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Thursday, July 19th

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It's my show. I'm not Bulldog. Rove hope. One of the best sushi restaurants and ballclub that they won't sushi demise and it was great for your house yeah. Was also with some of us well and that's a very good thing to have to win. Because you know pockets not really put him at all Tony lots of right. You bet that he had sushi would probably be terror related problems don't do it might show fresh hot it beyond its not something you see above institution that it's can I get the garbage truck fresh Russian constitution. Here. He gets sued treat you open the lid and it's like steam comes out it. Hot topic I don't know Bulldog. Please. Write right it never knew that I know together so you might stop it no no. No way that is just is always like a where he. Might feel and a Bulldog. What are you noted that a microwave in the sushi. Alcohol. WGR. Sports Radio 550. I welcome in June today's edition of the show notable by Joseph. Maliki is still way I am the bulldogs. I'm really bothered by this British Open so far. I know it's only day one so there's you know. Three more days ago. But this is not this is this is not the Brit as though the scores are usually low the British Open. So it's it's not that the leader is minus five after only one round. And it's to guide barely heard of it it's it's that these conditions are unacceptable. It looks nice there. Like it's sunny it doesn't seem real real windy. The course is playing really long the roughest for giving the greens are holding. All right I see you wanted to be great I I yeah I wanna I wanna see Mickelson book early garbage bag I wanna or what does this. It's not it's not what I signed up for the British Open and this this looks like and local beauty and I've done a beautiful summer July 9 here in buffalo paradise and beautiful it's degrees it's gorgeous out. Another beautiful day here in buffalo that that's what vessel that's what we raining sideways. I love them now I signed up or. Looks pretty nice yet why it's the sunset Dolan. It looks plus it's a little excited that I'm seeing of the the likes secure him a shot that just showed up on TV unit that does the president pretty brisk and want to work the guys are hidden 360. Yard drive that ball's rolling out. I just saw highlight of the whole tour. Hit a shot. Everything is so dry it rolled through the burn. And then through a sand trap. And you're sidled up what right now is just the mood in the fringe of the green. And don't miss school and you I don't need I need some howling wind and I need uncomfortable. Golf. Errors wearing. You know rain suits and like sideways rain in those cranes like let's and British accents. That's the British Open that's what I need is a final months in tiger's here it looks like he's on vacation as this is not. It's not what I wanna CO of the British. You should never see a shadow with the British Open. Eight tigers got a pretty large one on the team here yeah yeah I'm the I'm not the man down for this and still hope we've got tomorrow Saturday and Sunday. Two you know hope for all full on pleasant. Hell what conditions that that's what I hail hail to play through hell probably I would doubt. They showed. I mean when asked Paul's not lightning. Or it. Can I get out there how often do you got a little tough couple big golfers how often do you get hail though without lightning. C I'm not a meteorologist. Colbert me me and maybe it's rare I feel like it's probably rare but I am naive or sudden. How all of the golfers on out so far dole talked to Brian we later in the show I mean when in this round losers over. Should be over by the time we talked Bryant. And it's going pretty well also I think from Lincoln myself. But you know literally. Anyway good afternoon it's nice to have you along with me today again I mentioned Mike is off. Who got Joseph here Derrick is channeling the updates and sale is outsell beyond a couple of times today. Because he's out it had hot dogs got not one cent hot dogs he's at the union wrote in Cheektowaga location it's a road across from tree to a school. We've been there without our show the couple years in a role on this day sale is out there today to help them celebrate that. And because he's scar on duty we'll have sell out at 330 and then again at five and as promised. I mentioned yesterday that you should pay attention to the web site this morning and I hope that you did if you didn't don't worry it's not too late that stuff never goes anywhere. WGR 550 dot com sailed dropped a couple of lengthy pieces. At the web site full of all I really full of a lot of information. And I don't need to rank these things he's pieces one is about. The bills then process. Of deciding on Joshua Allen is our quarterback and I really I'd above that was released burrow in and putting intrastate and I'm hoping to talk with. The audience about that gets feedback from you folks on it and of course we'll talk to sell about that and he also talked with. Both McDermott and being about the notion of this being a step back years and to me there was nothing really surprising. In their comments about. What their plans are for this year I would never ever expected them. To. Admit and Brinkley I might tell you that I I would never expect them to even think. That they're going to step back from Bernard and seven year last year. But I think the reality might be different. You know I missed. I'm I'm not competing with them. I. I look at the T even think like they're probably poised for a step back unless they get some thing really dramatic. At quarterback and in that case then I think that could really that could really impact their season. In a huge way and I think Josh jail and represents the best hope for that I don't think AJ McCarron or new computer men are going to. Provide aid and no off. Below of what they've been lacking at quarterback hurt or maybe it's that. Days will. Have negatives that Tyrod Taylor didn't have that will end up washing out whatever they might do better than him maybe it'll throw the ball quicker. Maybe they'll deliver the ball over the middle. May admit maybe they'll throw on time. But I think they may also be prone to our we know Peerman played. It happened when he started his first day they made prone to more mistakes. Because of that and got me wash out whatever you gain in productivity. Woolsey Elin is the wildcard there. And I have to admit. As training camp is a week away now. The bills will be on the field next Thursday this show Michael be back we will be live at saint John Fisher actually on the stage next week as well as next Friday. Four are only two Rochester shows of the training camp season. As it as it creeps closer here. I I have to admit despite the fact that I've got this bet with Mike that Alan will play a six or fewer games this year. As training camp only creeps closer what we've not even seen week. Being people who don't cover the team like some reporters who were out at mini camps and OTAs have seen Josh Allen. In short straw football. I have not fans really have not we've seen clips here and there and we've heard. About some different throws that he's made. Having not even seen him yet I have to admit. I'm starting to get excited about the prospect of him play. And I think that's hard to avoid when you've got. Whether it is. September. Or November. Or December. Or 2000 in nineteen at some point. This is the guy that he drafted him seventh they moved up in the draft to do it but this is the chosen one. For now this is our our new hope is Joshua Allen. Highest quarterback the bills have ever drafted and highest pick we've ever used on a quarterback is more I think properly price data and so I've got this bet. That he won't play sixty games are less with Mike and can I regret making the bat now because I'm sure I'm gonna lose. The bat. But because. I need to sort of pretend that that doesn't exist because as camp is closing in and I've not even seen him on the field yet. I I can't wait to see him. Just because you know the meter starts running when he gets on the field. And once we get to pre season and if he gets to regular season and he's playing then. It starts at the clock starts ticking or is he going to be good. Or is he going to be another in a line of failed first round picks J. P. Losman EJ Manuel. Tried rituals and a first round pick but he was a a third round pick and they had high hopes for him and their partners about. I I steal. I feel the energy the presence of a first round. Quarterback. And that is a different. Dynamic. When you get to training camp. When you've got that. It's different then when you've got a competition between Tyrod Taylor EJ Manuel and Matt Cassel. It's too it's just not it's just not the same sort of thing. Even though Manuel was a first round pick put but by then he'd already been. He'd already been. Have been knocked off that putts he'd lost his job he was battling to try to get it back. Good blocked I wasn't optimistic about that it turns out with good reason. This guy is fresh and new and IE. Still believe it might be prudent. For them to take their time within. And let him settle in to a certain level of comfort with the his footwork. Whenever adjustments. He's going to have to endure. Coming from college. And not even big time college what like smaller lower level conference college. Whenever adjustments he's gonna have to endure it might be prudent to go slow with him but that's kind of what. That's the Genesis of the but laws but I mean with Mike that pathetic he's only replace its name my my thought was the bill will. Respect that. They will probably want to go slow with them. And protect him and not. Put him in a position. To look bad. Before. He's comfortable and very comfortable that he has. Worked out everything that they feel needs to be worked out in one of those things is even alluded to in this piece that cell put up about. Their their vetting process how how thorough they work in looking at Joshua Allen and Brandon being in the peace alludes to. Errant throws a what what are the bad throws and why why are the bad throws happen. You know and being in the peace always do it's it comes back to his footwork. His footwork. Wasn't good Internet stable mates. And that is a reason that he cited for some of his inaccuracy issues. Okay and by January beam says that the Senior Bowl he'd worked on that and it was batter. You've also playing with a maybe a higher caliber of players the Senior Bowl when he was playing with that Wyoming. And he was more accurate they said at the Senior Bowl and in the in the game itself and in the work outs but the footwork is the big thing. And the guy. I'm not you know Bruce flash or not the mr. quarterback COLT will be here. But I know. We've heard. Time and again through the years about guys needing to work done this or that as it pertains to the mechanics of throwing a football. Our main goal release point. It footwork footwork for work and what often happens with guys is you know though. In the spring there's a new quarterbacks coach a word or go to work on Ryan Fitzpatrick. We're at. We're gonna Wear it make sure that he we're gonna study and he's gonna see that. The throws he misses are because. Of something he's doing wrong with the streets of Renault would work on that and we're gonna drill him on that and it just becomes second nature. And I think things would get our word to overcome for guys who've been playing you know elements still young. He's you know a rookie in the NFL this year. He's been playing quarterback or. For a while he's been throwing the ball the way he's been through audible for awhile and I I think to. Comfortable lead over calm those footwork issues like that's the kind of thing that I think could take time. It may never happen. There's always that and that might be a case or just whenever he's gonna be who we is we might as well see. But if they think they can help him. Develop a level of consistency in that area and that will help him alternately be a more successful quarterback whenever he plays. Then I would think they would wanna pick your time. And make sure that that becomes. As much second nature. As it had been for him to maybe be sloppy about that for work and thus have. More errant throws then you'd want it all that said the that's that's that's what I've expected their approach to. Again I respect that I want a stick up for that. But I'm here to tell you all week from the first training camp practice. I'm dying to see him play like I just wanna see employees the new ease the new guy right he's hopes and dreams. And if they if they managed to get. Him right and that pickle right. Sold much else is going to click in for them and for us as fans will be staring at. You know up hopefully a really. Nice stretch. Oh football and that's the idea you get the quarterback. And then you fill out the rest of the roster and your ready to play the feud for you know hopefully. A decade or so. More. So I'm wondering like you you've all heard you've heard me talk about you for being just talk about it now you've heard me talk about a for months is a big pet. Project. He's probably gonna take some time I'm not in a hurry. But I feel I feel you'll come Ambien naught it. By a does hundreds either guy play I'd like I have to admit as as practiced in years as pre season nears. And of course after that comes you know what the regular season. I I'm starting to feel. A little more on public inflicted. About being patient and taking your time. And missing truce for workers form and all the he's the new guys the first big it was summit overall he's got a rocket arm what's bill but that's that's. That's neat right now because football's about the article easier. To be appreciated. Ran its may. Now it's July and they're gonna be on the field soon and I'm really really excited about. Seeing it on wrapping him in seeing what he is going to be. For the bills 8030550. And 1888550. To 550. Are the numbers would would love some feedback from you just on bail and I've I've. A couple times that you directly what I'm talking about here I'd love to hear your feedback on. I think at times are too since they made the pet when I've been Peter and I think it's been on days when Mike was in here I fell. Like maybe the move was to kinda. I get a read of the room and hear the room being bill's fans. On an island. And I'm open to doing some of that today too because we did have. A player here in Joshua Allen. Who was. Of a very polarizing figure in the draft. And there was a lot of I don't look gonna do but I hope they don't take that guy. Mean Joseph is here in part because of this. Sitting kind of mean Ryan did the stunt where he was deeply I'm quitting because the bills pick Josh jail he threatened to do it and then he actually did it. Turns out I mean he was gonna quit anyway. Does this job is not a great job with the perfect for her you know white dot com. But I'd love to know from fans like how much. If at all where you've been standing. On an Alon has changed. I think it's very much but two things I'd like to say about that initially your. Once he's picked but you could have hated the idea. And then once he's picked he's on the bills and you love the bills and then you would you start just wanting it to work out and you start being less mad about. That's not everyone. But I think that's it's human it's human nature that it's up it's in the nature of sports fan it's you know. I'd say bills fans but I think it's just sports fans in general. I root for this team this guys on the team he's gonna matter a lot. OK I hope that works instead of all I gotta do believe they did that. I mean you walk around with the almighty god I can't believe they did OK. But I I think more people than not. Like to find their way to a better a better head space and so like I think that's normal. Sort of soften if you were. Against them picking Josh Allen and on the night of the draft really mad and in the morning after it called Howard and Jeremy and you were yelling about it. And then a few days went and a few weeks went by announced July and your life. Who can well you know. He's big and he can be can move he's got a good arm looked almost. But so that that's one thing the other thing is what what I'm sort of referring to here overall in my comments about being excited to see the kid play. It's calming. And football being in the year than being on the field practicing next week pre season game coming in just a few weeks. UConn is to start to get the juices flowing. And I think it's natural. To start getting excited about seeing him specifically play even if you didn't like his selection. So but the dip into that if all your support as well 8030550. And one. 888550. To 550 those are the numbers David's gonna leader's office at 3 o'clock hour hi David thanks for calling her on WGR. Tabled argued that it portrait adamant about an I would like to add though that you know I know it's only a week away it is it can't come fast. And I know on and on Monday Tuesday Wednesday are gonna go by so slow when it chairman air. But at the but I cannot wait to see him play I think I looked at those that. Unfortunately I don't. Think they're gonna be starting and we can say I can't call that nobody can call that bought. Believe that everybody's content or in the sign is that not I'm gonna grooming and whatnot. But I just and I'm excited simply wouldn't just appreciate. What Alonso. Bright shirt I am I'm going to be curious thank you David I asked sale the other day does he get a pre season game stark. But does that happen and you know he's he's going in as the third quarterback. You know what game he starts if if that holds all the way through camp but I am I'm not at all saying that I think it will like if they did hold. And he's gonna source the fourth pre season came in like that's just the crept. You'd I think rather he's show well enough in the first three pre season games that they don't wanna expose him to injury by playing him in the fourth returns and that's what you walk. To have happen. I don't know. I'm inclined. I am thirty sadly I I I can view them. As conservative in this area and wanting to be patient with him and giving him. All the time he needs or they think he needs to sort out whatever mechanical. Footwork issues he. Had that were responsible for his lack of accuracy in college. On the other hand. Sean McDermott. Brand mean they are at the top of the organization. That when this team had a five and four record put may computer men on the field. So. That doesn't really lineup with conservative. But now Peter min despite his athletic limitations. Was described in almost the opposite way of Alan. Yes he was he fifth round pick but he was described as. He plays and play offense he's really he might be adding more than one draft guy heading into. The 2017. Draft described him as may be the most pro ready of any of quarterbacks even though he wasn't highly doubt it. Sold theirs that but. Still. Playing him. In your tenth game of the year while in a playoff race is not. Cards close to the vast conservative. It's. Almost reckless. Soul but do those guys the Sean McDermott it. Hesitate to play Josh element he looks up to what I mean that I'm I'm inclined because of the human thing that happened last year against charger to say maybe not. Though. I'm not. I'm not sure I'm gonna win my bet is basically what what I'm telling you hunt I I. All in to the possibility of this guy winning the job. Because of really the competition. And maybe maybe they'll feel he's farther along in whatever footwork issues he's he's had in college. Will give sales thoughts on this he wrote a long piece you should check it out for sure Ed WGR 550 dot com. Today tonight whenever you have time to. Do little surfing around but there's two there's two articles up from sale today. One a lengthy piece on McDormand in being in the organization's. Process. That a variety of them at the conclusion that Josh Allen was indeed the guy they wanted to draft. Kabul it would sell about that coming up after this I am Bulldog Marshall has today off of this is WG. These cell comply GO. I'll go about shield sound government yields. Go bungee own sense of apology. About GO. Upon CEOs. And coat on geo on WGR. Yeah. Indeed set about Joseph is on the AT&T hotline with a us live from the tense location. On union rooted in Cheektowaga. Selma manpower you how are the hot dog smelling them assume you've I'll assume you've tasted DeMarre today. That that's coming up soon we have the order in Bulldog the order is and I we'll taste them I I told you what what I tell you is gonna do today to prepare. I had to go to the gym this morning. I didn't need all I need to be much all day today I am getting ready for my Ted's though and that's exactly. What I did I went to the gym with a little bit and I ran a little over two miles. Felt good hit the steam room. Went home got some work done came out here to Ted's. I squeezed in lea twenty mile bike ride this morning I I should conduct wow I should it is awesome that. Agree I'm glad you shouldn't be out here I don't know right now going on blow it. So what listen I don't view there were were were paying attention to the first segment of the show I did not mention this to you yesterday. But I I have to admit. That as campus closing in on us here and were a couple. Once the first pre season game to exit three weeks from two weeks from tonight weeks from tonight okay I'm sorry three weeks three weeks from tonight's are removed from an office right. I'm I'm starting. I'm starting to feel you'll like I wanna ignore all the stuff I said about them being patient with Allen because slate it's so exciting that he's here. And I'm I'm I'm eager for him to win the job and we were in a meeting yesterday with all with a couple of our bosses cell we were you not work. And the one guy was he start and we want them like no way. And now I'm sitting here today thinking about be out there next Thursday and see them throw the ball around. And I'm kind of certain to get pumped to see him take a shot at when in this job. Here's what's funny to me I I was thinking about this yesterday when we were sitting. With our bosses and going through this the same thing you're describing its so funny to me because I will run into fans. I don't know other media members people we work with just yesterday this happening where I will run into somebody who wants to talk about Josh down and they say to me. When they really need to get him on the field as soon as possible and like they're totally that's their conviction on it so we have a conversation and then I'm not kidding you. It might be a half hour later I'll be talking with some other random person let's say what the best thing you need to do just make you missed it sets. And the person is totally that's their conviction on everybody's got their own way of doing this and there is no right wait if you think you know what the right way is that you. Are far away no less than what you think you know because it's not true you don't you don't there's no right way right. That's right we've seen it all different ways and it's either bomber worked out both ways. I think. I don't know anyone admittance. I'm not even sure that this is right about me but better. There might be a little bit of self preservation in all of the whole that he represents. That would want you to hole see him sit. But the longer we wait to see him the longer. It takes before we know we can't do it. You don't mean boy they I agree why he's such once he starts playing David doesn't go well for. And. All Jews all you re going down but if he doesn't play it's just always it's big dangling out Billick. Well you know all with so to see we're just Schilling can do it like it's asserted that carrot hanging out there for. It's like continually getting an extra first round pick maybe always having that that extra thing to look forward to. That you can have instead of being good if there's always hope with the end of the tunnel but. I will say there is the other side that people bring up which is put him on the field as quick as possible let's see if he can what he can do it now. I don't think you should make any judgments good or bad about what. What he does a B is on the field very early but a lot of people are subscribing to that theory put on as quickly as possible so you know if you need to draft when two years from I've heard that. I've heard national people saying that it. I don't think that's fair in the book we've seen quarterbacks you know just start off in neo Peyton Manning Troy Aikman and you know even Jim Kelly 86 he wasn't Grady would you could see a lot of flashes in heaven unbelievable year but we've also seen the other way the first two games of Riley's career. He looked like he was going to be really gut. And then after that he was horrible and he busted out of the league so I think you have to be very careful how you make judgments based on him playing early. Several budge on the AT&T hotline. We thus he's live at Ted's hot dogs on union wrote in Cheektowaga. So the peace let you preview with us yesterday. Went up our idea sought right as you posted at like 7 o'clock this morning. And I I and I enjoyed it was really thorough. What kind of feedback have you been getting on that piece of ourselves. Amazing that's the feedback has been well first of all people are like hey that's really good insight and I appreciate a lot of really positive comments from. My angle of the opening that he's out there which I want everybody to know at this is not exclusive we talked about yesterday. There are lots of other reporters involved in this interview I just have to take that particular article narrow it down because I thought our listeners would enjoy it. But you know everybody had access. In that room to the same quotes and I put out there just so everybody knows. As far as the actual quotes from Brandon being. It's funny to me. What I learned today is. I think Josh Allen is still as polarizing a prospect and player as he was when he was drafted when I didn't think that was necessarily as much the case and I thought that a lot of people started to think. Started to feel the good things and see the good things of autumn but. I learned today that of people didn't like dumb they use the quotes from reconvene today. To cherry pick and make fun of him for example there was a national guy who quotes weeded my article I don't remember his name moment to go back and lucky rights remain the niners. Annie said Horry shouldn't say national but out there and he's he wrote something like. Wow what a horrible way to pick your franchise quarterback that he slept peoples' butts on behind during pregame. Well look I mean if that's what you got from the article then you're just trying to get that from the article that's not what he said. He was trying to give examples of how he interacts with his teammates and what's important about the leadership of the position but that's what happened today and a lot of different ways people cherry picked what they wanted you to reinforce their own preconceived notions of Josh Allen. And yeah that's interesting I part of the conversation I'm hoping to have as the afternoon unfolds here. Is just how much tonight I think we've talked about this a couple of different times since the draft pick just how much. Your opinion if it if it was hard to. On a hard no on Ellen how much that softens as the season starts to creep in to view training camps around the corner you're starting next Thursday. And you know he's on the team and for better or worse like. Your fortunes are tied to him and I think it leads. Sometimes a certain kind of fan kind of soften up would be if they didn't want him initially it's like okay well you've big he can really world you know you sir circles fine. What you think might be the glimmer of hope. I think because he's your guy I think that's where it starts right he's our guy he's a bill a miniature form I have a reform I hope he succeeds I think that's where. A lot of fans immediately get to there are other bands though I will say have said they've gone back and look they feel better in some even said. The article today gave them renewed hopefully cat and really like it but this shows me they did the work on in the shall be they really it wasn't just about the arm and then there were other feedback going back to that from people today who said. And I think this could beat this could be a fair criticism by the way I don't know I think this is. This is not a cheap shot in anyway. I I did have somebody say. They felt after reading it. That being fell in love with Allen is our first and then. Convinced himself through the process that he was the guy because of that and I think that could be a fair criticism I don't necessarily agree. If the ice I think they did a lot of work on and they vetted him pretty well but I understand why people would come up with that particular feeling and opinion. Yeah no I think I think that can happen I mean you have to you have to I think it's fair to wonder if if from you don't. The GM of the team is susceptible to that. And you just sort of start beating all the other stuff and then in all a part of part of oh how he wrote that is like them watching every throw from his sophomore season cell and trying to. Estimate wat. Baker mayfield would have gone in this in in the same situation or Mason Rudolph was another of the examples cited but what would how would these players have reacted to this kind of protection this kind of route. This kind of throw and they even reading that a part of me he thought like I don't know how hard do you wanna try to excuse a bad throw. You don't like I don't think that's unfair at all. Yeah I think that's it's a fair point that someone brought up on in I think Jeremy answer that question this morning when I was on with them he said. You know what does that even mean how they do it now what I think you mean I'm curious about you talk to bow. How they were had different systems so so I think what he's trying to say is there okay in this particular throw yet he had an incompletion wary through twenty yards downfield and missed the guy. If that was baker mayfield mean he would settle for the really short pass. The open guy because he's taught to check it now own and therefore that helps his completion percentage where speak whereas Josh Allen has taught. To go after that throw because that's what we are that's what we do here Wyoming and we're gonna go with a little bit more risk and reward in what we do and that impacts his completion percentage and a negative way. Then. Carried interest in separate pot to on the AT&T hotline here so how how did you. How did you come away from. From from all of what they told you about their process like did you feel good about. How they explain themselves and how they ended up but it certainly does go a long ways to dispelling. The idea that. But giving guys it was rampant Chris mortenson said Terry blew a loft dorm. And I think a lot of fans who were scared of this draft pick went oh god they pick him because he don't like them. Yeah I think they really like Josh Allen I think he was either number one or two on their board I think it was seemed Arnold Josh Allen or Josh talent seemed Arnold I don't know which order. I'm pretty confident in my own thought just through talking everybody listening that they had these two as the top rated quarterbacks. On their board so. I'm yet I think EE it's important the owner likes the quarterback I think baton you know is us apart they eat he owns the team he's got to feel comfortable especially. This owner with how. What he went through with Rex Ryan and Doug Whaley and what he thought was embarrassing moments at times. And press conferences in the way the team was perceived it and videos and quotes all over the Internet all the time things like that I think that's the piece where the owner had to feel. Comfortable as far as their. You know vetting process I think what what struck me is how collaborative rain to meet his with his staff. Joshi had a big part in this Sean McDermott had a big part of this but sort of bright and able and so did David Scully I mean those are people have to work with Josh Allen every day. And how is he gonna handle assert certain coaching how is he gonna handle. You know playing in in our system that grind Abel wants to employ on you know what I aspirin to beat the Columbine. How much right cable system played into what he was wanted to do a quarterback he said. I'm not gonna take a quarterback just because of the system the guys running. But it's clear they want to make sure the offensive coordinator is OK with that guy in the person first and foremost that he's gonna be coaching a daily basis and I thought. To me it was really came out how collaborative rain and being was throughout this whole thing until do you have. An opinion be it informed or your years of talking to scouts and coaches and coordinators. Call him or just just from we don't want to get from afar. On. Fixing footwork for quarterbacks that is referenced by beam as being something that is largely to blame. For the accuracy issues that Allen has endured through his college career and I think the strongest case for being patient. With Allen and not. Rushing him on the field and we want is to give him ample time. To get comfortable. With his footwork being proper and not fall back into old. Habits. Yeah that's actually question I think for some guys you can never be fixed and they have their habits they're gonna do what they wanna do. That they go through a different quarterbacks coach every year I think it's a big part of it you know when you talk about. Having stability I think that's a big you know thing the bills needed they're gonna it work with Josh Allen I think that stability part is going to be. Something that needs to be going forward where he's not being taught one think from one coach and another thing. From another coach but I think it hit with him specifically our I talked about this right after the drafted him after going back and watch him him. As you noble look back I call he's an arm thrower that's what I say he's always been an arm thrower because his arm has been so strong. That he's been able to do things other people can't he can get I would just throwing it a certain way without having to worry about the technique of actually playing the position that doesn't mean he can't it doesn't mean he can't do he isn't willing to do it. It doesn't mean he's never had it it just means that to me when I watch him. His line might have been so bad at times or he was playing with. Set against that it would competition or people around and that worked good enough that he had to do certain things where I just got to get rid of the ball doesn't matter. In my Peter setter or not I got to throw the ball right now to that spot and I think that's where a lot of his footwork. Was. Really came apart so in the NFL he can't do that he's gonna have to learn to trust his footwork if he does that at the NFL level. He's going to be in trouble and he's gonna have to learn to. Understand the finer points of playing the position and I have protection here where's my protection where's may read I get a step there and I got to actually fit it into a window that is much much tighter than what it was in college. Yeah I I just to I'm I'm eager I don't think I'll be able to tell course but I'm curiously how long that process will take. For him and Mike and how they'll feel comfortable. In doing that and then once it if he does start playing whether bill feel they need to pull him back out because he's falling back into old habits is this a lot I think. Two to watch there are it's a would you go enjoy your hot dogs will all the questions at 5 o'clock Eric. Currently ready formerly different words in regard to sell departure on the team the outline. He's at Ted's on union energy toward his appearance today and always brought Cuba outlet liquor need to stock up shop New York's only. Outlet liquor I put up a poll. Sit like a hero or something I'd I'd I'd put upon how it's written I don't know the rally. It's it's really convoluted. How soon do you want to see Josh yell and as the bill starting to beat. There are four choices. Vote vote early vote often. Use use fake accounts you've gone accounts I don't care just give me just be totals might eagle needs to see votes. On all alone in here. Jokes here and work 8030551888550. 2550 how soon you wanna see Josh Elvis in bill starting quarterback said the radio guy in July in buffalo I'm bulldogs might just got the day off this is WG. We're not there are so that was hurting nobody we're looking at weeks maybe I think they're gonna wanna figure out who broke into the home if in fact there was a home invasion to also look to see if McCoy is going to turn over evidence Phillies hired criminal defense lawyer they're gonna want him to cooperate and if he he doesn't have to cooperate that he hasn't been charged but if he doesn't cooperate so elevate their suspicion. That is from the Jim Rome show that's Michael McCann he is legal analysts forecast side. Are you up LeSean McCoy a case. It's. Removed Thursday here this happened last Tuesday that the in the in the news of it broke last Tuesday. And there was some. Initial goal comments a denial for McCoy of any involvement. Super strong accusations from. Of the victim and victim's friend and lawyers. And now it's been. Very. There was a 911 call. Horry in the series of 911 calls from. Previous to this incident like maybe as long as a year ago. That were released by the police department. In question. That happened here on Tuesday I think but. Were in a word or nine days from this. Story breaking. And and no wing closer to any kind of clarity at least that that we know I mean we. But maybe it's coming maybe it's coming look you know this as soon as later this afternoon but this has been very quiet. Sorry were there were some and else's from a legal perspective. That the bills and report to camp and will be on the field practicing next Thursday. 8030551888550. To 550 are how soon do you wanna see Josh Allen. As the bills' number one quarterback Brian is next up here on WGR thanks for calling. And you're on the air. You would that do great hope and good. That pick it up Axel are okay my yeah I quit on that is. The political Allen. Here it was your back in your life on alert. You got you here at the back up and it didn't quite blocked. Do great but I don't feel like you can be at your back out you know what they're. You know. They're gonna RM. Third week. Okay and is this a good idea to you were no. Sounds like maybe no. I don't want it get hurt in how we got you know. People on the front line and guarantee that you know Bergen Albert actually need. Not end up at but the bills you know they obviously know a lot more than anybody gonna call in the so called. Well sure. There's no doubt about that no doubt about that. Well like I come draft pick never asked about who they pick a little about the numbers took. I'm electoral district act a little bit I appreciate that Allan when it did because you know he does not guarantee can either. It I think that it can be every building here or could it not. They were strong ot your outlook in media aren't here and it turned out okay. Me too yeah I mean I think the big political O'Brien. I I definitely thought that last year and I'm thinking that again this year and you know we'll see. I I I think. Display. The flaws. That had me and plenty of bills fans wanting to see Tyrod Taylor replaced. I'm not sure that it's a given at all that whoever wins this job is going to be an upgrade. I just don't I I don't assume that at all and we're talking about a rookie who's got plenty of critics. And then you're talking about a couple fifth round guys who communal. Karen played a little. Peter and played less than that. I don't know. I just don't at all and hit. I don't assume at all that I'm gonna be upgraded a quarterback just because Taylor's not here and that that doesn't mean that Alan. Will be a boss is just starting out he might make some mistakes and give the ball always solemn. You know maybe you'll see the talent and the arm and you know the what what's possible with him but it will be coupled with the mistakes of youth and I think that is the the the number one reason why I would expect to have a tougher here at I'm I'm just not sure that there are going to be better quarterback or even that even just as good as the war. Last year and and I know that's coming from someone who wanted Taylor replaced because. I think he was only this good. I'm not sure any of the guys the bills have right now are capable right now being this good. We'll continue this conversation as we go here but we're gonna take a diversion here for a bit and talk some hockey they're still. Matt's capture ready still has been traded Jeff Skinner never got traded Eric Carlson is still on the Ottawa Senators Sean Leahy from NBC. Hockey will be with us coming up. After this I'm the bull by Mike has today operatives WG.