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Welcome into another absolutely love doers podcast there there my Mercury and I don't have anything clever don't show view it is. Rank decide to come with our itinerary today. So. We're. Me a little at least I gave you ideas. You know I'm I'm all for. Writing with what the plan it's. And you came up with a plan so. 00 Sheraton restart with here France's. Share. The it at at at. Essential because I say I gave them ideally the text from greatness and hasn't. Kids don't remember what you know I remember some of the stuff occasionally. There's a thing is the thing is ill when I sat and ready for each of these topics and you don't remember what you see had I remember I remember I remember amounts on up. However now he says yeah looking at this moment at a a fizzles lay. It was one for me it's each of the four major sports right it was coli lanigan traded today. Yup ash yet. The home run derby and all star game for baseball. Okay. I figured you wanted to talk a little more pills. I do I do wanna preview a series them launching it tomorrow and then I handles solemn from. For the NHL. Another reason why there are stupid. Of us and their friends for the them go away but then obviously as the day went along to I remembered. Alia we should probably also talk about lithium well. Now are an elusive an image that with that okay that's seems to be the hot topic right now exports are yet Libya rebel dude look. I'd get that you want more money I get it soon but the problem is the position is being so devalued right now that. Where it would. What are you frightened for air. He thinks he's played the most dynamic offensive player in football. And their record without him would tell otherwise. Yeah there's good without him. Yet they're fine without him it doesn't mean it summit team would be fine without it no. And you people get over paid and free agency yes. That's what they acted like. And Pittsburgh's doing everything they can to make sure that they get the most out of him or try to get something. Right and that's fair yeah. But it just sounds like a gun belt Watson really just get paid and nothing else. And you know what I feel like the Steelers will end up in the long run be okay without adding that he provide. I game by game basis if you is not safe for the entire season. Yet neither too. Winds lesser than what they normally would be moot by. I still playoff team yes are they so dangerous offense you better bat. I don't. I could see why let down bell is doing what he's doing and I see what the angle is and what the Mong term goal here is. Hit unrestricted free agency. Get that money that he could get overpaid. Because well so dynamic. He will overpay it just my problem. He's running back yes. And feast to you foolish or aryan to realize that although he might be in for a rude awakening come free agency. As you got to do just fine the team that stupid. And alls that team that's got to do is be stupid drafting guy in the second round. That but if they're stupid they're gonna silently on the alta big money. And then not after on another on a Mac. The bills that team now. They won't team but say they did bring him anyway they won't be that team. And just saying I eat I adhere yeah I'd. That this regime just. Yeah and lighter one that would do that. I concede the jets do. So I didn't see the jets because they're the jets. Enough. Senator it's. But tell me I'm wrong. Exactly. I get it when I love him though goes a free agency next year because he's gonna go to free agency this is last year as a steeler yes. He's done. I can totally see a team like the jets sneaking a peak form and overpaying massively form. Because. They're gonna have to build around seemed. Yes. Getting a guy who is a top five running back in the league. And really help. You're young quarterback. To a second year. Lights. It doesn't make sense to do it but. A team's gonna do I can totally see the jets being that team because of that mindset of the capitol grounds and Arnold. Ands. I can see a team like Detroit doing. Because they need at running back forever. To help Matt Stafford. And this and if we've learned about those raging next year they mailer today and think this is our finally opportunity. Because they've drafted a running back before and it didn't work. Yeah I. Can totally see that have to see that it is now a price yourself. Out of the contract he wants oh yeah he might be more likely he's he's probably gonna settle on something. He might he might settle. Yes and it might as though gonna be big money but I can annually watts. I could see it team who drafted a running back him within the last. Three drafts. Agreement to drafts. And that running that flames out this year. And they're like we got to go get a better. Yeah. I mean. In so I think next year l.s gonna have a lot of options. And we don't know where some other teams are going to be irony magnate you might see a surprise. You know I think Oakland's going to be an option and does anything that draft arraignment last couple years you know. Might be an option if that running back has a bad year flames doubts. I can. I get a team like Baltimore making a play. I just don't see Holy See Cleveland dilemma so. It is the wheel see where a guy a you know it's more recognition of what the league is spelling his position passed yeah. Absolutely that's the part that I am kinds like confused about not necessarily knowing they're confused about it here here's the thing. One team is gonna sign love beyond doubt. The other 31 teams are gonna look Smart. When love him now signs. I just I think ultimately that's little come down to. Once he has got one team is the world really dumb by signing levee on now to. I'm and that's how contract contract and albatross contract the other there when teams elect Smart. And you're probably gonna seed probably at least twenty to 25 teams look and really Smart by saying averaged not gonna even talk to him. Okay. Again I just it doesn't take away it doesn't have that sense though on bells and a price himself out of what he wants. Because he might but yes a big here because teams are gonna go wide ago. Two. Year running back alls it takes is a desperate team. That's all it takes I hear you there and do but I know eyes so I teams that are believed. Doesn't value. Running backs IE more and I think your rights I think Iraq high speed running back right now other than dealt with this franchise tag year after year right now yeah. Is I do believe LeSean McCoy. I believe so and that deal was signed. Three years ago right when he first got buffalo. So tell me. Where to look beyond those actually and get this. Yet not I it's. I think your right. I'd ultimately I think he I I think you're right. I'm also just aren't the mindset of one team is gonna be stupid. Because. They always are. There's always a team that's gonna do some stupid when you have this big of a free agent coming up. Always happens. Analysts like correction Dovonte Freeman does make. On an average for year. 240000. More than McCoy. I'm just annual like on per year capping a guy. After recording. The next most cap hit. Is chair McCain's. Yankees he just signed that with the niners. And that's half what Dell's making now to about. I'm his. Franchise tag. Brett. No team. It's gonna wanna give this man thirty million dollars per season over the first two years of this yeah. No team is gonna do that no team. There's no way. Frank doesn't make any sense to me that they they really doesn't. So again. Let them bells the only running acne can double digit money and the millions yet. I don't see him getting it in free agency I could see its inaugural game in nine per year. That would still make you the highest paid running back. Where he thinks she's gonna get this quarter wrecked money is beyond me. Because he'd think I hate is because he thinks he's the most dynamic offensive player and hope and I think that he is gonna be looking for new agent next year when it doesn't happen. Bright eyes yeah. He's got the same agent as. As Tyrod Taylor's at all and guess what at any marked he's got changed. He's gonna and a blue as a client because look I get it you want to be starlet nation's jobs to be strong for his play yet what is players delusional he's going to be settlement. Deck to bail. And that's what I think this it's like don't you think that all of the failed with what he wants to you think well is doing this. Because he fit because. He's trying to get a reason to stay in football. You mean like. What hell would he that he thinks he's a rapper. Stick to your day job. Yeah oh yeah really great at it it's not good he's not good but he thinks do you think rank can make it frank have you listened paths. I know. Food. And let. So that you know they YouTube channel that I like yeah that smacked talks everybody knew who is also a Steelers fan yes has talked about live beyond bell in the past. And literally played one of his songs in his video and it was terrible. Okay by the. And has I'll buy it has also said. He wouldn't be shocked if Libya and now retires from the NFL to pursue a rap career. Pretty pretty much sad it's. So that's might that might be suspicion for me that he's trying to get. All this money. Because he thinks he he thinks he deserves it eighties a you know what how well I think he he might think he can do have a rap career if if the report from out of chapters right. He rejected a five year deal worth seven million dollars. That's fourteen million per season. Right around when he's making with the franchise tag yet you're and he. You lost probably a couple million dollars per year now. That's an Imus act. Let him know you're an idiot. If this firm is willing to extend you like that that's great. Yeah that's exactly well. Now and years and he has. He's such a good player too I don't get it had a moment is it team last year. The second overall thank you might expect next year he's points out he sees oh well it. They're ready next year he's Tony sucked. Yeah. I think its first pretty foolish for offering that much for running back right now. Yep. My biggest thing is this. Let down bell. Will have. Guaranteed. Hers she gets hurt this year. You'll had. 1500 carries and honestly. He's already got one he's got over 1500 touches. When times receptions Brett. He's good like she's really good catch of intention balls a natural to active and again. These are you know that a dual threat he's already dealt with injury yes he played six games in 2015. He's already dealt with suspension. And Sophie gets caught would that again calls that's ten games frank. Yeah. If army general manager I'm laughing about this oh yeah yeah that he wants more than fourteen million a year. Here in the. And your right. So team might actually be stupid enough to do it mat team is going to be dead in the water yet. Yes absolutely. The only good thing is that there's no assisting us fully guaranteed contracts. Yet an they'd be able to cut bait if they can protected properly yet thinking get it done right yet. But the man has a torn and see on his career. He has a drug suspension. I don't I don't get it and I understand. I mean. Yes. It's your right to try to get as much. Money as you possibly can but you still gotta be but you passed up fourteen million year yeah for five years five years. Including a guaranteed thirty million in the first two years. Say else. I don't think that. Down I don't think that this is. Can work out favorably for Olympia Mel. I think he still gets paid a double digit per season kind of thing. But he might get a bigger guarantee or bigger bonus. But not fourteen mil. Per season. I think those are really contract offer that he turned down. Team commute OK let's run some those are quick 'cause. Gauge what do you see the news so you know how you don't know me as well. Okay. Someday just happens that which are actually get traded yes LA yes Dodgers asked. For what five players. Tonight's hall one of whom. Is. I think I can get the first name lessing is Diaz. He's a dodgers' number four prospect. And Michigan which and the first names I might count and I'm not Ken Rosenthal sweater right now and I. Ten under or Rosenthal and he's pretty much got everything. It was balls pretty good with pre those kinds of things in the MLB yeah. So much outages got dealt he's at dodger. So the Orioles about to get worse. While an endorsement why they've got to get worse he had the five I clears. That's of at all but. One of whom is a wanted to dodgers' top my prize pass efficiency this year. Probably worse yet. How Henry. They got. Three prospects and the Dodgers Stewart in the top thirty for prospects. That's pretty good one of those top five the other two. Rosenthal has a mat 27. And twenty eights which is that it's those that are admitted so they're guys who can't who might be something. Later on. He got a guy who is playing in Tripoli right now. Probably not march. By another piece on the and another guy who lessing was flare out who is. 26 years old site commencement. Still young don't don't second miss inning up five clears Furman shot all pets. Who. That's pretty god that I really good. Art. So frank. We go to baseball. Slow movement you know we got that and then. Yet Yeltsin named Bryce Harper ripping winners he did you know what. This was the first this is probably the first time I watched the homer and your beautiful in a long time watching pool last year. It's fun to walk outside to work it but I was watching it it's fun I had fun watching at higher remembered. Just last year being with his back and forth affair there. And it. Aaron judge looked like he might knocked out the first round next thing you know he power his way through it and the I thought so all areas. But. And then you saw Jon Karl's Staten who was at the time playing for Miami. Did knock on the first round by his soon be teenage the next year and yeah their chance yeah so it was hilarious watching that. This here I am forcing missed it but I just Brad. Press however lot of home runs ripped Ayers via and then there's some sort of thing about all they were cheating. What's behind me now kinks out a and you cheat and a home run very other corked bats. Not early. The gags you'd give the way for the ball land. Do you Steve really it's really just the glossy it's a certain points like one when it's going and it's falling down. From the air OK okay. You the bio of the gas of it's you cheating in the home or near me would be having your. Whoever is throwing the ball to you PU like just throw majorities from meatballs are ready. Yeah then after an actual pitches say yeah that there's just Paulson. All. It's regular it's literally banned practice at home run derby exactly. It's meant to get home runs and there was a lot of them. They. Who cares if rules may or may not have been skirted. X four home runs like you said they're throwing meatballs. There are bar league pitches that are thrown fasten those. There is Little League pitchers that throw faster than dolls. So c'mon now. One ever. From from it it does not make it hard it is just it's about rip in home runs at date. Good night ball that's all supposed to be about yet. Who cares how fast the pitchers don't pitch as fast as possible that you get more home runs. And more people catch and Sudanese. And more excitement in your home run derby. How fast can he go ahead and keep these things don't. You want to try to stick a regular pace instead that you and hit more homers. Or do you want to try to hit us back to camp the rhythm that you didn't try to go. Want you all just sounds like a press separate and holes that they might just created strategy for the home run wreaking derby that's as a political price after it was the open. In that already. And or order our elected to wants better decide I'm ski Sosa each time talking daring peace and gainers. You know instead of tiring myself out constantly packet net. So whatever. So they are entitled I'm just like I read that and from what. It's like I think the same thing with people saying from the Hudson in the game exactly. A a some in the channel's doctor. So what does this mean for LA. They still need pitching. Aren't. They good enough at the moment straight to the world's yours yes they were ready enough. The ages they need another pitcher nest in days in pitching was more of them they need to pitch is more of a need for that. They did not have to trade remain in the title. But they could of and they did. But base. To build need. Pitching and they don't get acts. And it's and the playoffs tired. Is Washington actually make it out. They have to edit the playoffs first day while. I remember when we did a baseball pretty would Joseph be Kia. And he said used to cool on loan with the nationals which all the national papers are saying this year it finally break out. Now that's funny and now you're telling me that they're not even in a playoff spot there five and a half games out of first place and a there Brent I've Anna. In Philly and Philly. Is a half game over the Braves. And then the nationals are there. Remembered Diana Hanoi deal they'll Phillies looking it really. Then. Oh god if you imagine that behind me in the playoffs. They're five teams wild card to. Which is it's a Shimmy done at the out capsule will lengths that some ground yeah Emeka yet. All right frank. I'm putting you on the spot here I'm okay with the additional child tank. Does this help LA's chances to get back I mean if they if they don't if pitching stands at what it currently does or stadium minor improvement. Who's his team you're taken to get out of the out. Three way too early predictions. The cubs OK. There's still the more complete team. All right they're there's obviously some underperformance going on right now with them. By anchors Brian has bulls also injured. By a lot as a malware in our right. They're up on the lockyer announced program right now the NL staining stand as Philly isn't first in the early spring as a half game back nationals are five and amp back. Central's the cubs are first Milwaukee two and a half out. The cardinals are still hanging around other seven and a half found just about 500. The Dodgers artists are leading the lasts. That the Diamondbacks are. Half game out the Rockies are two games out yes the excellence. And that the giants are four games out of the Dodgers he fit the MOB needs to change the playoff forum. And. It's. Might like to see more teens but the same time lame. Why not at the same it's at the same time lakes. It's hard to see. What board teams would be like for baseball because. The play outside of released they had because they can't go too long for the playoffs and shorten your. The only AM really team's season and yet that would be the only way I'd see that will be the only way Etsy you know what that would do. It guilty casuals like me to watch more baseball from. At a. That's not that that's exactly how you do it. If your regular season didn't. Roll Lawton. For ever I would argue that I would argue regular seasons it's too early. Exactly but again. The regular seasons too long it's too blown yet can't do yet Kate you can watch the playoffs. And all of the playoffs. I can't who even paying. Lets you join a fantasy baseball league and all based on akin to fans I can't take too much yeah I kept going up yeah. At eight million games. That's how long your season appeals to me and people say hockey team based in hockey and NASA's Langley air is. This or two longer season too long and the thing Anderson is a perfect actually there. The thing is. With the way baseball works it pry it. Forces you to be better than all the teams in your division in order to make the playoffs you have to win the division. And or get lucky and beat two teams in the wild card spot. That's net. You you can't like a third place team. Alas it's two wildcard teams in the same division will never make the playoffs. Did. You look at the Elise for example. All we ever gonna see Toronto Tampa. Or like god Baltimore game ever back in the playoffs again. But the wind criticizing yankees are probably not. And a house as he then again and asked. But Tampa's got to be a good team so does Toronto. Did not like it did not relieved that good. Throttles under 500. And Tampa's. Right around five and again. I think they're not making you know those scenes blew up because what happened last year. Yanks use came out and destroy everything yeah at what that means is build a better team than the Yankees. Hard to do yes. The payroll they use I know. It's. Or get lucky and hope that your one little a second walker teams and make Iran. It is. I see it is so. On a cruise at least you. And cave man like old boys club. No it would've been old boys club like if they attempted beaten two divisions. In each week and then two teams make it's. Because that's what that's what it was for the longest time up until like the mid nineties. Well when they finally split into three divisions each and that ended the wild card. Which has doubled the playoffs. Again I just. Did so hitting that thing that it source these sorts of things happening have to expect and looking to expand. The thing and the thing the thing is if that's I think it prioritizes. Winning the division. A lot more and I. Because and other sport because you we know this and other sports you don't have to win the division to win the championship. In baseball. The only way you're not win the division winning the World Series if your locker team. Mean there's only four of them. And they're six divisional winners. You you pretty much have to be the best team in order to win and we I don't we love the underdog sort of like this team that barely gets in the playoffs or. Get say you know better and buy it made it likely they've looked to be out early and then they may it's amazing Ron. It's. The thing is based for baseball hall. That sort of thing. Doesn't really happen. Which even the team daily barely gets in and what the wild card. It's hard for that it's it's. You when you win the division in baseball. Q you are really good team are all usher in a really bad division are. It's a it's it's it's tough to do it because. If says that's because baseball is there's so much like stats that go into it. Where in there's so much from I there's way more strategy Nickels and to baseball than there is in sports. Baseball's a lot there's a lot of skilled illegals into it not as much locked. And for a lot of teams and make the Cinderella runs they have a lot of luck on that side are. So I had gotten off track they said the cows are probably I represents an odd they would be mine too early predictions so AL. They know it's still Boston running train. We move. Urge you DA. I DVA and I go to Houston OK I think she's in makes us and there's still looks like the more complete team. Our time tonight and ask you pick a World Series winner here shatter the all star race this is mean. So they're so worried about that and when time the playoffs come around yet there's no way about that in due time yeah. So collide Lennon got traded desk while Leonard got traded key real Leonard got traded that aren't there's no one time of purposely messing that name up coli Leonard. Gone for San Antonio and spurs action got ready nice. Package for this season. Namely to mark Rosen who you know is a very good player his own right. And. I think that he'd give a go hadn't. Pat yourself on the back if you Santonio here. Because you got a nice text you got that swing nineteen protected first round pick good for Toronto getting that protecting case. Some bad happens to case that said report of thought outside and doesn't want to play for yeah. Two wrong. I thought that that was more of a no give and I think those comments were more days you know it. It was the report I should say that report almost may seem like it's given a choice he doesn't wanna go to draw. Or how long term doesn't wanna stay internal kind of thing right. Yet traded I think they'll play the season now he's a free agent next year exactly so sank. Clearly plays a season now yeah and then hit respect in the new owners are free agency get all that money that the big time guys get long. Threat to get land angering. Spurs get to mark Rosen. Jim a total and that Tony 191. Round pick that his lottery protected. You still get operating good player even if they don't unlock. The more likely. I we don't I don't really know where the spurs gonna piano connection they might squeak into the playoffs they may miss that they may be really bad. So. Drills holes can be. Apples are probably gonna be you know one of those picks might. And none the other 10 lead late. Summer between fifteen and 25 that. Look and I'm gonna sound terrible about the split. Yes Toronto got batter. And this trade. Does it matter. I think Fossum is far constantly and I know and the raptors continue to play down. To their standings in the lead to receding in the standings in the playoffs. Every year I mean. Eight a wind swept. Yet it's LeBron James what the hell else is there other LeBron James on Mac casting as you know McCadam. Nothing. They got beat by one man. And guess what. They do this every year and I think that Boston with try to re. Way it'll turn of Gordon Hayward with the players that they have now. With Tatum and Smart. And they were able to make the conference finals. With without Hayward the whole day eight they had Betsy whole season without a word. And then they lost Irving and still made the conference finals and came within one game of making it to the NBA finals yeah. And you have good young pieces in edition and all right you've got one of the best coaches in the NBA and Bret Stephens and so. Does this matter in the end for Toronto. No. I think they gave up a lot. To get coli Leonard to get one year off Kohl eyeliner. And that's surprising that hurts. That is where I think. To run on that the loser in this trade in the end because she knocked it to keep him around for long term thing. He's probably only gonna play out the year end and then you know it's trader ice yet he's gonna just block but you might delete at the signing trade. Lucky. It's happened it's happened that he be elected to do it. So yet Toronto. Toronto has taken a huge risk they're taking a risk and they're all in this year yeah. In Italy where the warriors are going to be uniting. So a what's the point exactly and that's why again is garbage to hit it. Unity tree you mean trade for you big time all star and won best players in the game and one of the best players in the game against what it doesn't. He doesn't matter when you're gonna lose single state anyway if you make it there. Aunts and error and he's gonna watch it in any year anyway. And engage in the end it registers as a blip on the radar from yup when I look at the big picture I. It on see I've literally shocked of Leonard played out the year. Raptors lose in the sec around because they do. And then. He blocked singles alike lakers in place that LeBron. Honestly is already reports say he's calling. Some of the other stars in the league. Yeah Ali about highway were shot play here. After next year some of the played this one year in Toronto exactly there's a lot to look intimate bank then make get a Max contract Nam. In free agency. Next hear him Jimmy Butler going to be big names a look at yeah. It just shows. Me right now that. At the end of the day this trade isn't going to mean much of anything. So for San Antonio to have gotten what they got out of it good for them to for them yet is he wasn't playing with San Antonio actually. They Al lot for a guy that wasn't going to play yet. Got on that yet. So there this. You know. Jacket. One week from now those players reports training camp yeah. Which means that we will be starting tomorrow seven days away from those chain him up. And so on this guy co op on WGR 550 dot com. Countdown to bills camp and there are seven position groups. If you look at that on the whole. In seven dates. And it will start with the secondary. I look at the secondary linebackers and defensive line offensive line receivers tight ends. Running backs quarterbacks and it's gonna of course and a core us gotta gotta be the embassy passed them. All ours come off of course of course you don't do it any other way you don't do. Unless the quarterback position sat. Exactly. But it's not no no it's not so you're going to be pretty much be. Writing stuff for the have some gulp on the website for the next seven days that stressed and it's profiling. Profile and position yours yeah. You're notable additions attractions. If they were through free agency or the draft. And what to expect from that position group coming into the season. Oca there are some that have question marks yes there are some that look pretty damn good yes like the second there yeah. As the first piece probably the most stable. Unit of this team. And it's probably best that starts out that. But at the end of the day right now. What we have to look at with the bills is. Can they do things right Kenny repeat some of the success of last year UT do people want then even repeat the success from last year. Are you want to hide wrapping lots of talent brought in this team you want them to draft it and Johnson from UV that. I want exert some analysts say that now from. But. Also like wince when knots yeah winter fun. It's always more fun to talk about when that is a loss yup for me from. Ain't it may be easier to talk about a loss but it's more fun to talk about a one yet. And you know me frank. Not about these Rodham outbound about the fund we really like have fun fun fun. At this for football. Played throughout the country used forward UN me. Uranium bombs OK okay and it's for NFL. All day Sunday. Share. All on your big screen TDs. Look at it there you go. Into a a a a a a share or an as for no survivors because the NFL's ruthless the I don't know which. But that's me I'm about having fun and it's always more fun to talk about the Siemens of winning and successful for me. I mean we did seventeen years of dark cloud hanging over our heads and start a new streak and cool that yen caller yeah. Don't you think yeah. But it's all going to be about how to handles optional. And right now don't want seem. And it said this repeatedly and going to keep saying. And I know it's easy going hadn't had. Had several national gas come onstage you got to play Josh downs in response was what's the point. What's the point is I don't want him reverting back to what the hell he did last year why don't. Which was played like garbage with the teams surrounded by garbage and that it adds up to garbage. And as a professional leagues Harvick and in the pro weeks. Garbage and he Eli gets people fired yes guard rich. Reset your franchise back five years yes and garbage go ahead makes a whole fan base go and start juggler. Ya so you want. It's not avoiding her pushing it off it's I want him to develop properly sleaze and garbage. What I saw from Josh Jones scared the hell. But I knew that the bills one of those teams that situation would make him put him away for redshirt year because of this quarterback in this draft class that needs a redshirt year. It is Josh down. I love Marchex I love John Rosen edition right. Waste the bills to one of them yes. But I also know that Josh Duncan succeed if he's developed properly. If he is. People to make the greens and proportions. If he is able to go ahead. And put proper technique and things and not have to play hero ball anymore by the way hero ball the biggest problem I haven't been putting in the east. In this season. Eight's. The hero ball. He is used to trying to put the team on his back and this team on offense is trash. He's gonna do it again. And you will not develop sharply he will throw the ball apparently in wildly and the albeit biased. I don't want. He has to be able to transcend sort of win this job in training camp say otherwise look and then that would make everyone that's doubt him wrong. But after one that has doubted him has also still said. He's not good vehicle which I don't see complete ball straight here there's more global play. If it turns into Matt Ryan. Where's the there's some down years but for the most part he is eight top tier quarterbacking and I felt. In Africa. In use and for him he's got a development of that and they gave the team the thing is it's too full I think so I think the thing the prop I think the thing is though. People especially in the national media. It looked at where he was drafted it and that's it's. This is where the saving grace comes and Sean actor it does not care where you're draft all the yet we know that yeah. He is here to win football games and he'd be decent Josh Allen is not ready he won't slam he's not going to see the field this year. Reigning B might even go ahead and say look man. We drafted him to be our quarterback right now this year is not that time yeah. And I get a sense that the team is going to do this properly. I really do. We'll talk more about Josh down. All we got plenty of time for that on one's training camps dire it's warrants. Pre season games get dole weighing life rank us in particular we will talk more about Josh and on the next podcast as a Marshall Field. A preview percent today. We got our first guest in awhile. Yeah. And it's the bits and yeah the last one was. Jeff Lloyd announced poster child poster. This poster. Since banned it and that we've been trying. We that we have been trying to get a gets some people are just a matter of the time means it's not been trying its war. Just a lot of circumstances there's not able to that is the now. He's he's he's people who you know usually come and his guests especially ING out of the lines to now. You know they all are radio stations that probably on the podcasts all the time yeah. So. As it's kudos to Mark Schofield our guys he's agree these guys. So. We will talk more about Josh and I'll have questions for him ready to go on the court acts. And not just on him but we've got another AFC's quarterback. And yup right channels coming back. There is that Tom Brady jackass. Nasal thing and will poke his brain and what he thinks about agent in there yeah. So why not be ready for that. As we started in football had. Lately there are hockey having podcasts from now we're going to be back and we'll shuffling and you have one son training camps at its. Most I guess of pretty much going to be football and where not to be any different unless something happens in hockey is that the only the only right now the only real thing in hockey dad. Will be we would be talking about would be Samsung exhibit in the NHL. Hang up before that before that stupid thing would be. Reiner its new contract when that whenever that comes about by the way or edit or air Karl sing it straight it by the debt. Mention real quick on Sam runners began session high yep is this house yet. I think the blueprints and site. You think south Calgary now Aslan home. Yes six years 29 point one a little more than four point eight per year and it's just shy five million season yes. For six years acts which I think establishes Reinhart. At five by. I think associated yield 55 I think so too because Adam Henrik also re signed with the docs for five years and he got pretty much a million more than per year than one. Lynn Holmes getting per year. So about five point eight. GT Miller's contract being about five. Five and a half per for five years and yeah I think definitely the blueprint of 55 is there for Reiner by the way. I forgot how terrifying arbitration and oh yeah can be. It is the latest one saw Jacob your book she ate a true their day off like three million dollars. Is if is a three years of the jets at the table. Our four million dollars or four Andrew Blitzer the watts of savage I thought I read it true that the jets ran the read dials Leslie is three or four. No it okay. Yeah armored tracing can yulia and if it stays that way throughout the arbitration process. You're looking at sure by getting a one year deal maybe it's too. Holds true about 24. To Rick is 24 okay he would still be an RF say though next year. If he signs a one year deal. Why it heavily the group went he's not gonna be there. Afterwards probably so he probably gets in as little men that are out at a solar tree one. Yes he did he gets you've probably got it advertises if it's easily it doesn't let's take on the greens are something. He's probably get ill when you're dealing gaining five point five. Is that the mid ground from where they're from there yes. It's that game and then after that you're probably looking at Winnipeg trying to trade him. Because he's already asked for treatments team four up from his last stuck contract then before they settlements on them yeah. So. True yeah average Asia and Russia Asia especially for good players. Really hurts now. You really hurt. So secondly can hurt your team yes. He has two years six million dollar contract on that last. So your average annual value on that space is 3000003 million per. Now he's asking for saddened. Her jets game a slight rain that the jets are offering us libraries in you wants a bigger race. He wants a massive raise. The question is does he get it. It's pretty lofty for guys scored 24 points last year. He's a good all around defenseman well as he's really go all he's the top four defensemen in the week. He's assaults on a win of a team that's got some other really good defenseman jets from. I mean say what you want about guys like Denali Tyler Myers. On Mars on top four rolled hotline enroll Rolle is his differently idea. Andy and obviously you've got off. Josh Morrissey is numerous easy younger I receive a young guy who's gonna be really it. Joseph morals Tony by Lauro is probably more of a third pairing guy. And they still have cooled off and you mean given a healthy cooler column wasn't terrible for the yeah. So. I think what you're seeing is they're probably gonna settle on a case. I would be shocked to its one year five point five men and then during the season it's moved now. But I've seen efforts not seen that is willing to pay him probably somewhere between six and seven million per hour long term. There it is I like. I forgot how scary arbitration MB yeah it's so it. Really hurt you can really ruin yourself frank. And does sons I got another is a when he initials stupid. I mean. Do we hang out I mean just. And it. I don't. All. Right. Area I I got enough room in the docket over there. They're nude shots protectors shot. So browsing Twitter this morning. I come across somebody I don't member who reach we did it but. At Greg ballot. On Twitter. Treated can apple be is wearing the new and it's else backed chest protectors that will be enforced next season. There is significantly less padding around the neckline and shoulders which is a bit concerning. And SI like an end of video can have a beam it you know practicing Jacobson saves. That is concerning in the biggest way. Less padding around the neck and shoulders pol. Yes. Really Al because guess what. A little a little time after that's. Great leader of the gang and Appleby took a shot in the to the shoulders and had to leave the sites. Then. Cheeses. So. There is a little bit of less panning around the arms as well. Which. Doesn't seem to mind the goal the goal is have sad that they don't really mind that's. I did all that analysts and no the only thing in any old plants and hey it is the only thing that the only thing that did that does with the arms is. You've probably gonna see more shots squeak through the times. But you can't take away. Watching. You can't take away the panning around the neck and shoulders area. That to a lot of shops there now and it's. What happens when they do take up monster shot from there. Or. God forbid a skate gets up there. We've seen what happens when Netscape gets up to the Mac. We saw that we've seen as sabres fans before. It really concerns me. Capital tennis worries the neck and shoulders. Yeah. You can see more injuries to goalies say like a dislocated. Collarbone or some tunnel again this time wore shoulder bruises war. Yet to salute my immediate yes something along the Kabul specialty area. Tougher bid to take a shot often act because now that's more exposed. Yeah. Not just skate park to. The way that Shane sellers can shoot it it's heckling him off and clapper of the knack that'll be great yeah. And I know late they have the that clear clear protection that they tie today in the comet's death. Only does so much that those breaks at guard Devin Gardner break Dole's neck guards break really easy I know. I used to use one minutes of a shot there and it snatched it shattered. Yes I remember wearing that helmet and I don't have been connecting on the beat. Because it's for a thousand to about what are yet. And I know they got the on the net like the neck guards do you can put around your neck though a lot of players where to bullet. As I can stop you from pock like that's not enough just as much and that's got to hurt just as much from pot. And that's not a still areas around that air around the Mac packing company escape. And it looked skate cut is one thing. You want an equivalent. Would punch in a thorough area. There's there's there's an equivalent. If you think it's not a big deal let me punch you in the throw real quick and see how you feel because that's what taking a pot would be like except a lot worse yeah. The English summer shots maybe would be that punch them but still. A throw punch would be probably a proper equivalent on measuring how miserable this could be for some goalies who. I'm Blake training camp is going to be interest and yet. We'll have to see what happens there are itself. Got that got the latest there the whole thing he's done. As an. I don't. Yeah. I put it away in the reasons the and it shows stupid or F file folder cabinet. We needed to happen yeah it was more than mournful and him. All right. So by the way drag out Greg ballot is a goaltending analysis is gunning for our. In gold media and he works for sports net 650 in. In think Hoover parents of the guy might know something a thing or two about a thing too about goaltending to. While Appleby was there for. For Ingle media. He was there for that males lose that's why was there. Right. I like they'll be too is he's got it. You know he's got promise Nyhan is a zone one of those younger goaltenders of common Bada. Hey we'll see what happens there and if it sounds as bad as you're making it sound law. I'm just I have an issue here I'm just were. Right but that's it worries me button and it's stupid that the NHL we consider doing that. Knowing that they're. Constantly trying to promote protecting the players. Yeah. That's that's what we're that's what worries me. Right dentists. There's enough wrong that I can yet. There's enough that could go wrong here that I can easily go Biden does not an agreement yet. Because the NHL. I don't think things through some parts. So. We'll see what happens there. But anyway. This has been a lot durst podcast. I'm there crammed I'm frank artery and thank you as always for listening on WGR 550 dot com with on demand audio. Frank. Any any last thoughts here. I was looking at the dot them much out of trading on the cockpit at a day you know yeah. Our fault they do is always for listening we'll be back on sunny Mark Schofield and joins us well as. And I just a heads up those who deal late release on Sunday took a yet hate you work things Iran could go much help him move so that's let's with sometimes don't work that you worked that out. And it's house. It's been a third podcast you know as they say. Sometimes don't work those things out.