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Monday, July 17th

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It's how we Simon and Jeremy why each. Not experience this I don't where I'll always Simon and tracks you. You let him off Jeremy liked his little legs his little home is little ahead I'm. Another Nelly tonight more ounce mark my words. On WG ER Sports Radio 550. So they are known attraction. If that press conference series have continued we knew we saw four episodes of a book by episode seven the would have been a death on stage it was starting to really. Go the wrong direction would have taken an agreement thrown yes it would have gone and it would have been bad. Yeah no they're done right they got out while they could then no more press Koppel is live at there's going to be a few more if you end yeah a you can't just let the next month go by without any sort of event or hype I can't wait until something happened along the way wonderful. Lot of reaction to my nonsensical lumber talks so I appreciate that I don't claim to have a make any sense know why they have I don't give members alike in number and don't yeah I just don't have I'm sorry I just when it comes to football numbers that just don't. Football jerseys football numbers. The most boring jerseys and sports. And the number of the stuff to me with football just I don't know why does not big what he made a couple Jersey into a hockey Jersey. Great they're doing that I know but I put but I mean you don't say there's nothing on it no I know I I wanna crashed I wanna logo I want some personality on the jerseys and I just football jerseys are just so bland there so Blase and that's why. You know when they decided to put the the bills Jersey in the juniors real look at me and pat. She's wearing jerseys proud to get the job that moment but. We're bring up the pictured this for going to be getting into patriot games in the second 8030550. To join us. Quick reminder. Golf tournament WR golf tournament bidding ends at 1 o'clock today so like where's the ticker at the top of the page. Under five hours to go now some of the folks up for bid that they've been closed out like Jeremy and Thurman Thomas pat Colette Justin Daly was added on Friday closed out. We still have a number of celebrities sports celebrities we still have plenty of WGR on air host. Not named Jeremy. Who else all fortunes we got six regular fortunes still available for bid as well to place your bids today the auction closes at 1 o'clock. And the golf tournament is this Thursday up the Lewiston you can bid. And WGR 550 dot com. She joined an element over the weekend was asked about the idea of the patriots going nineteen and oh this season. He said quote the nineteen a no talk is stupid that's it. So right it's the tenure anniversary by the way of their unbeaten regular season is it's duke is stupid I think. They will not go unbeaten however when will they lose and they won't lose until November. Moment would be in Alaska when will they lose they open up with the would you like would you like to pick the patriots schedule. No I think you've done it once already this offseason and not a portrait as she says he's right cubic the bills I'm picking the chiefs this year they don't lose until November. The patriots don't know live by the chiefs and they're open and on the go at New Orleans they'll win that game right yep home Texans home Panthers. C yeah. At the box OK maybe a Thursday night game a short workweek traveled on a Wednesday Tampa could be in the playoffs this year. I don't think they'll lose that game and that's the first one you might actually shrug your shoulders ago. Maybe at the jets. Home falcons. Is the lock of the year one that New England is going to beat Atlanta in that game a nice Sunday night affair. And wearing a New England got their fans are going to laugh at the falcons the whole time yeah. Oh Mike. In Europe and lap relative what are the three signs jerseys and all of this oh points and they play the chargers at home and I go under Abaya week's Olympic BA know at that point. Pretty easy I think so yeah what would you put. Even money that they are unbeaten at the by yes I I would I would think the only game I they're not gonna lose sales on games I don't see them. Even Atlanta so you're road games are New Orleans Tampa and the jets. Tampa on paper seems to be I don't must Drew Brees. Puts up forty a New England is a bad day I think there right now with the body. I don't think they have a chance to lose until coming out of the pot now their first few games out of the buyer road games for Denver and Oakland I think one of those. I don't know Belichick stays out west it's a Sunday night game in the right back out the next week and open I would think one of those games the news. Either Denver's defense to be good enough to beat him in a low scoring game. Or Oakland which I think will win the AFC west just flat out beat them because they're really good football team. With the they lose one of those games I don't see him winning both of those games. Where do you think their first lost it after that bottle if they get if they get by that. Whole Miami. And they have three straight road games. Bills dollar bills dolphins Steelers somewhere there that think they have trouble with Miami have had over the years yeah and now they've lost in Miami on occasion. That's a Monday night game in December that it is on occasion it lost in Miami several times so maybe they lose that or in Pittsburgh. Those are geared your best bets if they get past Denver Oakland had the close with the jets at home all the calls bill's own jets home. New Texas and six and two or five and three at the by dispersants clearly never seen the patriots point. You're like yeah I mean you you would in real losses unless you think they lose at home do you pick him to lose at home to Atlanta. And then I guess at New Orleans and at Tampa forget it but just an let's Brady's searched know the facts you know I would think there are no worse than seven and one of the blind. Nine its. Worst case six and true. But I used to work hard to find that. All right that's the Patriot Act after schedules a little more it's pretty easy it's more challenging but we're talking the patriots. You know and okay solution debt Denver Oakland and the three straight road games including Miami and a night game there are three toughest opponent they play on the road Broncos raiders Steelers yeah. I would say those other three top I don't think they're going unbeaten. Not but the Broncos have a I'm not sure what they are I don't think they win their division are okay lastly you'll still be in the wildcard mix. But it's still you know it's still a good defense and it's still a trip out to Denver and all that stuff so. I could see New England going. You know no worse than fourteen into. The bright lose a couple games and are somewhere in the back after the schedule now fourteen and two. Which is what what does Brady averaged thirteen wins so they're they're a little bit actually you should say it's instead of fourteen and two will be thirteen in three 'cause they'll lose their final game Hollister delta jets and they won't care about right who knows what happens is the best camera actually it's a different this is the jets. While because the jets will be also trying to lose that game. It's funny it's going to be you don't want that's going to be a big one that can lose that game. I'm so you wanna do it ready for it ready for its drop out. Edition six. This one is the easiest of the mall. Oh wow filled out if Shaq who holds the ball well yeah. It's always Simon and Jeremy White. Our workers hurt her ground. The patriot games the biggest game in fifteen years probably twenty years let's be real. This is our super ball best forty years one of the biggest games ever today at the day we're going crazy. Brady flyers beat downfield and it is but to have breakfast and in the end zone touchdown he beat Stephon Gilmore they have like a rented mule non WG ER about. More vocal fox Sports Radio 550 the. Easiest one of the whole bracket so far excuse me you've been away on vacation overdoing we've separate all moments from the seventy your playoff drought into categories and selecting winners of each category this is gains against the patriots moments against the patriots. The most representative moments. Of the drought in all the patriot games. It's just blow off right analysts say it's I want to give the nominees were the 88 moments some of our nominees other nominees Aaliyah we have. 56 to ten. Fool the bills when a couple games in a row they get flexed into Sunday night. Against the unbeaten patriots. Who then proceed to Ronald bills 56 to ten. Willis McGahee stuffed on a fourth and one that's opening day Dick Jauron season yeah there are leading the patriots. By a much the scores at seventeen that the real or something no like they end up losing like 1970 or didn't think they did other ninety to seven I think is what they're up. Whenever they're winning they're about to put this game away it's a fourth and one McGahee gets stopped he thinks its third one. Some people want them to kick they didn't take they went for trying to kill the game and ultimately they lose that game. Another nominee Tom Brady's single greatest game of his life. Week two against Rex is defense 466. Yards a flawless performance Brady is incredible that game. That's the blow while that wasn't right. That's the game where is the bill score touchdowns and bills were like three only lose by eighteen inning game that they were never really an evil at the ball down eight they scored late they took what two penalties that day I think maybe it was Rex pounding the podium in the post game that day probably set. TJ Graham runs the wrong route. On the game's final play New England beats buffalo that's at Gillette. 31 nothing rebuttal to the 31 nothing win. Which is poetic of course right because yup. Bills when the opener and then in the season finale the patriots on the when the playoffs when 31 and nothing don't forget about the based defense Dave wants that game. They ultimately give up. Like seven touchdowns and roll it's I'm just looking at the box score for that game because I was gonna bring that one up. I just wanted to have the numbers correct on this. So it would have been. Point one just don't want to separate the bills sorry and we shouldn't laugh I'm I'm really it was 21 to seven in the third quarter. And then the patriots went touchdown. Touchdown. Touchdown touchdown touchdown now on consecutive possessions right now and and then. Let's see there was still another touchdown and if you go yet they scored on seven consecutive possessions. Six touchdowns one field goal. And 152 to 28 when the bills were leading when he went seven early third quarter. Like when that it and it's it's not winning but that's not really good one it's not now. Due to rule Britain. Let's most of the nominees it's you know I thought about putting in the bills beating the patriots magical reset. Just because it teases what it would be like to play that team if they didn't have a great quarterback you'd yeah I mean there's a third string guy not there at second straight I also thought about dog Maroney getting to nine and 7UP against a team that didn't play Brady your number of other starter sleep I think he play first had first half and they were leading death and they came out and the bills one that really important game yeah. Now. But none of them are gonna come close so that Sunday night flex game doesn't know note. This I don't know what number you're what you're talking about I just her second and a third place William Hurt the highlight on the way in at the Mckelvin fumbled. That is without a doubt that's the that's the worst loss the patriots of the last seven seniors right. Europe. Multiple points multiple scores say 2412. Or something like that right. You come out and look good. Winning at defense looks great offense was sharp that day. And you are down the stretch opening night Monday Night Football like I don't humorous about what has the box score it's not quite a statement. But it's put it was it was yeah this week one prime time yeah beat Brady in New England. Yeah I have it was it was 24 to thirteen I'm sorry Torre for thirteen. Fred Jackson touched down from Trent Edwards. Night rain was at nine and a half. 317 and it's just an hour and 28 in here I guess it is so. Yet little over five minutes left in the fourth quarter there up eleven. Five minutes yep and and Benjamin Watson touchdown and Benjamin Watson touchdown when he talked when he four. And got the ball back with time to trying to downing get a field goal and ultimately that in. Seattle Mckelvin fumble is the winner here. The Kelton fumble in terms of moments of the drought if you're trying to think of the most amazing and heartbreaking and all it's the Golden State Warriors of the last seventeen years. Really it's. It's the dominant. All know it yet in this this. Breakdown as drought about this Brooke calling all the things that have happened in China you know exercising these demons before camp starts in ten days. It is the Golden State Warriors with the rain. Just imagine and together for seventeen you just relentless. How how dominant this CD is keeping this turtle all right look guys I was a much in free agency and everything and you know Chris Paul he goes what they end up Houston and I'm thing about guys in or out west like Gordon Hayward like. Okay no offense do you talk. Get out of their Gordon go weeks that he signed with Boston thought great I if I was a free agent in the west. I'd sign with a team in the east I just would do everything in my power to stay away from Golden State if I'm with Cleveland or Boston or whoever in the east. I don't even have to worry about gold instead until I make it to the NBA finals they're that they're that powerful they're that good and they're gonna be together for at least one another couple years now. I would just not want to be in the west right now because how the heck you get through those guys and beat him four times in the seven game series. If there aren't injuries involved that's Mckelvin. Every time a play happens this year. One like pilots are really tough play and it's a it's unfortunate the odds are stack up against the Calvin Alex I'm close now that would be tough to beat me Calvin but the thing of this thing about the patriots games. But you said. So many blowouts over the years the fifties that the sudden it flex game that you brought up that 5228. That. Second game against Rex group you know we're used to Brady put up 3040 points and apple. In Gillette Stadium where you had not won the opening night. Week one prime time and you've got. And it luck we all I know I thought about it in the fourth quarter were all thinking OK how are they gonna blow this one honestly I I I try would have thought. I think you're the closest one out as crazy isn't it. Eleven points five minutes to go all I know it's Brady I think the deaths and they found just the craziest way to. You know the kick. It's one of those every distraction that god had managed to lose that but because it was Brady because it was in New England takes on. A larger. Place in history what year was that 2000 Wheldon. Change doesn't nine it's that long ago. 2009. On number 142000 president to Jauron. Manager runs all over this list. Four hit a couple of duties and fox for room you know when you throw and the the 1970. Yup. Nine gathering that was pretty easy drop bomb moves on that was an easy one we've got so here's who's moved on so far. Coaching Jauron moves drafting they've been coaching decisions. Rex is pulled in overtime against Miami you know that one we were yeah yeah we were debating a moron pond but I'd defer to the techsters. Most flood bill with Fred Jackson that was what Friday I think right man that feels. Like it's not the right answer. And on up fighting but it just you can always appeal to the NCAA but I don't think we're gonna have any he's on the list but. I okay funds different things for different people he was fun to watch super fun. Hype and hope was 20085 almost arbitrage Edwards and Al patriot games as Leodis is fumble. Which leaves what parading horrific losses. And quarterback moments as your remaining brackets you and so we get an extra track and nine brackets until continue to exercise the demons can't is ten days away. Good a kicking gators are enough you know. Number it ago I wanna see Sean McDermott and see what this team looks like and what it what the heck he's doing out there and let's go let's see out Tyrod looks and Rick denizens offense and position battles. Why they kept as Doug morale might say. I'm looking forward to camp starting at seeing what exactly the 2017 bills. Amen new head coach there got to find out what he's gonna do. While approach pre season if he'll do in any way that's different than other coaches in years past. No well the like would starters and rotation just about that about I mean. When you become a head coach. You then go to what we gotta be Vanilla I mean I coordinators would certainly know that he'd been around so it's Alec. Be in Vanilla and the precincts in immunity muted in its list. Let's not showing thing let's not do anything let's. All of their key guys keep guys healthy squad they're not get her to work on terminology makes sure guys are prepared yet. Gas there's there's really little else to make sure poison body armor he's. And somehow make sure Sammy Watkins gets through the pre season healthy that's one way for your honeymoon and quickly as a new coaches if you play a star player. In the second half and they get her boom done is no way LeSean McCoy gets in the second quarters in the pre season. No. No you don't think you'll see a snapped in a second quarter you better not. I've Freddie does well then that would be a bad idea. Walk. When the first or. Klein we do this every year I don't have a replica but honestly I I mean if you wanna bring up Sammy you could say why plays Sammy. You know get out there timing receivers quarterback duel offense. To some local. What if player. Then and if you're freaking out because they lost my skills to the patriots there's another reason why not the place LeSean McCoy. I just there's. You can see it beacons that the entire pre season. I'd be very very careful with using Sammy but I think there is an element in getting out there and running around and trying to play. And try to get back and and work on his timing with Tyrod Taylor in this new offense. It with a running back not so much okay LeSean make your read. You know why you run an inside you run an outside where's the blocking your cutbacks it's really not that hard don't play LeSean McCoy. 8030550. To join us 888550. To 550. We're gonna break mister. 6449878. And identify the tenth top player of the week. Britain will start with call number five. Think first correct response if that is you you win a forty dollar gift card intense hot docs general contest rules would apply identified a tenth. Hot player of the week right now by calling 644. 9878. Forced out of bounds. Six and start so promising millions of flagged down a ruling in the end of the play. All in good. Maroney scores on May. You leave his first touchdown of the season I say amazingly big is this team has now scored. A total of 47 touchdowns. Dallas from the 5610 game. Did not win in the bracket today. We had no details and no chance to go to some Kelvin and kick return fumble went in the patriot games racquet and moves on those drop out. Wimbledon goes to Roger Federer his eighth Wimbledon championship BB Marin Cilic yesterday in straight sets nineteenth Grand Slam overall for mr. Federer. Baseball the Yankees or Red Sox split the day night doubleheader. Complete their both three nothing shots yankees won during the day Red Sox won the night game the jays had a walk off loss bases loaded in the eleventh inning and they walked Miguel Cabrera. So they lost in Detroit the Mets it wasn't as close that loss to Colorado and and they want to against the rockets and I can't complain. Buys is lost to Scranton football got a quiet some teams. But the C was that this week or next week and it was. Next weeks and some teams actually have rookies reporting and for rookie camp before training camp today though it's the 4 PM deadline players of the franchise tag. Have until 4 o'clock today to reach an agreement on a multi year contract or they play under the one year tag. Kirk cousins let Ian bell the top two guys on that list. In hockey and Nikko this year. I was I'm just gonna screw that name up forever he cited the New Jersey Devils who was number and overall pick in the draft at a NASCAR congratulations to Denny Hamlin he won this week and stop. In New Hampshire those used for tablets next update coming up at 9 o'clock. One quick thing we talk a little bit about HBO today because gave it drones back and that's huge for. Everyone has it seems like everyone watches that show. Not everybody not everybody not everybody you bashing you've never seen and I'm two seasons behind and I just decided last night that that we would catch up again and enjoy in the world. Op but did you see that HBO released a picture of Alpa chino. As Joseph Paterno I quickly yes I sought on Twitter audience that I didn't I just OK yes somebody tweeted out and I didn't spend a lot of time. Wanna say like this is all time bad ideas. Doing the Joseph Paterno show the movie itself yes. Yeah I I don't need to find out all the details I mean I know what happened I just don't think you need to make a movie out of it I don't know old. How it by the way how they do the movie. Is it more the tribute to him as shortly after clue how it ended I I'm reading at awful announcing dot com write up about this. HBO released some casting details on who's playing who decked. There's no information on. No one's been announced the play Jerry sandusky but you know by the way has coaching experience right yes there was any and it is an idea of him playing your coach experience. It's supposed to sent around to eternal life and you know of course the narrative may very well focus on return on and his family's what it says some someone's been pegged to play his wife his son. There's a rope error who brought the story like the patriot news who's who's 23 she's in the film so. I mean you can't but you can't tell the Joseph Paterno story no I think without telling what happened with and dusk of course they think that that's that's a big part of what this. Film will be of out there. A filming is underway in the picture mean to chino. It looks like Alpa chino dressed as Joseph Paterno armies went glasses glasses and the short pants he asked the cleats I just wanna say like I did said that everything HBO does seems to be really good in their very successful on this might be. And and I can ever imagine watching it. I as if you were. I figured as much you'd get to that point but if you word I was about to ask you in this discussion. Will you watch it no and I'm into just about anything when it comes to watching sports stuff. I don't need to see that story. I know who he was in terms of his successes. And I know what happened with the failures. I just it's not a movie that I'd wanna watch so. Yeah I'd probably I probably wouldn't end up watching it I love dodger right I think. I think they're documentaries there movies there's a lot of stuff to do their sports documentaries are tremendous. But. Whenever this is line I'd love to chino you know he's one of those guys I've watched with whatever reason I'd studied to see that story though and I mean should how they structure. Because. The joke eternal life story became the scandal of course you know forget the winningest all time college football coach and then the millions he donated to the campus to the library and all the good he did the Joseph Paterno story became the scandal mean for hack. They took down the man statue for time. At beaver stadium so I'm I'm not I'm wondering how HBO does that movie how to they portray it. You know I don't I could even tell you how do you go about directing that. The families you know what. The family's rights they didn't know any thing I just honestly I just think it's one of those topics where you just need to make a show it's stick. I think where are I'm interested in stories that need to be told that haven't been told and this I. I don't know I you know judging it before even comes out or even know what it's. Really about it just everything about it seems like a bad idea you tonight's story that I would state. Most people that follow it or looked into it or did any sort of paying attention to it probably are pretty. Entrenched in how they feel and the idea of you know let's let's hear. That side of it. And and it's you know again I I have a basic understanding of what happened I did not wasn't. China member testimony was available online or there or stuff online you could read there was a lot all the stuff from the the the people who were accusing send ASCII I never delved into that I had a basic understanding of what the story was. I didn't need to know explicit details and read all the paperwork and everything in nets another reason why I don't necessarily need to see it on the television. And and I again you can't. You can't think of Joseph Paterno and not think of the scandal so his legacy was completely blown up by that I just don't know they need to make a movie what's it gonna. Whatever if not is not being done to prove anything it's up. I don't know why they're making them. Maybe people will watch it I just don't see the interest and now. Not me I hope that they do a lot of that stuff they they do that's that's the thing like you wanna give them the benefit of the doubt because most of what they make is very good. Yes and I'll watch lucked their they were. Somebody was tweeting out teasing hard knocks. And it was in a felon who that was a watch hard knocks again and it's Tampa I I I enjoy that show and as this that I think to do a great job at the sports documentaries but I think they. I don't know why they picked this topic you could offensive enough to do. Eagle 30550 a quick question wanna go back to we're talking about the last segment on training camp and McCoy. My guess is we were talking about Sharma Dermot and and how he'll approach training camp and all that my guess is still approach it. The way most coaches approach it right the struggle played in the first game a little bit. And and we'll do more in game two and the one half in game three and then they Wear baseball caps in game four. LeSean McCoy if I was thinking about the summer reverse standpoint chairman if you put a list together. Look at the bills' roster. And you had a list and the heading of the list was if this guy is hurt we're screwed. LeSean McCoy is on that list for shore he might be the number one guy and that list I think he would be you might be number two who well should be. How did you put on the list Tyrod but Tyrod got to play I was thinking about. Use usage of of time in pre season games and it would be like I don't know. I don't what Jerry Hughes to get hurt he's a big part of the defense third but there gonna play I was thinking about pre season games. If there's one guy that doesn't need to play the pre season because of peace or they're screwed McCoy is on that list Tyrod has the plays the quarterback and it is safe to Tyrod looked. We're gonna sit shop all four games because you can't get injured I might say that but Kara I don't charge I wouldn't do that mean he's I think he had does have to play. McCoy is one CME I think needs to play at least a little bit. Just at least try to work on some timing with Tyrod and get back out on a football field. Bots. And English on those that play a single snap and I don't those of what else are the less there's nobody on defense but look back and say. We're screwed if you get injured artists Chinese have a big year Kyle Williams Jerry Hughes Shaq Lawson. Darby is the top quarterback right now there isn't one guy and that's side of the ball you'd say. You're on my list up. If you're injured we're screwed I can think back to might have been Jim Schwartz's first year or maybe Rex is first year. Back when the defense was really good and we were confident the defense was was very good. I can remember saying. Don't play anyone in the starting to on the starting defense not a single one of them should see the field in the creases and of course they're gonna see the field in death. You know I am of one I'm of the belief that how much do I need to get those guys out there. Not not a lot not at all mull I could sit Sammy Watkins the entire pre season tickets that McCoy the entire pre season. I could sit Taylor knew and I wouldn't worry about it at all you know I just I know you wanna go up there for timing. And there's point two all the time college kids go play super important games in week one but you can handle it. And maybe you're not gonna find you're peaking you're not gonna have your. It sure you do in the pre season a little bit yells don't practice every day right so you are getting work you are giving practice every single day. Down their you know the stadium or in this case it's saint John Fisher. And don't want the opener liberals like look at the opener last year was Baltimore. How much was that what the bills ultimately look like. Thirteen to seven the offense was terrible and the defense was decent they give up one flight yeah. That was a regular season game if you remember last year's bills they were not a team then only people one big play defensively and were terrible on offense it. So here we had you know the opener where. That's that the team recognized that week to whenever a week to the beat somebody on a loss to the jets. Clay outfits came in let them up in a general into it so from one game to the next they changed a lot and I you know I expected seemed to change over the course of the year. What I get out of those pre season games. It's a lot of risk for injury and the reward is minimal. And I I need to fight of my death guy's second stringers. But those are the real battles I'd like to see my second stringers right my second team burst against number one see no more holds up the best against those guys and get those you know get the studs that you don't need get a lot of line. I hear I I play Tyrod immediately I think. I do want to work working in this offense and no real practice and every dad likes him in panic in a game situation but these guys but also. It's almost an entirely new receiving corps. He does still have Sammy but as missed a lot of time with him but they Jones. Andrei homes Corey brown a meeting go down the list there's new face after new face after new face including. Likely two of the top three receivers to say Jones and and Andre homes right now. Looked to be in the top three with Sammy lock and so you have new guys on offense you have new receivers. He has familiarity with Sammy has familiarity with Charles clay. But I I could play Tyrod if you want to scale it back that's fine I mean you don't have to plan like. You know a full core Europe into the second and and in your three games progression if you wanna scaled back a little bit OK but I think he does have to play because at the very least you are breaking in a new offense and you are. Breaking new receivers with him that he should be out there. The problem with Tyrod is you know McCord goes down. The could screw your entire offensive tyra goes down you're screwed you mean you'd say what you want about Tyrod I'm not gonna tell you the best in the world. But what's Nathan Peter manner cartel Jones or TJ Yates gonna do. What you might see is if Tyrod were to get her and they need to play without him they would probably become even more run heavy right. You'd eat they might give Taylor more this season to work with in more roll outs and you know might see an. Up taken out passing attempts in as Taylor or go while I and my guess is they response would be go right back down a good Nathan Peter ring goes in well early. It would be all right you're not thrown a lot and it's a lot of in all simplified sort. Yes scenarios and as it has no choice yeah I wonder what if if it got to Yates if they could still do anything in terms of a semblance of a passing offense but. If they got that Pete human or for that matter even cartel Jones he's got no choice but to say we're gonna simple fire passing offense as much as possible. We're gonna run the football and then you cross your fingers and hope your defense comes up big because you got to start when and a whole bunch of like twenty to seventeen and seventeen to fourteen football games. 8030550. To join us 888550. To 551 quick checks on the pre season texts or rights and I'm excited to see Nate Peterson just to see you we've got. And at that that's a good one opponent Peter vehement thank you that Peta and about the pre season you have a last year was carnal Jones who wanna watch the new guy. Now ninety Peterman. T if you looks good and if you looks good we get to react and say he should start at that that that's our guys I'm trying to figure out what did Campbell that happened probably somewhere in August. Well into our thinking about this over the weekend. You know when we get closer to camp I always write down a whole list of questions and story lines for camp. And actually watching Nathan Peerman will be near the top of the list. You know got a receiver battle linebacker battle and determined and how does the defense look in the whole bunch of stuff you know and and and watching Tyrod and yes at least but. Nathan Peter and can you show me anything have you got anything I can get excited about it will be absolutely. One of the story lines from training camp eagle 30515 join us 888550. Q 550. Did you have any thoughts on that we have. Tickets to giveaway you can hear the music from foreigner you know what they're playing in Friday night at Darien lake camp that are forward. Cheap Trick. Andy Jason Bonham Led Zeppelin experience all. This Friday at Darien lake campuses we got biggest giveaway you can win a prayer to get right now by calling 6449878. Minimum value price fifty dollars courtesy of live nation general contest rules apply. I will take caught it's a big shot or make great duel little work we'll go with callers ten and eleven. At 6449878. Call right now to try to win tickets for this Friday show if you don't win tickets we have more to give away this week. And they're also on sale right now at live nation dot com 6449878. Callers ten and eleven. The C foreigner Cheap Trick and the Jason Bonham like death and experience it's Friday Gary left. Now the players we'll pick it up and bring it back. It's got a big Villa today he will be a lot of old Jaycee had been. I have been. Chicago Blackhawks tweeting that out seventeen seasons. In the NHL Brian Campbell has announced his retirement today. So that's why great play that I just treated out. If you ask me Brian Campbell you'll play word association of I got two things for Brian Campbell one. We just played it you're missing a third Joseph was excessive sweating. Third Brian Campbell you're missing one more. The there are three things Brian Campbell's known for yes the number hit as probably police right here that's one yup. Chu is excessive sweating. So for all of a nickname soupy could be taught to America are pregnant and missing one thing that was absolutely a staple of what Brian Campbell was. He brought in Tyler and us. He was that you that first round pick in the Saber out wired for him no no he did do that that's correct. It's not a single moment did it all the time. Panorama spin our fellows guy Brian Campbell spin around that Grayson derby got it from a welding Kirby just did it on a shot at Atlanta he suggests the rate up BI Ramones were worse spin around Monica. Every time we did elect what was there goes. Brian Campbell there goes my idea of bringing that argue Brian Campbell and for you I got a fourth thing it's. It's my Mike's I think I think I got the fourth thing is in. Is he the one who said when he was leaving please don't boo me when I come back yes okay so I'm gonna let them by Brian Campbell it's a good one please don't boo me when I come back. Yeah okay that's our. As for wanna say anything else Brian Campbell. He got a gold these score a big goal. Mean he was always. He he miraculously stayed healthy during the Carolina run he didn't get hurt real stated what he was around you know I think honestly when I regret I have some public excessive sweating. But I kick those commercials out of my head. It also they wanna think about Campbell I just think about how. He just seemed to be languishing. And was in and out of Wendy's dog house at times in his career and then and then all of a sudden. It clicks and he becomes you know he becomes the guy the sabres hope he would becomes this really tremendous offensive defenseman. And as a guy that people you know you would this offseason brought the idea of bringing them back for one more year what collect. To explain Bryant's turnaround up. And got an answer utility it's wrong to not go ahead the league changed. Okay we're talking like post lockout yup as soon as you go post lockout his point totals rocket up he had a great guy he's getting older but he was 26. In the first year out of lock out at 44 points. And after that 4448. 62. In any giving year 4549. With Florida back in 20112012. Before that in he'd been with the sabres for five seasons the better part of five seasons. He played in twelve games eight games 29 games 65 team's 53 games and it wasn't until right after block out. He went from a career high of three goals to twelfth. Power play time right that was meant for him there organ like okay that they opened things up a little bit. And he flourish to not say they like it was only because of league and he got better that's not what I'm saying all but you know. Well it was more up his style absolutely things kind of come together if he finds his game and it did the waiting game changed it was you know. Welcoming to that style to that point I didn't put I think it was more about how. He's not good enough in his own end and sure he can has some offensive side but as a defenseman you had to be really write it worry about drone and first and for both than you realize hey let the games now about skating. And speed and scoring and nobody's looking nobody's holding who want guys to get up ice so it's not as big deal of Brian Campbell. Isn't the greatest stay at home defenseman in the world. It's about offense now he flourished and he was he was great for the skins are. Yeah it but he it was based on some number of times few more things from Brian Campbell these are good answers to which remember he scored the winner classical. There's got one gold medal game and is trying Campbell scored that goal moved. And the other thing is two minutes delay of game for clearing the puck over the glass that was his battling he was in the box and game seven there. It's funny that there're probably some. Sabres fans that remember that and are mad at him for it I ain't at no point. Not even like during that game yet was never mad at him for it never I think I'd even associate. A big penalty with Brian Campbell there but yeah I forgot I thought that Adam when he did it but I've I've sat here and you just brought up on that. Yeah that those vampire and that's that's pretty big moment in sabres history their leading in Carolina and now if you ask you about Brian Campbell in that game. I will tell you my memory would be instead of that would be a oh he was one of the few healthy defensive left at that time but they leading it was a tied at that point I more remember the talk being a Rory Fitzpatrick feet than anything else as a in that it was in their about five minutes before semifinal escort. Still a lot of work for charity Brian Campbell Texas pointing out this welded a lot of work with Carly is club and Russell park. Lot of work for charity. Good for Brian Campbell good guy heck of a career good guy you know fun interview all that stuff never problems to deal with in terms of the media and the relationship with the media he was in town as well. And so we are announcing his retirement after seventeen years Brian Campbell 1082. Games he finishes of 504 points. Nine yet. Not a whole name of god look at the slower than I was reading your Ehrlichman and as a result and we know now know and and his numbers are being acknowledges that he's the kind of player there. I mean. View draft the player a defenseman you're hoping to move the pocket. He's like like housing would like a guy like exactly I mean active. Can I get all Brian Campbell them that's what I'm hoping. One of these sabres defenseman can be used all of Brian Campbell. And boom made him at his best. In the in the league right now would be to welcome commodity bring teams visited and definitely this one. 8030550. To join us 888550. To 550 will we get back. So. Bring up a story. Something that apparently. Inside Major League Baseball circles they're saying is inevitable. For the sport just matter of wet and not yet. You surprised to hear what it is we'll get to that in a moment. What a reminder that bidding closes today in announcing administering care the war. Four hours for the WGR golf tournament WGR 550 dot com to place your bidding get involved we still have. Regular foursome is available six of those. Missed eleven number of the WGR. On air personalities you can bid on actually all of us I think except Jeremy are still up for bid. Sports celebrities NDP and Andrew Peters Cody McCormick Renee Robaire. Harry Neale Booker register and Edward cow ski all of still available for bid and as a mention. Six regular fortunes determine is this Thursday the bidding closes at one to make sure you get your bid in so we can see new. At the WGR golf tournament place your bid at WGR 550 dot com.