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2018 as bees took place last night hall of fame quarterback Jim Kelly won the Jimmy V award for perseverance being in the emotional speech. He thanked his son hunter for teaching him the definition of toughness. And to never give up. Alex Ovechkin won the 2018 SP award for the best male athlete becoming the first NHL player to win the award. And the USA women's ice hockey team was recognized with the best game performs best game award. They're gold medal winner of the 2018 Kyung Chang Olympics. The Atlanta Falcons are not planning to Britain renegotiate Julio Jones contract. After the all pro receiver set out during offseason workouts in hopes of that change. Jones has three years left on the war 71 point 25 million dollar contract extension he signed through 2015. The Tennessee Titans defense avenger Rel Casey plays to protest social injustice on the field during the National Anthem before games this season and will quote take my fine. Casey says his protests in 2018 will be a continuation of what he did last season when he raised a fist during the playing of the National Anthem. The titans have yet to comment on Casey's remarks. The 2018. British Open began today at Carnoustie golf links and they got Angus Scotland. The championship is being held from today until Sunday July 22. The Los Angeles Dodgers acquired prized all star shortstop Manny Machado from the Baltimore Orioles in the trade last night. Orioles received five prospects for Machado who's contract expires at the end of this season. The license lost yesterday against the Norfolk tides. Five before but the herd will host the Durham bulls tonight that first pitches at 705 that is your sports update welcome back to one bills live we're. Pleased to be. Thanks for coming on how are you doing out there. I'm doing great that would on the senate side that is what our core has an outlet sought by the local I have some like she is. Enjoy the rest of our free time as the starter you know we itself. Pilates class or something you never heard back in the early nineties and is the that's true that's true to what it's is there anything you've got to get done before training camp now. Pretty much everything is. In order. Your hair color. The bigger thing to know open up that must constitute about why it's possible. Election have a barbecue all battered. While it'll have never got locally come over to. And too little glance there are about socialism that number to go to work come back but that's my day report Wednesday. So to tell me about this where you get to back into training camp and he says it two and a half week training camp and you're gonna get in sit in the season starts in September. One win when your family join you in buffalo or will that. Give actual cover up actually get a chance to go to the world war they come out key it's and I want to offer up Floridians. They should be bitter I become betrays your thought he would love to let my book ladies cup that luckily I got the couple who play. So I think they'll actually you get like are there. They're the first week of August. The company got kicked out. He. Lorenzo I'm looking at a tweet from your teammate Preston brown he said that you are. I beat him into the ground I don't know if you've seen as that is pretty funny. Yeah outside that we got ER yes but actually has now will work without Yasser. It's Kate he can't really be about secret. The ball. Oh that I am able to play about 35. CLD. Player high level feels so what we have a good time out here. I actually work out my god I'm like this little world out later. Current lot of got a lot of work routers that he. Five with the late nineties early 2000. That look they've gotten it air out cover that bill. Talk a little bit about you know. Coming back you're coming back to it a much going to be a much different looking team when you get back here new guys on your side of the football you've had all the OTA is that we badge on a bunch of guys but now you've been back. Taking a deep breath in your. I feel good about. Great ground work all day in the at the salvation you know that's kind of pick up he then later found that sort try to get recovered yet. Now we throughout the not listening the article of record order BC at all. So large young guys on the kind of lies it's. Let's or. Today this bit last year because we're really going to be no and got a theater near you wouldn't step up lady maybe the year and at least. The ballclub if that's what else and all the court that she felt. That's all things that you are looking that he built upon those weakness that is the ground work. Lorenzo I was talking to Steve before you got online without some one of the things I wanna know. 35 in any sport. Football hockey you know it's it's tough on the body your bodies all right you're not a spring chicken in the league anymore you're still a young guy but. But compared to your peers your your older. Have you had to adjust your training style or to Judah just the the Wear and tear that your bodies taken over the years. Yeah I mean well I think the biggest thing for me is work smarter not harder if he's not drop in the body. And the way more pounding away book writing. Is quite where it kind of move away from their minds to it anyway I think in the sports grille screen. I'll let worked efficiently it was Smart. That the hit all four. With the field we've actually have a great sport. Outside the knowledge no there there is really that sort that the way we play is the most productive in the Watergate. It's the most about it any. Oh marquis that's what the market not take it over here each year or tweet saying. The north at thirty. You're you're the ultimate appeal but I promise I have focused on market outlook. A thousand rip that's it makes Lockett looked fire. If equity call Paul mark my ball would ever need to. Look at all but the two numbers that have quit are giving it out. Not the system has been born rich number got lucky because I think that that. You know he told us he got to the linebackers we give us a quick time line about and what you expect when you get back here you'd like you gonna fly united getting. Stitcher barbecuing and on Saturday just I don't know I don't know that but. Yet fly back and and you're probably gonna start bumping into a lot of your teammates back here in buffalo and others a couple of and that certainly and we've been seeing him work out stuff. Well at the place of a ghost town here now but give us a timeline what's the club told you about where you gotta be and when he got to be their next week. Yeah I thought could not welcome back my bed and then all of them about the practical security. Paula did little. Little or Buckley has got to that like its site and it would have to be out that it went so while you're there. And be completely got into it in until about in thirty. That god that it will grant the work somebody in Iraq is let's say our first meeting it is. You know acclimate to lose your list two days all CA self practices. So compared to order. Start. Are put it from where what state you have to report. I'll win today and what he's yet to be we get reports out of Rochester by his hurt. All right so tell me this. I want five actually and investigators we do me a summertime six pack so I want six things. That Lorenzo Alexander has to put his car to move into camp. All while sixteen. The. Are trying to guess the fan is the obvious one that I don't you guys get TV's been a free agent in a blender or any of that we have our. Well I have a bit like hey. I'm Matt. Why apple watts thought it was about to wherever comment in the final at my phone on me. And there are easy my like pop ball well now all of a lot. Of. Rightful ruler. Now there's there's a guy that's the unexpectedly right there. I can do that is so you have the fridge I get no question in the microwave. Or the air conditioning in there right now Lorenzo because. They're very units are OK Doug Fisher is I'm department says Colin. Right calf environment is there another exam they pretty got us here are all. I mean these that we need doesn't have a I'd get the most peaceful or 20 OK as a matter of those pretty nice stuff. What time what. Time in the morning they did you guys gongs are a member of the inner based heard the story about the air horn going off to them in the book in the hallway and what time you guys got you know had a it your buildup would be excited. At bat they got their wake up call it that ballpark yet so I'll start till eight. But most guys. Are four as the breakfast yet look a couple of got a little dip but for the most fortunate both got outdoor summer. Good market whatever it takes some opposite anyway Bob and flower whatever forty or not only is your quarterback in any way you have them right. 6 o'clock in eagle so that award would get a lot of guys go out there. Are. So give me want to give me one way that Lorenzo Alexander flexes his muscle with a seniority at training camp amongst the young guys. How would Wear it. The whole or in late in order. How will collect got to go away from a RD district treatment of the Old Republic says he got a patent table. Have a history it is it like this it's yet the moment that my red flag itself got that way. But you know we have a lot of stuff like that it was at a pretty good pace I hear that. Do you it is there any form of we're talking about this too about how hazing has changed over the years to the bills programs and these guys and keep them. I'd acclimate them into the pro game. Not me no actual what is more. All right well yeah we talk about the please say something it's not say. Problems that we you're going to be even people offer there. On the hysterical to check which is cool to connect these so are wrecked or got such. Public seeing it's about what other. Taking up with so locked up in a technical it would really kind of you know. Move the way it was set not is this lot at least if extradited that is where all the comfort of fooling itself. But I mean that they that we could ever come up by the NATO like we. Some life back in particular we have whether it was part of us and that little fun. It's gonna have to our current events don't want to root or department fails to what stories. Long would you sort order you know without court got a crazy and then we'll be a couple of real it's so I'm mark. Our lighthearted. It the success of these guys you know I'd go to see who they are being three yeah so that's got to. You give us one night and now he must go back to football side of you guys squad put the pads on. Give me give us an inside and I know I know when I'm when I was. First in the league and even later my career in pads almost all the time I mean we're right hidden there was no restrictions on what we can do physically although I had a really good. Coach who didn't force us to do that. And it's almost the point now where you all the players almost look forward to pads because it gives him some more level of preparation because they know they're not gonna have to do it. For six weeks in a row. The guy almost look forward to put the pads on because it it does seem like you're playing football again. Your court record especially this record in the Elvis pretty much all the green. It's you're trying to develop effective they're featured group the Japan level right it's. Somebody you know our economy to pull an awful. Loosen it could've made that play. So it is that response because start and a lot more like football does is it back out there and do what you love to do so. We all would not was is as you point out they you know people think that it got all about the football let it is so little adult court today. The governor wants rabid right here. When you look at it like if it's flat while we do. On nearly as itself sport so. Even after maybe the first week like okay. Now this fall off here here yeah I forgot that looked older. This so that we're ready for what we really need now that we work these. I love my last question for you as you your 35 years old you're answering your thirteenth season in the NFL. We've heard about players say they wanna play until they're forty we've heard Tom Brady say maybe 45 do you have have you started to think about. How long you wanna play or you're just gonna listen to your body. He amateur in my body that's why aren't open atmosphere and rate in this is you know a top player. That's when you do well to cut or wait it's really care about little about the process of work out. Nothing in the building what evolved little thing. That meant you know makes you that's definitely so this is why it's all so every you know we got re evaluated. Try to find their happy place to clear out way out of my now I'm not walk in a way to get a cut authority. Physically. So you know it is the year to get them get their point of they'll let level. Go to the walkway I know coming here sooner or later whether my actual for the city stores. At some point pilots are. Well on the tailgate p.'s advice along time ago we had I came to buffalo we brought an older player in who's of who had been of a truly great players names are still a defensive end for the fancy cheese for years. A tremendous guy and a great individual Weezer real asset to our team. They brought him in. And he is he was. Old when we got him and he but he still had some gas in his tank to everybody is always asked him how he plays so well for so long just kind of questions were asking you loan he said. If any never would say time defer those questions you know about retiring. And they know how long are you gonna play and so finally on a game on a flight back from pre season game art. Said let me tell you how long you play and I mean the whole plane got quiet. And our exit do you play as long as you possibly can and then if you play one more year. And that's that's the rule of thumb don't give it up until the game gives you NIC I know you guys have a choice when you get to walk out guys like me get moved out the door no probably see a body that's the one thing you learn to Lawrence or you'll attest to this. They don't they're not that it Rivera retired my Jersey. The game's gonna move route they'll wash my Jersey and edges that give it to the next guy in line that day I gotta go on without us. Yesterday. Now that you've had a great career year discontinue have a great correct can't wait to see a training camp you come on the show without any time. I don't report. It. Lorenzo Alexander out in Arizona thanks for coming on he's on the subway fresh take hotline subway eat fresh Lorenzo. A guy who. I was showing the pictures in the break I've talked to about it how he transformed into ice it every time people are probably sick of it every time or those on I can't tell you how home. Big transformation. Physically he went through. To make sure he could play in the league for as long as he has he was at 300 pounder I didn't how to bring that up to on the shoals because I in all arms just like I talked to battle that probably is a commit. Well he's he's he's still aren't. Lorenzo you still aren't. All all I thought he was signing I thought I'd yeah I ever I do because he showed me a picture of you playing at cal obviously great Jersey number number 76 that was mine but. I mean you look like he completely. Different. Like I believe I mean you don't you don't have a spare tire care right yeah I mean you. Yeah but I mean. Talk about like that and how like that alone must have stock added years to your football career just getting down here. Changing your changing changing everything basically. It may be able or later. We get fatigued with a tackle worked in a slate piece of the tree and my fabric covered case. It's just added value my career and he give coaches or ability you it is the area. Which is definitely. There are a lot longer. There are probably. Would add if I just play you know I think additional plus the waiting game is played now argue that vehicle lineup. It multiple positions involved what areas could see the order to let you. You know very. We need to gators are they draw and you know that I'm just myself as general bacteria that rabbit actually quite my joint. You know low back all that type stuff. Should have a lot that it will try it here that was that truck sales. Who says that's you back when you're when you're at that point who says that you need to change your body into it seems that declaratory. Play long ride but I would never. So they'll all give it more dramatic density goes. I won't probably be tackled by all the line that we wanted Albert is worth one year Apple's feet appropriate. Let loose some weight. You know I mean they're trying to figure out numbers like a lot of young guys do a lot bigger okay are as bad is that we. I need to cover kicks off there is every bit every day let Robert Gates but recovered gave no archaeology. You whale had been a lot well yeah I am always. So I'm absolutely bear and stand it will outside backer when Saturday ticket those that natural progression. And I think also recognize it I want to do more. I guess fate. About this one at that position I need to lose the weight out before he issued a market work let you know it's incentives are waiting. In the am up for a couple hamstrings are chasing guys that we are here the body so. Edit cut off or either. They're available in and for leader excuse my job at a an ivory. This house is sound simple no question about it that that this it would not easy but simple but you know you just drop the weight become a better athlete at duke and he's more able to do things and we've got guys and this is and people laugh and it doesn't really sink in with what I'm saying. But maybe you've had guys like this to result. You're you're willing to drop 75 pounds you're asking a play on special teams you were doing every little thing. You tell it to make yourself Bible enough to stay on the team you've got guys. Who don't stay in the league. Because they don't wanna cover can't just all wanted to work they don't want to do that they don't want they don't want it not go out at night and and have a few they don't wanna stay in at night they don't want to work yet and there's so much every it was as I'll do anything to play in the NFL well no they wouldn't how long they take Lorenzen to lose that weight. Met who bought it Barbara you know well Ralph you're out there and maybe he got it same weight room or wait. Reebok it would always an and it fail it was a lot thicker deep apple. Might mean or you know whatever I want to see and sit in at Baylor plays a lot to do quite well ball. Articulate what it looks like you know I'm out of the most rather he has such player is. Verses to be a starter maybe to hit it could be aptly. Wrote it is definitely get around. It rap hip my value eyes sought. Or that we're about to die. It did you know that there are great barbecue I would have bet it is it is how to develop in a bit of the past Mercer. In now you know. You're quite so I have you know well back whatever. Go to brought broadening of that capital under. Some guys not much they're not that big break your whole life. It really altered ballot that also are that it's a way. I'll just fortunate enough to have people in my life to keep it grounded couple in it would be with my life but right. You've got to do XYZ is now thankfully not well. On a list of. I'll thanks for stand all this resort appreciated. It's been great to have you on cam we've seen training camp like I said and the really I get with I hope your kids enjoy training camp I never did that my kids always did so scared your dog I had. I outweigh. We have a great oh yeah hat's off stolen away at them funny games for them thanks talkers say it. Will bring your vertebrae able. Bring your kids round Howell last couple my eldest son was he was eight I think 89 and ten minute I must use it that that's the one thing Steve I wished that I never got to do and I played. Pro sports weather is NHL HL over in Europe was. Get to bring my kids around the locker room that night that's you remember being on teams and guys bring their kids in and it was fun for the guys because they got in Iraq and act like kids a little bit harsh to kids and act like kids without you know being considered like not serious about their profession. And the kids loved it too and I guess I just wish I would have been able to have my guy but wasn't good enough stick around them on my son my son. Still remembers it you know and averages in on and it was fun because at that point in my career we are such a state that. At a place my Korean team was in place with the coaching staff the stuff that. You know I'd get into the equipment guys they put him in the gear. He gladly carry a bag of balls and he standard hand you know balls to the coaches are the assistant coaches on during drills you know and he was old enough to do that. And he would you know he knew how to act. He and houses just on this point for him to know this is his older brother older brother it'll over the by the way I gotta get out here today is an analyst at home game tonight. So I got into that but yet if they remember they really remembered and also one of the things that we did and this is something that. To me if you did my thing I had to get done before training camp. All five kids. And my wife and I ago the night before training camp started we would stay in my room and treatable still not dead yet we slumber party in the room. Altogether before training camp started. And it all come in they pile any known neighboring you know whatever mattress or whatever sleep I'm glad bags and stuff and watch a movie or whatever in but tonight your first day camp in the in train cameo we the first so he's had a bad first day was it always on your family well. If outs hard to have first day when all you're doing is you know you get your blood pressure checks are everywhere and European in the bottle you know getting hit very artistic but it was it was fun it was a fairly traditional mowers that. That my kids to remember in and it was fun for us but we did it. Cash for years even before we handle the east can do so that's see that's amazing dozer those are things that the average kid who just growth and a and a house with parents or work. Never guess experience I mean pro at that the professional. Sports lifestyle is extremely unique I can tell you that yeah. Coming up we've got NFL true false also. What are we learn coming up also and wouldn't bring us down a homesick a one half hour left in the show Andrew Peter Steve tasker one bills live from one bills drive percent of by collider health mrs. Opel. Track like hey times since 9:30 this morning you can draft in here. That's good and casino you know that's right here right there's no clogged oxygen keeping your quick he can no windows is the retirement and bring your bottles of water every so far and again is something that's great are takes time for NFL. True false brought you by yes these fancy New York's artisan cheese okay we got three of these Andrew here they are. You gotta eat you know after I'm telling you it was your fault yeah probable we'll have a debate whether we agree or disagree a year ago. Their number one in this is the conversation we started the show with NHL players are tougher than NFL players juror falls memorial meego. I am so NHL players are tougher. True or false false false I don't think so I don't think it's I don't think it's that easy as true or false I think if we were doing Beisel try to treat it. OK but I got like I gotta say your exit thing that's sure it's suffice Tennessee falls to the Saunders I don't I don't think I'd be. Ignorant to say that and its handlers are tougher you know I think I think they're probably gutsy tough guys and those guys say false things are tough as anybody I think they're both equally take that same kind of guys playing pro athletes who endure all these kind of things to the same way that they do although. The type of punishment both. Teams are Pope sports. Dish out is different. I think you ought to be equally tough and how about this just playing the sport you have to be tough just playing the sport because you might not be getting rocked in a game game to game basis but the potential. To get rock and injury is there for your wholesalers and here's where the tough part comes in you get rocked and it doesn't matter if you feel good or not you gotta keep go. You know I mean there's there's a level of expectancy there an expectation there that you know you. Listen you may you may be hurting but you're not injured so I don't like Iraq where you have nothing coming from a at all and I've been gently hit where can be some of the worst pain you've experienced this and twisting her you know really I didn't expect are the most painful thing I ever went to a threw a football field and I got the and I got. News and world class I took some world Asha the most. Painful thing I ever went through it was obvious standing there and gaga Qwikster round and is pleats went across my Sheehan. Always bode. That is the only time in my entire life where I didn't think I was going to be able to cope with. Real high I was I was bacon for the needle and just get take it way different than help me you ever get hit. Which stand out hit and we like in the chest with your whole neck and jaw and having just go like locked please call tighten it a day feels like your head yet got. I just Ollie yeah I have. But that was you in fact it happened on him on a Monday night game my family sought and made that such a quick picture of me on the sidelines. That's the only time they got scared because they can tell how much pain and and you know what. Three minutes later I was back on the feelings completely gone. Men all male athlete of the year last and I charged are charged Adam his rookie year Alex Ovechkin. He was playing right wing I was playing left wing Parker rimmed around I was coming up the iron off the bench from a line change and Mike I'm gonna get to smoke the new Russian superstar. And he was 62235. And you just braced himself planted his feet and I wind down home and I was my whole. Lake from my from my chest felt like my chest right Lake Erie. Four plex I single I didn't even go down I just got stood operates as I'm armored immediately leaning over going back and it's. I was wind it sort of seen my shortest shot of his artist and there was. It was believed. There's a 22 shift you are really was. So he posts say falls to HL players are tough and played a minute to that in the I prefer the fact. Perfect how many penalty minutes. Zero I don't know if you're all right number two NHL and NFL tour false American football would work at the Olympics there's a conversation out there that deals American football game might be an Olympic sport 20/20 four. Tour falls would have worked as an Olympic sport. If really I can anyone who. Gets mine now yeah. With I know those are CIA you. That's a good question on any use the NFL rules of the Canadian rules are they gonna use in towns and there's a European league. That's over there it's a semi pro Connelly I know there's enough countries who play American football that it would be viable exactly I mean just give don't even play given the US the gold medal and let's move on. So just to put in the Olympics we'll get a free gold medal I'm a sales boss I completely obviously falls to the it would work yet that for so many reasons complicated sport there target now listen this is a true story my son played at case western reserve in Cleveland. A division three school they took their team. Are like 2.5 thirty their guys from Cleveland in the offseason flew to Italy. And played against a semi pro football team and they were that team was headed to the playoffs and stuff. Played against him and this division three football team and this team was in the playoffs are good. Am. Case western reserve in Cleveland Ohio thumped a big time they're played forty year old guys and it was that kind of you know after the game those guys come traipsing in with cases appear in the locker here. And he had a great time is awesome but you know it. A division three team lump them up pretty good. So I'm thinking the Olympic sport thing probably would yeah that's knock on the sinful that's all right here Rico. Number three NFL true falls. Is it easier to play there is easier to play in the NHL at age forty and the NFL and age 42 falls. Their forty year old players. Yeah there's there's so Womack column was in the league this past year there are guys that if I'm I'm I'm Chara is one I mean I'm I'm probably leaving a couple out. I don't know Steve yeah ice I gotta say easier to play in the NFL so pharmacy falls to this one. I'm Dennis day. Ominous it's true that I see easier plane is used to play in Caledonia well yeah I'd say true. It is easier to play at forty years of age in the so I'm staying true to this so there's only one guy while there's been 21 was a kicker and at the kicker and a potter. So you can kick and punt you can play 240. Vinatieri OK if your kicker. Kickers are excluded okay kickers are excluded are excluded hunters ex convict you can hit out quarterbacks now there's an there's not too many of the can do it. I still say it's I still say the nature would be easier to play at age forty has. I agree in but there's no position where you can hide in the even as it goes like kicker and a partner. I'm gonna say it's easier in the NHL because I think. When you get to that point. You your game. And you always say this battle athletes there's always that spot where you you get by with Guile and technique and know it all you know that kind of seeing your experience act allows you hanging in the air play at a high level. Even though physically you may be washed up. And there's always edit every sport. But in football. It's physically demanding enough and there are enough guys around you. Doing it that you can't get away chest with that if you could've gone back and done any other sport what would it have been golf maybe you're probably oh yeah. And I know some some guys are gonna throw the radius of the when I probably could play baseball really how I hate to sport. But I probably. Would have been pretty good that I had some experience playing early in life and times. And it was on the spoke to me it was good yeah I I share the same masa about a baseball what is ahead he could hit it. What is it about baseball you're not necessarily in love with. Is the pace of the game. Basically its and it never root for is for me it's not as enough of a team sport. The football hockey is baseball it's about me and my batting average. And about and then when I'm out someplace else it's a pitcher against some other batter and all be there in case you hit it to me it's not I don't have anything invest in mind in my teammates. You know on in football and hockey. You're in it together suffer together you win together you depend on each other in every situation on the ice. It's and football it's even more so I mean some more pronounced you got guys who play an entire career in the NFL and never touched the ball you know so that it's you know it's so they sacrifice for their teammates you know so. I've never looked at them that spoke that speaks to me I'd like that I like being in it with somebody and and and having been sacrificing for their Gooden and knowing that they'd done the same for me I love that way that and baseball doesn't give unions. Yeah I out. I mean I can ask you about soccer field at the World Cup you know I likes CM I'm warming up to soccer's World Cup I am I watched the World Cup. This World Cup for me I think was probably the most soccer ever watched in my entire life and I didn't watch even now much but I can tell you I was blown away by. What music we do for soccer game and but I was expecting your remember watching from years back when I was a kid but for me rugby I I I feel like that I would have loved. Looking back on it I would love to have tried playing rugby. Just Agee you know you go knock a guy around for a bit then you have a handshake and a beer afterwards and joining me in the early the most you know. Violent Salomon if you wanna steal George Paris is you know clothing brand name away but that's what they are they are. I played rugby. Did you and then my last half of my senior year college beat when I was done with my football eligibility have played rugby played about eight or ten matches for Northwestern University. And it was. Awesome yeah I've. Fast right pacers host Bible back in the Big Ten tournament. I've played like ten matches we went to Big Ten tournament or you read it where you hooker what position I was a full back I was a fool as number fifteen and a coming any kind of feeling where US candidacy to governor would move up into the attack wherever felt like it and a it was an absent gas and and the thing about it he said it's. It's a brutal game played by gentlemen soccer is a gentleman's game played by brute right so. Rugby. Isn't absolutely. Brutal physical sport played with and it's a football tackling kind of thing with mills had its dirty to guys or ideology repairing their ears are having yet. A little bit as vicious she won a semi so my job I was drafted in the OHO. In 1997 I was seventeen years old and I was a six foot 480 pounds skinny kid. And we are fitness test on what's my fitness test and and in our Schwab I was seventeen I could bench a 185 pounds once. And I remember I had a very close family friend his name's mark Cosgrove and he was he was a rug put played for Canada and traveled around the place for all these. International tournaments and stuff. And I was trying to drive I was walking by his house when he used driving by and and I point his driveway. And I was looking for summer training partner. He was four years five years old and I was. Why train to the rugby player might when I was seventeen and I told you so I went to my fitness test in early June in our schlock I went back in September. I went from doing winning 850 times to twenty times in one summer just based on how this guy trained they are. Phenomenal. Athlete like her reassurance they need to be in the strength the power toughness toughness and that's at tufts. Sport I love plain and it was it was I love playing it it's a great for the as the doughnut that some regular great sub culture as well. Because. It is a club sport. And when you get into it. You go play these games and part of this sub culture dictates. That after the game. You socialize with the team that you just played against you comb over you have a few pops you have tell if you storage you sing some songs you get to know each other and that's really that's basically. The the truly awesome part of the game and the game itself is brutal and it's fun and it's you know it's all that is that a competition would be but the best part about it is. Nobody takes home the sportsmanship this Boerse merchant ship the. House along with rugby. It's it's almost bizarre to me how you wouldn't wanna carry that out in the parking lot. Right for pay right I've seen hockey games league. In junior and Aaron how wasn't football because of brawls after high school games or college or whatnot but I've seen junior games I remember seeing. Should a player on my team fight another player in the lobby of after an OHL game and the dads were fighting. In the lobby. Like it was kind of he would like Felix father and son were all going on and in the lobby of the business augur read bonding moment to sit in back of an argument in this it's a bonding. Sixty countless that's right right that's why yet that's that's an issue for. In any sport when he carried off the ice but that's why rugby is great to give you choose to blow off the steam you know and and its nose guy and plus knowing you're gonna do that. It takes a little bit of the edge off during the game you know you have to see we'll see an honest I think guys are speech any sport you need to tape your ears down as. This. Is talking is what I'd like to get involved and just ones that's NFL true or false brought you by yet she's facing New York's artisan cheese in your right I mean that. I did play rugby a loved it there's a lot of sports I have not tried my kids you know lacrosse is big now. But I don't know yet and with that last tour false about you know is it easier to play it's not easy to play anything for. Except in the gulf there a couple of sports satellite because they're like in golf is a lifetime sport tennis and told us a lifetime sport. He really got to pick and choose when you get to be you know out of the professional sports. Era of your life I'm not not that you have to play that that that young race you're young thirty's you know your mid thirties. Yeah that's when your body starts to at least it did for me and we are calling your buddies at forty insanity has not played pickup football ground ball game on Saturday it's on Saturday to run place hoops you know nothing you know it's. He just stop doing. And I think plated a professional problem and if you've got to be off your rocker when you mentioned tennis when got a great movie for you to watch for free had a break here a couple minutes ago you gotta go watch battle of the sexes. Oh it Bobby Riggs and Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean King movie that's new Steve Trout yeah I just I think I don't know where I just caught it but who's who's on T my father I saw the he spiel minor or something I saw the trailer evidence theater actually Obama is a good at all it's amazing it's amazing and if you're familiar with the story I mean. It's an amazing story but you know Bobby rates a C I did some research while Bobby Riggs after a solid movie I didn't know how great of a tennis where it was hall of Famer won Wimbledon he won like. Doubles at Wimbledon singles Wimbledon mixed doubles anomalous and one of the triple its content but he was a showman to use it. Yeah he remember his one line in the movie it was a matter for the show and chauvinism on but I mean listen that was just an amazing story. It's phenomenal to and a he had a great act yet or not if you don't remember the story Bobby Riggs back and who's this tennis player who's kind of this loud mouth brash guy. Challenge Billie Jean King to a tennis match in the astrodome and it was bigamy he was a cheap first declined he beat the the champion there I just in the movies watch Margaret. Margaret Court first. Two sets then Billie Jean accepted the challenge right. And we think you know history and how exactly and it would turn out to be one of the great. Great barrier breakers in all of sports it was awesome Malia. I remember that I was a kid a young kid it was in seventies. Some three of the right I was like eleven or twelfth was a big deal to let him back and you got three stations could follow literacy get beat in the be on national news you know stuff if you could see a female tennis player forget athlete tennis player right now I wanna see Serena Williams play somebody and I'm I'm gonna say that she might be able to beat them. Maybe not number one. Number two the hazard differently and all but I'm talking like take. Amid ranked guy in the eighty's or ninety's and see how avenue B I you'd be sporting event for the ages. He you can play here. Not a chance she's she might be one of these athletes ever work. Who were gonna come back with what do we learn after this you're listening to one bills live from one bills driver and a close the show after another segment thanks for staying with us. This goes. What do we learn presented by advance alarms providing Western New York home businesses with the finest and securian home theater and prefer Harmon home theater provider of the Buffalo Bills in the first hour we had. Clint Boyer on professional stock car driver 2008 NASCAR Nationwide Series champion he was in studio with us at a 109 top ten finishes in ten wins. We asked him. About his pregame. Free race routine and how it differs from other athletes here's what he said. The thing that separates our sport. Weighed differently from from those ports. Right up until. Really the green flag. Drops we're doing interviews we're taking care her sponsors were taking pictures word you know there's dragged in so many different ways. Our sport consists of those those. Sponsors on the side of those race card you've got to take care of business in a good way to do a good job about it he can stay on the racetrack for many years to come. The physical aspect has been fifty. That's they're really only thing you don't have to bench press a Volkswagen to be we've got Paris today you know I mean there. So the wheels not heavy by any means did but the point that you have to end here. Really extreme temperatures. Yeah that's that was the instinct thing about of that interview with Clint Boyer. Their. Yuck it up and doing all kinds of stuff right up until the time they green flag and they climb in strap themselves into a cage in the Latin code 200 miles an hour that's the difference. It is a different sport but he said the steering wheels not heavy by you know with having. His wallet you know I did a little. A recent surge now how much he's made in his career. Now I think this is his career earnings in terms of like winnings if he sees in top ten a hundred and how many 109 tonight. Thirty. Million dollars good for him but we feel like a it's drive a car that's just it just to turn left here it's awesome I love his line about turning right to return writer's suggestion write this topic quick. Recap. We also had Lorenzo Alexander on and we asked him his training camp right around the corner. Howard. How prepared his team what he liked about his team headed in training camp and here's what load told us. I feel good about. Great ground work it out they can again be kept the foundation you know that's the kind of picked up his he. You bit later just sort Freddy shepherd really felt the debit. About the throughout the if you wanna start at quarterback a quarter BC at all. Oh lord your god or McConnell lives that colonel let's put that bottle it. To David did last year because we're really gonna need to know from got a theater near you didn't step up that my fiancee is here in the league. So help us is that the playoff and all of them for the work that it's salt that's all of the wanna start look at it got built upon those kids that hit the ground work. That was Lorenzo Alexander and that is what are we learn by advances we've brought brought you by advanced alarm. Anders thanks for coming in and pull one out through another three hour shift when you really didn't have to that's appreciated it's awesome. What. That's what teammates do they hit. There you go tell riskiest gators that. We appreciate him witness or you for the rest yet I don't think they mind and Erica I've magic Craig doesn't even know that I'm doing this preacher he has come out of the woods yet as. That literally yes knock him out of the woods he's in the woods well here's the thing to buy tomorrow tomorrow there will not be enough. And one bills lives were taken Friday hammer gave it to he's got a wedding coming up he gave us the weekend off so everybody's take and Friday op I don't know what's gonna happen. But it's not going to be from us so you don't have come in tomorrow and don't Wear off awesome. Awesome I presume that's going to be it for one bills live Andrew Peters thanks so much for being on here witness thanks to George blast. Kevin to Jeff COLT and act Thomas Hollander Kelly route JJ to read oh. And our producer. 1520 seconds if we get to store very classy way to facility and we don't we don't do that we don't acknowledge I learned that former -- we've learned on our show and you should learn it on your show. You're the reason why social work's not them that's. You know what I'd like where your kids that figure out that's right every right thanks for joining us one bills liable we're back with you on Monday Andrew Peters Steve tasker saying good night. Talk to you later from one bills live on one bills drive this is Buffalo Bills radio.