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Monday, July 17th

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It about your eightieth is obviously talked to the cornerstone. Players. Franchise pieces air Jack guy who fits comfortably into that category more ice. Your trigger from TSN. On with the investigators on Friday they were talking about the Jack cycle contract. Weird goes through adults but. Some agents some executives believe that. Now when you're talking about this a league players on your team. It's the at ten million dollar mark as the new is the new place where your going now that the Davids got his twelve plots million dollars. So who knows Jack I don't know if you get ten maybe get nine. But it sure looks like he's gonna get I would think. At least nine whenever that deal is signed Howard Gerri great with you here we were talk a little bit about the cycle contract. Guitar drop out today is anything else on your mind from the weaken or any of you wanna talk about. You can join us today don't 305588550. To 550. When it comes cycles contract. Yeah expectations or are very high for Jack Michael no matter what. The tank year the generational player all the talk about Michael Jimmie does the contract do anything. We expect this guy to be the leader of the franchise no matter what would they pick an eight contract of whatever Reid's gonna get. Term and money. Make it. Raise the bar for Jack cycle or the expectations up there no matter what he's making 80000090000101925000. Leverage Macon now. Who does the contract affect eichel and point total of what people expect from him. Yup. That increases the volume of calls for the wanna line and increases the volume of calls to call him the hundred million dollar man. Right Mario Williams signed a deal for a hundred million even Ozal like 48 and he was the hundred million dollar ran all the sun's guards mom and a hundred million dollar mania. Of course does mean there won't get the you'll well he won't get a hundred million dollar you like oh damn you Hamas wants. It what age seventy million or eight years ten million cut eighty somewhere in the neighborhood. Yeah I'm (%expletive) absolutely rockets up not expectations the rockets have criticism expectations are there no matter what will write cards a good example for this right. For the for those that really get on Ryan. Even par golf or whoever you look at all the number two picks over the last ten years and Ryan carmike commit on the bottom and those. But he's had to forty point season's east. Just one he won them to a long career ahead of him and a lot still to do. Different teams to play on different Nona so it might not the sabres but you know this team this year's seemingly different than last year's team. And expectations for a number two number two overall pick are always going to be hot and once you get ten million dollars a year and think about. I think for the last got to go through this was Myers got paid a lot vent it right panic was paid at time how to change for frantic. He went from being the young guy Macon now a lot of money scored forty goals to immediately seven million dollar player. And that definitely change. Think the would also heard manic was. The roster shifted the roster change in guys like him and Roy and how many over now the stars they had to step up and be. You know Vatican had to be the team lost its top two cent big leaguers right and and Briere and Drury wore the guys who get the expectations and the pressure and you score the big goals and you provide leadership now guys who were in secondary roles were all of a sudden thrust into primary roles. And they weren't good enough to be the primary guys on this team with Michael at tries think it would Michael he's the guy Indy you know. No matter what the contract is I. I liked the way you put it. It it increases the calls to the wider line people always expect Jack cycle to lead this team lead this team in scoring get the clutch goals you know. We we talked the other day about you know can you get a point game appoint a game now to get over eighty points you're among the league leaders in scoring now in the National Hockey League. I think no matter what people expect Michael to lead this franchise. And beat the top score and do everything get the clutch goals and just do everything put the letter on his Jersey everything. So for me. I don't see how the contract changes things because I expect him to beat the cornerstone player. When he signed for three years and what does he make in 925 right now but that he was still the cornerstone player who writes the rookie Max that he's touched on 25 and there's bonuses that are left in earning millions of dollars analysis. So that's why it it for me it doesn't change maybe like he said may it may be it just means you're subject to more criticism but honestly. What you what people expected Jack cycle. Was to commit and be a franchise player be like the next whatever shall bear Perot name your franchise player here. And that doesn't change your meat whatever happened to this contract he's supposed to be the face of the franchise. Thirteen stories that'll come out of this one is how much money he makes per year and how that stacks of league and the others how many years it's four you know you think the sabres are 18. Does Michael want aid when he would would he be willing to take less to get to free agency earlier right. That was the story vomit David and I just I'm I was stoned when that news came out the beat David's camp was only seeking five years. And had been to decide to pay him like crazy to get your 67 and eight on the deal. So we have beat David can go insane I want five would make wouldn't surprise me surgeons it would surprise me but it it it's totally possibility to do the same scan save five could save 654. Right. And that's a huge part of the story to. How soon is this process going to happen again. You also have a different GM and the guy the drafted him at different coat in the got its welcome them for two years so. While LA easy young kid you might have had some. Many are you wanna see egos UNC personalities. It might be some clashes between Michael and files month. Or the nightly clashes between Ike on other players from now on new ownership not ownership new management group comes in. And they have to be told second hand about all that from. Jack from his agent from other guys on the team other people in the locker room. The fact that there are likely moving on from Gionta is a good indication that they're going for a new leadership groups so. But probably just slap the C on him in it it's his team right it's his team press conference he shows up. X number years they see on the Jersey. And move forward and and then that. What does that do for expectations yeah that that raises expectations quite a bit and races criticism in the you know as easy young kid you hope he's ready for Boris. Because he's. What bristled a few times before an idea of whatever that last season there were some tough times look at handling some of the pressure in the criticisms seem to take on the coach a little bit and then there was that. Was he being. You know when he was may the commonwealth fans going what was he trying to get across material wasn't calling out the fans are just acknowledging that penal. It helps to have fans on your side instead of going off the ice while. Yeah the ten million dollar man and you have a five game pointless streak and you lose four in a row five enroll. My guess there's going to be called out I think so too yeah no it's it's not like the honeymoon ends because you know he's an exciting player and I think you block the watch him play. But it goes from he's the prize in the lottery that makes no money that is really exciting to our right kid now. Count on you for. A decade yes solar on C a lot of you know winds and production obviously. Yeah except for me at it again it won't change for me because that's what I expect from him. In that this guy is going to lead the team we can talk about a rally being here in leadership he provides and a postal coming in and and the offense he provides and we can bring up all these other guys and right heart does he go and make a big jump here in Europe three. Going to bring up Bristol line and who's you know zoom into the top of the leadership chart among the defenseman with a all the ice time he's getting in the role he plays now. But let's face it you you think of the sabres knew think of Michael I mean this this whole thing it was never about one guy winning a cup. But you wanted to get that generational cornerstone guy and then you know you have other parts you have to edit in the sabres have done that over time they still have some of the parts to bring in. But for Michael just nothing changes for me from the moment he was drafted. You know in my head and I think in a lot of hero you're envisioning this guy leading this team that. Cops off cop pops. Over the course of his career and when it comes to the contract that's why I thought you know hey whatever whatever it takes blank check you'll give me eight years great give me eight years she's. On of one going anywhere I don't wanna worry about this in five years I don't wanna be thinking if we get to three year dealer to your deal at a bridge deal I just want him in. Done sealed delivered because this guy is is the guy who the franchise is going to operate around for a long long time hopefully knock on wood. For his entire National Hockey League career and so expectation wise. It can't get any higher for me for this guy you could sign for eight year he could sign him and David Diehl. He gets signed for eight years and whatever that turned out to be a hundred million dollars. The expectation that I have for Michael can't get any higher. Because of the contract because this is the guy who's going to do is he supposed to do everything he's gonna. You know grab this franchise. And carry it with him on the way to a Stanley Cup at some point that's what I expect from Jack Michael. In ending last will be a disappointment and it's it's not it wouldn't be all Michael's fault they did win a Stanley Cup. But this is the peace you have to have this issue are Sidney Crosby who's gonna come up big in the playoffs and gonna get to the big goals and leads you to the promised land I can't get. Any higher with may expectations Frankel and I am now but it does no way our expectation is a Conn smythe. Multiple. A cop yeah a cup well and leading the way I'm not pattern on the and took what cops on one player. No. No I meet you need those players to win those but you need. Mean you need to get a little in the lot lucky you need to have Smart management that doesn't trade away your good players you need to have Smart cap management felt. Mean Alex Ovechkin has as they relatively healthier in the playoffs oh that's skins and I'm busy gonna finish his career without a cup right. And that if he does original look back at him and say well he just wasn't that good. Knowing more though a great he was one of the best he played a position that doesn't necessarily dominate the same way the other positions can write in the sport. And I won't look back at his career and think well you know if you wanna cup I think he was better and I do we can do this whenever spore how much how much it sounds. You know how much comes under one guy winning in the NBA there fewer players than any other sport on the court so I think in the NBA we do with the most. If you don't win maybe year looked at differently levels that was LeBron full story line for a while right in Kevin Durant obviously. Was able to shut that instantly by going to the warriors in winning now. They you don't like the way that he went about winning but you'll never be able to say well he never never won a title. In hockey. There's lots of guys that are great players that will never win a cup and I just don't know why should hold it against them. If you are a goaltender Carey Price Carey Price could not wanna cup of course he has. But plan a Montreal for that like the time that they never truly have an elite forward. That is going to be one of the best in the league. Unlike the chances but it but you know with Carey Price it's still again he just signed fourth ten million dollars a year. And I still would look at Carey Price virus Canadians stand with the same attic have the same pressure and expectations on him. There is making ten million or six million it all Canadians goes Carey Price goats and we've said that of any goalie he's probably the one that's worth it but if they don't when a cop I am not at the end of a series look Americans on one issue to me it's only five states and some people are like yeah. Individual guys being called up for not winning a cup you maybe you might be right again make David and his career without one that would be shocking. What I say the same of Michael. No I mean fare a little bit different. But I would. Wouldn't be absolutely stone always kind of David never when I hit that you can put anybody like David category right now like if you said David vs Michael I would I would picnic David he's just. We David at this point price he's going down as one of the greatest players in history at you it came over every play everybody every player ever live there's no one in his category right now I love like. But I'm not foolish enough to Sydor tied Michael and David are equal to that point but even now like I guess you know it's the kind of thing makes me. They even mentioned one player as like rademan tabled Mick Davis in this guy you would say that of Crosby a rather appreciated the Marat why not that I ever had Ike Davis and Carlson I'd rather meet David and every player in the league sold at a time we say about Michael I wanna be like yeah I've. But would within the same of Austin Matthews are remembered David Matthews for sure. He's totally on his own plane will meet David when a cop yes right he's a guy that got around that level at some point cast. Great players will flock to him he'll take less to stay there they will try to week. They'll waive no trade. That's what they won by winning that lottery hopefully Michael gets. And this year has up 91 point season and gets similar treatment where. Other people consider like -- I so good he's eventually gonna win the Stanley Cup what I how many guys would you say that out. Which state of Matthews I wouldn't I would think he's he's the only guy right now aren't telling you for sure would when you think he definitely will. He just got they went 80000 years without a playoff berth and just got him in around two this year and he won every award imaginable. Yeah I think you'll that we went up. Not map meet you David I know on Selma when you said it a matter what you know there's no no I there's no I would say about Matt price there's nobody else Little League I would say it about right but with me David. Definitely. Look a redskin is one of the greatest players I've ever seen. He doesn't have a cup isn't even been to the conference finals so. If I get your point is right it isn't it's it isn't just one guy. You've got a better shot. While competing for a Stanley Cup if you get these elite players on your roster. But you still have to build a team to win the Stanley Cup but with make it David I think that the there's no one in the discussion with him. I think we're talking about a guy who's going to be talked about with like Gretzky Crosby and end single. That list of by a handful of players were among the greatest in the history of the game. I don't think there's anybody else I love Boston Matthews adding he's a tremendous player there's no one in the league you'd have a conversation with other than the David he is on his own. He's in his own category I would I would be shocked if he's just done puppets absolutely stunned if you governments but. Edmonton but with Anna may be easier surely makes a bunch of bad trades and maybe he doesn't win there let's open the door Tyler Sagan trade the Edmonton version. But quickly started on the entry with dumb with Matthews with Michael. Sure you can put that in the category as Ovechkin great player individual. Unbelievable talent one of the most you know skilled goals scores that I've seen in the history of this game that I watch in this game. But he might walk away with those Stanley Cup sure there's no guarantee for anybody but when you have I I just think the Davis just let as they said we're talking like Gretzky Crosby. And when all's said and done Gretzky had a gazillion cops Crosby now has multiple cups and I would expect that David will have multiple cuts wouldn't. Martin Landow died. Passed away over the weekend. You know he has. May be. When my thinking some kind of not Star Trek some kind of space TV show me show his face here that's mart land now. Try to go to the most what's he what he's best known for his release and kind of space science show. It's a great question. Was it Mission Impossible no I don't understand possible now though I never watch itself. I definitely recognize and know we is but I can't think of like the definitive mark land now appearance in film or television. And I don't have it. Yes I was never I'm looking up I am DB I was never Mission Impossible guys so that's the show is most known for couldn't tell you watch that he won an Oscar. Nominee for some of 43 different wards and going back over the course of his career like there's a lot of stuff he was and I just don't know that I've seen very much of it. The X-Files that's probably weren't home from. That's right. He was in the Simpson's episode everybody's gonna Simpson's ex fit the arteries and addressed and I don't you under the great rim undone I don't look at who rewards apparently now. Entourage you know I don't I swear I thought it was in some kind of more land maybe I'm the gonna somebody else. Times are scrolling through his. His list of work yet in deep space 1999 that's it OK I knew it was some kind of space science show that as a show from the seventies space 1999 in the senate race. I can't tell you anything about the show but when you said Martin Landau I thought space something and that's it so I must of seen it at some point I could tell you about show itself ma. Apparently wasn't very good at didn't stick with me tweet on this from Ryan has stories your body is David downs he was the professor in round yours. That I know I've seen could so okay. I've got my first. Landing spot on heartland on peak was in everything he understood that are in every ongoing throughout MDB. You can't believe how long the list of shows is for him. There's one thing government I've that I've seen here Sleepy Hollow the majestic. News. Nothing either sink or was that a Colombo episode who wasn't. Click. That Conyers on entourage in on I got man from uncle who was in a whole bunch of stuff. But I don't remember who sorry I mean either I mean I shouldn't say I mean I do a little bit but. It's kinda he's got to got to thinking I feel like he's in ten movies that I've seen and yet I don't know which ones they are. But X-Files is a good start X-Files and routers mark Orlando. Siam. Sorry I and on supposed to be talking and still looking to discredit yet nothing. He's like six degrees from Kevin Bacon he's got that'll game on on he's probably bend on freer for this. The content drafted whose announcement serious call without a Trace to remember that no. No. I don't then there's entourage I've knowing did the evidence and remember that TV series that was won and done apparently. Inching I don't start I guess started as a cartoonist for New York newspaper and transitioned into an actor who was and everything. As larger meant to mentioning some repressed what. You won't you bonus guy from Adam neither will I bet most of you will not know who disguise Bobble passed with the age of 96 great broadcaster. Europe if you're my age. You might remember who he was he did Nick's TV for awhile but he was a national broadcaster as well. And as they set I grew up watching watching him decent knicks games at the time so. The rest in peace Bible rates sportscaster. 8030550. John yeah I don't know him but that the I wouldn't think you what you wouldn't have seen his work I don't think you would have seen any games that he did the right up you know we've heard and no not making light of this. Bob wolf. Did he got like the sportscaster slam. Yeah I did this I heard this already know this is the only sportscaster to call play by play of championships in all four major North American professional sports has no idea. He had a champion for the knicks the Rangers the Washington senator broke them I'm not gonna wanna wanna but. Called play by play for every championship. But for a voice of a team in all or sports that is the yacht bull slam it's pretty cool there. Longest consecutive run as a broadcaster did it for 78 years occupied or I she called I'm just looking at one of the ovitz he called Don Larson's perfect game. And the 1958 the legendary NFL power game between the giants in the cults but as a site I remember him from. Just going up watching knicks games and ranger games and he is in the Baseball Hall of Fame as a broadcaster. And if you're like main group in New York my guess is if you're in my age you would have seen. Bob Walsh worked at some point. 8030. 550 to join us this morning 88550. To 550. Let's tell you about our kids hot player or not this is not the giveaway which is gonna tell you what is. Our Ted top clearly is going to be Roger Federer. This one Wimbledon. Its eighth Wimbledon title. And Grand Slam crown number nineteen overall so when we get into the queue somewhere in the next hour for our Ted hot player that we just remember the name Roger Federer. If you win today you winning forty dollar gift card to Ted's hot dogs so Roger Federer. Our Ted. Hot player of the week. There is on again off again meetings there's nothing negative in any sense at this point they continue to be big indeed out discussions. And there heading in the right direction yes the focus now. Or do you think bottle because he's he's done a happy model work it would stated this point. The new general manager the ball low sabers and from Michael's perspective. You people that manage his affairs from a business standpoint. Are also zeroed in on this. That is Deaderick GSM audience theaters on Friday talked about the Jack eichel contracts and if you wanna hear the entire interview with Daryn it is available and on demand audio at WGR 550 dot com. Your headlines Roger Federer won Wimbledon yesterday ever rather easily straight sets victory over Marin Cilic. Eighth Wimbledon title for Federer. And overall terms or grand slams nineteenth for him. In baseball the Yankees and Red Sox played a game night doubleheader the Yankees won three nothing in the day game. Red Sox came back to when three nothing in the ninth game the jays lost in Detroit the Mets dropped one to Colorado the fisons lost the script and national football league's kind of quiet but today is the deadline for players who were given the franchise tag. To sign a multi year contract the biggest name on the list is Kirk cousins. Over the weekend the report suggesting that they're not close to a multi year deal. And cousins would play under the one year tax kind of embellished in the might be like a foregone conclusion he's ultimately only go to San Cisco at the end of this year San Francisco yeah forty niners would Kyle Shanahan and would hit the market and B of free agent because if that if Washington wanna do. Get that he's. His cat this year is salaries global 124 million of Washington wanted to attack in the third straight year. To 44%. Increase. Over whatever the you know the number is for the for the he would get a so what would that be like Stillman do the math what's 44% of 24 million dollars. About ten touched on loans and make like 35 million dollars and when your cellar which is not an app that's crazy are you surprised that their will and what kind of let this go like this that clearly. What you see a lot and quarterbacks like this and their deals like had he signed a three year deal with Washington. It would have probably been one of those ones it's like a six year 130 million dollar deal that only two and a half two were guaranteed three or guaranteed instead instead. He's like he's normal I'm betting I myself think he's doing what we all talked about Tyrod Taylor potentially doing at some point. Which is playing on one year deals and eventually. And for him attached cashing in right for him it's worked. I'm a little bit surprise only because it's more to this point he gets hurt other well again as flaws the whole negative of the one year deal but in in reality Mike Glenn and just sign from nineteen million a year so he gets her and then. Is a free agent is knee still gonna get like twenty million dollars a season instead of maybe thirty. If you could get thirty million dollars a year but as long as does get hurt he's gonna be. I think he he maker a good chunk of change I wonder it's funny you always. We brought up Tyrod Taylor. Is this the Tyrod Taylor discussion because as an outsider I would look at it if I'm looking at it going it Washington. You guys of you know it's been awhile since you've had a pretty good quarterback. Again I don't consider Kirk cousins in the top ten in the league but he's good. And you made the right into the play swats with him yeah. And I act as an outside I would look at a gold what do you do it why would you just signed Kirk cousins and keep them long term. Maybe that's why people think we're nuts outside of buffalo we talk about Tyrod Taylor all the time they made the playoffs and nine and seven and our oxide emitted a neat Donald disease I didn't make it united forget it I'm not gonna say the middle class with a that doesn't count there one point 8871. So doesn't count at what's I think if you wanna talk about making the playoffs get the ten wins I'm not in an account nine and seven they may I won a division with that record right. Believe so. They lost there one playoff game he had 329 yards and a touchdown and no picks and they ultimately lost that game he is uninteresting kind of story. Because. Is he good. His what it what do you like it all depends on what you like can we do this all the time we done with Tyrod for two years. Well look at quarterback rating or passer rating or the QBR. Quarterback rating or yards per game. At what the do you have one thing that you go to. Forgot that maybe don't watch them all the time. Because his touchdowns his career high is 29. He doesn't turn the ball over he's one of those guys throws in on his career touchdown interception is seven to 472 touchdowns 42 interceptions. So he does protect the ball has yards per attempt is not. You know anything cool like popping it seven point eight yards per attempt not bad not bad. They pass the ball more than the bills because cousins each season is you know intense 606. Attempts last year 543. The year before. So. I think about Taylor and no the people that believe in Taylor they might have a good reason to do it if you work passmore it would be more interceptions. More touch more everything. QB our other about the same if you like QB are cousins is about us 71 at the last two seasons in Taylor is a seventy and a 68. So. One feeling I passes I feel like cousins is better than the Ira Lee probably think that an I'm not to say that it's wrong which we probably think that because. Tyra passes for 3000 yards and cousins passes for 5000 yards last 4900 last year but now tyrants gonna run for X number of yards and however many I don't know you know I don't know what Kirk cousins doesn't terms of running the football now so I am getting rush yards out of tyra two years ago. Cousins yards per attempt with seven point eight Tyrod was eight point oh yeah. So like if you gave him 547. Yards or a sort of 547 attempts. He had much bigger numbers now you know if if you're asking him to lift a little bit more maybe you get a different record it's kinda. The think if you with the bills and your quarterback and they don't believe you totally. You're gonna be Iran team this is always that they went we went to this who with a racks and I wonder about it with McDermott to. If they got a great quarterback with the Soviet team that was Ron had to look what they that's why is the chicken and egg discussion or will they ever. A bail on this will they ever start to go heavy heavy passing team. Like I look at I again I I look at Kirk cousins I don't think he's one of the top quarterbacks in the league I feel like he's better than Tyrod. I you know top half of the league I guess for Kirk cousins. But I look at and go I would say hate Washington. Will throw the football here they have a quarterback who they know they can throw the football with. For whatever reason the bills don't the chicken in that discussion is to the bill's not throw the ball as much because of Tyrod or. Which is Tyrod a better quarterback waiting to happen if the coaches would just let the offense be opened up now I don't know what Rick dentist is going to do I wouldn't expect a major change. Odom I expected I would expect it's still run having now and I would expect that they are coaching around limitations of the quarterback with cousins. I feel that's not the case in Washington they don't have a hesitation to throw the football if need be forty times. And and I think the other part of the discussion it's interesting and we went through this reply Iraq when the extension was handed out is the price of quarterbacks. And it's one thing to talk about the price of the bradys in the Roethlisberger and the Rogers and all those guys and maybe Drew Brees. And then you get two guys like Kirk cousins. Or Alex Smith the quarterbacks that aren't necessarily top ten but they're good. Well then it's gonna cost you twenty to 25 million dollars now I mean if Kirk cousins could go on the market and get thirty next year. You gotta get used to quarterbacks making a ton of money and it's not just the big name guys you get a quarterback in the top twenty that you think. You have. This guy's gonna make twenty million dollars just not to let the guy go to with should like it does surprise me if he walks. I'd be surprised only because Washington has gone through quarterbacks they haven't had a lot of success. The guy's not great. What he's good and an in this point. In this point in time five got a good quarterback I would hang on him I'm not sold on Tyrod which is why we don't have to sit I don't feel the same way about tyrant as I would about Kirk cousins. There is one step at a looking out for cousins that jumps off the page here in terms of the what's the major difference between cousins and Taylor attempts. Is a big one but there's another one. And this is why I at any time I I mentioned quarterback rating on the show or QBR. I do it because and I I'd try to always say if that works for you because some some people like QBR some like. Quarterback rating of the he would the NFL traditional passer rating some like yards per attempt whatever you might like I. I may try to stay away from quarterback rating because. The original quarterback rating is too tied up in completion percentage and interceptions and I've always like I I always hammer interceptions are. They never happen anymore nobody throws picks so ratings are on the way up but here's a number on cousins. The number one thing that stands out. Is completion percentage. So busy have a high completion percentage because they just checked out to make easy throws or is it because he's accurate. His completion percentage last year was 69 point 82 years ago 69 point eight almost 70% as very and last year were 67%. So I would consider it a while that looks like good news but appease. In all we watched David Carr complete 22 consecutive passes against the bills wants. Because they just throw the running back here all day long right and if you just rodeo running back and dump off and never throw it down the field you can. You know pump up your quarterback rating pump up your completion percentage never take any chances never turn the ball over and never win. Talk with cousins I. I don't know I've I've never watched and thought he's great the what's Washington doing. Date they are in a spot that's similar to the bills which is you know we've been wait for somebody great he's okay right. And ownership I guess doesn't wanna pay. 25 daily wanna hear him like he's great. They might be able to get Arab a replacement mobile quarterback. If you find somebody that's decent and pay him for like you know. 101015 million dollars which is cheap compared to other quarterbacks salaries these days is the Alex Smith is the same idea. Sure yeah he's gut. You can win games. Spot at the end of the day he's not among the greats in the league that can carry you know like playoff wins and championships and all that. So he's their version of that and well maybe that's why. There you know the chiefs go out and and draft gets moved to try to do the trade move up get Patrick Holmes and guess in Washington must feel the same way we like him. He's good enough to win with. Will trying to get a multi year contract done okayed hasn't worked out would just keep tag them and then at some point it'll be time to move on I just don't know what Washington is planning. Beyond Kirk cousins and be just walks away after the season and bring other reports are indicating a plan that can probably walk away after the season. For Washington watcher plan. Who's taken over for Kirk cousins again you you can tell he's not great I would agree but. Relatively speaking compared to recent Washington quarterbacks. He's got they've gone through some. Some steps over the years in Washington when it comes to quarterbacks. In the in the little blip on the radar that RG three ones. Forgive the whiner line of attacks on read Dave's techs in out of left field. Which take on the patriots suitable if it ended with pre retirees yes. Oh after the season Sharia wipes that's fine let's do it he's out. Didn't go what they don't nineteen you know this season and score fifty points a game and set every NFL record ever it's fun closed on let's do it. Then who ended divisions open in 29 in 28 to get great. 80305. Get to join us. 888550. To 550. 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Really hot chick gonna drag and some guy he's eaten by dog and then there's this mountain he's like like Marcel Darius spotlight. Tony Thomas bigger. That's the joy got to watch that's. Zeta-Jones. The bills posted a nice. A tribute to a game of drums at their website and tweet it out as well you can see a couple of bills players talking about. How they like to show how they want to show. And Zeta-Jones. And I think he's going to be pretty popular. Just you can tell he's he's he's one of these guys that just in that little thing right there they put out they talked a couple times just. Personnel to run up to scream like having Zeta-Jones and are you all I am I the only one I don't opulent but. Are you start to hear that there are. Fantasy football people. That think Zeta-Jones. Might be the best rookie receiver pickup relative ease give no he's getting some attention at. You know fan a suitable sites is a co sleeper pick you might be able to you later. Is a Jones in a Sammy Watkins gonna command a lot of attention and see Jones could be the guy that jumps in that spot and now has a pretty good production Erica and her that I. Well you know. Say Jones chairman I have both to share a thought on everything right that's we do for a living. I don't know if play about they Jones I'm not sure what to expect from in my idea we're talking about a guy who is going to be coming into an offense where. He is the second or third receiver and they don't pass the ball much in a minute say. Targets every ten times a game. Get the ball the claymore often I don't know what kind of numbers say Jones is gonna have the chair or by the way they're also the throat of the backs LeSean McCoy should have at least fifty catches this season up Matthew Berry ESPN he's won that set imaginary is spamming as far as fantasy gurus go is pretty well known he says quote. How about Rosie Jones of the bills look fantasies about talent and opportunity and I believe -- Jones has both. First off talent six due to a one he was the all time leader in receptions and FBS. We know accounts there no and so is the opportunity history when a notably was drafted his wide receiver coach at east Carolina now the receiver coach for buffalo. Know Robert Woods number two opposite Watkins given the injury history is a chance that at some point he's the number one receiver. I like him more in a PP our league that I do in standard initially but I think he's a flex with some upsides so. It it's kind of surprising a team that doesn't pass that monster yeah right we don't really know what they'll do this year that your second your rookie receiver rookies don't command and and duke Julie Myers head it's not that common for a receiver special except around receivers and tech on their runners. But. Yeah as a Jones and the laugh yeah I mean if Sammy stays healthy. And plays all sixteen games. We should be talking to mode at least seventy catch just that might be lull but at least seven catches for Sammy. I think records should which I think the global top fifty catches. Question is is a joneses you know clay when she clay get the ball mark is a Jones behind Andre homes where is A Johns ahead of Andre homes but even if he's ahead of them. Was talking about third or fourth option in the passing offense I'm not sure. I don't know was to get forty catches fifty catches may be. Cents three game on the average is not a lot I know how he's gonna get atomic catches this year. Wondered new piece of good news is by the way this is based on sending not getting it right one piece of good news on Zeta-Jones is if you have. You might hit jerked the Jersey Jack pot. He wears number eleven. No number eleven has I got my blood and what perish Bledsoe. Evans Norwood but what I thought it was eighty straight pars and injury yet. So like if you had an eleven. I think that's a pretty good pulled them in terms of we you're gonna switch to. Elevenths you know Susie NFL went have put my receivers in the teens and an end of great move. They look cooler in those numbers billing yes a one in front instead of eight absolutely. The criminalist I is it the coolest received and are so it starts speaking with thirteen Sammy was fourteen a Jones of the lemon got. Yup I'm I'm I'm I'm and a lower numbers keep us even though ovens not a team you don't I'm saying yes. Sony receiver ever won twelve. Here anywhere. On any team. You see eleven UC thirteen 1417. To nineteen to twelve with some fifteen. Arnold 1212. This feels like the odd man out in that group of numbers. By New Year's Eve of the wears number twelve and I'm sure there's. Probably a guy out there but is there a good ones. A good number twelve like a big quarterback that's really mean right that I that I think somebody would of clay court from eleven in nineteen. It's for a while was quarterback numbers Marino thirteen Montana sixteen. Some nineteen in there. Twelve is okay definitely 120 Rogers I have a twelve (%expletive) is he good all right well then I typed in. Wider best wide receivers wearing number twelve guy. This article came up and it has Marcus Colston we're number twelve Josh Gordon and Michael Jenkins via the text line notable twelve it's just Josh Gordon doesn't count here and plainly and Jenkins just engaged Darrius Heyward today. Not a lot right. It's pretty slim Pickens. If I did that it now here's a Willis has top twelve number twelve many guess that's all quarterbacks all court Kelly's Brady Rodgers. Yeah. It's it's photos on Michael for slide shows you what bottom line is if your receiver you look cooler scenario wearing a low number so. All. Quarterbacks and doubling made the list. And the Seahawks twelfth man made the best. The so I'm gonna guess yeah same is true of running backs in college that we're single digits they look so much cooler. You draw number two on our number five. You just look corps who. Do you feel stronger about that you know everything brother and Italy at a younger than you and Alex good numbers and bad numbers. When the save not a football now Bob and hockey it's too but it's different like if they if if new Lander because I don't typically Wear anything above thirty. Unless you play for the sabres. And then. There are a lot of the sixties and seventies in the fifth he's ever you're not commonplace in the NFL lose out if I hope to talk and they did you have guys in the 60s90s. They. Devoted to certain positions I don't think about it baseball and everything baseball to be big numbers mean to not make the team in spring training. This and I mean basketball try to think. I'm sickened at football the of any any sort other numbers yet nothing means no affinity owners are nothing to. Sean tweets in Percy Hartman in Minnesota were twelve and Tom Jacoby Jones in Baltimore award to twelve okay. Yeah all numbers mean I got nothing for Tariq Mohammed some new Travis Benjamin. John Brown this go markets these guys are good well there's no hall of famers in the list as a zen. The other low numbers are better or more well represented yet. And again the right into them any third teens in Stevie was at thirteen. What's Larry FitzGerald where eleven merry go seek cool. You finally there receivers blown numbers I'll find you the cool receivers is out of their way court Steve large it was a clue receiver war what eighty not cool eighties the early eighties the least amount terrorists were eighty. Ate the least cool number I don't know. I got no I got a league I don't really I've got I have a lot of eighty you can throw you could throw all numbers and a hat. And that and that's how you pictures if you Hobbs I am not a super numb I don't. I don't play on this makes any sense you talk us meet our opposition a name and number I'll play if it's good or not. And these any exist any number quarterback number what sixteen terrible. 60% for what it's things I have to see the bad number nobody likes six okay six. Some not I think six is a terrible number six quarterback right and sixteens extension of sports scene for what quarterback. It's okay it's fits you can do better wide receiver 88. Decent. Why could just escalates its traditional yet it's decent it's not great it's better than 86 got. I can't get a ticket to a fiscal liars like throw you are like 88 is better than 86 and 85. And it's better than eighty. Okay what's next linebacker 55 great I think 55 screens linebacker I don't know why it if you want to get play your numbers game. 55 would be a linebacker in this probably comes entirely based on like what you saw when you were five years old like 56 to me is linebacker Phillip refer running back. Well they I just said they're limited data and allow them in doubt throw the thirties you're always in the thirties and here in the twenties the thirties all right would you be at what would be a cold over for running back. To what. Arrigo twenties or cooler than thirties. And because it is just the fact okay. You've got a restaurant for me 21 I mean this in writing again 21 feels more defensive backe like running back point five good 26 not as good. I'm 24. 28 good. Really. I am trying to follow along I like I listen I'm scared the world we live and I don't have any. Rhyme or reason of this death. But. I think you know what honestly I think this probably only quarterback I just think twelve. And may because it's Kelly but I think that's the only only numbered position you can tell Greg Dyke quarterback twelve. And I could care less about that I go one more theory on this you tell me if I'm right or wrong if you're cornerback you can't Wear a low number under ten and let's you can also run. Like Elway had seven and Ron Amadon had four. Ron Amadon Tyrod wears five even lost men or seven Flutie seven. You can't go under the number ten. Unless you can run. Okay fair. I'm not sure why it looks okay sounds right I'm trying to get in your world men and I've yelled at least Girardi coming around I don't know about this. You're coming around with it and number I really nothing for numbers couple techsters twenty and 22 Barry Sanders Emmitt Smith yeah. Mean there must and the players aren't great right 22 is very good Toni Tuesday good number for running back. Linebackers in the forties are also a 26 was a bad number for running backs 25 was good just at 26 now. Okay yeah I'd almost mystic by that bloody end belt badge number was Sean accord good number I got two dollars 26 right yeah I think I it's not bad. Okay how we get back our bills drop out. Patriots games the bracket coming up today hey let's give another win cash code work it's working by the way. We had some issues this morning with the first code word if you texted in boat and you got a message about how it. The code word was incorrect whatever. Everything's been cleared out as long as you texted your text is counted from our contest an hour ago. You can play again this time the code word is dice DI CE text that right now to 72881. Have another chance at winning the 1000 dollars in our national win cash contest a reminder message and data rates may apply. You have till ten after so another A half minutes text. Dice DI CE. 272881. And hopefully we start your working week off with a thousand dollars that's what you get to in the national win cash contest. On WGR.