting. Big numbers but that won't be Kelvin Benjamin's ball we're gonna look at it and go what kind of offense was the in this year you know. Who the heck is the quarterback and how much it actually going to be throwing the football but after Kelvin Benjamin you're coming off of eight per year. I'm always lull on contract when it comes to guessing salaries. He's looking for at least ten. And that's probably really low. Are the bills so we're gonna talk about the bills may be you know giving like fourteen million dollars a year or running back. He's got to figure out you got to figure out of the U wanna give ten million plus to Kelvin Benjamin for a few years to stick around here as of now no way they're they're going after running back for the big contract this can change as of right now I'm in no one that. Yeah that they should not well at this point your your goal you of course she'd say don't you're going off an injury. An injury ravaged when he seventeen for Kelvin Benjamin a team that still has no quarterback to prove that they can actually throw the football more often than not though. I think that's being. This is not this is not a decision they don't know where you're gonna. I don't care who the running back is there the bills are not gonna go out and give a big contract are running but the larger point is who will pay Levy on belt more well fourteen million a year that's the thing now you got to look round league and say. Who would value or running back like that at fourteen million and and he you don't get your production right and he's huge he's a huge party your offense. But it's the average annual value and the term too we're not talking and he's not gonna sign somewhere for what three years like a team says. Hey man you're 27 what you just two or three year deal he's gonna have to this guy that but he just turned I know if I know it in this city where they love them or he's very productive he's on the winning team they should win their division they should be. It you know competing for the AFC championship he's got us hall of fame bound quarterback he's got up franchise wide receiver he's a perfect situation where he is and he just turned down five years -- Iraq ports is the first three years of the deal would pay out 45 million dollars. Sounds really good that's if he's not. I just I don't know where he's getting amicable tax are saying. The patriots will pay him to keep its operating going digital age strap the first front running back today day don't pay running backs and in whatever right look at the hunting accident played with Tom Brady you kidding me got a who's the biggest name running back that's been their I don't know Corey Dylan. After running backs I changed socks they just throw guys out there you know don't just offer sheet of bills backup running back anyway I'm not I. I just don't get what you can tell us McIntyre. 45 million over three years and you say I want seventeen per click new light turned it down like what turned him off to whatever the Steelers were offering because. If it's front loaded wouldn't you you'd want that after Levy you'd want that after the Steelers you can column in the middle of the contract without serious repercussions. But if you're Levy on bell would you want more money up front you wouldn't worry net app would you worry as much about your 45. Under 45 million the next three years that's great. Count and I'm thirty I can pay 45 million dollar high stated position. I a lot twice twice and you're making an average annual salary so I wish I knew about the structure because I wonder. What that he had the agent not like about the deal it's the kind of thing where if we earn and keep Singapore in Pittsburgh resumed here so whatever if I distillers turn this down and I wanna say Pittsburgh what are you doing even offering that it is right. He's not getting 45 million over three years on the open market next year and if he does the team doesn't as knots. So and you wouldn't you wouldn't you you'd have to get a long term though you wouldn't tag him again he's been tagged twice now so even if you're the argument here it's quarterback money which is just stupid you know that I guess obviously would have unless he just really wants to get out of there. That's the only answer he released wants to leave but it's such a good spot for him. It it it makes sense on so many Leggett said I don't. I'm not an agent I don't I try not to play one on the radio but I would love to know the reasoning behind it because you'd have to look at and say. Is there a better fit for an offense somewhere else around the league if there is. Can you get the term and the average die you that you think you're going to get a year from now on I'm not. And I they must feel the answer is yes there's some other team that he can go to that someone else would give them what they're gonna look for a year from now on the open market girls right right. You wouldn't of turn the deal down if you didn't think you can better yourself and he's doing that thing where they he might not play for the first half of the year. Deck is often drive your value laden while not playing in I can see it missing camp and showing up the week the Oprah they said you know but that that doesn't. Why would you sit games out and oh by the way. It's 850000. Dollars each week that he's he's missing out on a piece sits out in misses games that's just. Will what's the point of that you know it wouldn't. Unless you're you're doing that because. The money's no big deal you've got millions already wanna preserve my legs I'm gonna shrink my season down swab be fresher when I hit the open market annoyed and then a team's gonna rush to you and give you seventeen million and I'm I'm curious I'm curious what the what their thinking and you know. Maybe maybe the agents had you know back channel talks with the teams already. You know violating the tampering rules having an indication that yeah you know what if your guy hits the market gavel will be lifted him well first thing I would do is a power another AFC team like yeah yeah tell us about the whole year we'll definitely I am all. When all the pain if you're the one I'm fresh dose of you have to sit come back are getting like around weeks' time when we nine to. What do you think with the agent wouldn't you just kinda trying to get an idea around the league. Talking to a whole lever you could talk to. As secretly. And discreetly. As possible. To get an idea that if you'd turn this down. And you plan on being on the open market a year from now you will have suitors. Right I think the agents got to get an idea of value out there frank text in question is who wants no contract details the Steelers do all BS must have an easy way to Cottam I don't dispute that. But thirty million dollars in two years you're not getting that anywhere else but it yet another Steelers could you see that you're not faulting the Steelers you're getting all overlay them Bell's case you got what you do it and they offered you fourteen million a year five years at. The contract getting out Steelers are happy with that. If you gotta go that's a great offer for him what are you doing let him go. I I think it's an insane offer from Pittsburg standpoint in affected isn't taken as well you know. Good luck to them. I don't have in my fantasy league he's not on my dynasty team. I took on the one year you're suspended Hillary is funny if he's on your dynasty team you're considered on please don't sit out the first half your little nervous yeah absolutely. 8030550. Join us aided 8552. By fifty. Out bruise on the water lines on the water brews and wines on the water is the down that poppy Saturday July 28 very good so a week from this Saturday and we at the 21 at a good time at that last year. Lot of corn hole a lot of. On a long games is nice on Beers nice and really good time good setting crowd we're parked right on the water yet we rode our bikes all the way to grow a park which its longer run the ball. Felt like that I about a hundred yards longer than me and displaces what is great ride up you don't ayalon apart is his great bike ride. Get out there get some Beers you can get out there again this year I had like giant scrabble on the ground. This fun. Just like regular scrabble giant scrabble up. It is really yeah and you just pick up letters and build words on the ground knew. Monica on the to pad at the point yeah right now its interest in. The trailer house to tastings of over 100 Beers in line for one price music from. National recording acts lord your on Madison ward in the momma bear as well tickets available at alternative buffalo dot com. Again this is more brews and wines on the water back Saturday July 28 that Greg we park in north tunnel Wanda. You can get your tickets at alternative buffalo dot com. A year ago he did not sign his franchise tag until the Monday. Before the Steelers week by the game he acknowledged just about everybody in this building acknowledged that he had a very sluggish start although he did in shape he was not into football shape and as you can see his outplay us. But not nearly what it was the rest of the year. I've already heard from both the coach and a teammate. They said they hope to develop show up sooner this year velvet publicly said that he hopes that 2018. Is his best season yet so perhaps that's incentive to show up earlier but to go back to what he instead about this being bells finally year almost assuredly in the Steelers uniform. This assumes no longer has any incentive. To preserve. Or too conservative for the future he had 406 touches a year ago. There's every likelihood that that number only increases this season. He's good Wallace NFL network talking about let beyond bell so. To place full season he gets all that workload. What again that's another season of where in Tehran Libya and now before he can hit the open market a year from now 8030550. Jonas when he needed 8552 for fifty. You're a shark week right he still sharp quick. I'm the John Riggs coming up July 22 I wanted to share with you and Aaron Roger Aaron Rodgers story which one about the shark no. So I'm reading Peter King is he used to be it MM QB right now he's Allred NBC sports she still doing the same concept it's is. That they're calling it football morning in America so we interviewed Aaron Rodgers. Andy was talking about Aaron Rodgers offseason. Part of Aaron Rodgers offseason was getting involved in shark week which is an air beginning July 22. And apparently I forget where it was doesn't matter he was out you know get up close and personal which sharks. It he said so he's going in the water with sharks this guy thousand or three sharks in the water blue shark a white shark in it's is make no make up Johnson's article sharks. The guy says the make or it's bigger than you get out of the water if it's not stay in and keep your eyes on the shark at all times never turn your back on it. The white shark you look at straight in the eyes the entire time the only way it'll community was if you're not looking at the blue. He's gonna come right up to you when he comes up Hughes got a long note UB ID that is probably like wax on wax off okay fine. So he goes in the water and a blue shark comes up and he is like knows to note no cage nothing now nose to nose with a. Shark it's gonna opt she's finding in east it's gonna air on on shark week and I was thinking like if I was a packer fan I would absolutely be scared. Stiff if I heard Aaron Rodgers has got to hang it out which sharks face to face in the offseason that might protect quarterback who says he wants to play till he's forty years old which and other five years Aron. Gold find in easier and nicer hobby than hang in Opel which shark pulled on. Short X according to Wikipedia no sharks blue sharks rarely bite humans okay. Not never rarely pull on me giving exactly how many times. It is happened. But somehow from the year. 1580. They were tracking at odds are Wikipedia was around back then apparently. Until 2013. The blue shark was implicated in only thirteen biting incidents have connect. Can you guarantee either nothing but blue sharks in the water around 400 year let's say they're Kabila shark in the water. Is that a great not likely you're right it didn't say great glad it's at why chose an average white shark and make no right you would say with make don't make oh yeah. I remember all the shark names because they're used to be fruit snacks that were in the form of sharks to make tiger shark sand shark make a shark. Never turn your back on the make off like I just don't play this music it's gonna Jeremy and sharp for its next yes shark bites that's the one. Men do better is different Brayton did you find a commercial gash shark bite fruit snacks commercial 1990 sharks all and I am eleven years old bam. May go tiger sand shark Kate shark bites here it's fruit snacks or look different than the franchise quarterback hang out the water which shark's nose to nose again. And find something else and a lot of people don't that's that the before those to those are sharks yes I am. I don't think our Gregory beyond dolphins. Although I don't can dolphins by a meaner yes dolphins didn't leave it all still human yes they can. Okay well I've you know me I would go in the water and I bet more dolphins have killed people since 1580 in blue sharks. The furthest I would go would be to have like a goldfish and global at home that's as far as I would be going. I will come back on the other side shook with the shark bites you when swim in which sharks don't. Hey Josh Allen don't swim with sharks and is gonna tell you right now I've got eleven animals more likely kill even sharks also wanna come back nearly shouldn't hang out with. Any of these things can be tough to avoid some of them. 8030550. To join us this morning here and WG.