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Howard and Jeremy
Tuesday, July 17th

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Rest is going on years prior to death camp in the first time you receive can top the pot with the bullets with his posture right veterinary turned to what my colleague and I said you know what watch this. Never slaughter on the clock everything was done clean employees Aaron you know a certain moment like that is on a simple skill jumps on you right away because it's usually go small parts that make the big difference in the end it right away. Just handle the puck are kind of jumped off and it said you know watch this and let's hear this ghost we can improve the way he does think there's a level poised everything poison purpose I'd like to call it just watching it movement patterns. Obviously the efficiency of the big word. We're income but a lot of those pills Howard they're they're based on feet and separation there are based on multiple skills haven't I think Esteban had such as the multi part drilled being able that the process and know where your next step is going to be where you make the ones prior to that. Silicon extra Matt Ellis who was solid as yesterday here of every now and then on the investigators and and he was on the coach that he was in with the guys on ice who were running the recent development camp and we had him on yesterday just expand on comments he made to Andrew N. In Marty when he was on the his tears talking about Darlene had some really great things they're about rest installing. On the ice and off the ice from what he's seen so far. And also talked about key signals that written printed Cooley. So if you miss the interview it's available on demand audio at WG Arafat to deduct comforting also put a nice article about the story yesterday with some quotes in there and a link to the full interview. Yeah check it out if you. I have a bet a lot of dirty pumped up about Rasmus Colleen. And if you'd like to get even more excited go listen to what manner Ellison's say about a it was really inching stuff. Eagles real effective to join us 888552. For 51 of the bigger talk about this morning was. Jeremy had mentioned that you know is she's got a new goal is to break eighty in golf and they said. I got to re breaking ninety's which reverted that's that's step one that the illegal do that I think I can do that. Yes this year I live I will get back today yes and I said my goal would be there's no number I mean I don't golf cell Michael would be just too if I had to play my own shot. Just feel like at the end of the round that I was. You know looking forward to all came to do this again and I got somebody tweeted it's that your golf but my couples should be hitting wondered this is what I hear all the time you've told me this. Other golfers have told me this every year when I complain about having to do deter him. Your golf school should be hitting one or two good memorable shots around yeah I shot a 130 Bonn on eight I landed. 110 yard approach you know three feet from the pit whatever or man my drive on this hole was really great those type of shots one happened. In that would keep going back and getting better. I hear ya I understand that a lot of people told me that but sadly in this is this is on me. Rather than look at an entire around and say man I had that one shot and I had to drive that felt so good. I won't remember. All the bad shots and say I'm never going to be able to do this as opposed to the two shots in Belton man that felt great today you got ahead and stick longer I've shot from Friday that I'm still thinking about that's awesome see I don't I wouldn't approach it that way that blew the pot after a delicate job what is the shot remembered not the pot that you don't write utilized an angle serial cat but you wouldn't let's go about its delegate got to carry hamper. He and Kerry for multiple rounds of necessary right to keep you going man I feel like. That's one of my the front of the reasons why I don't golf I feel like I would be spending more time. Thinking about all the bad shots as opposed to the wondered you know pot that is anchored. Approach ever pitching which anything that went well it just would not work for me but thank you for the tweet I appreciate you know the first to express that sentiment. No well. I'm I'm just. I'm enjoying the weather we're gonna say it's wonderful. The lowered in nine days from training camp we get it Wigan in the next nine days he got to get it on your system because. And it goes full on no bills we're not at camp a lot this year. We're a big camp five conscious smile I should like that's one of the lower numbers in recent years. Well and I haven't checked destruction the schedules see if there it's a house or practicing less in the mornings or not it's a short camp. Yeah like it's two and a half weeks. It two full weeks there is is the first week they checked in and two full weeks yeah I think that's right right. Then partial and that final week in the first practices the 26 it's less than three weeks of camp so you have. Yeah the week of the thirtieth. Would you like a dorm out of August 6 and in the wake of the thirteenth is not a full exposure on on. The only two full weeks in Rochester this year now and here you know what I wonder this last year we go to Rochester for camp. And it's entirely possible we do and our training camp shows next year from Orchard Park. That is entirely apostle like I thought about that too so it's. It's fun to go to camp I am looking forward to your neighborhood in odd as as we get closer close drug it into the football mode I'm looking forward to it I can't wait to see the quarterbacks. You know Josh Allen AJ McCarron a computer mean there's there's hope there are plenty of story lines to see. And I'll give him when I got to get in before we get tree but again it's it's not that from our standpoint it's not much of a grind. Five shows is not bad only a couple sleepovers in the dorm. Always look forward to that I'll be doing the back and forth which I mean that's and not change its book on tape season for me could get back to a couple books. A couple of the sports books that have got to get to Bruce Feldman and there's another like that it could come upon from him you're good man 4 o'clock in the morning I'm just not into drive in the through a just would. We'll go one time I think there's one show. Jordan showed four of the 45 shells tour back to backs off stay overnight there. There's one show you just I'll drive in the morning we do the show we come right back we don't we don't stay overnight for the next day. But now not a fan of the 4 o'clock AM you know hour and fifteen minute drive to pits for. It is men too early in the morning it is very it is early but it's fun it's great to be out there at camp. Into a mean of the could the conversations the enemies we have to get to know some of the younger players some of the newer players. We might get a conversation maybe the answer the afternoon show about. He offense from the offensive corner or get an idea of what's gonna happen with the offensive is to get the coordinators on or or yet right of one of us or the afternoon show we'll get those guys on hand so it's only nine days away this is. It's funny how it kind of sneaks up on your football season people think ugly side view I think football equals fall. Biden training camp trinket is definitely changed over the years I can remember. Two more days not I had to go two days for the bills in the NFL. And teams went through two days can't used to be really hard. And now it seems like it's not as as hearted seems like. You go out there and you're watching and extended drills not to say it's exactly ex sabres prospects camp because it's not. There's much more in terms of seven on seven deaths and a little bit alive action but that the way to camp has evolved over the years is gone through some major changes not just the built literally I think the it's funny now you'd you'd like you look at it now you'd if someone said two days you look at them like they were nuts to it would be kidney. You know in the stage are we know about head injuries in preserving players and you know. Honestly it when you when you go to camp. Why aren't they call I mean it's just it isn't kept I think I feel like camp used to be all about whipping these guys and shape. And a grind in the tour days in the full contact practices and now it's. You know. Less time in pads wartime about teaching installing the system working on our plays. Work you know drilling guys you know the meeting rooms the film everything. Preserving bodies giving veterans maintenance days. Doing whatever you can you preserve these guys and get ready for the regular season and not beat the crap out of me in training camp so I think. It has changed over the years change for the better in this. Now I'm maybe there still people who think this is you know don't have a soft team if you don't run them into the ground and training camp. What's the point Killen did you know your planet's sixteen week season your plan hopefully playoffs after that you're playing for pre season games. You should be all about just try to preserve your guys and get him ready. For the regular season so to camp change for the better as far as I'm concerned and it is it is more about teaching teaming getting them ready for the regular season it is about. Beat them up and getting him into shape and physically challenging them for you know 34 weeks whoever when you're training camp site. What else you think about the training camp the sides the quarterbacks. Real they'll fake pill other than that she had. Him. Yeah I mean that's that's what certain that's going to be watching that even more closely than we did when it was cast old manual and Taylor rain will be it'll be. It'll be nonstop I mean Ellen can say he doesn't the only pressure maybe he doesn't maybe doesn't but he is. If he doesn't beat out one of them right they think that's going to be a thing if if if Allen doesn't beat out meat and Peter married Jim McCarron. Indian training camp not saying that's the sorry cause for concern but there will be some that are concerned that that watched this team and think how come why why hasn't. Why hasn't he beat now. I mean pardon the term like scrawled on you know like Pete Harmon is a fifth round guided the bills might still leave a McCarron was of bottom of the barrel free agent signing like he was one of last with the last guy to really sign anywhere and took some pretty low money so it's a low bar just. I aid anticipate if if Allen doesn't pass one of them you're gonna have people that are nervous about him. Expressing that they're nervous it's interesting question for you going back to the article you wrote your 321 the other day and we've we talk about the bills' offense and whoever wins the quarterback job. Not exactly going to be put into a great position OK you have a new offensive coordinator here. Not new to the job he's been an offensive coordinator in the league before it needed the job here in this particular city but. You have an offensive line that is going to be retooled. No matter what happens you're looking at at least two new starters from a year ago if not three or four. You have. All hot and receiver group that many NFL observers would tell you if it's not the worst collection of talent in the league it's certainly in the bottom five. You know you you have an offense that sure looks like it's going to be. One of the worst offenses in the league here's my question to you again of the when I just Ottawa Canada which erupt RO earlier today what do of Josh Allen. Looks don't break like Aviv on foot put to the bills. Is that a good idea to put Josh Allen in that offense as a rookie right away if we're gonna sit here and talk about. Don't know how the lines gonna look the rod receivers aren't very good what targets is gonna go through Q who knows how to be able to it was an offensive coordinator. I mean you know it just shell looks good. Collective groups of offensive players in the entire national football nothing to worry about it. And it is there's gotta be yet there's got to be in Sean McDermott head the scenario that your putting. It'll record of action is not good let alone are you putting the first round pick you traded up in the draft to get in that scenario right away. New Douglas tomorrow would you be happier Tyrod Taylor on the team with Alan. Tyrod their star and Alan and Alan is what is working the same everything's the same except instead and AJ McCarron it's Tyrod Taylor. IA I think it would've said if you ask kids to humans are proud of a sharp would've said. Nusa that we you not have to plant path has blocked would have Josh Allen is really good wins the job but the reason why say now I still would say no Jeremy but it but as I say now. The more I think about it the more I think it's just not a good idea to put Josh Allen on this office. Like it's somebody hold the spot for your let this guy just develop on this time whether it's Thai router AJ so. I would have said definitively know. A few months ago. Before the draft I would have said no it didn't matter where your trip they're gonna draft quarterback I don't need Tyrod Taylor here I want this kid come in and have a chance to win the job he's that good. I'll be honest with yet as you get closer to camp I get more nervous about the softening and I don't want all rushed out there but but I wouldn't change my answer no I would. And Pia we we talked Taylor relentlessly for years about what tonight was good enough and for me it was always. I don't need him gone I need you have tried to do better and he can stay as long as you're Knology knee should try to do better. If the bills and kept Tyrod Taylor and drafted Josh Allen. I think this season bills fans and have a little bit more to kind of buying too. There's no reason to believe in Pearman is no reason we've been McCarron and with Taylor at least there was. What a baseline you know the I need any Josh held to work and to get ready duty can. Until he's better than Tyrod Taylor and then when he's better than Tyrod Taylor he gets the job he goes and as it is now you're talking about does it you know as you better than Peter men and if yes who would we wanna put him out there. They could've kept Taylor and it would been more money I would hate him that's I think that's a big part of your you you'd be it's a very expensive one year stopgap. Really expensive yes it is we'd still be talking about Tyrod Taylor. Just kind of hanging on to this but like an interim guy until the other guys ready but. Wouldn't I mean I don't know how Tyrod would work in a room with Allen what he helped him it is always going to be awkward but Josh McCown is. Doing that right he's helping and Sam are old and Sam Bradford gonna help Josh Rosen so I've got a resenting Terrance Taylor wouldn't do that would just be a good teammate but Tyrod Taylor is thinking about himself differently than Josh McCown is thinking about himself Josh McCown is towards the end of his career tyrants thinking I should be starting okay it didn't matter where I am downloads through Joseph Flacco. By Joseph Flacco was one these ones holding the seat he wants to ensure he wants to keep his job well however one of these guys wants to keep his job and want to get paid wants to win. So unless they felt like Tyrod Taylor is going to be. A detriment to Allen's growth or whoever the young quarterback period. I just. I don't think that would have been the case by the way I don't think tyra would have drag no room down meanie and it's on the does that kind of got. Mean either I think you would have been at a team player that you would have tried to do his best to help this team win and when he had to impart the knowledge. Or point some things out to Josh Allen I absolutely believe you would have done I don't I don't think he. This is the what is is the Aaron Rodgers Brett Favre discussion right when Rodgers for showed up and Green Day. Did he say that the relationship really wasn't very good Brett Favre for pretty standoffish to him the first couple years are showing Green Day. That all of the things we would have brought up would it have been awkward I think it would have been awkward I mean Tyrod Taylor would have been getting questions about. Do you feel like you're just holding the seat warm for Josh Allen take it from you. And that's an awkward situation to put in its purest average quarterback in coming off a drought snapping season. With him in charge. But of all the things that could've brought up that I don't think would have made sense or would have been concerned about I never would have worried at all about Tyrod not helping Josh Allen or you know. Paul behind his back or refusing pointing out I think you would have been just a really good team player would have done whatever he had to do to help the bills. Overall. Let's get Q buzz in buffalo you're on W Jiaka redhead. That you weren't palace. Produced by the comet real quickly. On job and got yellen in starting him like right away I I'm looking the other last week to another shell but. Are so opposite of warnings got question marks. The camera around and out all the offense the skill positions. Is. Questionable at that okay that. Earnings because one of the things that was said about it Allen when he came out of Wyoming. Like all while eating ebony or around them he didn't have anyone knows it draft in their belt so he should be used to playing with a budget crop. In heat lead again on described in the amount last in honestly you know he's stuck. In there and Utley Michael thrown in that are. We weren't in the heat what he can do I don't pull a lot of hope I'll be you know a lot of hope. Org and I really don't but that being said he should be used to playing with a bunch of bombs. So thrown in there and let's see what's up. Well a bunch of the mountain west is older than a bunch of bombs in the National Football League and it has us going against the bunch of bombs in the national football. Our own it's completely different what can put know what it does not buzz I got I I understand your point making your you'd you don't actually think that is a reasonable. Well like he should play with the scrubs because he's used to it you don't actually think that's a reasonable line of the. I'll say that outfit that. All the Buffalo Bills are the ones that reached forum and traded up to number seven so they think that he's the magic man. Then let I'm Shelley debt or pay. Like I get but they're they're gonna do that they're there eventually gonna put a manages to him that they're not gonna put it this way they're probably not eager if he's if he's not ready. They don't wanna show you that he's not ready why why would they do that if they believe. I again like you don't believe in him and I I don't yet I don't have any reason to until I see things that he's gonna do that proved why he showed. They've got someone that they wanna protect the open it's just like giving a rookie in hockey protected minutes you know given. First line minutes right away Casey mills that's not going to be your number one line center he's gonna be my W number threw all right maybe different crazy because he's you know. He's gonna have to learn a bunch of things he's gonna have to figure it out along the way yeah I was I just don't think it makes any sense and and you said as they moved up and they believe is the magic man. They drafted him for more than that when he eighteen C I don't have a problem with them putting him in right away and I don't have a problem with the line of thinking of you learn on the job I just don't think. Big is teammates at Wisconsin or bad is an actual reasonable case to make. The I I I'm not your tell you you can't claim right away I don't think there's any tried and true. Players that sit do better players that start do better if they one of the that would say he's a starter right now. Fine yeah I'm OK with that I don't anticipate he'll do all that well because. He's supposed to be raw and he doesn't have a lot of help. The fact that the twelve pointing out this the fact that he doesn't have helped the fact that the offense is in the state that it's in is their fault. So it is really bad if there's no supporting cast and the receivers are lacking and the offensive line is gone through a state of you know him pretty. It's going through atrophy you lost 40% airline to retirement how many of those agency coming maybe neither. That the bills offense is where it is because this team relentlessly focus is on defense looked in drafting defensive players and signing defensive players. If they're free agency was. Two spots on the offensive line after they drafted Allen they went defense defense the only. Last year was defense defense defense so they've poured a ton in that defense. The fact that they don't have any support for him is not a coincidence that something that they've done they traded away their best offensive weapon and Sammy Watkins at in the receiving game. Then they don't they didn't resign Robert Woods that these repeat these are decisions they've made along the way so. I guess I understand that Allen doesn't have a lot around him but that's also by design that's what they've done yeah I don't I don't think they're they're going to. Rush him into the lineup because they moved up in the first round again that it just to me it would make any sense and I and I think. I thinks. Bonds in the mountain west is different than who he's facing in the national folk like again in it isn't so much about. Right that the narrative in him from him at with most of Wisconsin Madison Wisconsin Erin about Wyoming. Was two years ago. King you know any he had guys that when not went on to NFL training camps and lost some key players. And then last year he didn't really have much around amend their numbers were down at Wyoming. But it's still you're going up against in the National Football League as well you might look at a god doesn't matter yet bombs around about Wyoming you got bonds are out of the NFL OK but at the competition you're facing two. He's not facing I don't know who in the mountain west Utah State. He's facing NFL football teams that's a big difference from the college competition he had and that there can be different results look at two with a rookie quarterbacks last year okay. Shawn Watson. Plays in the second half of the opener after they started Tom savage and light the world on fire. Mr. Christie gets in after four games I think fifth game in Chicago he's I don't really bad offense and they really didn't do much. But sure he got his baptism he got his feet wet. Maybe they'll look at that say. It was a really good growing experience for too risky and now he's gonna have a much better when he eighteen because of that you can take either approach I don't expect. But the bills would say there's no way they say well he is our first round pick we did trade up. Let's just get him out there now and let them you know. Baptism under fire no I don't think they're gonna do that I think they would put him in what they think is a good scenario. Put in a rookie quarterback I don't think that scenario unfolds this year for the number to at least the start of the season. Numbered sectors pointing out something we did mention the Tyrod Taylor could be event here for Allen he's doing that formation yup he is there. And yeah Austria bills could've kept that the unit kept the band together. Fortify the defense and try to win games and build for Alan but instead they ditched Taylor and they are. Didn't they are dead set on not trading next year's number one. That that's like you know they can adds up to maybe it's a step back year may go we don't want Tyrod here that wanna pay what he was gonna make but. I mean I I've. We'll see how it all works out I would've done a lot of things differently aren't charged and among Turks and you know so we just. Part of what they do and see the work I honestly I don't think I think it may have been the simplest let's get a big contract off the books for Gaza not gonna be a long term. Sir I really do I I don't think they sat there and they knew they're gonna take a quarterback and thought this is going to be a problem we can't have the quarterback we're going to take. And Tyrod Taylor in the same quarterback room it's just not gonna work out I really think they thought this is a ton of money. He's not going to be here beyond when he teamed to straighten out and you know they got some return for him. 8030515. Join us 888550 to 515 let's get to another win cash coded as our national win cash contest we are giving you. Numerous chances to win a thousand dollars. Treasure German accents treasure would be the code word this time around TRE. AS UR eat we saved the trouble of looking up how to spell words. Text treasure to 72881. I yet until 10 o'clock text the word and message and moderates may apply. But he texted senior in the running to and a thousand dollars in our national win cash contest for more code words it's after the which opened Bulldog. Lots of chances to win on WGR. Okay yeah. Don't music. A British Open is this week actually tomorrow rankles you'll join us. He is also going to be broadcasting live Saturday special two hour tee to green at Niagara Falls country club site of the Porter cup. He sixtieth Porter cup will start tomorrow Wednesday through Saturday. Other Niagara Falls country club and we are joined on our AT&T hotline by Kathy Stein Cassie is the tournament director for this fabulous tournament and it is Willis here for few moments Kathy it's. Howard Jeremy good morning welcome. Why I think I haven't sixtieth Porter cup holy smokes. I mean and act I've I've. Gonna ask you that how often did lead to the folks up Niagara Falls country club. Will stand around in gold can you believe this sixty years for the quarter cup tournament. I can't believe it beyond that it's just incredible that happened I'm going like that for years that something really be out of and all the members aren't here and he got it here very very happy out. And has such a great reputation through amateur golf that I'm sure that culture I wanna get to the field in a moment but you know what Cassie what's the course like I mean. This is been an unbelievable stretch of hot. Dry weather what kind of condition is the course and. Honestly if you ask any of the players the court is never an angry shade of GAAP eat popular but at a dry out by. Actually rain here in with them last night belt. On the court happens that moisture in it and where Ripken and roared and ready to go out here is going to be on the weekend that. Is low but. What can he deal I mean it is gonna happen sometime and we'll see how that out. Okay let's talk about the field Cassie let's start with prominent returnees defending champ or some of the big the big names that are back this year. Act out our defending champ Brandon blue is back you idiot he hear it can't hurt. On what he actually displayed in the league turned help Alan out at peak and peak few weeks ago and finished tied for forty earth. And we couldn't be happier to have him back at you can be happy happy that they're defending champ but. Well many highly ranked players in the field this week it incredible I think we at that and in the 100 of the world amateur golf ranking which is a very big deal practice. Now it's something we're very I'm excited about it. Other names keep an eye out is Aaron Shea Walt copied from Australia. That should be fun and then John pop he'd. These immediate junior at Florida state university and keep that we are. You mentioned the number of players and top 100 it's it's a really good showing this year any particular reason why. I'm I think recruiting has spend that much better you know we get our name out there we are beat it out there. Legal in the tournament and on to beat players thank you pay particular internment out and we come off the course I'll I'll you know extracurricular speckled brown appeared actually monitor the meat at the extent. I think we're it's just fun loving Herman up here really other members brilliant ball which really since. I think our recruiting efforts have been that much better this year. You mentioned. What an automatic invite kids to the event on the Web.Com Web.Com tour. That is cracked yet the winner this year or a couple of late in the 2019 leak on help on and it geeky. That it spent a relationship in the works bird you know about a year now and we could be mark stated he publicly turned their such great people out there and that you know that Alltel obviously all our tournament read an ill little bet and either it beat it wanna go pro after their amateur careers and how they Errol are at an act that the plane on the web app on sort. Back at them the opportunity shell. You know everyone that they can play at the actual level and it's very negatively Condit knew that mark tournament and Emily and. I know a moment ago I asked you about returnees. What about first year Porter koppers Jeff some big names and among those that are making their first ever appearance up there. War more absolutely I'm we have here lingual on his name. Not yet remember that he was a fourteen year old that made the cut at the masters. I'm back in 2013. The heat in the field this week you actually thought more air borne out you can believe that. He played pretty well out there. And then we have Matt parred the LA actually on the diameter and see that the pending US mid amateur champion. So we're really excited to have them all in the field and in the mid amateurs always bring. You know just a little but they cure for the young guys that I'll play and it'll be fun to have him in the field and they're the only great player that can talk about all of them if you really. I don't think we have our eye on there's so many great players in February finally get back up but up. And you have an in it it sounds like you have a pretty good international flavor to the field to. We do there you have twelve countries represented and I don't have a record bought from all that year but that have to be an anorexic. I mean PR for declare her current topics on in the field that you actually get actually that it for next year and on they're coming from Singapore Q&A. Lot of Ramallah it's just it it golf at such a global game and we couldn't we couldn't be happier agree that the but he. The whole thing here. Well the weather looks good from what I saw last night I think your your good Wednesday through Saturday in terms of weather so let's. Tell people where it is what it is how to get up there and how to go see the Porter cup. So that maggert opened our starting tomorrow morning at 8 AM the first he would. Arms went into it ain't going to be an 8 AM start and then there at eight and 730. That are on price in at 730 and the battery in that are pushing back half an hour each day except for Atlantic Thursday. Come up its read the public Ali asked is. When you park to get a little donation to the point out to run our parking. Other and that that come out and watch some great all and other eight horsepower in the tomorrow. It would be happy it happened here. And you can also go chew other website Porter cup dot com. Has all the information cash just talked about start times and everything you know about Niagara Falls country club and it's a nice place to watch tournament as well. Cassie good luck endo thanks for given us some information on the field overeating goes well the next few days. You bet cash is dine as the yet turn into rector. Joining us here and as I mentioned Brian Cole's hill and the folks from tee to green will be broadcasting live Saturday. From seven to nine a special two hour show the talk British Open obviously. But they will be up at the Porter cup in the final round to determine at Niagara Falls country club again that's Peter Green show Saturday. 7 AM to nine with Brian and company here on WG. What's on the way and extensions fourth day he. Oh weather forecast she'll and we're challenged traffic on the Yates. Thought. Traffic reports like you trap you want traffic on its did you traffic Korea back into the water tower slow go on Niagara Falls boulevard transit road. 33 is got some slowdown spots in the next time it's gonna rain tonight I think sometime today. We might mean in some rain tonight and run. And according to mine have not Arquette got his chance to that position. 46% chance now that are he's there was overnight. So the morning Wednesday and I'm looking at new. There is nothing till Sunday and a lot of Thursday in new. And now look at man yelled Sunday. Sunday might do as the earliest rain yeah. Well good for the folks at the golf tournament it's nice every day in who know when that we moved to San Diego. Sunny and eighties every day it's beautiful now take it I extend a sports come at a good moment in skaters at the top of the hour. Knew we don't know what's coming up to him extend the sports you have to listen 'cause like notes. Edit anything can happen that I thought actually I did wanna bring up the story of I'll find it. The the collectible card you wish you had got a baseball card story coming up in a moment WG. Breaking sports news airs first here. GR Sports Radio why did. Don't know if logs. Medical story about a baseball card do you do you did you ever collect cards when your you know given okay definitely I've still got. The shoe boxes filled with 1970s baseball I also would have a couple boxes them softly 86 tops. 8687. That area I have the hole I had every carton made a graceful 86 because and that's when the series that year ended up buying all the cars and 86 but anyway. But some upper deck some Don Ross. Again not my wheel house is about like 86 in 93. Probably well you wish you had a pristine. 1952. Topps Mickey Mantle card. It is on display just a cyclical it's called holy Grail of baseball cards this card is on display in Denver. Opera seven into our public despite the card is worth several millions. Of dollars. And it was transported from a safe deposit vault place in a secure case that once housed a commerce and Thomas Jefferson Bible. And it's on despite so the guy bought the card he bought it from 120000 dollars back in 1996. Why is it you think fifty to give you tell me like a hole this Wagner card from 1909 is worth millions. Right it's 1909 it's in great shape and here's a guy didn't have many cards because he didn't want to pose for pictures with tobacco ads. 52 Mickey Mantle. The cards are rare because they made all these cards and then the ones that weren't sold they returned to make groups the 1953 cards. The returned fifty U cars were subsequently sunk from a barge in the Hudson River. So the 52 cards in general are more valuable because they they lost all the carts and there are three cards 52 metal cards are said to be three. In pristine condition. This guy. Don't ask me the breakdown but this guy at the one card of the three that said to be eight plots by card collecting standards. That's why it's worth he has no idea millions of dollars it's insured for twelve million bucks. And guys never had a public display in twenty years it's the first time it's been out of the bank vault in twenty years. Millions of dollars for the acumen cart guys big fan that he won't sell the car he's a big fan of Mickey Mantle. Yes self Gartman 120 paid a 120000 dollar sport it's worth he thinks. It's worth ten times that. Until north of some of vibe from him right now and he's again there's no indication it's just been sitting in a safe deposit box for twenty years he says he takes it out once a year. To look at it in and puts it right back in the box yes. You don't I would do is it would take to twelve million dollars and I would do things that I could look at you know. Houses. You can buy a flow its offshore cars trips yeah. Does what I would do a good but you can also look at a baseball card once a year once a year and he puts it back in the in the fall. There's a story in the Chicago Tribune on like Friday it was I was off on Friday yeah. No one. Monday your day went happen maybe Friday night the Chicago Tribune says madam. Thing like hey with the great debate should adults stop boring baseball caps baseball hats. Yeah right. So anyway life you don't think we should write your clothes you Wear caps all it's every single day I gotta protect my bald head anyway so not even a debate one thing I tweet it in response that was. You know one more my goal. I put a baseball hat on me and my casket because otherwise people recognize me and somebody twittered and inside I'm a funeral director is not an uncommon request. Per hat I've never seen in the casket never seen that before so open the number awhile but. Yeah I've worn a hat more days in my life and I happened and it's probably like a three to one margin not to get mortgage but I've never I've never seen like. Do people like do people get buried in like favored jerseys are yes colors and that is saying you never stop that and usually I'd. In the Evers and other than you know for a guy a suit and tie in for a woman you know up whatever fancy and I stress I've never seen anybody buried in anything other than your. Run of the mill. Quote unquote burial clothing I don't have any other way to put it. Thanks Merv. You can't outlaw caps. Not a baseball game put a cap on I mean I go to Mets game somewhere in a mine I wasn't he wasn't saying just a base just every day everywhere and elsewhere I've worn a cap to work you Wear when every day but I want it somewhere around everywhere I Wear what I wanna go in the pool I gotta again for me it's more about. It's a protecting my head in the summer thing I got no hair and a sense I have to Wear a cap or else I will be songbird a giant red bald head. Jim -- with health Brayton is you I don't know if I've ever seen without a cap on. He never wants a while me OK that I feel like every morning you walk in and you had a cap on most of the time I mean the cap on yes if you're a bad hair days to. That does you know. And when you got like a flow like is that out of control you got to where capture at least now it falls my fidelity got mad hair going up it's always the united super annoying and completely okay it whether where and of course you show your love for your favorite team. Sabres kept I've got a hockey game where the sabres cap of course forthright that's just ludicrous is an employee in the oh sure why not tell you what we're gonna get out early this a make up for all time to go out late. It's the gators are coming up we're back tomorrow morning at six enjoy the fabulous weather tiger sells a marvelous day.