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It's Mike Hsu joke and a Bulldog. Mike and I will hope that his ten golfers that break their likes and WGR. Sports Radio 515. I don't want Mike's name on mats. I'd like but I feel bad now. I'm a jerk. I say that he wins is every time I see something like that not all of his name is and I died feel like still a lot of guilt. Oh don't go about it. Mike is supposed to we're gonna call him rankles heels already on the AT&T hotline self about Jews here and has been here all afternoon. I am the bulldogs thank you for tuning in its majors pits ten time. Let's official name of this right Brian picked ten. Like I think that we should grant it sell it at militancy in the hash tag you can attach to this so. How are you any. So hopefully Groban. You have cell. I heard here Jeremy back going on the golf strain. Yeah. Told me that is quest to break eighty is back on and I know selvin planet's sonic also. Think that just they guided the stationary during the weather right now definitely. Quest of breaking eighty I mean that would be it I I had a chance to always go Chestnut Hill and within the last hole needing par par but I wanna with a triple. And I had 81 so I was really happy but mad but man that's that the my quest is to make sure I don't. I don't wanna go over ninety Evan in the eighties lately and I wanna make sure I stay there in enemy. It's so hard too because. I mean your. What when you're shooting that score whatever your goal is like. You're adding it up as you go mean I'd it's the just say well forget about gore right I mean he gap only. Especially if you feel like you're if you're playing well you don't know like I know that people they ought to don't think about like you know how's it the. Usually you that hook. I do I know I don't mind we haven't engulfed turn I don't think you track I liked I liked to keep highly to keep basically his. My goal is out of if I try to play bogey golfer that I can pick up a few strokes here there. So I try to K Thomas sub industry holes are I'm on track from not on track right and that's how I like to figure out where you're right I mean. For most people you know thinking about it it's is a distraction I actually enjoyed kind of thinking about it the wrong. I don't have enough experience being law one off to care that's what my problem is sorely usually used for a it's usually happens to me. Let's go let's bring much open who's been enjoying some time away but is here to participate in Brian's selection of his ten golfers might tell you then. Good to have even pay Bryan yeah from the last one reason at all geez. That's what makes this one a little more sweeter for me I know I'm not out. Right there is that yes there is that you enjoy yourself. Yes I have to tell you what I just saw you're the first person I've wanted to oldest two are not telling you all excellent. I was just at the stone pony. Hall who while. That's pretty cool I'd never been I've never been as Marie Parker never been to that part. And. The shore that's fantastic was there anybody was Bruce there. I didn't I didn't see anybody. And Ben Folds and cheek played and solemn day. And Band of Horses and all fairness I remember. Was their Saturday and then right next to that at this as Barry. Our convention hall. And that's god Buddy Guy on Sunday John Cleese on Friday night that interest bearing demand this weekend to. I hope really cool night. He's just doing their for a drink or did you like what we're resident tourist thing last stone on there it's it's right behind the boardwalk on the oceans aren't going to. Look at it as also you know well aware Marco most of it away. All right well I'm envious I'd never a place I've never to that part of the the short and I'd I would wanna I wanna check that out. So mom Brian what are you thinking about a year I did see conditions appear to be really dry is that right. Yet the course is going to look baked out on TV and I know for some. It felt like that about the open championship but I mean it just. They don't doctor up the course the irony of the way they set it up over there I mean eight other than keeping the green. You know it in condition to pot on its. If it doesn't rain and the fairways get baked out of the rough doesn't grow they get it to let it beat it out there not concern them daily with the winning score. Like the US GA does with their set up for the US open so yes it's very big. It's very around it probably won't look deeper picture up and he'd be. I've been hearing guys in practice round that are hitting like five iron up the heat and it rolling. Like a hundred yards plot after it lands at tiger said he had a five iron which for him he says normally. Is somewhere you know in the Q thirty to forty range and he said that it went 333 when they stepped it off just because of the role. So I'm hurt got guys that are shorter hitters. Brandt Snedeker said in his practice round. He hit 427. Yard drive and Snedeker is not a long at all. Else and ball it's going to roll. Tiger said it was brought covered yesterday said he thinks the ball. In the middle of the fairway words crowned its growing faster than it actually is on the and the British Open greens normally are slower. They're not at the pace that the US open is they're like there are gut. So I I can believe it and I think we're gonna see them and crazy shot. And in some weird about whether you know they end up rolling to the pot bunkers or in some in different lies or something like that but. Yes you're correct it dry it Crist be it's going to be a kind of a different one that we're used to seeing from the rest of the majors. Yeah I saw just. Oh me. Get on Twitter of someone dropping the ball onto what they they claimed was a fairway. From like waist high and the ball hit hit the ground and it made like just sounded here like off grapple. If and bounced almost right back up to the guy's hand. Vote Obama well that's that's hard but not if it's not Alex it's not soft at all other greens going to be solved. I think those are I mean from the from the pictures of the practice round in the video they look like they're still perceptible. The greens normally but the British Open are they run slower in terms of putting on but a lot of times guys bounce in. Because they're not they're not as receptive as you see like a normal PGA tour and state. But I I'm not sure if they're going to may be water there Maxtor distort that building out and well. But you know that part at least the course will look green and I think I'd be able. Do what they want about agreeing that around the greens the strategy I think it's interesting. It is. What was part of what my line of thinking of picking guys is that. Tiger says I don't know how much it gonna hit driver at all that the putting it to wire in his bag the shot and of course after it back eight yet that little stinger it would run forever. Mickelson said I don't even know them and carry driver. But now I've hearing from some of the guys that like its driver like Dustin Johnson and Brooks cap got right back right they said because it's so dry. They're still they're gonna be enticed to hit driver more and the reasoning is it not necessarily the length. But because it's been so dry and has been no rain the rough areas but that's where it is not sick they did it to Berry being with speed and they said. It's not really penalty they feel like Peyton get out of there so. You like I guarantee you gonna see somebody at some point they are role you're gonna see these 450. Plus yard drive in. You know some of these guys might be enticed just keep hitting driver because if they go into the back he stuck it might not going to be at analyzing it it would have been fat. Hull lol could we get kicked could we get someone to twenty under or cure but at the singers that crazy. I don't know a target seen normally. Although the rotation for the open champ to deport displayed as one of the office they've had winners at the pad B over par. But. I mean I think I think you're right I think we're gonna see. Somebody's gonna at least get to double digits of not more I think under our week yeah I think it's cool this course. Haven't played easy in the past but I just think with the condition I think it's going to be good. For better scoring I mean for those that you know if you think in all you know what's different about this course. It does play harder. Probably the memory that and yapping all for you or. Or here. You remember Carnoustie 1999. Prod the most famous one that went bad developed John Vander Velde had believed used. All he needed with a double bogey on eighteen. And he hit driver and it was a Mastny and the in the bird shoot off. Eventually had to get an amazing up and down out of the standards that make the playoff thing you know losing. The Paul Lawrie but. And that of course it was aired a seven. Harrington beat. Garcia. In the playoffs. When Garcia with kind of winning promote I met Eric in I got a playoff but one writing at Carnoustie I immediately got that image out. Then develop. And it rolled up. Sitting in that bird on eighteen realizing it what an idiot I am. Paris as soon as you say is maybe you can totally similar bans rolled up Mike do you think what wall would you do here like. Does that do these conditions that Brian is describing make it harder you think to picked ten guys like assembly that would someone random could win this thing. Yes. I think Bryant should pick. All longshot since the occasion that the program develop because authorities that he was an. Apathetic. So one ridiculous. And did well at least one of those guys make it interest. Well Brian thank. All right well as Mike would want me to view of course Jack beat the betting favorites are birds. And I've got seven I I bought the what do that myself but I don't want you to do that oh that what you. I want you to pick your list based on former champions at that golf course always the. He Paul Lawrie. He let. You want you to you you're going to call Mike Ditka and ask him who we think Egypt and. The bigger the O'Connor junior imperial Imus was somewhere. Well I based upon the betting favorites I've narrowed down my list. And I believe you have got seven of the top ten. And I think some of them but it have to take Dustin Johnson. Beat the number one favor at least twelve the one. I think no matter what the conditions are I don't care if he after the election. Then from there and say. Wait excuse me by the way to all those questions relate I was joking but. I think twelve to one meaty high for paper. I think you're right. And if if that's right then. I think the logical extension of that is that this tournament is seen as being more wide open but I'm not. But I I don't have a catalog or to I don't know if that's true what you like at the US open Weber was Johnson or. Who ever was one was smaller paper and want to be maybe there were few guys over the. I think that's right in the same was true for the masters apart or call. Twelve why it was in my. Yeah I think kind of like the seven to eight to wondering you usually look at pop guy is for the other means that we've done I think you're right. So Dustin Johnson is definitely amongst the ten but your point Mike. There are the whole budget name that I know that we always consider. That are like in the mid twenties to 321 range. B cap gut comments. Stand and our he had gay read. Rom they're all kind of between 22 to one and 35 of one whole big clump album. And that's kind of where I really had my difficulties. The guys that I definitely had no doubt about like Ron mileage the second I was struck out Dustin Johnson has won. Justin Rose is too he always plays well at that event. And I think being familiar to it that the course itself he's definitely there are the second betting favorite actually Fowler who actually really like this week. I was gonna pick one I think I'm Michael Fowler anyway said he liked hunting and Walgreen. Yet at popped Atlantic Scottish open. At some point he's got to win one articulate the La odd here a paper or self. I'll eat my third. Obsolete would have been playing very very well at the late of course remember he had the 63 at the US open at almost got to being to get the win. On Sunday. When the European tour has there. There event. Schedule they actually have a regular event at Carnoustie and Fleetwood had a good record they're cute so I thought he was a no brainer so that's four. And then I come of that big club. Got McIlroy. Rahm would speed up the comets. Spent and Garcia de read like they're all. In the mid twenties to lower thirties to one range. I'm going to give you guys McIlroy I'm going to pass on Rory you're actually a bit that he's 21. I just think from watching his game this year it's very inconsistent. I know that when he's hot he can run away with the tournament so I'm a little. As I'm talking about here I feel kind of silly leaving him off the lit the pilot or having our favorite here. But I'm not taking McIlroy the thing you've been to inconsistent this year. I would go on assure you. You said you had four I've got DJ follow and Fleetwood written down that I met the and rose wrote okay thank you. Is. Number five for me just playing great. If it does turn into who can hit the ball are they. Ever I like human mixed. He seemed to be god and also we now making clutch putts that I was really impressed by. US open. Probably hot golfer in the world is Francesca melons are from Italy in its last five starts. He's had who wins. And 22 places. I feel like navy that's the name we normally don't know Molinari is in. Justin comets at 251. Is also on my list he's just to count it actually later on you'll eat and I'm passing on Rahm would be next up the net betting it. On the off my board he had I think too inconsistent of a year so I'm not seeking. Good. You mean eight I believe that's correct well. Our I've got DJ Fowler Fleetwood rose Capcom Molinari Thomas that's that seven. Felt it at 63 left. And that is where my debate came in Alex nor in who it last start French Open we don't you want. Stand then plays well on the term and Garcia played well currently. Day has been close to winning this tournament for. But I'm passing on all of them and it break it brings me he would. And I think if tiger's gonna win a major. It's here. He doesn't have to hit driver. Because of the fact that in his other tournament he's had chances to win down the stretch take in quite a bit penalty strokes off the tee. Let variable gold away. He also hasn't been putting wonderfully. But I wonder with these slower greens if it'll kind of may be white out a little. So I know this could be would be rooting for the mile an interesting story. But I think he's going to win a meter or when his next major conflict in the open venues are the best for him. Start taking war. As one as I get picked eight. Stanton Garcia Dave Reid and their path and all them. I'm going to go wit Jordan B I don't like how he's playing. I don't think that he's. Don't think he's going to win but regulate I have to take him out kitty just. To yeah he does the if you win that I don't have to be very mad at myself I like it in quite a bet a lot out. Prepare for major. And then I'm gonna go way way way down the board. 66 to one from my last pick and going it Zach Johnson. Tom Watson. He's. Second in the tour. In terms. Approach shots inside 160 I know it's gonna hear that but I'm trying to come up with something. Statistical. To bring to the table here for what kind of the wild Arctic. If it becomes so dry that distances meaningless. From 150 and Zach Johnson's second on the PGA tour you'd want a British Open or so on the exact Johnson picked number ten aboriginal. Men want me one of these. It's a certain process that it's still well every golfer. 12. As Bryant named everything that acts. Yeah I might have. So here's our viewers there are. For your computer apparently you're up French Open as a tennis tournament with a good group move not to pick Greg that's right that's right but your sealed. Had some nice names that we normally pick what you guys get glory you get robbed you get dark the that you gave immediate rebuke extension. So you got that you have Mickelson and well O Berry and Watson. And you have Tom Watson and Bob a lot about what this. All right good well the pressure is on because the field and has won both of these right I'd I didn't win. When I picked my seven at the masters and Mike you didn't have captive in the US open right. Right because Nolan went to borrow that's a decent. Right. But up so. That the ticker at Oprah to write goals. And buck that aren't here well thanks for they should do is Brian Mike thanks for making yourself available during your time off enjoy the rest of the break and we'll catch up soon. Thank you aren't I and then not really good luck old dog since that could deflect and two point thank you gentlemen all right to me. And yes thank you as Brian calls deal on the AT&T hotline along with Mike Jobe. I'm trying to after Hawaii I'd meet you sit here to south stick it's foot hit the can I be home by now probably I would tell you that. That's not phony really I'm I am sorry so. And give me a moment ago. Because I had actually done the research and I was wrong a little bit I've been reading up on the history of this. The golf course in the US open a program that so here are kind of a mix of what I've told you. Okay. The course was founded as a country club a buffalo in 1889. It was originally where. It's the intersection of elm wood in Nottingham where Delaware park and bus state basically as right. Then because of the pan am exposed they did actually move it to where is now and it did host US open there OK so. It was a mix of the things I was saying so that is where. It was hell where it is now but it was originally and then the critical buffalo now is of course Angel and horse other ego that's a good thing Orioles look very thorough. All right good deal. All right let's so let's get back on track here. The big stories in football this week has been what's going on with the Steelers and money on bell we you'll get you an update on that from. On the ground in Pittsburgh Andrew Phillip Paul Harold body. From WG ours works at 937 the fan in Pittsburg and he joins us after this. I'm WG. It's Mike Hsu open we were having a very serious conversation about Manny is here and a Bulldog and did it every week on WG ER Sports Radio 550. Opened really captures the spirit of things but I'm like delicate when a lot. Glad to have you with us here on me Wednesday afternoon salad is in for Mike show this afternoon I am able bug thanks for hanging in. And on the AT&T hotline right now is our old body from Pittsburgh Andrew Phillip ponying 937 the fans. In Pittsburgh Andrew good afternoon a man how are you. Oh. Let's that's a good thing to hate because it's not good for you so good broad call. I'm one of those guys edit. Go to a place in their mandate on the stand which I want. Like give it back and say like make the other one also buried at the rest about those to. My biggest complaint in my life about a man eating yet but ultimately. Yeah I don't know about you I have a heart timely I go out to be giving food back. Right yet know why you swat my wife loves. When I get upset about things and I'm not gonna do anything about. Yes it's once that's important for all time fevered and out oh good he's gonna sit here and bitch about this for the next 45 minutes. Yeah I got that doubt about yeah we have got the volume. You've not been married that long some good job you made out pretty good progress. So did the think they did. Bill do the Steelers a favor by not accepting the five years every million dollar contract but how do you view what's going when I'm. With with what John Bell muscular Andrew. Yeah it ecstatic when he didn't sign that deal because. I'm of the opinion that. Even though his agent says that he multi threat player that he's like this do. Ager do type of running back which is ridiculous Marshall ball a hundred catch season and David Johnson. Had more catches two years ago and had more yards to open what Al did. 2017. Itself. He's trying to say that it's client is one of the kind that's just. Not entirely true and I just don't think that running backs are built to last forever especially one that has considerable baggage. Like cells so. They haven't won a Super Bowl with them you could make the argument they really haven't come that close. And I'd rather go back into the drafting good young running back to cost me like 45 million dollars a year taken in the first rounder background. And try to put more money into their defense so I don't wanna invest all my money into the offense and I also don't want to invest a lot of money into there's. Also old little tidbit about how all there. At at at least. As good if not actually better offensively when he has now been in the lineup. Which is a weird and it's not just like one or two games and we're talking about I think it's like the eighteen games it's always is that the number. So the last of the last sixteen games they played without him there record in those gains just eleven and five. And inch or need fifteen. What he got injured at the halfway point of the season ought has perfect talk about. It he was done for the year. DeAngelo Williams went in. At running back and he. Had a weapon touchdown that these. And the offense. Hole finished fourth in scoring. The only repeat that one batter for the Panthers who had the MVP Cam Newton. Arizona let the runner up in the MVP Carson Palmer and the patriots. So literally no worse for Wear without them. And if you look at the last two years I think have been it's range here the last two years to. Data. When he's in allied forces when he's not in the light up their yards per game is like one or two yards. But different like it's very minimal. Is a fact overall on the offense when he's in vs what is now. Knee injury it's out of pot Joseph Lauria. Hey so. I ditched it in the the whole dynamics of just the Steelers organization how they've treated things in the past they've always seem to be a team. That never like to spend really big money they don't want to sign a lot of free agents say they're very good at home growing talent and then retaining their own even for them though this salary seems. Really high for them to be able to two like swallow so it's from their perception. And there are angle of things. Nowhere is this playing out where is it ultimately going. So for error vantage point I think that. One of core beliefs that they have means. They don't guarantee money beyond the first year so even if you look at Antonio browns. First he's been like that would have been last year on a new contract. The only money that was guaranteed was in nineteen million dollars that he made in his first year. So I'm almost positive but first salary cap purposes. They basically took his entire salary last year in me into signing bonus. So we got like seventeen or eighteen million dollars up on. Event like the one million dollars that were well that was left over got spaced out over the seventeen week season. And they were willing to give fell. Ten million dollars in signing bonus. And then I don't know the complete breakdown of the contract but like let's say he was gonna make sixteen million in his first year. Well then six million. So ten plus 1616. Million dollar salary. And would be assigning bonuses fixed would be what he made over the seventeen week to see and they were gonna budged that far from that now. We weren't gonna make an exception to a rule. When guys have contracts under under contract. They don't negotiate with them on a new deal until that player is going into last year. To be able whip up a contract with like two or three years left in get a guy you want that's about a one of their core principles. And you know I think. I think one of the things that I disagree without model. I think even with this offer. They were ready to kind of bleak. From. The the NFL trend of not giving running backs up previous salary. They were ready to give him my Dickey at Rappaport reported. 33 million dollars in the first two years to deal with just an average of sixteen and a half million. Which is more than double. What the next highest paid running back. Is making. So is this a last season and as usual form for Levy on the Al. Under percent ya a 100%. I say that because. If they were to franchise him next year that would be the app salary for the top five highest paid quarterback who have no way that happened. And the other thing they could do was transition tag him. So like not to go to QA side football here with you guys but to the transition tag would mean. UK. I think it is. He gets and other like percentage bump in salary that would take him from about fourteen and a half million to seventeen million next year. But with the transition tag. It's like it's like it's like you can make it got an offer sheet with a restrict recreational hockey what every team would be able to make it offered him and there's no way. A team wouldn't. Like even if it was like forty years at forty million that still be more than seventeen million that they were gonna pay him. In the first year or so I don't think there's anyway. That they would retain him unless the market just wasn't the air for him and they felt like they were getting a bargain on a much I don't think it's gonna happen. Take a break more of our conversation with Andrew Phillip only come up after this on WG. Talking with the former WGR. Staffer who like that staffer. Agricole ponies at 937 and in Pittsburgh now. How is this going over. Wiz fans like I did a siding with the Steelers might Miami. My sense in these situations in buffalo has usually been wanna play your. Wants more money the fans always side with fifteen minutes and it's always curious to me. But we we always end up I think just deciding the players being a greedy jerk. And that the team is in the right how's it going in Pittsburgh. Yeah I think that it pretty compare all I remember when I was with you guys. Like ten years ago at the old Jason Peters thing happen with a pariah. In buffalo that's a lot tackle compared to one of you know top players overall entirely self I think you've got it right. Press. I think what happens here worked against him. Is that. He had like that beings. Behavior only. Bet you ass got a player. As you have somebody they're gonna try to elect that the market the bank. Can get let the little things right and today. Conduct themselves actually social media now Alba and do that debate before they played the jaguars in the playoffs. He said he couldn't wait to play New England eagle birdie. You know acted like to gain the next morning or the next afternoon I should say was what. In the bat in your C about your eyes people he's got suspended for. Yes that's just. Feeling like at. It affected he got arrested for driving hot. On its way to a pre season game. So high at its way to work that it eagle. Is the fact that he liked. In rap saw it the other. Working knee hip pop career he talked about how like that they and that turned against them this kind of made them into. The villain and all of us. So you know and then what one more thing which is maybe the most important thing is that he didn't show up to practice the day before they're wipe off. Felt like the things that you know if he would just the 15100 yards back in Panama its first season last year. I think that there would be if you're that you know what just give this guy is money he's a really good player we're in the business of keeping really good players. But I do think that there's like malignant. Or like cancerous. Cloud. And here they hangs over this guy. And it got to look at him is. Maybe are not worth the trouble so I think right now we've reached a point where the vast majority of stand today good riddance. We're gonna like ride the wheels off you this year and and good luck playing for the New York Jets of the Cleveland Browns next year. So yeah how does how does this year player out there and just like last year when he shows up at the end of training camp in time to get ready to play the opener. And accuse it is it an uneasy marriage horror is everybody just can be professional in the spine. Yeah I think it helped and I'd like whoo. Whoo yeah I think with the coach and he probably has always been very. Vocal supporter and he can go back to his rookie year you want spell. I don't think that this cannot create. A cat stumble are. Hit them between him coach Bible want to I don't I don't think that his teammates have turned on him through this crop. Even though the bet even though the majority of guys now are Perot. Came up and making. Like fifteen billion dollars a year might be put off by the fact that somebody would pay owed about. I think like Roethlisberger. Probably views. Biggest ally that is that numerous times that you think you'd think that bell even more so than around. Is responsible for the success they have on offense. So I think out of her balls out from there the quarterback. Believe in this guy doesn't get a hold this against him. I don't think if there's an issue in the locker room I do think what you have the potential war though. If he's either not having him there and all our error writing him Q hard. And I think that there could be. You know the business interest up football could take over and that's where you you know you don't watt. Kind of hanging over you going into a make or break season. Ought to lie and kind of interest in how that plays out. If he's at he's getting too many carries. It seemed nervous that that's gonna negatively affect him when he goes in the free agency and he's just not effective well then. Is he gonna say give me the ball war because. I need to step to get the money that I want right. And almost any injuries that he suffers. At all if it cost him any time will probably be looked at skeptically we went through this wood chairs bird. Greta what do foot issue and came back and played on a franchise tag. And it was just in all he's just he's just preserving himself he's not really hurt he just wants to make sure he's OK to hit the market. So you probably will get some of that if he has the usual running back you know hamstring tightness or whatever you know the kind of trails that are running back. You know usually goes through during a grueling football season. I think it's it's. It's a different. But I expect flat what else. At what the playoff games but I think he probably. His agent had probably told him there was ritual abuse in a franchise tag on. Because the dollar. You know. And now where. He knows. He is far on. About he will. He came out like him but I think that's why. At. The age of leveraging cap. You need development well. All about. Democrats. Don't want. What. Mark Martin how much oil production of this. Now we're used to dealing with a decent a car here in buffalo because he's Tyrod Taylor's agent as well and when going through all that stuff with him and he's adjusting the way he goes about. His business and some of the things in some of the rhetoric he uses. Sometimes digital point 93 point seven the fan and paid for by the way our sister station now we're all one family there when 93 point seven seed had to stand CBS and Entercom. And you Ben Roethlisberger. Is this all done now are we not talking about retirement and what holds what the future hold beyond this year anymore and on to that no tell what is his relationship when Mason Rudolph after having that happen after the draft. Go to the first part of your question and I think that. I think that there's a good chance that you sign another contract with this team. He has two years left on his current contract 28 teach in nineteen. Barring some kind of in question that makes them. Think about is cognitive. Mental state at the end of the year. Even if he were to stopper like a broken ankle cost that costs and my cap to cease and I don't think that would be enough. That forced him into retirement so I believe. Hillside. Maybe you'll get a little bit of money back to the team that allow them to make more moves but I think he'll sign it. Between 2018 to 2019 to pace I'm around thirty million dollars he's so I think. I will probably have conservatively three years of Roethlisberger. Possibly five. And I think the rude off. It opting out people. Who are around any camp. Are trying to like turn it back into a non story. Well you know he he was brought that was frustrated after the draft. He made those comments tongue in cheek he wasn't serious. He was that practices in mini camp it was scary. Receptive to question that he also was. Give all the road off unsolicited advice but. You know I think when there's no pressure on in May. And your your months away from the start the season. I think that the time were easy to be friendly and cordial towards god who was too rapid dictate your job. Once. Eye opener that's life. If bend to stop this thing started last year which frankly not very good yet at five interception game in their against Jacksonville not so. Where I can't see him spending time at a Monday or Tuesday that it still were more quarterback room. I helped me in the results. I think it's he needed I'd make it to be determined. That is very. You know why people. I think he's he's very protective you want to be that he's quarterback for a long time. I don't think he wants to groom the Serb style I think it'll be very touching go. Between them and they just one note on guys. Didn't hire quarterbacks coach to biopsies in which to me. Is like one of the more mind boggling. By the organization they have an inside linebackers coach they got quality control. Why do. Indeed stick with poor viable quarterback. Stop is in his second year there expert straight from Tennessee. In with the drafting route off. That they would walk a guy that spend extra time with them. In a quarterback room but no they don't they got an offensive coordinator who doubles as the quarterbacks coach when they're asking basically being complacent that once. That is a little weird. Is that is that is that so that Roethlisberger doesn't have to watch your quarterbacks coach groom his replacement like is that the inference here. The printed that day they hated not immediately. And ask for they needed. Promote the quarterbacks coach. Two offensive coordinator. But they also have Mike Munchak. Who is regarded as the one of the best offensive line coaches in football. And I think they felt like in order to keep him from entertaining head coaching opportunities. That they needed to get him a sizable raise. So they're saying assistant coaches in position coaches. Probably more than they should. So I think like my jacket making way more than an offensive line coach he's probably making somewhere between. What an offensive coordinator head coach may June and you've got quarterbacks coach promoted offensive coordinator. Was making coordinator money now. So I think they're doing like this you know committee approach shot and and act like everybody's hand in the pile were all in like at the village. Nurture this but. I think he needs more one on one care and I also wouldn't be surprised if they have to Ehrlich battery back up lately Jones has been here for awhile not and basically make up part of the job description. Where like you know he'd just keep him fired up with the playbook and what they're trying to do that you have to take more hands on approach weird with a Rudolph. Android Philly I still know you well enough to not have to ask you if you watched the all star game last and I'm gonna assume that you did at least watch some of the all star game sale and I both. Found I was surprised how much I enjoyed the on field in game interviews with players what what did you think of that. So like whatever the part of me wishes that they keep you would during regular games. Now so it's like you're getting key by stopping that totally takes you. Behind the curtain and it was like ongoing chronic battle to try to make baseball more interest being. You see something like that last night in I don't know like the first thing that pops into my head is like. Crap what if I knew that they were gonna do this every game. You know maybe it would make baseball more interesting but that again I think what may be big game actually matter. The players would just give Barry like boring answers because they needed to focus on obviously something that was way more important than talking to a play by play guy that they probably hate. Our. Well I think like in that thing at one time a year. Add to. Yup he I've always been at the bully of the baseball all star game at all star game because I hear about who wins or loses but. I don't care like what's at stake whether it's spring training game on whether an exhibition game or whether it's a celebrity softball game like. I like watching Max Scherzer pitched in my trial. Could be anywhere on earth like I I want it he goes one on one matchup now. The first two were the first speculating that an all star game I really like everything after that. I can take early I don't I don't I didn't know who won the game until. I got up and check this morning shall. I'm here same here matter I totally agree on the first two innings to what the starters. And I don't know what the ball was talking about showed her I was waiting for sure to determine the incredible hole or something to read the ball was later sold Dario and you saw in terms of what we're talking about he's pitching when she it's. But what do once once there's a new pitcher every inning I disorder. I hit it puts me to sleep I decided I don't know is I can't really handle that much although it's a bit different from regular game now with probable guns are used but. It just won once is that only an hour. That that Tampa probably what did that game that this is a good idea what did its. Right up right. All right then well what looked nice nice catching up with your mom happy you made time and we'll look forward to talking again and maybe see you don't know someday I may go to the visit with you actually the person who aren't robots out of articulate due to injury thank you. That's it for us stay tuned. The nightcap Joe's had a full day little fear with clues. All star game just this year he's raring to go stay tuned for that o'clock tomorrow at three Euro zone. Government. Petrie.