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You are. You give me a favor you please settle this guy down right now. Hopeful. Marty's getting out of control as her you know for a if you watch your free dinners you're going to be on my side so agencies. Don't. You know. What's funny is that I told. I told him last night I put this might be the best interview I've ever opposite view. Or that you can arc royal that happens that you're not say anything and you guys that are running a little late today so. By the case for a lot of guys were there you guys are we going in. When you're a bigger wielding your guest you can push your guests to whenever you are right I mean let's let's be honest you're only Jason Hoffman bill on the show right now okay. This disease until don't get ahead yourself. I like that Urquhart a hardware and body how I mean we've been texting back and forth but tell everybody out there and radio and TV land. About being re acquired by the sabres. Yeah I pod I'm really excited. I mean we obviously really enjoyed our time and buffalo there there. It couldn't be happier to be back or if they're happy. We're excited it's. To make the move. Back that the live there to establish ourselves as a city dampened. And obviously the team president in and the great direction too. Excited. To meet the player in the and started again. Now you said that kids are happy hold addictive now. I've done visit our little boy seven and our daughter turned six. Last week though the evidence that. They don't remember you playing with the Buffalo Sabres much ID do you remember daddy would the wild but. All that you've done here wearing that they're black and red and then gone back to the blue and gold and you know scoring the big goal against Ottawa did they don't remember that so for damn it's got to be something different something special right. Yeah well especially for our daughter our son was re heavily that the signs that you remembered. Little bit of it. Remembers their babies that are members. A couple buddies that he had there. Where he went to school and stuff like that so. You remember part of that but now he obviously he's involved in hock yeah. You know playing hockey. So yes so that part he's he's excited at court for sure. Yeah I don't really remember asking about what the kids start of the trade I asked you Palmer what you thought of the trade soul. But that's the that's great not listen and whit less I'm going to be honest with you we're all happy that that you're coming back I mean there are there are so many people that the data that happens right. What you think we see all these walk on the palm and bill signs and everything like that means what so. Explain to me explain to everybody this armor just like. What's the conversation like between you and and and he gave us permission column blots on the shoals soul between you and Jason box troll. When that phone calls made you guys were teammates get a good report when you play can I remember that. And you know what what's what's he CDO like what's what's he's you know when you bring into town like what's your duty responsibility wonders expectations of you. Well I mean yeah it was funny if I was thinking the he the same mosque. For a number of what they have so if he was trying to call me and I I was getting a cult that is what they count all of and so eventually he called me with Rick Bender up the but like I contract. We're trying to W I can't. You're not answering my calls or whatever so you would pick up your phone next hour. But yet nor does have a quick chat. He's calling out a lot of that Dave but. Excited for me to be back in. Excitable the role it. I can help the team and in different ways. Just kind of welcome welcoming the NC all the families awards at stuff like that so. Yeah but on news night is the guy played with their views you as a guy that. Usually everything quote every player or would be. So I'm not deprive the U that are successful on the business side as well. You should have told him you're pulling the trigger very needed one and it's the GM calls you wanna come back and Columbia. I'm scared I'm scared that Alan and no I'm going to. Box no. Are you talked about you know all redefining your role with a new team. In Europe come in the end yadda you were a leader on this team for a for a few years and you went to. Minnesota I'm pretty sure you were part that leadership group as well. So now coming back to buffalo and there's already. You know some players that have been there for a you know the last four years at an established himself is is your role being a veteran guy a leader guy. In in the locker room a big part of the discussion that you've had with that with the general manager Bob real or even a coach Phil house. Well I mean just I think that database stuff that I bring. It's hopefully something that I can I can call it an infantryman in New Yorkers organization that we've talked about a little bit. But I'm not gonna change on matter what sentences keep doing what they've been Ali we're doing it. But yet there's guys that have been there. Younger guys that there are gonna be really good players in the league hopefully I can do is gonna help them guide guide them and it in the right direction. And being part of that group. Well they can I can help while. Source sent out a tweet yesterday and I I know that the whole number thing with Palmer hasn't been sorted out yet you don't know what number you're going to be wearing but. Let me ask you this did you put any thought into the tweet picture that I sent you both wearing number fifty do you remember. You remember that we Hewitt and I here and Claire and you always make yourself like an inch taller and about fifteen pounds heavier but to Wear number fifty. Yeah we used to go to the dollars and after practice and play a little like this early. You I used to get to those big cookies. Yeah. I would go at it. But. I. Know Lowery thank all of it out about these days because he is. Christy Freeman is a bad back on guys come rolling in the morning the practice we'll get your number Palmer of number 152 line but but. We get to practice guys always Hadley boxes of don't actually Chris beat feet to the just opened up right. So as well you may not be able to see this but there is they Honeycutt ruler would chocolate dipped right in front of beauty right. And if you do. I like our guys so it ports are right got you right national doughnut on the death this year we got that kind of the muddy tire iron on set without a budget. Robert Palmer would bring home these Krispy creams and I would go and tipped to win over the blogs that Agilent so all of a sudden power to bring home box because decrees they wouldn't be there anymore he hiding them under. The Smart guys tomorrow. Brit doesn't I would call it out. Late water and how it's Hewitt you they're beat beat beat Donald I did the talking about how to write them. Well forty three's available right it's 43 of the sabres maybe primer right. In 04 a nice watch or something I'll let you have them Palmer let me ask you don't like the honest have you ever envision yourself since you've been traded. Because twenty nines take in your vision yourself in a different number playing for the sabres and Agassi might have had to write. Or yeah you you kind of adopt new. The fifties. That you were part monitor it and I warned junior. All of that I didn't know that was. Yeah I was lie I used to pick fifty when cocoa tree mile layer. I guess yeah well I don't a little more images streets Akamai to figure that one out. Up then yeah probably you're just let me copilot at all. You definitely developed a way to be because there. Instant win again they may not be a lot of pictures a parlor with fifty. Two confinement unit I don't know the Internet reaches in again. But now. I'm saying dad jokingly because that's what my brother played as well and it's it's a great spot but yeah it's it's one of those those small town in Quebec and you know but. Palmer what one thing we were talking about should we I looked up your stats today just to see okay what is he been doing. You know point why is the last few years just to see. What I would be expecting a view I contribution wise but one thing that stood out to me. Where is the amount of games have been able to play every year you've been a very very. I consistent 758082. Games a year. I am. Is that something that you. Our look at that is that something that you're proud of is there something that your doing to be able to stay healthy all this time it was the key there. Yeah well I've been I've been fortunate. With with injuries that you take care of myself. And that switch and whether it's during the season are four in the summer. I mean. I have a groin injury who three years ago and now it's. Pretty much my only injury last year what I meant was. With the pot so that it is not the you have to there's nothing I really could have done about that. But yeah I know my volleys been able to play a lot of teams and stay healthy or work with but my that was the credit. Jason Palmer of old joining us on the as the gators here and WGR 550 and MSG re acquired Jason Harmon built. Back to the Buffalo Sabres joining us from where are you. Did not respond to any. And already haunts me. Yeah I'll it's anybody does he know Europe I need I did see one of the best signing ever produced back oh no that was me guessing her parents need armor I know how to. Are. You memories that make me read about your hockey card to work on my friends. I was just. Seconds and I haven't made it. Somewhere big guy Palmer we live and out apartment on elm wood and Rochester. There and I know Eastlund and you've had these cards from junior. And I think they're your prospect Karzai Hewitt I would be able to read and renounce the words right no idea what I'm saying. But it didn't poverty is like and you can do in reg yeah the littler and I mean. Our guys are relate to what temperature the men at 66 degrees that's my number. I can guarantee you they wrote cold or warm. All highly cool yeah I think that little and it and the nepalese side and yeah out clear and rip wants me are right now what you gonna do when you get here when he coming to town. I don't know where in the process right now we're holding and stuff so we'll probably. End of August. Yacht which it usually the tip start. Our school. That the start of the cover Italy September 5. And that's stride dresses warrant. A little animal that will keep that a secret. OK but I uses that are on TVQ bill through it and have the budget that speaker. Have you talked to any other players is they're like yeah have you reached out to two Jack I call right Reilly cal post or any of the guys I know. Yeah well the court you guys have reached that he yet tax those guys that. Have a chance to at least to get to know if you like I didn't know. Any of the guys. Played against them but I mean the only two guys that I played with. When I was there are went to Minnesota in in the trade so I didn't really know anyone else. And yeah I don't quite a few regional by texas' socialist. I think your command. Did you did you see Kyle out also in the Minnesota area before going back home because I know he's been skating now so there's a guy may be US death. Ran into that at the rink in the summertime or not is he crazy somebody you thought you had already taught him. Yeah I I had met him. But I mean almost every summer I think we we use we skated in Minnesota. Before training camp and he was there conflict met I've met him before it. Actually just read it this story. That came out a couple they also might see that he's healthy and and ready to go so. But yet met I met him before he was. You are well known guy then. I think. Conquer instantly that it is the other one that I but before. Jason pom bill joining us on the line re acquired buffalo receiver back just before July 1 with. Marcos can Della. I did I wanted to ask Palmer question but it wasn't about skin ability now which make when I absolutely not because note it was going to be. Armor KC Mittal stat let's let's talk sabres future Giannone about this kid out of Minnesota. I honestly I don't know much I Eckerd. A lot of people talk about and thrilled. Throughout the year in the in penicillin in even players on I'm Artie or saying that you post Soviet in. I think he decides it. They had high school and then our high school the state tournament in Minnesota is huge. So you decide to stay in I mean that was a big deal in Minnesota. Yeah but I've never seen him play but effort are a lot to me the order for sure. Yeah the most in Bill Polian because now making of a scandalous tell everybody about scandal. As we know William Arkin yeah I talked to guy so you don't tell us all the positive stuff about scandal yeah I want appears not much. The stayed out of the out of order does everything. Really well and use that he that they even have got a huge really big reached. Huge shock. He happiest he's a horse the play against the current that we need to. You can see some sort of this is overall Seymour really help it is quite bigger. So yeah it does seem all call our team I think overall whether it's on the specialty or. Just just violent crime. Did he played top pair can he be with rest the line and on that number one pair and be an efficient player that way our. Are we looking at more like a number three number four anti defenseman. No I think he's really excited about the opportunity. As he did exactly Buick Buick arc arc in the order. Behind. Behind Souter on the left side and used to play with spurt in on on the second pairing. When they were probably. The pairing that are for you wanted to be on any sweat it they would just create so much. Further forward there. By the way they join across the way they move the pot was was just the unbelievable but then. Last year. Spurred it was a move with. With Souter and and about it he's he always was juggling around partners and never was really able to find a steady partners so. There's a little harder on him but. I mean if she if you plays at. Operate with with good players in California. You're really really affect the player. All right are we did a movie bracket on the shoulder last week and our miracle one. We're a little ashamed of that is talk to show we want something else but it was miracle over slaps on the final give a favorite sports movie. Favorite sport I you know I some summer text doesn't count and that's with the that's quite I really like they have football movie. Kevin Costner you know you know yeah yeah our. Our bosses actually NN mark Conan he. He's and one of the scenes but it is an unbelievable movie I love the this the stands in the wheels in the deals and all that stuff. But yeah any also mean other than drop day that's more recent note like. Which everything else back there mostly boys is an unbelievable French sports movie that PD Paul says you guys are doing here you're teaming up here at well on our. You heard this or I mean. You're able to read my car so you can probably watch the show Q. Yeah you're able to read the back and does. I think he should be able to watch French movies so I see it happening I got two Americans French speaking American stadium on a wet and aren't typical dual citizen now Palmer will they a fourth of July July 1 party together next year because we have to celebrate it. Notes there's a miracle or slap shot where in the finals. Which one would you vote for as best sports movie of all time. Between both of them. I would say I'd probably seen flop shot more than miracles go. Populate flops. Well miracle want to sell that. You know Mayweather McGregor. Are you in are you out he said you're in yesterday's change Maya. Yet not gone wild that we lost that. Yeah I'm on that's when lots anatomy who has not been a lot about it they party. Create a much attention with. With there press conferences. All of that what you want to pass should be hopefully a fight that interest thing at the murder. I'll press conferences. If we have an investigator. Mayweather McGregor fight party will you join us it's August 26 week coming this Greg will be their Marty might be there I don't think there. Marty won't be there at the keys baby Joseph may still be there Wilpon and they'll be there. About I would have a about Bob Franken out just. Yeah. Oh. We're automatic place bomber hope removed him by the look purpose. Boasts a week the answer probably be there all right yeah this. Jays bomber belt he's on the he's he's on the pads on the invite list like you know as we get closer here we're not even have a party Palmer but thank you for your time today man. And look forward to having you on again. Say two a lot but is your hair long or short right now. It's sort it or whether it. I think you should grow it I think you should I think you should grow back to the the curls and straighten it like he used to back in the day you mr. there's been pressure you should you think it partly is the hands that are. If you get a budget guys the curly hair and your team that you're doing it right to view Crist or burn I think my brother blog here Golan. Roy partner Derek Roy had the law here he had to straighten out. Mike Ryan had the long hair the other news. That you have water. I still I still have a long here but now it's would you it's long in some areas are you know and I mean. China China OK Jason Hoffman bill thanks very much for your time and that's in the family. And a great interview here buddy appreciate it receipt you Marcum anomalous. Access through Wi does Ariel about it and yet dinner on me yet McDonald's. When in doubt today you know where to find Marty. In the mid eighties drive thru at our Palmer hang up. RNC.