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It's my choke this guy's a real jerk and a Bulldog I am I'm 38 attentive. Old seat these kind of whack job on WGR. Growing on into the 6 o'clock hour we go thanks for hanging in with us today Joseph BB Ozzie you running the show old dare Kramer handling the opening time the bull by Mike show is away today eight. British Open is going and and it's done for day one and I don't mind the way this leaderboard looks at the hall from myself here trying gold seal is on the anti outline. With me once again here in the 6 o'clock hour. Brian it's not annul the dozen guys that are only a few back so it's not like it's that bad but come. Who wasn't it was a great day for team cozy on them. Now I don't think color but you know what like. Obviously as the day was playing on I was kind of looking back it might pick and I'm like well I don't know what I. I really am all for only one player that I really could honestly be mad I didn't take and that was Rory like I'd. I don't think anybody else. In the top fifteen. That I don't already have that I would do. Considered like really strongly it takes so like. The Rory pick might have gotten a little too cute wit but other than here and I'd I would not taking Kevin Isner had you'd. Gotten given the twenty picks they you know be now if you give me warning he might have been right around number two running so. Yeah and and then of course there's those three south Africans that probably most people had never seen or heard those in their life but I would this. We get zero and there are Lombard yeah I'd I don't know what do gotten him I know the. Only all of those three south African let north ever heard of the only one I've ever seen at a golf shot coming into the week was would. And that could he won last week the Scottish open each other sixty in the final round but the other two. I haven't seen play at all so it will mean that there either and yet yet sadly I'll admit I actually watching European tour golf quite right so. You mean stone right. Don't let it out right now yeah president I'm just looking at the leaderboard and IPO okay go to my point exactly delighted familiar with it and I guess I. You have are here yeah. What do you think I'm right I got here. You know 1 o'clock or so and headed on. And it looked like about as pleasant a day is maybe I've ever seen in a virtual hit today he looking at conditions they were playing in right. Yeah it would really tremendous I wasn't. I mean this does not normally what we heat all on. They're supposed to possibly get the marine tomorrow morning but it's not supposed to be anything out of the the sideways. Variety the winter hat guy. You know I think in other open like that so I think it just might beat it out of a normal rain daily the temperatures will be in the 68 so. And then Saturday Sunday supposed to be kind of like a bullet today though yeah this this tournament probably won't be too affected. In and work also. Sometimes that happened with whether this turn and beyond the fact that it's because it's always played on the water that. And we know Scotland Scotland and England like. It rains more there during the creep in that it does here. But. They don't use. Split peas and what I mean by that is that. In the PGA championship in the masters and US open because the appeal the big. They put half the guys talked Keiwan all right guys off heat and but in this tournament they always had the entire field tee off on law and because they've got like. Essentially X sixteen hours of golf daylight there this time of the year but they want everybody went to court but what ends up happening is you have guys that. Essentially play it like 7 in the morning local time and then the legal guys are finishing up at like eight at night so that's like some kind. They say if you'd get the draw of the field of where you solitary got to play early in the late late literally sometimes the weather can be really really really deep different. To the point where sometimes it helps decide you know the field determine the out. That's what usually different also about the at and but it doesn't look like it's gonna come into play at all it was beautiful I. The a one shot I saw we were talking yesterday about how dry it was going to be in the ball's gonna Roland Roland Roland role. And even though the rough didn't look like it was going to be that much of a penalty if you. That hard to get out I saw once John if you saw this or not that Poulter hit that we're old. Our fairway and then threw what looked like at right now burned. And then. Flew a sand trap in my out of the trap and out and Bob just just under the fringe of the green that he was a draw down towards that blew my mind. I did eat a delicate eighteenth hole and he thought he hit his second shot into the burn. And it somehow bounced through it over it. And then because it was kind of on a lower trajectory. Rolled like in the bunker. Any end up having like a Birdie Putt from the fringe when he probably should've been in deep trouble a few times. Yeah its been that. Some weird bounces. And some guys that have been hitting you know what you'd describe to be the perfect shot. In and that just getting a little like knob in the fairway and then the rolling into the pot bunker on the net that. Ended up sideways Amanda picking a double bogeys early yet doubling it playing different. That score that you ask me about yesterday kind of maybe that might at 1012. Score I feel like we're heading right in that direction. Why so I I I guess that minus twenty foot to get everything but I think for sure you're gonna get to double digits I wonder if you get it in the in this release stupid. I mean five under one day remote why buy for the two minus one you mean that they don't have to be you know kids to would have to have. Three great rounds I doubt that can happen but anyway. Well so. Public tiger on the day on the end up even I think right. College and. Had a Buddy Guy but he played pretty well. He said that the wind. Cause can actually play a little more conservative than even out of his. Free round plan was on some of the hole but he really was not in trouble. Even a couple of times that the ball may have looked and AB roll and spots that would trouble the actually I think you got kind of some lucky about that today to go in they. Up front nine. Yet look at birdie on probably pick a woman obviously made three of them and then on the back nine. He did what he hasn't done all year he had probably 45 instances where you had that like. 5055. To six quarter upon him that he's been missing quite a bit and it pretty much made a ball. So you know peace. Putting better which we keep that he's got a you know different potter he screened obviously not the speed but they clamor over on the north PGA tour. Let Beckett go on form then. I guess but I I think if there's a major he's gonna win this year it this setup because. He can stay out of trouble by hitting iron property. And I think with the greens being hoping that it struggling and the sheer kind of like okay like the recurring clean into the whole new style of putting. And I equal kind of oppression have about a mentality about I think maybe he's got to feel like you did it in fact I thought he. I could have been easily. Two shots better today I just think you know it the way the course played with him like he ever went so I think you're there every. Not being gonna gonna win this thing done and he he only had a pretty solid they want. Driving with the way the conditions are being even mets' five shots back to mean it's not Tom on day one that's that's not insurmountable by any stretch. Does that is not a harmless guys too. That have us. I guess you'd say like. That the track record that you would say you know beat these guys are gonna pull away like ilk can't hear that the he's just a solid PGA tour player. And he now that had a pretty good he's been but I mean just think how much did it to roll but then there's the whole bunch of names we mentioned south African guy. That brought the guys that are under par early that some guy Connecticut fallback that rightly that they argued that it stayed though I I think tiger got a pretty good spot here yeah. I did not see a single minute of Jordan's peace around when I got here. One of the first headlines I saw was these blames brain fart for round unraveling. And now home sitting here and he's one over which you know isn't great. Did you see what happened to him I guess it was circus started on fifteen. And then he had a couple of unity doubled that many in a couple more bogeys on the way in. Yeah I finished. For you to the re under coming that the heat though he really what playing great. I'm picking it up. One of those pot bunkers and could not advance it forward so we had to hit out sideways. And when he hit it out sideways it ran to the fairway. And into the Q on the other side of that hole which ended up leading to the double. And then he had a couple of bogeys coming and he did it really really poor iron shot. Coming in. Misjudged the yardage maybe even could and he was super short of one of the holding it up and a bunker well. But the thing that struggled in this year that I think you elect a bit about is that haven't putted well I thought he putted pretty well today though. You'd obviously like they're cute but he's one over but six back at something that he gives you can make up and he has in the past. Yeah I'm enjoying just looking through. The leaderboard and mrs. tightened this happens and majors maybe it's more pronounced that the British Open when the conditions are quite this. The group the group of guys. That I've got to appeared that are all around. But girl at two over. I mean it reads like a who's who of what he ED slash ninety's golf Calcavecchia. Is there. Mickelson is there als is there Bernard longer is this terrible something. Murder crews roll these guys that are. Very well event I've got about Ernie Els in a long long time and like there you know and there is a mean I'm not saying any these guys are really contending. But it just funny to see them all lumped together there at like one you know all tied at. At two over. This tournament I think and I actually like that. Kind of where I'm going with the point that the piggy back up your point of why I think tiger. And win. One meters and electing he's gonna break Jack's record but it. If he gets another major Buick could come at the event because. It's not as it not as important. As it could be just the absolute bomber and how like we're seeing at the other venues. It's more about experience and knowing how to play those courses in that terrain you know we've obviously got every year at this point like you have to have a little different mentality. Play these courses use the ground a little more different style cloning Dolly Ayala thought. And you've got it obviously that you just mentioned like they have that experience what was it I'm walking. Was it about 56 years ago etiquette a Winnie the X 69 and he's still Norman Greg Norman and hit a win like a decade ago he would like this war. Darren Clarke won it what could that Gator barrel by the year ago when he was. I would guess you'd say kind of toward the back epic career. Hailing bin Laden really young when he won it back here and I think it's just that's kind of what it. Manually do which. I guess they could lower interest thing you get more guys involved and anything can create great storyline like it did with block. Yes that Norman no that's right yeah I'm just buzzing through here went all the way to the bottom David do ball. Married over when David Yule ball like he hey everyone he still plays golf. I got no idea. And that was but that was somebody that was. Gonna be out there who amongst your group like I guess amongst your group you gotta figure DJ is he that he couldn T think at five over. I think so I guess is it planned to hit driver a lot didn't seem to the pay off so well for them. And they got it like putting on ordering them in the early part well idiot today. Yeah and back it 129. Not eating. Not even like. Do I think partly he could chased down and Isner which remote around sure but there's a 127. O'clock eastern right though I get the I mean. I think out of the guys that I took. I mean unfortunately even though he's about player in the world probably. One that I caught ultimately they like him down nine. You know then. Everybody else is still kind of yeah don't cannibalize break my neck my neck toward guys caught one which beat the high road this. And and and we would at all on top guy had. What a day he shot 41. And then 31. And the back nine it playing much more difficult and the last four holes are playing extremely difficult. And that gives me a little thought that maybe he could be a factor in the weekend is that maybe he'd get. He hasn't played since the US open may be just. You know get the rock stop it and donated this course. I mean he played the toughest hole of the back and anybody shoot 31 on the back when. Over pot with an ever scored but the pretty impressive numbers so. That the guys that you know like steak for a little that I a right whether or not I still feel really good about. Do you have a handle on how tomorrow shakes out like whose plane went to site I did not a guy that see the morning today so I'm. But you do know who's going to win. Yeah. It's fine it's like tiger played very late today that he's early he's he's 5:20. AM this. It's so you know promoted to get up early America pierce 6 o'clock 7 o'clock rather you can see him. Coming out here there was very early today he's going to be about 8 o'clock. Hello I'm died at the top been out at 1030. Not a row up super early 2:52 in the morning pool. So. I mean it will be spread out all day and it is anybody else but entered into that. Up guys at 5 AM roses. The road speak group. Is the one that you'll be late tomorrow patriotic and in the morning okay great bubble that'll go probably up until about what your show out there that much. Read the good our Brian wolf thanks offer this will alarm will take up on this again tomorrow if you're available I've got Brian Duffy in the 6 o'clock hour so maybe earlier than that I'll I'll Bosnia tomorrow for your around. Yeah that'll be good in even the earlier work about Greek and the right. Our great all right thanks crime. That is Brian cozy on the AT&T hotline of course he is the host of Artie green golf show one of the host he incumbent Sylvester and a couple PGA pros. Every Saturday morning. Get to. That show. Sometime I meant to get to him during out of we can talk more about this tomorrow but I'm just thinking about it. So ally. On on Tuesday. I think we were talking about Tom but that the bill salary cap situation that can respond off of this ESP and piece that was like power rankings for the next three years that sale sort of felt what you uncovered that they really. They weren't that pearl about it. But they've got everything about the salary cap. And what with the bill situation is only who they have to pay next to Mike Benjamin Kelvin Benjamin the receiver they traded for last season at the deadline. It is someone whose contract is up and he is clearly. There most accomplished. Player at that position it's not even close. And I wonder. Quick thinking about him but when we see these big contracts Brandon Cox gets in and that's the same class on brain because it's a monster contract. From. From the rams after they traded for him from a New England in the offseason. And what was that five years eighty million dollars a Kelvin Benjamin has had injuries. And if I wonder. Wonder like if you could right now Joseph think about this. Five years fifty million dollars tell them the would you do that. Right now if you could again this is before camp opens. It's before you watch him demonstrate how healthy is if you could lock him up at that price. Which for. You're de facto all or just flat out your number one wide receiver. Is a that's a pretty good price per rare what those guys get paid. But you've got a guy that has had numerous knee injuries but I wonder. How many fans would have an appetite for. I would not I just I. I just thought of it and was just wondering like I wonder I wonder how old fans would feel about that because of the fact that. There's nothing at that position but I it you can draft someone high next year there and I don't know. How high did dumb. Part of John Ross contracted with a guy in Tennessee and these guys did nothing as rookies. So that might not be on to guarantee you're. Guarantee it might be a fix that you can feel good about it at least right away in 2019. For you receiving corps so late Benjamin. At all. If he proves to be healthy the price is obviously gonna go way higher. Yeah I don't love the player he's missed more games and Sammy Watkins has in his career and he's known as like he's the guys made of glass that was always hurt for a us. So yeah I don't love the player by. To me you're in a spot with the rest of your wide receivers in your skill positions really as a whole. Rattled if you couldn't afford to let him walk out the door and just scanning through free seed for next year's grow quickly in like there's not a name on their Mike. Yet a guy's a definite upgrade over what I'd be getting over Benjamin and that ten million a year might sound like a lot but really like you said it's not late Paul Richardson got five years forty million in the what's he. He's the guy had a one decent season Seattle he got that money so. Yeah I don't love the player but I feel like you're in a spot where you might have to you might have to do it just as you really have anything else position long term. Right the guy I wonder if the bills. Would. Like. Beat speaking the same thing like would they be thinking ahead and looking at it and wondering can we get an impact full guy in the draft next year. To hand. The can we expect to make trade for a better receiver or someone as good as Kelvin Benjamin can we lower someone. Like come amendment and free agency. I would date would they want to do that would they want to the other question is would he do you know a I wonder if you approached him with that if he wouldn't just come I'm gonna play this year and an honor to be a free agent and what watch. I'm gonna go get Brandon cooks cock attractive but the hits for him is he's on the bills. And we don't know which quarterback is going to be and soul you know all. How big a year can you expect to put up he just watching Jordan Matthews leave the bills and get a one year deal for like enough. With New England I think that's what happens if your receiver on the doubles that's it that's what can happen if your receiver on the bill solid. Betting on yourself or your Kelvin Benjamin might not be the best idea you know so. Put some money in front of them and see what happens and I don't know I don't love him either and I'm worried about his injury history. But I am. I don't know why I think you might be stock. Might it be fair to say it and that's another reason assert Josh L and a show Kelvin Benjamin like another reason. To even say here even to think you might not want to see. Right you might have to play Josh out decade you're gonna get the play this guy for the next five years. I'd watch him throw up to you right now. Down just so little thought a moment Ballmer visit that. I think at some point. Island to space but. You know just sort of popped in my head at one point they just just thinking about the rookie wide receivers what really sort of gets on my mind because you don't. This past year anyway you didn't get a lot of production. Out of the guys that were mostly highly touted and so it's it's challenging art. We will take time out here rule. Check in on some NHL and sabres with Sean Leahy covers. The NHL and writes about the NHL for. Pro hockey talk and NBC sports so stay tuned that is on the way after this I mobile blog about showbiz on vacation this is WG. It's my choke. We had wrestling in Jim. Oh yeah yeah right yeah although it was not a joy I was probably feel I've held a book. During the rest when it was my turnaround is still at the book out there. That's how we do in Iowa and a Bulldog. I know that human being. And fish can coexist peacefully non WG ER Sports Radio 515. I roll on through Thursday here on WGR thanks for hanging with me today Mike show is on vacation. I am the Bulldog and happy to welcome on the AT&T hotline Sean Leahy from NBC sports and pro hockey talk. Welcome to the show Sean is nice talk to you. So alarm. What's happening here are we we've done for the all season and is it is it overs match that's already going to be a Canadian and is. Erik Karlsson going to be a senator. Tom is Jeff Skinner gonna stay in Carolina like where where we got here. The acting like in the what that the weaker Q after the draft. Made the call also and talk you there's catcher Eddie caucus just for whatever reason. King called and now it's just. Awfully quiet but all of the GA and then eight instructor cottages joins us with a sovereign. We'll see what happens but yet he called still out there it seemed like you retreated at some point who knows that you can go to Tampa. Some doubts and Skinner innovators in the treatment really the last two seed then is that almost seems like that's an inevitable move and he's a catcher eye specialist via. The Canadians come out and seeing that they're knocking you off and the extension is kind of a weird moved to do that publicly. What is hot hot shots he's pretty that you would pay to come to an end its illegal that he wants to get guys not yet. Thirty in your 20s25. Goals here on the wing. Is that you play options out there guys I'm. Wonder about him even if think that the thing that scared me off of an impact already. When we were here busy talking about Ryan O'Reilly. Being traded. And pad ready maybe being the returning that was the Specter of a contract extension and his age I would be worried about that. Because I feel like you know it's not going to be that long before you start regretting that the sabres have got. Not a great track record and we've got price. I'm on long term deals that are aging on Gallup poll so map Molson come to mind immediately. And but but I wonder if giving him without an extension and if fewer good. I'm thinking of the sabres here. And you ride with him through the year if your year doesn't go well old you spit him at the deadline is a rental but I wonder if that's an idea. Yeah I mean if it were it's where the opportunity to look at Jason bottoms the Hewitt prices. Given how everyone knows he's treated mark Bershard billions and you watch. You'll power there's a hard is that China upped the price slump has never knows that you retreat at some point out your lateral and the. Quite right yeah it's worth taking a shot Adam. You just kind of you know boosting Darren on the offense and and like it study it doesn't work out it will not like you know you can the patent work in getting back some sort out drastic and made a prospect or whatever. Or is it. It any threat that you maybe try to convince them to. Like buffalo state he sees things are kind of trending and finally trending in the right direction presented at this stage but. You can turn 30 November. I'm sure ultra look no longer term deal on them like you say the those those guys looking at thirty. Russia forward things kind of took a nosedive offensively not quite the elite status player like the crowd the economy either way I'm meeting expect a high level the thirties but. It is to work a shot or secret that they were just trying to you'll build on the excitement heading this season looked out in all. For the summer. Writing it they still need some story I mean did it didn't take long. Piecing like you know lines together for whatever it's worth for someone who works on the radio to do that. To pencil like page Thompson into a toxic spot in the mean he's played forty games the NHL again I. I don't think you need to be more evidence than that of the sabres still needs and scorn on the wings. Yeah that would mean that I think the addition car sure you hope that he you know he sure looked pretty nice but still like Jack eichel. Scored was a huge issue not known. Hollywood can go that actually give up a groan that went scoring goals you'd issue receivers last year and Patrick in Chile help on the link in your pop station gently also be kind of a leadership got real a real what's reps all of a lot of young guys young. Guys know they can learn a lot from. Guy who's captain and a very heavy. B market and option also it's it's worth a shot. And all the price is right just gay bar has always got app that the pilot that he can you'll build towards the future withstand or. Usually in trades to bring god would actually a year or so countered that that they can help the team going forward so. If the price you correctly markets are still but if you're Montreal. Eastern China maximize voter turnout for a guy who's who actually value for a goalie. Right in maximizing return for them would be sending him somewhere that wants to sign to a contract extension and for me I'm. I'm like no no thanks on that John Leahy is on the AT&T hotline with a policy. Writes about the NHL for NBC sports and scroll hockey talked to all on the sabres would have backed karlson and Skinner maybe if time allows but. The big move of course Ryan O'Reilly. Is shipped out this is a high priced players this is a productive player this is still a relatively young player despite the fact that he's been in the league as long as he's been. But he showed up as a second round pick right in his draft year and started right away with Colorado Avalanche. Get the sabres felt like they needed to change. How do you think they did in that trade two on. I think they did well I think I think the good treatment you know the patient the and informs my peace equivalents Ibaka. It helped. Secondary school year it comes. I don't play her Natal works there and so when you get pretty well in college so we'll see what happens at each allow what I think showing. It was important he yelled look at this if you look at accede to a right now they've got just under 39 dollars out city. War. Probably in another rise cap ceiling and not too many high price extension that this case bar got to worry about next summer. So that use them. The Quechua a lot of the pilot. And it did make some strides this season. Maybe bar can be a little bit aggressive in free agent Mark Green that trade deadline next February or march it's going to be to these. On a potential upward trend this year or I could talk about. Immediately photographer from back catcher Eddie like all over the Sonics and so so please note that set up nicely. That it. The key with this year it is not like it's a step forward but seeing bodies on guys that can make their mark on the Angel levels rushing got Dolly of course and. And educational as low quality that we see them take some strides this year. Single start Goebel more brighter outlook in the coming years. Sean is it realistic to think that they'll have to. Rookie of the year candidates here in middle stat and d'alene. Not at all and dust that was highly touted coming out of high school. The trap you cheered and. There's no he'll he'll get kind of it is limited played so far. Rational level of it looks like guy in the right situation with the outlook and it could certainly up up some points and contend for cultural and an eight. It got much more to say but now we we we've watched that the YouTube videos and and it yet on Twitter the last year. This is the way you'd be able smooth these skated in on how your mind you a little bit of error all the way he plays cops about the ability so they can. Plate and it would. Somewhere close to a level of what our call is. Is no doubt at the same reception up pretty exciting classes come here. Yeah boy you mention those YouTube videos I made to track down first time in a long time per development camp. Just to watch him and it's it's I don't know if you've seen him in person it's like he's floating. It's really get aggressive. It is it that way he wants the way he gave but the way he's able to. Avoid. Avoid by the opposing players. And it around them with the puck. Meat and balance act that had up has great vision to you know make a pass off you know going around offender. It it's amazing for such young kid and is it means that it. I yell at him in and a cup one day at the ankle that was the way he plays and you're out in the great shot but it is his vision and play making skills and skating ability. Will be a huge asset backed her a blue line that she needs some help and. Jody hill sides of the upwards as well I'm excited to go on yeah looks like you're. A young kid but it that from watching him play. He's been playing it demands were not appear so going to the NHL level. Maybe maybe take some time to adjust that speed inside the right I don't think of any issues. I think so they'll go some maker's mark pretty early on she. We'll put a time out here or bring you more of our conversation with the Sean Leahy of NBC sports and pro hockey talk after this on WG are. Sean Leahy from pro hockey talk at NBC sports on the AT&T hotline. With me here on WGR. So Hulk. How launch of a jump them in the sabres finished last they they can't be worst legacy and have fewer points and they had last year but or how much of an improvement. Is realistic for this team is is a twenty point jump realistic is contending for a wild card playoff spot. Realistic the Atlantic stacked with Toronto Boston and Tampa. What what what do you think is right to have. Don't expect or at least hope for. And be sent me ish points. Kind of being not on the bubble with just outside the ball there or yup car but does. That he's got a bit you know the guy. In goal in the situation and all there yet you know couple good years there. And certainly some of the sect there's score and. Getting guys are sharing them rob Elliott so they're here they're party areas that improved. This summer for savers and you look at that division. Ottawa. The tree in Iraq. Absolute train wreck. It's actually the sabres finished above that and maybe a Montreal on oh Marshall but you know kind of what they are so that we version and I'm building on treating. About China from act don't we is still weird thing they saw Kerry price and we on how. How much Terry Christ means that their franchise and keep them afloat when when you doubt copiers go shopping time on nosedive. But in this hidden. And in Detroit I think you upload in the short competing for. No one of those. Oh please stay fives. Except spot. In the visionary but. Acted up at the bit are that good of this team which matter of you'll find many guys in the right situation and ill. Car hotly proving himself number one in this league and. From married that all goes together you know like a choice you're hitting seven point it is going to be just give it that meg not a while not a bubble but you know just the effort. I guess that oil she's just study group and cheered build art for next summer Engel followed. How about the top of this division I mean I think the three cup favorites right now in Las Vegas are in the Atlantic it's to Ronald I don't know the order exactly Tampa Toronto Boston. Toronto oh of course the big move to get to Paris Tampa. Is still trying it seems like maybe I don't know if they're the favorite to get Carlson did you good get a Carlson trade on. I I. Ottawa. There all from expansionist and they could on July 1 and they did and she saw. I I can't see what you want to commit himself to auto war Ott Ottawa. When you look at how the candidacy there there have pulled off. You build this is the parts are that are working so there. When you go to our contending. Ultimately that union ought to washed clean yourself. The Indy look at all the guys they're they're leaving I call last Greg Anderson's reporting want out as well also got a jump off ship there. Crosses to county general if you want to win and he can get as big ears. Somewhere else in Tampa if you treated there so I I think sooner or later were were gonna get I don't know what white and I'm at all muted the last note and it just so much. Certainly once we get in closer training camp this is the tree has happened I can't imagine he'd like I can't but I doubt seems kind of reportedly. The top two involved really come up in Europe to chart part that got. You'd think Vegas is out on that or or or could they do they'll they'll have a news they've got the cap room the thing I wonder about what Tampa's like who they give up and how they keep. That band together if they give Carlson the contract that he certainly warrants which would be you know 88 years north of ten million dollars a year. And is wondering how they probably keep all that all that on the rails. Yet the biggest so has the bail out of the cap space they have yeah. We got a ton of traffic so that appeared vacated used to entice Tampa. To make building and you know what it's eight. I make. You know what sort at Lagos. We kind of saw that report where they're trying to make things work at a trading pattern. Needed that New York Rangers need to comment cakes and sell really need of attention to Iraq Ryan Callahan was rumored himself in the united on now. Fortune working salary cap in keeping that team. And there I'm. I I don't doubt his ability and Colin often not only to deal but extending calls and and making the money work where the stormy pattern calling for the coming few Beers years beyond just absolutely out in the system. Initially got seeking you can trade off the young players that new optic Johnson Roger Clark you're. Heavy salary and terms are contract were still young enough where your team like Ottawa. They want take them on the kind of build your team on going forward so. It I can pull it off. It's going to be pretty amazing to watch it make you guess you'd be mad I'd start. Yeah it would be mind boggling that they were like my number one go to on the sunrise package this season examine Winnipeg. But I really crushed on vessel left ski. This year watching him into so athletic and justice so much talent and his is you know you inserted. I found them like in December wasn't quite on top of them I knew they were going to be good. But I wasn't watching them and then suddenly I I try to monitor it's like whose goal word whose point like who are. What were these. New honey is likely they needed more reinforcements in the form of secondary scoring but yet there it is. Yeah me and makes you think you are now it is polite eagle a lot of these teams that are very good in contending team and they get conduction. They're cheap young players Yani court had a great season. Pretty important categories is all those guys are you going dollar last. It's dealt Georgia who they are required opt for the need for jobs and you had a fantastic year was in there at the cultural you re so. Those guys step up go get that audience a couple of years but for now there aren't cheap contract. And they're they're complimenting that I'll see the opposite I like stamp codes that pilot John. A lot of culture and at. Well saying it that. Yeah he had a great Q you'd Archie duke is so. It. It will work eat the other that you've got to catch sheepish he'll even though they knew it would drop which actually gotten amusing. Capped at night at nine dollar should match what you years. You look at his production isn't that that we shall all stock up on such as that contract look like a bargain and. Copiers who dropped these planes scored ninety art pointer received. I totally agree that hey I mentioned Vegas their quickly it is if you. If you had to bet right now would you bet on them to be in the playoffs again next year or do you think like the bubble burst and it was just a dream season. All bought it certainly you know being in the play I like what like several review the moves that exceeded this the salsa that. Paul Stastny is a great lie I eat out a lot to see him stay in Winnipeg pile oxide. Chronic. But putting him in a in Vegas. I think it's a great move for them a better I could no provide port. Can a government that they just want it maybe it will cost you. Got an arbitration hearing set up by next month. I'm Rafa of old boxers see that nobody saw coming and it is ill if you're short exceed. What I'm extension he's trying get this guy on each and get on my bridge again. A two year prove it to me contractors. Six all 431 season for its what do expectation going forward. But he personally I'll just keep low volume I until he takes a one or two year deal and I guess said if you do or two years again. That would give your big money but it did bring him back to bring back out Marcus rice met. Cody can well it Carlson. If he if he's able comeback on I feel this so that the about the pieces out a great machine that you've been. Not a lot of big changes. From from last year they'd been extended worry that you now have all the salt is so. You know their plot tough conference. I think your division is not the one of the weaker and in the NHL packets human being back in just east. This Wiki site run at that scene in the city and just with the way that the Heatley gel together awfully quickly start last year. That William Karlsson shooting percentage is just not speed I I would be very scared about committing the long term there luckiest he looks like he'll be a nice player. But why wouldn't just assume I'm gonna get forty goals. Dot still got that while it's valid I is politics CEO that you hard line. Two year you know Shelby contract two year modest. My salary and save it. You're getting in over two years there will give you will look up the checkbook he gives me Monica's. The aggression could hit him hard but. You wonder it is gonna go back to being it and get legal guys. Settle at 25 vertical range which which would be nice root for the night going forward on all of multi year deal so what what. All right John thanks a lot of us appreciate the time very much and look forward to visiting with you again down the road some time. Absolutely got it right that's a wrap floor being. Say Oscar likes them. Stick to my captain Joseph Levy obviously how many ways right after this on them. German. Speaker.