07-17 Landry Locker of Sports Radio 610 AM in Houston with Howard and Jeremy on the Texans

Howard and Jeremy
Tuesday, July 17th

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On Larry AT&T hotline as we talk about previews were going through a training camp previews with all the bill's opponent Houston's next up. On the schedule we're joined by Landry locker from Sports Radio 610. In Houston Landry it's Howard Jeremy good morning welcome to the shelf. Good morning Garrett I get there aren't doing well appreciate come and all of us today you know the Shawn Watson was an amazing story last year Landry obviously with the with a short but impressive body work first off how's the rehab coming. Is he ready for camp in and and everything going in the right direction with them. Yeah the rehab dorm well he wasn't or break and or created many have certainly gonna be a Boca he's going to be each. He's he's had a an eight year old herbal or so I don't that makes you a better word but it was the other leg but. He he's ready he's he's not toward a break from the Jimmy it's gonna come ma wants contact happens but. The worst thing about this aren't getting hurt last year is that he didn't go through the inevitable struggle that comes with all down quarterback. So I expect that become this year I mean obvious who last year a record setting eight years there. But I think that the most unfortunate saying with its arm injury and he's going to be. In evidently got a com and I I expect him to calm me. Yeah it's funny I was I was running the mindset at Houston fans because. You throw out the Cincinnati game and after that his numbers are eye popping I mean they're averaging 3540 points a game. He's got nineteen touchdown passes in seven games he's a dual threat obviously. And I'm wondering if you know are Texans fans say figuring he'll pick up where he left off. Or is there any trepidation like okay teams are gonna find out about him now they've got some film it's going to be a little bit different is there a concern that maybe you know. We shouldn't shoot too high for what to expect from him in year two. Laura you know how parents are there and think he's gonna break all are correct. So you 8888 you can pick up where left I think there is some middle ground in I you know. Coaches are gonna get a chance to look at the gonna get a chance look at the tape but on the other side I think well. Optimistically bill O'Brien gonna get to work with the moral while a little bit more because. Heading in the last yet it was negating the majority of the rat that was palms that it only Latin. It's the stuff. While the senses and get more looks sitting and imminent bill O'Brien got a little bit more time together but he's gonna come down to earth but it while he's on the field. I think he actually let you let it easier than it did lack just because it be doubly dramatic entry detectives and I just put it up. In their own and they are week seventeen. There are game let the bad one to three guys and and reserves. So you know yeah that injuries are part of the game but when you have when he three guys and and injured reserve. You know he's got he's just got to wipe away the point seventeen seed and a report. So again in the limited sample size Landry why was the Shawn Watson so good right away. Look at bill O'Brien surprised everybody. Bill O'Brien it's your stop and somewhat that was on the concern that a lot of people when you had that. You know bill O'Brien. The quarterback here it is is he gonna try to make the outlawed in play in the New England offense that. O'Brien ran there and they tried to run with the likes of Ryan mallet Brian Hoyer Brock ops gullible or you cannot just sit him. And O'Brien actually did it in your job of adjusting to be somewhat still. And each dog eat dog on the I think the topic go look a lot like a college offense this year I think I think it's going to be even more. Lick you to more Gergen they're gonna spread ready now we're gonna play a lot faster by. The key to watch and to set number one his talent and number Q O'Brien's ability to adjust it's guilt. We are with the lender locker talking about the Houston Texans OK you mentioned injuries we talked about Shawn Watson the other big injury which JJ watt. I'd say you know can he stay healthy this year but who's got a crystal ball but how is she coming along and how problematic had his injuries been the last couple years. There hasn't been bad in the upper of that brigade because flustered him we're out exact same thing going to be act at this here. You know I can't really name a guy who had backed obvious that there does it is backed by. I can't name any body that had back issues you come back now as as good as they were or you know you see guys retire as a bit. Namely you know Tony Romo. And in other guys so. JJ is a huge question mark I don't I don't you know there is that I'm just short while ago and I'm sure you guys are nobody else. Orders that the best player in the league got beat those days are gone if we can just be JJ just stay on the field. It there but the expectation is that we've been lowered to where we just wanted to see him on the field we we don't expect JJ to be what he was booked or these injuries started piling up. Well that that you know I can't know there they've been there's really no nice thing about JJ watt being injured but I was gonna say ledger the nice thing is you knew you see how clowning has come along and and how much Whitney merciless says that there are still plenty of other options on defense for Houston. Yeah and that's the defense that was number one in the early years ago you got that personal backed united got the secondary Erik Cole Jackson you got yeah. So honey badger as well also you know a defense that was number one in the league two years ago you for the most part got those guys in the front seven. And Art Carney you know the one thing watched and bill O'Brien swears that he's going to be there at training camp but he's got got the contract that. But new GM Crying Game you guys are familiar with Ted that you would panic hit you know when he came here so. I don't know are there going to be some drama out of Arafat are gonna play it out by. I you got a little Mac in Donald from the interact but holding out. I don't see the drama but potentially I'd bet that could be maybe a little bit of drama and training camp with cloudy can't. OK so where are the the biggest questions about the taxes we talked about injuries and health but in terms of actual football as you look at this team you get ready to go to camp. What are Texans fans talking about is the biggest questions with a 2018 club. Offensive line 100% offense divine you didn't have a person's second round pick last year at all. You know basically trading away. Specter router props violence right now reluctance. You know they addressed the offensive line someone on the inside but on the outside got got a couple guys. At tackle that are are basically project yeah I doubt you Leon Davenport on the left side he dropped last year. He was already a developmental guy and then you got. Hey Henderson. Do you guys I know a little bit about that offensive line is is the huge question mark for them by. And as much as it is about a deal Iowa lesser Watson did make at least. I guess that instead awful last year when he was in the air so I guess you have got killed or. The I wanted to ask you about the draft class of thirty newcomers who can have an impact this year there weren't a lot of picks it was a pretty small draft class right. Yeah. The brother of Eric Reed from there for easing guy you actually might get a chance. Start I just read from Stamford based east. They're very high on him I think there are some draft I had about a first second round pick by. That's a guy you he's gotten a third round you'd think it may be start. Are the other guy Marcus rank in out of the SP AE XE broke had a broken ankle and rookie camp so they thought maybe he can compete for a starting spot on the O line he's not there and and they drafted too tight games which. I didn't really that made it look like they needed sided and they drop it a couple I didn't. Jordan's comments in Jordan a cannot stop or at stake so. It might have some guys contribute early but it's not gonna be a situation like you guys are you got a lot of exciting rookies in that you're looking for them to contribute early date they didn't have they didn't have a purse check round pick so there's not there's not really too much are going on in the road. Well Landry appreciated thanks for giving us little little insight on Houston in thanks for coming on the show us this morning. All right thank you yes.