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Music great revenge. Here's presented by. Yes as the as the gators where the topic of conversation today will be restricted free agents. You're free agent beating I was a restricted free agent many times. Them Contra on house. How many contracts. Entry level. Then one year deal after that means squatter camp. Had a great camp one goal games than I had. Who sent a two year. Two year you know in the two year. Ago bottom in the second year two if you make it through two year deal you get bought out you've done some. It is. Perfect is series I allied it was a great segue then we go another way you aero and listen I it didn't matter of the contractors and the next year ago at a two week deal I can remember does make in the minors I was there for one month and decided to fold ten pack it and and yeah I was getting paid for the next two years or economy the first couple years retirement easier until like. These things I've contracts that would it is actors over to. Five contracts. Army times where you USA in knows one time one well actually that's not true twice today UFA. Signed two year pictures you products UFA again this before. I am at entry level. I had a two year deal after. Then. Was gonna go to arbitration. Settled out of arbitration deal number three that it now being a two year deal then got arbitration. Went to arbitration got a one year deal. Dan that end up rolling down into qualifying offer when your deal that was the or a lockout I believe. So again that year didn't happen get assigned the next year. One year deal again. Sign another one year deal. To. The summer that I thought I was gonna get traded. Signing a three year deal with the flyers or when your ability islanders and that's that in Samsonite. You're absolutely to a two year deals with the Rangers so I think I'm at eleven. And again a sign like that total in a fifteen year career a sign eleven can't. Contract. General contractor like. Endorsement bank company I should of invested in two luggage luggage. Movie and storage similarities. To litigators. Edgar and Marty bureau relied on WGR 550 an amnesty his name is Marty bureau on 43 I'm app site Craig those earnings on Twitter. Arguably is probably available on Twitter somewhere in the dark keys at this earn on salaries at Gregory. 52 shows that these years. Allies went home signed his. So assigned a new contract using graphic we talked boats and Reiner sabres assign a few guys but I want to ask you this before and he's skipping the alumni meeting this morning. I'll. As I open we needed at that and did he get into wider Cuba's eleven I mean as when he and you are restricted from future alumni hand me. So this story goes is that. For the last. Through three weeks we're trying to send out me sabres alumni board meeting because I guess I'm not just for us absolutely free you'd like so counts so they're like hey can we make it on the fourteenth on the sixteenth on the seventeenth. We gotta do it really early in the days so that Mardy and PD can make it back toward the end see gators. I actually thought it would be really funny I went on and art group text message and basically said they can we do it assault them so it's easier for us why don't we have to go all the witness one giant. I am just leg rub it in a little bit. So it's a last night Jake about Bay's vol I had to take the car into the shop for some service so. The appointment this morning I did it last night overnight. Key dropped there are so that it's all done. In all I got home. Did not catch the bachelorette by the way does it as I am so disappointed about playoff baseball last night so when we got home it was the home run derby and the vast that was already over so. Night we're not gonna entirely question apparently I mean side nor apparently Jason and the guy from buffalo on someone's sixty was quoted the best kisser. Apparently apparently has so we've we've asked that question I cannot wait to talk to you can't call him until he's done so anyway so. So I would Tibet after watching a couple of movies that were on last night by the way which one we're gonna talk about later so. Went to bed and now. You know just. Knew we had does this morning knew we had the board meeting you was at 730. I even told yesterday I meet bird down to give board meeting with the U reported yeah I was looking forward to the right back and so this. Morning at 8 o'clock comes around. Along to look at it there's an Andrew Peters tax was. At 730. I'm my call mode now against the board meeting this morning like what a bad feeling I was I was actually grumpy at home. For bird at you gotta party the first 3040 minutes after I began running or guilty guilty after guilty because it would suck so anyway. What apologized robbery. The origin. For my a plain old stupidity and in missing the board meeting we don't accept your apology and I'll say this exciting I thought he doughnuts and bagels next time no Chris. Bob Travis or to have all that stuff for us yet so you're basically way behind the eight ball my front. 100 scholarships over 100 scholarships the sabres alumni. Have I given out to kids that. Give there. Applications force for the use sabres won a scholarship around eight K per year goes out they've given over 800000 dollars in scholarships and on believe why it is. Today need done that we had to go through it's hard to that is why I hate missing the the meeting because seeing those applications. And going through the applications. And seeing what a wonderful. Young. I men men and women we have. In this community that applied for the sabres a lot of nice scholarships is just say it's one of the best day. You get to reed army get these no these these individuals. And then decide. Moody as scholarships are going to be going to go out. Very good candidates this year getting some well deserved money from the sabres alumni that was started by. Fred Stansfield. Brian Spencer after passed away. They wanted to help votes you know his kids and in with education stuff. So it's taken on some lights from there and here we are that many years later and you know lots of guys showing up to do that those who get except minus Marty but your your heart was in the right place no question but good luck on on its tough being famous haven't run earners. I mean someone your someone as famous and should have personal assistant like an Erik Murphy someone that worked at there was no me garlic knots. Years. And he turtle to drag me around you need called bear Droid by the PX yeah I was into the animal over here. All right guys don't know that but Derek Roy use their right person says it was actually kind of brilliant our soul. Back to hockey all eyes is all hockey related Hayward investigators were talking RF phase here today. Restrictive trees I want to ask you some how nerve wracking was it. My contracts I was always thinking about my deals you know not necessarily the dollar amount because I knew my range I was a league minimum guy. But it wasn't us it was are you gonna get a deal how long you get a deal. And you know all those things that were factored in as I was a guy that was cot worthy on a daily basis were treated to wait for a bag parts of one about the roster. But a guy like you. What we're what we're negotiations like really nerve racking well here's the problem. It depends on the situation if I had a good year. And add. Until I had arbitration rights armed they were nerve racking because they really and it was a totally different. Generation of contracts and and to weed the the dollars were awarded. Restricted free agents were not getting the big dollars it was the US phase at thirty we're getting to big money. But I remember after my first year with the Buffalo Sabres which was the third year of my entry level deal which I needed to resign. I had just played. What 3840. Games with the Buffalo Sabres Dominic NASA was or here. I think I was 21 wins seventeen losses or some like got I had a really good record. Kept the sabres afloat for most the season until dom came back and then we made the playoffs. So I was looking for a new deal and Ivan played all these games I thought well I'm gonna get a nice little contract the here and it's gonna look good. Until. John Sebastian all day do you members Johnson national bank he was a goaltender with the Pittsburgh Penguins he was the same age I was. And and that the year 19092000. He played fifty some games with the Pittsburgh Penguins because Tom Russell got hurt. So. Obeying came in and played. He sign a contract and I'm looking forward Taj gives the OP EN. A UBI's. About desire you were off so he ends up signing. A two year deal I think that was for late. 50700. Some light. Debt should have been a lot I guide at least fifty games in the National Hockey League should be making a gut that time should have been making a million dollar loss. As a goaltender especially young prospect that played well. Sold now I'm ten man looking at this and Alan Swinton because he played more games that I did. He had more wins an idea and he signed for very very. Minimum money. Just wanting to stay on the team which did not fare well for my contract so I can and dug up point yes I was sweating and so if you're a player in your city and home and you're waiting for our contract. And the guys that are your compare apples are signing good contracts you're feeling good you're like eight that's like a bearable mine and you know might dollar numbers just went up but if they are coming down and are signing that contract. Now all of a sudden you feel like you can squeeze that is not a good feeling. All right so let's talk about some other restricted free agents and I appreciate tell me all that because those are the emotions that go into I'm wondering. You know Sam Wright hurts going to get a contract and always gonna get paid millions of dollars regardless next season. My question is how's he feeling his her uncertainty because. Maybe there's a short term deal that's being requested and he might wanna long term deal. Where we are on this and where does allies when homes contract compare for you in regard to San Reiner. While the difference at all Iceland home number one is that is not a second contract so he did avid bridge deal. At two point 72 point seven. Before signing this when he nine point one million dollar contract for six years. Deal with the Calgary Flames which I ate first of all think it's high. For our lives than home to sign at four point 85 million dollars a year for six years. Is pretty high this and his contract his numbers. He's never scored twenty goals he scored seventeen goals and 1415. 1111. And sixteen. I mean that is not. They blown you out of the water so in five NHL season he's had 917. 1111. And sixteen goals so samurai and art is by far. Above and shoulders better today I think in our lives than home. Plays in more different. I situations. You know. Our seed hidden and play well on the par play. Kelly killing I think that Carolina traded alliance than normal way. Because they realize what he was asking was weak too much. And nearly put a game this guy almost five million dollar when he's never even scored twenty goals in the national Italy and now some credit card. He's had 25 goals he's at fifty points he's did the production on a year where we all felt. He waited until. Second half to really turn and if you have if you had a half decent first half he might have had sixty points. At the very least sixty points probably thirty goals and sold now sixty points in thirty goals is what. It's six and a half seven million dollars. Rate on a and probably her first and here's a nothing's pro rated because he played a holy to so that's fifty now it's time to write a little Levi got the same time you're looking at a lie is Lynn Holmes signing four point 85 million. Remember when we don't know size four. 185 for six years right so all and then you had. He probably gave up some money in the US Fey did not give up some years of view I think basically. Es he's given up four years are you FA because he had already signed. 82 year bridge deal so we had two years left before becoming a US Fay. Well I don't know who the could compare bulls are comparable are for error. Sam Reinhart and looking at the man the kid out of Detroit signed two years for 3.3 per year we talk I mean we've talked about this at length. Sabre signing some other guys to two. While other console we go to other coffee going on Sansa view got more so. Here's a situation. Of the sabres. And I'm set on a number and it term person that you have to me. Cup your mind on one or two things right now. Are you wanting to sign Sam to a short term contract. Or our long term kind of just lock him up right and that is where the first hurdle is. Are you gonna sign samurai are too short term contract or long term contract because if you're looking at short term. You can't even look at a liar slim homes contract because that's a six year deal. It is not a compare a bowl if you look in to signs him to a bridge contracts or if you look at this thing sent to bridge you're looking in that. Max told me. Anthony man. Those kind of contracts that are being signed and they're being signed in at three. Million dollar range on a two year deal but the players are hoping that after signing. Dad bridge contract the hated being that some Reynard is may be looking at it and I'm gonna sign in that three million dollar range. For two years but again the next time around I'll sign a six or seven year contract. At six or seven million dollars and you'll make way more. If you put the two contacts together that if I hate. Goal and sign a long term deal right now but if Jason about thrill and samurai and arts agents are looking at saying okay we want them here for long term. The nets try to find a six year seven year deal for some. Right on and watch all the right cards goals all of them are being played right now on TV these. I swear they're all. On the trees. There brawl on or off around the trees while I mean it I would see you sorry finish what you say but I just titles are being scored Iran no rallies schools around all were all around. The from the net samurai and art are all run from the net. There's only a few players that can release gore from the perimeter and from different angles Jack Michael was one of them but. So empty survival and Sam right art. Agent. Are really more leaning towards a long term deal. Now it becomes. How long is too long. Foursome right art because really he has four years before becoming an unrestricted free agent you're trying Dubai. As a mini USB years as you can if you give them a five year deal it doesn't make sense here by in one year UF. If you give him a six year deal is better you're buying two years of UFA. Dead. The biggest Wear habits that you ever. What happens if you give them a two year deal I'll then after that he can sign him through six and you by four years of US. That's what you're trying to do you're trying to get in a situation where is that the best case scenario. The only problem what given them a two year deal is if Sam. Completely. Explodes into productions course thirty 'cause they have Morgan Pena but your but the problem is you're thinking Saddam. Will be signing and before that 20/20 22 when he went season okay. And at the end of that season. You're going to be signing arrest ms. Dowling through new contract at the same time as some right argue will be signing TC mills sent to a new contract. So you have to factor in all of these under contracts that are gonna come into play play that will be paid a lot of money if you can predict that rate now. And so. Are you gonna be able to fit in junk I collect and a half million samurai and art at seven. Million dollars if everything goes well. Casey middle stat at 678. Million dollar of things goes well Rasmus valley that the same thing. Now you're talking four players. And those four players will make roughly 35 million dollars if things all go well. I mean that's a lot of money to pay for guys we're not even talking wrist alignment we're not even talking Linas all mark we're not even talking. Any of the other place stadium here you won earlier due enemy you're your your spinning me in this in this in a circle here where I I am. I'm thinking for a second man I want him on a two year nice cap hit to see what you really can do but now I'm thinking you're scaring me. Because I think we're all we all know what Sam is capable of doing. When playing with two players at the and that exemption get you fifty points a year for the next seven years. Would you be willing to pay him five million dollar a year. When he finals when he five assists. Every year for the next seven years. Drama. Mean you're stupid to say no absolutely and I didn't you know. Tennessee's two but it achieve by some Nazis to. You would be an itinerant casino. You'd be sued stupid does it mean much because you yeah you gotta you stupid when it isn't over five years from now five million. Is gonna be and very small percentage of what the cap will be. As the cap this year's eighty million or 792. Or something right next borrowers and it file next year may be 83 the year after that 86 and four year to cap is. 88 million dollars. Pending. They work stop while you're gonna have an expansion team looked at me we get rid of. Salary cap HR projections and all that stuff. You know but. I Marty the number arm wrapped up on his eight years five million per and that I don't even. In this particular case. I don't know what concerns me about that because you know I think I think Sam's first half the season last year concerns me but. And I am I don't know that I amnesty that's abnormal because Sam is still so new to league but he's been he's been so consistent. Over the three years and he's friendly he's been so consistent little bit of a drop off in his second year yeah our goal production wise. But every year he's gotten better point wise so told us hurdle. After is root entry level deal. He sign a bridge contract two years six million dollars or 3000003 million. And now he just signed a four year at five point 625 men about. Tom usher at all. Highest point total is 46 points is I as gold total is 22 goals soul. Is some right art a better player than Thomas Earl. Yes. Is he while the last hurdle also is 24 years old. It's time it's not much difference and I point to all of the year honors 3 November okay whatever those numbers again. Last season don't pick on her look at Heatley you up now 22 goals 24 assists 46 points. You know it wears you play what lies third line now he's a sex line line I think. In how many points forties. Again. Seven. The year before that there they're pretty similar in order to me her name on considered faster than San Reiner. Hurdle is a more dynamic player I would see forum so old lady took that three million dollar bridge deal 33 and and signed for five point six. A four year deal. And I mean San Jose were able to get through years of his USB. Status to to be able to make that case obviously the bridge still number would be higher but I feel like that would be I would be a contract that I would be. In showings and a pharmacy in our watchful rate or block social easy to. Would let me ask you this morning and forget what we want to forget bridge we want it we think is going to be perfect. Like I kind of went Sam and his agent want to know forget about that knowing what Jason boxer knows about salary cap in managing these players like. Malkin Crosby tornquist flurry. The defenseman Angela tang and other players but you know in other guys making. Castle so knowing how to what's he thinking like you know he's got to be thinking about the same things we are. You know because inane to me if in two years Sam is getting sixty points next year seventy connects your 65 next year now I've managed a bit of a different situation. So there is always a way. Chicago Blackhawks have shown that okay the Toronto Maple Leafs are shortened the New York Rangers have shown that a little bit. There is always a way to move money around to make it work the only difference between the buffalo sabers and saying to yourself. I gotta be samurai and art I am paying Jack I call I got to NAFTA picky signals that address is now Lehman probably Bristol and but doesn't the president on thirty Amazon economy hidden message from the city roses to where they. Feel he is in regard to the core of the team may be good. The difference between the Chicago block docs ending the union cap jail because of the air contract in the Buffalo Sabres. Where we think the median a bit of a pinch in a couple years 23 years from now with a few of the guys coming in on their second contracts and more. Is that Chicago was winning. And still beacons worn path back to say hey we're going for it. We're trying to win cops and after we win the Stanley Cup. Will sit down and see what we have to do do we have to trade Chris burst the do we have to trade Dustin bull dusted off and we have to trade. Let's not fallen let's not forget this neighbors are not that position so. I wish it were because then I would say so Sam threw seven years. Five and a half million dollar project the winner ever doubt that cost certainty to be able to know where you're going in the next few years. But this team hasn't done anything so it's hard to put all your eggs in the same presidency so I'm right arc is definitely a winner. Because. It doesn't work. So that is they hit copier Jason bottles got to put himself in the position to say. Eight if in three hours from now we're still in the same position that we've been in the last two years where we have a good roster of players we have a superstar Jack eichel. We have. You know solid players here and there but we're not Macon collapse and we're not winning I got to cut bait. Yeah our soul with without brings mob. Flood easier to cut bait when a guy is. And RF what other teams are gonna question whether our big guys is having success because he's getting. Top minutes of ice time went on to let you hear the same the same argument can be made for Tyler rats. Yeah but it's a lot easier for Carolina to trade lights went home. With an RFE status. To Calgary and in Calgary signing allies went on to long term contract. Then trading alliance than home in year three of his seven year deal worth five and a half million dollars. Because now they're like Saudi lies and home is only scored sixteen goals last year's vacant five and a half. I don't know that we want that we which we wish it was a clean slate and we could sign him Toro is own. New deal when you look at. You look at Tyler NS and I look at a guy that had very similar numbers to prove Sam Reinhart when he came in the league. And I'm not comparing the two players say Sam's a very intelligent player much different type of player that tolerance all I'm saying is they both had success on bad teams. They sign NS two alarm turned deal. He's just not the player that I think they thought they weren't very they thought he may be reason for. There's lots of reasons for that means or one okay injuries are one goes to another team he's not that Clara looked. But that's but that's just the way it goes in the game hockey there's so much uncertainty I. I have to imagine that if if I've seen their listening to in the in the room of box and I can be totally wrong I would imagine being the perfect situation for him would have won a two year deal. Yeah a lot of people on Twitter right now are Jess and now fairness in four years at four point 25 million. You can't do a four year deal with Cameron art because at the end of the contract. He would become a unrestricted free agent in four years samurai art is becoming a USB. That is possibly the worst case scenario because you were not. Unless. On the last you're a 100% sure that's I'm right aren't we want to remain with the Buffalo Sabres what you're given them the option to walk after four years. I think that is the worst case scenario if you want them to remain with the team on the long term soul I would stay away from the four year deals. Stephen says just paid a man forty million over eight years. They'll do to bridge five million a year eight years I think a lot of people there in buffalo would be very happy with that. Would a player that will produce fifty plus points every year for the next 78 years. Do I think samurai and aren't we saying that they'll do I think is agent with thank god is agent is looking at numbers and he said Nokia sap. If we can get you 3.5. A year. For bridge deal. So that's seven million dollars and an on those six year deal on the next contract we get you. Six and a half million okay so that's 39 million dollar put them together. You've just made 45 million dollars over eight years that's more than forty. Yeah yeah now okay. That's only half million dollars a year or some like that I five and 550. Grand a year. To leave on the table while that is that they guarantee that's like savers and okay law will give you five and a half. Million a year for eight years just because. We one of please you right but if Sam has two really good year. And scores thirty in 33 goals he's making seven million over six years and now it's 42 applause the sixty already paid either seven you pay them. It's 49. Overeat the year I honestly feel like we're playing 99 bottles of beer on the wall and I don't know what number we just finished. You know. Joey says eight years at five point eight I think Sam would agree to it. Absolutely would agree to it bunny ears or what five point eight the only pain in the almost BM six million dollars a year. That's too much. I. Man I can't fathom that kind of money firms. Half a great season and contract this. This is what how did you always this guy is brilliant idea for me out of ram is a slow Winger this is where will go this is where will leave this. Before we go to break we're gonna come back and talk about the other RF phase of the sabres assign Marty has a great thought on. What this means for all of them. But win in regard to Sam Reinhart when Jason bought shall last year so we're not going to talk to Sam we're gonna let him play out the year. It's almost like. Both its. Storms happen yet the perfect one in the worst when he had. You had did a great second half of the season that makes a great case former long term GO NS get a start that major think like I might only give this guy one year deal. To see what he can do. Next year. And here we are and an eye in what I think is a predicament because you've got to be sitting there scratching your head wondering. Which Sam Reinhardt are you going to get. Hewitt two seasons this year. Yep but over 82 games if he gets you 5560. Points regardless of if he's on a morning game pays. For Ford the last 41 minus this minus 35 minus 43. Do anything for you over three years. When is Jack. I explain this I mean there are no better team. You are and it terrible team your idea of goal that he had Robin Lehner. In nad you're hoping that's gonna change it missile mark and Chad Johnson not Ted Johnson Carter Hutton you're hoping that. You have a depth on defense finally got you may be healthy that makes a big difference I'm not gonna hold the plus minus against. Erik Karlsson was minus thirty summit second year in a national arguably. You know makes no difference right now. Ari makes no difference you perjury here Mardi Gras plus minus does not matter OK when we come back and others are now. It's funny I changed the wording that OK while we come back the other quote me on a contact quoting Marty Mitterrand plus minus doesn't matter. Well we come back and other RF based we got to get into our district that we have buy sell trade all coming up here on the show. Our phase next I think we gotta gotta prove this or that maybe it yet few are faced what it means for the other RF based Marty's gonna tell us. Re here is to gators WGR 558 MSG. Welcome back. As I mentioned RF phase are the topic of today's conversation right here Marty bureau on in to join the retired Craig remake. Are we are phase where retired free agents we we are retired. Freeze that would. I mean I define nevermind. On Marty. Don't you real rate now desire in my mind is going and direction we don't need did you real since 8 this morning apparently you have been he rails has its morning costs we're gonna bypass district average dissect as the sabres have we were talking a Sam Reinhart in his contract a lot of people engaging on Twitter. You wanna get in touch with us he's Marty bureau on 43 IMAP aside Craig. And the show is at these gators. But to some other RF phase out of assigned you have Baptiste Bailey or Regan and I'm leaving somebody outs. He's CG Smith thank you very much. They were the last RFE is so at least Cameron art as the only unsigned. Sabres so what does this mean for all these guys on these contracts because I have to imagine lead there's not room for all of them. No there is not room for all of bomb and really. The way I look at it is CJ Smit. It's a one year deal he had a really good season last year was its first year. Wit the Rochester Americans so he comes in obviously. It's you know he was at a college guy irate so. What was he rookie of the year in Rochester I believe he was I believe it was it was an all star and all that so. Yet you look at CJ spit because he was CC. A college guy that came along so he only played one year. With the Rochester Americans and and that sign a new contract. And had a really good years of this neighbors basically are given them a two way deal one year deal. And basically sand hate you'll be in Rochester. Probably to start the season but you're our first guy being called up in all because I think he earned it and I think he's in that position. When it comes to Bailey and that peace is very different because those guys have had three years now. With Rochester they've had three users to show the Buffalo Sabres where deacon do and where there are. Production can be and their progression can be. So signing a one year deal for those those two. Instead of the last kick of the can here. And and I don't mean that. It in Neil just pouring in on the alien that the but a lot of guys when they are signing their second contract and they are on their. The cost of making it to the National Hockey League. Will cited two year deal the first year will be a two way deal and a second year is a one way so you're basically thin that guy looked. We don't know where your finger in our plans in year one of your second contract. We think that at some point the ring this season you will be called up and you will earn your spot with the Buffalo Sabres but in year two. You're a full time NHL player and you have your one year deal and I think that's what a lot of the the second contracts for the players that played two or three years in the American League look like. They did not get done they're basically betting on himself. End this season that. They will either. Be called up at some point. And that will learn be. Hopefully a one week deal after this year but there's really no guaranteed there is no commitment. Made from the sabres two words that. So I think that there were those are basically efforts in this particular case Laker in these cases they don't. How much leverage I mean for. Salary growth horror you know they're not gonna get a one way deal none or one dollar and it did leverage this and after it usually first year. American League second year American League third year your up and down. OK if your progression is the right way you're up and down you're getting called up and at the end of that year you sign may be a two year the anterior expansion. And like I said your first year that year extension is a two way deal so you may be. Up and down a little bit but your second year of an extension is a one way you are. Under these are you are bought and in these these two guys are now. Have to be put on waivers billion that these to be back to Rochester. Have to be put on waivers. You know usually if you give a guy a one way deal. Put them on waivers. Did did that type of player that billion that these are. The don't get picked up on a one week deal. You know is willing to which one of these guys who have between. Bats he's barely CJ Smith. Who who's on the squad first. What type of player do you need what role. Oscar question. While I guess they're all different position. I don't think it matters I'll be honest it's I think that. CG Smith is probably did that the first guy. On the on the depth chart that says hey there's a call up you know I know I'm not even including Alex new land there and that picture in. I think need lender may be be potential for opening the lineup they think are well formed. Not a bad. And we say this every year but every year it's in different positions but this year I feel like more than blaster because of the new pieces that are coming in with some Boca. Berg land sharing those are three forwards are said Thompson there's another one I feel like him forgetting somebody else. But you know star Wilson's back but there's a real competition here there's not multiple spots available for one of these guys. No in that there's not multiple spots. And I with fingers may be one. One spot maybe two at the very most. And there's like 56 guys fighting for. So yes so that is the reason why. These contracts given to these are FAA's wed zero leverage investors to weed is you come out of your entry level deal. Unless you've played the National Hockey League and have put blew it big now. Burst kids Orleans ray camp one of these guys you one of these young players bombed eight Gergen sins Horry Larson out of out of a spot. Maybe even Rodriguez probably not you rod but the other two guys. The only problem is if you look at. Zambia's Jurgenson. Of one point six million dollars so he's gonna cost you. Almost 550000. Dollar against your cap even if he's in the minors. Larson at one point 475 will cost you about 325000. Sakes 500 and something thousand against the cap and you bring up one of these guys that just signed a deal and say a I'll pick insert parish here at 874000. You're still under load your under what openings Angus under what you would be pins and you but you're still paying that guy you just not have them. On your. And factoring as much on your salary cap. Now. Could as CG is Matt and me make that he's NA. Justin Bailey coming in and take the place of a Larsen and an occurrence and yes. The court do I think that happens in training camp and at the start the season no I think that falsely Jason about Phil will give. Larson endurance and the chance. To show what they can do. Especially ought to start this season given maybe 101520. Games to reevaluate where Dara. As an appearance and is working with Matt Ellis this summer here in buffalo he's been on the ice for a month already. He stake ministers. And I think dad the last couple of seasons. I've been a reality check present guess and where he's been and what he needs to do to be. A full time NHL player now. And so. If Jason Bob Roland JN and the last we see that. They may want to give. The runner a chance in a wanna give them guess that you. I also think taste Thompson plays a huge role for guys like that tees have been because he can't go up and down without waivers and I know all the odds are he's like the yankees' option can hand yes you can't. So that's another thing I mean if you risk losing big rally Baptiste barely off waivers to I don't know if you would win but you can always move a guy like teas tops and up and down. If you don't know that he's ready all I've ever heard all this kid tops and though is that he's unreal. That's that's all I've ever heard. Com I've talked some people have read the and TP Wear them. It beat guys like beat the real deal in the buffalo is going to be very happy with H Thompson a few years. Is the word that I've received so. Again he's very raw I mean these 65. Through ten. Is that what it did you are saying and hill in a couple is twenty years old Raikkonen a couple years released when he to a 23 years old he may be 65 to 25. To a thirty umi fill out immediate thicker. Younger man and woody is right now and that's going to be perfect. What can he do any eyes they'll they'll be the difference I think that these Dobson coming in from a different organization. As a better chance to be. On the roster to start the season because the sabres will give them a little bit of a longer time. To get the evaluation period they know what they got out of Italy gave no idea about about these. The note to a certain extent what they have Odyssey T snapped but they may want to see what he can do it the next level because they haven't seen CG Smit really. And a regular basis at the next level at the NHL level at that speed played really well in Rochester but what you need to let this beat so I think that. Those guys have got probably done a leg up on Dalian that these to start the season. Look our razor he wears number 32 I think 32 should be in the rafters here buffalo for. Obvious reasons but taste off the CB gets number 32 this guy John Scott another one. And skaters in Marty when we come back wanna tell everybody your argument we do and this and that and well overdue and that her summertime six pack. Wasn't so it's isolated because this expect his a longer conversation like totally with a six packs out we will have 86 back as summer six back. The top ranked or best uncles. Inspired by it while it's inspired last night I'm sitting on the couch and I'm flipping between and it will also have a this or that about this but. Good Will Hunting was on. And Napoleon Dynamite was on I was going back and forth between the two channel and obviously uncle Rico inspired this very. Great edition of summer six back famous uncle what year was here in the state championships 1982. Was dates of I don't know but the dead dead. The legality to factory to grow to promote and people know are generally getting high machine that napoleon's sits on. It says going back to 1982. Of what he grabs the state off his plea and throws it. Other Internet. Anyway are great will be right back is the gators we are going to be doing disks or daddy segment presented by mark and beer run so. Stick around for that. Welcome back to do this or that. Sponsored by the investigators. It is this time. Where we take a break from. Hockey. You'll have a hard question or not but really. Is just right now fund which Andrew Peters has personality here and try to break it down. So I gotta find my page report to that right all these OK god what a hockey one to start a cage just to out. Just throw it out there bettered the alliance than home or adamant. Better. It's Aaron Henry. I agree that I'll. That's all we need to do about. How this season. More likely to get as long term deal Tom Wilson or William Carlson. Define long term deal six plus years. Well. If I were general manager in either situation I would not sign William Carlson to a long term deals simply because. I don't know what he has. Unity and awaited last year but okay and yet 22%. Shooting yes and Robert brown and under points planet Mars. Our Tom Wilson I would say yeah exactly. Browning had the odd Tom Wilson will get a long term because I think he's just more his consistency is style of play it doesn't change. That doesn't Austin's body mean breakdown bill old colleagues real way. From the replays the game and suspensions or get over the next three years. You mean. You may not have the same player in three years when when he's done would have been if he's getting suspended is because he's giving it some murders so they don't hurt him. Okay that was all sitcom wells if you disagree with me you Carlson. And the biggest is gave Marc-Andre Fleury at three or extension when one million dollar and we are on that. I would have done that exactly on fighting India are gonna give willing Carson a long term deal amid tight some Vegas you know the GM look like go legend last year are your target you give Carlson long term deal and you of that deal flurry. Mean any give you what he's giving me any of them are allowed him when he history ever to bring the award back in giving back the next awards ceremony given his or give it back writes if you would in fact I don't want it. Back okay. The baseball MLB all star game. Is on tonight and last night with a home run derby. In forty senator Graham ball before he'll run derby but it's being broadcast after home run derby is the celebrity softball game. And I learned. About bill my last night the science you know Bill Nye the Science Guy. Anna whom science guy yeah I I did not know about it all over the last science sunset there with Jacob and he's filming I'll. Doppler bill Nye is so I'm gonna ask you this this sort that. Bill Nye the Science Guy or mr. Roger's. Most popular. Kind. He he. Educational. Person. Yeah now. Mister Rogers creep me out a little bit I'm gonna go Bill Nye the Science Guy. Mr. Rogers was was very fair never places where he always at the same shoes. You know what I am gonna go bill Knight just because he had a single in the celebrity. Softball game. He had the ball in the physics were bill Nye the science Chinese understand assign you gotta eat more. He's skinny is a little bit skinny. I'll okayed this what is inspired by Jacob back in the backroom hair my kid decided to throw in that this or dad Jimmy edition. That's Jimmy Jimmy Kimmel or Jimmy Fallon. Neither all combined got to pick one. Jimmy from Steinfeld. Now not Jimmy I don't I got a Jerry talks about him solidly Jimmy Kimmel I'm so over Jimmy found what are you over Jimmy Fallon because you know it's like. The seemed giggle that he did in the cal bell routine I mean he's the same he's seen every day. I think I like Jimmy felonies he's a big fan of hockey loves going arrangements and I mean I love these big fan of hockey to Jimmy Campbell is a dry you know Larry Campbell. Because he he blew off Johnny Drama and there was a whole makes up there and Johnny Drama came on the Jimmy Kimmel show. And they made it all about it I was on tour. Campbell always finishes this so bison sorry Matt Damon we ran out of time. Which leads me through the last this or that for this morning. I was watching and Good Will Hunting last night a little bit fantastic movie. And about a week ago. Khaled postal we did. And I don't know if we have between parade here but apart eventually said. That this speech Robin williams' speech on the park bench and Good Will Hunting is. All. Absolutely all time enjoyed a weekend so why he responded to Kyl by CN that's a great speech for mean. But they have Matt Damon why Haitian night work pretty NSA. Is my favorite beach of that movie so this or that. Which speech do you like better that Robin Williams. Schooling the boy on the bench spark. Park bench or mad demon schooling the guy had the NSA basically telling them what they're doing is. That's bad for his buddy. Robin Williams. I love that movie and I love Robin Williams and there's more than just a movie there there's so many life as a ABBA ABBA this one. ID like them apples. That some of the greatest lines I mean that's what I love about this. Movies. The guys who wrote it okay and the originality. The did that to south Beach Boys making fun of the Harvard guys. The next American becoming ever hear rigors educating would. Can say. As he goes in the sick in the area going to be saying death within thirty years you realize you're obese and Essen. I've been out like when he goes for the job interview. Dick is right pace three. I read that to be in a command hammering in your own thoughts are. It's it's a great movie. Really set the stage but speech lies Robin Williams in that movie is just. We go for coffee army reserve went kind of house. That's is arbitrary history coffee you are so good with. This is such a phenomenal movie but in Iraq it is funny because I post is a huge movie guy is they use Jerry potter. Loves Harry Potter. I've seen him probably a hundred times each read the books over and over again but when I saw that we eat. I'd. Then right away went to the TV I'd just missed the end of the movie you saw last night it was on. And as I said we're gonna have a summer six back later I was also inspired by a movie that was on while goodwill hunting with. Chuck I think I had a double burg. Guys the client back to mare's customers if they count I never meat from Jeremy price of getting guidance. Some Good Will Hunting other watching magnet rather watch your Little League Baseball game and an eagle flight that guy yeah you know wait you might come I never mean it's well from from. Grade school whatever it was all right we gotta get out here when we come back we have our. Her. Update remorse savers talk and as I am we're gonna do our summer six pack which revolves round uncles. Most famous uncles. Started by. Don't forget savers by the sweater number savor by this at another great Houdini. Coming through again this great Houdini is. Got it every day probably one of the most loyal listeners are right we gotta get out here when we come back it's gators WGR 550 MSG with Marty and hander.