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It's Mike should know that we're having a very serious conversation about Manny is here and a Bulldog and didn't have any weed on WG ER Sports Radio 550. Opened really captures the spirit of things but I'm like Velika won a lot. Glad to have you with us here on me who Wednesday afternoon Sally is in for Mike show this afternoon I'm mobile bug thanks for hanging in. And on the AT&T hotline right now is our old body from Pittsburgh Andrew Phillip ponying 937 the fans. In Pittsburgh Andrew good afternoon a man how are you. The pilots that's a good thing to hate because it's not good for you so good broad call. I'm one of those guys vetted by a go to a place in their mandate on the sandwich I want. Like give it back and say like make the other one also buried at the regrets about those the let me just complain about it like about it than a eating yet but ultimately. Yeah I don't know about you might have a hard time like I go out to eat giving them back. Right yet know why you swat my wife loves. When I get upset about things and I'm not gonna do anything about. Yes as one Chris transported her all the time fevered and out oh good he's gonna sit here and bitch about this for the next 45 minutes. Yeah I got that doubt about it we have got volume. You've not been married that long some good job you made out pretty good progress so did the that did did bill do the Steelers so favorable not accepting the five year seventy million dollar contract but how do you view what's going when I'm. With with what we unveiled the Steelers enter. Doubt that equity didn't sign that deal because. I'm of the opinion that. Even though his agent said that he multi threat player that he's like this do. Major new type of running back which is ridiculous Marshall ball a hundred catch season and David Johnson. Had more catches two years ago and had more yards to open what else did. 2017. Out. He tried to say that it's client is one of the kind that's just. Not entirely true. And I just don't think that running backs are built to last forever especially one that has considerable baggage. Like belt so. They haven't won a Super Bowl with them you could make the argument they really haven't come that close. And I'd rather go back into the drafting good young running back to cost me like 45 million dollars a year taken in the first rounder background. And try to put more money into their defense so I don't wanna invest all my money into the offense and also they'll wanna invest a lot of money into there's. Also hold a little tidbit about how old there. At at at least. As good if not actually better offensively when he has not been in the line up. Which is a weird and it's not just like one or two games and we're talking about I think it's like the eighteen games it's always is that the number. So the last of the last sixteen games they played without him their record in those games just eleven and five. And inch or need fifteen. When he got injured at the halfway point of the season ought as perfect talk about. It he was done for the year. DeAngelo Williams went in. At running back in and he. Had eleven touchdown that season. And the offense. Hole finished fourth in scoring. The only three teams that were batter for the Panthers who had the MVP Cam Newton. Arizona let the runner up in the MVP Carson Palmer and the patriots. So literally no worse for Wear without them. And if you look at the last two years I think have been it range here the last two years to. Data. When he's in allied forces went he's not in the light up their yards per game is like one or two yards. But different like it's very minimal. Is a back. Overall on the offense when he's in verses what is now. Knee injury it's out of pot Joseph Doria. Hey so. I ditched it in the the whole dynamics of just the Steelers organization how they've treated things in the past they've always seem to be a team. That never like to spend really big money they don't want to sign a lot of free agents say they're very good at home growing talent and then retaining their own even for them though this salary seems. Really high for them to be able to two like swallows a set from their perception. And there's angle of things you know where is this playing out where is it ultimately going. So for error vantage point I think that. What are core beliefs that they have I mean. They don't guarantee money beyond the first year so even if you'll get it colonial grounds. First he's been like that would have been last year on new contract. The only money that was guaranteed was in nineteen million dollars that he made in his first year. So I I'm almost positive but first salary cap purposes. They basically took his entire salary last year immediately signing bonus. So we got like seventeen or eighteen million dollars off on. And that like the one million dollars that we're we're that was left over got spaced out over the seventeen week season. And they were willing to give fell. Ten million dollars in signing bonus. And then I don't know the complete breakdown of the contract but like let's say he was gonna make sixteen million in his first year. Well then six million. Sort and plus 1616. Million dollar salary. And would be a signing bonus of six would be what he made over the seventeen we could see them they were gonna budged that far from that now. There weren't gonna make an exception to a rule. When guys have contracts under under contract. They don't negotiate with them on a new deal until that player is going into last year. So they won't rip up a contract would like two or three years left in get a guy you want that's about 01 of their core principles. And you know I think. I think one of the things that I disagree without model. I think even with this offer. They were ready to kind of bleak. From. The the NFL trend of not giving running backs up previous salary. They were ready to get here in my Dickey and Rappaport reported. 33 million dollars in the first two years of this deal with an average of sixteen and a half million. Which is more than double. What the next highest paid running back. Is making. So is this a last season and as usual form for Levy on the Al. A 100% ya a 100%. I stayed up because. If they would franchise him next year that would be the out salary of the top five highest paid quarterback this but no way that happens. And the other thing they could do was transition tag him. So like not to go too inside football you would you guys but to the transition tag would mean. UK. I think it is. He gets and other like percentage bump in salary that would take them from about fourteen and a half million to seventeen million next year. But with the transition tag. It's like it's like it's like you could make it got an offer sheet with a restrict recreational hockey what every team would be able to make it offered him and there's no way. A team wouldn't. Like even if it was like forty years at forty million that still be more than seventeen million that they were gonna pay him. In the first year or so I don't think there's anyway. That they would retain him unless the market just wasn't they're forehand and they felt like they were getting a bargain on a much I don't think it's gonna happen. Talking with former WGR. Staffer. Like that staffer Andrew Phillip ponies at 937 and in Pittsburgh now. How is this going over. We're fans like are they a siding with the Steelers might Miami my sense in these situations in buffalo has usually been when a player or wants more money. The fans always side with the team minutes and it's always curious to me but we we always end up I think just deciding the players being a greedy jerk. And that the team is in the right how's it going in Pittsburgh. Yeah I think that it pretty compare or remember what I was what you guys. Like ten years ago had been told Jason Peters the app and it was a pariah. In buffalo and that's a lot tackle compared one of you know top players overall entirely self I think you've got to write press. I think what happens here worked against him. Is that. He has what it beings. Behavior only. That you ask out of a player. You have somebody they're gonna try to elect that the marketer the bank can they get let the little things light and day. Conduct themselves actually social media now valve doesn't do that the day before they played the jaguars playoff. He said he couldn't wait to plate New England here Doherty. You know acted like to gain the next morning or the next afternoon I should say it was like in the back to guarantee that your state people. He's got suspended for. Not just. Yeah if that's just failing to broadcast. It affected he got arrested for driving hot. On its way to a pre season game. Spot so he was hired as way to war that is legal. Is the fact that he like in a rap songs that he made the other. Working me hip pop career he talked about how like that they and that turned against them and it kind of made them into. The villain in all of this. So you know and then what one more thing which is maybe the most important thing is that he didn't show up to practice the day before their playoff. Felt like the things that you know if he would just a 15100 yard back in Panama or seen them last year. I think that there would be if you're that you know what just give this guy is money he's a really good player we're in the business of keeping really good players. But I do think that there is like malignant. Or like cancerous. Cloud. And here they came over this guy. And it got to look at him is. Maybe are not worth the trouble so I think right now we've reached a point where the vast majority of fans say good ratings. We're gonna like ride the wheels off you this year and and good luck playing for the New York Jets of the Cleveland Browns next year. So yeah how does how does this year player out there and just like last year when he shows up at the end of training camp in time to get ready to play the opener. And yeah and accuse it is it an uneasy Merriam juror is everybody just could be professional and it's fine. Well yeah I think it all the time that like who. Who got big with the coach and he probably has always been very. Vocal supporter and he can go back to his rookie year you lost now. I don't think that this is gonna create. A cast novel are. The distance between him and coached number one can I don't I don't think that his teammates have turned on him this crop. There even though the bat even though the majority of guys now are over. Copper and making. Like fifteen billion dollars a year might be put off by the fact that somebody would they go to bat. I think like Roethlisberger is probably views. Biggest ally that is that numerous times that you think you'd think that bell even more so than around. Is responsible for the success they have on offense you know how to hurtles down from there the quarterback. Believes in the sky isn't gonna hold this against them. I don't think if there's an issue in the locker room I do you think what you have the potential board though. If he's either not having him there and all our error writing him Q art. That I think that there could be. You know the business interest up football could take over and that's where you you know you don't want this kind of hanging over you. Going into a make or break season. Are polite and kind of interest in how that plays out. If he's at he's getting too many carries. It seemed nervous that that's gonna negatively affect him when he goes in the free agency and he's just not effective well then. If you get a stake gimme the ball more because. I need to step to get the money that I want right. And almost any injuries that he suffers. At all if it costs of any time will probably be looked at skeptically we went through this wood chairs bird. Greta went a foot issue and came back and played on a franchise tag. And it was just you know oh he's just he's just preserving himself he's not really hurt he just wants to make sure he's OK to hit the market. So you probably will get some of that if he has the usual running back you know hamstring tightness or whatever you know the kind of trails that are running back. You know usually goes through during a grueling couples. I think it's it's. It's a different last year but I'd like last what else. And it was the playoff games but I think he probably. His agent had probably told them there was ritual abuse the franchise tag on. Because the dollar. You know it. And now where. He knows. You are. About he will. He like he came he thought like him but I think that's why. Matter. The age of leveraging sap. Up there needs all that well. All about. Democrats. Don't want. How. Much he might help them up you know the production of this. Now we're used to dealing with a decent a car here muffled because he is Tyrod Taylor's agent as well and when going through all that stuff with him and he's interesting the way he goes about. His business and some of the things and some of the rhetoric he uses. Sometimes digital point 93 point seven the fan in Pittsburgh by the way our sister station now we're all one family there when 93 point seven seed had to stand CBS and Entercom. And you Ben Roethlisberger. Is this all done now are we not talking about retirement and what holds what the future hold beyond this year anymore and on to that no tell what is his relationship when Mason Rudolph after everything happened after the draft. Go to the first part of your question and I think that. I think that there's a good chance that he signed another contract with this team. He has two years left on his current contract 28 teach corny nineteen. Barring some kind of in question that makes them. Think about is cognitive. And mental state at the end of the year. Even if he were to stopper like a broken ankle cost that costs in my cap the cease I don't think that would be enough. That forced him into retirement so I believe. He'll sign. Maybe he'll give a little bit of money back that it seemed allow them to make more moves but I think he'll sign a deal. Between 2018 to 2019 that pace of around thirty million dollars you so I think. I will probably have conservatively three years of Roethlisberger. Possibly five. And I think the Rudolph. It up thing now people. Who are around any camp. Are trying to like turn it back into a non story. Well you know he he was brought that was frustrated after the draft. He made those comments tongue in cheek he wasn't serious. He was that practices in mini camp it was scary. Receptive to questioning that he also was. Do Vogel wrote off unsolicited advice but. Yeah I think when there's no pressure on in the day. And your your months away from the start of the season. I think that the time were easy to be friendly and cordial toward two guys who was too rapid dictate your job. Once. Eye opener that's why. If fended off the things started last year which frankly it was not very good yet that's five interception game and aired against Jacksonville not so. Or I can't see him spending time on a Monday or Tuesday at a in a pill were more quarterback or room. Tried to help me in the resolves. I think it's he DD I think it to be determined. I think that is very. You know why people. I think he's he's very protective he wants to beat this team's quarterback for a long time. I don't think he wants to groom these are style I think it'll be very touching go between them and they just one note on guys. Didn't hire quarterbacks coach to biopsies in which to me. Is like one of the more mind boggling. Since by the organization they have an inside linebackers. Coats they got quality control. Why do indeed think would for viable quarterback. Dot is in his second year their third straight from Tennessee. And would wrapping route off. That they would walk a guy that spend extra time with them. At a quarterback room but no they don't they've got an offensive coordinator who doubles as a quarterbacks coach when they're asking basic we've been complacent that once. That is a little weird. Is that is that is that so that Roethlisberger doesn't have to watch your quarterbacks coach groom his replacement like is that the inference here. The imprint that is there a they hated not immediately. And ask for they needed. Promote the quarterbacks coach. Two opposite of coordinator. But they also have Mike Munchak. Who is regarded as the one of the best offensive line coaches in football. And I think they felt like in order to keep him from entertaining head coaching opportunities. That they needed to get him a sizable raise. So they're paying assistant coaches in position coaches. Probably more than they should. So I think like my jacket making way more than an offensive line coach he's probably making somewhere between. What an offensive coordinator head coach may June and you've got quarterbacks coach promoted offensive coordinator. Was making coordinator money now. So I think they're doing like this you know committee approach at all and and Jack like everybody's hand in the pile were all you know like at the village. Nurture this stock I'd buy. I think he needs more one on one care and all that would be surprised if they have Ehrlich battery backup wade Jones has been here for awhile out and basically make up part of this job description. Where like you know he did he commit paired up with the playbook and what they're trying to do that you have to take more hands on approach weird with a Rudolph. Android Philly I still know you well enough to not have to ask you if you watched the all star game last and I'm gonna assume that you did at least watch some of the all star game sale and I both. Found out I was surprised how much I enjoyed the on field in game interviews with players what what did you think of that. So like whatever the part of your question that they did you return regular games. Don't know what you're getting key by stopping that totally takes you. Behind the curtain and it was like ongoing chronic battle to try to make baseball more interest being. You see something like that last night in I don't know like in the first thing that pops into my head is like. Crap what if I knew that they were gonna do this every game. You know maybe you would make baseball more interesting but that again I think what eighty became actually matter. The players would just give Barry like boring answers because they needed to focus on obviously something that was way more important. Talking to a play by play guy that they probably say I'll. So I think like in acting like one time a year. It adds to. Yup I eat I've always been at the belief that the baseball all star game at all star game because I care about who wins or loses but. I don't care like what's at stake whether it's spring training game off whether an exhibition game or whether to celebrity softball game like. I like watching Max Scherzer pitched to Mike Trout. Could be anywhere on earth like I I want it he goes one on one matchup now. The first few were the first what relating to an all star game I really like everything after that. I can take early I don't I didn't know who won the game until. I got up and check this morning. Now I'm here same here matter I totally agree on the first two innings due to the starters. And I don't know book bought the book was talking about shall loser I was waiting for children return in the incredible hole or something to read did what was later sold Dario and he's so intense and we're talking about he's pitching wood chips. But what do once once there's a new pitcher every inning I disorder. It puts me to sleep I decided I don't know is I can't really handle that much although it's a bit different from regular game now with probable guns are used but. It is one once it's only an hour. Of the Tampa probably what did that game but it's a good idea what did it. Right up right. All right then well what looked nice nice catching up with your mom happy you made time and we'll look forward to talking again and maybe see you don't know someday may go to the visit with you actually in person. All right although it's out of articulate due to injury thank you that is Andrew Phillip pony. 12 buckle back away sees the ten years ago he but he was here Jason Peters. Was in a contract mess and eventually got traded by the bills on. Tell you that's put this way the first time ever spoke to injure was. The morning after I actually broke the geo news he was hosting sports talk Saturday or whatever that might event that day and had me and we talked about it so. That was what 2009. Teel came. Right there he's doing great so big success in Pittsburgh data through seven fan Andrew fill the pony RS take a break we you'll give it. What we can out of Greg Brady from the fan five nanny in Toronto on this massive NBA deal involving quiet wondered going from the spurs to the raptors to Marta rose that is the key piece going from Toronto. To San Antonio. A Greg Brady is a morning hosted stand by Donnie in Toronto he is up next without sales in for Mike on the hold items is WG. Why. Conducted himself. Wonderfully well he was here you know he helped us win a fifth championship. As I said the use a hard worker. All the time. We we wish him well. Gregg Popovich. Head coach of the San Antonio Spurs. Daughter of Kauai Leonard traded today to the raptors DeMar DeRozan the key player going back to San Antonio from Toronto self Abacha was in for Mike show I'm the Bulldog and live on the AT&T hotline. I think for the first time ever grid. I know what he's been on your show up in Toronto many times I've been on a couple times and I don't recall that we've ever had you emotional Greg Brady from the bad by not in Toronto. And. Dallas and on our show as well yeah no and it took it took a big blockbuster and I'd feel out what might note that. I'm talking to eat wide music king of buffalo sports radio and I any self proclaimed throttle like music Sports Radio can we never been a big gig together and. Earl Drake head at least as far as we know I don't know our park maybe I'll I don't know if you've been any gigs there but I yeah I. You I'm envious you get newer and Peter hook him like all the stuff that I would love to go see but it's on week nights and like I can't make it to the Danforth on Tuesday you know stuff for me for. Our while money others got to live and eject button wait the other side of buffalo buffalo made it probably opt out one night when. He got it crops that brought it that's local Y letter may bite they rather wish I. That that spot and rent from you never know. So Greg tell tell me I've been following along all day on Twitter at you doubly news rundown of other trades that either were a unpopular with fans to be it was thought that. The the the person coming to Toronto was going to hated in Toronto and it turned out to be false what what what do you think is going on here require Leonard. And and these reports that he he doesn't wanna comment has no interest in Mason out. Yeah I don't want to hear from him that this sort of like people and and I'm on either side of that Colin cat Ernie and swear. I want I know he's better than guys hitting eye and I do understand some odd and not when I hear people say. I wanna hear interstate I want to hear him say how badly you want the political football yet. I'm that I know and I wanna hear why Leonard. They IE wants you not play in Toronto like it that there's been a lot there over the last twelve months and I urge you Gregg Popovich quit there's been a lot of pat them aggressive stopped I'm from the earth than their players are towards towards been now their former teammate. And now from Gregg Popovich not heal Gregg Popovich. Compare Bill Belichick and it up all the I'm Bill Belichick could stop individual New England Patriots from criticizing other individual New England Patriots. So that's probably up there by the spurs players or read and I mean Tony Parker bases that I had the knee injury can and do it without I'm worst. At and a quad injury and I came back and white and it doesn't get more not bottle but not not like Vicky in Toronto district or destination I don't. And I think the rappers might be okay with that on because I think they each year window. But I also think they think the status quo and and and the played out on that dump of the court they. Majors not be good enough and it often has used certain in the last year and a top and really liked being the rappers we've had they kept DeRozan. Could've beaten Philadelphia. That now I'd I'd I'd like Philadelphia and our our very disappointed today that they either a word yet on why letter in the sure and get LeBron James. But also now that he's eager to play the rappers at a conference final or or second round theory. The raptors probably easily at the best player on the court I'd be equally quite literally L. Right now more and act like a basketball game and Ben Ben Ben entered Olympic about the best yet can't. Promote us players buckle white in his prime he played pretty good eighteen months ago the rappers at about but it might not Puerto rappers Celtics go off at the beeper. Wright is a lot of low. Any discontent with this trade. Centered on the fact that the rose in. While appearances lobes Toronto wanted to play into Ronald forever and you traded him away for a player which seems at least at first blush here. Reportedly does not want to call. Oh yeah I think I speak to speed loyalty factor virgin martyr wrote that. He could have laughed at and as you got adult raptors player I don't know that bet that that is similar from the Buffalo Bills up Bellman Kiki ul. And when DOM I wanna play there or an aerial Williams that all they money in play there one guy that lined up and that. Albeit old Billy in the in the glory years and not glory years the rest bully trying to Alpert an eyebrow and that's okay that that Brett and I need not thought that. Being with papers players when when it's going well we want the buffalo sabre. Are between 82000 or about seven I don't like how police are now getting what Patrick Marleau didn't come at least. Are you guys noticed and years ago or in five years from now when they've got a better infrastructure but it at your question about the raptors. Yeah I think there is that because that they're been in net beat. Ending I think for a lot of Toronto we are everywhere you look back to blue jays World Series even. They're really what the player to finish with but that group been a big body style Robbie Alomar to watch different uniforms Joseph Carter played. All the more effort this doughnut and all the pitchers Jack more staged or adult being like hired gun. I'm so I think there's something to the idea that your guy rile it up according NBA players. Chris Bosh left and Carter left Tracy McGrady left and here's a guy who's kicking off on the bottom line today and probably wouldn't be a long long time. And and you may have told him weaker so adult Jewish state that he would remain around and we all know the pulpit is done time and out the door you go for a guy who looks like on the circuit at least it. Wait blame role that dysfunction on it don't eat last year. Here's the thing though that there the reason why this is striking people as you know odd that. You DeRozan is a really good players like a free agent that you wooed here. And coli Leonard you had to give up something someone really good who by all accounts. Love being in Toronto love playing an organization had a lot of loyalty you said. He was told he was under the impression he would get treated end it still has three years left on his deal. And they gave up a first round pick by the way in this deal as well I think that's what people can't wrap their heads around so kind of explain why that was the case in order to do this. I just don't I think of money out to work raptors were caught up pushed up against the yet it is salary caps now and I know why I think our hockey without art app you your ball eat your understand the adult and Bennett an NBA and certainly well all all the owner's written guarantee Il and uncle out clauses. Hi they needed to trade money money in this deal they couldn't just brought Hawaii and for urge rapid exit futures up Philadelphia court at which again. Probably at victors and screaming about why they weren't Maureen on the they've now it's a good I'm. To Gulfport but I also understand that it LeBron James. The last three beaten they're tool and well. In playoff game against LeBron James in the cabin he finally opera that everyone expected to do. Yet it is not in. Or kite who's only got the one year commitment and how they'll they get an and I added a caveat earlier Bulldog you know. I don't know that the lakers can acquire white lettered on Emery heat so a lot of that happened at the hole is contract for two months but they could certainly work out the orchestration of it below or at. It bottom about the lakers I'm hauling around her up local Y reduce speed and and it and the raptors apple Lipton it quiet given no indication whatsoever that he wants to beat air. In light in uniform and certainly won't stay after one year and the lakers outlawed some of the leveraged bacon they. Your proper and you don't like it. We're gonna get him for free twelve months from this would have liked me police trading for apparent that the deadline when it looked around and read it Elise. I don't I don't run it probably make this year and the eighty beat Boston and eighty were a little bit more with with beating Tampa. Why do why give up a lot I caught a lot about that for any need to get John Barrett that that line not sold but that. And I think that that that that goes with the the strain on the rappers and I wanted to be here but I think you could beat their feet and all star eat not a superstar and a big the big difference Kauai is superstar. And so you use these. It's a good idea what to Toronto need to bust up that core Lowrie to rose pick at the center of it like that this need to happen. I'm one of dotted but I'm finding myself defending the deal because I I don't I don't think this deal will work out long term because I would have liked it. They should run that it's rather than water. But the chances better in this one year then then spread out over two years yet is and integrate our I went to great and the doctor often. Because Kyra you're being I am nevermind the fact he constantly hurt. I don't ever had room nations about leading Boston which I think is not want media all the dog somewhere. Get beat up in Boston and GT eight and Jalen brown and all these great empires and a super young coach. On adoring fan base wiley and we're going next again to the west where the brought it again where Golden State it. That makes no that's bought and you can't fiery is believed and they somehow I forget that that from the lakers were higher Iraq ally letter. I'm that then Boyd and the deal was worth making but I would have done it but I'm defending it because I think there's a lot of bankers bank. He's not gonna want to play here he's gonna expand baggage he won't try that argued gonna be Malkin and I don't think any of those things to be true that the play that goal ought to promote. To add to the basketball community and he's not spotting a Mac the lakers by. Getting out on the sidelines all year disbanded but rapper Mac app. Right but that's right. Right plus that's what my first thoughts is like what does he have the game legacy is he so good I mean he's one of the top three or four guys in the league right easily and MVP candidate. So is he so good. That he could just Jacque hit all year and like still sign a huge deal with LA in the off season I don't know is to play. Also this I mean I think fans think that about. The athletes are player like that he's nobody's gonna compete and he is I would say he would have too much pride to do something like that guys just don't do stuff like that. No I I I agree I don't think beat duke and I I'd look at the case scenario wins oh we collide at. Many superstars got to eight got dumping approve your contract your I'd I don't think it is much like old Georgia equals eight. Because Paul George bill and an American city. Don't get the play would Russell Westbrook he can beat that sort of that number Q that Robin to Batman and and and I don't think he would he was pushing to lead Indiana. It just leaked out that you really can't be going to the lakers the next year and playing the brought Indiana that. We can't let that happen we gotta get something I I think the dialogue was. I would ought to be a lot more out professional. Then helping that gone at it and end up output amicable. Then San Antonio and it'll lay right elevated that your guys that for baseball eat it it at the end of in the at the end of the oh wait BP that. I got to hear that might deal. I'm probably not gonna stay here we're botnet with the Yankees red dot every year that they've been going great I wanna try world spirit of giving everything I can't. I'm telling you now and and and I think trial and appreciated that Al and almost root for. To win a World Series with the Phillies Chris Bosh went through that I might they might not bad like that. And ended up in and went to Miami nobody begrudge but he did it. But it was more how he did it again I'd record bigger and bigger isn't create seek the right way and a wrong way delete delete your steady when you got a passionate and eight. And up and I'm not sure collide lettered with me I think all sort wanted to do the right way well ages that we gotta get dumping any kind of dispel irked. Playing for more money and playing for what went Russell Westbrook got in in Oklahoma City. Could be a pretty cool fall and winter fuel its core I wondered actually shoulders off and is why Leonard for the raptors and taveras is on the reasoning you guys are you guys are looking pretty good Greg we'll bring it up there. Is it not that well when I'm I'm back on Garrett ten years ago on papers were juggernaut and the lease and even hired Brian Burke yet so off yeah. We want that we sabres rivalry how were count on yacht picked up a a play out last year at about fifty none of the Atlantic I don't know that I would eat out again. It be better we all know. Hey it can't be worse men think that's an opening up a but but but out on that note are the isn't that plant in the may police just to basically win every game six the five now is that what's happening here. Why don't other goalie as much as dumb people do here I don't and I worry he had been good enough. That belt I might work in Detroit for a decade got back bought it bought it. Probably big I've got the right wing job and then they traded for Dominique Archie you've got to remember that morning not like are you kidding me that this sort of free Twitter. Re all that dobbins was polite but apply that. Curtis Joseph Biden the play lead Toronto play Detroit. Any worker Dominic logic back the next year because they don't think Curtis Joseph did it well enough for cared enough so I'll be back out cold. That got him back it up at a great for the GM models cute pretty cold blooded things that he didn't in the under the guise of winning and not out yet to operate them bought. Greg we really enjoyed this I'm glad we thought to call you thanks for taking us up on the request and will look forward to visiting with you again soon meant. It. That is Greg Brady the fan 590 worst mornings up there in Toronto co Y Leonard. To the raptors DeMar DeRozan to the spurs did Danny green is going the other way from San Antonio the front too and that's not just to play and I think that's a pretty substantial piece to. Design standard anyway but that is the big news in sports today we'll take time out. We'll get back to some football as we move towards a 5 o'clock hour sales and for Mike I'm mobile blood in this WG. 60% completion percent faster now I'd who have not to tell us what I thought. Yeah you can try and be awful what do you into the passing game but that's not. And ebitda and saying get up there that we would it just I think you need to look at Cam Newton can't use the question. Debra that it's that fast however is there ever be good very productive because our. Well there. That is former bill and current NFL analyst Bucky Brooks. Talking way news Steve tasker and Chris Brown on one bill alive earlier to do eight. I like I I like with the raptors did. I am I really quite yes I do. I. Will see I mean I'm not gonna pretend to know what quite Leonard really wants to do. But. The idea that LeBron is gone. And you should be able to keep your court together and now make the finals. Q what what he really trying to do just make the finals thirty wanna try to beat somebody. But so so from a basketball trading like you know and I love the way Greg said at that he did say. Which made sense when you now have the best player on the court when year and some of the series. That's it and furthermore what you get to the finals and why Leonard's on your team would make maybe maybe you can take down Golden State. So I am. Outlaw it you not I get that fans and I'm detached I don't live in Toronto I don't really follow the raptors that closely. So I'm not. I'm not. Not into the DeMar DeRozan RA but if I know being a sabres fan. And for maybe like the ball go of the post you'll agree air years the the core of the sabres was stagnant. And yet they made the playoffs couple times but it just you know what he thought that team was good enough to win the Stanley. And the sort of kept going for awhile and eventually need to be torn down and that's where we got into the tank and like all that stuff that happened. But I was frustrated by. The stagnation I wanted something to change. And I would understand a representative and a lot of games the last few years they've they've they've been a high seed did don't a lot of good. But if you're really gonna go try to win even if only for one year ago golf. So I'm rooting for Leonard to get there and I'm not that worried about whether he loves it wants to sign. But I I don't think he's going did you sit home. And Powell he's an NBA basketball player I would think he'd want to S to reestablish his value. As one of the best players in the league after the year he just had the San Antonio so. Army I'm eager to see it I wanna see the show and I respected organization going to have a good but it's not good enough. I get it I do I agree you will not sit out but I also think the lakers should be we're trying really hard to get him now from Toronto. We have seen deals in the past where there were an clauses will you can't trade him that when Brett Favre when he was traded from. Green they chewed the jets and they said you can't just send him to the vikings ran away readily that the thing that part of the cause of the that the trade. Maybe there's something in there we haven't heard any thing but dispersant we are not sending him to LA he wanted to like we are not setting the lakers. And it's not. Because this is all coming out if I'm Magic Johnson I'm making some phone calls me up sure I am I I understand that an end and may be armed. In who knows maybe they do better and acquire letter trade and dispersed it right it right to straddle but I'm I'm rooting for him to get there and play for trial. That's what I wanna see and I support them make in the move. Because I I don't think they were ready to be a mean the ball the Celtics pacers at. Everybody in the east that's a contender gave Cleveland a harder time that Ronald Ronald rolled over in the public web detail woman played plea Germany got mauled by. And and Indiana took them to seven in Boston took them seven. I just don't I don't see how see. So I'm I'm good with what Toronto did today even with the questions about about wondered. Actually wanting to be user or anywhere are it will take time out sales in from like I mobile blood. Wall revisit our subject from very the very beginning of today show talking about the bills and impact full newcomers on the team will have for your calls as well. As we continue this is WG.