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The 2008 TSB's took place last night hall of fame quarterback Jim Kelly won the Jimmy V award for perseverance in the emotional speech he thanked his son hunter. For teaching him the definition of toughness and to never give up. Alex Ovechkin who won the 2018 SP award for the best male athlete becoming the first NHL player to win the award. And the USA women's hockey ice hockey team was recognized with the best game award. For their gold medal win at the 2018. The Atlanta Falcons are not planning to renegotiate Julio Jones contract after the Oprah receiver sat out during the offseason workouts in hopes of that change. Jones has three years left on the 71 point 25 million dollar contract extension he signed in 2015. The Tennessee Titans defensive end throughout Casey plans to protest social injustice on the field during the National Anthem before games this season and will quote. Take my fine. Casey says his protests in 2018 will be a continuation of what he did last season when he raised a fist during the playing of the national. Titans have yet to comment on Casey's remarks. 2018 British Open began today at Carnoustie golf links in Angus Scotland. Championship is being held from today until Sunday July 22. Los Angeles Dodgers acquired prized all star shortstop Manny Machado from the Baltimore Orioles in a trade last night. The Orioles received five prospects from a job whose contract expires at the end of this season. Fisons lost yesterday gets them or for tags five to. Awful. Five for the heard got to host the Durham bulls tonight in the first pitch is at 705 that is your sports update. Here on one goes live with Steve tasker Andrew Peters. We're taught him a lot of stuff and one of the things that's a topic of the day around not just here in buffalo but around the country. Was Jim Kelly's emotional acceptance speech at the Jimmy V perseverance award last night at the espy's if you haven't had a chance to listen to and I'm sure a lot of you've heard. Exerts from it. And not just because he's a buddy of mine but because he's because were buffalo. Bill station in buffalo new York and we're gonna play the whole speech so stick with this it's worth the listen. One of buffalo. One of varsity of Buffalo's all time great icons Jim Kelly last night at TSB's and his acceptance speech. It is you never knew you watch the video. Obama. But bought my son's. So let's talk about Israel. Is continued Israeli and bought my son hunter what are you about it long life. Table lovers law. But no well look doctor Dyson did it and not she's gone. Our address for plot about cause some of those things we've been through some lessons we went through and all are good times hardball sermons so you know. Which has someone slump. Did you are not valid in all. Year after year slice here. In Jong. On behalf of the class of ninety days three to five other quarterbacks. Dies you're so when you choose Super Bowl forest where your refuted especially community and did. But. How about all wrong in my life. I've always lived by the poor announced. The one not hound but I'll tell you it was wrong even though I still have fun. I'd put you wanna either he's worked really on the ever house knows my thing it's. Like there's a good lord's. Got kids. My nose. Hill. As clear as revitalized through my son hunter we will make to divert us. My bit win. All. Only what he says my daughter Aaron. Every sued Todd who walks into law school and a 100 C ever have a problem or are things it was always Jacqui you're not so good. The course and shoot it should give me a hug my daughter chairman. Somebody time. Schubert's hub will be an album do you wanna leave her go even today we're if you're gone beyond a lonely vertigo. In my wife still. Newer light heart. You are lies Scholl. You or what ever accident unload revealed. And my brother. Firefighter brother pat. Fed rated G it's haven't debuted through every Z would be either good times about times. The Super Bowls we had fun. But I'll tell you what I wanna be here today is a wonderful life are brought a lot of lobbying guns but bill Stanley's. On clue Wilson tea leaves you Syria simply drew our new owners. So well after dual bodies Ahmard rules Thurman. All out on Israeli Darryl biscuit. Will's house her. All you guys. Every single day days continued to have improved text messages and it drives me crazy Dillard will be handed. Bush didn't know it in my eyes and he's allowed to push Volvo live spaces. While hunter soaked family and the sixty failure is pretty calm Buffalo, New York. There has held the same disease my son house dead or tried to make a difference ice flow I don't know. That I will be home tomorrow we want families to go would do and BO will Roger make a difference much friends Alter. While high school football coach sue. There's really not have a gold after his dream not turn to tussle agree on solicitor Terry hundred. All of these social and Augusta did plunger to let the audience appeared gone. So on in Denver Kermode does France why should super warrior spirit for ties it all for Beers everybody Bartolo would be here. And finally. The thing it's. A timeout it was us and makes a difference to dead. For someone. Whose fight to preserve tomorrow. When I looked across. This arena there when I talk to people a lot of digital news to be entered the Russell Wilson. And her Rogers to measure differs odds are. Every single close who's proved to be a difference maker. There's a New Jersey oral closer to go but there's some are rewarded goes to work. But exhibited did those guys who put this follows days of my kids are proudly detailing to see we don't want to dip verbal brawl on her face. Toys urge anybody odds are do you have solidly alters operated dug up to me to answer. It's the result being on how pretty good day to be your mom or dad. From the grand parents what you say GM whose volley you have water like that to me that differs in some measure of the net today. Remember that always always. A severe eczema beset never ever give thought. In my bills fans back home. I love you and everybody here tonight engine everybody it's all division. Thank you for orderly and humbled me with this award all of you all god bless and you go lure continue to bust some guys who. Hard to. Say anything after speech like that I was really proud of my friend Jim and the way he touched all the bases and as and those of us in buffalo who have known him for so many years and been friends of isn't in buffalo you're you get to see him so many times over the years. The change in his life that has happened Allan because of his wife Jill but because the sun on earnest cancers and he has. He's a completely different guy that he was when he arrived here in 1986. And he's almost he's better in every way forget about the hall of fame quarterback. Career that he put together here in buffalo the guy's just a phenomenal icon. And we've talked about it at length this week about his legacy goes for beyond football now that he's. These retired. I remember the very first time I ever met Jim Kelly. And I can remember. The next day call my dad said that I just imagine Kelly yesterday because I mean growing up. You know football wasn't on every Sunday in my house but the bills every year you guys were in the Super Bowl I mean it was. It was always talked about I grew up in saint Catherine's Ontario and it's like everyone over there bills fans. So you know only took two to meet chairman and just to be able to see him around over the years and I mean after mean always been it's always been amazing to see that you know you imagine Kelly you know home and everything but. Last night I mean he just absolutely nailed it and how hard it must've been to get out there you know all. Almost breakdown on the tears rightfully so when talking about a son hunter and then. You know off the cuff like their personal personal cue cards there's no teleprompter I mean he. He went off from. It was raw it was real. It was a it was amazing and so fitting to have those two quarterbacks their two bring him up on stage but. Don't want thing that stuck out to me and I and I knew yesterday watching. That we be talking about this you know was the text chain I mean that. It's just amazing how technology can keep you guys so close because like I feel like. But if it weren't for technology I don't know you guys were really this is such a bond it's very unique in sports when you guys shared winning her. Not in no Super Bowls point four times I mean that's a brotherhood you you can never break the experiences but. Without technology guys might not have that actually know what I'm sitting there thinking is knowing you okay and knowing. A little bit of the some of the other guys. Would love to know. What you guys had going on some of those in some of those text messages well some of it. It is problem and none of his for Arabic that you know those guys did sign a form we that we will wolf for jumped on this tax loop back after bit and they were talking about Jim last night and and I knew I was out about. I was talk and I was talking to my family or my son's house last night and we we were watching we caught after. Is it happened and I knew it'd happen remembered it happened because my phones are blown up with the text loop from the five presidents so. And they were all going. It was interest it is usually they bust chops you know and it's making fun of each other and themselves and and it's a lot of humor and tell us what's going on our lives as we get older to be organized. Last night it took him in. A real turn this text and took a real turn in. Humility and emotion and just you know. The love for Jim and Sanyo company way to go GM. Awesome you know Jim hit it out of the park is we're proud of him. Because we knew what you know you can tell by watching that speech to Jim put out last night. The courageous ness it took to get up there he doesn't speak well because of the surgeries that he's had he's gotten more surgeries on the horizon. It's not a battle that is won yet. But he is it holding his own no question. He's got the best care available they're not letting anything slip through the cracks. He's doing everything he came in to beat it. And I you know when we're hopeful and confident that if anybody can he will. But we're in that fight with them as much as we can be. And like he said if he needs something from us were there you know people call him and Edward island is his wife Jill his daughter's all the friends he mentioned last night that a lot of people have no idea about I knew every name he spoke. And I know her I know well. And that's the kind of wide swath that Jim has cut through life like you he doesn't forget people. The Derek guys there are people I know because they were fans of Jim in Miami and Jim invited to buffalo for golf turn it. 32 times right I mean there appear every single year. He doesn't forget Adam. And people in buffalo know that iron and those people when you can call and I guess if I guess we could do this powerful get to the calls if you want calling to say something about GM. And let everybody share it. I in Israel to 550808550. To 550. That's right they call us or tweet status at one bills live or at Steve tasker 89. If you wanna call and talk about Jim what happened with the last night how proud you more of them. About a experience we all have an X in buffalo there's got to be thousands upon thousands of people have a personal account which him you know why you know what. Like that the footage last night you know they talked about toughness that that the plane footage they showed of him just getting smoked for every time right I mean. Because of you want talked about you know what guys known for toughness and perseverance and you know being courageous. Not at not taking away from the reason why he was there but when you look at you look at the the highlights of the football. Scenes that show last night just. Came getting crushed and then smiling at the guys he's getting up off the ground we were talking earlier about the kind of guy you don't wanna go up against on a daily basis. That's the kind of guy the guy that takes the pounding smiles and then comes right back for again you know. To put his team in all over the hill I mean that is over the accomplish it's a bit. It it was amazing last night and you know I was I was proud for all of buffalo has when he went up there. I mean when you hear Jim Kelly's name. You know you think about him as being like an ambassador for the city of buffalo ambassador for the Buffalo Bills. You know even an ambassador for the sabres I mean he he loves the sabres. And I know we didn't come here loving buffalo back in 19866. But you know he loves buffalo now and you know this is his home in. And everybody in buffalo as embrace this guy and loves this guy and just seeing him get up there and do his thing last night I mean gave me chills. Marcus here and tell you that I I broke down in tears when I was I was by myself and I was I was damn close I was really close yeah I was to Europe when he does he's done that to me a lot of Mina over the years of course I mean I've he's given me goosebumps both on the football field. And in more times now since we've retired he's given that you couldn't imagine watching watching that in in your position knowing him as well as you do how proud you must have been. Mean if I'm saying this is someone who's. Whose cross pass is Jim Kelly and and knows them well enough that he might say hander or a nice to see a but knowing him the way you did in knowing that those guys and and seeing him go up and do that I mean. Our all that that's means it's obviously a guy that had no problem. You know leading the troops out to to the field. Jim Kelly won the Jimmy V award for perseverance last nine we just played the his emotional speech to about five minutes to play the entire speech and and you know you talk about and you're right bolts that hit all the highlights you give meaning makes a great throw here. Or get smoking gets knocked over he gets up smiled at the guy that receivables in the running have fallen yet. That guy. That speech he gave last night might have been his greatest accomplishment. I was gonna ask you that but it like I was going to ask you knowing Jim. He's come where a great thing that's exactly enemy where would you rank last night in. You know in his career. I guess. Mean would it be right there near the top got to me think about all things certainly. The football stuff he did is a different kind of victory in the and and of course. Getting back the suitable for time to lead the team to do it and then. The courageous. Attitude it message he gave out after his son hunter passed away. And then last night getting up there is as. As ravaged as as he has been over with the surgeries had to endure for the first cancer you know the way he speaks. And the courageous mission she gave in the midst of all of that going on his life your. I don't know and ages past hound guys like that. We're note were. Recognize I don't know how you found out about guys like that and in our day and age with television and was pro sports and and all the things we have with media and and the way we electronically keep track of people across the country and how prominent Jim has become and what we know about I don't know. How heroes of the past got recognized the way we can recognize a guy like him but man oh man that effort he put forth last night it was. And and I hope people don't. You know and and I'm not I hope people don't ignore his words at the end there because he's right McGee. He and his experiences experiencing it firsthand and that is you know making a difference in somebody's life I mean. I'm sure their messages that he might get on a daily basis from somebody he might not be expecting her so that. Makes him feel just a little bit better with what he's going through and and and you know what. I'm sitting there and I'm listening go on sale last night you know there's a lot of people out there that would just like I and on but no those are words spoken by somebody who's lived it. Is living it and means that and probably can see the power and what he's saying and and I were I mean I really I really took. Took that message to heart because I because I truly believe that that it's in all of us can be better. And help somebody and needs. I agree I I was gonna do this about I did mention it in and we got a call a couple of calls from from people they've got a call from David in buffalo who is where it's trying to take this and David you're on one bills live with Steve. And Jay and Andrew. What's on your mind Davies said he wanted to are the first time in the gym. Yes yes that example personal you guys denigrate them. You confuse me a little bit I didn't know I was I was into the investigators aren't one bill's life yeah that's a cocktail no question about it thanks for listening going days yet. Well anyway oh that up on the back in the day at a a club in west Seneca. And I was standing at the bar. And it got kind of nodded then. That was what. And loud and a little upset and I turned around and give them. And I would by the city of it and and I looked up even farther. And there's two linemen be very competitive but decided that the year ago but without the Pulitzer and I as money grab at any anybody during another ego. Perfect I thanks for that day and you know that's interesting too because that's when you got to and you you're just might have is definitely before your time. When Jim got to buffalo in 96 he was a rock star it was like. Like Paul McCartney or toolbar but no we well he owned any border war. And he walked and all of them and the interest in part of buzz and ended thanks for the call is thanks for call David but. He walked. Into the place and he was a rock star he was you know he's Mick Jagger walking around he was Paul McCartney was and you know Elton John he was all those guy he was like the guy and and and he lived it he lived hard and he played hard he worked hard and he was about as friendly as he is now. But man oh man was. Living their rock star mentality kind of had to have some guards out music guard rails that kind of keep people peso while I'm not everybody hurt particularly early in his career in buffalo. Had warm Fuzzy feelings for you know 'cause he was kinda guy well everybody you know watches him when you're that guy. When you are that guy everybody wants something yet that's and and you know what and there's no there's no. Does it tactful. Way to you know tell people to buzz off right there isn't and and you know so not everybody had that. Now and an end including some of the teammates he was whistle is it time ruled on one of the things we went through was an 899 was the bickering bills and Jim was a big part of that. He was you know he was at it did he lived his life just like he does now if it was in his head he said. In filter anything and you know and a team that mystery here this in a team game like football hockey whatever. Got to filter what you say because you got teammates it. You know you need to play well we don't wanna make some guys I think need to filter other dialect that a guy like that is you know is gonna go out right take a serious blow get back up and try to help your team you can say if you're that guy he's Souter do you want other guys. Today is a writer and you don't have earned that so that that is evolution through Jim's life and the and the kind of person he's he's evolved into as the it was a steppingstone and it came and it's but he still continues to evolve even now. You talk about though the humble nature of the things that he says now with what happened to his son began and then. That was a that was a crushing blow for him and his family in and all of us because we we felt for some very strong family. Has feminism that I mean. His of browsers now he's gathers he's got all his Brothers and apparent race Ed Kevin and and and Kevin and Dan. So have missed what. It there there is worse much a part of our football team in the group of guys that and they were and they have a lot to say about how the kind of player Jim was kind of human being he was in the fact that even. Now as. Not as he goes through life now is that there's this public figure. He handles it in a way like nobody else does that's why he's a specialist what he wins awards that's why people gravitate towards him. He shares this sickness he's going through with us. He shares the treatment plans with us we tweaked back in for art we text back and forth with these guys. And he is continues to be the glue that holds all group back together so. As many stories as we've got for people who have known Jim and met him. I know he appreciates it and then he doesn't forget too many people that's one of these gifts as well so. You know at them. I'd been washed and we're gonna spend the whole show on that but I do want to let you out their listen to his speech that he gave last night I was very proud of him. We all should be here in buffalo. He's one of the favorites on or city. And he continues to be in Roland with him so. You were Steve tasker and Andrew Peters wrong one bill's library continue to show at to a clobbering your Lorenzo Alexander he's gonna join us. And and talk to us from terrorism I love Lorenzo and also we're gonna get engine this is something I wanted to talk to you about. That it were a week away are actually exactly a week away from buffalo bills' training camp opening up when does the sabres camp comes and. Like there are September yeah it's funny though hockey training camp in football training camp night and day that's what I wanna talk about today I mean that's what I wanna walk it down due to Rochester to see some of the training camp and stuff but just. Early mornings the horn going I'm trying to restart six I think gets up early as well. A yeah okay. I think hey I want to totally with you. I am totally which can understand your your players to perform let's let's blast the Warren and there are five of the unit no I'm just I'm just take these guys that listen I came in the league and if it a year heard the story events the poly called invincible. His kind of trip through training camp was what the league was like when I got in 1985. And I was in Houston Oilers in west Texas. It was two weeks two and a half weeks three weeks it to a days. Hundred guys on the roster. It was a 110. For a good chunk of those days. And you were going twice today hard. It was grueling. Now and and it that's just the way it was I didn't know any better than think about change and it and then they started getting these guys who warm you know making seven figures. And they were kind of like the prize cash now. And that's when coaching stats in general managers as well and Ortiz adolescent. I don't want that guy get dragged through the mud on through boot camp would campaign in seven figures when I know he's gonna be ready. So let's just you know take another look at how this training camp thing goes and now. Training camp has evolved away from all that it's a much more learning atmosphere that is physical. Yeah and do you feel although like the players nauert live but I guess it's it's toll. Obviously what I'm saying is rightly players and our ROC pampered spoiled but I don't think and I say for hockey I listen I'd say this for hockey players. And not even my generation but even going back further I mean. You think these guys should should know all white former players went through and and how the vault to even hockey at three hour practices the first week of training camp or whatever I mean it's kinda like. It's its flock frilly immunity it's become really easy but I feel like like you just said. You have to protect your athletes these days the business of the sport is the reason why we're having a discussion we're having right now but the differences in training camp but. I don't know what like what's kind of things are still the same there's no hazing anymore right like I remember watching reality you know they're used to be a show called a rookie welcome to the NFL released had to get up and sing for their food -- trip to. Ever to sing for your scooter I didn't want young guys are nicely five. Added. That it would sing I sing a rugby song it didn't turn out. If you know rugby you know once you usually don't seem rugby so it's not a football colors. Now not football they they appreciated that thought but it had a chance that we went. Those it'd. So is it safe to say anything rookies have an easier now and they never did they do but you know what the players themselves earned it. They've the game has evolved because of that because the players have proven they can handle the new ways of doing things and that the game demands something different used to be. They were in training camp for six weeks they would go to training camp to train. Now the money they make these players are responsible show up in shape and that's different so it's dependent. Give me the difference between Josh Allen coming into training camp now as a young up and comer verses. To whiny years ago. Left for about 2.5 36 point 530 years has really given the same kind of I not not passed but just I guess kind of now Tom handled delicately and in the sense of you know this is your well future. Let's get right the hazing thing happens because the players are reaching out to the young players to kind of include them. To get him to humble themselves and to note that hey were in this together so that's the reason hazing started in the beginning. So they would do that and fact in thirty years ago or 25 years ago the hazing starts with the best. Young player it starts with the top draft pick in the class and goes down from there. So you start with you the number one draft pick quarterback and he's the one it has to. Kerry playbook should carry helmets and pads yes the one he's the one has to run for extra water he's the one that has to stand up and sing at lunchtime. He's he gets it hard. Because here's the reason they know he's going to be. They want him to be feel included in part of the team they know he's going to be contributor. So they want him to feel watching train of thought the president. I don't exactly it's kind of mass stopped by humbling him yeah. Yeah make you appreciate where you're so when your finished with all this in the OK now I've earned a spot here at the table I'm cherish it and that's kind of the way that the mentality works and it does work it's a proven method. For team building. And you know now serves other ways to do it as well mean you can do it by you know with them you know falling backwards into the arms or something you know some new age things like that at. But we used to have also we used to have a rookie skit a rookie. Thing at the India that you at all but that's what I love about hard knocks is when they do the rookie night and they have yeah. They make fun of the coaches of the better players it's almost like carte Blanche right to go and act you're free rein. And some players you see in the video because I've watched every year for probably the last ten years. Players. Certain certain star players all they get all too true yeah yeah it's like it's like. Stay away from certain guys you go after the wrong guy that guy gets sole angriest you know business to bring me up but that's the whole point of the rookie apple and plus you do that hard knocks. He used to be like even you know at this before cellphones even we cellphone area where you can read you know. It's recording any of that stuff is a big don't know. Because you know he touched some bases that are pride yes and all fifteen guys only yes and yes so and the like you said you hit it's. You take liberties it. Touching just the right nerve on every guy that you can't you know and and it's. It's okay we'll let you get one of those and junior hockey once and other veterans really encouraged me to go after the coach. So I creatively when after the coach and we pay for the next day practiced on style it will show you who's boss boys. You're Steve tasker and Andrew Peters one bill's life from one bills are more to combat Burnett talk about maybe who some great player in the past or present that you would rescue off a bad team. One bills lives just continue after this is Buffalo Bills radio. About a we have NASCAR driver Clint Boyer and today talking about his mental preparation some of the things he's going to be a walking when it's a fun racetrack. At a New Hampshire later on we also would over Jim Kelly's extreme emotional. Heroic acceptance speech at the Jimmy V and endurance award last night I mean get ready here buffalo has really proud of them we talked about a little bit to about our. Training camp and some of the things we do to. Hazen what do you think hazing mis how training camps have evolved over the particularly in football I know they haven't. We're gonna talk a Lorenzo Alexander at 2 o'clock about you know heal in a week he's going to be in that neck deep and it. Threat talked to him about his last minute perhaps maybe he has some superstitions or stuff he does or his favorite memories and what he thinks about hazing as well. And just before went to the break. I want to ask. In every sport. There's these great iconic players. Who played or are synonymous with some franchise. In in hockey and football and basketball you name it they're at a phenomenal careers go to the hall of fame and they never win anything. They and their team never for is never never any good at least for never any extended period of time. And this guy plays his entire career. Like our grow plays their entire career for. You know losing franchise you think back over the course of the of the NFL guys like Archie Manning. Barry Sanders. Gale Sayers. Dick Butkus. Players like that who you know never got to a super boy and then in butkus in and out. They're days and miserable than exist but. Eat it guys like Archie Manning was a great player and a bad franchise. Barry Sanders who never really had a chance to to get deep into the playoffs multiple occasions or got. And he got a hockey players that are like I got a modern day player I can bring one hour right now from. We talked about regularly Eric Carlson I mean there's a good defenseman in Ottawa may be the best defenseman offensive defenseman in the NHL. And he's an auto align and auto isn't a terrible situation and he needs to be rescued and there are teams out there willing to give up a lot to get them and but I mean. He may as well not even play next year he's gonna stand Ottawa be wasting his time. What about a guy like this last year Alex Ovechkin when the SP last night forget male athlete of the year and finally he broke through he would never be that they were never be considered a bad franchise that they were in the playoffs in the conference finals much you know we just never won the cup but you know what don't Steve I'll tell you can't tell you this last year and it definitely it's amazing what you can do. Last year might have said save the Washington Capitals who Mal is a question. Don't like which team did you safe from terrorists are right right I had funny as soon we kind of view the raiders it is a double sided sword. Is it a boost to its source sure sure I I think it can be but I mean on on the rundown here I thought you had a really good when I thought Dominic cash it was one and all those. You know when he was here in buffalo he got into the finals. And believe me he's got him to the finals. And it was fun to watch. And I remember thinking you know that enemy and it was. I still say this to everybody listen because you know I'm I'm an idiot hockey news I can see what I want nobody cares. But he is the best hockey player I ever saw play at any position. He might be an end you know it's funny you say that because I think so quickly people say bring Gretzky Gordy Howe Bob you're. I don't know Dominic hash it you know it could definitely be considered one of the greatest hockey players to ever play. Yet he was he did things in a little unorthodox I think which adds to it. You know he was this guy all over the now all over the place due to snow angels he's you know I saw him check to guide the Blue Line. Uses had a right doctor pocket release him through the park up in the air and batted away in the middle of a team I mean drop the stick can slash I mean the guy. This you know I love atomic cash because he was just goalie to stop the park there was no as Marty bureaucracy reverse VH or. You know this position or technical old you don't need down no butterfly know this guy was to. To stop the puck to stop. He was amazing work we're seeing I'm I'm sitting here silence watching and I like seven on him as Jake. And it was just such a blast any any cattle so many things and if this was my error when ice when I was in buffalo when I started to you know really. Getting into. You know but the saves and look outside myself and be a buffalo got I want to beat us you know and it was so fun I know this is off topic more we're talking about the his awful related receivers bill's friends when you play here because when I play here the bills and the sabres players and it's hard because you know you go watch him. But you never get a chance to interact with as you guys are in the missed your season in the same time we are. And a lot of bills players and like the saves. They're van roost in the offseason there out of town they never really crossed paths now so I'm I did I mean. Razor and I got pretty well acquainted like that's vital because back in the days do you guys played at 1 o'clock on Sunday and the sabres played 6 o'clock or 4 o'clock to 5 o'clock and Sunday they're double and you guys all ended up but Jimy Max after. A couple times like Eleanor. Every yeah every every every yes so there was some of that and I know this too there was a lot of work in a lot of respect for what those guys did it. And out. Love being fans and I know a lot of the players particularly a lot of the office of Lyman had tickets. You know they get sabres tickets and sit in the same seats every every week and a it was always fun. As far as you know rescue and a guy from a bad team. I passions are great when I hate to say it but back then you know he was the only player they had. But they didn't get to the finals with him so I think I think allowing him to be the work course to make that happen. Is a great reward for for people here in buffalo violent man it was fun yet regenerate in his prime making those polls. And you know that hard as they weren't they were good team you know cause they were they were they weren't I mean I don't wanna sit there say they were cup contender by any means but without Dominic Ashok. And I think any parent that team I would I think any player on that team would agree I mean they might have been good enough to squeak into the playoffs and I don't even. Even though they did they were like eight seed guy all right final right there you go they were so they were barely good enough to weekend and with that with the greatest goalie arguably greatest player to ever play but that you know what let's agree questioner when you say. About Donna cash he could be. You can be one of the greatest. Athletes and hockey players to ever play I still I guess he's the greatest player ever saw play at any position and and just because of what. He said he did when he was supposed to do any and he was different than everybody else seeing Kerry look like you know public as the week came up to you know traded from Chicago is kind of like you know throw it throw in you know wasn't really. You know the reason why he's coming here wasn't brought in to be the goalie and then all of a sudden boom you have this. It is amazing goaltender. Oh. Ball beyond beyond his greatness cannot count on it you look around and for France here in buffalo and nobody's gonna reached us that while wished Dan Marino would've gotten to another Super Bowl or maybe gay and outs. Going to a Super Bowl was certainly Archie Manning falls into that as a as a guy an old player who was never really good team. While I mean it's. In this basketball players we you know how that when I was gonna say basketball players besides LeBron James you see LeBron James right now because he's on a very average team all the sudden want not more as though guys who have LA. But yeah I mean knows there but that's a listen he Pickett he picked it now he can't he can rescue teams he did rescue himself he left twice now he's in LA. We'll see how this week he's rescued himself. That's that's a different sport from his own hometown response. I got to stay into things talking in the back to his cause in Cleveland I. Well yes and this are wondering Jackson's Archie Manning was a guy who's good and need rescued from a bad team he's the poster child for that conversation a strike. What about and I Barry Sanders is another one. An iconic guy a bola a sweetheart of a guy and also a unique running back who edit amazing talent. I remember I played against Barry Sanders here in buffalo we went we pushed him to an overtime game. And then he beat this. Yeah it was hammonds and whoever else you wanna talk about it was him he beats and you know last game of the season when he was in 1992. Maybe 93 we we had a home field wrapped up. And we we got to overtime and use. He was indifference mean bad guy and never honey you know you might play in the playoffs. A couple of times maybe. But. What a talent what a town or what and we're sitting require you and I both get quite I was getting quiet. Watch enough highlights of a dying to ask how he fares and down like I mean you play with Thurman how these guys knock down could you two played tag with Barry Sanders he'd never be. You couldn't you couldn't lay a finger on it. You better than Dion. As hard. Giving deal I was autograph because he did I don't know EST Deion was him probably more personal athlete. But. Berry was very it was every bit and my knee jerk if I ask you if you played against Bo Jackson. I didn't because he got hurt. In the championship game we won 51 to three because Bo wasn't it would have been 51 to three projects at anfield. Think he's the greatest athletes ever live. One of them it's hard to say it I know some guys I played gets to be in the conversation he had deal would be in the conversation boat being conversation. Eric Dickerson when he was on the football fee was account although I don't know if Eric Dickerson was personals Dion and Bo. There are some other guys and here's the thing that that the acid test for me is when when those guys were playing and and they played for awhile you'd see you get guys who have played against him. And it's you know how is what we say we respect all these guys Gary talk us DA's good player you know I drew plays tough. Get into the locker room and these guys. Next spurn. These different. It's yeah they start to lower their which is none of this yeah I job you know it's not that you know busting chops laughing about it I did this to you is like that on. Oh that's a tough out and that guys were saying that about Bo Jackson were saying about the senators added about. Eric Dickerson when I came into the league he just rushed for 2012100. Yards. They were like that guy is free. Who each who's that guy that. That you remember being taken hockey we have. You know when you look at the lineup before the game certain guys are underlined likely go for this guy he's one of the best players he's an offense a sniper he circled the physically. Threatening guys the guys that can hurt you physically so I mean who were some of the guys. That you regularly remember playing NASA on a weekly basis year after year that we're guys just were how to absolutely rip your head while like the guy. The viewers were about the ones who can score analyst Deion was always one. He knew he had the ball in his hands. Could you run you over and score he would run you over but. He had good stiff he was you know he's a little more physical so the other guys but Dion. When he had the ball he had the joystick I mean he was the one work in the game and the game was here's what he had the ball and it's it was unbelievable night and watching on film that. Bode Jackson. Was. All he is huge. Built like an action figure. And could out run anybody on the field. And and you felt like in a bar fight he wins you know I mean he was just everything and and he was gonna have the bull so you knew. The boat the only reasonable rate they're going to be should give it to me every time you know you could give it to him every play. That guy was for. Yes there was a painfully and that's it I mean there's a handful of guys that are those guys that's a Barry Sanders was one. Who was when he did you know he just figured he could go the distance every play on and off tackle play on a pass play on its spread place we play any. So there are a handful of guys like that. That. You know like I said when people talked about when guys big strong football accomplished NFL players would talk about it whisper who's who's the guy that dominating college went to the his name is Marcus. There is an ESPN's special arm he retired put on like he was a plea Marcus do you permit to Marcus Dupree next to pre. Listen. That the thing that sets a lot of those guys apart is what's between carriers. They're intelligent. Good Selz since so he talked Deion Sanders he was like neon Deion and it is persona. And all and he kind of worked like an altar wrestler when he was off. You know he took care of a lot of people. He was a genuine. Caring intelligent human being that a lot of people that he cared for and took care is a completely different aren't an outstanding guy but he had his persona because it meant and zeros at the end of his contract. He was a celebrity and he worked he worked it. Our thoughts and and this is the kind of stuff it's true you get talking in the back and you relate at 930 you come in some days pregnant or sitting here talking nicely you know. We look at the clock and you know we've been talking with Steve until 959 race time big time that you should have been on the air again. We're where is one bills like we're to come back Greg quick segment before we get to the top of the aren't so Alexander's two mavericks have talked a bit more about training camp just around the corner this is one of those lies. From one bills drive on Buffalo Bills radio. Welcome back I want bill lives to test hello Andrew Peters you just call it a real 550. Great. Rescue that to me or do you have any memories about him. Kelly and his who wrote about him from himself resources. Hugely heroic speech last night Judy. He missed perseverance was that he accepted. We've been talking about memories and an athlete that I played against all that that. We're special and different. In the midst of that conversation Anders computer just went dead so he had five hours and that's right as this right you did yeoman work today did. It's awesome. Thanks for coming and I'm. A lot I was looking forward to doing this review more than it was the as the eighth if it'll break in the action until randomly became an and I was that I was really happy. Hundreds of Alexander coming up both of those linebacker training camps around a quarter were asking what advice you give to rookies are what are some of the last minute. Changes he'd as her. You know. Things that he perhaps to do an act passed and we asked him about hazing to a conversation about. How much it's changed in football training camps about hazing and all that it's gone on him and I don't know why. As hockey training camp changed all that much over the years. Yeah well depends on. And over the years I would say that like you know back in the 70s80s. And early ninety's I think they used to be pretty you know pretty rigorous but. I think. I think now there I don't wanna see either a breeze by there were not nearly as hard as they used to be because. Before the wood so the one CPA you were you had the with the lock out. You can only spend three hours. For the first week training camp and those might have changed might be the first three days now. But you speed the first week used to be. Sanctioning you can only be at the rate for three hours so that was that was put in place to get rid of two days and so you can arrive at the rink in nine got to be out of my new units immediately work out what's training that was training camp three hours for the first week it was borderline just extended off senator. Just get back even asked not even like us around all let me tell you somewhere we drop in Iraq and in all we that's that's exactly right I mean. You know you're you're now you're what you're doing is your your point with them and you're saying OK well let's he'll battle you can kill us in three hours and so now you're walking out of there after three hours and you're you're stiffen your tyke existed. A bag skewed Vienna for the ages and it worked out that was I mean you'd almost rather do a light Steve Demorrio hard. Half hour hour in the and in the evening by whatever. I don't wanna ask Lorenzo is is because he's in the game of football was 33 now 34. That means no spring chicken right. And in the end in the life of football that is right sites I've always asked players and and one or two you know guys that each through their sport ifs they changed their. Training regiment which Jim has to change this is this you went through because certain certain things your shoulder couldn't. Do oh that's no reason you. Quit because you can't train hard anymore because you know you can't bad she can't be squads she can't you can't even run some days because you're so. Beat up but that the thing about the team you may not know about Lorenzo. He. He change he was a 315 pounder when he came. Down linemen and his hand and after. And they say listen you're not gonna make this team. In that. Like that you're gonna have to be stand up actually so he dropped sixty. Counters may mean that is like eighty pound dropped and it kept on these are in different view he lost a whole human being. And now he's played our entire careers like a different guy. And continues duties re he's. I think he's kind of an inspirational guy we him on the show all the time. He's awesome but he's he's 35 he's been in the big twelve years and he's one of the guys and you auction of the guys do it. He transformed himself stately and so it's it's a testament to what it takes. I never knew that that he lost that much when you notice how when I didn't need you can't tell by looking and I saw and I it was now advocates say all the time talk about time now how impressed. He's. Could you imagine like all. Where he's coming all at the top of the hour to take a break we've we've gone over this a short segment thanks. For let me know that you. Weren't so I forgot about I know right there we went on last what exactly I will be back what goes live. From one bills drive or into Alexander joins us next on Buffalo Bills rate.