07-18 The Nightcap Hour 1

Wednesday, July 18th

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It's. The nightcap. Yeah it's an. Not cap yeah. It's that. Nightcap. And suited to him. Time now for the nightcap. Fund telling you GR. Sports Radio five feet. Welcome end to the nightcap. Jodie yeah see I'm back after. They'll show yesterday because of the Major League Baseball all star game. Kyle the Major League Baseball Sereno I heard there was a there's a home run at the end tied it apparently. It was the camaraderie. Really ten that I would like ten home runs. That is a innings that's a lock it broke the previous record by four. And so more almost doubled up there were fourteen runs scored one of which. Didn't act come mile home run there was thirteen runs coming in via the long ball won by a sacrifice fly out the battle Michael Brantley I believe which extended the American League league in the tenth. American League lead in the tenth. Got by what superstars in action Aron judge homered Mike Trout homered. Judges alone had the game tire right now we have the first summer of the day of the first in the second inning. Scooter Jeanette of the Cincinnati Reds won my fever nicknames are baseball these days Souter Jeanette game tying home run off mariners closer Edwin sugar dia. While these are great names. And it's not tonight is the tell it's the espy's. TO is on the screen right now. And power couple is walking in right before Danica Patrick and Erin Rogers. Thirty handing out some awards Terrence Terrance Crawford. Bob boxer one fighter of the year there was. Summit they awarded best Olympic. Female athlete right before that so again they have been given up some of those. Some of those. Don't call them not important awards but. Boat and double that these are the ones that people are paying to see. If people are in pain get in the espy's might just be all athletes and sponsors and such. And I can't Jody B Osce Kyle Powell here tonight. The much too far Wednesday but he's he's on his way comic. He's he's dominant. Also. I'd see. How you at the Helm of the steel then and any mature auto stuff. Everything that's going down and now I'm seeing a no other report from Bleacher Report says he is heading to the Dodgers for five prospects. So where are we sitting with this whole main Jonathan I mean. Sounds like it's gonna happen now I was just dumb. Looking up something from John immigrants and rec sports. Yet as it turns out it looked to be done last night it was very weird because I've seen players. From get announce that they've been traded to another team during the regular season games to back think this is the first time that I've seen a player is traded. During the all star game which he was partake union. An update or on 1030 in the game missile going that he was getting dealt to the Dodgers and still. Looking like that up until the morning and then around 2:33 o'clock. Baltimore's camp cattle guts and cold feet because they do not like help some of the physical looked at some of the prospects and there are going to be acquiring from LA. Which is not out of character from Baltimore and the replica of the story because it rang a bell in my head did extensive history. Of backing out of deals were not signing free agents because it don't like the way it their physicals come back. They're very very strict with these rationales like an add ons for 2030 years. Doctor. TO is now speaking. Audience again. I am very interested to know what he's talking about hopefully that'll come across Twitter at some point maybe we get the audio that at some point later on in the show. And he of course gonna try to clean CF fell. I've got thoughts and hopes you'll situation. I've got strong thoughts on the whole TO situation. But. Probably for another night at the around hall of fame that. Time the induction ceremony I think is next week. Couple weeks. Couple weeks. It straight champions next week the ravens just opened up. Today actually there in the whole fame game and it's the bears they're playing the bills in week one. Of the regular season not sure that gives them much advantage if you wanna say it does. The last had. It's an extra week of practice I don't really care either way I think the same team their Joseph Flacco quarterback. And that's my transition into. Quarterback matchups for the bills warmer looking at. What they went up against last season what they're gonna go up against this season. On the schedule and really waiter does this team set. Across the league looking at their quarterback short term long term because the future rankings that ESP ended yesterday. Kind of bogus. On it was pointed out on our station sell did that. They're pretty much you seem rankings as their normal power rankings. So I wouldn't put too much stock in that but it got me thinking about. Okay if this league is so quarterback dependent and if I if I were to make future rankings on who the best teams in the league are gonna be three years from now. The bills would have a pretty decent shot at being high on that list yet the thing theory to really high and that lets at a really low on that list. Because if Allen turns out to be great. With his physical abilities you're probably one of the best teams in the NFL. If he flames out in these terrible then he's probably got a league in a couple of years and that means the bills are sitting right back at the bottom of the week so. I don't know where I fall in and out I would tend to think they're gonna end up on the lower end of the of ranking like that just because. I think it's unlikely. That Alan reach that high ceiling maybe he does. I think it's unlikely so what I'm looking around and look at the division and it's. There's Brady and then just a lot of stuff. There's just there's. Average quarterbacks ever starting quarterback to backups. Like league legit back ups and then there's not even a lot of you know those bitten and I guess there's that there's those journeyman to in the that I was comparing the bills. Quarterbacks they faced last season vs what they faced this season and to meet that is part of the reason. And I think this team is going to regress from last year and it really is a look at the quarterbacks they'd be last year. They beat Josh McCown who no one in there knowing the right Miley did a good season last year Renault and reminds you say he's one of the movie's best quarterbacks he would say he's. Average to below average and that would probably be kind for most people he's been a backup for. 90% of his career the B Josh McCown BB Trevor Ximian. They'd who might not been a B Matt Ryan that was a good one they'd be Matt Ryan the reigning MVP get a little bit of a down year but still a very good quarterback. And BG miss Winston he's been kinda iffy throughout his career but pretty good. Sima dare car that was he seems Winston pretty good out both called an above average but they're not elite quarterbacks. Those were there three the court backwards last year Matt Frei ranging Swenson. Derek Karr are you gotten some good ones there very much in the count and Simien. And now Alex Smith. Who is like the poster boy for average quarterback. For game manager. Maybe Jacoby were sat who's gonna be back up again this season BB Jay Cutler who was flaming out his career in Miami not playing well and Miami's like nowhere now partially because of that and then. David fails. Who played the last game of the season. Do you had never heard of him before he played before that game yachts with yourself. But Powell Ximian. For sat Cutler fails that is five quarterbacks that very possibly. McCown and saying they're possibly because the other four privilege guarantees will not be starting this year to start the year. Tony eighteen. For sure for guys you played last year will not be pulling. Cutler retired fails is going to be. Fighting for a roster spot a Miami. We're sets gonna be to back up is assuming Locke is fine it seems like he'll be fine for week one and Trevor simian in Minnesota now the backup Kirk cousins. Injuries do happen. So. I'm looking at the schedule now for this upcoming season maybe you'll play some guys that you didn't expect the point that that will happen. A couple but it's gonna happen five times. That was the winds. That was the wins this year. Running through the quarterbacks. Just booking through the schedule. The first half of the season is no rule rule the second half is our league average there's average guys is Brady in their course. But to the first half of the season the bills have. Of insanely tough schedule and comes quarterbacks it's. Their week one match up to me is the easiest one they're gonna get in till the bye week. Or at the bye we can told at the midway point of the season. Joseph Flacco week one. I'm not a big Joseph Flacco fan at all. Adding he's a below average court rec league but he is hot and cold you could catch him on a hot day that's to me your most that your best matchup you get early part of the season. Then you play Philip Rivers are probably hall of Famer but golf is hoping. To present. I think this tracker Philip Rivers body of work no Super Bowl but I don't think that should matters much but. By that. Logic and Joseph Flacco all docket now when this is the half that's up I'd take a touch right here came to tighter here. I will not a Kirk cousins week three. Pretty gut on a really good team now it probably even better than it was last year that it got that Aaron Rodgers. Then you've got Marcus Mario at a lose for Brady good maybe that would even be more flavor of favorable Flacco Meredith pretty good. Then you've got to Shawn Watson who exploded last year in his rookie season. Then you have a jewel block who if healthy is one of the top quarterbacks in the league and in your robbery. Flacco rivers cousins Rogers scenario at a Watson walked Brady that's the first half of the season. It is very likely if it's very likely you going to every single one of those matchups. Having any worse quarterback. The caveat that is. Josh don't showing up and catching lightning in a bottle and is being amazing right off the right up to bat. But if it's AJ McCarron starting to sneak in Peerman starting read into the Josh counselor and he just doesn't do that you're walking into. All eight of those games having a worst quarterback in a quarterback lead. And that's. A big reason why I think this team is going to regress. Now maybe they make up for that the second half of the year. But back can be tough the jets. Number two years ago they are coming off ten and six they need aren't they are coming up tied at six and right it's Patrick they brought him back and then they're like art we're gonna go for this thing again. And if you remember the first six games. Of their c.'s schedule their their schedule that year was the toughest in the NFL. The jets really they were pretty much the same team that they were before but sometimes your success can be scheduled dependent. So the jets walked into that season this point sixteen. And I think they lost four of those first six. I feel little often that they are really rough start to the year. There was a game and are Fitz Patrick to a five interceptions against the chiefs did these these were not. They were winning games because of their schedule. And Timmy that's kind of what the bills have this year so. You can say are at the make up for the second half here because their quarterback. Matchups especially does get a little bit lighter. As we get into the second half and that you got to remember there's a lot of home games of the second half of the season after day. Go on the buy they have four of their last six at home. And after I mention that that west couple games there in the first half the year were super tough Watson lock Brady. After that it does get lighter you bleach risky. With the jury still out on I'm not very high on him and a lot of people art some people are some people are expecting progression in Chicago. But no winning their right let's get how you mixture be as easy a league quarterback right now then you've got the jets back to be in the column to be Bridgewater. That can be darn old Arnold could be great but. As a rookie in as a rookie. And then the other two were just trying to average guys in the league. Then you've got Blake portals. That's not the thing in Jacksonville that scares you that doesn't pretty favorable quarterback matchup Ryan ten hill who historically the bills have. Dominated. Has right tale ever had a good game against the Buffalo Bills. Then you play the jets again. Then you've got the couple tough ones you got Matt Stafford and you've got Tom Brady and the new potential. Little bit later in the second half the year but what happened security. Twin six by that point. If you're even. Three and five. Sometimes you can't make up for. The losses you had to be any part of the season because it'll feel like it's over if it's two and six if you're even 35 it will feel like it's over around here. May and then probably all we're talking about in less he's thirty yen is whether they're putting Joshua on in the that will be what the season is about at that point. And that's kinda how I predict this season's gonna go. They've got eight super tough beginning of the year they've got super tough quarterback matchups at the first half of the year. I would be surprised if they win. More than three of those first eight games. And that all the season is about adapt point is. What's happening when Joshua Allen does he look like the real deal. If he's not in the lineup why isn't he in the lineup and when is he getting and it. So I think schedule. It's not April for the bills the season that the big reason why I think we're gonna see some regression from them this year. As opposed last year it 30550. Is the phone number one hop in on the conversation most third segment off with mark mark you're in the nightcap when unmanned. Gentlemen RE doing and pretty pretty good I yeah. I. Mark up. I. Regression. On all the core I. Believe it could be much better after that could be an epic and Jack who can be even better because. Item line and hired an actor may have been back there gonna be our little equally. You. Better cut the target area called for the offense can help a little bit. I'm looking like you're out in 87 and nine it got because of the debt. Okayed that that's that's reasonable I can him or that thanks mark for the call. I tend to think they're gonna be a couple wins less than seven and so trying to figure out where right exactly and land on that. I said for last week. Exits at three last week I bumped it up the four. Day by day and kind of feeling a little bit different and where they end up but the X seven. I think I've gotten a seven. I don't that's not unrealistic having that is there over underwent total six and a half so I think there are gonna fall in around that number. The point mark makes there though about the defense picking up the offense they do think the defense will be improved they were near the bottom of the league last year and efficiency. Specially against the run. And will Edmonds is common and automatically be a star player that's going to be an upgrade of repressed and brown kids assume that. First that always a rookie and second of all Preston brown Wiki was awful it was agreed he was he's fine he was fine so. What does the rookie linebacker give you in year one. Was even with low key cleanest superstar you'll want to remember enough I don't. I think it's that's a position where it seems like you're not a superstar right away yet so it. So. Maybe he just gives you press surrounded you last year and be pretty good sign because they twenty years old these are ready as good as Preston brown who led the league in tackles. That's a pretty good start. And you know what because he's huge and super athletic. Maybe he does show up in just give you an instant upgrade it and middle linebacker. Is that enough though. To carry the whole team they will be veteran defense I think. The truly being in the middle that defensive line I think was probably either. Most significant upgrade on the on the on the team. They added dolphins wash and set the importance splitting snaps last year in the middle after Daria slept in their run defense is was. Dreadful. So adding a guy who study star players ever to probable on the east but he's good he's a good player. He almost cutter might need the Micah Hyde signing last year when Micah Hyde clean Green Bay he was a good player. And then he showed up here and expanded role and was just great phenomenal. Indeed that happens of the Tulane I think it worse you're getting a good player that's going to be an upgrade in middle defensive line. But I do not think. That those upgrades on defense will make up for how poor they are on offense. I just don't see how this team moves the ball how do you keep up with those quarterbacks I just mentioned. How do you keep up the them. If McCoy is not in the line up your certainly not doing it even if he is you've got to be. You've got to be dynamic in your profit you can't you one dimensional. And in less Ellen come zinni catches fire I don't see how this is some prolific passing offense. They be downgraded offensive line. They're the same tight and Baird downgraded at wide receiver. May be the same if curly gives you something similar with yuppie Thompson gave you last year. And then at running back you pretty much the same book was healthy. Maybe it's a slight upgrade Chris Ivory over Mike Tolbert and if that's an impact player. That's gonna change your offense from. Below average would it was last year too. Good I don't see Ellis offense is good. How're they gonna rank in the top half of the NFL offense this year how does that happen. McCoy would have to run for 18100 yards. Or Josh Ellman have to throw for 4000. In those are two numbers I just cannot see happening because. I don't make ivories coming in here and run and four but he's not giving you some compliment. To McCoy that Tyrod Taylor Carlos willing to Mike Gillis we were giving you combined. The play and the couple years ago. I don't think that's happening. And it's your receiving corps is one diary now it's Kelvin Benjamin. Who is again similar to the totally me he's good Bally's a great player these good. On a really good team is your number two wide receiver. But he is by far the number one receiver in this team right now and on the afternoon show today a guy called in about Jeremy curly. Being hopeful this guy can joke meter number two wide receiver look where we are out with wide receiver. That people are hoping that Jeremy curly can do that I was a journeyman. Here's a fourth wide receiver and the jets a couple of years ago the jets have been awful wide receivers. But where is he banned Jeremy curly. Cannot mean. I just hope one day. In the near future while this quarterback is still trying to figure things out we're still trying to help this cornerback become a franchise guy. And reach. His ceiling. That you've got some weapons that are battered and Jeremy currently. Where my Tyreke hills where are my eight. Where's my mark he's good and where's my guide can stretch the field I don't have that where's my dynamic run after the catch wide receiver. I don't have any of these guys who's the guy youth there was screen two out in the open specially McCoy is not on the field they have a guy. On the offense did you can throw a screen pass to and say yet he might take that 25 yards. Who is that player. You might get to the tight end first Charles clay. And that is a joke. When your time offense in NFL. If you're tight end as a was dangerous threat for yards after the catch maybe he's not mean I'm exaggerating a little bit beat you might be you be pretty high up on that list. Are 30550. Is the phone number what you think about this bill's season do you think that the court acts schedule. It's just too daunting than to get over the hump in the beginning of the year that I kept Jody B Osce and Kyle Powell we will hear from air Winston. President of the NFL players association former angles office by missy played with AJ McCarron. I've been looking for insight on the characters I've only seen a couple games probably a lot of you the zealot political games. On and Winston played with McCarron. And he used an interesting term to describe him that I have not heard thrown around with McCareins name says give me a little bit hoping maybe even he could be. Average to above average at the corporate position this year we'll wait Winston Beck coming up next at 830. We're gonna play back Greg Brady. Who was on the afternoon show today from sports that 590 talking about the Kauai Leonard. Situations big trade up in Toronto it's all coming your way next the nightcap right here in WG. Welcome back to the nightcap. On WGR. Jody the Osce and the Powell's there in the boardroom Victor. And Kyle. Talking about the bills and my low expectations for them this season. The schedules daunting quarterback matchups are tough. I also longer rank. The the quarterbacks in the AFC east a little sidetracked last segment saw get to that in the top the hour at 8 o'clock. Find out where I have the bills cornerback slot in there think about where you might happen to be continued thoughts on that but really. I'm looking for if you've got it gives me a reason to be optimistic about the season I wanna be optimistic about the season but I can't wait for trinkets or next week. I can't wait for the first pre season game on that'll die off probably by the first half of but I'd like the second series that pre season game backing away from that. Alison myself last week last week. When Brad writer was in here. Phil and infer much open mobile blog during the dummy your celebrity golf tournament he does the UV. Off football pregame post game. He was in here talking about the bulls. I thought myself that I'd be more excited about the UB football season's here in the bills. And that's probably means drinking and a lot of the Tyree Jackson and UB Kool Aid. But. Like the fact that you bees got a kid that could be a first round pick a quarterback is super exciting to me and I wanted to feel optimistic about the bills. I'm excited for the bills right now I would not say though I'm optimistic about them to give me a reason to think I should be optimistic in a 30550. Is the phone number let's start with Brendan burning on the I kept tournament. I can't. In new match accurately predict those and it really. That tablet Shawn McCoy. Food is I think we could do in the other part is that he doesn't always like break Riley. Iraq shrewd very good shot and poor. I don't think I'd ever seen break erratically dropped a pass. If you ever seen him catch a pass. A year ago he roundup for our. Did it and a point three. He had some good output in particular as you heard. I think your goals. But if they played well we've seen them play. Well. I think it depends veteran quarterback get into that so that the crude this year. We would like it could easily be an intelligent. Ran a finger Brennan takes a call. First of all were Reilly sure I've never seen brain around a drop pass either but I can't tell you how many I've seen him catchy there. Drifting back to the pre season like there's touched on the card is the Eagles and a McGee only player remember from him. I never fans loving him I've never even myself being enthralled the idea of discussion to team. And you read a 447 Miley Dinara for 34 threes like. Tyree kills beater. Chris Johnson laid back in the day speed. I need another name than Tyreke feel like old beat fast player in league with elite fast player in the league. Every time I say that I use Tyree kills my example nine's got the other guys Tony Brown. The easy easy. God who were the other guys who wouldn't DeSean Jackson he's an old. He's so fast. And Rick says Mike Wallace. Another old guy. I'll try to think of some more of those as we go along here let's keep the calls going go to Jonathan in Alden Jonathan Jamaica. They Celtic and a gallon on your readers don't think he'd gotten I've paper I'm glad I know he's got domestic. How about last summer I won't say all the bells go import twelve at Atlanta Brad noble. Glad I'm probably Eddie played up until the but the way out but they don't take no surprises this year. But ultimately. I'm partial hole and hope for a reversal last year that they have made the playoffs the bill Kate but you've got all the possible. I'd be perfectly okay at the built again I Japanese what do you think. I'm. What did you find with the bills having a top kicker now I don't know if is that I'm not optimistically dew you said you're optimist on paper I'm not optimistic on paper. I'm not willing notice secured to say just because they prove people wrong last year means that they can do what again. Because I watched seventeen years before last year where they did not prove people wrong. Seventeen years and are they did not prove people wrong because they did it once it's made me think that you do two times in a row. The percentage than that don't see in the lineup. I don't think though I would take them having a top and maybe have what it would have taken heavy topic is what is. What are the bill's goals for this year and the bills we'll tell you their goals are to go all the way when symbol obviously nick plants but. Sitting here today I think of realistic goal for the bills is not about the bills it's about Josh Allen. Do we really what's more important bills fans out there I think most of them would you be the same answer. Their win loss record. Or Josh Allen showing up and being great. 'cause I think most bills fans who tell you they'd rather have Josh Allen look amazingly did Shawn Watson had booked last year and go five and eleven. Then they would. Gold 97 with AJ McCarron as a quarterback. Let's go to news Steve Steve your and I kept going up. Oh yeah he will not good yeah that's almost three years we lost our receivers. Speaking of speed we had good he would go for that yet we had we get any we have woods was a superstar now. And Hogan was their fourth receiver or third receiver and problems fourth Padilla. Hogan and Bryant. We are all Golden Retriever and one by one gone gone gone. And everybody would panel Tara Tara terrible evil and onto the buckle up the bulk we'll look at the ultimate thing people that we have now basically. And political expert and are able nobody in the early June gloom that CNET and be able gain on its own. He can repeat it and it really sit. What happen it won't eat and what they hit it up and they got. That they think it's still but it really bit. What you really got really noble route through. Your article precinct where. And that's why I will probably have eight or 211 people in the year. And Libya won't transition with the quarterbacks they have become so similar. New handset. And that attitude that he had you'll be a good mentor to lump. Two baker mayfield I think the Breaux to probably a good clean. And I don't think that we had a problem a long time we should've kept somebody we should've kept some kind of receiver because going included in the sort of have a good quarterback. Is gonna be the same thing at our planet and had a twenty court park and even then. We really didn't plan through it it's early early bet that he. No I agree they had. Steve thanks for the call they had four wide receivers. That are now number one or number two guys on good teams. Watkins and number will one number one. Yet no and to me because it's kind of a trio Erica strips Kelsey is great in Tyreke hill's great. So he's one of the top guys in Kansas City. Robert Woods is one of the top guys and LA left team. Mark he's good when is the number two. Slash number one him and are some of their in San Francisco. Who was not great last year with cor Rob Lowe they were great soul laid bare what people about making the playoffs this year he's top receiver there. And then Hogan is one of the top guys in New England. That's four receivers you walk out the door. And I'd be fine with that. If we had some young. Development tolls and draft picks they'd gone out and replace them but they haven't done. They've replaced them with. A downgrade. From Sammy Watkins and that we fourteen draft class to count to Calvin management. With Bob Baffert second. They could've had Iger Sammy Watkins wrote about them long term. From that we fourteen draft class. And we ended up with Kelvin Benjamin maybe not long term that's who we got right now. In view break wide receivers on a draft question would not be in the top couple. You probably brain cooks out of them it certainly have backed him out of them. Watched in should be out of them. There's other names do on nine taken over now that plea that receiving Clinton's class I've seems stacked but. You let all those guys walk out the door. And other thing that worries me is where Brandon being shot McDermott came from the Carolina Panthers. That was eighteen that when they were winning they were winning. But he did not have great talent at receiver they had Benjamin. And not even the Super Bowl your vision of Benjamin because he was yet torn ACL. And then they had Ted Ginn. It had again in the DeVon functions. Like to disguise. And that's what worries me they came from a team that didn't put great value unskilled positions. And when you're looking at quarterbacks that might have some flaws like David heading with Cam Newton and Carolina. Who had accuracy issues in maybe Josh held gonna have accuracy issues here. To me you would want those skill positions to be as good as possible. To surround that quarterback. With talent allocates city do we have homes are now like that's how I would wanna do it. Kansas city's gonna put my homes and their this year for its first season which he's looking around the past. He's got Travis Kelsey down the middle of the field. He's got Tyreke held for screens and guided and stretch it he is Sammy Watkins who you just thrown up to where every Watson could come down with the ball Prius cream hungry to check it down to. Ever have a home's gonna look this season. He's got a great offensive weapons wherever Josh Josh delegates and gain in less he's looking a double off LeSean McCoy he's now looking at one a week talent. Let's go to Lawrence Lawrence your and that capped when I'm. Arnold you know. Both our analysts say you know you're definitely right directing them bikers neighbors I felt like we should at least kept proper work in market going bit of an older cheaper. Yup kinda understand the money would anybody. I didn't want anything at saint portrait here I a little bit provision. And but clearly it recap and you wanna pick here optional and then they're saying they're keeping Bittermann on the the first action I'm Victor apps that. Money wise I think watt teens and eighty would have been a little higher because he's a higher tech I'm not actually sure about that. All Erica couldn't have been router and as I mean admittedly blown. Are the optimism and I remember in 2000 and saying we had ranked its factory. He need not and Kalin and nobody annually guidebook or even tired. And thought it was great we'd be moved forward OK here put off by the a lot of point and everything like that. May need opted for the fine he knows the he's gotten type players out of 80 with a great. What Laura Terry are you talking about not just tiny so what does eleven restarted foreign want. Not our night enact mediocre and awfully good day and welcome the 2010 season and could not although Erdogan played horrible that year. And thought they played pretty well. Yet apply their own game because they open that we put up very and that put up 35 here. Bart thanks for comment about remembering. 2010 armed in went four and twelve. I do remember the defense being. Truly. Awful. The does that automatically mean you offences gut I'm not sure about between eleven they were certainly better than most people expected Chan Gailey is the coach there's lot of lives just. The same thing over and over is either screen to Spiller. Org is a slant Stevie Johnson heard David Nelson. Yeah I was kind of a whole offensive. On. Could they be that. I guess they could but if you remember either about between eleven season and often started so well. But midway through the year when teams surging film on them and realizing hey guys they're just kind of throwing it different slant over the middle. Let's make fits throw longer to the outside. And nick kinda ended right there. So I don't know if that's the best example of both offense can be great this year. That was kind of a we'll be honest. That offense is kind of the poster. They had a couple great weeks. In the cotton teens off guard and then when teams got to film on the Michael this is pretty easy shut down attended this. In a 30550 Bartz thinks the call. Taking your calls on giving me some optimism for this bill season I am. Near rock bottom two when it comes optimism for this year. But I'm so excited for the season to give me a reason to be even more sad in a terrified of these phone number we pulled get to Eric Winston in the second hour. Lot of good things to say on AJ McCarron. And at. At 8 o'clock am ranked quarterbacks in the AFC east find out where I've got the bills quarterbacks. Pat that's at 8 o'clock Winston at 830 we will carry Jim Kelly. Who will be accepting the Jimmy V award at the espy's will carry that live here and WG are not quite sure when that is gonna happen EST start. At 8 o'clock in cats that over and yes 101520. But will carry. Jim Kelly speech like you're WGR when it happens to say to that. As well but they'll come at you it's like cat Jody B Osce Kyle Powell and Victor Powell right here on WG. Homered. Right fairway for the birthday I don't know about if guys. Came up. In regard them gonna go out there. Often thought I ruined. But. You guys that are helpful for the fourth of August is about good about position you have to believe you're gonna be got to get the ball. Are you got both feet forward. NFL players association president Eric Winston. On with one bill's life earlier today we're gonna play that back at 830 you don't wait that long he can. Listen to a now I guess this enemy pets on demand at WGR. 550 dot com or on the radio dot com at. We're not gonna laugh. Not a playback Greg Brady there. From choke in the blog that is also on demand. That was about the quiet Leonard trade today to the raptors and excuse me. I really think. If the day he had to have talked to him first rate but there's reports out there that he might not played for Toronto. You might sit out again which by the way is just so petty and his part. But. It would just on paper I bought the tree for Toro. Is that would give them the best player in Eastern Conference but that the team it's can't get over the hump of beating the best team. In the conference amid the best team possible the best coach. They add it still the best supporting cast and it couldn't be LeBron James these can do no met you know what it was the worst Cleveland team he ever had they couldn't beat. Now he's in the west. And I get it acquiring him means now you have the best player in that conference. Which is what you couldn't get over before. If you doesn't wanna play there he doesn't wanna play either you can't really force and you should I mean he is under contract he should be able do in terms of that. I don't know how that works if you set out this whole year. They wouldn't be able to go immediately file a complaint and say hey heatedly about the terms of his contract so he can't become a free agent. But I wouldn't have to be something written down about that now. Some code of conduct her claws Soledad Soledad that would simulate aren't quite you're not replace them the kids go to free agency. Would you did little to deter your contract. On. If he decides plea for them even if it's for one year I like the trade though for the raptors. 'cause I don't think you'll save their but he plays this year lake at this point. Phillies common. Because they've got two young superstars band Simmons still indeed. Boston is common. They've got a couple good veterans and carrier bringing Gordon Hayward but they've got young players that are on the up on the up to Jalen brown in Jason Tatum. The very begun for a long time philly's gonna be good for a long time Kyle Lowry your best point your point guard is. He's getting up there you still really really good but at some point he's gonna hit that he's gonna hit that cliff. So why not go all out for a this year I'm I've walked that. Especially the way your past couple years have gone. Swing for the fences. But it's that changes to me if he doesn't want to play for you at all when he's gonna sit out. And it looks really bad is and you just treated your best player and you got Danny Green out. Who am so I'm supposing most people think or have never heard of before the player but like he's he's not a star by any means. It 30550 is a phone number I'm looking for optimism reason I should be optima reasons I should be optimistic. For the upcoming bill season because I am pretty low on it right now I think there at 45 wins. Sitting here today. Training camp begins a week from tomorrow players report. A week from today will be wide from their show over the Bulaga will be alive from there. On Thursday and Friday of the next week. And a lot to build up. Don't be quarterback competition. So I should beat should make a very interesting. Training camp next on the nightcap on their record backs need ceased that's coming up nightcap Jody B Osce how tolerant of each year.