07-18 Jim Kelly's ESPYs speech

Bills Football
Wednesday, July 18th

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There is never leaves you walk through video. Obama. But my son's. So let's talk about Israel. Is teaching his dream about my son hunter wondered about it while life. It was never saw. No well look doctor Dyson did it and not see you on. I just heard what about those tolerances where you've been through it's a lesson we went through it all in good times are golf determines that you know. Which has someone slump. Did you know I've been following. All. Year after year of flight here. In drawn. On behalf of the class of ninety days three to five reporter about anything for when you choose Super Bowl forest where your refuted does president and in. But. How about fault in my life. I've always lived by the poor else. The more my hat on but I'll tell you it was fun even though I still have fun. I put you wanted to either we've worked really on an average house knows Mike Bennett. Why did it good or is not his plans. Hill. Has planned for my life who was unharmed through we will make the difference. Why didn't win. All. Only allegedly sent by daughter Aaron ever sued time who walks digital hospital no 100 C ever have a problem are faced. It was always so happy you're not so good. The horse shoe or if you give me a hug my daughter here. So it's on Schubert club be an album do you wanna Weaver. Go even today we're if you're gone beyond a lonely vertigo. In light wind field. Newer life heart. You are lies so old you or what everything all of revealed. It. Would. Broaden. 55 brother pat said ray and G itself but they've been through everything with these are good times about times. The Super Bowls we had fun. But I'll tell you what I wanna be here today of wonderful luck far broader long Auburn does what bill slam wins. On including Wilson failed its interior simply drew our new owners. So well after dual buddies of mine Bruce Thurman. Our audience dread Darryl biscuit. Will's house her. All you guys. Every single day and it continued to have group text messaging and it drives me X ray Zedillo put me and it. Bush didn't know it and basically allowed to push Volvo life faces. While hunter showed family. The sixty families pretty calm Buffalo, New York. There kids have the same disease my son house. Or tried to make a difference I influence don't know. That I will be home tomorrow we're like family through. Go would do it BO we brought her legs are different my friends altar while high school football coach who. There's really not have a gold death there's really not turn professional agree on still sit here 300. All of his coach on Augusta people on here so let the audience appears gone. So on and David Carr my best friend why should super warrior spirit besides it all for Beers everybody back home award here. And finally. The thing it's. I think what was ascend makes a difference today. First someone whose flight you preserve tomorrow. When I looked across. This arena there much talk to people on a computer you'll need to be it Russell Wilson. And they're Roger select a different doctor. Every single closely newsroom can be a difference maker. New movies as he oral part of who don't think there's some Barbara Morgan goes to work. But you exhibited differs vetted her put its small hotel isn't what kids are friendly entertainment to say we don't want to dip verbal brawl interface. Toys urge anybody odds are you have some realtors suffered a dug up to me to answer. If you resolving on average good data to be your mom or dad. It's going to be their grandparents. What you say accidentally falling you have water back depth took me a different yet measuring the net today. Remember always always. Part of your rear exit Libby said he never ever give thought. And my bills fans back home I love you and everybody here tonight and you dream your ball Jason. Tiger for orderly and humbled me with this award all of you all god bless let you go lure continue to bust some guys who.