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We're back with more of the instigate us. Presented by MP Carol hardware. So welcome back. The break I'm learning some news. Some breaking news Karen WGR Sports Radio 550. And MSC we might have a beef. Right out of you you know I don't aired this is the fun of this this shell. What is the funds. Well I guess back in the eighties there's a rumor that Robin Lehner wanted to squash your head. Like the heat. Is being a little critical may be of a couple of his performances and now we sit not a for each million dollar deal. And I wonder how the driver ceaseless welcome Amanda show Robin latter I'm arms arm's distance from Marty beer on you army you know slapped in the mouth for. You always I dream person at all on the Ares looked different. Poor or. No all Robin I'll say this and Marty I was gonna say it's part of the entertainment. Business but yeah no PD likes to make me feel a little uncomfortable saw. He built that up in a commercial and then he came out right swinging. When we got on the air so yeah I'm glad PD. Now I hate Robin yeah I'll take over here has been all that Marty shaken in his boots because I think he thinks are coming in studio I think we told me you're going to be walking in the back door. To surprise some but hey well first of all let me just say this congratulations. You know you got to be excited it's a big opportunity and a challenge right I mean you know one year deal gives you a lot to prove this year. I don't know you know our number excited and very excited to get another year. You're a buffalo start where the I'm happy year from. Elected law. Victor's. A lot lot of tension Lund wanna be a part of it sold at very excited to be part of one more year and seeing about the you know it's pressure as we all impressionable or got. I I'll just like keep getting better keep getting better and reviewed these and this year and my first you're obviously here with will was probably my. My injury they're both but I feel it is ever that I got up or every game I got layup and trying to. It's like are all all of them all. Well it but he over. 90% of I got off or you're right here you. Go joining us on the line Robin Lehner just signed a one year four million dollar deal today so we thank you for joining on the phone. But a pass the the Mike over to Marty here. No I are you happy with the deal I mean you look at a lot of goalies recently you look at this shop in six year deal Martin's old six year deal darling a four year deal. And and so you walk away with a one year deal like you that you wit. The one hero did you want to go long term. Well you know or in Yemen today area I think my position doubles Imus. What will be above all. Alike Presidio are right wanna keep. Building voters see him. I'm happy I got another year here. You know one year or longer term lumps are organized one yours mine throughout my cup as much. In my abilities. Beard are going this league and it is what your paper that's fine as they are easier restricted free agent or more Europe. You know figure right year am I do all of a piece on them. We'll see what happened. What we were up lecture. Buffalo Sabres starting goalie Robin Leonard's assign a number one year four million dollar contract extension two days. And I guess questions ray Robin is you know you look at the team now and you talked about you or you're confident your ability. But you're gonna have a much better team in front of you and I and I'm not putting you on the spot to. Sir you know. Criticizes team last of the teams struggled immensely. Defensively last year and you know that's gonna help you a lot this year with an improved defense and improved offense and hopefully. More offense in the in the back to the net too is gonna help your season alone. It ought. Yeah. Also. Is Portland. Last year I think it has been taken are bigger better artists offseason. You let that thing and the oral what's gone wrong or are you charter. Looking at Merrill rhetoric a lot of players. That are try to be them. Our record our Jason. I have a all while ago and talked to all of the Phil Q and I'm very excited for direction and all the I'll see your culture very. You seem very defensive minded we use her as a result the result. That oval we kind of are welcome. Little bit certain situations. I'm excited about getting hurt or in them. As you and I'm in addition saudis. Players Lugar people let your organization's view them. I'm excited for. Or not senior year rule or levels. You talked about just about Roland Phil Housley but the only member of the coaching staff that is back from the last couple of years is Andrew Allen the goaltending coach. Have you talked to Andrew about some of the things that she gays need to improve on and look into. You know all have a great season to get that long term deal and what are some of those things that you think. Our on top priority list to it to get better rat. All I ever happier batters earlier obviously have been a bit of big supporter rap group I think we work very well together that you felt like. Clear up my game and are very used to it. Or whatever are you here they got up right in a culture. In row. Got my longterm deal that. Obviously there's a there's that's about the game you brought. I I think except Italy for all of us here I'm. We will. We are all last year about a lot of different areas that we news who on a personal and have seen them. Here's. Like all possible you know a lot of these are gonna get plays here and I think it piece by piece getting better but it will. Look we just let you work in and see where they. You're right with one comes the other team success personal success I believe you know Europe and agree you're the team's gonna do well the teams have a great year. You know it's going to reflect on your numbers to we're joined right now by Robin Leonard just signing one year four million dollar contract extension with the team. You know let's shift gears a little bit here Robin and a lot of people on non Twitter very excited to have you back for another year. You know while we did last year and so with that let's just flip on ever and we acted they heard about this. While thanks for tune into the show man I I appreciate it we'll watch you this year though. So all we're gonna move Robert out a miracle and slap shot in the final and I'm just wondering do you have a favorite movie before even talk about those it's more movies or sports movie. Here's or we're your little. That is a good candidate of their outlook report. You know do you have do you have when I Google wasn't one of those like with a one made about Bjorn Borger was the one made about. I don't know the stuff on her staff at south. Stefan Edberg so a case of which one would you rather watch slap shot a miracle if you had to watch one of the other. Oh. Yeah I did the American beat this leads in 1980s so that's when not be really close to your heart wasn't born yet also understand. There's a lot people that weren't born and cheered and the Americans when the movie came out faster. Yes to Robin not who's your favorite goaltender that you emulator. Loved growing up. Off all of they. A playmaker cheap source of or quality guys. They are like look. Disney fend. Yeah but don't you guys have a beast with fans. But I love be forever wrong. We have breaking rather be with a anybody. Who do you hate most in league when they come near your Kris who do you want a blocker the hardest in the face because I remember you remember when Raj. Bro burger push. Sean Avery prominently used what is there one player that comes near the crease you dislike. I'd I might just take it deuce on the scanner right now. Yeah now and my dues I mean it's a minute penalty. Yes. We'll look. Well created the usual all industries and we'll get the. In LA who would you wanna I want is certainly hard the crap out of Matt Cooke. So many times I wanted to beat his guide down to show that I would probably never of gotten a and I would say I hit him once but. You know there's always the one guy like Eric Staal was very annoying because he used to always step on on the goal is love and falling your back. Hated him but I think part of it is always try to keep it will let those guys affects you and I think that. Is one thing that we saw last year is where. Correct me if I'm wrong Robin but you tried this and the moment is try to stay cool and collected and not let those things aren't you. And it seems to have worked well in the eyes for you. Here you know or your bumper as frustrated about he gets frustrated out there they that book. Yeah or. Well. Well well well this ought normal or lower it. Or will Europe will put up. Last year Robin Leonard joining us on the line right now to sign a one year four million dollar deal if you're just tuning in and haven't heard you pry at eleven under a rock this morning he just. I was announced it probably about two hours ago. You know let me ask you this about leadership on the team team probably knocked them Brian Gionta and act last year. You took a stance and your team in the media YouTube you know basically criticize yourself and the team for how they were playing. He went out the next night I think it was an ought to watch you put on a hell of a game and I'm just wondering. You know what's your thought on leadership in the locker room does it out to be. Bettering quiet kind of leader you are you seeing believed transition and shift into younger leaders and what's your thought on that. Yeah at all low. So it seemed relieved. They're getting younger and younger to real honest but I I don't wanna be too much of a vocal leader hopes on some the operators the all the golf revered buck bureau would struggle worker you struggle all its. Think about the you know we resolve a lot of teams that you know it's who have. Not just source so it's gonna play better for. For a harder than you earn or. Darker set earlier if you look at least you personal success you have you know having ups the bubble and so. At last here where you're. We're really really well here's our we. Went to this whole lot to this other peers that I'm just it affects people blatantly hear people loses or gall to have such people are correct on all us stocks well. Several are really difficult to go ordering him. The oldest conservative. If better. We hope you're getting better this summer rubbed if your body's feeling good and I'm looking look forward to seeing you back here in training camp and working on a contract extension for next year and getting us team to the playoffs Robin thank you very much for your time thank you're much. Article about a man.