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Howard and Jeremy
Tuesday, July 17th

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How is Simon. Incidentally worked. It's and he says he has other friends and I'm not out you're saying like looking for here care tips. But he said that what you can do is put. Mayonnaise in your hair this thing what's the purpose of many says you know eggs vinegar natural oils and other nutritional ingredients so it gives a healthy PH balance which restores damaged hair can prevent hair breakage by filling in the gaps and a coating on your hair thereby shielding it from some damage. I don't even like to eat Maine if you want like mayor you want regular Mayo let me gag reflex thinking about because it's a lot of hair no kidding imagine it being full of mayonnaise. It didn't. The top but you're handed strategist put an end. I'll put in the mail with the eggs are going to be a country. But I don't want to try it I would always look feel smell better than it does now done WGR. Sports Radio five feet. Like America. In America. Greatly that I it was out of control do you. Pay for Erica previous bus yourself. You you being funny you know I'm being serious yeah I have to pay for hair cut you do I'm like at a bus myself why I'd probably hurt myself. We're gonna save you some money there's an art form to my hair piece of buzz this here I mean this is designer got. Yeah I probably should you're right I know but not paperwork token I I feel like he won as a business and what's what's the going rate and Erica. Thirteen fourteen bucks. Right it should be like toolbox. I mean I'm I'm I'm in the chair. In less time that it takes you do an update. I'm in and out and it I always loved when it went away for haircut of someone's sitting behind me and they call it. Howard the next that I turn again if you can take like five minutes don't go anywhere and they do they buzz. Yeah well yeah. I grant you that they Charlotte there's scissors involved is not there's no scissors is young enough it's just there's just the bus zoom zoom zoom. Done and who big meet Nadal beat the side there's this back at the same person that Kutcher nervous on the OK you go to. The place I go to I go to. The place after the place where you dislike toss all take a number two right thousands engines like take I take a zero but whatever it's a zero a zero on the top which is skid and than I do like is zero way on the side which is shadow. All right here's here's a question. Can you tell the summer. Shake like our goal all all skeptical completely bald and negotiate yeah. Plus the shot I've never I've been petrified to actually try to I'm ugly enough as it is. The idea of no hair on the side and back and don't I no balled on that stupid. But the Mike McKenna keeps it just go cue ball just get it all done zero all around skid yet and he's not yet terabyte pretty close to that I know latest. When it's cut like this and that Asia is very short it's a show that there's basically there's nothing there again I just think made one of these days it Amish tripe they're glad digress go I didn't wanna get none I mean no one cares about my hair cuts. We texts are asking if you tip also I do yeah so that's a pretty expensive yeah four minutes it's. You can save time but just having your wife learn to go zoom zoom zags now pilot cuts my hair. If suspended I need my life with some kind of sharp implement their meeting it's just you never know I'm not you know I'm probably worth more dead than alive so I'd be very careful about that I have more trust annually but I do love her very much you can do yourself those no muzzled b.s could be your turn yourself staying and a zip zip zip I probably should you know because I mean really what's the point. Yup what what is the African point they should even. I think you get to a point where you guys should not be charged fare cuts that there's no reason to make B paper haircut beyond a tip. It's not really work no you are taking up the seat of some of the could be there are so you're taking their time four minutes. You wanna be charged by the minute yet they should have a chart and that tells you how much you pay for your haircut based on how long it takes and how much. Harris on the floor. A good to great Stubbs all over the place anyway Goya idexx. So anyway so. And got this got this idea I've got this this thing I'm I'm going to be a decided yesterday and let you know that makes any sense or crazy it is. I've been playing a little more golf lately. And as I get older and people ask collectively what is the place of playing basketball softball. You know any plane off the what sports you play an answer is I'd I'm not like at a workout gym but I don't play anything competitively currently not even our league stuff but just kind of drifted away for hearts poor nowlin. Nothing bowling OK I mean at last summer I played a little pick up basketball which is greatly to get back on the basketball court. And now I'm back in golf and you know golf is the ultimate gamer you compete against yourself and you compete against the course against Clark. And I kind of got the bug back to a point where. I'm star Alec talk myself into why Kennedy good mark why can't I just. Be really good golf YQ I get better than I've ever Bennett golf why can't I. Play a little more. Get media lessons kinda kissed you know you play enough golf over time you just develop things you don't even know you've developed. So on a lesson or tutor Kana and tighten things up. And why can't I. Break eighty okay. I wanna you never done that I've never I've never over broken eighty. I broke ninety took awhile to get below that and I was shooting in the eighties fur maybe year two. But you know as good as golf goes he gets much harder the lower you call how long were you playing. How long did it take you to break ninety well there was and we play consistently yet get a break I was it was playing a lot as playing maybe couple times a week and got downed it. The eighties and at the lowest ever shot was an 81 because right now it's the last few years you've averaged how many times a a year if you play golf. Option I've basically went tournaments you three or four year stretch playing three times a year in scrambles Boca and I get pretty much stop at knowing all your other your rights or later I don't own your own ball I've played my own ball more on the last two years and ended the previous six but got. Right so it's not likely yeah and you're working your way or he's got away from the game yet. Seoul. I wanna. I wanna get good. You know I I I I wanna. I am at DH were what else what I do reineck. Yeah you supported so what else would dissent golds for you know what else would you do Yeager you're too young for bingo nights I actually been a big when I like bingo. It's fun I'm getting to the age are actually in the volunteer guy who calls up the numbers you're too young for being open your softball. Let and there are two things. So you've you've set your goal of eighty. I mean that's preposterous to me even give you a number of McCain to golf shot my goal for golf would be to to go out and play my own ball. And be motivated enough to say. I wanna do this again. Like to want to keep. Wanna keep going out there to play my own ball here you've got a number in mind mine would be a number because I'd be shooting like 130 probably. I just haven't set a goal like this in a long time. Micah in it's easier you know like good or better than I am just the thing I want to chase you and Eagles steer more driven and I am if you have a goal you'll pursuits. I hate I have a goal and like maybe. And oh yeah I mean other people have goals like I'd like to run a marathon and I think. He might do that Michael Moore about like weight loss get in shape like I've set weight loss the last goal I set was. Losing weight I guess I've set that and get in shape like about realistically if we were to set. What would my next goal be honestly I'd love to get back plants awful game without actually hurting my slow on answering yes that I mean. But I'd again while I actually do it probably not like I could see you breaking eighty because they think when you. You're you're the kind of person if you set your mind to something you'll get it done. Mean I can set my mind to it and it's a 5050 shot at by feel motivated I might actually get it done god how motivated that have am I going to be like I'm. I don't think them and get the point I'd look I miss playing softball I really do I loved playing like media league games whatever pickups I loved it. And I got hurt running now the crown bought but you know it's not worth it anymore stop it now I gotta stretch for twenty minutes and I'll start myself so. A gold mine would be I would love to get. They play a little tennis every now and I'd love to be able to play golf but look to be able to myself what like to get out and do more stuff. Text or Brandon writes in from Oceanside California that's a pre marriage goals and good luck. And I point but I was gonna bring up your you are married but I do have in on the schedule and the. There's nothing here Glenn writes in go to Grohl real breaking eighty I play Delaware I mean I can break eighty dollar probably. Next week. In if you really go fort but look. You know it's that would account for all I wanna do would be real challenge a general course yet. Maybe I mean maybe that this hit Erin writes in join a league. I don't know I'm I'm good I'm back as text and Ryan Kozey last night about Mike how's your golf game like I I it's of it's bad. What has happened to me in the last however many months is not good development. It I'm I'm back on golf. How or edited is left me I had I had ignited got no Brit. They've moved on in my life and now I'm Michael Corleone in godfather three it pulled me back in app and it. This means spending money and I don't wanna do that on golf and it's gonna cost a fortune and to play a lot of golf can cause a lot of money off without really playing once a week. Criminal and edition of that and find myself walking through sporting good stores a look at the new sets of clubs. Do when. But I did it again yeah he says you gotta buy new set of clubs are your clubs in good shape I mean maybe they could be better. Would that help you break eighty I don't know probably not. But I I've been decent before I guess what comes onto his I'd wanna be better than a government. I'm 39. Why can't I just be the guy that oil go golf and I'm I'm I'm on pager younger than Mickelson people refer to me as a stick you know like like this guy he can play I want I want to be good cut so. I'm going to that's Michael it's not like the like this can tell you not to play the sheep like. Not not not consistently enough but she would a machine Alice would you I'm sure you have friends who would who would. Join you on the course to play you got the hours fort. You get done woodwork here now you've got a perfect hours to be playing golf every day or when not every day but whenever you feel like it. So shot down on four even on text and tweet look when you actually did it because it Cilic. Nine he is a thing that people breaky break it a hundred I can't imagine what a number was is he breaking a hundred is a great fine. Breaking nine he has nice when you breaking eighty is. The that's the number that makes you look legit. When you when you first drilling African seventy when you start playing golf on a fairly regular basis how old. 70. My lord OK okay and because again I mean I didn't start till I mean I would ever the first year that your turn I would have then I play love my dad grownup but we've beaten would take me out. This political dot hollow out near where I'm from and he we would go there're a lot when I was kid. Soul. And I am I you know I grow hit my seven iron for ever single shot the guts of our members I just hit seven iron every single shot because of the public and it really well. So yes since I was seven and I played in a leave when I was in my teens. And you know played a little bit here and there. Yeah so like goals are actually look up but the number of lessons I've had my life amendment my dad taught me out of place but it pass that. The three the cut I know you might find it hard to believe I. Never taken any golf lessons. Of course honestly you've never actually seen the golf you're busy in the GR tournament with your own foursome you've never actually seen me golf. You know you. People do like the set goals right it's something that you can see or its its tangible you set a number you sets something that you can reach. When it came to golf like I couldn't even sit here and even. Hazard to guess at a number dissect. Because I'm awful I mean I don't play my own shot might might go. My golf experience is limited you basically one Tommy here in the WGR tournament birth to scramble format. Take that. Someone who never golfed until age forty what ever I would have been we had our first tournament. And melts once a year and scramble format. Go ahead set a number like what's not 150 Yani could even tell you what it's 130 make for some what is really never golf their own shot. What do you sat. For your first if I said you know what I'm gonna go out once a week the rest of the summer. And the number you should shoot for Howard is. Blocked one wanting couldn't even OK I mean that's. Seems united issue for number we're trying to do at that point shooting to wanna come back you're trying to think that the ball in play right I'm shooting. And that's I said my goal isn't about a number it would be. How can even say play well enough just do something to not discourage me from throwing the clubs and they're going this was about a guy never gonna do this again you know I got published text dominant. One is how many more guns you give yourself not like I'll I want we can't have mullet reichardt is trying to get to a goal of eighty games you can't claim he is a horror I can't claim we have a scoreless you do it on the open up right. But another text or it's in a play for six years. Rarely broke a hundred in this month all the sudden the last five rounds with a broke ninety twice and low 93 times a random golf epiphany. I find the same thing it for me when I've. Finally broke ninety elected took me two years to do it than I dated a bunch of times it's like the four minute mile right nobody could reduce debt summary does it and never goes underneath it like. It's there's a bit of a mental thing there are so. Yeah I I I totally understand how that might work. It's. There's a bunch of Texas picture and about this through the same things happened to me don't know where it came from and all the sudden I'm obsessed. A member of local club I feel I'm obligated yet to try to break eighty's well. Gathers. Whenever it's gotten you know it might be in all honesty. It really might be how nice it's been the last as the great six weeks in its sole beautiful outside which has been outside yet. Anything yesterday were is ninety degrees as nice breeze out there on the course. I would not have wondered via Adam of course. Will too humid it was it was there was one to via. Walking around cart would you do yesterday. Car okay could walk in the course would have been difficult yesterday. British Open in two days. That's this weekend. Yeah kosice Helena tomorrow got to read up on the course I saw some this would Wear that Carnoustie. Plus was a tiger somebody was talking about how bad the course is gonna be this week out top it's going to be great at what could tell it. You already ahead of the US so they'll be some golfers that well off fill the brigade a great great if it is no way. The carnage could not be as bad as what the US open ones. Especially with a big name guys that -- drop them off guys that weren't even make the cut so. It can't be that bad but you if don't. You've got 81 right so you're you're not that far away from Brian Gay I'm far removed from that what else what I mean it's. And it's not like adept at this is not you'd have to come up with the route we kept come up with a round of your life to break eighty. Yes it would literally be the that big I mean you you'd be shocked if you broke eighty. No I don't mean like like your depth like everything has to come together in a perfect storm Peter bring Katie it's attainable. Not like it's I mean only crap I'll never had or that legitimate shot of this. I would say scandal and of Don it OK shape and couple strokes that's that's hard to do a lower you go the harder they all that but like. It's Ed might be a lot like like weight loss when you watch the show that the Biggest Loser whatever if your shoot a once wanna you can shoot twenty strokes off your game in a week which. At about 100. Putts in a couple putts is it here is your tee shot is your approaches. Is their particular I I wonder if you would. Is that how you you attain that goal if you're trying to shoot eighty do you look at and say you know what it is guys idol but if I'm better off the tee or fire him. Let you know I it it's my irons it's we're talking about bunker shots whatever your pitching wedge pitcher plotting. Order there's likened in a particular area of your game that you focus on its day. If I get better in this one area I can shape a couple strokes off my girls. Scene with me again as polarized and you know its use this discussion with me because there's nothing to do well struggled and every single shots. There's a good debate about where eighty breaking it would count where would the texture asks is this breaking it Grover count. I don't know of course well I I don't know I don't wanna be did not wanna I don't adjudged to have previous is that a hole in one dozen candidates under a 110 yards. Or maybe even on an under a 140 yards look your talk to a guy that fired them but I don't have all the want there's nothing I could shoot four hole in one while. I mean like I should play an up what would happen first hole in one of breaking a mix of course you're deemed challenge able. This very question. But it either feel like you break eighty before you get a hole in one somewhere. Even if it's a well under altered Tonya are keep you updated. I an end you know again for me like I said the numbers and all the stuff this is a moot discussion because. You're talking to a guy who if if I actually started taking up on a regular basis I'd be playing night of course it's for awhile. Just could I mean the idea of an eighteen hole course for me is disastrous that would absolutely ruined by my desired critical factor again. It's a long day too many missed shots I'd be playing NightCall courses to get myself. To the point rate think media conveniently Tina and texture asks what's your worst club. Non announcement all of depends on the day you know all of them for me depends on the day I just got I really think it is killing little things like and tighten up and I've got a lesson scheduled so. In trying to tighten things up and looking for some focus on the good news is we've played the GR Procter and I think values like three clubs I mean it's not like you know for me. Manila the six iron here whatever I just it doesn't matter. I play in a three club tournament wants now that's fun I can do that they give you pick a driver any three clubs you want you pick three clubs and you can only use those three. Was fun we got a pitching wedge to the no no no pitching which putter count I'm trying to think what I went with the they make. Jeff to cap cutters are through they just like to happen because three clubs and Juqua Parker okay what sort of might not might have then. It might abandon the three clubs including the pottery and you you didn't have to take the potter no wedge no idea what that's a big like an important club. Well you if you're too far out you need something bigger than a wedge particularly with nine was boo was two clubs and a putter along with a five wood eight iron and potter. Our media. Now but that was a challenge to try and think of three clubs you would you would use in a three club tournament. Anyway sorry about the gulf that drive a five iron wedge done okay. Pretty much what I use because I think I have no lengths like use a driver just about anything and a five iron. And for a par three holes and pitching wedge I need three clubs and then he has the potter. 8030550. Joint throwing 808550 to 515 when we get back we'll continue our. Trinket previews for bill's opponent. Houston Texans. Interesting. Story the Houston Texans to Sean lots in the way he lit things up before he got injured last year and JJ watt whether he can stay healthy and whether the tax will be a factor once again in the AFC south we'll talk about Houston when we get back. Also we need to get to another when Castro. You can get with thousand dollars we are playing our contest. All of gee whiz all this week and golly Moses we would be going into late August the four weeks after the so you have a lot of chance trying to win. A thousand dollars this is simple for those of you that are new to our contest this week we give you a code word. You tax code word in and you're in the running for the thousand dollars it is silver so S I LG are all you need to do is taxed at right now at 72881. Don't do this if you're driving because you have until 9 o'clock detects the word and again it is silver 72881. Messaging data rates may apply. Your kids to a thousand dollars another cover come up about an hour from now show possible like F four cope with this afternoon seven chances day. He would try when a thousand dollars it's the national went cache content from WGR. Things that I can't really control. And as far as you know you can move back at second year guy. Four games into the season you know and I have no arsonists work overall my there's nothing no no bad blood between myself they demoted me and then Kyle Orton came in a way that's very that's very. My second year vehicles. Roll left and went to Jackson do both run came in the coast of phone you. Manuel podcast with former bill Ross Tucker talking about when he lost the job here with the bills. We will talk about the Texans go to bill's opponents to just a moment. I didn't actually it's the first time in years I didn't watch the home run derby last night and it sounds like it was a fantastic home run derby yes the stat that. Bryce Harper had nine home runs runs 47 seconds in ten swings in the inside the final minute in this semi finals there are open semi finals or finals anyway finals finals yet. Yes so they had a lot of trouble and the hometown guy wins so was entertaining home run derby last night. The all star game is tonight you are starting pitchers speaking of the hometown team Max Scherzer. For the National League against Chris Sale for the American League and tubular Biden's. Mean nor fall eight to one same two teams tonight downtown at 7 o'clock. The sabres signed TJ Smith to a one year two way deal of Iceland home gets a six year extension from cal Gary. Average annual value of four point 85. Adam Henrik five year extension from Anaheim five point 825. No long term deal for Levy on bell you'll play this year under the franchise tag with Pittsburgh Steelers Dell has said it's likely going to be his final season in Pittsburgh. The bears rookies report today prior to their veterans reported for camp next week. Plot first round pick broke once Smith remains unsigned as is the case with Josh Allen one of a handful of first round picks that are not sign goes here. Headlines next update coming up at 9 o'clock. And on the British Open the open championship. The conditions Embry from Brian coastal tweet it's good to be very dry at Carnoustie so we were talking about you know you're saying how difficult can be part of what's gonna be difficult is that. The players will hit it too far and it won't stay in play tiger apparently said he hit a three iron 333. Yards. He's gonna use a two iron is his driving club with seventeen degrees of loft as a driving club which is. You know the balls they're gonna play hide and trying get the Lander softly as they can dry conditions Brian's very Alice tomorrow with a young British Open preview by the way. Our AT&T hotline as we talk about previews were going through a training camp previews with all the bill's opponents Houston is next up. On the schedule we're joined by Landry locker from Sports Radio six and in Houston Landry it's Howard Jeremy good morning welcome to the shelf. Good morning Garrett I get there aren't doing well appreciate common knowledge today you know the Shawn Watson was an amazing story last year Landry obviously with the with a short but impressive body work first off how's the rehab coming. Is he ready for Kampman. And and everything going in the right direction with them. You have the rehab dorm well he wasn't born a break and oh created many absurd he's going to be a Boca he's going to be each. He he had had an eight year old herbal or so I don't that makes you a better word but it was the other leg but he. He's ready he he's not even more elaborate on the Jimmy it's gonna come ma wants contact happens but. The worst thing about this aren't getting hurt last year is that he didn't go through the inevitable struggle becomes what are down quarterback. So I expect that become this year I mean obvious to us your record setting eight years there. But I think that the most unfortunate saying with its arm injury and he's going to be. They're never inevitably gonna come and I I expect him to come. Yeah it's funny I was I was running the mindset of Houston fans because. You throw out the Cincinnati game and after that his numbers are eye popping mean they're averaging 3540 points a game. He's got nineteen touchdown passes in seven games he's a dual threat obviously. And I'm wondering if you know are Texans fans say figuring he'll pick upper left off. Or is there any trepidation like OK teams are gonna find out about him now they've got some film it's going to be a little bit different is there a concern that maybe you know. We shouldn't shoot too high for what to expect from him in year two. Or you know how parents are there and think you gonna break all operate. So yeah 8888 you can pick up where left I think there is some middle ground in I you know. Coaches are gonna get a chance to look at the gonna get a chance look at the tape but on the other side it may well. Optimistically bill O'Brien and get to work with them one Powell while ought a little bit more because. Eddie in the last yet it wasn't getting the majority of the rat that was palms that it only Latin. He. While he senses and get more looks at him in and bill O'Brien are getting a little bit more time together but he's gonna come down to earth but it he's on the field. I think he actually let you let this year than it did lack just because of the godly amount entries detect and I'd just put it up. In their own inner week's seventeen. There are game let these and they had won it three guys and and reserves. So you know it that injuries are part of the game but when you have when he three guys and an injured reserve. You know he's got he's just got to watch it later when he seventeen seed in this report. So again in the limited sample size Landry while I was the Shawn Watson so good right away. Look at bill O'Brien surprised everybody. It could go private got your stop and somewhat doubt on the concern that a lot of people when you had that. You know bill O'Brien. This quarterback here it is is he gonna try to make the outlawed in play in the New England offense that. O'Brien ran there many tried to run with the likes of right now Brian Hoyer rock are gullible or you cannot just sit him. And O'Brien actually did it in good job of adjusting it is somewhat you'll. And he saw you saw it on the I think the topic go look a lot like a college offense this year I think I think it's going to be even more. The you to more they're they're gonna spread spread it out they're gonna play a lot faster by. Nikita locked in excess number one his talent and number Q O'Brien's ability to adjust it is guilt. We are with the lender locker talking about the Houston Texans OK you mentioned injuries we talked about Shawn Watson the other big injury which JJ watt. I'd say you know can he stay healthy this year who's got a crystal ball but how is she coming along and how problematic had his injuries been the last couple years. There hasn't been bad in the upper of that brigade take as flustered him we're not exactly MP going to be act at this here. I'm you know I can't really name a guy who had backed out of that does this is the outback but. I can't name any body that had back issues you come back now as as good as they were before you know you see guys retire as a bit. Namely you know Tony Romo. An and other guys so. JJ is a huge question mark I don't think you know there was a time just short while ago and I'm sure you guys everybody else slaughtered at the best player in the league got beat those days are gone if we can just eat JJ does stay on the field. If they're but the expectation that that was it lowered. Where leaders went to see him on the field we we don't expect JJ to be what he was or these injuries started piling up. Well that they you know I can't know there they've been there's really no nice thing about JJ watt being injured but I was gonna say enter the nice thing is you knew you see how clowning has come along and and how much Whitney merciless says that there are still plenty of other options on defense for Houston. Yeah and that the defense that was number one in the early years ago when you got step for back united got the secondary Eric call Jack are you got yup. Stuck honey badger as well also you know a defense that was number one in the league two years security for the most part got those guys in the front seven. And I are chronic you know as the one being watched and bill O'Brien swears he's going to be there training camp but he's got got the contract that. But new GM trying gain you guys are familiar with said that he was gonna gig you know when he came here so. I don't know are there going to be some drama out of Ariza gonna play it out by. I you got a little Mac in Donald from the interact but holding out. I don't see the drama but potentially I bet that could be maybe a little bit of drama and training camp with chronic aren't. OK so where are the the biggest questions about the taxes we talked about injuries and health but in terms of actual football as you look at this team you get ready to go to camp. What are Texans fans talking about as the biggest questions with 2018 club. Offensive line 100% offense divine you didn't have a first and second round pick last year at all. You know basically trading away. Specter router crops Ireland right now reluctance. You know they address the offensive line someone on the inside but on the outside got got a couple guys. At tackle that are are basically project guy dies you Leon Davenport on the left side he'd dropped last year. He was already a developmental guy in the and you got. Hey hinders in do you guys I know a little bit about that offensive line is is the huge question mark for them by. And as much as is as bad a deal Iowa lesser Watson did make at least. I guess bad instead awful last year when he was in the air so I guess you have hagel or. I wanted to ask about the draft class of the Ernie newcomers who can have an impact this year there weren't a lot of picks it was a pretty small draft class right. Yeah. The brother of Eric read from my effort he's a guy you actually might get a chance. Start I just read from Stamford based east. They're very I am I think there some draft I had about a first or second round pick but. That's a guy you he got in the third round that you think maybe start. A the other guy Marcus rank in out of that if they EXE broke had a broken ankle and not. Rookie camp so they thought maybe he can compete for starting spot on the O line he's not there and and they trap it too tight and switched. I didn't really that made it look like they needed I did and they drop it a couple I didn't. Jordan's comments in Jordan a cannot stop or at the stay out there that might happen guys contribute early but it's not going to be a situation like you guys where you got. Exciting rookies in that you're looking for them to contribute early 88 didn't have they didn't have a first or second round pick so there's not there's not really too much going not a number it's. Very well Lander appreciated thanks you're given us little little insight on Houston in thanks for coming on the show with us this morning. Yes you as outlander locker he has that does fortress extend. In Houston talked about the Texans I have a football stat of the day since from the topic of football for you. It's just that they were a little bit of an asterisk but just the same. There's repeatedly make are involved though I know actually don't wanna. Did you bring this earlier of the story about Detroit gives you the story today about the patriot way coming to Detroit. About what's what Matt Patricia is doing you don't want it Snooki can't wait don't ask. Knows from about Peter king and his column at NBC sports dot com there have been 53. Super Bowl MVPs. Or Columbia p.s and one of the super also 53. Nick faults the reigning Super Bowl MVP. Will be the first of those players to be benched in week one the following season. Again as an asterisk as you're starting quarterback but but none of the previous Super Bowl MVPs. Who was active the following season opening day. Was ever. A healthy scratch. There's just out of that they brought to buy expressed by that your average convenience store think maybe that he would you have one guy which hurt starting next year Roger Staubach John Elway retired. Some MVPs left their teams in free agency but we're still playing in the league the next year and it falls would be the first ever. She would not be. Planning on opening day the following year that George stat of the day and there's a guy who's gonna get paid in the offseason I don't think I'm sure he's letting young adult thinks he's going to I don't know but he well but nick polls probably well know a lot of things who he was really. Com very complementary and in the Peter King peace full who's really complimentary towards frank Reich. Who was the quarterback coach in Philadelphia last year and is now the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts he said he didn't all the sure about how. Polls comes in he's not really doing that well towards the end of the regular season after it comes in for Carson weds. And it goes on this fabulous run in the playoffs they win the super ball and he said frank Reich went to. The video guys and basically said. Find every pass completion Nichols has thrown here of fifteen yards or more to put all this stuff together all the video together and he said and both said. He saw these passage you saw these completions he saw what he was doing well. When he was completing passes and he said it really turned everything around for me like a light went on and make it much better quarterback and completely turn everything around the playoffs. And he did nothing but sing the praises of frank Reich another some. Coaches that want the player to bend to them and there are some coaches that bend to what the player won in argue you have to kind of adapt and but think about her coach is the ones that don't necessarily stay married to their systems they have a depth to the player. And in this team and needed in this is I think it seems like a case of positive. Positive reinforcement to an extent hey nick here here plays you succeeded. And you know look which whether it was mechanics or whatever your arm angle whatever he was doing. But here whole bunch a place for you succeeded completed passes downfield throws whatever the case may be. And falls said that was the big reason why played well on the plants open than shingles or about frank Reich announced that coach in Indianapolis. It'll trailed by fifteen to join us 888552. For fifty. That winds on the water is back for another year this coming up a week from Saturday that would be July 28 it's gonna be once again. Pat grant quick park in north tunnel on to off river road great location for tickets are available you'll see well you'll have some great music there. A music from national recording acts like toward your on and Madison word in the mama bear you can get beer and wine. Tastings of over 100 years in lines for one price. We have details and tickets available for you at alternative buffalo dot com again that's brews and wines on the water Saturday July 28 grant park and she. Tickets available at alternative Buffon had the list of robberies. Yet ergo. Sum of the breweries will be there I grew silent founders. Long trail fells point. New and the show is some games and lot of fun yeah yeah dad for all and it's of great location on the water. You know relax have a good time and enjoy the music and appear in the line so I can get two tickets at alternative buffalo dot com. That. Well. It. Is it a role in 47 cent of the and now. He's gonna get back in thirty seconds CDT one homer. To lead to chip the and it's not yet again. What do you foresee that it's. You. Know. Jon Jon beyond the call. No wonder every last night on WGR Bryce Harper dramatic win. In the hometown you know what I think and we and it went thing about the buys into the second but sometimes guys complain that they go on a home run derby it's screws up their swing and go on a batting slump. Seizing can't get worse for Bryce Harper said like 215 to twenty maybe this turn to c.s and around and he has a big. Second half to well less than second half of the year for the nationals were 500 ballclub at this point. Biden's home tonight they're continuing their homestand it is before whether he goes he baseball this week. By the way. Politic dog out for a night out tonight a top dog day at the ballpark and you're dog it's and free. With your mission another dog day and underdog and yet they've had I think there's three of them yeah three or forum this year. So you can. Another double of the get bored or go to the ballpark like dogs part of that again. So you can go to night and yen your mission dog it's a free. Just three home weekends left in the season and including this one Friday night bash coming up Greece not at the ballpark Friday night. Post game fire where we handing out Greece is controversial let's not hey you know it's it's. Oh it's about the movie Apollo movies the fortieth anniversary you know John Travolta Olivia Newton-John and makes more sense that I want that type of thing get the grease soundtrack at home I don't somewhere. It's not that great. What is wrong. And with GO. I'm with them I don't really have much for greens guys are just losers Saturdays and I know day. There's a we can make funny you so we don't really it was Dino Dino the dinosaur from Flintstones the I know Dino. It's definitely dine out day Dino Dina dinosaur and Flintstones I don't evidence for dinosaur Pino the Dinah. I know Rea I'm Colin and Dino de and now. The Los raptor. Blossom wrapped blossom wrapped I can't say it together I gotta say it to use mostly you did not notable Lhasa rafter was now you see Jurassic Park. Not really Oka just bits and pieces of it are too afraid to watch the whole thing there like the stars of Jurassic Park. I saw parts of the first one had never seen any other drastic park moving Jurassic Park was very big for the colossal raptor brand slick people didn't. Let's say the general public did not notable loss raptor was. You know you T Rex he grew up learning about T Rex instead of Soros and no I knew that Brohm Soros yup third act dole. Triceratops that's mass that done something and they're like. Matt masters something mastodon. Mass that I as a band and know that. What does a massive I don't know them as the band I thought that was a type of dinosaur known as something master something. I don't know what a mastodon OK commit him to know you might be right I'd I don't know what it is and I'm yeah it was an elf and it was like mammoth. So no Velika woolly mammoth. Yes that's the mastodon was an. Similar. Apparently mastodons were mr. a year ago this mastodon. Yeah. Distant relatives of the elephants north and Central America we Wikipedia says it's a dinosaur. It is mastodon dinosaur Wikipedia yup. Okay directly related to Al offense there's a mammoth a dinosaur. I would believe so since yeah. I didn't know old really. A mammoth is not a dinosaur. Mastodons related to elephants inhabited north and Central America isn't here you go here's the answer mammoths are type development that's a mammal dinosaurs were reptiles. So for mastodon as a met as a mammal it's not a dinosaur. Can. Dinosaurs were reptiles and birds kind of right. Oh my god there's gonna be there somewhere driving right now there is a biology or something professor just like oh my god. These guys not pay attention in school. You said. Never asked me about science anyway I don't get the ballpark is Saturday night our special four packs available for tickets four hot dog and soda coupons to die no toys. Only 79 bucks. The savings of 24 dollars seven is also the wildly popular look battered day night series pregame tent party begins at four you'll find specials there. And then wrap up the weekend Sunday at one take the kids it is team autograph and photo giveaway day so that's all one on the ballpark this week. You can check out tickets and get them at buys into dot com anytime he wanna go to par and there are still a lot of great events coming up by giveaways emotional that's what have you and the time left this season. Including cup more weekends at home as well. Good byes and dot com you'll see the schedule to see the rundown a promotional events. And then you can get your tickets you can pick the game you wanna go to you can select see each one incident preached tickets out right there in your computer and again you can save money right now with the four pack still available for. Dying no night at the ballpark and it's all at fisons. I'm gonna mastodons were not dinosaurs twenty million years ago. So now who are you to judge. And I'm not judging so much is people have judged them then based on time yamana is not close to dinosaurs. Mamet's a 120000 years ago dinosaurs are like sixty million I was trusting Wikipedia. Well hang out can't trust everything you read on the Internet that's the first thing in and that's ever gone wrong. Mastodons and mammoths not dinosaurs seem to learn something today in its dine out at the park. You know they keep looking at an icy deal from Flintstones sophisticated anatomy and we'll Canon dinosaur was Dino. Use purple. With spots now I think and he barked he was that the T Rex records his arms were weren't short enough I think to be at T Rex. And Ottawa Canada and the free ones. Well the Flintstones you can guess in the Wednesday's aside a practical Canadians prehistoric he is a fictional. Snorkel sore spots dark of course the old that's darkest sort Jesus Marcus Taurus the wildly popular snort a source which inherited it would job occupied North America. Sixty million years ago. 8030550. To join us 888550. To 550 or WG.