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It's Mike should know I can start now. If there's a mistake tease out. It's not a joke I'm afraid they read the wrong thing. This is not a joke these shall comply geo and the bulldogs. Have a great. I'm done W. And at 5 o'clock hour we go I'm the bold again like showbiz away cell is here to play. For a couple more hours. Tomorrow Selby audit Ted's hot dogs on union road in Cheektowaga wow I'm here it still beating out swing in dogs. I better go to the gym tomorrow morning because I'm about the dollars and 91 does that hot dogs are outside of that oh. It is national hot dog day tomorrow so all the different ten locations in western new York at ninety once and hot dogs. All day and I'm an idiot the union grove location from three to six I. I was confused because I saw some Twitter activity today even claiming national hot dog day and that that really confused because I know that your Ted's tomorrow. Bower to celebrate tomorrow's. Right I don't know that all the matters not a threat hot dogs and Ted were there is no dated is it's not ones that I did it. Let's make that is national not one cent apple and it adds yes but it got ourselves here hang in. Today and will chapels and tomorrow because will be paying debts and will block access to. So laden you know bills are on the table here 8030551888550. 2550. And curious to get your input salas certainly the audience is welcome to participate here we are just three for the next hour we had a a 145 minutes there of of guest activity. But we're in the clear until Brian calls you'll end Mike join us at the top of the hour at 6 o'clock to get Ryan's picks for the British Open. That are whether golf that. And I'm curious you know the quarterback situation. The bill's drafting Joshua Allen moving up to do so highest pick they've ever spent on a quarterback has to be a lot of attention. I don't wanna say all of the attention his guys like you will make sure it's not all all we do is talk about quarterbacks but. It's going to be the focus of a lot of attention. And a lot of the subject matter on the show was going to be Joshua Allen and policy look in one does he play in the house and should be played and I'm not cool girl. Outside of the quarterback situation. The bills have. Listen this question marks on this team matters newcomers on this team. There's draft picks from news here there's there's free agents is not a deep pool there's a couple of notables especially on defense. Maybe one on offense or maybe a couple of dolphins. I'm curious. Of the new guys on this team cell who do you think. Is going to be. The most impact fall. Player the most impact full newcomer on the team. And who'd you think the bills need the most and apple newcomer so as to slightly different and I think their biggest impact is going to be. Starlet truly a he's the biggest newcomer that's gonna have the Indian it Nucor is to have the biggest impact. I don't know if they need him to be I think he will likely they might need Trent Murphy to have the least impact guy they they have to get the pass rusher better but I mean. Several Chile will allow everybody to do their job is better more efficiently and have everyone make a really big impact. Around him such as a guy like terrain Edmonds who I think can have a sensational year adding to be really really good. But a lot of that can be treated to what's going to be in front him and starlet to Lola I think he's I think star. And the best thing we might be able to say about stars rafter be talking about a lot because he's gonna be doing his job. Tying people up exactly to get tons of stats and he's not allow everybody else to try to do what they need to do behind him you went back and watched some film on him. And dead at Carolina I did that and and and I wanted to seal why people were saying Carolina pre other fans were saying. While you know he just doesn't make a lot of a lot of plays it's not that big of a loss and OK well let's see what's going on here in. What I found was he just super unselfish she just does his job he. He doesn't get hooked which means he he he keeps his shoulders where they're supposed to be he doesn't allow. An offensive linemen and turn him and get to the linebacker basically he just stays in front of them keeps his body square keep shuffling down the line. It makes everybody move with him which allows the linebacker behind him to stay clean and and it's think it's a two really great trait to have as defense of climate and. I begin this they need to what you rare as were as well by the way. He got paid immediate you don't have to have all these stats right to get paid so the bills saw that and I think the biggest endorsement. For starlet Tulane is the fact it. The team the paid him was his old defensive coordinator wed top five defenses and got to a Super Bowl with him sitting up front in the middle the defense so. I think that's a huge endorsement for him. I think starlet to allay is going to be a really good player for this team but someone that people call the radio stations say. While I don't see this guy making plays he's making ten million dollars a year. Well because he's not gonna be asked to make plays he's going to be asked you. Do you everything he's supposed to do to let's say and just just tie people up yes they're going to be times he makes plays and you'd like him to do that. His job is going to be making everybody else's job easier though. Right and that that some you know you know that that's that's not something that. Miss only gets a lot of attention but I have a feeling because you'll bring at all. McDermott will probably be ready to go out of his way. To complement the job he's doing it if it's going well you know if their defense like I. But what's realistic for their for their for the defense this year with him in the middle and Edmonds as a rookie. Incinerate their calling the plays we know the safeties are are very good we don't got at least one very good cornered her debut as white. Not sure we got a guy that. Did pretty good but as sort of been lost in the wilderness for a couple of years and Bobby Davis at the other corner. How how good the guys think if you wanna get excited about the bills this year with the uncertainty we've got on offense. Even add uncertainty around trauma point to that that is trying to hold another layer of uncertainty what's gonna happen and a happening there. Yeah I think you have to be thinking that the defense is going to be really good and how good do you think they can be. I think they can be top half of the league. Top fifteen I think they can even possibly sneak into the top ten if they. With the talent they have and if thinking especially get to the passer a little bit better and they really need to be able to do that they can get there as much as they need to last year they they can. Fight to be a top ten defense in this league I think there and that David talent. On the have to stay healthy get on a lot of depth that's a scare Israeli defense. On linebacker secondary. Safety have a little more depth I think the corner but if you have injuries in year. Back seven Marie linebacker in your corner you neared safeties I think that's where this team is going to struggle if they can. Stay healthier than they and our normal team. They give a chance to be a top ten defense they should be in the top half of the league I'm looking at their rankings from last year they just weren't good. 29 in the league in rushing yards per game given up. A 125 in rushing yards for play twentieth passing yards per game in nineteen passing yards per play sacks per pass attempt second to last. You got to improve on that that that is the key to the entire defense this year I shouldn't say that they are two things they really have to do better get to the passer. And they got to be better in the middle but I totally convinced they're going to be star. And Jermaine had this together should make them a better team and. 8030551888552. Budget if you wanna play along most impact full newcomer on the bills and 2018. Outside of the quarterback situation because we all know that that would be the easy answer and we will certainly exhaust. The possibilities that quarterback maybe as soon as tomorrow. Who knows may be as soon as 53010. Is first up this segment hi Ken thanks for calling on WG. Thank you guys hey you guys they're great team great to listen you guys don't. I'd like I'd like the idea itself has about star in the actual black I think they could open up the door for. Garrison saw lots of live up to his. Reputation from Stanford when he was detecting machine plus they'll also give Kyle Williams a little bit more arrests and hopefully you'll have a lot more earnest faith. That's this year. Yeah I you know here's the thing I'll tell you. I Brothers obviously too can Kyle has not shut the door appoint beyond its when he eighteen enemies gonna go year by year here. And we're gonna see Harrison Paul is really interesting people have referred to him I think a little bit too much as the you know they'd a little cowlings the clone of cal wins however you wanna say it right at numbers I think I think it's monolith too far in that direction he's his own man. He's gonna blazes own path and he's a good football player. I do think they have good depth of the defensive line right now though was star with colleagues with Harrison felled I think it'd Elvis Washington was a better player than. I thought he would be last year for this team I think they have some guys there that you know they can use as a nice healthy rotation so. I think that the point is is right that. You know if they use this deal line right the way the chart McDermott likes to use his. You can be looking at are nice. Little season for a rookie in pairs of clothes and a for how would have to say hey you know I'm I still have some that I can give for sixteen games. I forgot about Google's Washington that's right he's still happy to eat me if they'll rotate guys what they did last year that was a big thing. With like we're always monitoring the number of snaps Daria 2000 dollars from here is going on the field for. 46% of the snaps or whatever number one there was never. There's never enough depth to justify what they were paying him. But the point of that is they were rolling guys in yet so. If if they've got four guys maybe that they can trust that they can use some different nominations they're that dumb that that could manifest. Do you remember what I did the the long piece and the the trades number Brittany talk about the trades. One of the things he said to me that I didn't print actually that I think is relevant here is. I asked him bow. Treat you didn't make you know what about what are some of the things you didn't make the reason I didn't pretty it was there was really nothing he said well. You always have little tiny conversations but nothing that really amount that we thought we are doing anything. He said but what does happen sometimes is. A team calls you about a guy. And you say law anymore when you really want we don't have much freedom but what would you be willing to get. And then it gets out there that your trying to deal and he said that's what happened with the dolphins Washington do you remember. Last year rate at the beginning of the year there were. There were reports that said the bills tried to trade adulterous Washington during training camp. That's what the report was someone nationally said the bills were shopping adult as Washington. And in this. In this conversation I had with a brand and being on the record he set and he said that wasn't true he said what happened was. Someone called us about adult was Washington and we said we really don't wanna trade on. I mean what what would you give us because we're not interest dead the conversation pretty much ended. And then that team must have said were in the bills were talking about it told a media member that those are talking about trading at office or an engine for regular season so and so they actually had you explain to bull adulteress and his agent. That they were trying to trade. But I thought. You're gonna end up there is that sometimes you've got a guy. This Rubin a really big revelation I think for. For executive of the national team. 22 to give you. But sometimes you get a guy and your team. That you may not think like that highly of in a team calls you interested in trading for him and the players they awful. Q for him usually. He's this good man actually looking your player differently like. This kind of better than we thought we played really well that certainly I wonder if that is ever I don't know that's interstate and I don't love that. That piece that you did it WGR project dot com was was so good thanks. It because that there's there's so much. That you can get out there but but at the same time there's only so much that they're gonna give you men and I like. What that piece does is that it makes me think about how much else there must be like really goes on you know that's right because there's got to be I mean I would just love. Hockey football. Bay's one out. I think about hockey football more as we've got teams are more interested in hockey and football obviously because of that. Why. Deals. Are really there but to Darcy were gear really. Turned down Tyler Sagan for Thomas panic at some point within that really happened. We haven't heard I would look old boy you've never heard that our current and a half Jerry's been big for four point one. And I don't goal which is where he's got that for all right. But it's been to sort of bouncing around out there for years and that just makes me spin a tool to. I have heard it I have heard that. That Darcy offered. Vinik and it's up and high high picks the year that. For the number one pick your Patrick Kane was coming beaten. I don't know that's gaps and read our prototype I think. It's true that I know they aggressively I never heard and it specifically right. But I heard that the very aggressively tried to get in the spot to make that. I am as I've. Alluded to many times this radio station it is well known Jeremy has said it is well. There the bills were very very close to trading up two draft Ben Roethlisberger. In 2004 and actually should have. But basically Tom Donahoe didn't do it. And that's where that ends there's a lot more to that that I've been told over the years bled. Basically that's that's the sad part of it that's that's the bottom line right that should have happened to me it didn't happen you know. I never I know they wanted a mentally what they liked him. I never really. Knew who or I guess I've never heard. Definitively. That they got cold feet or like the couldn't make the deal with that they couldn't get there because Pittsburgh wanted them. So they couldn't get in the spot when I I can't. It was it was to make a deal they had a deal in place to trumpet to jump Pittsburgh with Houston okay Houston was going to trade it and it and it time now basically backed. You that's that's the way it goes according to what I have been told us off one that is good stuff I don't like your. You know and then Houston drafted doctor Robinson and then Roethlisberger with inexplicably. Open. You tell that's taken a lot of jackets. Fourteen years ago but it's still has the horse. Brendan Europe next on WGR thanks for calling. Tell caution you are we you'd talk a little bit about that Beilein and you know people stuck now. What a question I had it it was kicking around the idea Charles Johnson he's Al they're free agency could you see. That being you know simply taken a lot of these acts Carolina players you'd see him as somebody that we may bring an extremely camper a little more beyond I. I'm you know he's pitched it might call up and. Just say that's. I thought that that was an option early on in for in free agency early on but I just don't know now him they went out they spent the money and Trent Murphy they brought in. Colliding he's hula. They still have Shaq Lawson and actually have any armor of the soldiers Hughes. I just don't know I think that's the kind of guy. That you go sign if someone goes down with a knee injury. You know Doug really said he went time and he's ready said. No we were to who we were talking about. Any set action widest spotlight and why he's allowed their nominee's time he goes you're there remember. These veterans know how to keep their body shape teams are gonna. They don't need to get him in camp brightly get it and they know that that guy's gonna be ready to roll and I would think about a guy like Charles Johnson for this where. You get an injury. You need someone to command you can call up and beat pretty safe and shore again humbled and last year he's gonna committees can be pretty good shaping a story about it. And I so I wouldn't totally discount it I think it have to be certain set of circumstances that would have to happen first. Yeah I mean he's. It's 32 he's four years removed from right to 88 and a half sacks he's five years removed from eleven. It does not been a lot of production now but that's right isn't as I don't think you're signing him to be your number one pass rusher right to someone to supplement someone who knows a defense. They can help out they can be a body that can you know be some you can plug it. In interest in going back to adult as Washington. Last year. The percentage of snaps by defensive lineman on the bills. Kyle Williams clearly number 168%. Of the snaps. Number two was adult with Washington at 45. Percent close a 46%. Of the snaps he he played though the second most zaps of any defensive lineman on the bills last year. I have to think at Kyle's leash they do not want him leading the rotation in percentage of snaps and did the star has to restart right but it would think how would be second now. Now he's gonna start right. Right and I. Here's the thing I don't know if you want Kyle Williams taking on 68% of the steps that they that I think red numbers guy right numbers a little I don't know right sure we besides him being the leader whatever. I think you probably want him to be close to 55 to sixty that many sixty you know at this point six every. That's where the caller who broke garrison Phillips maybe that's where he comes again he's effective and they feel good about him maybe you don't have to lean on Kyle as much in high pressure and like that's. Everybody wins that's right you know at a fresher better Kyle Williams for the playoff push. Moon why. You're already given him every Wednesday off pretty much. Right I mean she'll have you know from Thursday to. I think partly it's theirs they were ever dated he usually gets today I feel fine usually get today Kim to three whatever and please don't. He's good deals hills once once. I mean look at these I get the snap counts and for enemy. Preston brown I mean if you go back and look at this for years is a bill. He was over a thousand snaps which is really really a lot every single year since his rookie year. He basically every snap except for in blowouts when he came out and here or there to take a playoff. Not 89% of the snaps last year he was an. But that's pretty much what he was for four years. And I'm wondering can a twenty year old do that. Can you put a twenty year old on the field for a thousand snaps. 98 and 99% of the snaps. I think that's a challenge. To think about. You've got to have plan B brighten her Jimmy Edmonds who's been great now let's generally home. That's Ramon Humber and I mean you can put it in there but he's met a lot of radar because met allows injured. Which by the way an underrated story line headed to can't affect demand a lot of that hurt. Week seventeen and missed the playoff game. And then got hurt hamstring again both times hamstring and missed. All of mini camp. 00 for Ortiz. Yes who got her to note here a heat much and he did something and it I don't think it's severe coach has said it's minor I'm sure it they've said it's precautionary more than anything. But he's hurt and he didn't practice hamstring and everybody in its Hampshire an injury that's right and I watch all or nothing with the Dallas Cowboys out of we've seen it it's really good and and Sean Lee. This really good linebacker who just could not escape hamstring injuries and was always hurt. And it just I'm like please map on how. I thought he could have good hamstrings had been at because he can be really good I think you know but it's an underrated story line going in next week all right. Old Cuban IMF to the LA I thought for a son most impact old newcomers on the bills you know aside from the quarterback position. We'd love to hear it 8030551888. 550 to 550. Those are the numbers since the show open mobile blog show sales and for Mike I am able log in this is WGR. Each turn I'd keep coming back to our guy keeps all the better because I'm sort of play some golf against my feel served. Much sort of a work at the end of the year and I thought no better understand in my day when. My body my swing much more so that I did adjust some. Tiger Woods. Yeah I could tell that from an Obama plant this. There was there's a guy on it's a comedian he's on Twitter Conner or something I got to find his name. He did a video and he pretends to be all these different golfers and does impressions and did interviews all the ads that and it's really guy. I super guy I was watching that the other day and some salt and interrupted me I couldn't finish watching it. And I still have it saved in my Twitter feed because I just funny I sought a Dustin Johnson I saw Ian Poulter this assault Mickelson and tiger at no idea OK I got a lot to stop when Phil started this you'll laugh when he does tiger's what is Google has also who stole worry thought about. South ala infamous. Yes OK sir prior. And it's funny usually good British Open and yeah LB. What was that musical for in the morning or something our time we don't completely solid like that it'll be going when you get up tomorrow. Yeah this will play Iowa this week on this weekend news world news cable situation in Kansas. We've got pissed off just to what is the deal I don't understand what's the problem we we have the that there's there's layers of frustration here for me. Read on them and we hasn't read much my wife is set this. This is one of the things like we you know and I'm sure who you're white like you we handled right I'll take care of yes you do that. So she's been in charge of Internet into. And so a couple of years ago she landed this deal. It was supposed to be for June through September. Or maybe June threat it may be six months or they we couldn't we can get it for just you were going to be here for two months okay had to be for so what do. Sick happier. Cable phone and and it OK I really really wants the Internet only Paramount appear to watch TV I don't know a Democrat right right. You know we candidate WOK well it'll the golf soccer wants its arts and I can I can watch English Premier League on the weekend mornings while we're still up there. That starts opened in a few weeks. And blue jays game to go. I like having the cable. Well. As for some reason like I don't know why we kept getting built all with. What we got we got murdered. On this deal. To the tune of light. For what amounts to three months of use we. Parks all I mean we just got crushed. Is of most things like. It showed up. If I look at the big statement like oh they took out a 191 dollars right. It's January like what's going up. So she called them. And try to get sorted out and like you know were busy out and I'm not like stating I'm top apparatus and put another month to go by and we thought it was taking care of and then. And I took another and and and what we saw edited opposite all my gosh this is a disaster. Well we finally got it it's that stopped in like I don't know feb. So. It's turned off now why can't really back up there in July. Can we get to turn back on should us open on this call us right so we get up there we call. Yes you're beyond tomorrow we can no Internet no cable no problem not enough so finally they send attacked out. To address the situation and he gets the Internet to work OK great. And it's just sort of vague about the TV it's like well who's not working now. Take a couple days just just check a couple days and if it doesn't work then call us Collison and will take care. Oh okay so couple days go by patents are this is repetitive I told the story dividend on the year but you USO I just am. I didn't tell the whole part about how much it cost us last minute matches. Adding to my life I was so I think we're not that I felt like I imagine the guitar could. Anyway that's that's soul. I I called on Friday. And it was just. The least satisfying customer service experience may be ever. Just. No resolution. Knoll ability to get a they label called you could all use that cell can you help me get my. And I'd say the name right you help me get my cable turnaround. And just makes some noises in the click the keyboard a couple times man. Put your whole chorus okay cell will be right here when you just go play with match for twenty minutes and then come back. Think macro they can do any Victoria younger I don't think it will help you all I'll tell you what all do though we won't charge you. For the cable TV for this month. And what I'm on the phone gone. Oh. Thanks for not charging me for the being you can't. Turn out for me that's nice of alleged that you're not going to make me eat scripted TV. Don't worry we're sure to meet for. All of those properties. And bought that anyway. I'll want to keep this week because the British Open right Canada is on TS. I think if we're usually an anyway. So I'm gonna need cable lives lives that is not going to be until some of the inner networking unit does work you can you can stream and I'm sure right. It's not that good there you can you won't know best bet that that might work. Most of the time that I try to stream I'm running to. There is I don't know hall look I'm 53. I don't I'm not that said. I running to. This video is not camped playing or her device it's an American no AA rafter in the US on trying to get it Canadians to lean on. Just like why didn't. I area Seoul. May be. I just kept the TV and I feel it already paid for it all winter while we're gonna build 200 dollars a month gap. I don't computers. Now. Not a fan here today anyway we're talking about. Principle regardless implement. Was through the British Open golf the British Open in a terrible Brian McDonald with talk about. Talk about it yeah somebody picked tiger. I don't know I don't think now I know this and I just to summon the impression that he made out of our impression tiger all right let down. I enjoy watching. The British Open I just I don't like the fact it's and so early that I know listen you can do it over there but it's like one of the best things a bow. The Saturday Sunday major. Cut unwinding and watching in the evening seat I like it because I can get up and nobody's and I just. It's like soccer for me I do I get up at 7 in the morning. Bloom we are played in I won't Wear out I can be done by lunchtime and I wanna see like. Who who they're teeing off at 11 AMR that means. And enjoy what I can summit due to catch the back nine for. Dustin Johnson or whoever right sure and all are well it's gonna finish up at 7 o'clock to make perfect ranks up eat dinner watched the end of it. I know you're in Europe so it doesn't happen like that it's an anchor in the time challenge lit by. It just feels like it's over too early on sun right I I I hear you I've always been partial part of the reason that the World Cup was so appealing to me. I love sports that really matter Wimbledon. Sports that really matter are on at cottonwood there on at 8 o'clock in the morning or duopoly. Federer playing. Business analysts have the NFL kickoff early like that without without your job interference I mean you have to be on the air something new post game shows Sher. For well sure I even with that yes I got with yeah well I'm sure at 3 o'clock interest in this. I'm a big fan because well village where I didn't certainly get up early dismissal like you can. For yesterday when it blew meal blew me away here. Brian maybe has some advice for me I'm done this this is from wouldn't go well Brian I thanks for calling your WGR. Are all you need to do is go getter roku box and on there they have the pack all you needed Internet so you don't have. Actual cable television coming and I you don't need a box all he needed roku. I have this this is the fire stick right yeah that's what I have we have that we love it. Yep I didn't even realize that. Thank you Bryan I didn't know that that would be an option for Bulldog in this situation is that something you plug into your laptop it's something you plug in as a it's hit it's a USB device to plug into your TV. And that you're no longer needed cable box correct so from that set up now the FEC required keep. Being able to have a at this screen and you don't have to do what you hear what the court. I'm not familiar with the FCC rules on this he can do that Canada just the same as I can you do your right. Exactly yup yup. Are they that you. I I'll you have more questions about it Ike off the year I'll help you but seriously we love it it you know we had the fires take immediate. All the Amazon's up all the Netflix stuff in any app you want ESPN whatever and you can watch any TV you want. The TV. Which. Understood. Asked how he does not a few. USB support I got. Rate ticked up there to TV we got is a wedding gift in I'm that is the last is the last of the dinosaurs it is it is a is it brought a source is one of those Sony to 32 inch TVs. That honestly. I moved it up there. Ten years ago. And doing that almost killed me. And like the idea of even moving it. From and where it is. And replacing it let me ask you this do you have another TV in your home here in buffalo that you can just easily take up there apps that has one capsule. Shouldn't it's not a hard left you can do it. And TVs these days cannot be that door open okay that the TV. TV out of where it is it's so big. And happy it's not it's not so big it's hard to carry with two people. What I'm saying is why if you get it out just add another TV summer put in another room here's us so well. It's becoming more more because what is what what's not to sign up for a TV in the veteran of the content she's already got to live with me watching sabres games I wanted to embed the half at home you don't resentment fly. I have to make the move next Thursday to saint John Fisher. That's my move for the IIIA. And that's broken stick country now know they have cable comes out of the wall and I just bring I just bring my lawyer it's like it used to the cable and but I do have a TV that's a little TV that has. The USB if I want to do all that and I bring it every my blanket to bring a mini fridge how I gonna get that that we could easily grab a bit different TV eyes and and and do just and I Ambien difficult. But the TV that I got there are now is massive and heavy and like I may die. Got one of the big tubes all debt to get it weeds like OK it's a period unbearably happy. And in so bad that when I was taking it to Canada originally. At the border like there's massive TV in the past should my truck and I was like. The month you got what's the deal with the TV. I said if you were gonna try to make me pay tax on the Stevie I'm kicking it out but can you. Limit at what point faithfully he couldn't mean it was not right I was just I was. I'd just taken out of the house bought like five minutes earlier right like the border and only. An argument with this if you want it. You get out and I'll just talk it up I knew right but they are dropped it yeah okay sorry honey we don't of the TV. I will take a timeout sales informally on mobile volumes W. Still to be determined. As to who's gonna play quarterback for Alabama she's gonna ask all the questions about it but are still to be determined. Hi to him basically missed spring practice due to an injury Jane and had a good spring both guys have had great Summers and we're just gonna have to see who wins a team involved can't. So we'll see. Nick Sabin. We him but Saban. Talking about quarterback. Which they won the national player older. Backup quarterback came off the invention. It was electrifying and they won its only one soul broken vertebrae it looks off August with a Obama and exit. He's interesting and in in the media he's super interest now and it was what happened he was in the news. Joseph when you guys write or this to someone prank call him a kid prank called in did you see did you hear about this couple weeks ago the town. A pair apparently this is you could probably find the audio somewhere this happen. Tom. Some. And hurt kids frank called him. And pretended to be a dad. Who was looking for a scholarship purse Cusick kicker. And apparently Nick Saban was like super nice to my leg while we have a act and I have to look at it to ask my staff like. Didn't Paloma operating out how to kick got a guy got his number is operating like that. But he ate just it showed a pretty good human side and X say that he wasn't like. Dude go kick rocks why you call me hi I'm Nick Saban to recruit the best get in the country but he was like and give the kid credit. For thinking about the kicker because he's probably thirty got the best linebacker and running back it up a delight in right right maybe a kicker falls through the cracks. But he did but he's. He's interesting in this press conferences via any Nick Saban and he is the best college while coaching wins all the time so he can pretty much say whatever he wants. We were talking about golf lesson target at a point yet road crews in numbers you play Grover today. I did I had my first Grover experience. And I didn't realize it's a par 69 it's not a par 72 the don't have as many long hole to him however there is a 230 yard par three Bulldog. What in the world like that's gotta be hell out of course that not all rights which is weird and it. I mean I don't know this someone can tell me yes or no it's got to be the longest par three. In Western New York I mean. Can imagine one is longer than that and down. I played with a old teacher of mine I was one of my elementary school teachers and coaches basketball coaches and now he's retired and he loves to play and we went out and we had a great date together and he's really good he shot eighty I shot 85. Am not too I'm pleased with that because. It was a course I'd never played before in that was shorter I think it's kind of like Alex and early 89 or ninety maybe 91 at most places but. I go to a course for the first time if I can break ninety a pretty darn happy so 85 and asked par 69 wasn't too bad it was it was a nice day out there. The greens are a little bit top they have a couple agrees the that are I mean like 45 degree angles the food and it's like relief tonight. Buckley you're not driving as they stick shift up one of these things because you rolling now. Yeah it's really weird might wash all. I've never I've only drew in our front idle time I've never I've never played there. The US open was held there in 1912 did the youngest US open champion ever John McDermott I believe was his name ironically. And that that time the course was how the course was you know where it was located you mention this it was they lost they wrote it was actually about getting someone email me it's only it was were buff status. And at that time was called the country called the buffalo that it was sold to the city and that was that was moved to where it is now because of he maybe. Maybe the pan am games but. That would have been earlier that you and him are Jim that was next July but either way right it moved and now it's Grover and it's it's county owned. Right yeah that that's always been angered mutes it's like puppets like alma how young Grover aren't the only ones right. It was in good shape though is in good shape now. People told me don't you. You know it's brown and all that kind of stuff gathers the spots on their that we've had no race. You know so I mean it was in good shape and I enjoyed playing at a really good day the only thing is be prepared a lot of people play it. It was a slow day I mean. You're you know you're you know there's backup and you're gonna have to wait but I'm sure that happens on nice days like this all around Western New York. Are good. Well more golf on yeah we're being swallowed by golf and thanks to the caller who said there's like an old school roku woke up for an old. You know tube TVs some recalled Joseph off the year close. We've got some Broncos Jill and I think Mike is gonna be on the line to doubt our. Annual. Majors golf bet. And it's Bryant turned pagan ritual begins tomorrow morning so browns got to get on the record with his ten golfers. And of Mike and I will hope that his ten golfers that break their likes now I don't want to speak from like it's a little harsh we just hope none of them win so that we would Molly little works. So Lola teed up for yet. So active and mean that. Anyway that's what's on the next year and WG.