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My shield. No bull dog. Home just one day and guess what day it is. Everybody. Okay. It's Mike she'll open the Mike Mike Mike what does it Mike. That and a Bulldog. And guess what day it is. Doc and I know you can hear me it's my shield and a Bulldog and guess what today is. Tungsten. None WGR. Coal. Exports ring you'll find. New cell. I could use some good news that's good. Energy. I feel great. I mean you're just so much that you build that up just say that yesterday I was just. Mean you you carry me from start to me yesterday you were you were a mule you said at the end of the showed me and I'm like I did I'd like I just couldn't. I had to ice I just it was a struggle. Some would say every day's struggle for me -- a bit I just I was scrambled all day today. Way to do it and then I feel good look out world look out world training camp is on the horizon. Okay it's on the horizon Alia so weak way aria. Dating players report one week from today football star football one week from tomorrow numb I'm I'm sort of feel him. Yeah isn't your time oracle guy but it percolating it's good. The bills have a new quarterback they have two quarterback action they have a new aha. Changes. Everything about training camp right. Well it doesn't change. It doesn't changed from maybe some other cancer had recently they had new quarterbacks at several recent camps that's right good and I backed EJ Manuel in 2013. But the fact is he is the highest drafted quarterback they've ever had in their history of their franchise high. And that's what's different us. And they traded up to do that USMR. And a plane for a year to do be able to do that and that's the guy they identified so I do think from that respect it has a different feel to it. It absolutely does and I I know like. 2013 happened in there will be there when there was not that's not what this because they treated downdraft EJ Manuel and we did spend. Six months talking in picking apart EJ Manuel does not remember it EJ Manuel Sarah. Came to us three or four days maybe before the draft as someone that was a real possibility oil at all. It seemed Florida State played some. And then they picked. Right it Joshua Allen was under a microscope for the entire year. With the you don't all of us the trajectory was heading towards their picking someone and then they. And ended up picking the one that maybe more than any other of the guys people here were on an all you know what I love I don't want that guy. But they did so now he's here and he's gonna be on the field and that. To meet changes everything about training camp because there is going to be so much attention I'm. Wanted to do would do well to be committed grew due to how many mistakes and make it happen. When I don't know if you're gonna be counting completions and interceptions in the completions. It charting everything he does put somebody out there will be. I usually don't too bright I. I and less it's like gay. Hey they they get four downs he noted try and scores and he's a red zone situation and it's it will he he he went two for four. You know trying them on the end zone or there's a two minute situation and they throw five or six passes and I can remember react he completed three or four but I'm not intentionally. Writing down every class sailed wide right. Over someone's head go through that 1010. Easily pleased and pre season games that rise and then I will. I am I'm pretty sure I'm going to be doing that in definitely won the regulations. For sure but there will be people who are charting and not just media members people don't know not what I brownie stadium Athens and they're gonna be like yet I write this down or what and my message for old look yeah public a lot. Panelists and all of the focus coming to try to shift the focus here in a moment we'll see if you could say with a but certainly much of the focus on the bills once they get on the field is going to beyond. Joshua Allen and to a lesser extent AJ McCarron in May computer and and anyone of those three guys is is a possible winner of a quarterback competition. That is going to be taking place. During this camp and have the built by the way before I change the subject. Have they. Declared it an open competition. At this point sell or is it just well these two guys are getting number one reps in this guy's gonna get the thirteen Brett Ferrer or are they openly admitting that they're having a competition. Score it's a great question because it's hasn't been thwarted specifically like. This is an open topic tonight may the best man win but it definitely has the word competition has been thrown out there and it. They've also made it basically clear Sean McDermott made it clear as we relieving OTA is that basically going into mini camp. I'm sorry as we're leading mini camp. Going into training camp we're gonna have the same rotation which is and you're gonna see McCarron in here and with the ones and then Allen with the three's that's how it's gonna start. But he never gave any indication when that could change I think because he would even tell you he doesn't know now is and how it's going to be fluid right what if they see that it needs a change. It will change cell. I I I I'm pretty comfortable sitting here telling you it's a three way capitation. Mean that from the from Irene. It's a three way competition that the the best player out of the three. Is going to be the starter what else could you determine it there's not anyone already eliminated from the competition and there's not any one of the three was already want it. Revenues on an established starting quarterbacks right there so don't they don't happen they'd be treated there stab the starting quarterback big big chose to do that so you're you're an. It is a little different then Tyrod its first year Tony fifteen because. If you remember that year Rex Ryan even said. You know they had to have multiple offenses working at the same time and different fields essentially to get as many reps as possible because the they wanted it's much of a competition. As possible between Tyrod. EJ and that Cassell and that was hey we gotta have all of them play. So we can do this we haven't heard anything like that it's right there's gonna be specific reps for each guy Ellen's gonna get the third team reps at least a start but. Make no mistake. The month of training camp is a competition that Josh Allen we'll have just as much of a chance to win the job based on his own performance as either AJ McCarron Ernie computer. So will have plenty of time to be going through that in this not to say I don't wanna talk about quarterbacks today because you almost always end up. Getting there even if you start somewhere else. But I I'm interested in some other some some other things pertaining to the bills itself there there are some new faces. There are some guys going into the second years you've written about today WGR 550 dot com and I would tell folks who are regular visitors to the web site. To keep an eye on it especially tomorrow morning sale is getting ready to just. It's its training camp preview time them and sale is going to be on loading on the web site. A lot of stuff that's very detailed and very informative and you're gonna wanted to look at and it starts as soon as tomorrow morning. So keep an eye on WGR by two. I think about some of the newcomers. And some question marks. But this team hasn't eaten in a major they have even more question marks and they have solid answers during quarterback for crying out loud is a question mark right now we don't know who it's going to be. In the offensive line is in some walks with Eric woods forced retirement and Richie and cut me don't retiring. Even forty Glen being traded although he was not really the starter what tackle anyway last year do you and off the on Dawkins played twice as many games. Is Glenn did. But you've got you know and a new rookie linebacker. I guess the secondary is pretty stable I'm wondering sell about a lot newcomers on this team. And who you might think. Outside of whoever the quarterback is assuming it's a newcomer. This Caribbean starting quarterback he either way you mean if you can't make computer magazine starting quarterback he did start a couple of games last year. But outside of that because obviously this question would be easily answered with apple thought the quarterback. Is can write a newcomer that has the. This impact outside of that position. Who else on this roster do you think should or could have the biggest impact and who did the bills need that person to. So my answer is a guy that's not gonna have the biggest impact on the stat sheet he's not gonna show up we go wow look at that. But because of him other people will do that and that is starlet to elect. I have gone back and watch some moments are. And I mean rim name drop you're second actually. Had a good conversation would Leslie Frazier just about lake some football stuff with them are written just dedicating your mindset of it's true. I didn't want to Leslie we started talking football x.s nose and I said to the bills' offensive coroner said coach. You can tell me if I'm wrong or crazy but I have watched him on film. In every time I watch this guy he never ever gets hooked what is getting up in what it means is it from a defensive lineman. And I'm watching right across from me I am you know got got off the line across me. And the ball's going to my right my job is to shuffled on the line and not get my right shoulder hooked Beckett turned so that they can go right he never ever does she. Always is free he's always allowing making him forcing everyone to keep going going going to allow his backers to not get blocked. It's start a truly is great at it in. I'm telling you I I think Luke weekly is amazing. I think starlets who they really helped Lee Luke equally and the reason when the bills signed star. You got a lot of people from Carolina go and although it's occasionally lost look he didn't have that you were what are we losing our duty to the titles a better pass rusher correct. Many tea watched our look to allay when he plays he is one of the most unselfish. Good players that you confine and I think that's why they targeted on. He is going to allow a rookie intra main Edmonds to be able to have an. In all rookie type of season because he's going to be in the field lot is gonna make a lot of plays if he doesn't have if Jermaine doesn't have guys like that in front of him. He's twenty years old. As athletic and as big as he is Bulldog. He's going to have a rude awakening in the NFL by big linemen coming out and technically beating him up and physically beating him up. He needs a guy like star like Kyle Williams in front of him like adult with Washington and specifically those two. That are gonna keep bodies offered him and he can fly around and I think because of star. To remain Edmonds will have a legitimate shot to win rookie of the year so EU then wow. Even in. Just like what that did say that he's gonna be on the field I wanted to get a lawyer because of starlets who lays specifically in front of him you know. I think Jermaine Edmonds has a legitimate shot to be the ASD the NFL defensive rookie of the year. Islam to look at the way you're describing him the bills play a fourth three. But it sounds like what Ted Washington basically like bright again. We just yet swallow people up but but the difference is he is so get jet wash it was more like com. Ted Washington be like to get player he basically stand there and force it did he get you got to get CJ. I'm gonna control this I mean that's I mean you're not gonna move me disguised normal he's mobile he's gonna move he's not moving to necessarily get to the ball carrier sure that's part of his job. He's moving to make sure you can't. Get to my guy who's gonna get to the ball cares right any shuffling down a snack at is arm hooked in these super technically sound. And on top of that when there is a pass he can push the pocket a little bit. I'm one of the things that I know that the bills were looking for this year was. They felt that Jerry Hughes did a good job of rushing off the edge but a lot of times he got there in the quarterback could step up. They need someone who could push the pocket back a little bit not allow the quarterback to step up I think star helps that because he's strong he's gonna be able that take on that got the bills do not. In their current defensive structure they do not to GAAP like Ted Washington what of the they had they rarely they do. They're basically asked to take one GAAP to take 11 guy and one gap and say. Go do your thing tie that guy up shoot that gap whatever it is stop her is gonna be really good and I'm telling you. We're not going to be talking about this guy get in ten tackles a week and then we're not gonna probably are mentioned as they are very much because she's not showing up. But because of what he does everybody else and defense will be better arsenal star. Our look totally is your answer to notices who you think will have and I think probably qualifies as who the bills need to have the biggest impact to write are again outside of quarterback. Because this guy if he does what you're describing thinks so he provides. A lot of shelter for Beryl. Battered their middle linebacker who's now he's a super important piece he's the guy that I I would. Like cancer like that's who I'm looking forward be the most impact poll. Newcomer on the team in the rookie Milan. I think so but I would. I would think maybe a guy like Troy Murphy would be on that list they paid him a lot of money as the next guy it was gonna mention anything he needs to get to the quarterback doesn't. You're paying him to get to the quarterback. He needs to do that because they didn't do that very well last year right. So I think he might need to have. The biggest impact I am looking at more from a while what star does can really allow everybody how to do their job. But you're really talk about a guy that can make game changing plays that that type of impact. Turk Murphy might be that guy is ours and newcomers because you're not paying him to be sitting on the bench right you're paying him to command a. Even if he doesn't play all three downs I'm not rhino that. You're paying him to get to the quarterback won't. What is his spot. Brightly is that is ask a question Jack Lawson is spot on passing dollar and slick that's not good for Jack Lawson. You Hughes is obviously someone you want to have available to rush the passer and that's why he's being paid whatever is Simon and nine million dollars a year. One of those two I think it's around the salary cap figure so what we're what does what does Murphy do exactly where see where. Anyone know he may be you take a guy like Lorenzo Alexander off the field on passing plays even though he actually can get surpass and it's good that I can maybe maybe that's that you do I don't know why it's a good question. I'm actually I'll say this when I was at mini camp and they went to nickel defense is a lot of times runs a state on the field so I mean they've sure that he'll be a part of that. But. It's good question I think gum. May be from what they saw last year they felt. Shaq is less of a pass rusher more or an edge setter we can keep them on that first and second down keep them fresh put Trent Murphy in there I don't think you're taking Jerry Hughes off like you said. Keep all three are moving around. In fact I'll say that now that you bring it up to go back and look. But when they signed Trent Murphy Ed diddle little video review and I remember tweeting this I charted he had like eight sacks last year something. I charted a year before your report he can play last year. They charted each one of where he lined up I believe he lined up inside. And five or six of them. So that might be where he so hey third down. Gerri one side Shaq and the other which is moving around tret Murphy and the best match up we can final. On the islands and yet inside as an interior linemen around it's not as an inside backer congrats right -- him on the ground at your alignment right correct right if I remember right he did line up five or six times like that on those eight Saxony do they do any of the stuff like we saw Rex do wearers it's like guys uses elephant just stand and over the line of scrimmage like it could he be someone that would do some sure it is that everything can do that I don't see Sean McDermott's defense doing that a lot but. Any situation calls for anything right to be creative he'll do things like that but. I think we'd be remiss to not go to another guy I think they know they need to have to use all of them correctly there. There's a recall that I think little rocks I think what that's what that's been called as a whole. Wireless are hovering over the line of scrimmage and I think it might be I'm sure our member aren't an ambassador definitive company elevated usually up personnel package that's a big personal packed all kind but it could be that for defense I can screw up. Number they usually offense elephant is like fourth and short people don't want the really big guys in Asia OK who's the other person amendment. Vontae Davis pretty lucky lady. What are you have behind him there's not a lot to Charlotte depth that the good corner you got your Davies what you got Vontae Davis. If Vontae Davis doesn't have a rebound year and a good year and get back even close to form. You might be scrambling at that spot this year that's an important spot an daddy's side. And I don't have a tonic Coventry nothing about Philip gains be in the outside corner of opposite to devious white. Have you ever got out because I sort of just blew past secondary kind of being all sat and that's not going we know that we don't know what. You're gonna get there are your other starting corner in recent named player who's being Riley good. But has had injuries and has slipped yes though can you count on. I think with -- what he will allow you to do though is he is a better man to man guy that EG gains I think the play more Meehan a man this year there have these own team. But EJ was really good in zone he wasn't as good man a man I think Monta will allow them to do ball and that the best of both worlds and is now you can do that and now that's for Trent Murphy makes an impact your play man to man. And these guys are sick and and now you're like OK I get to the quarterback just go to every page to do that's that's the best of all worlds right. So fans there's obviously room for you here to participate in this conversation I think you can pretty much follow along which newcomer do you think. We'll have the biggest impact for the bills. Hopes its quarterback. Was sleep quarterback over the circus like that's it's easy. It's the right answer. But let's just put it aside so we can talk about some of the other stuff. This is. What we once he starts rocketing balls around training camp arm feel and all and there was talk about touch can't. Entrapment and print them might it might it might happen that way so who do you think or do you think the bills need to have the biggest impact among the newcomers. Here in 20188030550. Is the number 1888. 550 to 550. Also available for you. Two get in and get on board with the show today celery tweeted out are starting lineup today but I'll just say that we've got we have three guests today weigh four kind of might come through mature. 4 o'clock and Philip owning our old buddy from Pittsburg where tonight through seven the fan of Pittsburgh William his thoughts on what's going on with life beyond bell and the Steelers. And probably a few other things there's Anthony's kind of he's on top of a lot of stuff. The big news in sports today involves the yes states to be still. The Toronto Raptors are they acquired why letter to. From the San Antonio Spurs so we are gonna get Greg pretty from the fan 590. Up in Toronto. I'm Alison about 430 for his thoughts on. That move huge. Deal in the league huge deal for travel wonderfully under Contra for one more year. He's made no secret of his desire to go to LA as a free agent in 2019. And for a the raptors gave up of their of their act a cornerstone player their team. For what could we one year while Leonard so we'll talk with Brady about that at 430 at six. Its major time the British Open gets going tomorrow morning. And as Brian calls heels turned to pick ten golfers against Mike show opened myself. And Brian and Mike are gonna join us at 6 o'clock to Brian select as golfers and MLB that should be fun Carnoustie. Yeah did you see someone posted. A video. Of the kid caught the kind of shape the course was in yesterday. And the video was simply someone dropping a golf ball from what Arnold waist high. Chest high maybe anger and the ball bounced right back into the towel. Yeah. What if it made only got it. Unravels our troops. Are begins to rise as it records is drive. Rule you don't like accounted for her met with him and adopt a six it was. Yeah it was a it was noticeably hard news is so that that's the lineup today. At your WGR from were looking forward to your calls as well let's get that going right now. Matt is first up this hour hi Matt thanks for calling you are on WGR. Hey guys. I've gone to summer summer day here in buffalo but I didn't call and it on the newcomer conversation and abductor was covered but. I think Jerry curly blond they got a look right because. You governor and we don't know what we doubt they'd all over the offseason stop as well yeah our state that next step that you look at Jerry early that are on the Lee. Smaller guy you know he's going to be looked you read about him that pattern brought in also did not often that number wonder you are all so. Want to hear your thoughts on that and and let's really appreciate it sure got. I appreciate you calling I wouldn't. I mean you could still turn on as a number one as a number two wide receiver if you wanna I think that's fair but. I don't see anybody else playing the slot than him so to me he's the slot guy that's we as I don't think he's an outside guy. He's pretty much made for that he was the only guy really that ice do any significant kind of work. In many can't meet other guys worked in their but I think he was a guy that really was their mostly. And I think that he could be an underrated signings for this team of the he's gonna have some sort of huge impact on a run first team with a either rookie or very inexperienced quarterback. But slot guys can be outlet guys that can be guys really gobble up some passes really help you you'll get through some of those tough times when year. Kind of struggling and looking for an outlet so I think your curly and nice pick up for the team I do I agree with that I just. I we I'd be careful in the terming him a number two wide receiver if you like to go by the traditional two outside guys in the slot gotten. He's. Two years well he's a season removed from 64 catches for forty. That was 2016. 29 years old. Big Three thirty you don't November. So this is not the style of player I'll admit I'm probably guilty cell of not thinking a lot of bowel. Pass catchers. Offensive skill players that are are going to be impact full because I'm I'm I mean I mean I'm not in a really good place with what I think their offense is going to be her so. But. You know. That's not to say that someone like gimmick it if they get. Better than maybe I'm expecting play out of their quarterbacks if they throw a little more than I might be expected them to that a guy like this couldn't be a valuable at well. Suggesting is you ask me who. The biggest impacts will be and I don't think you would disagree with the fact that no matter what order they're all on defense and I mean. Is there offensive guy I mean so much we to mean said while Calvin Benjamin I still considered well he's up he's not a newcomer I get you might consider that but he was on the team last year so from the people they just picked up this offseason. If you would say who'd they need to. Offense was just limits offense. Who would that be Russell vote on bullets it's tougher fuel woman port on the right obviously you know I can write this I mean it hasn't talked because they don't know. They say in who would it be I mean. I think you mode item and Chris Ivory raving because he's got to at least do. Something to destabilize the running backs but you gotta be opening don't have to do more than write something right at this point and that that's all I can think of really with Brentwood that was outside Beirut. Call Matt 8030551888550. To 550. Who do you think the new comer with the biggest impact on the bills in 2018. Will be. Leave quarterback out of it for now. We know obviously that's gonna determine a lot especially if it's the rookie. But trying to just leave that by the side for now and talk about maybe the rest of the rosters sale is in for Mike if you haven't noticed by the way Mike has the day off today although obviously did to join us much later as I said a moment go. I am the bulldogs. Keep the calls come and we're going to be your four X three have ours I'm noble like in this WG. You know that's I think where you looked at erode the quarterback now but this without the required Thursday. The things that are going are you gonna feel about all really good pocket you've got great aren't sure. Huge huge double play Eric and I think for the most part about players suited to bear energy like you said you saw him come in the game flourished here at. He'll be or even bought. There are don't think a lot of guys would've done really great aren't they consider after touchdown passes to perform really well. That is Eric wing spin on one bills live today with Steve tasker and Chris Brown. Brownie was sitting in for Merv today Winston's a former NFL offensive lineman with the angles talking about AJ McCarron there. He now serves as the president of the NFL PA was a very interesting conversation I heard mole most of it. On my way into it right there he's talking about McCarron. And is his strengths. And he referred to him as a gunslinger. At one point. And here I gotta tell you elegantly platinum. That's not termite heard attached AJ McCarron since the bills cornered memories and while we were talking about him is a potential target. For the Eagles. No but I I think. It be really. Unfair also say that he's like it and Trent Edwards esque scenes scale right I mean he's not like that. So. I wouldn't call it gunslinger but I can see where he's coming from that not afraid to throw ball I don't think that when I think of AJ McCarron I don't think a lot of guys just trying to play it safe. I still think about a guy who is overwhelming physical tools that's all right in usually gunslinger is have that. Yes that's a that's an I would think about right because things are guys that have moved much Mormon overwhelmingly arm. Or something like their physical tools is make you say yet just a lawyer that ball bull gunslinger mentality. Yeah doesn't necessarily have to quit right maybe the guns and gone to slowing. Right dispatcher Ryan Fitzpatrick is directly into the Andretti were arguably director Madonna and her colon and it's here right and that Mets. I can tell I think I can use them. Didn't work out a lot maybe not think that may maybe should reach out and yeah that's right she is now one so I think McCarron has a stronger arm right Fitzpatrick. But I'm human I have near he might not have quite the gunslinger mentality that that's the Specter has either you know. 8030. A 51888550. To 550 which newcomer on the bills do you expect to have the biggest impact. Outside of AJ McCarron or Joshua Allen thinking about the rest of the roster yourself answer is the defense tackle from Carolina starlet who will play. He thinks so really help out the guy who I think is the player that. Could have should have the biggest impact and that is their rookie middle linebacker. Trade Edmonds I'm really excited about them have been. Someone that athletic that big that powerful that strong play in opposition mean that is that. Most. Observers it seemed. Conceded right away there's this guy is like Costa made crucial moment if I agree and I I I I like hearing that I mean I'm I'm interest to see how that plays out. Yeah and you know. We talk so much about Alan he's kinda gotten forgot in the mex. Since since many camp you know that is that is the talk has been about and Allen in the court action now should LeSean McCoy and all of that wants the opportunity. I think it terrain at mrs. cannon and forgotten about that here's this really really good player they're just gonna plopped in the middle their defense to. Oh by the way does have to take over the league's leading tackler which is not an easy thing to do. And he's gonna be in trial by fire. I'm super excited forma two I. Am not trying to be it's hard to say this thing because look equally so great but he really does. Fit the mold of wacky glee was in Carolina for what he could be a buffalo. Is it too. Horrible to say like you think that I think they for five years now he can be on that level I don't know I think he might be able to be. How much of a big deals at that he's only twenty years old but it is it is there concern experience that's lacking because he's so young. Yes element of maturity I don't know it's a maturity I just here's what I think Bulldog that. He's mature enough to handle it better than other people. But I don't care who you are in life and the you can relate to this because it what your son's going through. When you take. A really young person. And just throw them in with a bunch of older people. Core all different stages of their lives no matter how mature you are no matter what your pedigree is where his father played in the league and his Brothers played league. There is a shock value in an adjustment in your life there has to be he is. He used what he cannot drink a beer legally. And he's walking into an NFL locker room filled with grown men who have families. Who make millions of dollars. Who've been giving their bodies beaten up and put on the line. Every single week for in some cases more than a decade. Right I mean. How can that not be an adjustment for young man or early but yet intimidated. Right now I think heat is better equipped to handle that. Than so many other guys because his dad. Because his brother because he's physically bigger than a lot of those guys and all that he'll he'll look the part right a lot can still look like. Your average five year veteran right that's a look like. But there's no way. You can just have this kid goal from. Virginia tech university. Two buffalo new York and live and on his own I civil penalties and it must mom dad live them and do everything out of zone and have a go to work every day. As a professional athlete at the age of twenties. It just be totally fine and not have yours at your head spinning. It is in on top of that I got a call defenses you're in charge of the defense yeah yeah for the green dot com. Mean Andy Keane he's gonna get by because he's gonna look in front of on the C Kyle Williams and starlets who is gonna look next to Nancy Lorenzo Alexander he's gonna be behind him is he Micah Hyde those are gonna help him. How is he gonna really though be able to handle all of that it wants I think it's. I think it's really unfair for anybody to expect him to just handle all of that with out any type of pick up. I wonder how old. What bill who. With would any of what you just said in mind in the form of what support. But he is there is there really special attention paid to him when he's in the in the huddle calling the plays like he's McDermott close by just. Not necessarily like it instruct him right there on the spot but like bring something up later to him what just to try to. Policyholders and is responsible insulting but just sort of deal little more present than you were maybe one person around was injured. That's the question from what he has said. And he is not ashamed or afraid to say like. Sometimes things happen so quickly he needs to rely on it islet Lorenzo or Kyle trying to. Make it right I mean so to speak that he's making all these mistakes but he needs those guys around here to set apiece and say hey hey. You know in in in May move and I think that's where his support. Is going to come from but. Let's think about what happened with Preston brown a couple years ago. Rex Ryan pull play calling duties from him that he was in this thirty year he's the son of a football coach. Rex Ryan's defense was way too complicated for a lot of guys in this day and age of football with the most speed offices are running things and all that I get it. But. You know I mean it it's not easy so. If that had to happen at Preston brown and he was having struggles at a certain point. I'm pretty certain at some point there's going to be times where. Terming Edmonds is gonna have his own struggles and he better have somebody there to at least you'll lean on what you said those guys but as far as his coaches. How you give them the information how you. Feed it to him to start and he can digest I think that's where you and that's where she does or Sean McDermott. To me would be a lot better than Rex right right direction like he or do you go learn the playbook how do you not know I hope playbook after three practices. Think that seems like Rex Ryan where Sean McDermott's probably gonna be like. You see page 28 that's date 28 like we're not get there because it's a process to get there. 8030551888. By fifty to 550. Those are the numbers you wanna join in the conversation about impact bold new commerce for the bills in 2018. How much of the all star game did you hang with last night. All of it after it was 21 I turn it around awesome I missed their judges home who solve what I missed you know I was there if I was voted 21 name. I think I lost the plot a little while to actually get turned on in the third or fourth inning when art and I watched the whole thing awesome I was working on the article posted today about the second year player he's solid seven of the ten home runs I did protested crazy Randy down. I actually hope when he went to the ninth I'm like you know what I'm not really done with this article I wish that they wouldn't that tie it up. Counter and they dead right coming Cooley went pictured exiting that worked out for me so. I watched all of it and done. I'll take one of the coolest things is having those guys might doubt during innings. I was hoping that I was gonna bring that up I know. We often on this show Mike and I we will like sort of talk about how useless a lot of vets are responses. Are on broadcasters that the coach interview on the bench renting a hockey game at halftime interview with a code running off the field reads don't get a lot of information. And I wouldn't say that these were. Not one of whom were. Head and shoulders better. In that area but. I felt like watching I saw Trout what you remiss Trout I think if you if I did message and I saw Boris harper were those of the two guys that I saw Mike don't point was watching. And but Trout is the best player in baseball career and I'm just gonna tell you I don't think I've ever heard him speak before. It's amazing we think about our. Why I'm watching the all star game and they're talking a bit if you see he also gave me had players might dump on the field while they were it was a Trout out there and if he points and field. And there are talking to one here comes the 10 pitch and he's talking 2 o'clock he's moving around LA you know it above all get to to judge in life that he. -- do you really have to go out to remove duplex is talking as drug just feel the ball a target Uga Uga the rally that kind of thing. And I think it wasn't like illuminating about their personalities necessarily. But it was just more than I'd ever known about either die even harbor to I put our review of more than I've heard Trout. But I like that they did that and usually those things I think are kind of corny and discount awkward. But even with Joseph balked asking kind of silly questions right I thought it was a little added to the broadcast. That's totally right and what I said this morning Howard is. Is this the next evolution in what we do and how we consume sports because as much as we can all say there's no way they would let it happen. Look at there's a lot of money TV networks pay for. I can see them letting it happen at in some way may be. Maybe once per national broadcast. Someone's gotta get Mike up for happening. You better pick were paid you billions of dollars were doing it is this the next evolution in a regular season actual teller cash interest of a game that they do something like. I know all part of the set up. In the room. In the game before the game it started in and draw balk was talking with John small C he said. A new feature again the game no longer has stayed here we're going right citing that the home field for the World Series so. We're back to more of an exhibition status and with that in mind. Will have on field in game interviews with players that are going to be might dub and make it so. A key to that to me was that the game has no there's no stake in the game. So is Mike Trout is the slightest bit distracted while he's talking you win doesn't get a good jump on a fly ball and it falls in. Mean I know no big deal so I don't call it that that seems like a pretty high hill to climb to like use of my Internet counts in the standings. You know 160 to them I mean he's always trying to find a new thing I'd like this a lot I am and I was surprised because when Joe Buck said that during the pregame the Lego board. What what this can be great right instead I gala Bryce Harper talking about how good the mets' rotation basis. We're yeah you know again that's the usual look at talking up your opponents but still it was added to the broadcast a solid needs I. I liked the one for Siskel and or had is gone and of you saw I didn't actually and he is such a cool player like he just he has so much fun playing the game to get this great personality. When he was like that that was the first one I saw him like this is really cool and eat what what what got me was. Lake you don't realize how much these guys pay attention to the game outside of themselves their own team or whatever like you said harper talked about the match. And they asked when door about that the brewers got that was with that he's likely and we came up together is a good player elect eat he never get a shot when he was over there. And that team I'm like oh he knows. But he follows that that's cool right they kind of follows it like it up in wind and he's in his own. Right professional spot right which was cool and then they had the Colorado Rockies. Guy at the outfield. And he's. He's looking up in the stands. During the may look back he's put it so that boxes what are you what are you jointly what do you look at that. He says well how lonely out here is on this panel look at things I see the TV some looking up and am admiring that TV I'm like. That's really cool like if he's being honest now he there's really nothing happening he's just looking up and are trying to find things a look at the kick as time occupied between rich and. Yes Trout one point at a market as was up at bat while trial was Mike up. And please the block is introducing him up there in and its first time all star game from arcade has been in the Baltimore and then. In morals and I can remember Kansas city of Atlanta Atlanta and Atlanta now yeah. There's added eagle from all awarded to Atlanta Baltimore and a sign of the Atlanta four point seven Jack thank you so. Like long career grew player never a great player. And trucks like you know this really cool for him to be in the all star it's awesome he's batting amid a camera pretty bad he looks so. He's betting 331 on the year clean diesel to better stats on the score right responded a lot of. School was a really cool but bulldogs didn't it wasn't green now they they do Mike managers up during innings rightly hat they. There had to be a time we also there's no way any manager would ever do that. I think right now. I bit. I know I see players. That aren't in the game interviewed jury innings are the manager reviews. And they taped during the dirt and break in the name on the back maybe I can remember that works now. I I always used to think that and one time I watch one sad that slot until I think so I think it's bright as the game is going well. Right right I think I think it's alive then and for the majority so I am just. I bet you there was a time where we said no there's no NBA coach is gonna do an interview with a silent reporter at time out. Like that was just never happened and now what happens all the time as part of every broadcast. Well look I like that a lot I'd I did you know again I didn't make it to Yahoo! became a fitful sleep do you. We are good team today that I saw the front end of the game you saw the back in the game I I like the on field interviews. During play a lot 8030551888550. To 550 top of the our old friend and full pony from Pittsburgh. On the Steelers and Levy on bell in all of that 430 Greg Brady from Toronto on the big big deal in sports today involving the raptors and the spurs a quiet loner going to Toronto for DeMar DeRozan. All that coming ahead here in the next half hour or so on WG. What I have been gonna get ready go ahead and Verlander so this is I got a really good film and I think you're gonna hit homers have values of this direct result of the first I thought off a lot of emotion. On the way to ensure there was strong good positive growth of little uncomfortable moment. That is airing judge. I don't know last night's Major League Baseball all star game. Got a few minutes here mimic. And trying to hit stance schedules got guests coming up at four and at 430 and two point yet four and Greg Brady from the fan 590 trial at 430. One lottery know about brews and wines on the water right here you get tickets and alternative buffalo dot com. This is an event that will feature. Top local breweries big ditch Hamburg 42 north community beer works west Europe your project in more top regional breweries like from a gang. It's like a burying Great Lakes in Brooklyn beer and others and then top national. Craft brewers like long trail otter creek. New Belgium Sierra Nevada victory founders and lots more of the date of this event is Saturday. July 28 solely week from Saturday graft with park in north tunnel Wanda. Right on the Niagara river. There is a VIP ticket. And that gave it will open at two general admission opens at three. And should be great day on the water brooms and winds on the water again tickets are available at. Alternative buffalo dot com that's one of our sister radio stations here in the Entercom family the VIP tasted by the way. The is going to get you a chance at some rarer and very hard to find Beers. There's going to be music. All afternoon into the evening Kurt in the motor quarters Tuesday local alternative group. As well as national recording acts of war hero on and medicine ward and monger and it should be a really cool day. And again alternative buffalo dot com that Saturday July 28 brews and wines on a cool water. Let's take time out and fill pony from Pittsburgh on Levy on bell end of the state of the Steelers at 430 Greg Brady fan 590 on this massive. Raptors spurs trade. Featuring why Leonard going to Toronto that's all coming up self departures in for Mike I'm mobile blog and this is WG.