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It's Mike show we had wrestling in June. Oh yeah yeah right yeah although it was not a joy I was probably the old I held a book. During the rest when it was my turnaround is still have a book out there. That's how we do in Iowa and a Bulldog. I know that human being. And fish can coexist peacefully non WG ER Sports Radio 515. I roll on through Thursday here on WGR thanks for hanging with me today Mike showbiz on vacation. I am the Bulldog and happy to welcome on the AT&T hotline Sean Leahy from NBC sports and pro hockey talk. Welcome to the show Sean is nice talk to you. So. What's happening here are we we've done for the all season and is it is it overs match that's already going to be a Canadian and is. Erik Karlsson going to be a senator. Tom is Jeff Skinner gonna stay in Carolina like where where we got here. Yeah it seemed like in the what that the weaker Q after the draft. Made the call Austin talked in the there's catcher Eddie talk and it just for whatever reason. King called and now it's just. Awfully quiet but all of the GM then eight instructor cottages joined not stubborn. We'll see what happens but yet you call still out there it seemed like you retreated at some point who knows that you can go to Tampa. Abdallah and Skinner innovators in the treatment really the last seat that is that almost seems like that's an inevitable move as chief actuary specialists via. The Canadians come out and seeing that there knock it in all and the extension is kind of a weird moved into that public. What is hot hot shot she's pretty to the highest come to an end to acutely that he wants to get guys not yet thirty can get 20s25. Goal here on the wing. Is is that you play options out there. I wonder about. Him even if think that the thing that scared me off of him tattoo ready when we were here busy talking about Ryan O'Reilly. Being traded. And pad ready maybe being the returning that was the Specter of a contract extension and his age I would be worried about that. Because I feel like you know it's not going to be that long before you start regretting that the sabres have got. Not a great track record and we've got price. I'm on long term deals that are aging on college post so met Molson come to mind immediately. And but but I wonder if giving him without an extension and if you're good. I'm thinking of the sabres here and you ride with them through the year. If you're year doesn't go away old you state him at the deadline is a rental but I wonder if that's an idea. Yeah I mean if it were it's where the opportunity to look at Jason bottoms the huge prices. Given how everyone knows that he's treated mark Bershard going to have to watch. You'll power there's a hard is that China upped the price there are no retreat at some point so your lateral and the price is right yeah it's worth taking a shot Adam. You just kind of you know boosting there are now on the offense and and let you study it doesn't work out it will not unlike you know you can the patent work and getting back some sort out there. Drastic amid prospect or whatever. Or it. Any strategy maybe try to convince them to do like buffalo missed. Stay these things are kind of trending and finally trending in the right direction presented at this stage but. You'd get turned 30 November. I'm sure I'm sure will no longer term deal on them like you said. Those those guys looking at thirty. Russian forward and kind of took nosedive offensively not quite the elite status player like it. Crawled the economy is wait and media expect a high level the thirties but. Is it to work the shot or you could see were just trying to yup but build on the excitement heading this season. Colleen in all they support some. Writing it they still need some story I mean and it didn't take long. Piecing like you know lines together for whatever it's worth for someone who works on the radio to do that. To pencil like page Thompson into a toxic spot in the mean he's played forty games in the NHL. Again I don't think you need to be more evidence than that that the sabres still needs and scorn on the wings. Yeah that would mean that's I think the addition car sure you hope that you see he sure looked pretty nice next to what Jack eichel. Scored it was a huge issue not on Hollywood cheap goal that actually give up a groan that went scoring goals. You'd issue receivers last year and Patrick in Chile help we're going in your pop station gently. Also be kind of a leadership guy in the room a little less reps all of a lot of guys on the guys know they can learn a lot from. Guy who was captain and a very heavy. B market and option also it's it's worked a shot like that all the price is right just gay bar has always got. Apple the pilot that he can you'll build towards the future with an or. We use within trades to bring god would patch ready your personal mustard day that they can help the team going forward so. If the price right had to borrow at Bristol but if you're Montreal. Eastern China maximize your term there for a guy who's who has some value for a week. Right in maximizing return for them would be sending him somewhere that wants to sign your contract extension and for me I'm. I'm like no no thanks on that Sean Leahy is on the AT&T hotline with a Aussie. Right spot the NHL for NBC sports and pro hockey talked to Laura on the sabres would have backed karlson and Skinner maybe if time allows but. The big move of course Ryan O'Reilly. Is shipped out this is a high priced players this is a productive player this is still a relatively young player despite the fact that he's been in the league as long as he's been. But he showed up as a second round pick. Right in his draft year and started right away with the Colorado Avalanche. Get the sabres felt like they needed to change. How do you think they did in that trade two on. I think it did well I think I think good treatment you know the patient out and informs my peace redolent Ibaka. It helped. Secondary school your age com's Mike. I don't let her. You don't ports hear and so when you get pretty well in college so we'll see what happens in Jolo but I think showing. Court yell look at this if you look at Max he's you're right now they've got just under 39 dollars a war. Probably another rise cap ceiling and not too many high priced expansion that the case borrow got to worry about next summer. Don't use them. Protection with a lot of the pilot and it it makes strides this season. These people are can be a little bit aggressive in free agent Mark Green that trade deadline next ever march it's going to be two. On a potential upward trend this year or agrees talked about. Immediately concerned refer to match accurately. Like all over the Sonics and so so speed so that set up nicely. Out. The key would it uses that knowledge that such step forward but nobody got there it can make their mark on the NH a level especially got Dolly of course and. Educational as low quality that we see them take some strides this year. Single stone Goebel more brighter outlook in the coming years. Shawna is it realistic to think that they'll have to. Rookie of the year candidates here in middle stat and dialing. Not at all and dust that was highly touted coming out of high school. The Dracula cheered and there's no he'll he'll get kind of it is limited play so far. Special leveled it looks like guy in the right situation with the outlook and it could certainly up put up some points and content or cultural and an eight. It about what we're at it but now we we've watched it the YouTube videos and it yet on Twitter the last year. This is the way you'd be able smooth these skated in on how your mind you a little bit of error all the way he plays an option to stop and ability so they can. Plate too. Somewhere called the level of what our call is. Is no doubt that the sabres got some up pretty exciting classic come here. Yeah boy you mention those YouTube videos I made to track down first time in a long time for development camp. Just to watch him and it's it's I don't know if you've seen him in person it's like he's floating. It's really yeah let's have been. It is it that way he wants the way he gave but the way you think you. Avoid. Avoid a by the opposing players. And you around them with the puck. Mean it has balance as the head out has great vision to you know make it past all you know going around offender. It it's amazing for such young kid and is it needs. I yell at him and and a cup one day at yank a level and the way he played them in the out in the great shot but it is his vision and play making skills and skating ability. Will be a huge asset backed her a blue line that she needs some help them. The job he held by doppler well I'm excited Egon he looks like a young kid but it's that from watching him play. He can play yet immensely not appear so going to be NHL level. Maybe maybe take some time to adjust that's being inside the right I don't think of any issues. I think so they'll go some maker's mark pretty early on she's. Sean Leahy from pro hockey talk at NBC sports on the AT&T hotline with me here on WGR. So Hulk. How launch of a jump them in the sabres finished last they they can't be worst legacy and have fewer points and they had last year but but how much of an improvement. Is realistic for this team is is a twenty point jump realistic is contending for a wildcard playoff spot. Realistic the Atlantic it's stacked with Toronto Boston and Tampa. What what what do you think is right to have. Don't expect or at least hope for. I. And be sent me ish points. Kind of being not on the bubble with just outside the ball there or yup car but does. You know he's kind of that the guy. In goal in the situation and all there yet you know couple good years there. And he's covered the second score and inning guy our share in them Robin Ali so they're here. They're funny areas that improved this summer for savers and you look at that division. Ottawa. The tree in Iraq. Absolute train wreck. It's the sabres finished well that and maybe a Montreal. Oh optional but no kind of what they are so that we version and I'm building on trading. About China from act don't read is still weird thing they're based subcarrier right. We don't know how how much Terry I mean that their franchise and keep them afloat when when he was out copiers go shopping time you know nosedive. But in this hidden. And in Detroit I think you upload in the short competing for a new one of those. Oh with 65. That spot. In the business but. Acted up you hit a bit are that good crew in this English as a matter of you'll find any guys might situation. And ill. Are they proving himself number one in this league in. From married that all goes together you know like a choice you're getting seven point it is kind of being just you know it then meg not a well not a bubble but you know just Abbott. I guess that oil she's just steady improvement this year and build our next summer and don't follow. How about the top of this division I mean I think the three cup favorites right now in Las Vegas are in the Atlantic it's Tron. I don't I don't know the order exactly Tampa Toronto Boston. Toronto oh of course the big move to get to Paris Tampa. Is still trying it seems like maybe I don't know if they're the favorite to get Carlson did you Google got to get a Carlson trade on. I think I I. Ottawa. That there at all from expansionist in the cut on July 1 and they did and are. I I can't see what you want to commit himself to ought or ought to Ottawa. When you look at how the candidacy they're there to pull off. You build this is a part art that are working out there. When you go to look at ten. Go commit to that union ought to watch yourself. If you look at all the guys they're they're leaving my copy last Greg Anderson reporting walked out as well so we got a jump off ship there. Crosses to count you don't know what you want to win and he can get it eight years. Somewhere else in Tampa if you treated their style I I think sooner or later were were gonna get I don't know what white and I'm all needed a last note and it just so but. Certainly once we get in closer trade gap with its retreat has happened I can't imagine he'd like a cat but there are doubts seemed kind of reportedly. The top two involved really come up in Europe to chart our guy. You think Vegas is out on that or or or could they do they'll they'll have a news they've got the cap room the thing I wonder about what Tampa's like who they give up and how they keep. That band together if they give Carlson the contract that he. Certainly warrants which would be you know 88 years north of ten million dollars a year. I'm wondering how they Ali keep all that all that on the rails. Yet the Vegas has been dealt now have a cap space they have yeah. They got a ton of traffic so that appeared indicated used to entice Tampa. To make building and you know this it doesn't. Make. But short pass Lagos. We kind of saw that report where. They're trying to make things work at a trade it kind of needed that New York Rangers need to come in at cakes and sell really need of attention to Iraq Ryan Callahan was Brittany and so. The united done now fortune working salary cap in keeping that team. And there I'm. I I don't doubt his ability in Cornwall and not only this deal but extending Carlson. And making the money work where the stormy pattern calling for the coming few Beers years beyond just apps on me out in the system. Initially got seeking you can trade off the young players and you keep it out Johnson and Roger Clark you're. Heavy salary and terms are contract was still young enough where you're Q Mike Ottawa you're they want take demonic you build your camera going forward so. It they can pull it off. It's going to be pretty amazing to watch it make you guess you'd be mad at star Matt. Yeah it would be mind boggling that they were like my number one gold two on the senate race package this season examine when it. But I really crushed on vessel last ski. This year watching him into sole athletic and justice so much talent and it's just you know you you certain. I found them like in December I wasn't quite on top of them I knew they were going to be good. But I wasn't watching them and then suddenly I I try to monitor slate whose goal word whose point like who are. What were these new hobbies like that they needed more reinforcements in the form of secondary scoring but yet there it is. Yeah me and the key thing to her knowledge deployed eagle a lot of these teams that are very good in contending team and they get conduction. They're cheap young players Yoni court had a great season. Pretty important categories is all those guys hear me you million dollars last. It's dealt Georgia who they are required up from the needs for jobs due has sent out here was in there at the cultural you re so those guys. Step up its go get them audience a couple of years but for now there aren't cheap contract. And they're they're complimenting and it is obviously the opposite I like stamp codes and Alan Johnston a lot of culture and. Well Sany about a. Yeah he had a great Q you'd Archie duke is so. It. I was able to work he's the net you've got to catch sheepish ideal even though they knew it would drop which actually has gotten making it's capped at night at nine dollar should match what you years. If you look at his production season. The way to thank shall go on start up on such as that. Contract and look again I got our and the copiers who dropped his plane and scored ninety art points or receive. I totally agree with that hey I mentioned Vegas their quickly if if you. If you had to bet right now would you bet on them to be in the playoffs again next year or do you think like the bubble burst and it was just a dream season. I'll docket you know being in the play I like what like several of them used the moves that exceeded this side that saw yet but. Paul Stastny is a great rule I eat out a lot this. This team stayed when a patent Kyle oxide you chronic. But putting him in a in Vegas. I think it's a great move for them a better I could know by two point. Turkish government that they just wanted to beat Williams crossed. Got an arbitration hearing set up by next month. A rock of a boxers see that nobody saw coming. And it is ill if you're short and see what I'm extension you try and get this guy a feature again on my bridge again a two year prove it to me contractors. Six or 431 season it's what the expectation going forward. Opera pop became personally I would keep low volume until he takes one or two year deal and I guess said. If you do or two years again. That would give your big money but it could bring him back to bring back out Marcus. Cody can well it Carlson if he if he's able comeback on I feel this so that the. It back the pieces out a great machine that sweeten. Not a lot of big changes from from last year they extended flurry figure of them have not assault is so. You know their plot as tough conference. I think they're division is not is one of the weaker and in the NHL packets human being back in just east. This with a tight around that seen in the city and just with the way that the Heatley gel together awfully quickly start last year. That William Karlsson shooting percentage is just not swell guy I would be very scared about committing the long term luckiest he looks like he'll be a nice player. But why wouldn't just assume I'm gonna get forty goals. Dot still got that while it's valid I is politics CL a league Q hard line. Two year. You know show me contract to hear of audits my salary and say it. You're getting you know two years and we'll give you will look up the checkbook and give received Monica's. The aggression could hit and court that plane that you wonder it is gonna go back to being it and get eagle guy. That'll 25 vertical range which which would be nice trip tonight gone forward on all I'm multi year deal so what what. All right John thanks a lot of us appreciate the time very much and look forward to visiting with you again down the road some time. Absolutely yeah take care that is Sean Leahy writes about the NHL for NBC sports as well as pearl hockey talked joining us on the AT&T. Hot. I'm we will hold. Take time out here to to an update and get back in two talking about a quarter. Of the bills is a pull up to update the poll results how soon do you wanna see Josh Allen. Be the bills starting quarterback. We'll take your calls on that as well as we move through a Thursday afternoon 8030551888550. To 550 Mike Hsu open is way I am mobile log in this is WG. I feel good about my. I'll work all day and yet the salvation you know that's kind of picked up. See you then later there's sort training camp really suffered yet there are we throughout its. Not missing a court of record policy see at all so large young guys. McConnell rise. Cadillac with that or today this bit last year because we're really gonna need some got a theater near you wouldn't step up lady maybe a year in the league ballclub is that the playoff and also. The court yet she. That is Lorenzo Alexander he was a guest on one bills wide of earlier this afternoon. Let's show today was posted by Steve tasker and Andrew Peters. Normally from the investigators of course Murphy has got a few days office on mark is getting married this weekend so he is tending to their congratulations to the Merck gained. On that and a marked specifically. Lorenzo Alexander. The most recognizable voices on the team. Easily. Probably the most team aren't the most recognizable voice on the team that you McCoy. Of course guys that pace yeah voiceless that pays just pacing that yes I agree with that. There's no mistaking McCoy he has a very unnerving even try to duplicate it but you know you know when you hear it. There's a certain. Way of talking that he has that is I think very distinctive but Alexander. But he he's only been here what causes this third year there third year. We sure I think argue with Braxton cult with racks. That would mean border. Rex is here two years ago two years no we don't any come with wrecks like when Rex first got all I something I'm I'm. Try to remember I'd I'd I'd I think. So. Knows that there is thirty OK sorry. Anyway. I mean it's not that long but man he's he's not alive he's he's a regular on emotional and whenever. Are revisiting the poll. How soon do you wanna see trash known as the bill starting quarterback. To bribe I I sleeved. Somehow I managed to not be able to put that up before the show started I don't know how it is anyway. And oh Joseph do you find these results 16100 votes off I think I'd love to see that folks. Keep the votes love. How soon you'll see Josh Jones bill starting quarterback. 42%. Say week one right out of the box starter. Mid season and it gets 23% of the vote 13% from last four games of the season. 22%. Leaning towards. Sitting out the whole year and starting in 2000 in nineteen. I'm not particularly surprised that we won has the most votes. But I'm a little surprised. At eighty how much there is on sit the whole year out. And maybe this is coupled with that. That week one doesn't have more. Behind it but I would I would I would have expected like I opened the show today talking about how I being mr. He shouldn't he's got to work on his mechanics. Let's make sure David Carney dollars would be needs to do with them up all of this all the stuff that's very very very peak football he. Talk for me about about. Alan got I'm I'm inclined to body. A lot of that stuff but that is. Training camp is a week away and a pre season game as three weeks away and it's all just creeping up on me. I'm do you leading Maurer light. Let's take the new guy out or just didn't like that sort out why get and I guess I was anticipating. That I'd have more fans feeling that way and again the majority of people voting in this poll do feel like we won. But it's not like any kind of a run away. Think there's there's a lot of good the people respond to this poll are pretty patient. Inclined to just sort of. Okay well we don't we'll see. And a lot of the responses that I'm getting to this solve all squirrel to a bunch wanna get a chance. Numb our. You know not before he's ready. One guy that some wanted Bryce your from regular league grad. Up enough Ontario civilly let's see what the longest. Basically. And that's that's really something to keep in mind too right. Is it good I'm glad to get someone is sort of like pumps the breaks for me a little bit because I know older. Another facet. Of taking your time another reason to be patient and not. Not want Ellen to play right away is. How we would be in all that comfortable with what there is around him. And the the most important part of that is. Massive. And we just still ball in the hole what is going to calm of the situation that. Was was was. Reported last week it just still this is just kind of hang in there are. And beaten holds if he is going to be found to be in some way involved in that and its dignity is. I mean life I have a hard time seeing the league not really coming down hard on him and if not the bills themselves coming down really hard on him again yeah. He is found to be. Involved in that situation in someway. So what what do the bills themselves look like around Josh Allen I've got a revamped offensive line. All I'm gonna have Shawn McCoy. I don't have that much of a receiving core it is back. Where you want to put a guy. Who is fundamentals maybe aren't. Exactly strong. At this point because he still might be inclined especially if he's carried by a lot of offensive line and not so talented group of receivers like he Malik. That that sounds like a recipe. To me for lapsing back into bad habits. To me so that I think could be could be pretty tricky. And that's what we keep in mind. I've two schools of thought on that for one league. The poll the fact that it's not higher than 42% that would set I'm also. Surprised that because. When you think you be taking a little from each crowd of people that love the pick probably think oh he's really good. So they wanna see him right away and then eighty people like me who didn't love it would say OK just lets you it was. Right prove it and if these bad double find out quicker and we can move on quicker instead of wasting a whole year and then leasing two years because we needed them. Let and city year before we found out that he was actually not a good quarterback. But then the other part of me like you just kind of sad if McCoy is special he's not on the field. I was talking about this last night with a guy on the phones like who is the guy you're dumping the ball off to the can take you 25 yards. I don't think there's a guy on this team traverse cadets still on the team you have the distance. You might be the top answer I don't know I'd be pretty sad right down. So yeah I don't I don't know this I don't think this contest is there right to benefit him if he's. Has that if you can hit that ceiling I don't know if he can hit it if he's playing right away but then again I do. The wanna find out already whether he's good. Well that the finding out of late I'm I'm all I'm good for that quick a part of wanting to draft him. It now wording the vote. The the repercussions is to me. Being able to do would again as soon as you want because it doesn't cost you as much money is used to which you don't have to burn. They there was this notion around the draft he's still here are some in my opinion. It's just an antiquated thought that you're crippling your printer will you get that wrong it's gonna say you bet Dave governments. He picked the wrong quarterback a mobile shall it was him but the giants to a guy says it's a franchise back five years well. Really I mean. I don't think you're gonna find out what you if if L employees. Right away. And is. Kinda bad. I don't think that it's over. They Palin is the week one starter and by week eight they're like oh my god it's completely agreed they stop it right it's not the toilet and and they get out. And they win three games. They're not picking a quarterback again next April right but there's no way they're doing open wide I would go to college you could make the case forward I know. But I I think they would. Stand by. Well. And a mistake. It was he was our best guy in Tampa that doesn't mean he was necessarily ready. And we didn't have what we wanted around. And we've got work to do we need to get some support for him. And Gotti Gotti got a and then you roll it back out there in 2019. I don't think you but but after that. Then I think it that bin you've reached the conclusion I mean if I'll quickly. They moved on manual. I mean now that's different coaching staff in different management but. It is it's not the guys just don't give. The kind of time they used to get like that the call is made. A lot more quickly than it used to be but I just don't think. Mean barring I mean it's it would just have to be. All time crap storm. Portugal that badly for them to. I think you lose on a high pick right away. But. The potential for it to go badly. With the supporting cast they have especially this McCoy piece the I know it's funny we. Football right this is what football is the beauty of football is the essence of talking about football. In our goal I ate would have been in here saying. On the and now an hour later on severe going. 01. Of you know. I I'd love to Knoll. If any of the people. Who voted 2019. Or even last four games of the season that's 35%. Of the people who responded to this poll house and you want Josh Allen is the bill starting quarterback. If any any part of them. Voting that way is because there are scared of him being bad. And don't want the hold of him being good to be gone too soon. Follow that like religious senators sort of protective mode it. You always like. Whoever the new guy is who who who's who's who's everybody's favorite quarterback the guy who hasn't disappointed us yet. Is everybody's for your quarterback. Brian Brohm you know girl. Maybe. Jeff tool Mary there's always that. And McCarron is even some of that now a New Orleans. And it's an audio admitted he so. I think with LA and I would understand. And I'm even copped to some of those myself. Let's not rush it because. I assume man is. The bloom is off then like I'm in trouble again and then it's like I'm I'm in despair. So the so a little bit I think of of sorted you're you're guarding against being let down by not wanting him to play right away. Ayman you can view idly both cases today. A hook and and I think you UK and you can argue both the somewhat convincingly. But but for me it's starts to get emotional at this time of the year and by that I mean. I'm eager to see him and I expect to be impressed. By some of what he does. And I am I I think I'm going to be eager to see him much sooner than I anticipated it would be. How soon do you wanna see Josh Allen was the bill starting quarterback or ball lines are available for you at 8030550. In 1888. 550. To 550 can vote in the poll you can call me up we'd love to hear from yeah. Our sail on again and about fifteen minutes he's out at Ted's hot dogs location down union hurting Cheektowaga across entry to our school. And we'll talk more about what he wrote about. The bill's vetting process of Josh Allen also he's had some quotes and another story about. The bill's approach to this season and we'll talk with sell about that as well but. You're welcome to join again 8030551. 888550. To 550. I'm able log in this is WG. If you today's deal of the day right now owners fielded John bond. While this yet for play passes to bounce magic C jump on. Produced point five out. 48 dollar value Balladur told Amherst and Hamburg locations it's today's deal of the day from my buffalo perks. Details at marble floor perch dot com. Mike Schultz on vacation I'm the bulldogs got sneaky Jo Ling and out here Derek Scott the updates 8030551888550. To 550 self Abacha coming up about ten minutes. Once again to talk about his two lengthy. Articles at WGR 550 dot com that I strongly encourage you to go check out. Right now though time for a couple phone calls Mike is next up on WGR thanks for calling Mike you are on the air. Our our our sort of written really well thanks how are you. I'm well a million in there it I just a little. I get a little edge you wanna hear all the quarterback talk. I don't expect to see. Allan. For any reason this year a look at the end of the year and were already in the playoffs and they wanna give whoever are starting quarterback. Is. Are our last. I am always. Annoyed about the fact that they don't give Nate Internet anywhere near. The credit that he deserves our secretary about the private receptions. Because of what 52 of those passes were on the money taxes that were dropped by the receivers. He is a couple of quarterbacks. I actually expect to see him start this year. Everything else was going on if anybody thinks that any of the people on this football. Have not. A bit excited about where we're going and where were going to go this year and have not been kept themselves in shape. In the last you know since the other minicamp Obama spoke at. You're crazy this is an awful lot about Miami we're gonna Iraq roll this here and and and everything else is just pessimism and everybody also sparked the experts don't know any more than anybody else does because Brandon being. As Sean McDermott are the circus act that Rex Ryan and here that know and nobody's laughing about anything here we keep. Are stuck here in town we're gonna rock and roll this year and I can't wait to see if. Okay Mike thanks for the call. It was five. News. It was five but I I can hold their circumstances. But the most of thought the other team call the ball five times news so. You know. I'm not disputed that he could win the job he could they love them. They love him over the so long. Mike thinks and even Peter brings him a read the bills for the playoffs and get arrested in week seventeen. Okay. Not to sold out. I mean I do I don't see it that way all I guess I'm mom I'm I'm a little more pessimistic than you. Yet but I appreciate you calling Mike is next up on WGR I Mike thanks for calling what's going on. Bogart had to go on race. I got a guy quest to bring about Scott Jones is there any peace they eat they like the region now or maybe a battery caught that would really lenient ordered. Going gotcha element. If you pick up guys that are attacker hurt I don't even know an unnamed island but some line men ordered another offensive people. Also I mean we know what could have Machida anybody that would slaves they you know what. Feel more comfortable that I'm getting shot on another weapon or Tuesday out but don't think it and we took them got an early I mean yeah he can you go get it or. I I think that debt is would be an answer to that question for me does Bryant would be answer that question for me and and their might be. You know once we get through July and end August. You know blow suffered at the bills last year traded Sammy Watkins. Maybe they could shrink to trade for I don't think they're trading for a player of that caliber but don't notice on so vague they could it. Added a piece to the receiving corps. That could make a difference for them I think it's possible they could do that sure. You know and that might make me feel a little more comfortable about. You know throwing Allen and because I I'd I would like him to have. As much of an opportunity to succeed as possible it's that there's not a lot as well I'll open. For them right now. Until Benjamin's interest thing I was thinking of bringing him up at some point and we'll see maybe will will give them. In the second half of the show today thank you for the call ball both mikes. Here will have more time to your calls coming up at Celtic pot Joe's gonna rejoin me coming up the top of the hour. He's out at Ted's onion wrote to Eduardo he's got two lengthy pieces up today at WGR 550 dot com one about. How the bills approached selecting Joshua Allen. And another about their expectations for the season Brandon being shot McDermott so while will get sales thoughts on both of those. As we of move along here. March opens on vacation I mobile blog this is WGR.