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The award for perseverance Kelly's been diagnosed with cancer three times in the last five years in the hall of fame quarterback becomes the second former bills' player to receive the war. Former tide in Kevin Everett was honored in 2008. Around the NFL after eleven seasons that featured eleven Pro Bowl appearances. And one Super Bowl championship Darrelle Revis has decided to call it a career. Read his released a statement on his program Wednesday announcing he's retiring from the NFL and he finishes his career with 29 interceptions. After acquiring wide receiver Brandon coach and an offseason trade with the patriots the Los Angeles rams have extended cook's contract days before the start of training camp. It's a reported five year extension worth 81. Million dollars cardinals general manager Steve kind was jailed last Tuesday evening after pleading guilty to extreme DUI. He's scheduled to be released on Thursday. This follows his July 4 arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence the cardinals have suspended time for five weeks and find him 200000. Dollars. The Jacksonville Jaguars signed their first round pick the 29. Overall pick defensive tackle haven Bryant. In his rookie deal a week before the jags report to camp this now leaves Ted first round picks unsigned including. Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh out. A big trade in the NBA the spurs have agreed to trade Kauai Leonard today and Danny Green to the Toronto Raptors for tomorrow Rosen. Yuck a brutal. I'm sorry Yucca hurdle. And it 20191. Round draft pick. Kauai only appeared in nine games last week with the spurs due to a cost quadriceps injury he suffered during the 2017. Playoffs. And finally in baseball the bison wrapping up a three game set with the Norfolk tides the first pitch was at 1 o'clock and currently in the fourth inning it is too. To two and that is your sports update. We are pleased now to be joined by former Buffalo Bills current. NFL network analyst and it writer for nfl.com. I've played five for five teams in a five year career in the National Football League Bucky Brooks Bucky Steve tasker and along with Chris Brown thanks for coming on with a man we appreciate it. I don't know what they meant talk a little bit about I was interested and I noticed a big undertaking it picked like top. Rookies on both sides of the football team is your best case worst case scenarios. For all ten of these guys and give us a little idea of maybe what are some of the surprising findings yet we started digging into what could happen some of these early rookies. In their and I know it's all conjecture you know nothing and you know we don't know anything it happens in these guys for sure but. What are some of the surprising things you and covered in in researching this article about the best case worst case scenario for these guys. Let met with the biggest thing. But it did make it hard to forget what players won't do so many quarterbacks in uncertain situation. Armed rebels for everything over and working that it that it. That may or may not be well into the store model. The trend of late in the draft you know quarterback for the immediately Alter the legal duty can do the first year then build a table on them you're too. What what you hear from some of these situations so perky quarterbacks about these must feel so academies you wonder. How much will they play as ferociously. It would seem to me though that if any of them have a good shot it's probably rose in Arizona who I know impress the heck out of the coaching staff there in the spring. You know just with a his football acumen. And processing stuff out on the field seated early delivering the football with confidence and consistency. Is that part of the reason why you have his passing numbers. You know among the highest of the group in this class. What they're dropping you look at that situation a situation got a player that he might have been the starting quarterback. As well point not facilities what Calvin same breath as these days. The debate felt that references to. We've got to stop. Being on the field being available for fixing games. When you hear the conversation coming out of there as well what you saw this special if it would be kidded him or threats that we all. You have to be up and they're very easily you barefoot in the news when the ball off. If you look for the fact that Sam Bradford said it was serious yeah you know I would say they're probably for the very very culture war world and now. Josh golden as a bit of water. And it's interesting to think about because there is so much riding on these young quarterbacks it was a big Dre I think was most exciting offseason. For a long time because there's a lot of hype about Anna. There's both a lot of positives and a lot of negative about each of these quarterbacks one of the other things about it. Was that that you go down further in the draft guys like cinquanta Barkley Bradley Chad guys like that who were passed over because of the quarterback situation. Those guys were looked that is right like more can't miss. Talents coming out of college so what about their outside in their downside what are the chances that we see a Bradley Chubb. Or sequel on Barkley actually explode on the scene in and really do the kind of things that. They're physical ability would would suggest. They did that could be very very similar to the 2000 let me address that drafting one word and movement for us within our say eleven. Six after that all Opel for itself but more so far is the bomb that was sergeant Peterson JJ watt. Although guys came performed at a very throughout lawful. When you look at the position players in this draft. Well which they called pork is bad it's Alan written all over them they're the kind of guys that most all in there will be the number one overall it. But for whatever reason is elected to take the gamble and go for the quarterback. And now we'll have to see how that plays well. Goes down a lot of lead quarterback global war on certain. And the position players who have been convinced you to make that determination you don't have a quarterback and sent. Yeah you're right I mean it's easy to meet him when you're you're drafting a little bit for need your also drafting a little bit too. New unity trying to roll the dice a little bit but you're also trying to take the best player available and and when you slice it and when there's four or five players at that spot at quarterback which is such an important position. How are you not only how you would I wait those five guys but also how you think other teams are gonna by weight and in that draft class becomes Paramount it's. It's it's like a spy novel. Trying to figure out who's gonna take who and how who's gonna draft at trade up to get to that spot so. I thought this was one of the most eggs like you said since 2000 arrived as well most intriguing drafts in its strategies. That we've seen in recent memory. Yeah absolutely you know to say about it. All they're very different ways that you can do agency and an overly physical or patently. And wanted to simplify and young quarterback they haven't right. What is it with them where if you unsure of what the quarterback you can have a law taking good player and we've seen this thing. Really good players on the orbiter can elevate this way. Although quarterback that may be a bit mobile order that we saw that last season case in Minnesota usually countless others out of the game mode hopefuls you don't. Blue chips till death to elevate them. I think during its you have to be able to do you have if the markets are lost in the future seeing a cap figure out which if you have a mobile quarterback. Available one back enough self. An average of forty K however. If you don't have it available quarterback it's hard for 1000 would be what talent what to what he had ever seen. You really get you order that will be all personnel would you want to address up. And make sure that you get them like definitely to Obey Jewish law. I know you just did projected stats for all these players offense and defense walking in. So he naturally the first thing people are gonna do and I was is guilty this is anybody. Was looked at the projected stats that you had three to the quarterbacks. Only in terms of you know total production in terms of passing yards and TDs vs interceptions. But the completion rate. And you know obviously Josh Allen you have listed here with the lowest completion rate projected him in about 55%. I think Arnold was. Next lowest with 58 where you just simply projecting. From college statistics there. Or do you think some of the same things that maybe these guys struggled with in college. Could you know rear their ugly heads as first year rookies. We're probably if it always remembered that it'd where's that at quarterback. And I'll be able to come into the league quite aware lighted up. The format a local is he will be giving college. I think betrayed their job they'll and it they'll double for the for the production. If you are sick completion percent passer now I'm who nineteen cal that's what caught. Yeah you can try and be awful way up into the passing game but that's not. And even in saying that they're that we put it just I think you can look at can't do that can't be useful question. They have done that since 2% faster. However it yeah it would be good very productive because the opposite is what it really was accused of effective. The outer what does that civil vocal passing. And you push the ball for you know. Look at these numbers that is going to come back out fortune hopefully they'll be explosive plays off that debt probably wouldn't look at jobs well. The familiarity between the general manager and an echo as can you in fact. Probably it is better in terms of how to look this just now how they look if you knew about it trying to build its itself. He writes for nfl.com and he's an NFL network analyst he's a former Buffalo Bills wide receiver Bucky Brooks is on one bills live and budget wanna switch gears for many also wrote some things about. Some quarterbacks who you thought you think might break have breakout season and some. About some guys you think might be overrated and he would talk about Patrick my home for the Kansas City cheese to cheese trade with the Buffalo Bills last year. To jump up and get more homes he sat behind. Alex Smith last year. And now they've handed him the reins and this is kind of the scenario for all these young quarterbacks we've just been talking about. The chiefs have done exactly in the best case scenario. Of the way to bring that along slowly than give him the team unfettered with by dealing Alex Smith. And turned over Patrick Holmes no competition given the team he's had a year to learn Heidi and you think this might be the perfect way to handle my homes. Yeah I think that is far Politico. At a few different very well worn governor about your trip to bring. All injected back there that you Adams did or you lose Durbin the partnership which you gave the most thought. It got a little Florida and conceivably get the entire thing yeah all the refs let me get this season. And whether these are performed pretty well if that would block a bit about what we're at a game winning drive. You were able to watch as well developed on the practice field and that you're able to figure out what we need to help him play at his best. We'll be off in and they go get another speed receivers in the market. Well wouldn't look at that wide receiver of course yes every Walken you're apparently fuel you attribute Kelsey. I mean don't have to really I think you'd say before us is modest global receivers that can help them. You have it felt good water in Korea on wall also consistent all of the fact you. So now what you're asking your young quarterback to do if you really good point guard on the basketball war. What the feds where to default to open man and allowable guest didn't work. I think when you look at what Kansas City did you look at what the Philadelphia Eagles and ultimately it did a season ago. They all haven't used that awful I think yeah all of that can record you'd court for putting on early in the second year to know what to. You're welcome slow on the flight a lot. Now you mentioned Jerry doubt lucky and we know that. Coach McVeigh had uninteresting approach. With him they would call the play early. So that can often get up to the line before the cut off with fifteen seconds on the play clock. Where McVeigh could literally talked to him and helped him through the defensive coverage that he was looking at three snapped. With these young quarterbacks do you anticipate a trend developing there. With offensive coordinators. Come again teams up to the line faster they can be chatting with their quote young quarterback. As much as possible before the play. Thought it was over you know the thought they that the bill is that if they felt we're in the patriot I would probably investigators have until the year. Operated by the bell. You want a place that we get to the line and have more information given to you got to visit disputed information this year yeah I think about young quarterback. If you go all the way back who fought for our coach right or argued LA. Left over and we don't know quarterback. They played a couple that is that a lot a lot of that would call it what you do is look to the sidelines. Offensive coordinator or else what is your view ended up in goal for what you have written don't like to have a quarterback play or arbitrary well. But it is a Florida. You have the ability to do that well I think in of the rules to help you young quarterback. Happy is beautifully well I think it would registers on the way to do it I want you to walk quicker government. I think most certainly need more offensive coordinator try to play a little more powerful striker that you're doubt you. Inaudible faster they can help thwart that process and what they're quarterback it's like. This guy after all they are coaches is their job to help on the why would you use those that the the loopholes in the rules to do that ends and it makes perfect sense to me and one of the as you talk about these young quarterbacks how they develop and some of the things they coordinators have done. To do that last year that no 49ers got Jimmy garrote a low mid season or early in the season and they sat him. Plus four weeks. Or at and then finally got to start and in the last six games of the season they went. They ran the table and went six and no. And nevertheless you might think. The EZ pic is to say the niners gonna make a big leap forward are you not convinced of that or are you. You know I think you may be off of it and this score well I've been blue wasn't it was just awful low out there and it was good. But not what you most of the field would give room for five weeks to really learn. As much and could have got there afford it what about their I think their white played well I think the big thing for him to Rob Lowe will help me. How out of the way to be offensive coordinator adjusted yeah. Never get five games losses at about their or would say looking at game that could dependency. Looking HL that he may have. Out of there yet with people adjust their coverage is to take away it was yeah. Though he had the ability to find alternatives to effective defense. That's the difference between being good English in this league came forward and it just when did you sense that just being. We hope for that and because I believed it would be. And struggled it will give them much resistance. Not all the way you know that Cisco would not advocate a big jump. I do believe it'll go off what will be a good quarterback I don't believe in that second year starting. I think maybe a little more trying Alton begins to deal with the defensive coordinators on the aborted due to a game particularly with Bernard Kouchner the. Yeah it's kind of like. Baseball you know with a new call up from the AAA you know the pitcher comes in nobody's got a real scouting report on a more a feel for what's his out pitch and all that. And after seeing him after the first two at bats the third adapter like tag in the kind of like well what happened there was crews in that first six innings and and the same thing with these quarterbacks have only been on the field for six or seven games. I want to flip it over the defense inside real quick Bucky. You know with some of these forecast for. The eleven defensive rookies picked is that was drawn to the comparison. Between wrote on Smith the first round pick the Chicago Bears and remain Edmonds the first round pick of the bills or second first round pick. And you add their stats pretty comparable I think he gave. Five more tackles to roll on Smith in your projection gave one more sack. To Jermaine Edmonton your projection but there are numbers largely the same close to a hundred tackles. A couple of sacks. You know maybe a picker to hear there. But the interesting thing for me is Smits can be planned inside linebacker 34 in Chicago along side gaining true faith and and you've got to remain and Mendes is the quarterback of the defense here in buffalo and a 43 do you really see. Either of their production. I mean. I think Jermaine Evans can be all over the field he's going to be a three down guy what are you candidacy with. Wrote quad Smith that's gonna make his numbers pretty comparable to that event. Are they wouldn't go back and look at both their game over who got that disruptive play makers both don't have the speed to be felt on the a lot. It ma and all of automakers other depicting the world what we have in Britain for defense. I am expecting experience you that you used Patrick Willis. You'll understand the deficit go they'll cover often they're war a lot of disputed definite effect itself. Are they just say you know being gathered or Alter. All cap back on back cat a kick off and they allow local note the money is because that's what you remember that George. Available evidence. I think all the what my situation because. It probably has a little forum for being able effect quite yet have. If you wouldn't cheat we offer at this summit there. That you may have been important facility is built to make plays. What you different capacity in Warsaw lobbyists are all of that we've really marketed these as particularly in the front seven. Talk thought that there problem with that it really could be that he's around. Isn't awfully trouble when you vote yes on the body there but yes we just physical attributes about whether they're. In the process for it and it got kind of big to face your fruits all the be susceptible involved. I mean like yeah we're out here watches spring practice I mean he's the head taller in the huddle than anybody else feet. Added he's a linebacker he's and you know low literature Lorenzo Alexander who's seen a lot of football players in this league over his twelve years. I mean he said the kids afraid he's an absolute freak like ridiculous arms that go on for days runs like a deer. He said he's ridiculous so. People are getting pretty hyped up about. You know what he can be for these defense which I think a lot of people feel is gonna take another step. War but yeah I ask you address your question to you you'd listed all these top draft picks on the defensive side of the ball as rookies no one asked about one in particular. The first quarterback taken by the browns Denzel ward mean last year we had Marchand Lattimore explode on the seat in Norman mr. Davies white here in buffalo to the top corners. In the league last year as rookies and and of course the young guy Jalen Ramsey also they're all under 25 years old they're all really young is just Cleveland. Find the same thing in Denzel war what kind of player is he gonna be as the top corner taken. We saw the coach bill if it really special. All it is. Opportunity. Out of it also a difference maker either way it will take on the island of evidence and one. Receiver. It may get it off shadow rightward unheard of for bush employer. If mode is forward athletic. All their repressive other officers before fall a couple with all the bells. And lucky you why aren't the right way I think is coming up between all the guys it's it's. Flight. You've got the entry pass the ball well all this played well for all of it really is cued up for questions for the other. Or give them an opportunity to have a lot of already excited about quarter better in the league today I got a particular. All of the possibility. Of very who bought that allows us Pacific it. It became the kind of floated. Count all the game what law if this. One thing the last thing had asked you about Bucky. And I agree with you a 100% on this she said of that this government coming up about Levy on one of the I think the CPA when it comes up. What are the big topic hot topics and perhaps point of contention for between the league and the players is going to be the franchise tag Levy on bell. Turned down an enormous offer from the Pittsburgh Steelers to punt for fourteen and a half million box this year. I think something's going to be done with the way players are exposed to free agency at the end of their rookie contract what do you think. The other topic I think it's certainly in the that they were educated about the let's built in. All you want the quarterback position how. The way it's been talked about immediate circle there's got there's. The waste saying he depositions. For Steve Walker impacted by the summer and a possible informant in cotton. And although that doesn't affect this could make. I think we think about it without Derrick did you exceed muddied it all players have I think four is promoting hadn't used to look at the French are back. But it sure it beat it like you would give them a lot of money quickly. As opposed to these law out here that really don't have a lot of your money. It looked much bigger than if you hear what people see. The deal Fletcher called the bubble screen whether the sports ticker. I think you're exactly right Bucky Brooks is NFL analyst nfl.com writer. NFL network analyst former wide receiver the National Football League was a former teammate demise great here from your doing great work a lot of the stuff you're right thanks so much for being on. One bills live with this Bucky. It. But he was. And really good player and is one of those. Guys that got caught back in the days I've played trying to make a team that was one of the Super Bowl every year coming in a tough roster to make but that guy. As you could tell from talking to them how. Sharp he was and we intelligent he was and the stuff he's talking about with these young players in the NFL when and where they're playing. Really interesting because it's easy to see a best case scenario and worst case scenario but you know two is probably for most of them. Tony somewhere in the middle right and the only one I think get a chance to ask him about was trimmings brother. Is he playing three or three hours down the road in Pittsburgh as a safety. You know he's coming in there and we kind of know how things work. In Pittsburgh like. And he wrote it in the got to earn your way on the field under Tomlin. And he doesn't just plug any rookie into the lineup of Lester exceptional. You know they made him a first round pick but you know he's got a veteran at safety in and at free safety and Morgan Burnett. In front of him but if he comes on and can be the playmaker. That they're looking for in center field. You know there's a chance to get on the field before his rookie year is out. And trying to unseat. Morgan Burnett. You know Shawn Davis is a good strong safety for them and they're really missing. That playmaker now after the Ryan she's here spinal cord injury last year. They need somebody to really kind of stepped up. And be that difference maker in the in the middle of their defense for years it was Polamalu right and then she easier has cat had kind of stepped into that. Plain make. There there was a line Bagram hiding her type role gap and was able to stay on the field for different situations very fast it was one of those new linebackers he sought in the playoffs last year. The Jacksonville Jaguars. They've got linebackers that are built like strong safety strike they can fly they can really skewed. And if you look at the back seven for the Steelers right now there really isn't. That guy in your defense and you have to believe that the Steelers are hoping. Maybe not as a rookie but eventually. Remain in his brother Terrell can step into that kind of a role and be that kind of a difference maker. In the back seven for their beef is probably going to be pretty good Christmas for the Edmonds household with Terrell and Terrelle. Terrell and remain being both been picked in the first round in at the NFL draft and their brother Trey is is a rise a reserve running back door it's. It's Chris that's ridiculous. And is added what's in the water ice. I Chris Brown states has grown one bills live were to come back at the bottom of the hour and we're not talking NFL's true false of one bills live presented by Carolina help will be right back from one bills drive this is Buffalo Bills break. New York's artisan cheese okay brownie here we go got three of these we'll try to get all of them. Outside of quarterbacks. NFL's true falls outside of quarterbacks Ezekiel Elliott is the most indispensable. Offensive player in the National Football League. Which I go first you'll meet him. I'll go first obviously false. Now this is outside the quarterback so you know you know it's not like knock down court right right now I get it. I would I could come up with two or three that I would definitely give me four to. I was doing Tony a brown. On the cover of madness we talked. And when we see. Probably. So here's here's the thing when you're thinking about indispensable. You're not only thinking about who that guy is as as a performer on the field for his respective teams what around your yeah you're also thinking what's left if he's not there. I'm going LeSean McCoy. It I hadn't thought about it as a built from bills' perspective so I was I was going Antonio brown and bullish on the court I would say as well as the might do better more in despises you guys would be damaging might catch up LeSean -- the other one is Leonard format because you know Blake or this is Stan has a place holder you know I think Leonard format down in Jacksonville this is not seen the guy play he's unbelievable in fact it gave me easy to it later for a particular format and here's and here's the thing to do that's different this year in comparison to last year for the jags is there were a couple of weeks. We're four net was out of line up with that ankle problem or he wasn't nearly the player that he was disease plain hurt down the stretch they had Chris Ivory last year. Who is a similar type. Power back and he's they are now. So you know yes they have the other kid became an Alabama whose names escape me right now down there who who runs for them. Yelled yeah TG LT they have yelled in which you know he's never not a huge drop off but at the same that guy. I would say ivory is more like. Ornette. You know that yelled yes and it's ivory is not there anymore he's here and bottles. You're right but Noland afforded this is a man was so we both go falls. For outside of the Corretja who has the most and a dispensable offered to play in the National Football League number two in a felt true false. Seahawks are poised for the NFL's biggest fall from grace. And for me I guess I go first on this one. Now I think that's false there's no question that there it going to be a different football team the legion of boom is gone they're not gonna win games the way they did once by dominating defense almost suffocating defense and back. In their Super Bowl win. Against the Denver Broncos. In my opinion it is the greatest defensive performance in the super bowl of all time better than Bayer's 85 absolutely. Much better. Then the bears have 85 why it's a performance in him because of this. The bears an 85 won that game 35 to ten against the new 46 to 1036 to 1046 to ten. 4646. To 46 to two and it is the New England Patriots. Who at that time had the sixteenth ranked offense in the National Football League in the nineteen in 1985. The legion of boom in Seattle in Super Bowl. Forty something something. I have heard how the incident just they played against Peyton Manning in the Denver Broncos who were the greatest offense in all history. And they crushed him it was not even a contest Oca that Seattle Seahawks beat to a pulp. The most the statistically best offense in the history the NFL they were record breaking that year. And they had no shot in that Super Bowl that's why I think that the Seattle Seahawks have the best and we've gotten off topic here that's why I think they were the best defensive performer small timers who bull. They're from can experience the true false question was they're gonna experienced the biggest fall from grace. I don't think gonna fall that far there they were nine and seven glanced they're gonna win game like how much further they four point united. They're they're gonna win games differently no question they're going to be different football team they're not gonna win with defense but they're gonna win Russell Wilson gives him a chance. They're the rest of the players on their art on their offense and their defense they're gonna play all right Pete Carroll's got a program there. They are gonna look different they're not gonna have a suffocating defense but their rock fall that far. I mean here's the thing I gotta say falls too because would you be surprised if the Seahawks make the playoffs not at all I would neither. So how can you call it a fall from grace if they can still be a play off they got to play making consistent quarterback. You got Rashad penny that running back has talked about it like him a lot. I'd like him a lot I think he's gonna be productive for that. No there there in them and their and it. A division. With the rams who jumped out of the blocks last year there and with. An Arizona team that's in this got to say that airs origin got a huge question mark because of their quarterback. And of course that you've got the 49 with Jimmy drop blow who you know they've still got some pieces to put in the despite the finished they had last year. As like we said they're gonna catch up with Rocco went what I tried it and we are right yet when I'm trying to do is find. Another team. Who is more likely. To fall from grace this year based on what they did last year. I don't know why I'm having a hard time. I like it there's no easy pick here you could say Tennessee you could say yeah the Tennessee the only nine cent regular teams that are poised like your you know pick a team like Minnesota who was stratosphere last year you gotta pick a team. Well even like the jaguars who. I got the playoffs and and won that division you know they could. They could take a step backwards if things don't fall there where if their defense gives some injuries or something like that but I in light of Atlanta maybe could fault them but I don't think they will. They were but they were only ten in San listening yet the Seahawks lost star defensive players. But man oh man they're still pretty good football so I think we're both say falls you know I'm I'm definitely same false that the challenge I'm trying to. Come the answer I'm trying to come up with here is who else is it's not the Seahawks than who. Who would you put in that spot I don't think the Steelers are going anywhere they won the AFC north. I mean you wanna saw hey do you wanna say the chiefs because they have a rookie quarterback but. Even they were only ten and six him on the west last year. Maybe I would say. You know awful lot of talent on offense to greet you know egregious they Jacksonville like portals doesn't I was it was well action bill because that they look to be that the the team that struggled to score points although in the division round is things happen down forty points on the Steelers. It's hard to. There are those teams that seem poised to drop now certainly. If this hearts go eight Nate take a step backwards one game that's still not a drop in others may be Baltimore's 97 maybe they really struggled this year they turn the page from Flacco. Halfway through they give up this year have been interns. It's in that accident I may be. Yeah I mean I I see that this. He could see where the questions coming from the Seahawks and I just don't think there's an easy answer here of a team that's just gonna precipitously. May be dropped off the face of the year maybe that's why they picked the C. Or say that because nobody else seems to be you know points like they are I still say Apple's. I due to. Now number three in a filter in polls James Harrison tops the craziest. Offseason. Workouts you kept up with this in their step one awful time with these guys are now and programming network ad as put stuff out there were catch you guys doing. Do when they doing college oh my gosh you know they got the guys in their doing spring work out some dead lifting crazy workout at 700 pounds and yet squatting 395. East 39 years old he's power lifting. Doing some stuff he east be upped his power lifting game the cup few years ago this that the deal was 675. Pounds put it across his policies across its comic. And then like human planks with letters. You know reversed their first place all my guys doing lunges with just unbelievable. Wait yeah I don't I'm not in the business this. I'm big on lifts in my own body weight like I'll do the only time I let my body which would stand up. No but like I'd rather do pushups and pull ups. You know those kinds of things instead of doing these stupid weight because whenever I try to do. And it is Olympic lifting and certainly I'm not doing anything that James Harrison is doing for a mystery viewers what got a medicine ball to snap yet domestic strain medicine ball. And I and that's like yeah I'm not I'm not in the business of doing and I never have my no right. It's true though anything from a push here too. You know paying clean I'm not doing any. I guys doing all kinds increase starts with TO runner and a 454044. Years old and he ran 4449444. You've got these guys I'd say Kwon market got a couple of videos out there worry he's leaned down lifts 315 pounds off of four straight up. Drops back down before removes his PD does a forty. 48 incher 44 inch. Vertical box jail box yeah right so. I think JJ watt you like a 55 inch boxed him now fortunately for him he's Smart enough to go to the soft headed boxes. Right because the last thing happen I'm just gonna tell you. I've witnessed people bite the boxes they say where you don't get your feet up on the top. Biting the box is supposed to looking leaves. Scorers. On people Sheehan. Scars. Do not fight the box. Yeah and I've also seen guys. Do you all in all this crazy workout stuff where. Even as. Harrison. Rick James Harrison he also has a thing we've got a rubber band around his back so like he's playing on a bench press a holdup. And he's got a 150. Don that I thought why he's pitching 300 pounds with resistance around his back and a he was playing in of course that's so far out of the realm of possibility. Could even dream of even trying to do it is that I. On another video with Paris in doing. This volleyball team where he's thrown a medicine ball over to the other side in the other guys got to catch it. And throw it back like that's the game they're playing so. He's heaving this. You know like an old school scotsman wrecked you know some of those they call those of pull through the highland games yet highly. So you know how they're exactly they get those long telephone poles and they like have to roll up in the air flip them so it lands on the opposite end. As some of these guys it'll throw these like kegs over their shoulder and over wall behind them I've seen so he's taken that approach would volleyball he's got his back to the net. He's Galley a hundred pound medicine ball heaving over his shoulder to the other side the other guy's gotta run like a center fielder actually thing. Turnaround in what they're active in the same. Because you knots like you don't sit down you know have a nice team in the sun on your back porch like. That's it that's a trip to the emergency room for me of well off buyback would be like oh yeah I don't think so nobody. That would be yet that I'd be in traction now I cannot in OK shape and you know it and I get him. James Harrison's 3930. Years old. Like he was like these 22 you'll have to say Kwan Barkley Al freshly could come and there yes. Your plane in the NFL you kind of have to do something that we've boasts. He's I think you're SA yes James Harrison just really because he's all the dousing true because they just prolific he's got like fifty of these videos coming out of him doing this stuff I'm just missing one I'm just gonna stay true because anybody who still motivated to that degree to do that kind of lifting. After a fifteen year NFL career. I'll tip my hand to Syria policy true. All right that's NFL true false but you buy Yancy fancy New York's artisan cheese Steve tasker with Chris Brown who talking about all stuff all around the league. We we kind of have with because our guest Bucky Brooks and Erick when some kind of strayed away for more. Our Twitter question which was which AFC quarterback has them most pressure going into training camp. And it goes all the way down the depth chart of all fork in it AFC east teams you see them and the people on image you can see the Buffalo Bills have AJ McCarron isn't Peter and Josh Allen. The dolphins have got to hand held Brock also Weiler Bryce petty and David fails and fails actually played last year. The jets have got Josh McCown Teddy Bridgewater and Arnold of course and the patriots Tom Brady Brian warrior and Annie. At polling. I'm pretty sure Danny at polling has zero pressure on him street I would go with zero yeah right let's look who's got the least pressure any link Evelyn Pringle went eight. Three it's peddling drubbing at the least if we source there that's of course there's a chance he doesn't even make the roster and he's on the practice squad. Because even guys like price petty and David fails those two guys are fighting to be the third quarter. So there's some Alan wanna be there there is going to be a quarterback but. You know as we said earlier this different kinds of pressure on this list beat it is. You know. Teddy Bridgewater is trying to prove he can still be a productive guys can stay healthy and his mobility hasn't been too compromised. By that near catastrophic knee injury. Brock asked what are still trying to stay in the league. Ryan ten heels trying to prove he can still be a starter AJ McCarron is trying to prove he can beat a starting quarterback gently. And Brady's trying to prove that you can still play and an elite level at age 41. Well we're bringing it down the homestretch forgot one more simmer before we get to the top of the hour we're gonna come back and say and I realize what we learned. Right after this one feels like I'm ready to realize arrive from Buffalo Bill have we learned today that we learn anything. WGR. Sports Radio 515. What do we learn presented by advance alarm providing Western New York homes and businesses with the finest insecurity in a home theater in the preferred alarming home theater provider of the Buffalo Bills we are wrong with Eric Winston the president of the National Football League players association. And he talked about what was coming up on the horizon for the collective bargaining agreement here's what he said. Most of our conversation globes might solve the conversation but they're internal hard you know reversal we've got to understand. What the players along and I think that's important to make sure that those players are hurt. Matt Garza we've got to being to not work out these guys are back. What you're busy. That is what we're seeing how out of humor he was specific job situation. Fallen. And we're gonna try to work something else and hopefully after the labor and obviously it's for everybody but I feel that that it's going to be right. I can add him put a timeline on something like that I can't tell you something elders however because. As you know sometimes borders. If they can out of market. That was or twisting current. NFL players association president we also had Bucky Brooks on NFL network analyst he had just talk about the young quarterbacks in the league in the big draft class that it was he also talked about Buffalo's seventh overall pick Josh Allen. And some of the things that were said about his completion percentage here's what Bucky Edison. Just. Big to predict completion percent faster love high school back to college dot com. You know you can try and feel awful way up to that effect yeah but that's not. And ebitda and saying get up there that we put it just I think you need to look at can't do they can't use the question. Definitely have a good it's that fast however it's been able to be good very productive because the Arctic. You know it really ridiculous that there's a bit of doubt it whether it's back civil political passing it and you push the ball all that you know. Circuits interpret that is going to come down fortune hopefully that explored fully. Off that debt probably would duplicate jobs that would. The familiarity between the general manager and an echo and it can't be inside. I believe it is vintage year terms of how to look this just I would look good to have you and obviously had to build it up itself. That was what we learned presented by advance alarms we've been on the show today and I've been hooked coast hosting with brown Chris Brown of the Buffalo Bills dot com and we haven't had a chance to take too many call him Q going hour to one call before we call it today. This is Tom in Lancaster Tom your own one bills live thanks for being so patient. With me Tom what's on your mind. Just wondering they're still like I don't know 8101. Round draft choices and haven't signed yet it. If there's a salary scale and everybody's slotted it in three months. Is there something afoot that's what this PDA or something what's what's the deal. It's a good question I think you start to get time to thanks for the call Tom appreciate it it's a story time to start thinking about that ten guys left though and he used to be that when it was all. Freewheeling in earnest and nothing says it was like you know wait your turn that distilled and that goes yeah I would agree that yeah I'm not. I don't think. I mean there's too much time before. This new CBA coming up right thing people and a get all that shape now. You know like Eric Winston said we talked to him and a lot of internal conversations. But there have been no conversations with a lead yet so really. What this run up time is going to be about his game plan. The NFL PA is gonna have their game plan at least gonna have their game plan with ownership they probably have their own committee. You know. Among NFL ownership but what about getting Josh Allen side for the buffalo yeah I mean I think I'm I'm not terribly worried about it I really am not. I think we've got the situation here winner. It's going to get down guys are gonna get slotted Josh Rosen already signed. While that package male ones. Or early June. And he got picked after Allen he was the next quarterback off the board after Alan I think the contract parameters are largely set. So I just think it's a matter of ironing out some of that minor. Language right you know that exists with incentives and so. All right that's gonna do for us tomorrow we've got NASCAR driver Clint Boyer coming on the show Lorenzo Alexander is gonna join us and also Chris Brown you're off the -- come in tomorrow you know I had enough work to do this right yet we know senator -- committee tomorrow is Andrew -- of the investigators east and around for an extra few hours in -- and have the football and hockey cocktail -- and George -- Geoff called connect Thomas Oliver calorie JJ three don't of course Jay Harris. Thanks everybody for joining us today that is one of those live from one bills drive on Buffalo Bills radio we'll talk to you tomorrow.