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Howard and Jeremy
Thursday, July 19th

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It's how we signed an eight Jeremy one regional. Hello hello our lives on her how we Simon thought. But Tucker private files. They thought you were hungry Jeremy White known your private snowball you like that name. And nine. Don WGR. Sports Radio 550. Now and I'm gonna write an article today in a website. And write about golf I. Not at the open championship but. From post something about how golf got me back. So if you're falling in love all over sordid tale is that like dating all over again or you've fallen in love all over a fallen in love all over again. And my heels had my lesson yesterday I had a Texan Brian coast he'll prank goes of those tee to green and I asked you know pace said the public won't like go I. Oh that's 01 group goal who I should go to for quick lesson my whole mission was. Hey I got a million things in my head from previous lessons from when I was twelve and when I went to college and you know I've played a lot of all my life but I've. Kind of you know edges up their climate this in my pants what I think is. A reasonable swings O'Brien semi to Jeff meters who works on a dusty degrees wealthier and Biggio Jeff very nice mix up you know so it's been all time a judge yesterday and I'm I had you thought I had a blog before you or I gotta be out through this I mean this in loving terms you're getting annoying thing goods. I I don't mean and and a bad right now it's it's big it's just really find the CR. Almost thirty years I'm going to not that kind words about the sport of golf. What do you that it. And take you to long frustrated by the sport of golf just because I takes that long you may have even said I don't know if you actually said the words I'm done with golf. But golf was. UN golf had fallen out of law. We've we've gone our separate ways yes you read you read split up let's just. Let's see if we can do this separately it eat yet yet it's best if we got our hearts but we're just we're gonna spend time apart and. I mean a divorce is an exact or comparison because we weren't married. It was just. Yeah you're not for me anymore and utterly out and really needs you take a little too much time now your like head over heels you you're like someone who I guess you have just fall in your smitten they pulled me back in your smitten golfers in the like him I expected to buy golf flowers by the end of the day no but I probably will at some point by new golf clubs that sick and that's equivalent to things golf outlets probably hours agenda might be next year who knows the next chairman to Donaldson's. No that's why it's why. And I mentioned earlier this week that I'm gonna be. You know chasing chasing eighty I thought a segment we can do. Not wait to hear me out. It's not. Here's me chasing eighty. It's listeners also. Chiming in whenever I've got like an update for ya much to tell you about golf because we want to hear people talk with a golf rounds. But just you know keep you updated on how. I'm committed to trying to. This is a textbook I need to sign a no those attacks club occurred in other because and other other people listeners that our club. That are on a mission what are my -- pits today to get in shape it's the train for a five K it's a train for a marathon or. Or Iron Man and in this segment you know we we I thought a break mental break and give them song for a yesterday was what's the ruts cut no no. I in my head the rocky for training my no no note and chasing eighty. So we got a big eighties chasing the eighties basically all well eighties music we're right in my neighborhood around all right right so I got what he thought I got hired thirty Gallagher a specific goal for this book called sigma chasing eighties. The media be update and that people get tell me. You know what what they're chasing a war song a pick a song. And I don't like it protects them last night and said here's here's the song I want for chasing eighties Anthony. Do we have a ready you do. I and a flock singles right they sit in a chasing me. So you have if you're if you're. Trader for something and more gore Tex means whose email me and we mean. And I will you know as a way to all motivate each other to. You'll better at something. A sudden of the of the front last night needed to get to adulthood you get to my age you don't stop learning but you stop seeking. Stuff like that I'm not laughing until I got myself as you're saying this guy had yet. To get my agent stopped caring quite honestly so you're like I could learn at night there I could trying to better golf. I could try and do things better and I honestly idea. I think I am I may officially now be get off my lawn guy I think he gave to cut Alex care yep. So anyway they were with Jeff it was really cool it was it was nice to have a coach it was nice to have somebody. Was last time I had summoned to coax me it's something that a long time so. You know I just send me Sunday and self improvement as John and nothing got his I got a clubs he wants to golf like a lot and is. Not good I can't help me to call me that's right I mean I've I told an accident texts calls it like we went to the driving range he's getting off frustrated tonight. You know when he was little like it teach you how to throw a baseball and football and how to play hockey and all these other different things but you know I edit I acted to matador. Golf pages like I liked. I can't help kids I mean Ike and raises that ball just hooked wildly but. Yeah I don't know no you're wrong you definitely can't know at first bowl committee did it get any port I couldn't even now Matt's wife and I sought out professional and stuff. Maybe this is up part of big part of it but. So I'd like lots to like about your swing change some stuff tonight I just. I'm sitting here thinking. When knocked me into the gulf until at least Monday vehicle through withdrawal. Oh well this play so you're at the point now where. I guess I don't I can't relate does have never been at this point. Where you either a plan a golf vacation or. Where's the nearest course and my take my clubs with me he I've not done that. In. Along time I don't I should do that like playing golf vacation Syria played Hilton head and yet the last coming up that yeah. Now Rego a analysts have been found a couple texts could. Brennan writes in and chasing being battered backing up my camper it's a beast. Getting there I guess could never even keep work and I can't even I I couldn't back up a little U haul rental. Then you know they think you're attached to the back of your of your car when you're moving up could even if you're gonna had a back that damn thing up in 20 my oh my tip on that go ahead. I'm backing up camper backing a trailer and I doable mixer so that it never use the mayor. Turn your head around that's what I was still amused in the mirrors and go I'd never isn't going right he's Amir. Very very sparingly a guy whip your head around I think you're ahead and window or your truck didn't do that all the way OK I was all mayors. Thank you for that that's not a lot of us are on deck I mean this was thirty years ago when I was. Moving a little the few things that I yelled at the time. But I remember trying to back it into back that old trailer into someone's drive right then they're like half hour. Another text Patrick in north how one of my brother and I are chasing. Birdie every hole at Delaware park this year I birdied twelve the eight team Brothers birdied eleven of the team. Nice little La how that's doable eight converting all eighteen holes does that really doable. And I've got what is seam route naught but it's over the course of your rounds being able to say I birdied each hole least one time that's pretty that's. That's really impressive. We got more tax on the select this Luke writes in. I've been training for marathons the last two years of several under my belt Sunday ran a half an hour and twenty minutes I'm Mallory and run a full on three hours and accomplish my goal qualifying for the Boston Marathon. Yes how that would be goes to run the Boston Marathon I've got friends and Brian Boston that SPN's fantastic. John writes in. Your social golf slit my social poker of one of the play every day thought about it every second of the day even sign up a poker updates. And feel left out I've got nothing I have no obsession is just just as you know just a fun thing that's. It really might be as simple as the point 33 inches of rain we had this month yet for some reason. I'm not for some reason I mean it's been sold nice. That yet just you want to Eugene I'm just don't wanna be outside and went right golfing you know. Yeah. It's. It is what it is I suppose. They chase wade game. Texts are hoping for run on a dream by Tom Petty for the chase against the embedding and guys are gonna run them are entering. All of Tom Petty finished tribute to bullets are predicted that by the way. Just and there would it would. The next step is once it gets. Winter I might get here's the real test my going to be the guy that does the indoor golf stock during the winter none of the Q I don't think so either how productive is that. I mean I'm gonna make it just does your swearing in shape and stuff we're gonna practice okay. So you know like though surely golf dome. Yeah am I gonna be that guy off don't I Alston winter I cannot honestly don't think that's act I let me stop myself there's nothing wrong with that guy. No I agree you can go aloft on the just you know look at the clubs out and get your swing going yeah. Yeah a huge there's nothing wrong with that guy you yes you should be that guy if you're in the golf and your four and you're this excited about it. You should be that guy in the winter and some say and you take a week you go to Florida goes some place warm tick clubs. Mean getting the Florida in the winter will be nice I bills and sabres trip. Did they play Miami and yeah cameras at the same weekend yup so there you go up take the clubs asks Al I think he knows every golf course in the state of Florida and go go down and golf for a few days it's fun fact I think. The only. Bill the only buffalo road win I've ever seen is bills at dolphins. David Nelson maybe cut two touchdowns of its game that finished four and twelve and be dolphins and knocked them out of the playoffs. But the only buffalo road win I've ever seen OK so you're undefeated in South Florida. No I've actually suffered loss I watched the sabres lose address someone and one South Florida I've but you're undefeated at the bills that itself Florida. Yet there they go on to you it's only when I ever saw. 8030515. To join us this morning 888550. Q 550 as we get. Work our way towards those training camp next week we have been going through the schedule. Chronologically and getting training camp previews on all of the bill's opponents we have yet to talk about the division in the first division team up is New England. And were going to the AT&T hotline Adam Koppen is joining us from WBZ radio in Boston Adam it's Howard Jeremy good morning welcome to the show. Marty got threatening. All where to start probably what the quarterback so. What what is the general feeling that the consensus. The talk in New England about how much longer Brady is going to play and his future. Yeah that's ever debated obviously and we just sort of trying to reach. If you lead and and listen to what he had failed opera which generally is very little you know you. At that sit down with a Oprah during the offseason and then said that. Retirement is coming sooner than later which means that body could comment the necessary when you're talking about you beat up beat 41 years old. Of course he's on the back nine and then some. He did mention in an order interview with some points that EU has negotiated two more years at least with his wife Gisele also you know I. You don't talk about the 45 than it was also that tweets in response to the operator you that you put out on ESP evidence superimpose things aren't they Shiancoe 45. In Spanish you know he keys you sort of always try to keep us on our toes without bans media whomever else might he is that you know that's a lot because last year. I could see that may be potentially changing if they win the Super Bowl he wants to go out on top then and it's still good with where he's out with the expiration which. Would be unprecedented but at the moment. You know I do think he's. Still think about the 45 thing or at least 23 more years. What about gronkowski. His contract trade rumor rumors rather his future what's going on with him. Well so there were a reporter a couple of days ago and battle the Cambridge. Surprised based on sort of attraction that is picked up the recent weeks there Rob Gronkowski. It's expected report on training camp such training camp on time and there won't be any cold out there even though he doesn't. Have a new contract as of yet he. I guess I hesitate to say publicly because the only alludes to it but you know he has acknowledged the fact that you look like a new deal and that he feels. Underpaid and he's right you know you look at the scope for the rest of the league and and tight end he's the best. Maybe they ever were but certainly currently yen and in this error of the and it felt. And deserves to be top paid tight and in the National Football League at the moment. He's not that and so yeah an impact can sleep make less this year than even that. Last year there're. You know indication that the two sides are working on the field is represented as well house of course patriots. Haven't happened yet but you know my gut feeling is that it's gonna happen. Maybe even potentially within the next week before cranked out you lie for training camp or if not then. Over the course of camp and before the season began but you know I think. All's well where I do believe that he did genuinely consider retirement in the off season as well just order for new contract in more money but you know. I think we're heading in the direction where he probably goes out about the same time as Robert de. We you know the patriots are still a heavy favorite to win the division. Partially because of who they are partially because the other three teams. There are probably still favored to win the conference but they lost some key parts in the offseason there are some questions there's a suspension that they're dealing with with cattlemen. So where we if you have. What questions would you have about the patriots in terms of where there are some potential weaknesses are some issues to deal with. Well you know opposite side of the ball well I believe. The reigning MVP and and a guy who threw for 500 what's your answer all operate at or defeat Tom Brady. At least acknowledged he may not be eased about the 41 your goal that both going to be question unless we just see it and he does what he does but. You know you set it Julian element of this the first four games of the year with this group suspension over and cook he's off LA being in the gold in Miami. That receiver position is a little bit sent Chris token though injuries last year Malcolm Mitchell without all of last year Howard these guys. Going to come back and to what degree commit so the board well I would go out there are some questions. In terms of the wide outs and tight and your final gronkowski is going to teach healthy and hopefully he will be the backfield with. No Dion Lewis you know I don't think it's it's far from fan but I I'd you'd think that you know you don't know exactly who is going to beauty. The predominant. Back it at least in terms of running when it comes to protection for all their script Birkhead there's James White but as. Sony the shelter first round draft pick going to come in right out collagen and beat that guy who was going to beat their legal rusher I think that is a question right now and of course others on the all. Eat sensibly that are. Are some holes you know Malcolm Butler was a big law which I think. Is is something that people may be overlooking a little bit with the addition of Jason accordion is used twin brother evidence here and they're symmetry and and I connection those guys have but there is you know that. It's and lasts. You know we we see your former guy there from buffalo stepped up and hadn't and have a big year. Which he really didn't over the course of let's start of last season you know that's that. The defense events that that's secondary is is going to be another area just to moderate amount of column a concern area but it stopped in the locker. If we're with Adam coffin WBZ radio here talking pats training camp preview you mentioned Sony Michelle so. Draft picks says so much Isiah win would be in this discussion to cool from this year's draft class. Are we talking about starting or having any impact there was a surprise to see the patriots go first from running back is that something that was kind of expected. I I was. Surprise I think most people just in this day and age of Vienna bell art surprised you know even you know people when oh when the giants decide to go with. With the and state back there resonate escape me in the moment Baltic bombardments is. Right when it won't take on Bartley it doubled the number three number four in the draft do that was huge Kennedy. Yeah. That's right and so it was crazy you know not a lot of people while it was something practical a lot of people. Adam they're they're big board so to speak it's still the league. See it in the reality. Comes to fruition it was a little mind bending just because. As we all know that you guys have great running back there in the shop court but we all know what he around the NFL I'll look what happened to remotely on Lewis. You can have guys that don't really work out elsewhere they're undrafted or their late round picks that become the make a difference. In the backfield you don't have to spend up and use first round draft pick capital or in the case Barkley series actually million dollars a year. For a bowl running back you know it's just not a position in the in today's and it felt that you have to do that so I was surprised that were run back in in the first round site. What to expect maybe receiver may be somebody along with the principle I make even you know something that it had on before Sullenberger and offered tackle to a place. Nate Colbert who you know is is what the giants now and that was perfect protection law irks. For birdie on that offensive line itself. Yet long we're gonna hit or short I will I was surprised the they decide to go with them but it's. It's going to be a and to see kind of what got slot in the places starters but Belcher will. Undoubtedly keep guys on their toes throughout camp. Quarterback Adam I mean there's a lot of there were some speculation leading up to you have to got the point where people were freaking out about maybe they're gonna move up they're going to use a first round pick their. Day you know that you know different guys are being thrown out there. Even what about maybe you know the next tier guys a third round pick they end up not addressing any quarterback until they take a flyer in round seven none of the kids from LSU. Was there any surprise that they're that they didn't address the position at all earlier than that. Yeah absolutely especially when you consider just how. And they are in that area again somber somber you securities. It brings great all time but again you can't say it enough. Yet 41 years old and after him Jimmy go up well error is gone you know always tease each stop that they're from Cisco and so. And at this point in time it's it's there's no one that you would feel overly confident about. After Brady's act it's you know they get to the promised land that they you know at least we grew up what was your for those few years. Especially in the last couple of seasons you felt like okay god forbid something app. Critical off oil can go out there you can still win the championship but immature quarterback they don't currently. Find themselves in that position with Brian Hoyer being here your chief back up so I was surprised that. You know not well. What Mark Jackson would be curious obviously and currently in the first rounder that would benefit that I personally would have been excited about and it would all. Different system and style because he's a totally different kind of QB. Then Tom Brady clearly but it's it would have been addressed in that type of looming need very early on as you said they didn't do what they do that later rounds and so. There is so they're kind of a lack of security buried sort of hope for the best yeah. All right Lola we you know again I'm you know if they don't win twelve games you win the division I think we'd all be surprised though. Out there overdue and I did well it doesn't hurt being in this division. Adam thanks thanks for coming all of us this morning appreciate given us some time today. Our reporters as he is Adam Kaufmann WBZ radio in Boston on our AT&T hotline is the big time favorite in the if she's the patriots again. Our let's get Q saying code word yes we are you another chance to win a thousand dollars year in our national when cash contest. A very simple we're gonna go with Webb can WEB nice easy. Quick text. Seven Q8 81 is what you wanna do text right now and be in the running to and a thousand dollars. In our national with cash contest reminder the message data rates may apply again web it is the code word you have until 10 o'clock text today and seven Q8 81. Four more code words after the we shall the bulldogs and WGR. Yeah. Well look across this arena. There much talk to people on a computer you don't need to be heard Russell Wilson and owner Roger. Some had been different doctor Everett singled closely newsroom can be a difference maker in the business and your part to go but there's some urban warrior goes to war but you exhibited differed very important small hotel isn't white kids Barbara Brett chambers to say we don't want to dip verbal brawl interface toys urge anybody odds are you have subtly alters suffered does not mean it is through it resolving on average good data to be your mom or dad from your grandparents what you say accidentally falling you have water backed up to me it differs -- he admitted into the net today. Religion Kelly's message last night. His speech when he accepted the Jimmy V perseverance award at the espy's that we have the entire speech. Available at WGR 550 dot com. At an exercise for you reflect play along it's a football exercise our right I need to do first off is first off is up pull up the 2017 NFL final standings you says she's standings. The last week week before we had you. Go through more than six teams that would miss the playoff Terry acres six teams. Back in the playoffs yet that didn't make it last usually the turnover is about so it's like fire for a five to sixteen. Knew every year I think I just started this in the in the break I can get. I can get to four I think pretty good I'm struggling to find two other teams so let's see what your listed. Are you and I won really I have to go 1660. Me six overall yep. Six that will make the playoffs that didn't vet lashed didn't last trek back in a big one is very easy because of the injury green back right okay. Dot definitely on the list yes the Packers are in. The charge arch stats they're on they're one of the four. I think there's one other team because of injuries now if they stay healthy you could say put them back in the plants I would put Houston on that list maybe. Receipt. Who wells to like here in new playoff teams to the south had three teams picking one of those to a loan to mrs. And you're not going to be Tampa Bay to make the playoffs no I don't think so. A separatist albeit trendy pick him in all depends on how far Seattle drops off I was thinking about Seattle but I was worried about. As much Russell Wilson but more about their defense with a turnover they've had an outside the ball big time. Also to get in I don't mind. Named Baltimore. OK I took Dallas by the way. Thinking that you know the whole securely suspect to stop is behind them you know maybe press Scott comes it'll bounce back their running game returns. They can finish second in that division so I was thinking back I thought well ultimately just. Pause a moment it can they get to nine or not there were seven that there and I know last year and their point differentials of plus 92 OK so Baltimore report I don't mind Baltimore I would like maybe him to go to Lamar Jackson. Then. Boy him in a point differentials interest in when you look at a Miami was terrible minus 112. The browns are minus 176. In Tennessee made it last year so they'll remind us they work in and made the playoffs last year and were they the note titans were also a minus and made the playoffs last year. Damp and what I wanted to get him you've got well if you got you got chargers Green Bay. Baltimore three you want separate Cisco they give your four. I mentioned Houston Dallas do you like either one of those you're if you're sitting at for the and you need two more if you don't take Kuester and ouster for. Tough it's really a Gannett and it's a really tough call I think I mean could you look at first shift forgot who stays in the playoffs to the Minnesota returns the collapse. I'd. Do OK then you mightily in night you might not go with say Detroit or pick another team from the NFC north. It's tough it's really tough I don't think Washington makes it I don't think the giants make it. And on the Garrett zona makes it's you're really getting down to Seattle or San Francisco in the west. Dan it's kind of difficult so that we got they got four and by the way we're just picking out a number six there's no. No dot I mean they're years when it's not six that turnover from the almost always at least 40 yeah and that's built into the schedule the schedule. Teams don't play balanced schedules and when you finish in the top. You play a first place scheduled to finish at the Bob replay of last place schedule so I used to get the last place schedule their ego says that's nice for them so couple wild card game dot com. All of those games are against other fourth place teams they'll play they cross over to the east right so they'll play Cleveland and Denver. As part of their games so that in a factor into the AFC south. They're crossover division is the east to the Texans will play sure no England but to play in the bills the dolphins and the jets. And then their other two AFC games are the browns and the Broncos. That's a nice break. For a fourth twelve Texans team that was four and twelve because of some injury issues last year so I'm opera Houston analyst turned to him we shall see it anyway. Camps I think have already started right yet the ravens are being imported the rookies were in no you know what one thing I saw this about broke once Smith. Because the bears rookies reported broke my Smith has not been signed yet he was taken eight. So there are I think it was seven of the top ten guys including Josh Allard outside that you brought up offset language in the contract which I guess is still an issue. But one of the things there were speculating and I don't know this is the case with Josh Allen. The Woodrow quite Smith taken one spot after Alan they said two other issues could be in play here one is the the structure. Of future roster bonuses in the contract. And I believe the other one had something to do with the guaranteed money. So there were a couple of other things beyond the possibility of offset language that might be holding up some of the first round draft pick from signing because again seven guys aren't signed yet. And Josh Allen's on that list so it could be. Again it's pretty much know years. And total value of the contract but it's the structure of the contract and my guess that future bonus money maybe some guaranteed issues. That I apparently could be holding up these contracts being signed. I would still think when all's said and done. Think tonight I don't know how big a deal it is but you'd think Josh Allen is pushing as agent for this thing to be done to we can be there. On Thursday when the bills take the practice field at its. You know it's not a good idea for him not to be their at all he needs as much time on the field as possible he really wants a legitimate shot at winning that jobs training camp. I expect to see him. Jordan speech went three and ego was three over over structured two holes he is a double bogey and then bogeyed. So he was at three under and then dropped all the way back to even sold a bit of I didn't see it happen live. So I don't know if via. You know would adopt one of the Sanders missed some putts but. And tiger is they showed him. Warmer coupled if you noticed he tennis and track I think it's at 1015 maybe or were organ close. For short which not have a good day for those two over two over. And the leaders are five under so now seven strokes off the lead me get three more rounds to play. Ellis will be a fumble watch this weekend. 1021. It says 1521. What are we talking Greenwich mean time here yet so that's 321 over their minus five hours 1021. Okay. Military title track got dry well fifty is when it until it's 321 and a five dollars tickets five hours ahead gotcha it's hard brain freeze okay. 1021 gut I want to I can get a little a little open championship watching before the Knapp. And I'm of the sporting events with time differences when it works out in our favor like this I missed the World Cup Pulitzer withdrawal little bit. Don't worry will be back in four years four years actually three and half years is going to be in the winter. It's going to be in December and January are really in now cutter. And yet. As that happened before that it's were downwind you know we did a summertime event give it to a place that is too hot as this is the Kim played injured children playing in the winter. People would collapse lace and assume very that yes actually dangerous World Cup and with all the other stuff on Monica let's go to work. I got football I got an FL season going I've always exciting college ball games. Let's see what went here we talk in your 20/20 20. Sabres will be leading the league at that point you know in the president's trophy race here sprayed with health but the psychic who called you yet a psychic toll today. Can we get them on camera her on the show up we don't know why so high I don't know what's gonna happen and. So I had a guy call me don't times yesterday first time was probably around him 607. In the morning and yesterday. Now that he introduced himself as a psychic he called himself the slight OK okay in these leaders him oxides psychic he was like formal like. I am not like build a psychic it's it's like at the items were. Lighten name and you know I'm a psychic in OK here cool. I foresee the bills winning. The Super Bowl in the year 20/20. Seven when it still was a long ways away that is the first call he gave and it worked very early in the morning came. Then right after the ice gators started he called back. Oh cool Eddie gave visit foreseeing of how the bill are the sabres are going to pan out this is better than waiting for the hockey news prediction he says. I foresee the sabres winning the Stanley Cup in 20/20. Six all yeah. It struck out and that's gonna be awesome job so that means the cop in June and the Super Bowl. Is it 20s47 played does that stick seven season or 2728. Kazaa stock and 20/20 seventh season did a B 26 point seven season. Yet nobody picked summer says the bills or when the Super Bowl point 17 I think you're referring to the season I think if you're a psyche cure for into the date of the year and date OK so he's not an elevated 20 February of twenty toward Seoul Ortega who championships in the span of six months seven months and months that's pretty good. You know I think get a retiring but I think I'd or interview right at the end. Let's see hold McBee at that point yeah I turn 65 and 20/20 seven that would work out great. On the way out and in my retirement here a cop and along party Charles street. Did you get this guy's numbers written column back in nine years I let an okay job well done I did not but it's it's pain on my tweets so it's going to be there for awhile that I missed that okay yeah we'll see how that plays out. Take it for what it's worth. Any chance yes about him the math and world ninety per I would have brought up now okay now I mean if if he's listening right now he and Colin and give his pretty selfless and he would know or talk about. That is a lot of trust the process. Nine years. Did he say Josh Allen would be the guy leading into the soup always or any other top oil did not make any of that for further comments aside cycle gets the hopper's guy handed to his Colleen. I believe my math is correct by the time that Michael wins the cup if he wins in 20/20 six he'll become a free agent that summer. Is that his walk season. I think cell cycle wins the cup and then leaves in free agency. Fine OK you know lets you got to the cup. Yours for good and yeah well I'll just I'll plan accordingly. Misty and her Contra rhetorically six it's and so far away. Ten Republican right now eight years starting as it started this season right there eight years. 20/20 627. Wright really threw the 26 27 season and a so he would be a free agent after winning the cup. 22526. Is his last season and Albrecht. Okay and is that after a sign that is the season that he did usually like kick back called and he would leave addition by subtraction obviously. Oh my lord. He was the one guy holding them back from winning the cup yet. We knew all along. How do you get out of that contract man that's going to be in public not to wait eight years in this thing that is really dragging them down. Still no sports calendar just a moment instigated will be coming up at the top of the hour 10 o'clock. Wanna remind about our fancy football camp because we have tickets available at WGR 550 dot com. Yeah you know we were grow gradually getting into football mode training camps are opening up bills were practicing next week you wanna get ready for your fantasy football league. Leaves. And gets an inside knowledge. Either in our first ever fantasy football camp it is Thursday August 23 from seven to 9:30 PM at the Bay Area. Out here in Amherst on those port highway we are bringing in longtime pro football insider John Clayton were also bringing in. Special guest Kevin Payne a broad line so they're gonna be there. Q today you know you can pick up some valuable. Insider information don't tell your friends about this just make she's just get tickets for yourself. Other available at WGR 550 dot com we have general tickets we have VIP tickets as well. Again it's Thursday August 23 seven to 9:30 PM the Mary Ellen Miller Park highway. Our first ever fantasy football camp for John Clayton and Kevin Payne. And it is sponsored by Hamburg brings 550 game time here. Breaking sports news airs it first here. GR Sports Radio. The we didn't retire the court to retire with him. If you just look at what has transpired in San Antonio over the past two years since Tim Duncan retires. Market chargers went out and acquire wide out none of these were issues when Tim Duncan was in San Antonio what happened what is it. Are always court Tim Duncan did best teammate in professional sports history what Tim. For that San Antonio Spurs fan base and organization if he put a bubble around. So they never had to deal with the drama and issues that the other 29 NBA teams had to do it now with Tim Duncan walked out. Now this spurs fan base is seeing. On the other 29 teams deal with when they dated they Bates is the fourth dramas concern. Who was that that was Antonio Davis. No that was. I'm Antonio Davis who was then a senator Brayton. It was a tweet from our collar corridors. Antonio gain antenna yeah thank you Antonio Daniels cut on when Tim Duncan retired dispersed culture retired with him. OK there you go that are gonna win anything again no. The call islanders are that is. Is interesting about whether or not you know the speculation about whether guy's gonna show up in Toronto unless he finds a way to get himself declared. Medically unable to place still there's two things that would. Two big reasons why chill up one. He's got twenty million dollars sit on the table for the season. It all yes do was show up plagued make it twenty million dollars in going to free agency in two. I read this today there's say there's an article is a clause in the CBA that says. If if you're out for longer than thirty days if you don't show up for more than thirty days then the basically you can't go for it. It's up to the raptors to decide at the end of the season whether they wanna removes him from his contract or else he can't go to unrestricted free agency just because this contract as a there was a bit of a funny reaction of a coli trade you know what you're Stephen A Smith can be said. I've bended Toronto operates city and I've been to San Antonio. Well nice places yeah Toronto's great great place yet it's this nothing. I mean I don't know what you think and all that stuff polite give us college knowing Toronto would be I mean it's a good team. You have a chance to win right away in the Eastern Conference and it's a fabulous city legend so I don't know what the big deal isn't but anyway I thought the thirty day thing was inching now again. If he if he says he's still injured and you know maybe the rat you know it gets to that point the raptors have to have we're probably wanna get a doctor check him up I guess you could say. I'm not fully recovered and doesn't show up to play. Barring that he's got to be there I guess that once it's longer than thirty days that he's holding out that he doesn't report he doesn't show up. It's within the raptors power at the end of the year and say we're not releasing your from your contract now again that that put them to say screwed this one appear that equity but. Anyway I would think you would chill out and play in earnest money and then go to the free agent market. Investigators are coming up next. Come. Back tomorrow morning at six and how mosaic yeah I know what we'll mind all right you're gonna find a way to persevere have fun we're gonna we're gonna to break every talked about top remarked it's our favorite Jeremy right moments. How good is that that's the plan for tomorrow and your talents to Israeli couple extra hours what you got what you wanna land nose and you will give a quick. Additional staff today I got one more bonus or from Colin Cowherd. So cool why letter to the raptors means from the 2016. All star game there were 26 players got in the 2016 NBA all star game. Sixteen of them have changed teams it's a big number sixteen of 26. And mobility in the NBA one.