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Welcome to what feels alive and right about now Andrew Peters is. Vomit out that he said yes to being co host for one goes live for today Thursday. Thanks for coming in man that is awesome that you needed to beat my you know to right. Shot shotgun for me there's no place I'd rather be at the start of my long weekend. First three hours that mistakes I've been here workweek for yeah you can and I promise you get a good nine holes and in the time and I couldn't you know why years I don't like gulf enough to go play in finals like you play the round your life yesterday's rise yes that's been on me for awhile now. And I will be able to break me for a month yellow that's my question like when you shoot around your life. Now there's no place to go out. Which you keep trying to chase that would what score now what score now is is six nicer it is 67 that's how much chase. Even as a random so do you shoot 73 which is a anyway death comes back from around the offices are shots. Under. Yeah that is mine and it is my life friend that's my line of demarcation issue in the seventies a great day. Shoot in the eighties it's not so great rush in at sixteen I mean not backing him. Minor and doing what it did the other day so you know I'm kind of like just let it float out there and think about what Stallone just so now have to answer yes to the question I ever did. I did ones so. I'm gonna let that flat that we got a great show though I'm glad you're in here. PDA dead Clint Boyer NASCAR drivers can join us at 123 about the Wright gave him a tour of the stadium in the facility over here one bill's drive to. If so give you never been over here and never gotten the nickel tour. Clinton or Clinton gore got the grand tour but the nickel tour pretty good too. Such a camera around world's gonna talk about Jim Kelly and his acceptance speech at the Jimmy Belmondo espy's awarding got the perseverance award. And I was really proud of the way Jim came occur once when a guy. Me and I'm. How Bauer got buffalo Jim coming out in the home run on this with his speech last night I was so proud of him. He does he does our city our organization. And and our human race proud every time he gets up there and and those courageous. A speech you'll ever see anybody given. And it happened with her with a room Jim Kelly's already talk about that on yes or just go ahead on all annoyed I don't yours you're doing the runner shall I am and then now later on Lorenzo Alexander is gonna cut pop in and is gonna be fun too because this is the cocktail. Show where we had a hockey and football cocktail. With peas in with me I'm of I'm a hockey fan of football expert he's a hockey expert football fan. And we haven't I have a healthy respect for hockey players and there's a they're young and I saw today and are bringing up to him just before the show. About who's tougher hockey players or football players we might spend. But the second half of the show talking about nothing else but looked great debate I listen there I really think that when you use you talk about the four major sports. And toughness and end you know what's really the only sport that that you're allowed you know any physical hard physical contact means so those are the two sports and I. I estimate just intakes from both sides are they could surprise a lot of people matters is the only institution Fort Worth. Other than like the others like rugby year tumbling network physical contact is inherent. In it and because of that you get. You know big strong guys do and with an attitude and it's at least some violence and it's it's interesting because it is different. And I got a lot of respect for the hockey players and I can make a big case for hockey players being tougher than football players and and vice Versa it's interesting get a feel like you would say hockey players are tougher but I I. I differ in that opinion. I think it's because you understand that this. Both of us understand that when you're on ice see me I'm on a ticket holder of the saves time down close. It's. Just like football the intensity level is all the way. And it's. I think we know that it's hurt the heard it hurts to give them it hurts received them in and trust you when I see this when you see two players lining each other up and they smoke each other one guy might survive the other one might go down right guys standing on his feet. He's still in pain. Yeah and and believe me when and get into sports like that and it's interesting too I never really thought about hockey probably the only two sports where the collisions are part of the game and accept and you know we can expect. Particularly football. But hockey is well. That's when your hit and guys. The idea of him as being the ones stays down that's the idea why I asked two question as the process as we are having this discussion of what would you rather be would you rather be the players skeen on the boards getting stood up by defenseman. You know. Named defenseman who every route or would you rather be. A receiver who's charging down the field. And that safety just steps up and boom right before that ball makes contact in his hands just absolutely smokes and I mean. I gotta tell I don't wanna be that receiver I'll take hockey hit all day. Be you know I feel I feel like hockey players can maybe a steeper hit. Tried to escape a hip or put you can always escape but. Can you live with yourself after calorie I'm not sit and I think bailout saying bail out of saint lake or maybe. Have that last second to prepare for the worse where for poplar might be looking over shoulder. And just get get blind sided so I I think. I don't know I think it's tweet tweet us let us know your thoughts on the matter who had devastating it can cost between distant and I'm not in previous phone excite and bring the phone number card with me so I care of the numbers on bargaining unit and 0305 that the 808550. To 550 but you can tweet tweet that students went right in faster now at one bill's life. One or at Steve tasker 89 and we can you can chime in art if you want about this thing whether occupiers in football first as we both. I know this all the guys I know who. All the guys I played with and guys around the National Football League go to hockey games and there's pictures of you know Roethlisberger. Aron Roger do we all go to these other sports. And there's always that level of respect for what of the guys doing their sport and and it's no different between you and time I was. I absolutely. Love gore hockey games. I've never it's the bat in fact forget what it's the best live sport in professional athletics hockey. When you're sitting in the stadium and you've got the seats. And you can see what's going on and and get a glimpse of how fast they move in the skill level there's nothing more foreign to human being and standing on two blades. With a stick in your hand chased around putt I mean it just doesn't happen naturally. And to see guys doing it with such skill and the speed and the fact that commitment crashing the boards and in in concussions and stuff and and lengthy and yet I guess I'll line changed mom. I just and I know this too I'm pretty sure that when the puck goes into the net it's a good thing for one team or the other. That's about the extent of my knowledge but yet the light eyes and that's the thing to you. If it's time to go and he's. Up over the boards I tell people all the time if you're going to gaming have made no major injuries haven't really observe you know. Certain parts of a hockey game that's really cool lake you know what you you're watching NASCAR you know some people wanna see what goes on the pit Morgan has. I when I went to last game I just I just a part of my job is is watching you know big game but. I focus on the bench I mean I'd like to see how players interact with one another guy's coming off who's changing for who you know which lines up who's the coach talking to. You know how that you don't player's body language who slammed the door when they come off from tip to sleaze matches or stick. So I like to watch I personally just I like to watch that the bench and stuff like that one of the one of the reasons because I spent a lot of time on the bench sort of what's going us went. We need to grow what you don't get out of my iron Norway and I had great seized a lot of Super Bowls I was dinner right next head coach that's it I'm with you totally. And you noticed that currency to me that I'm glad you're here because we have wouldn't have these conversations off here for awhile. I ask you some hockey questions that are hockey 118. Year old kiwi it's questions and and you can you have answers. And same thing with you have questions about football like instantly while everybody knows that ABC like the stuff about the guys coming off the guys have in Eric I can even. Mean sometimes I know you guys come off they slammed or want because they did something bad or B because they're frustrated. Because they've missed an opportunity or they got taken advantage of and at the big different and don't you know which. Players are gonna react to what like when you're watching the game and you're like oh boy this is going to be ugly when he gets back to the bench you're sooner he's waiting for our. A sticker a water bottle or you know swear word or something it source lamp. And I wondered football there's so much there's so much going on on the sidelines of football I mean. You've got solid coaches trainers so athletic guys medical guys equipment guys. You don't. Extra players and track suits I mean there's there's 65 guys over there yet so I mean that when you're watching the game of football and you see I make a mistake you know what to expect when he comes back to the bench were there certain dealers. Where there are certain players that you were like. I would get away from the water cooler I get away from the fan or the heater or you know this because you know that something's gonna be thrown owners master something. Yeah and it's instinct you because you as a hockey but he kind know what to look for in for me as a football players is on the sidelines. A lot of what I do to help the broadcast the guys in the Booth I watched the interactions on the sideline it does because you have a lot more coaches and a lot more and so leery people on the sidelines. With the football that you do in hockey guy like one trainer and hockey gotten equipment guy in hockey and got. Two coaches right on his four other guys in football there's two dozen. And there's medical people there's equipment people there's coaches. They're all there and who talks of the player is very telling if it's equipment guy you know he's got a part pad problem whatever is you can change issues whatever. If it's a medical guy then you got something to think about because the guys dragon something around a bad ankle about it or guy hitter took something he's got a brand new entries got to deal with. And if it's a coach. Then it's between his ears he's not doing something right and if it's another player. In that tells you something now to could be a number of things in that so I watched that all the time I'm just like Q. It tells you assess with with hard knocks and ending its eight. I just love because it's a different sport behind I won't watch I would rather watch. Any. When a caller documentary or anything that's done behind the scenes when guys to sports because it's not the wanna see guys injury. I just wanna see other rehab I wanna see how a guy comes back from this I wanna see you guys you know attitude around the locker room you wanna see our guys in Iraq and and that's why I always look forward to those hard knocks episodes is because I'll watch them over and over again because there are things that you see in things you don't see that you go back and and the fascination for me just how other sports handle which went to clubhouse in baseball. I mean right could you could you imagine I could never imagine a million years being a baseball player and how luxurious it is to walk into the clubhouse on a rain out. Play a video game play your bodies in fort night and I won't be an. I want to revise his game once in down below batting practice like an hour before the game. Their guy sitting there in the cellphones. Text in their bodies you know like hanging out at most a relax it's different it literally as you walk into a hockey game. You lucked into a locker hockey game and I can only imagine the intensity of football locker room. You walking to a walk him and hockey game two hours before you can take the most casual player in your team the most relaxed guy and a daily basis and he is intense. There's a difference in his demeanor the difference in his mindset because you know what it is a lot of it is the unknown of what's about to happen. Where baseball the real you're coming out of the right hand people might strain my shoulder throwing out the ball or. Whatever it might slide in the first but you're not getting knocked out for any long long period timeless I beings unit which. Not always that you know if that's entertaining. Most people who live in in the re way outside of athletics. Never know what it's like to know when you go to work or do your job you're gonna have to physically. Confront another human being pushed them or dragnet against their will. You have to compete against them physically who's just as hungry if not who are hungry and wants to beat you and and and be victorious over you physically that that's what. It's a mindset that we take kind of for granted. When you can't get away from the game for awhile like we've been you kind of get the sense of while nobody does. I learned a valuable lesson the hard way. In that exact just a casual approach to a game vs a guy who was extremely hungry literally wandering mind an off when he knocked me you know twice in one fight. He talked me down I got back up and knock me down again he and knock me down three times one fight but I would stay down and one Austrian counsel Kessel had two but. I just a casual approach to a fight that a new probably would have taken place vs a guy that I beat before and he was mean and hungry in had a reputation. And that's just passes what happens and the will and the mindset of of a pro athlete and a guy that's hungry and determined. And that's. Scary guy yes that's right and that and that goes here if that's the old cliche you know that. The scary hungrier guys always stronger dogs with the scary dog you know the one that's. That's got something in the fight yet your rate your show up half way that's why the locker rooms in football and hockey as opposed to a game like baseball. There wade if this week Sinise is tough caucus were talking about that the differences in sports and which ones stoppers is tough call football is more intense. But you need more endurance as a hockey player policy to gain the season. My knock goes hockey and and and I appreciate that that stance but that's something I said to Steve right before was something along those lines where it came down to. Yeah it might be 82 games Buckeyes in hockey on a nightly basis aren't getting beat up. As badly as guys are in one football haven't you know what to an and is haves and those guys single five sixteens and hockey season and I even get hit gambit also be used in this like this in football too you spend a lot of time. Playing or competing and you're not a 100% there because you're hurt. You know you got your play and butchers toward your plane but your dragon around a bad wrist bad echo in I've got I've got. I think three or four football cards with me on my got a cast. At Dayton and they're not Donald it's the same cast I can remember but that kind of stuff happens and it at the bottom of the hour ramp Clint Boyer on a NASCAR driver to be itching to see what he's like us. You know they never had to Primedia out of my helmet. And you talk about a risky sport that it he's. He's won ten times on the circuit he's a 190 top ten finishes I mean this guy that competes all the time that's different sports aren't as. I did Clint the big nickel tour today. It was a lot of fun great beautiful day in them what to ask you about the difference he sees I would lie. To know so mental preparation for NASCAR race because we just mentioned about going in the intensity of walking to a locker. I mean. We've we've all seen the bad crashes and I'm sure NASCAR racers don't wanna talk about or race car drivers journal talked about crashes and I understand that. But it's no different hockey players talking about getting knocked out or football players on all that stuff. Because it's part of the risk right. But I wonder like you get into that car and I mean the odds of you know something happening or you we all remember Dale Earnhardt. You know something like that happening you know might be slam. But there's still always that chance right when you get in a car and I mean you have to be. And be ready for. So if your family. That's interesting and where I'm going to have in my team. Like it it's its glitz and glamour it's I'm sure it's a great life when your spare parts of Canada and I guess inherent often. It doesn't happen. But. Because but you don't even necessarily doesn't even have to be fatality in a car accident and accident alone hit alone fight alone. And hockey or something you know traumatic like that. Could just cost your career because you just can't bounce back from India you know there. There are those side elements to it as well yeah Ander Peter Steve tasker a windows live Merv is off for the weekend for the family wedding we wish him the best. We're here. With you until 3 o'clock. Playboy is coming on at the bottom of the hours got Lorenzo Alexander coming on we're gonna go back and look at Jim Kelly's. I acceptance speech last night at the SB awards a lot of stuff to talk about. But right now we're we're talking about. As you might imagine. The competition begins early who's tougher hockey players or football players. That and you would make it we should waited until our next shoe to do is that people are already caught calling we really put out a Twitter question. Which it did this now would get from Rick Rodriguez tweets and hockey players with the ice have excelled moment. Excelled momentum. The ice makes it easier because of the lack of gravity football 100% gravity hits with momentum who has the most life threatening injuries question mark also hockey was invented. By this is who escapist. States to Canada. I don't know about that. I don't know about but. That's that it is I'll listen I had I had shoulder surgery. I don't play hockey. My shoulder surgery is a poll result of the hockey ice I've played in the kids playing in the kids' parents hockey game when my kids were like a right in the dead on the ice you go down. On the range. I shoulder surgery that I. Now that's just years allow it over Graham might do you know I had a few miles on my chest even then and I skate like a ten man but nevertheless. The ice there's no gift for get that thing about gravity while the field out here that you guys played in office had a row or I will now. Bakley was I played the rumor I heard was it was just concrete with. Within turf rolled out over time it was ash fall which was it would drain I was given Clint Boyer this. These to be ash fall and then they put a hard rubber pad the hard rubber pad used to that national I looked at it was like. Like the rubber hockey puck not at it was hard robber with holes in it and then deter it was hard as rock. And now. Now with the new field terse and everybody's seen the artificial surfaces that are full field with their real long green grass filled with black. Rubberized. LE dirt that's all crushed tire is an actress tire and whatever else is properties. And it works great it's a great surface to play like I've walked on on the in one occult field but here in the field house and I mean it seems soft but. I don't care when he would you see your football park what I mean. You've played more than just special teams you receive. But when you get hit when you know the ball you go down to me to play. Your body's constantly taking the pounding of hitting the ground. You watch these guys in the dived for a ball to bounce like three times for the stop. The problem is too and that I think it was before I'm you know and this the thing and I'm that gets me is. In hockey you do slide but the promise some got to stop you TC government debt slide into the boards. And if you're not in the right spot. You can't change of your time with somebody all the sudden you know you're you know the next thing you know you're in the back an ambulance. In football it's a little different because the grass isn't slippery. It's more abrasive and we used it when I've played. In the old turf days may do but now. You would have layers of your big patches of your elbows knees and shoulders. All just Tories you know it's great guys anymore remember those big rubber pads used to Wear over there there for arms and stuff like oh you know why that's a different reason that has nothing do with that net nude art protection. Kids at lower levels of football he's beat guys Wear pads on the backs their hands on the back under their arms right. When the game changed now used to be played where you couldn't reach out and touch guys you had to play everything with your forms in your shoulders and it blocked guys about that now they allow guys to use their hands. You can fend off blockers with that or you can go out and make a block with your hands first and pushed the guy without grabbing hold of him rapid round. And when the game change that way they didn't need the padding on the reforms in fact he gave. A handle for somebody grab your arm was not a good change for the game horror I think yeah I think it evolved in the right direction I. The game was so vicious back in the day. You go back and look at even the 1970s gains between you know rivals like they kiss each east Oakland Raiders the bills dolphins you pay your. And it was. It was a and half a notch above a bar fight. I mean some of the guy from the raiders. We just wanted to go laden jacket and Davidson there was Jack something Jack. Does Jack Youngblood. And that was he was ram. Jack Tatum Jack you know. Yes. They're guys like that name is nickname was the assassin I mean pick a worst named Nat for professional athlete I'd like I don't know although the exact years that he played did you play against Lyles they don't. A UConn as he was going outer loop like at nine all the time Knoll at the very end it there instantly I was 85 was my first year I think you missed. This document back yet and and and some of it some of our our everything of a pro athlete does some of these self inflicted used me you know some you know what you sign up for. Other guys are back in the day when I came in it was kind of better liked to chemistry as a steroid area where error when I came into the NFL and nobody knew. What they known who wasn't illegal. It was you know if you wanted to try to go ahead in the league would like. Image shrug their shoulders that your decision. So he just didn't stop right. He and my guys he went to and right none of it was none of it was medically approved or or prescribed by doctor administered by medical it was all black market step back. And that's a and that's why some of this has happened to these guys now. And like this at some of these is self inflicted but the league you know I'm. You know others are certainly may be some and this complacency complicit some glee was complicit in it. Because they knew was going on some of whom was. You know. Not an app by the by some team every team's different so some teams at a big big Arab baseball baseball was cultures seem to wasn't illegal blood Alitalia wide. That maybe it made baseball like entire wasn't 1998 or write a home run a series was on they weren't even able the league wasn't even able by this collective bargaining agreement they couldn't. Police say either I mean couldn't they weren't allowed to drug test guys some guys can just say forget it you're on it now and that's and that's the way it was somewhere. Big wild wide ranging conversation or talk man John Hancock. Andrew Peter Steve tasker of one bills like Clint boy is gonna join us at the bottom of the hour and we were talking about who's tougher hockey players football players and it is a unique. A relationship that both guys both sports have to violence. Football it's inherent in hockey in particular with it the fighting. It's more about and I was ambushed kind of shake my head about it. The fight is went. It was it was accepted in hockey because. The league allowed you to police yourself in my rod in my right that is is that the right kind of if he wins he has policing as there is the perfect word for. And my role in hockey as when I fought you know the policing stage had just evolved in that in my opinion to just maintain. The entertainment value of fighting in hockey program because he has yet to rule was taken out and you know what. Fighting in hockey. You know serve huge purpose when it when there was to when there were dirty hits me but I mean you don't see those types of hits anymore. Back to our conversation about football hockey though this person next sends me when this picture. From ESPN's sports science and HL hit. And NHL hit is 17% harder than an Ana FL hit even though NHL players are 20% smaller. Eco so any ID and got 82 games to play. That's it and that's amazing too is I've seen your your hockey gears well and men mostly guys like like rob ray when he was playing it's as some you guys don't Wear too much I mean like padding in the football guys because of where now they are aware of CNET NFL guys their shoulder pads and their body armor is pretty substantial. Now they can choose them particularly up top. Because that's where the collisions come from you know other air raids which try and not so much now because of the rules changes that it was always about you know. Hidden in the top you know to knock you off your balance union heads he'd knock off balance not so much knocked out but that's. That's how balanced work she hit the into the player Adam I was trying to beat her that Ed. I'm gonna say something I don't know if it's ever been discussed in football just from an a casual observer I watched the bills every Sunday. But a casual observer just from a guy that played sports and I think about player safety today. I think helmets and footballer huge issue. I I believe that they don't pretty active. I don't I don't predict that can help prevent concussions he's you can get a concussion without hitting your head. So for me it's it's in neither like more like weapons and you see these guys leading with their heads. He leaked CI's lead with the crown of the head into the just up under the face mask into the kitchen area. I mean. I feel like tick tick pads away from players I mean. We always feel like the game gets faster let's put more pads on to protect them no hate the pads off and then. The players that really wanna engage in that contact Wohl engage an eye contact with minimal patting but I don't believe you'll see is violent pick a sport. These hockey or and I see that for for shoulder pads and hockey all the pads hockey. You know all these things I mean that's just my own personal opinion but. And I don't know. I I agree we're gonna take a break Andrew Peters Steve tasker a one bills alive you're listening to us from one bills drive this is Buffalo Bills radio. So wide series champion in 2008. We met this morning took around the through what you think that joint plan that was it the nice facility how. It really is in you know it's need to come to all these different facilities that all across the country have been a few of them now whether he'd cheese. Where I'm from McCain's is there aren't the cowboys are appeared it's. I think he's directed a direct reflection of of the areas that people. Com and for me it doesn't matter if it's motor sports or folk law or any other sport it's all about people or you know I mean it's all about that fan base that area Robin Hood racing. A well outside the U readying a B rates are much longer Hillary got to win races since you were five fired motorcycles yak rep race and motorcycles that you know on two wheels than. They say with AG in the -- so as I I what let me tell you this I have a five Euro yeah a turn five and April and I'm not saying that you're crazy I just couldn't envision my son I animal I just to note by admirals who ride motorcycles. My my son's three and a half and he's pretty confident that he's ready right now might go away that perfect. He's. He's quite the race that brave boy. Yeah Larry psyche guys you grow up in the industry grew up doing that and that's what they is part BU we were having a conversation about. You know the the risk we had and and you. It is to get around this facility your travel around all these different. Venues and you guys race and all of and you've you've said you can't enjoy case you've been around him now you've had good runs and all of them you've had bad rounds and all of them but you can have a good feel for. You get to is there any facility that you go to like a racetrack now that she's like while they're you know we gotta be care fears as more wrecks because of innocent and the other. Yeah of course there is obviously when we go to the at Talladega there strictly tracks Talladega Daytona those are the ones where. You know at the risk is definitely there and why is that forgot where some guy like me sit in this year as was if you're 200 plus mile an hour entered. 34 wide in a traffic jam. And you know it's common you know you're gonna have a crash and those that Wear. All the bad wrecks are you know today's teenage the safety aspects that have come in at the sport the innovations with the safer barriers the Hans devices all the safety aspects of the have become of our sport are still. On at risk on a track like that. We the speed right now actually sustain an and then. The vulnerability like here litter is the every single lap there's moments where like that was about the date and and about wiped out when some cars and always happens at those guys are you are you superstitious. Every congress they are against him as an attempt what's your superstition. Like I come race day. Any man beanie heads up if you underpinning heads up on race day you will be on the dash in the all of that on talent in its back on the tape it to the back hell yes I'm on the dash. Good at a management at any. I just out there that the weight of that credit facility downtown little lead time to watch my watch my vernacular so it's your competition meeting on Monday after the raised you have a guy that is in the is supposed to leave the penny someplace for you to run across and on that I'd be legit you know Ozzie guy that's how petty you how happy are you don't have to know those guys somebody is on payrolls is a mixture plant runs across or anything any. Right out 1972. Pain at the absolutely. Can always figure glows on the same blame that didn't do all those hall. Kidding me came it's embarrassing how bad it is like you know it's yes it can be embarrassing ICI I have a different. What. You just said that's a superstition but that's almost like come. Like luck too right where which some superstitions just kind of our routine where others just get so cuckoo that they are just finally start what is targeted to play with a guy wants. The collective kick capped pars and goal. You wanna talk about some the second time this week we've talked to collect what he brings a kick if he started that night brings to kick out our if you wind keeps. Keith is any artist Keith he had a bag at the end of the year it's zip lock bag of I don't know average had never even tried to. Tried to figured out a figure them I don't think it's possible. Now that. If it works that's what's it mean. You burn on out right. It's you we we were talking before though just about the physical quality of hockey and football and you know the intensity of it. The preparation in the mindset going into enemy what we go through your book to a normal race days or immediate starts the night before I'm sure search weeks before but. Before that race on Saturday or whatever date. You know what's your what's your routine for that race leading I think our sport is. Way more physically or mentally different meaning that physically demeaning. Been watching those that hockey. Mean I didn't grow drug canes you know I did to Iraq we are talking about big hot there was no he got a goalies they'll vote. Now got a goalie bill rice so. The so. As I watched you know those those playoffs and in those games. Get down the Stanley Cup by IDs this is the first time there actually took him in lost him and I couldn't believe intensity. That those guys ski gaining in how how often they're in and out in that in and practice couldn't imagine. That that play at that level and that speed. And football you know it's the same way but the thing that separates our sport weighed differently from from those sports. Right up until. There the green flag. Drops were doing interviews we're taken care verse sponsors were taken pictures where you know there's drag and so many different ways. Our sport consists of those those sponsors on the side of those race cars you've got to take care of business in a good way do a good job it seat stadium racetrack for many years to come that's really really hard to. To just turn that off teaching helmet on I go out and in compete because all by the way why you're doing that back your mind you're thinking. Which is track and it's going to be like is that's the clouds out what's different what's you know here and there. There's so many different things you're turning juggle like you're taking care of business and then in the once you get inside the car. The physical aspect of it is to eat. That's you really the only thing you don't have to bench press a Volkswagen via weekend. You know. So the wheels not handy. By any means the stupid bitch you have to endeared. Really extreme temperatures as Chicago's 157 degrees and carper for them trained for that. Yeah like you said this on and a snow suitors are stunningly Collins Cadillac casts document to steam there now. You know what you do appear what you know to get ready for football games in this climate and stuff like this I mean you can imagine. What it would be like to get out on the field is coldest cities get hit by some maniac. It's twice the size he could not imagine. So we took on the eye to eye you honestly sorry I would do that I would do that I would rather go out right now today with. The soft body that I haven't gets mauled by a big linemen or somebody then do you do held now I'm really rook HL it's. I've got that we were list safety gonna get 3400 pound race car around me. I got him down on the field he was talking about some of the road trip rural road were ways that there. New attraction then again he said that at one turn there's like and I know give spot where you gotta make the turn or it's going to be head on collision and and. As a I'd rather be covering kicks. I mean you make it you missed it by four inches fine if you don't miss by forage is your upside down in the ditch way I'm gunfire Cuba. Wrap up. Small lead but I'm telling me that was one of the tracks when you asked me about the reais can step like that there's a new track it's on our sector and now it's going to be the role race this year Charlotte. And it's going to be a playoff cut off race that's the trickiest thing about that race it's a wild card race like no others that we ever seen sport it's going. To be crazy there's no room for air anywhere on the race track it was it's our circle track Mon half racetrack. They implement it. Recourse to the infield in I'm telling you if corners are tight you carry a lot of speed a lot of momentum through here in years ago ran off room what's holding. 39. That's good that's when couples almost a lifetime sport I'm hold onto it right yeah I'm still thirty. They're eligible how what's the oldest driver on on your serve so that's a big thing in our sport right now is is that as any sport goes through it. You know we've lost some of our ours stars you know that is Jeff Gordon's of the world. The LG years I mean those are big blows to any sport. No different than. You know losing Brett Favre went into an elevator anybody any team for that matters though. While we got a lot of new kids my new talent comes up through there's still those old guys to get the job done and as his they have an attempt to beaten and it's kind of unbeaten world one bills live with Clint we're professional stock car racing in 2008 NASCAR Nationwide Series champion he's got a 109 the top ten finishes in ten wins and that we we took you around we actually got down the field and general manager Brandon being brought a Jersey. I told us they gain is nice bills Jersey number one Jersey. Women should it be nice car number fourteen. I mean that your car number that's. But as a nag him in the big number one ID yeah in an animate face of the man number one will be on my wife's back there is no he's chills and he says yes she's from upstate new York and Iranian and there's no way. If that'll ever did in my trophy case you haven't already. She's always Wear sheets since the day that matters he's always had these blue Buffalo Bills let paints and she's still matters in this days of that and actors the crown introduced that at this point there they're old they're war you grow up achieve Spain you know Intel I came I hear you saying it now I know he knows guys now. Now got to give respect for about that and it's like the bills UK nor care I don't. I hear that's right play any other sports going up. Now that everybody always wanted to Boller tonight did it in any other sport mean it adds one of them linemen they come here. Here and it gives you awaits you if you wanna get agitated but I. And that's or it's exactly yep we've both that we've we earn and learn this and we both grew up in Kansas there wasn't an ice rink in the state in the night in night I grew up in 1962 it was board. There was not an ice rink in the state. That I grew up in until I was in college and then had a Minor League Hockey team for Edmonton Wichita win was there. Now there's rinks everywhere now they've got right now hockey is kind of standard that's us and. Options and across leave across the means she my wife was went to college on a on a scholarship. To play lacrosse when amendment that. I honestly don't even know what crosses the weaker than it was and now at all over the planet yet Google. Clint Boyer from NASCAR driver here it is one bills like yeah we talk about. And we're talk about the risk reward at all and at the mental preparation. And your you grew up just like I guess I group achieved things as you can't do anything else you've been up there to it to that stadium. And you've been to this stadium. You've been to race tracks what what's the thing that strikes you about sports in America about how important it's become and some for us I mean we can. He can get that we don't have to keep in perspective it's my job you know. But from all the people we're talking about the tail gators here in buffalo people it's a real part of the fabric of the corporate or country. It's it's on the top shelf for a lot of people. Oh absolutely as a matter what's still to this day and that's that's exact route the key here right there it doesn't matter whether it's it's motor sport or football. It's all about that atmosphere that that feel when you roll into the stadium. Whether it's a car race in Bristol. You know that's our little's and that's our stadium or our aero hitter even here I mean you keep to see you feeling even when their people aren't here there's no gain gone on. ED TC and imagine. That chaos of of a Sunday you know football game here and that's what you love about that got me pumped up as I walked down through the tunnel. And and you are explains Simi you know how tight it feels when all those people there. I can feel that I can just imagine it in and Whittier competitor. Or a fan it makes you wanna be a part of it in on saying lights and it doesn't matter it once I'm gone in and quick race and I'm going to Bristol. That'd be one of their race is that always give it to you I'm going to date Tom Golan a Martinsville those in those venues. That this be forever. Great tail gating create atmosphere and great race I've heard great things well Larkin client GAAP. Absolutely. A good to track a destination track for a lot of people a unique racetrack for our sport it's only one of two well three. I'm road courses now the team count the one in Charlotte but. Some fun atmosphere beautiful part of the country this time a year. Very very technical racetrack fast. U haul the mail over there on the left side to go up through the hill on the yeses and down that back where that bus stop is that she came out there. I keen to explain you how fast you go on through there and now out of control it feels before you camera down. They cares don't back after the start of this just isn't a circle right solid now that you say this is a road road course yet and that's because has ripped left and right in the area and mainly right if you look through there is mainly right that we don't turn if you turn right in our business man the majority of the time it hurts like hell yeah. On past Miami that's what it feels like no terriers are right that's right he or I gotta be kidding turning right when you can lock your lakers either. And says some of us may need some. But are are again going back to this fan base and that that feel that vibe that atmosphere at this stadium. Is definitely there that's a cooler racetrack to go watch dad there's a lot of elevation changes you can watch from a lot of different course right yet that's what I've heard that's what I -- I didn't understand what somebody was trying to explain it to me because of I'm going to go to a NASCAR race is going to be Walker's gonna cause that's close and they said that they are supremely some really cool sight lines I mean obviously start on the front straightaway you can watch hold racetrack unity is getting good vision the whole track and you can see pit road and watch that you can also get down and go watch turn one. You roll through the infield in and all of the that corporate America is through there with the displays and hospitality and villages. And answer can't doubt all through their party advanced plane at night I mean it's there's no reason. There there's no. The reason that they can indeed be surprised if says that place is sold out every year because it doesn't matter from a racetrack accurate nine. I wanna give a golf cart and check out what's going because you know it do you drive with your car to all these races do you fly how does that we our lives you do bad teams fly in and I still have a plane and so we we fly in just yours go assuming if ways. That again that's different as I was talking to you guys about. Your preparation free game you're right back here at this facility in our preparation might be coming back for competition meeting Monday or Tuesday Wednesday. Might be tested somewhere might be cooler not corporate hospitality deal for one sponsors here another sponsor might be 23 of them we get back there racetrack. All the while trying to prepare for that next week where you're next up. New Hampshire yet via cooler racetrack fun racetrack. Short track very flat. Hard to get around we won there a couple times and have a lot of success up there in the past our cars ran well or ticket right now so. I need another loan and 100. Aaliyah Aaliyah I why one more question I've got a big movie guy are sold its soul okay great soul. There's two there's two NASCAR stock or movies economize Talladega nights yet and Enders days of thunder tonight and there might be other ones and I'm forgetting I'm sure that you would know of is there a best one which one is the most similar to. Brace. Days at the under now I'd like Talladega nights it's funny everybody can appreciate that. But I've never seen tiger and back dues should Valerie and I absolutely take them days it under the coolest thing about dates that under that barn. It's it. You know very odd bit built that thing area I'd built that that car in the barn is still ignores those those days yet still right there and nosed around and every time gone by like days. When he goes car culture. Clint Boyer joyous on one bills alive thanks for being with us professional stock car race. Acer 2008 NASCAR Nationwide Series champion 190. Topped and I only played 986. 10980. Top ten finish in ten wins thanks for being with us we really appreciate. It will be back a one bills live from one bills drive this is Buffalo Bills radio. Fact one bill's life detest her and Andrew Peters is set Clint Boyer on and he said its first. NASCAR driver you government I'd love me athletes from other sports you and I hit an awful long time we first met because you know we both wanted to. Yeah kind of automatically know what kind of commitment it takes to to be high level and for like him who's a 190. Top ten and Tony racist you have to be and to be exotic Thailand is only race and 190 means he's pretty pretty geared right and rate and negate I've played a 186 NFL games. Over thirteen year career. He probably runs. 25 races each year. Was 39 I've. Which I asked him but when he I wanted to ask him what you're return probe what steps back questioned you know slipped my mind but. Like you I love meeting athletes from from other sports just simply because. Get to ask the questions about the preparation all that stuff that might seem and you know it's funny he might have seemed. Overly interest in interest into two other people but if you think about it yet prepared to do anything. So you know to prepare to get the car drive 200 miles an hour with a with a bunch of other people in there and it's I mean with the same mindset right to a total size and power. 200 I'll think about going to hunt if he. Two out there with the fastest you've ever done on the highway. Can't get a ticket for talking about on and I think is like 135. Miles per hour. Was so that was in a while I was driving I was in the car actually. Kilometers just you. It's a lot hundreds hundred miles an hour to 16160. Some except it's it was passed. Passes I've got underneath waters. Illegally of course and so that's like this it's like harbored some honored honored. That think about going to 100. Miles an hour in like a traffic. It. Skipped practice you know you know wanted to ask him that I I was afraid to ask him I admit I admit to as saying that I was afraid to ask him I can't believe I was more comfortable asking about. The wrist injury were US request crash and burn crashing and burning. I wanted to know all because it's public knowledge how much a football player makes our I don't know how much he makes I just want no one have raised he's obviously. One of the best one on average what does an average NASCAR driver make in a year. I mean am I know a lot of it depends on sponsorships but I mean you know we place a couple. You know it's like golfers if you if you finish in the top 28 or ninth after good year financially you're not Tiger Woods are you guys but well. The industrial and business I think it's big I it's got to be well it is and we got a glimpse of me asking how we tree he traveled private. All right so all yacht and there's that. So it's a different employees its corporate money their deal with it directly. So there'd their name he's talking about your run in four hours so I mean. It's. He's doing okay and think oh without question and we talk about risk reward that's got to be you need you need to be rewarded. In their name have to pry out there put the thing the thing is a case you look at hockey contracts guarantee you look at NFL contracts a guy can get front loaded money you know he gets this much guaranteed him whatever forget about getting cut and all that no guaranteed contract but guys like this. That are that are income directly isn't is related to their performance. Mean their their thing their sponsors I mean if they start dropping lower and lower and lower mean sponsor dollars or less and less and other guys are creeping up and it's got to be. Nonstop non stop competition that's wise I'd love talking guys in other sports where it is Andrew Peters joined me here Steve tasker wrong one bills live from one bills drive and take a break. Coming up we had Lorenzo Alexander come and we have a conversation may be about the NFL PA vs the NH LP. And a fine know enough about that you were also coming up NFL true or false ran a talk about my boy Jim Kelly. And his home run of the speech last night at the SP stay what is an uphill lie about that from one bills deprive on Buffalo Bills radius they would.