07-19 The Nightcap Hour 1

Thursday, July 19th

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Time now for the nightcap. How much I make. I told you wouldn't believe it do you know what happened if I suddenly decided to stop going to work. Business and big enough to be listed on the NASDAQ goes belly up. Here's a bit ceases to exist without me no you clearly. Don't know who you're talking to someone include you can. The danger. A guy opens this story can shine you can now. Yeah. On WG aren't Sports Radio 550 him. The Basque TV show. In history. That opens from breaking bad you've probably heard it before if you listen to the nightcap. But. It's I'm glad you played that Derek because I'm not sure he did this on purpose or it's just coincidence. But are not Conan last night. They had the entire cast. And creator Vince Gilligan. On. The sat on the show from breaking bad. And it was it's the tenth it's the tenth anniversary of the show starting. And it's been five years since an author. So they had at the mall on and I love that show more. And it almost anything in the world I watch that show so much. It's my favorite TV show all time I think it's the greatest TV show of all time breaking bad. And it's. And so summer that's worth a go with us. Something about that you want to usually we watch it every hole pinky I got so excited to stick in my thinking and maintain my thought process on. I usually watch it once a year. Since it went off the year so I've seen it five times and got into a sixth and at NATO Watson and I'd watch The Sopranos it's that. I don't watch a ton of TV generally I'll watch one show what a time it'll take me a couple months is because I don't watch it very often. But like The Sopranos is the only thing I've watched at all for like three months. And it just finished that and it's and how much. What's next should do breaking bad again I haven't watched it yet this year. And I don't usually watch it every year as well or that much it's fresh on the mind it'd it'd go right so now I got this open playing and it's that's being thrown my face. And that's a tenth anniversaries there on TV yesterday so that's there. On its side I just view it just do it if you CNET. I have seen all of air hey hey hey Eric. Have you seen the breaking bad. And never finished law Mike Whitney and finish it that is not show you are allowed that the not finished you get to a certain point that Joseph you said you don't watch much TV actually take that a step. Further we. None just not having TV how far did you yet. You remember. And yes the five seasons so season to. Don't get concussions and you've got you've got it you gotta start government he got us started over everywhere should be required that should be like. In school you know they make you read certain books like To Kill a Mockingbird. And it is that not Moby Dick anymore it's 2018 but there's there's other. Books that they make you read this curriculum but breaking bed she be added to the curriculum of every school in America. No educational reason I just think every one in the world you have to watch it as it has Beckett Philly pretzel. Off soak it full much. Now that's not should be reserved itself does your acquired by everyone yes it showed you know what announced our ballot not do it. You let's get it's that I kept guided WGR Jody B Osce and there Cramer we are one week away from training camp. Like real training camp on the field players doing stuff practices training had hit it. Law yes tenth inning Josh Allen being on the we're we're a week away from tweets about how many first team reps Josh downs getting. And how many completions have been. Drop by city councilman awareness that's that's heart you know like you know like the completions and attempts from each quarterback. Like AJ McCarron went nine of fourteen today and new stuff like that. A week away from that. Great will turner by the end Twitter says I agree 100% about breaking bad I think it needs it's own holiday call completely agree. What what's a good holiday for breaking bad today you know the data take a real fight fifty what's the best and I to think about that I would say today that David it was and today. Launched July 19 if you wish that it were to be a holiday. Tradition should be a data pertains to the show though I don't know if there is today it's like. Many dates and oh I know it's going to be there were two fake. I have this number off a little bit. Al correct myself later I think there were 200 in seven deaths in Britain bad. So therefore February 7. Should be national breaking bad day. Like it. Now several hits off of work. Sean says watch Sons of Anarchy now a lot of people don't like breaking bad has suggested that to me. But I don't know I can get in its bikers straight it's bikers and they are not announcing anything about bikers but like. That doesn't appeal to me as a show. I don't know why the plight. Some bit about it makes me think I'm not gonna like it may be up to media try Sons of Anarchy though because at anyone it's watch that tells me it's really good. So big I should should go for Sons of Anarchy. 8030550. Is the phone ever you can get in on this if you want this is not all just planning on talking about. But it's there for a few want it on always willing to talk breaking bad any day of the year. I can be talking about anything. We can be knee deep in a quarterback kind competition conversation if you wanna call and talk about breaking bad. I will stop everything and go right to you I guarantee that your dork the bad for this I am I I'll accept that Al let's go to log cabin Kevin your and I camps garment. Their loved that you all watch when I rag hands I meant it when I don't see it every night. But there's a good show until I got affected kind of collapse so you're check that out Lou what is it what does it. I regular Colbert about the drug empire and this and that group was cool at 10 o'clock and up next tonight. OK I think having now might be Sons of Anarchy. That that wasn't. I don't even know that show still exist on. A yet but I said though I'll stop everything gonna call it robbery and but I'm a pull up on Twitter were a week away from bills training camp and you know me Derrick just talk and off fare before the show and we're talking about the position groups and once again we circle around the skill positions. And just to me how poor they are something again. Have they done the worst job with that position this off season as opposed all the others cite two polls out. Eight through 554 your thoughts which position group of the bills and the best job with this offseason in which position group had the bills on the worst job. With this offseason now. For the best position group. Right now it's pretty close quarterback a 24%. Interior defensive line between 9% linebacker 33%. And pass rush at 14% so. It's pretty close there between linebacker. Interior defensive line and quarterback. Why beckon people love train Edmonds loved him already like the idea of tree may treat Edmonds makes you think of this guy's gonna be a superstar. But boutique sleep at all. The didn't cover ground. He covered the field. And whatnot. And then. Interior that's why obviously that's the Tulane it's filling a huge need that you need that you. Were awful at last season stopping the running you needed a guy to just take up blocks. And that's hope we will literally does and then your in the quarterback I'm surprised quarterbacks that high point 4% but of course you've got talent and you got McCarron. Just to me if you were gonna draft quarterback I want it Tyrod Taylor still here I understand. That he was in the future and I understand. That a lot of people want the move on but I think if you were looking at it. In short term basis. Who gave you the best chance to win this year. And if Tyrod Taylor was still on this team. He would certainly be the favorites are. In fact I don't even know how much competition there would be there would be some because obviously McDermott went to Peter and last year over him. But I have to think he's the best quarterback. If he's on the steamers now. The quarterback is at 43% and then and other poll which position. Group have the bills on the worst job with this off season. It's pretty much a runaway and I think it should be a runaway wide receiver is at 64%. Offensive line at 20% 13% quarterback 3% other I think. The offensive line. The day obviously downgraded but what can be really done about that like in card you know just retired out of nowhere. And he's going off on Twitter all the time now I don't know what's going on averaging cog you know. The quarterback situation a lot of people have their doubts on Allen. People have their doubts on the Caron and a lot of people have their doubts on Peterman. So I can see where you would say hey be treated the guy that got them to the playoffs. And now he's doing in Cleveland what meaty would want a guy do here in buffalo. To start for awhile. While the rock quarterback prospect. Is developing fixing its full work. And not having to be rushed into line. That's the other thing tyrant would've giving new. The ability to not rush Josh Allen. And you don't have that luxury anymore you might still have that you might still have it laid McCareins good you might still have that luxury but. To me in my personal opinion you lost. I guarantee. You lost a a guy you knew was gonna be at least average. So that you wouldn't have to rush Josh Allen into the game you have to guide it was almost always healthy. So you know he was probably gonna be available viewed to be on the field he didn't have to rush Josh Allen on the field that's why Cleveland with so enticed by him. That's why Cleveland. Is going to start him and that's why he's their co existing with bigamy do they don't have to rush me field. The bills might have to ration name and a half duke but they might have to. It could go terribly wrong. With the Kara Peterman it really cut we are suck terribly wrong with the Peterman I don't think it will go over the Karen but he certainly less proven Tyrod Taylor's. I get that. But again there is something that you have to continue to factor failure not use it and Peter intent as a matter of fact we've had multiple conversations like this but. The point is the bills coaching staff does like him and he will give him that second chance if McCarron wording be injured or flaw. And that's the reality of it they're going to go through two quarterbacks I suspect before the didn't think about putting on baca I mean put down on the field for the first time. And that's as simple as it is. And I want it to be that way because Josh Allen needs to be able to develop properly. So that he can be the franchise quarterback. Do you think they sell that to the poll though. That twentieth 43% people saying that's the position they've done the best job with thought this offseason do you agree with acts I do think they have made mistakes along the way not just the Allen peck. And I'd what the McCarron sign but. There are people out there I think that we may be would want a more established. Stopped with with a hole in terms of poll I would say. Then it's got to be injured that's got I mean. That was a better than accept thought they were the worst that last year as a matter of fact there was one that's not in there that I think you can even include the secondary. The secondary managed to get better from what it was last year I think talk though Vontae Davis comes and two pretty much I would say eating keel with EG games because gains while good was not it was healthy. But Davis also is not a wealthy which is why wouldn't necessarily chalk that up like I said it automatically like I said it's even Q okay you're the reason. Because of the players that they brought in through free agency and the draft to get this secondary what they didn't have last year. Particularly at safety. No that's right that's Rauf failed bush comes in and probably gives you studying presents a guy who's started games in this league. For three different teams mostly with new ones but he's been a three different teams he's been around the block he knows what he has to take. I don't mind seltzer plus Rand Neil yeah him a very versatile player. Karen Johnson and then the free agency edition of games a slot corner who has done most of that work in the slot. For Kansas City over the last warriors don't you make your point is when Gaines got injured. It was sure Reese rights and Leonard Johnson and league nothing at those guys those were the journeyman veterans and now it is nice that like those depth guys there at depth guys like their developmental players that their young and still gains can. Bump into the starter spot is for white or Davis were to get hurt C have a pattern player that you put in their first and then. Again the fact that they have depth at the safety position. Once you saw how well heightened Porter were doing last year like please for the love god don't either of them worked well I don't have to freak out about it. That's right yep right now lie it's tied at 32% each which is hunger but the bills than the best job with this offseason interior defensive line. M linebacker but position that put in the pulled its right now. Got the least amount of votes is my answer to us it's pass rush ends. To meet partially it's because that's one of the most important things you need to have on a good football team I think you need to get pressure on cornerback. And last year they are pretty bad at it nearly a seven sacks yet there and it's not pretty bad that's terrible and I. Think they were earned. They were also near the bottom in the court back hurries them handily all of the all the pass rushing stats they were near the bottom believe it was Jerry Hughes. And then you weren't getting much in the other side yet they add Trent Murphy who I don't think it's some superstar player but. That's at least an upgrade over what I thought you had last year I think not treating Shaq Lawson. Is another good thing for that position because. Really he really hasn't. Had much opportunity to take off as he the first year you'd be injured the whole year and he came in he's going out of position. And last year sure he we have four sacks. I'm not great yet but I thought he did fine in he was pretty good in the run game that is really their run yet so to me. He really hasn't had a chance to blossom as a player so I like the fact they did not treat him even though like that was. I'm not speculate but it was talked about like all they could do this would be Trudeau's players last year with a trade this year Shaq Lawson is usually the first thing you would hear. So I like the fact that he still on the team for this pass rush. It really does put pressure on him anymore you just have to show up and have tents sex because you have tremor paean you have Jerry Hughes were both. Set with pat and they're both good passers I wouldn't culture Murphy established is that one good season but late. You could get you can get fifteen sacks out of those two guys and then suddenly it's not as much pressure on Shaq loss and a half. To do well. But now if you get a binder whatever is going on there with the reports about Shaq loss and how he feels motivated to actually be able to do more and it looks like he's kind of realized that this is his chance. In his last chance to buffalo to be one of those established players. I'm buying into that because it reminds a lot of people of the players should view story by Aaron Williams when he said you know first couple years I didn't really get. And then I and then when I locked in and I understood how it had to be played. You know that's how the bills end up with a solid safety in air wings I think the same thing is going on Hewitt's Jack Lawson. And is a carbon copy no probably not but. If you get a guy who is already good at stopping the run and you can get 78 sacks out of them. You've already got a better pass rush I think that that passers gets better just because you couldn't do worse last year. You saw a lot of timely sex from linebacker or safety blitzes not from the original four on the passer rushed. Dotson got you now coddling is it to be a rotation. And a along with Harrison closest votes to a that is where something with fresh legs are going to help this team get better. And O Lloyd Davies who I think is a low key guy that you can get three or four sacks out of this year. On the other side of the poll what what's your thought on that what position they do on the works with you degree it's what I mean 64% wide receiver that's my answer in his throwing away with a yeah I don't know what it did dawn off the supply in the economy your tires out of the blue Eric Wood has a neck injury can't control. I'd I'd look silly low nine's signing I personally feel. You still should have done something at right tackle. He had Jordan mills come back again. That's the only thing that I can go to make it sound different from what the overwhelming answers on the pole that's when I'll talk about there. Is because affect you did have according when he was instrumental in helping get Josh jail. However. You didn't and that getting enough acting to replace what was going on there. Interior and he'll be OK I suspect rancorous and when that job anyway. Yeah I did you but it and I suspect John Miller will play better because he's in a scheme that fits his talents again. Rick Dennison shoving square pegs in round holes. He's gone. That means that you probably get another starting guard out of this so you can have your costs they are still coaching staff seems to love and and I think he's okay. But you can get Jon Miller back in their now to when you didn't have to add another guard. But the right tackle position was one that was already weak. Com I'd like to see Jordan I'll try to bounce back but I'm not gonna get my hopes up there. And I think that they should have brought some that someone else while it beat it Marshall Newhouse news yet martian but new house and but new houses and exactly a well known commodity either he's. The guy that I think got flipped by Kiko Alonso. Now are that and then Russell bowed eyes of the guiding god steered her almost cut in half by juju button a couple of years ago armed. Was that was out Marshall Newhouse if you had the ball. Yes. He was a scream at. But it was no I don't know it was it was Oakland O was Oakland yeah I'm watching right now Marshall Newhouse are out here numbers gracefully is the name of the video out nice gracefully. Yeah he gets the ball. He's running it's unfortunate run their offensive lines no intent that you just flip a geek aligns well. Now it's unfortunate to have offensive linemen are known for things because often the one in general Lee. If you're doing well you're not talked about that often true. So again. It's I do I think the easy answer to this though is wide receiver Easley at via and like it and do it Abner Pete's on the adds one to talk about something else there to share this eight. Yet because when I'm when I'm looking at receiver I'm looking at a position where you had. You idiotic Thompson not great but you let him walk out the door and he was your deep threat last year that's one position you didn't really go out replacing their gun. And Jimmy curly more slot guy he does have speed. But he's more slot guy. Which another thing to me I think we're continuing to put Zeta-Jones and position he's not natural for he looks and feels to me like a slot wide receiver. But. Second year wrote assert his career he's probably gonna have to play outside. Just because they don't have anybody else to do. Try to dodger home Lester a little bit and he's just dummy he dodger Holmes she's a journeyman player in the NFL. So. I'm looking at free agency I'm looking at what what you could affect I'm not gonna go to the draft because really I'd like. I like to be picked tree Edmonds I wouldn't of advocated it took a receiver that spot. And you were gonna take your quarterback but your first pack so really we're beginning at wide receiver in the draft we could circled around two guys are three guys. But what is that around two based on them trading up toys in the first round round two was eliminated right exactly. So I'm looking at some of the wide receivers that they could've had. And not all these guys they could've had because mcsame Watkins is on this list is free agents that would side. Alan Robinson. You could pay big money for him. Now defend your. All of these players like to meet and Derrick I know you'll do it. You let me know when you cut off for me as I know you have less players on this last I have less you on this list by any hand on my list here token I think I have a few more that. But these are free agents. These are guys that were going to free agency that hit free agency and signed with other teams or side with the original team. I think every single one of these guys and you think ton of them. Would have been the bill second best receiver at least Ellen Robinson kept saying lock in we're gonna sign Amare is he's not an auto sales singing rocky mean half it was because of that yet. But there's count Michael Crabtree. I agree with its ball Michael creditors problem is that Michael Crabtree had a similar skill set to. Kelvin Benjamin you're right he does but I shall he be your second best wide receiver I degree. Cameron Meredith don't love the player he'd be your second best Dan. Really good before it. Played. The laws like last year lot of questions about blowing up your whole leisure OK so all right so that was kind of iffy Terrelle Pryor. I'm on the offense the throw prior because honestly what what version. Would you be getting. The one that thrived in Cleveland alone locked in Washington last year and I was with a good all halfway decent quarterback at the very least in Kirk cousins. Dez Bryant still available and you know previous segments are receiver. I think he's vastly overrated and these that'll be wide receiver but yeah I puts up solid numbers here and in year out. And I think he would be your second us orders but right now as you're seeing. Nobody has signed him part of that is he's priced himself out of the market at daylight or ad that's more him than that's him and also. Mean why even think it's like the same markets might in the it's about we'll think about it's his decision he's a free agent and he chose to wait until training camp. He would be a Baltimore raven are now he was any other player. You would be on a three year he he'd be eighth on a three year deal through so that he would be on a team if he would chose to. I just think that again a lot of that Dez Bryant doesn't have that speed anymore and it just it looks a lot like the same thing to marquis sleek. I'd agree with Markey I like his game and acting Jackson of that good keeping an eye to Paul Richardson. I I did you see it contract is huge now and that's that that's not what I'm saying I'm not saying that's what happened though no I don't book on seeing is these are guys that signed that would be bad that I know second wide receiver I would have flipped my -- they signed Paul Richardson by year's forty million dollar I would have to but I want to I really like the player and he wouldn't be your psyche would be your second best wide receiver while I guess he's got no bidding war there no thanks Mike Wallace. Michael also ordered you to go one you approve a deal. And that will be sending the bills contributes Jordy Nelson. Jordy Nelson absolutely acting that. He may have been lost injury but he is a guy that has proven time and again. That he can be. A solid number two wide receiver right now stale Taylor Gabriel Taylor gay rule would have been on I think fan was when you had that question yesterday about. Who would take that screen pass Tony I know it's tailored able to that are sort. Precisely keep beer meet your most dangerous. Yards he would be your most dangerous yards after the catch every now ask after McCoy. Absolutely I'd agree with that Taylor Gabriel would have been really one piece. And then it gets a little. Tricky for me here but I think I would still see these guys would be your second best John Brown does does does he need factor on you obviously have to make sure that he's healthy. Debtors questions there but you know tickets hire their wine not a woman Matt Dotson mockery I like Don and concrete and I think he would. Place in as probably very solid number two RG and that I don't think you'll agree with this guy but I love him as a player he can't stay healthy. But if he was healthy I think he'd be your second best diverse Ellington another doing yards after the catch Sanford Cisco couple years ago he only got in like six to eight games as a starter but he looked really good watching him play it would be with their screens to him. Like if this guy could see healthy and telling you he would be a dangerous player in the league but he can't I see a steal a flash in the pan kinda stuff when Bruce Ellington. That's more than they have here though. I like oh yeah I'm here as we have big slow and old Nazi agent and I'm also suspecting that. Zeke Jones will step up because again. He had such a bad year I think that. Can you get that much worse. I'd you could say the same. And it's Alex he doesn't have issue staying healthy eater it seems. I don't know I'm not super hi Lindsay Jones he's the my one point of optimism that position. But being need him to stop up it's almost like the goalie conversation before the sabres got d'alene with the sabres. Goalie looked like a real nice prospect he was a second round pick they were. We were howling on him. To show up. India's top four defenseman even a top pair defenseman but we needed him to do it we are hoping that it had happened there because there's nothing else in the organization that could have stepped up and down it. That's kind of deliberate Rosie Jones right now would be nice looking guy nice looking prospect probably should've been on the field last year. But you've got nothing else in your organization that you could say hey this guy could really. Take a big step in his game become a number two or even god forbid a number one wide receiver he's the only guy. Because then the next guys talk and our sixth and seventh round picks but McLeod in April they drafted this year. It 30550. Is the phone number which position group you think the bills in the best and the worst job with. This offseason. Quick update on the pole the polls for both best job 22% quarterback. Let's are at the top 133% injured offensive line 29% linebacker 22% quarterback in 16% for pass rushers. And then at four worst job this off season running with a 65%. Two wide receiver. Coming up next so we're take a little break from the bills will play back and I'm Kaufman from WB easy. In Boston get a little update on what's going on in New England Patriots some people think there's a little step back this year. Not enough to where they don't win the AFC east but some people I seen the projected attendance six. Which I know Michael layer it's rates that would be a godsend for the bills and a plea to step back for the patriots. But some people protect them that. Adam Kaufmann from WB easy in Boston that's coming up next at 830. An hour from now we're played excel pop yo who gives an update on the bills with the blog from earlier today that's all coming at you nightcap Jody B Osce. In Derek Kramer right here on WGR. This is because we're about to go to patriots talk. Absolutely. They think this was absolutely purpose and it on purpose unlike the first one on the public open I chose to this. Let's get right to it them that I kept Judy BI seeing their Cramer here and WGR Adam Kaufmann for WBZ. In a Boston talking nature it's. Today on the morning show here's Adam with the guys. And we're going to the AT&T hotline Adam companies joining us from WBZ radio in Boston adamant Howard Jeremy good morning welcome to the show. Marty got threatening. I'll start probably what the quarterback so. What what is the general feeling that the consensus. The talk in New England about how much longer Brady is going to play and his future. Yeah that's ever debated obviously and we just sort of trying to reach. She leaves him and listen to what he has failed opera which generally is very little you know you. At that sit down with Oprah during the offseason and said that. Retirement is coming sooner than later which means that body could comment the necessary when you talk about you beat up beat 41 years old. Of course he's on the back nine events on. He did mention in another interview at some point that EU has negotiated two more years at least with his wife Gisele also. You know you don't talk about the 45 than it was also that tweets in response to the operator you that you put out on the yes you have an answer re impose things aren't they Shiancoe 45. In Spanish you know he keys you sort of always try to keep us on our toes with that fans media whomever else might lead is that while this will not be as last year. I could see that may be potentially changing if they win the Super Bowl he wants to go out on top then and to steal Google where he's out with a six were in which. Would be unprecedented but at the moment. You know I do think he's. Still think about the 45 thing or at least 23 more years. What about gronkowski. His contract trade rumor rumors rather his future what's going on with him. Well so there was a report a couple of days ago and battle it came very surprised based on sort of attraction that is picked up in recent weeks Iraq front koehlke. It's expected to report on training camp two training camp on time and there won't be any cold out there even though he doesn't have a new contract as of yet he. I guess I know that they say publicly because the only alludes to it but you know he has acknowledged the fact that look like a new deal and that he feels. Underpaid and he's right you know you look at the scope for the rest of the league in and tight end he's the best. Make he'd ever do it but certainly currently yen and in this error of the NFL. And deserves to be top paid tight and in the National Football League at the moment. He's not that and so yeah and Iraqis would make less this year than even bit. Last year there're. You know indication that the two sides are working on the field his representatives who wrote house of course patriots. Haven't happened yet but you know my gut feeling is that it's gonna happen. Maybe even potentially within the next week before crank out your life for training camp or if not then. Over the course of camp and before we see him again but you know I think. All's well where I do believe that he did genuinely consider retirement in the offseason this wasn't just deployed for new contract and more money but you know. I think we're heading in direction where he probably goes out about the time this somber. We you know beat the patriots are still a heavy favorite to win the division. Partially because of who they are partially because the other three teams. There are probably still of favorite to win the conference but they lost some key parts in the off season there are some questions there's a suspension that they're dealing with with cattlemen. So where we if you have. What questions would you have about the patriots in terms of where there are some potential weaknesses are some issues to deal with. Well you know upper side of the ball well I believe. The reigning MVP and and a guy who threw for 500 what's your answer all operate is going to beat Tom Brady. You still have to at least acknowledged he may not be he's about 41 years Ol that I was going to be questioned unless we just. See it and he does what he does but. You know you set it Julian element of this for us or into the year with this group suspension over and cook he's off LA being Amendola and Miami. That receiver position is a little bit sent Chris Hogan belt injuries last year. Malcolm Mitchell without all of last year Howard these guys. Going to come back and to what degree commit so the board well I would go out there are some questions. In terms of the wide outs I think I'd and your final gronkowski is going to eat healthy and hopefully he will be the backfield where it's. No Dion Lewis you know I don't think it's it's far from fan but I I'd you'd think that you know you don't know exactly who is going to beat the the predominant. Back it at least in terms of running when it comes to protection for all their script Birkhead there's James White but this. Sony the shelter first round draft pick going to come in right out of college and and beat that guy who was going to be their league rusher I think that is a question right now and of course other side of the ball. Eat sensibly that are. Are some holes you know Malcolm Butler was 88 big law which I think. Is is something that people may be overlooking a little bit with the addition of Jason accordion is used twin brother evidence here and they're symmetry and and I connection those guys have but there is you know that. It's and lasts. You know we we see your former guy there from buffalo that Bob and pen and have a big year. Which he really didn't over the course of the start of last season you know that's that. The defense events that that's secondary is is going to be another area just to monitor markets column a concern area but it's something the marker. We're with Adam coffin WBZ radio here talking pats training camp preview you mentioned Sony Michelle so. Draft picks says so much as their win would be in this discussion to cool from this year's draft class. Are we talking about starting or having an impact and was it a surprise to see the patriots go first from running back is a something that was kind of expected. I was surprised I think most people just in this day and age yet all are surprised you know even you know people when oh when the giants decide to go with. With the Penn State back there resonate escape me in the moment political embark is. Right when they won't take on Bartley double the number three number four in the draft do that was huge sanity. Yeah. That's right and so it was crazy you know not a lot of people well it was something technical a lot of people. Adam they're they're big board so to speak it still be he'd seen it in the reality. It comes to fruition it was a little mind bending just because. As we all know you guys have great running back their child of course what we all know what he around the NFL I'll look what happened to a remote field Louis you can. Have guys that don't really work out elsewhere they're undrafted or relate I'm six that become the make a difference. In the backfield you don't have to spend up and use first round draft pick capital or in the case Barkley series actually million dollars a year. For a bowl running back you know it's just not a position in in today's and it felt that you have to do that so I was surprised they were running back in in the first round site. What to expect may be receiver maybe somebody along with the principle on May even. You know something that in Vietnam before Sullenberger and offer tackle to a place. Nate Colbert who you know is is what the giants now that was perfect protection laws for. Operating on the offensive line itself. Yes one would get a hit or short I I was surprised the they decide to go with them but it's. It's gonna be actually to seek out which guys slot in the places starters but Belcher will. Undoubtedly keep guys on their toes throughout earnings gap. Quarterback Adam I mean there's a lot of there were some speculation leading up to you have to got to the point where people were freaking out about maybe they're gonna move up they're going to use a first round pick their. Day you know that you know different guys are being thrown out there. Even what about maybe you know the next year guys a third round pick they end up not addressing any quarterback until they take a flyer in round seven none of the kids from LSU. Was there any surprise that they're that they didn't address the position at all earlier than that. Yeah absolutely especially when you consider just how. He and they are in that area again properties number eighty series is great the great all time but again you can't say it enough. Yeah it's 41 years old and after him Jimmy go up or error is gone you know a's he's he's soft that they're from Cisco and so. At this point in time it's it's there's no one that you would feel overly confident about. After Brady's act it's you know they get to the promised land that they you know least we grew up what was your for those few years. Especially the last couple seasons it's felt like okay god forbid something app. Brady go up oil can go out there you can still win the championship but immature quarterbacks they don't currently. I find themselves in that position with Brian Hoyer of being your your chief back up so I was surprised that. You know not. Well. What Mark Jackson would be curious obviously and currently in the first round it's that would benefit I personally would have been excited about and it was awful. Different system and style because he's a totally different kind of cute beat. Then Tom Brady clearly but it's it would have been addressed in that type of looming need very early on as you said they didn't do what they do that later rounds and so. There is another kind of a lack of security buried sort of hope for the best you. All right well we you know again I'm you know if they don't win twelve games you win the division I think we'd all be surprised though. Have they always do it now did well that doesn't hurt being in this division. Adam thanks thanks for coming all of us this morning appreciate given us some time today. Our artwork is an experiment. Adam coffin from WBZ in Boston right there with Howard. I'm a teacher it's. The bills. Rival I was feel weird calling them that because I'm sure nobody in Boston calls the bills their rival. It through 550 is the phone never chew on again our poll that we put in also if you wanna get in on. What my next TV show should be isn't getting a ton of Twitter reaction on that. Fargo. Kiki blinders which I tried and can really stick with that. So are a lot of Sons of Anarchy boardwalk empire. That's HBO. That gives it a little more credence I think like maybe that might shoot to the top analyst. These are shows that I should consider. Instead of watching breaking bad free sixth time. One apple. I don't have I can't do both. I mean does it take me a year now just get your breaking bad effects out of the way men and noticed something different. That's generally what happens then just duplicate but I think people are trying to give people are trying to convince me here I should go to one of the show's first. It ain't broke don't fix it. It's it's who came up with that I could Maurice Jones-Drew. How well he's on the TV we we were just wondering how old Maurice Jones-Drew is 33 years old. He's probably for. Four years. Why do you retire so 29. Oakland when he quit for local I agree with GAAP it was ten in. Henman who was the other 1000 it was that there was another yes McFadden there're couple veterans of defense. 16100. Yards into. For got a bombers to mr. It's that I can't Judy be asking dare Cramer more on the bills and TV shows coming up here on W each year. Yeah court precedent is right. Elvis pretty much all the pre. It's you probably don't get back to say it's good to prove to that level right. Somebody for this kind of maybe pull an awful. Usually go to could've made that play well with itself but because sparked them a lot more like football it is. It back out there and do what you love to do. Lorenzo Alexander. On one bills live earlier today you missed that that's on demand swells a bunch of other things that are interest thing. WGR 550. Dot com and on the radio dot com mapped. There's have minded to scroll through my head up. In my Twitter timeline in that had highness. Samsung is making a phone you can full than half. So don't insert the blinking guy it. A phone Samsung and has invented a flip phone everybody. Pretty funny it's never happened before. Right there brown ground breaking stuff. Hear from Samsung. That a sponsor cars right we're not a game and I don't think there. 8030550. Is the phone number I got a lot of reaction on shows I should watch instead of watching breaking bad for a six time team thrown a lot of but I very scene that. Amazing packets and at the second best show of all time. I think breaking Mitt he's the best show of all time team thrown to second insightful is the fun you feel like with TV shows I'm Breeden. Was and in the give and seen them and seen them up on it. What's so you haven't seen any shows like I'm beginning and now mountain and the ones who know. Not the big ones but smaller ones man now nine how he's gone out so. It is. I end up under that rock kind of thing it's like Howard eating fruit for Britain watching. Anything on. Another suggestion the strain. Which apparently is about a vampire plague that hits New York City. Now he says vampire played does that mean. But it influx of vampires that have moved near city does that mean there's some sort of the strain of start early it's probably like dead. It's a disease disease and to a vampire yes is that where Mitt that would happen to vampires on December zombies it's just like they called it. Strain hasn't entered via are you not medical term so this one's saying can you become a vampire thing you're just born a vampire. It was Dracula ever a normal person I thought he was just a vampire on that it. Their fiefdom and didn't kill was something they turn of the did you mr. doesn't watch TV knows all the advance look men. They play fast and loose with everything nowadays okay. So. That's whatever. Any better call salt compact that's a spin off of breaking bad about I know I know what he's just making sure you just said you did never watch TV before. But I Darrell watched TV before. As a grow up statement. Eric what did you watch anything I want sportsman. Like I my job at a gallery and create a minute gotta gotta take a break it's nine point tiebreak is not. Thirteen each of them and it has known sometimes lose. Kickback completed memorable play hockey that's that's different from actually haven't watched it. You know for me that's next it's a different. Kind of relaxation means yet a sport but. Now. It's not sports. Is barely hockey. Back on track here after I'll take a break and we'll get an update and then double dip back into our poll on what positions giving the bills have done best with this offseason and the worst with. This offseason quick update. On those sad polls. And wide receiver still crushing it with the position the bills on the worst job with this offseason off the line is second. And which is eager for the bills on the best job. Interior defensive line 35% was that your its order entered present on. By backers second with 30% people really love tree Edmonds I welcome to. I had a pretty good linebacker Preston brown let you it's not like. You've made some substantial change on the short term. To me it's not just acting that because I'd done more deployment of this and it's more depth in the knows the best job awesome saying like oh IC why wouldn't picked it I'll campus and the quarterback is a 20% pass rushers at fifteen. Knew that the pass rusher when you saw Rosie Jones and oracle put up. Pass rush is really nowhere to go up at a chart Murphy hopefully check Lawson healthy. Sony's newest and adapt. Missing camp camped out. We're gonna miss Neeson camp can't be but hate you get over bodies it was to get consolidating into it's a good name but it's not camp camp while it's not cat cat people it. EU gets a soggy to a did not qualify for our names bracket maybe it showed of the he wasn't signed before or the brand of which what do I might have been. Praise he was in March it was movie Dixon now law. Retiring as a champion from the name bracket. There's room for one more Joey tells on Twitter the vampires have worms in their transmitted by bites no. Caption that someone to spoil the show from in order to sign on what's the point of that whenever. On the that I kept Jody be asking dear Kramer back to the bills when we get back from the break. And the updates Al. With bulldogs will play that back at 830 some good conversation there on training camp which is one week away sell given his thoughts on the quarterback competition. To come. That's next and I kept Judy B Osce dear Kramer atrial fighter he's a phone number your listening to WG.