07-19 The Nightcap Hour 2

Thursday, July 19th

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WG ER. Our Sports Radio. No effective. Welcome back with the nightcap with. There Kramer Jody the Osce are here. On WGR Sports Radio 550. I'm a little distracted because there's some sort of breaking bad thing going on at comic con right now. I'm not too familiar with comic con I'm now finding out there's more than one. There's a bunch of these things. If in buffalo as a compliment I obviously the Super Bowl and others is that what this one comic con and all comment on us like no not that. And all the there'd be one like every liter Super Bowl would be to the one comic Honda and Ali did deadly year. But the symbols the one game and all of American ally teams I thought there was just one big comic con in like LA or something and Vegas are suddenly every year and this is where you and hire different -- complete dork and I know all of us off. So. A step away from that first second. There's things happening on that and but nobody cares about that except me and I'm weird people that care about that it's just. But Allison into the shelf Dallas news show there watching that. 830550 is the phone number what effect. What position that the bills on the worst job with this offseason what they've done the best job is any position that you think should be debated with wide receiver. As wide receivers runway with a dig at 66% on the pole for what they've done the worst the position it in the worst way. Later said I don't think they could have done much about the offensive line. They just got they were put a bad spot intact need or tiring. Would ever having to retire. Those were unexpected meeting court declined to help move up and draft right that was necessary. I think you could argue. But. It's hard to I still aren't these team for trying to go ahead and step up from what no I status was not good enough. And the last time that I said that about a quarterback. And Nathan Fuhrman was involved in this conversation I looked like a complete. Doped him because he was a fifth round pick by. They were still not happy with the status quo. And that is the one thing on the low about this organization. And if it causes Dean Mcdermott to eventually get fired while than. Well let's just say Ryan's job was taken down just what that that's right. I agree I know I want better than says quote too and that's what Tyrod Taylor wants. Bots. At the same timely in that spot it was different for me because you had to be realistic. About the short term at the on the short term in that AFC the status quo was good enough. Obviously they made last year. We want better in the future. I want better and says quote long term but. To me if I don't know if you have the quarterback in place what to do would Josh Allen right now. Status quo sound pretty good to me this year. 'cause our college better than gonna be in that. Maybe they will be. I don't see I don't see their path. To nine wins again with the schedule they have with the quarterbacks they have to play in the first half of the season. I mean it got to go Flacco rivers cousins Rogers Mary owed up Watson locked Brady in the first half of the season. That's tough. Citing the schedule being tougher. In a lot of gains being on the road. And the fact that he didn't do much your skill positions. And let's be honest bulb biggest reason they were a great team last year the what they were good team and made the playoffs last year. Was because of their turnover ratio. It was because they got a lot of turnovers on defense and they didn't turn over the ball on offense that was their biggest at that was the best that was what they were good at last year. Her operation. And that's the biggest reason I think they made the playoffs now you're still gonna have that on the defensive side of the ball probably because you've got the same pieces on your secondary. Those guys are ball hawks. But it should change on the offense it wesun. Because Tyrod Taylor frost faults was neared the top of the league NFL it seems you're the top NFL history in not turning the ball over. He did give you that so I want better than that to. But am I getting better and that the short term. And it's hard redistricting. Efforts tricky. And meeting in the short term your right yeah by. I wouldn't really hold that against them especially fulfill one thing for one thing. What they managed not to wide receivers dale overshadows it guided to but it I don't I also don't want people misconstrue I don't. Disagree with them taking you shot at a quarterback I was ready to move on from Tyrod Taylor to yet. But I think it's silly to acknowledge you're saying this age right now this year and there might not be an improvement exactly I think it's silly and thank night. How is it automatic improvement without him tyra Taylor now and and that's a fairly nuanced take. And the people that. Would disagree with you on that really are just hot heads for. Having a guy that. Just really was more of a play not to lose type of quarterback. And was conservative about it. And they were sick and their cigarettes at the point where you can't lead the logical anymore than because they were that tired of having Tyrod Taylor was pretty sick that too but. That was good enough to get in the playoffs and again that's the key here is that he's not bad. Yeah it's just that he's not great and with the bills are striving for. I agreeing that you and I will always tip our hat to them or is that they want. Something better no matter what position completely agree I think that just that does not mean he is back that just means he's not great. Let's go to Ian Ian your and I kept going out. Bayless are guys. You know from. The position group that I think the mall or edit and not improving about. About a quarter. Look at. Look at what are you on it and it says. It's laughable. Figure. Out why altering it. Great. I mean it's just it's not something that Iowa or. Well but direction. This team is striving. And I totally and I agree that you guys I think those are the ball off aren't eke. I do believe that I don't think that. Josh. Is being. Yeah I completed down. Like it. But it would take. It up so wherever you're at certain inner. Or twelve aired their twelfth in I do agree with you though I I'd dole. I never liked the peck but I do have to commend them for taking a shot and that's something we've been yelling from. From the same seats for years. Not me personally know people been yelling. At the team draft the quarterback. Take a shot at somebody even the patriots have been drafting guys major problem sector on a stripper sat. In the third bar in the third amateur to Ryan mallet a few years ago a third least taking shots at guys even in the mid rounds. The bill strips and Levi Brown in the seventh round in it for a few years. And I won't. Ever criticize them for drafting a quarterback at that spot I will. Criticize them if it goes poorly for the guy. The pact yet and but that's tight used shops that's tight unit with the new regime is if you put out all your chips and table here. For Josh and it doesn't work out at number seven overall. And you traded up form. What Ben. It was your plan that was your guy you being and McDermott's couriers with buffalo are hitched on Josh Allen now. Whether that's fair or unfair. That is what it is. Let's go to Sam singer and I campus up. Sammy there. No simple. Com well one for two's not bad. Like football's going on the television screen right now there is there's Shawn Watson he's a point but I Seneca Wallace's team is playing. He's got Justin Forsett. Is Beck field. I don't know Fred Jackson's going in this game and on the Michael vick's playing this game and Chad Ochocinco the kidney that many teams I figure one of those guys problem playing. I think for Jackson is on the same team is it Miley Chad Ochocinco is Chad Johnson again. But he is with team Ochocinco. I don't think they're playing tonight there's Michael Vick he's on the bench now -- mean he's not playing he said not on the bench. Towards sunglasses too so maybe he's not point. 830554. Your thoughts on. Where the bills upgraded downgraded this offseason. Adding it's pretty easy to see that they didn't upgrade at wide receiver they didn't upgrade offensive line and I think it's also pretty easy CDW proved on the defensive line both on the interior and the outside. That's I'm excited I wanna see this past Russian prove but I won't. I've alluded who'd love that offensive line they had a couple of years ago. They had four studs up there they DR AC cowlings in the middle. They'd Jerry Hughes and Mario Williams and outside and then Rex and brought his stupid 34 defense right. But matter but give them to remember movement of the good times started at times before Rex Ryan are forgive them for bringing him here. Third so the dog Rhone air. That defensive line was formidable. And share it wasn't enough to you to the playoffs that was good enough that you to a 97 record just like you were last season. So there's different paths to get to that record. One of them I think is to have a formidable defense I don't think you can do that unless you have a great pass rush. And will be having great pass rush I doubt it but it should certainly be improved from last season. They were I think would consider their 27 that we insects known in 27 sacks all they had 27 like that total. In sixteen game it's okay that's bad that's awful. I wonder where they do rank them on the try to find that as well. Let's see sexy like you said 27. Which. Was 29 in the week. Tied with the giants and that only the colts and Buccaneers were lower the pockets a 26. How the raiders have five interceptions. That's it. But Micah Hyde thing and more than that. Micah Hyde and Jordan part each had as many as the ravens' secondary that's pretty funny and are going to cute because their defense was bought. Yeah. I do think though the pass rush will be better. The problem is you've got. Two guys at least that it had injury problems Trent Murphy missed all of last season. Check Lawson missed a big chunk of last season. Jerry Hughes has been relatively healthy even Emmys thirty CB thirty so. Not in the prime of his career anymore. That's another position your outlook to fill some point they could do it next year you're gonna all this cap room navy they bring over the first overall pick from Houston Texans again. They did that once they do it again. Off to dating cloudy EZB freeagent they did it would Mario Williams they do a former Texans pass rusher there was a first erupt Beck if you like pepper do have a lot of cash from Khalil Mac. Maybe prop almost for sure I would say not but these guys that if franchise tag. There that guys are guys that you you dream about and you can only dream about that because it's not gonna happen right that the guys that end up at the free agents. That you end up getting that are really get a like your Mike hi it's like they're not superstar players but they're really good players that can even prior remember hundreds. Held it up for joy when we signed Mike I'd last year and the rest of this is going to be awesome he is really underrated player from the Packers and union pay. One Pro Bowl later awesome sweet. They just Jordan Porter ended up being a lot more than what I think anyone would have bargained for. Or expected. And that's the kind of signing prowess that you want to see them continue do you do year in year out. Because Micah Hyde I think was the money said it was two pieces expected to be at least a decent starting safety in the NFL. Whereas. You didn't know what you're gonna get to Jordan where there are a lot of questions there. And those of the signings that help you. Become. A top team in the league is when you consistently get the Jordan porter's you're in and year out. Jason of not playing in this remember him. Great blocker always heard that from those TV analysts great that great a great locker adjacent lot. What are running back. Long term so I think we opt often discussed. One because I think we don't want them to do something like I'm about to mention. But they have done in a bunch of times usually it's in the draft and McCoy now that he's got this investigation hanging over his head his future with the teams in question. They don't have a young running back like not even one. So dear future at that position is more up in the year I would say than maybe any other position. Now the less Xeon belt stuff has happened this week I don't necessarily think they would be in on that I also would not want them to be in on that. But we've seen this team to every team in the past. Invest big in running back but there's resent different gene. And I think no I think it would be Smart with his money. No I don't but would you want them to do some point no because Stevie johnsons also free agent as a matter of fact. You can you worry about the future of the running back position. Literally next year and that's I don't even have to worry about it. You can go through this whole season to shop now like he can suffer an injury in next to you know your freaking out guess what. Next year's draft running back in can do in the second round we're cool. Now I agree with you I would not want the bills to be in on those big name running backs that that Levy on bell David Johnson. Those guys are gonna get north of but this balcony when he wants north of fifteen million dollars a year I don't I don't know the next I don't think bells and debt. I think the jets jets. The jets if they do it I always thought and the jets always signed veteran running backs in the oh we signed free agents the big money inning but the brits in the the Redskins the sites is addressed in various guys. And I spoke someone will give him that money. They star player you can market then he can sell jerseys like it just doesn't make any business and I am aware league game and that money I'm aware but somebody will do. Because that's what free agencies and that's why I love ya know what's hit free agency. I'll just watch Kirk cousins gonna fully guaranteed contract. He watched Kirk cousins Max out his position. And he wants to do the same thing at running back and I think he will get it just because there's going to be thirty other teams on. One idea though. Asked to get fifteen million a season for running a one know what you think about a different running fit on the offense they seized a fancy. Another running back idea for next year. That like the bills to be on this guy's going to be free agent. Is Evan Coleman in Atlanta. At all around running back he's kind of buried underneath the bounty Freeman there they find ways to get him on the field is still good but. There are going to be. Questions at that position too. And they didn't do anything this year. And cords older records investigations I wonder if they have set themselves up. Two completely wipe themselves clean a deposition next year. Draft a couple of them and sign another guy free easy. Yeah even needed necessarily sign and the guy got Chris Ivory under contract for that next season the east that you can have the time share with him a rookie. And hey look at that are all cool we're cool article I don't like and very old the ball wants running back. Especially after season pro Mike Tolbert happened. This is an upgrade immediately anything would be an improvement over exactly the best thing I think they can do especially. If but it betting against my told about exactly Europe too is going to be super important for Josh down. It's either going to be like the pap a home series and he he's gonna go right in as the starting quarterback and it's gonna get his season he's gonna break out or he's gonna. Come back after playing. Probably not a full season in year one the navy and then year to its TV which abyss he wears like OK now we need to see some growth but your. 2019 can be very port for Josh Allen received fans' minds. To start thinking Ari don't have the guy or do we have to start thinking about the future. And to me that's the year you wanna make sure with all that cap room that you have every single piece around him he needs. And if one of those main pieces to me is Chris Ivory that I think you're doing it you're doing Josh Allen rock soul like a perfect plan to me would be. You go to the drafts maybe you draft the guy in the second round third round a fourth round don't invest super high and it and then. Not the top tier free agents not the Levy on bells that the Davey Johnson's but also not. The low low tiers like not the the journeyman guys find something in between in the name for me for that is certainly haven't Coleman from Atlanta. You know what I I was looking at some of the plane nineteen draft prospects for an act in the first name that came up to my mind is happy price law is via. When he nineteen running back prospect. Right slope would be awesome. To go hadn't yet. And the bills have enough money in free agency. Where they could actually take a running back in the first round. At around 181920. If they end up there. So cool let's do that miles Gaskin from Washington Rodney Anderson from Oklahoma. Those are guys that. Will be in that conversation. Hell you've got a burning backing you beat it's on the watch list for the though walker. A threat. Emanuel read now so. You can find running backs. Did you have to try to do what they went and tried to do I don't and that's why. My duels he got how much lecture to disappear the Reno Linear exactly finally here exactly. Some point you can you can get a running back. They and the bills got Gilles we awful waiver so I'm that's what I'm saying I'm glad I wouldn't even have to like. I'm imploring them to find a running back and it's fine but the thing is for me. I don't even have to worry about it. Because his. I think the last. Your tells me you do have to worry about it because this team saw Mike Tolbert is a number two. And that's now STC's Chris Ivory guys in his thirties wasn't that good last year. Was already kind of a slow lumbering back sees him as an answer for not one but two school years. The B 32 next year. I think that they're going to be okay because you can get the depth. I don't think that they saw that they can go ahead and take a draft pick in Houston this year on running back. Not because the class was in town is because of the fact that. A lot of those guys are gonna go round to round three and they had their plan of going get that quarterback. Let's get delicate time in Rochester and and in on this conversation Tom what's going on your Monica. Guys again running backs I am totally with you guys Republican whereabouts on the court. I'm if you've been following the investigation. He's no longer even implicated too much by the lady and he would and should does that leave a candidate to do with that you can't turn it. Then he did is that they're running back. They're doesn't electric and exceptional exceptional one which I would not even very vague or where I wouldn't that mind. My money next year is an L that's why if you have a really good life. And an OK or good running back. You're gonna look great that you couldn't put it in the can get an inexpensive plus you can wrap them. Accusing the lead around even the third fourth fifth round with a really good up front or a problem and your side. In you don't editorial I agree next year because of the draft a guy the comment the bringing guys off waivers. What you want in a good up until line. You're you don't have to worry about dome building around a bit in Paducah and take on blocks so that he that the public does he keep it on the on the top. You know just run the ball the whole wide open court and go. Tom thanks for the call I mean I was he sounds good to me if I I will say there's little the hyperbole in his statements there because we have seen a running back its fourth overall. And cost 21 round picks to two different teams that couldn't run two wide open holes his name's Trent Richardson. So you do have to be what you can't really literally throw anybody in there and Mike told would have been fine last year that was the case. Because the bills left side of the cup and line and that IDC IDC in the league what. The cowboys before they got Ezekiel Darren McFadden had a big year there in the league and and if his career. And even when some of those backups are coming and like rod Smith. It just. Kind of scrub running backs that you didn't really never heard over coming in their being productive in Dallas went on bars and other one. It was because they're offensive line was so talented so I can get on board with that saying yeah let's make the office of wind super good and then just throw. A third fourth round rookie in their images to journeyman and he's still got this guy to be able to hit on the impact because. What are the chiefs about Korean hunt last year what are the seats about Alvin Camara so you still got to do some work. And I don't endorse you used they're not even making statistics. They're not even trying to hit them yet a and that's on Singh had to say all I'm saying is they need the same way they toy shop with a quarterback. The same way they took a shot with a quarterback which they had never done and I figured they'll do that this year I don't need their candidacies in effect I would be. Almost furious if they drafted running back in the first round next year has to either going to be drafting in the first half of the draft and do not take running back there. If there clearly something about. Yet and price love and Rodney Anderson might Jack there are exceptions but. As a general rule I don't want my team drafting a running back in the top ten like this team has done over and over over so. If I'm looking at it what do I want from my running where I wanna get my running backs. Timmy I wanna do it in those mid rounds of the draft in can I find a guy that's in the mid range of free agency or it. Even trying to get a cheap and free NC went Dion Lewis a couple of years ago from the teacher was that so. Those are things I'd be looking at for running back last wanna make on this. I mentioned Kevin Coleman has died while the bills the signing next off season. And it's jerk McCain and might be. An okay comparison for him he got four years thirty million. That's a lot of money for a running back especially one that really is approving a lot in the NFL. But. The cap hit to me tell you should be worrying about big cap hit this year ten point five. But then the next few years ago work on Texas waits its front loaded the next couple years after that four point five million. Seven and then just over seven for the next two. So to me if they can get. Haven't Coleman on a similar contract to that pair him with a rookie that could be would you be looking at. For the future of your running back position or put Dustan. Should probably still be productive player few would still be your next year. It 30550. Is the phone number will play back sell pot GO with Bulldog. From earlier today that's coming up next tonight cap jury be Osce and they're Kramer right here on WGR. Welcome back to the nightcap break here and WGR Jody B Osce dare Kramer hang out with youth. Her little under another half hour. Sell the pot here was on with Bulldog earlier today talking bills and training camp one week away. From actual action at saint John Fisher from tweets about the quarterbacks. Competition. How many reps as Josh Allen getting. Who's fumbling the ball. Here's Seles pulled out from earlier today right here in WG air. So our outlets and I don't view there were worms were paying attention to the first segment of the show I did not mention this view yesterday. But I I have to admit. That as campus closing in on us here and were a couple. Once the first pre season game to exit three weeks from two weeks from tonight weeks from tonight okay I'm sorry three weeks three weeks from tonight's are removed from an office right. I'm I'm starting. I'm starting to be able. Like I wanna ignore all the stuff I said about them being patient with Allen because slate it's so exciting mideast here and I I'm I'm I'm eager for him to win the job and that we were in a meeting yesterday with all with a couple of our bosses cell we were you I work. And the one guy was like he certainly one of them like no way. And now I'm sitting here today thinking about be out there next Thursday and seen him throw the ball around. And I'm kind of certain to get pumped to see him take a shot at winning in this job. Here's what's funny to me I Ellis thing about this yesterday when we were sitting. With our bosses and going through this the same thing you're describing its so funny to me because I will run into fans. I don't know other media members people we work with just yesterday this happened to me where I will run into somebody who wants to talk about Josh down and they say to me. When he really need to get him on the field as soon as possible and like they're totally that's their conviction on it so we have a conversation. And then I'm not kidding you it might be half hour later I'll be talking with some other random person let's say with the passing any did you just make you missed it sets. And the person is totally that's their conviction on everybody's got their own way of doing this and there is no right way to do you think you know what the right way is that you. Are far away no less than what you think you know because it's not true you don't you don't there's no right way right. That's right we've seen it all different ways and it's either bomber worked out both ways. I think I don't know anyone admittance. And I'm not even sure that this is right about me but there. There might be a little bit of self preservation in all of the hope that he represents. That would want you'd whole season set. But the longer we wait to see him the longer. It takes before we know he can't do it. You don't mean Blake but I agree why he's such once he starts playing and if it doesn't go well for. And all. Or Jews all you re going down but if he doesn't play it's just always it's big dangling out Billick. Well you know all with so to see we're just chilling can do it like it's asserted that caring about the report. It's like continually getting an extra first round pick maybe always having that that extra thing to look forward to. That you can have instead of being good that there's always hope at the end of the tunnel but. I will say there is the other side that people bring up which is put them on the field as quick as possible let's see if he can what he can do now. I don't think you should make any judgments good or bad about what. What he does that he is on the field very early but a lot of people are subscribing to that theory put on as quickly as possible so you know he needed draft when two years from I've heard that. I've heard national people's say that and I don't think that's fair in the book we've seen quarterbacks you know just start off in neo Peyton Manning Troy Aikman and you know even Jim Kelly 86 he wasn't great but you could see a lot of flashes in heaven unbelievable year. But we've also seen the other way the first two games of Riley's career he looked like he was gonna be really gut. And then after that he was horrible and he busted out of the league so I think you have to be very careful with how you make judgments based on him playing early. Several barge on the AT&T hotline. We thus he's live at Ted's hot dogs on union wrote in Cheektowaga so. The peace let you preview with us yesterday. Went up our idea I saw it right as you posted at like 7 o'clock this morning. And I I and I enjoyed it was really thorough. What kind of feedback have you been getting on that piece of arsenal. Amazing that the feedback has been well first of all people. My angle of Il putting that he's out there which I want everybody to know if this was not exclusive we talked about yesterday. There are lots of other reporters involved in this interview I just have to take that particular article narrow it down because I thought our listeners would enjoy it. But you know everybody had access. In that room to the same quotes that I put out their disorder but he knows. As far as the actual quotes from Brandon being. It's funny to me. What I learned today is. I think Josh Allen is still as polarizing a prospect and player as he was when he was drafted when I didn't think that was necessarily as much the case and I thought that a lot of people started to. Think he. Started to feel the good things and see the good things of autumn but I learned today that of people didn't like him they use the quotes from reconvene today. To cherry pick and make fun of him for example there was a national guy who quotes weeded my article I don't remember his name mama to go back and look he writes for maybe the niners. Annie said Horry shouldn't say national butt out there and he's he wrote something like. Wow what a horrible way to pick your franchise quarterback that he slept peoples' butts on behind during pregame. Well look I mean if that's what you got from the article that you're just trying to get that from the article that's not what he said. He was trying to give examples of how he interacts with his teammates and what's important about the leadership of the position but that's what happened today. And a lot of different ways people cherry picked what they wanted to to reinforce their own preconceived notions of Josh Allen. Newton. Yeah that's interesting part of the conversation I'm hoping to have as the afternoon unfolds here. Is just how much and I I think we've talked about this a couple of different times since the draft pick. Just how much. Your opinion if it if it was hard to. I'm going to Harden no on Ellen how much that softens as the season starts to creep in to view training camps around the corner your starting next Thursday. And you know he's on the team and for better or worse like. Your fortunes are tied to him and I think good leads. Sometimes a certain kind of man kind of soften up would be if they didn't want him initially it's like okay well he is big he can really world you know. You sir start to find. What you think might be the glimmer of hope. I think because he's your guy I think that's where it starts right he's our guy he's a bill a miniature format or reform it will be succeeds I think that's where. A lot of fans immediately get to there are other bands though I will say have said they've gone back and look they feel better and some even said. The article today gave them renewed hope look at and really like it but this shows me they did the work on in the show me they really it wasn't just about the arm and then there were other feedback going back to that. From people today who said. And I think this could beat this could be a fair criticism by the way I don't know I think this is. This is not a cheap shot in anyway. I I did have somebody say. They felt after reading it. That being fell in love would announce our first and then. Convinced himself through the process that he was the guy because of that and I think that could be a fair criticism I don't necessarily agree. If the ice I think they did a lot of work on and they vetted him pretty well but I understand why people would come up with that particular feeling and opinion. No I think I think that can happen I mean you have to you have to I think it's fair to wonder if if the problem you don't. But GM of the team is susceptible to that. And you just sort of starts beating all the other stuff in and in all a part of part of oh how he wrote that is like them watching every throw from his sophomore season cell and trying to. Estimate watched. Baker mayfield would have gone in this in in the same situation or Mason Rudolph was another view examples cited but what would how would these players have reacted to this kind of protection this kind of route. This kind of throw. And they even reading that a part of me he thought like I don't know how hard do you wanna try to excuse a bad throw. You know Mike I don't think that's unfair at all. Yeah I think that's it's a fair point that someone brought up on in I think Jeremy answer the question this morning when I was on with that he said. You know what does that even mean how they do it now what I think you mean I'm curious about you talk to bow. How they were had different systems social I think what he's trying to say is there okay in this particular throw yet he had an incompletion wary through twenty yards downfield and missed the guy. If that was baker mayfield maybe he would settle for the really short pass. The open guy because he's taught to check it down and therefore that helps his completion percentage where speak whereas Joshua Allen has taught. To go after that throw because that's what we are that's what we do here Wyoming and we're gonna go with a little bit more risk and reward and what we do and that impacts his completion percentage and a negative way. Then. Carried interest in self taught to on the AT&T hotline here so hot how did you. How did you come away from from from all of what they told you about their process like did you feel good about. How they explain themselves and how they ended up but it certainly does go a long way to dispelling. The idea that. But giving guys it was rampant Chris mortenson said Terry blue lava dome. And I think a lot of fans who were scared of this draft pick went oh god did pick him because you don't like them. Yeah I think they really like Josh Allen I think he was either number one or two on their board I think it was Sam Arnold Josh Eleanor Josh talent seemed Arnold I don't know which order. I'm pretty confident in my own thought just through talking everybody listening that they had these two as the top rated quarterbacks. On their board so yet I think eight. This owner with how. What he went through with Rex Ryan and Doug Whaley and what he thought was embarrassing moments at times. And press conferences in the way the team was perceived and videos and quotes all over the Internet all the time things like that I think that's the piece where the owner had to feel. Comfortable as far as their and you know vetting process I think what what struck me is how collaborative rain to meet his with his staff. Joshi had a big part in this Sean McDermott had a big part of this but sort of bright and able and so did David Scully I mean those are people that have to work with Josh Allen every day. And how is he gonna handle assert certain coaching how is he gonna handle you know playing in in our system that grinding Abel wants to employ. You know what I aspirin to beat the Columbine. How much right cable system played into what he was wanted to do a quarterback he said. I'm not gonna take a quarterback just because of the system the guys running but it's clear they want to make sure the offensive coordinator is OK with that guy in the person first and foremost that he's gonna be coaching a daily basis and I thought. To me it was really came out how collaborative rain in the ones throughout this whole thing still do you have. An opinion be it informed or hurt your years of talking to scouts and coaches and coordinators. All on or just just from we don't want to get from afar on. Fixing footwork for quarterbacks that is referenced by being as being something that is largely to blame him. For the accuracy issues that Allen has endured through his college career and I think the strongest case for being patient. With Allen and not. Rushing him on the field and we want is to give him ample time. To get comfortable. With his footwork being proper and not fall back into old. Habits. Yeah it's actually question I think for some guys you can never be fixed and they have their habits they're gonna do what they want to do. Then they go through a different quarterbacks coach every year I think it's a big part of it you know when you talk about. Having stability I think that's a big you know paying the bills needed they're gonna it work what Josh Allen I think that stability part is going to be. Something that needs to be going forward where he's not being taught one think from one coach and another thing. From another coach but I think and hit with him specifically our I talked about this right after the draft to him after going back to watch in him. Energy noble look back ankle he's an arm thrower that's what I say he's always been an arm thrower because his arm has been so strong. That he's been able to do things other people can't he can get I would just throwing it a certain way without having to worry about the technique of actually playing the position that doesn't mean he can't it as a media kit do he isn't willing to do it. It doesn't mean he's never had it it just means that to me when I watch him. His line might have been so bad at times or he was playing with. Set against that it would competition or people around and that we're good enough that he had to do certain things where I just got to get rid of the ball doesn't matter. In my Peter set or not I got to throw the ball right now to that spot and I think that's where a lot of his footwork. Was. Really came apart so in the NFL he can't do that he's gonna have to learn to trust his footwork if he does that at the NFL level. He's going to be in trouble and he's gonna have to learn to. Understand the finer points of playing the position and I have protection here where's my protection where's my read I get a step there and I got to actually fit it into a window that is much much tighter than what it was in college. Yeah I I just I'm I'm eager I don't think I'll be able to tell course. But I'm curiously how long that process will take. For him Mike and how they'll feel comfortable. In doing that and then once it if he does start playing whether bill feel they need to pull him back out because he's falling back into old habits is this a lot I think. Two to watch there are its outlook to go enjoy your hot dogs will all the questions at 5 o'clock Eric. Welcome back that was up about Joseph right there with Bulldog. Right here on WGR Sports Radio 550. Take a break here last call coming up next 803. 0550 Jody B Osce and dare Kramer right here in WG. Last call on the nightcap. 8030550. Going any quick word and and our Twitter polls from. Earlier in the show. Which position group giving the bills on the worst job with this offseason which position group do you think the bills on the best job. With this offseason with a final numbers are going to be for worst job wide receiver 69%. 20% for offensive line 10% for quarterback 1% for other which is your group the bills in the best job with. 35%. Interior offensive line with the lead. 30% linebacker 20% quarterback 15%. Defensive and slash pass rushers and I'd still say that you know the secondary should. Or could have been included in that early if you would have voted for that though that's true but they're pretty much that's they're the same. It's our life Vontae Davis does bring a little more reputation. To the cornerbacks would be better though. I think the secondary will be better overall. The America will Vontae Davis make it. I think he does make it better and as a matter of fact there's a piece up on WGR but he dot com can't count down. And today it started with a secondary. We go on from their from the linebackers defensive line offensive line. Receivers and tight ends running backs and quarterbacks. As we count down from seven days until the bills take the field at saint John Fisher College. So go check that out on WGR button to duck them. It was just last year that Davis head injury issues. Yeah point five games last year before that was 14161516. Yea he's fairly consistent and as of three years ago is one of the most under rated corners in the NFL. I hope he isn't something I'm look I'm still looking for reasons to be optimistic about the steam. And the secondary. Shooters on them second or should be one of them because they word. One of the best at defending the pasts to rate up last year. And yes some of them had to do with the fact that you can gap that you just outages seem with the run game night in night out place. Then again how much also that would ban. Who they played like quarterback wise league this year you're not playing Trevor Ximian. You're not playing dignity fails Willis is an injury but they took advantage of those bad court next to. They did but I don't they're not get in a lot from this your first half the year the east lake. I guess that Flacco rivers Carlos Rogers scenario Watson look radio you do don't have a gimme. You don't have again you're right but. When Palestinian you don't have a I'm Colleen and you'll get Macau later. Yes but I you took advantage of those games you even managed to hold down Matt Ryan. And you know some guys like that they were second league in passing to sounds a lot. They allowed less than one per game. So I think the senators can refine like a sad part of that had to be because you could run on them almost all day. At the second half of the season by. Again it was the saints game for example dating. Dating Paloma up through the air it was in German commander Heidi they ran thirty times in Tampa. So. I think that the secondaries in the one of the biggest reasons you can go have a look. And the defense as a whole as to why this team could actually give you some optimism. And like they're that check out his piece about the secondary on. Not argument at WGR. I think he is on is kind of on what you want to read. Anytime you want you can't read on demand though I think you when you demand to read something on the bills you can go to WGR fight that the doc. It's not on demand reading but. It's whenever you demand to read. Idea I think. Eight of their our debt and borrowing is an embryo that's can do for us tonight Jody B Osce dare Kramer will be back tomorrow seven at nine right here on WG.