07/05 Night Cap HR 1

Wednesday, July 5th

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No effect rhythm rhythm with writing and geeks love who pulled him. For the red shirt politics love the food the guy is cool but clearly don't look good and who played little. You're not gonna get it slipping into our food looked good so please stop. One W. It's true I'm wearing a red shirt. I'm wearing a backwards. And I may or may not be wrong. Two out of those three things are true. And sets were on the radio he can't see them wearing a red shirt and backwards cap you can use your imagination to figure out which one is right. What's gone up. Right gates and now the here we've got Joseph dvi out to be on the board might carry on his way and it's been nightcap on WGR hope everyone. Had a solid fourth of July spent some time with some family splits time with some friends maybe your maybe not yelled at some people. It's done it's punished in 24 hours and I'm happy to be back. With the guys here for the next couple days. Something is on tap coming up on the show. With Harvick gave its contract and Joseph and I we're gonna we're gonna toss around what does that mean. For. Jack Michael moving forward the original figures that we are hearing. With that contract extension was going to be a thirteen point 25 million cap hit per year. It goes down to really right around to what I predicted that contract would be which was. 100 million dollars for eight years a twelve point five million dollar cap hit I think you mean a lot sounds he gets the two million dollar raise. From the previous. Highest paid contract in cap hit which was Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane bolt the Blackhawks making ten point five. And it's it's it's a nice raised but it's not. Out of this world even know I mean that contract in. Yeah he's under contract he'll be under contract forward the next nine years with the Oilers. To be under contract until 20/20. Six. Debt last year of that contract is going to look like the biggest bargain in the NHL at that point probably. It's gonna be twelve and half. Million. And its meaning he'll be. Still probably among the highest paid players in the league. But there's gonna be players that have actually come up that surpass him if things continue ends there is a rise in the salary cap. Bullets it's. Right now I think it's going to be real can really good. For that so we're gonna talk about that we also have arbitration coming up. 43. Buffalo Sabres three guys filing for arbitration today. Before the 5 PM deadline and Robin miner which I fully expected him to go to salary arbitration. Johan Larsson as well going to a salary arbitration. And need symbol you. I guess I'm a little more surprised about those guys I do believe that their value is higher than her qualifying offers dollar NEW last year almost thirty points 25 assists gonna be Toxics defenseman. He he probably deserves a little bit more than 81 million dollar that he was offered. And same with Larson he'd he's not a big points guy but I think he plays certain role so I'm not too shocked about him going to arbitration either. And so what we're at all some stuff about that round as well about really the dominating topic of the day. DeAngelo Williams he hits the U wrestling ring and it's it was the hacks it. It wasn't the octagon it wasn't the rain it was the. Jackson got right six sides attacks on. Bikes. With the six night's Sox are gone. Self to god com. I don't know Kosher either way it was six side. Septa gone right that's got to be step would be seven. Man I ain't Sox have gone. Up to gone. Are you must stop with the this either way it's a six sided ring. For impact wrestling DeAngelo Williams making his debut so I'm wondering if god you guys don't sell earlier today talked about bills that you would like to see off in the ring. Just off of arts colleges football players in general or even just athletes in general. That you would like to see make the transition from professional sports. To. Professional wrestling. Because the usual Williams I'm not sure he's seen the clip I'm not sure it's a tweet out by the station account or by anyone here at WGR. I'll I'll tweet it out from my county could follow me at reliant underscored WGR. And pew looks excellent in his in his debut as wrestling debut. This is a guy that still looking for work. From twentieth other. NFL teams he he has done on the record saying that he will not go to four NFL teams he's not going to say which four teams that that is. And if you got any athletes out there that you would like to see me make the jump. I'm only here in 030551888550. To 550 or you can shoot me text message. Albie goes on the year 55550. If you got any ideas. For that the first guy that comes to my mind honestly and he's got involved in it. Rustling recently no it is not Alonso ball. I know he did just make an appearance on Enron not too long ago and he. I guess he's not really a professional athletes he doesn't fit the criteria. That laid out for you there. He's almost perfect fort the WWE with the way that he wants to act packs of five it's toxic. OK you know and add it to geometry. Yeah I've got I've got a Pentagon's five sides you're right it is hacks are gone by the Pentagon on the math teacher that comes in via tax line. They QMR math teacher IE certainly appreciate that packs a guy and he was an X gone but the guy that I think of when you think about guys who would certainly make the jump into the WWE. And would fit in perfectly. He's already made a few appearances earlier this year Rob Gronkowski. Key is the perfect guy to go in there. You know he would put his body on the line and there's certainly questions about how he's had multiple back surgery is not really the kind of guy you wanna be put in the body on the line. But you know he would sell out. Every day of the week. He would put his body on the line he would be whole areas to talk to on the might be a fan favorite in short time. And make his way to potentially. A new. Class. A jealous tell me earlier he was asking okay. What do you think the highest paid wrestlers. I go you don't even know John C of course John Sina he's got crossover appeal do it's gonna probably won't for president or something coming out soon. But he makes nine point five million dollars a year as a professional wrestler. Now I look at a guy like DeAngelo Williams and certainly you know he's not gonna come into the WWB. Is gonna come in with that nine point five million dollar price tag. And certainly he's got a thirst for football is what he knows what he's been doing his entire life. But funny Angela Williams after that impressive debut an impact wrestling you've got to figure Vince McMahon as much. He's looking for the talent is an a for guys to fill those roles and if you put on me an impressive debut like that. Kabila. Can be called euphoria. Assure you might not make the the big big box right away but he put a few years and it could be could be it stinks I'll be taken that throughout the night's threw out the night's. We're going to be talking about. Potential athletes. In making the crossover. Into the WWE. I got a text in them all from game for Rollins in an enemy match vs the beast Brock Lesnar. I got my money I'm Brock. You know with a mile and is joke that you and I would not have my money and yet he he squeezed. Someone's hat. And crushed and in game three rounds no I'm not sure if that was CG ire that was actually you know he actually squeeze someone's skull until broke. Gonna go ahead and say it was CGI. Bullets. They. Yeah Brock Lesnar he. That would be a match of a couple mammoths. That guy's got to be bigger and Lesnar a guy's got to be like six foot 8350. That dude is huge he is is names like Bjork something. You got his name their job and your I have his name from. The mile and George Greg gore clay gain Greg Barkley game paglia. But that guy is huge and if you were to be taken Brock Lesnar that would be interesting. A photo of ammonium rocky either them all in it is as huge. A huge guy. Our guy's name is half or Julius Bjorn since 692469240. That's yet. With that. Now I thought he was definitely Icelandic strong. Yet like a basketball. He's basketball where do I wonder if he's gonna join up with the cavs they could use a big man to know you know. The ideal dream on dream down in the paint. You stick half for a down there he is not going to be taken any anti business. From dream can't he Donnie will slide slide around Jerry months. Paula now with half four on the court you don't kind of of the hat. The war yeah I know it's I don't know how to separate properly pronounce it because it's well. I don't know if equipment and copy if like morphed into yes the morphs into into a into people it's. It's by the way more to update that John seen a number Brock Lesnar actually last year was the highest paid wrestler in WB 121000012. Million. The only Russell like form matches so that's a nice payday for for Brock Lesnar. Parts of any ideas about athletes you'd like to see. Tossed around you've got some guys that have tried to make the crossover yeah Brock Lesnar who went from WW we tried to make it in the NFL after he was already in the WW we. 12 NFL Europe and then. Realized that he should probably just stick with the WW we we've got Dwayne the rock Johnson. He was he was a great football player at the University of Miami. Made the transition at WW Ian is now. Potentially. The most popular actor in America right now he's got to be up there soon to be president of the United States yeah I saw I saw a video with Dwayne the rock Johnson and it was it was a comedy video like all of here's here's some future roles for you Dwayne the rock Johnson who has. But what if you reduce some sequels so it in this sequel it's going to be. A good fellas to and you're gonna be an up and coming comedian. Is and you're gonna be like. Are you funny guy in the and that goes through its like okay. All of these different potential roles forum sequels. Future roles for Dwayne the rock Johnson I was disappointed in the video just because. They never imagined precedent is one of his future roles which I really believe it's going to be the role of a lifetime for Dwayne the rock Johnson. It's his future candidacy. For president. That's where he's really going to it's gonna be the role of a lifetime for him if he does end up running what she has not ruled out. He has not ruled are running for president. As at this that's years from now about and I don't wanna get too tied up and a. In politics. Because. That go south real quick so I don't for Delphi 51888550. To fight if you've got any ideas on that but I do wanna talk a little bit about. The economy David contract that was signed today. And he gets the contract. Eight years before eight years. He'll be under contract with the Oilers until 20/20 six. Which is pretty nice I know that's what we're hoping to help would Jack cycle around here and I really do believe that this had to be the first domino. To fall. For the NHL for I mean you even look at the Oilers and what their priorities were. We backed question I'm a little bit on this show just because they do sign someone like Chris Russell to a four year deal when you've got nick David coming up visions. You question how is everything going to fit moving forward you've still got Leon dries idol to assign. He's a restricted free agent he's a restricted free agent for another five years they got out. Make sure you get him under contract as well. And this just had to be the first domino to fall in the NHL over the weekend you had another huge contract or maybe it was even. Yeah over the weekend with Carey Price getting his pen and a half million dollar contract. It's similar to make David's in that these contracts. Have the majority of the money tied up in signing bonuses. In every time you see that you just figured the reason that is happening. Is because. Of a potential impending lockout. In 20/20. And we were talking earlier Joseph and I this EBA does extend until 20/20 two but the NHL. Does haven't I'll pause that they can exercise. In the fall of 2019 which would pull them out of the CPA for 20/20. And the way to these contracts are going with the signing bonuses. I think that's going to be an issue that's going to be discussed in the potential lockout situation. But I want to get into the lockout because that's kind of depressing you know besides the day after fourth driver trying to keep things like here trying to keep things light. So what does this big contract mean for Jack Michael moving forward and we heard the original figures. I was thinking OK so you've got comic David he's eight years. Thirteen point 25 million that puts Michael in my mind at least time. Now the keys at the 2.5 mark and it could be. Wrong to just meet these assumptions because. Make David allegedly. Talk a little less money so that there be more room for them to sign players in the future whether. A one million dollar guy that's gonna fill out the bottom of the lineup or maybe they can talk some more money will be on tries idols way. So maybe it's not right to make these assumptions buddies now. The highest paid player in the league has sat the the record. For that number four that cap. And you've got to think about where exactly. A goal slots up. In this next year at the top five highest paid players are going to be. Jack like object Michael Carly David. Patrick Kane. Jonathan Kay's. Kerry price and Conseco are the all be making ten million dollars or more. And would Jack like going your mind slot up there with one of those guys. You look at that list you got Carey Price who is. The best goaltender in the world got paid like it. You've got on they called tar captain of two Stanley Cup winning teams. Sumner puts up points plays the two way game. Jonathan Kaye is captain of three Stanley Cup winning teams to race under. Puts up points Patrick Kane. Sniper. Puts up points not a captain or anything but enough. He's. I saw a stat earlier that he for our Tony canary and assisted on 56%. Of his career goals Patrick Kane. So tributes to receive American. Continued his success without Patrick came here but he assists on 56% of our attorney parents goals which is impressive and then of course you got Harvick David who just won the triple cry alone in hockey trophies. And is getting paid twelve and half million dollars. So I'm I'm this would get the pulse of sabres fans with this with this contract for make David B twelve and half million over eight years. Where exactly do you slot equal now. I think you can move him down a little bit off that ten million number. But you still. Hit those averages of the top ten players in the NHL. It's still all nine and a half million dollars you move forward and in taxis and it's going to be even a little bit higher than that now may be even nine point 75. If you average out the top ten players in the league. And if you're Jack Michael you've got to be looking for that if you're going to lock him up that long term eight year contract. He's gonna wanna be paid by the top ten player this week. So you gotta be figuring. At least nine million dollars. At least in my shirt. If that's a starting point. Or if that's a figure that you you wind up on. What you the way that you went after this guy ask franchise YouTube in a move as a franchise to. Tear things down a little bits you recognized that this was going to be a guaranteed to get one of these two players whom. Have the appearance of being some of the best players in the league moving forward. Now is it better. To. Move forward. From the sabres perspective. And let things go a little bit more. I would think you wanna get things done as quickly as possible with Michael much like the Oilers did with McDade. You wanna just get it done so there you have it you haven't done. Keep in mind if there is this Jack Michael. In the same category of these contracts that have been coming out recently with Carey Price and nick David. Signing bonus happy. Signing bonus happy as can be doubt locked out protected deal. So Eddie can continue to make as money even though he's not technically point if there is a lot. So you gotta be prepared for that you got to be prepared. I'm not saying wave but this make David contract. Nine and a half to 10100001010. And a half million in that range I would think would be the B average annual salary. For her for Jack cycle. Put some right up there with the top eight players in the league. Is that something that sabres fans are comfortable with being you recall here 803. 0551888. 550 to 550 we are going to hear from Don Stevens coming up later in the show. He joined Rainn Wilson today for conversation about what's going on with the hammered some of the signings. And have been made and the direction of that franchise. Today just a lot of articles being released today about the work that Jason by troll has done. In the sabres organization a short time. And about the competition that is creating not only at the NHL level. But DHL level so we're gonna hear from Don Stevens coming up in the the back end of the shell. Two. I don't. Rap about what's going on in Rochester and if if things are. Are looking better for that piece of the franchise up there but I'm hoping to hear from some sabres fans their thoughts on what exactly. What date rate cycle that's. I've got to met them nine and a half to ten million dollar range or hate. You've got a favorite athlete that you think should make the leap to the WWE. I wanna hear that as well as the nightcap Jody B Osce. Right gates rang out with you here on WG. That doesn't matter how we got. To a number there turbine thing and do the important thing isn't going to be here the next nine years and we can be more said about it. Gary is the man he just got paid. He's going to get can continue to get paid until point 16. He's going to make 100 million dollars plus in that time boy he sounds excited doesn't yell it's on super excited you know it's that. The look on his face is always kind of got that link. Even even during this press conference we've we've seen it before with the photos in the airport. With random families. Or families will come up to him he's got to outlook on its face rain looks like he's terrified. Which you now. He got random people run up TO I would. Not the best situation to be and running up and hugging you are running up and hugging you witches really strange. Probably handle that if two people just came up and hugged me. Not ask my autograph but yes for hugs. Yet the weird yet and I probably look at the airport what's the argument but he at the airport. No but I wouldn't hug them know. As journalists there is at the airports couple. Eddie Guerrero Eddie Guerrero he met Eddie Guerrero at the airport after at wallet just hands. I'll eat and you see atheists use watched him out washes I'm sure like it not hard Eddie Guerrero and in the draft him in the airport after that is definitely a place for you want to confront someone. Go to someone and be like a big fan of your work. In the airport after improbably that together and go cheek and after. Would you have still shaken his hand knowing that he did not wash its hands in the bathroom. Now he would take that risk. At that age it item by. Law spout for the past probably probably get a call on your part. But yes it is not always even during this press conference today he's got that just a blank look guys space race kinda look at found space got a terrified little bits. So he's got like those those Bambi deer eyes lost. But he's gonna get paid extremely handsomely. And what does that mean. For Jack Michael got a text him. It's as I know Jack's got potential but he hasn't gotten into the top pay level. Yep production wise so what's the value of the future that comes from Tim. I think that's precisely. The question. That you're asking with Michael because you would do expect him and the way that he played in the second half of this season. To beat a top level guy. You've got us. Does the top time in the week. Their players that are scoring. Eighty plus points. Some 87 plus points I think that was what it was this year was leading prize finalist number time with 77 points. And as you. Get paid like that when here in the top talent in now not all these guys are guys they get paid earned top ten obviously with me David right now. He'd got paid about. Three million dollars because he had all of his performance bonuses. Blood. These are guys who are going to get paid and I think you you look at what Jack Michael dead the second half the season when he did come back. He was nearly a point per game player and he's going to want to be played paid. Move like that you look at the top talent terror Sankoh. Brent Burns dry ice idol march rightfully marsh and couture of extra home came Crosby McDade. And these are all guys who are I think. The cheapest of all those guys not considering tries idol or make David is probably mark Sharif lead and he just got paid like eighty million dollars. Nets can't be right the -- paid like seven some million dollars for for the jets. And you gotta just assume. You don't have to assume my gosh what IE making the assumption that Michael is going to be. Up there with these guys throughout his career scoring 75 plus points a season. And if you value him as one of those players you're gonna have to. Lazy high value if you wanna get that long term contract now you're not sure that he's going to be that guy. You can look for more of upper ridge type deal. But then the value gets a little confusing because you. Are you paying emperor for past performance repaying them that's that's the thing about the eight year contract and getting the long term deal done. Is that. Instead of what happens with a lot of these contracts and what happens when guys go to free agency where they get paid. Because what they've done previously. You're paying this guy with the expectations of what he's going to do for you moving forward instead of giving them a reward for what he's done in the past and I think that's the way that. The league should be looking to lead should be turning. So you've got to figure out what your value is inject Michael if you are the Buffalo Sabres franchise after guest the sabres. He's going to be holding that's. Nine and a half 1000010 and a half million dollar value because he's the face of your franchise is gonna be the one. As getting his Jersey bought every year top selling jerseys probably going to be Jack Michael. He's going to be able to do events that bring more people he's gonna be entertaining you'll probably get more national. Games. Because of Jack like on the court idiots he's an American. In we all know how IBC loves Americans. He's an American playing in V biggest hockey market in the United States is in terms of TV ratings but this dude. Can bring your team a lot of revenue just himself so you have to be willing to. Did too shallow. And he's gonna get that huge part TV and revenue he's gonna get more marketing. The economy David T it is definitely gonna get more he's gonna get more than Patrick by Nate is he's gonna get more. Probably that Austin Matthews may be eligible if he'd any Pastrana such a big market even though it's in Canada. And they're gonna hire him in there looking like they're going to be pretty bright but no they're not just the recent Pakistani David and be seen nearly as much. Won it because NBC doesn't care about Edmonton watching their gaze because they don't get NBC. And if they did it's it's small market anyway. Buffalo's gonna bring in those ratings that's why even when the sabres are bad they're on NBC twelve times a year. And what he's looking at a salary I mean you look at those top ten guys you mentioned the only ones that are making a lot of money your culture off in sharply. And could drop I still understand his country easily mechanic four point 75. But that's out liar should rightfully that six point something. That could be similar to Michael sailor just meeting not long term yet until what uncle Mikey that's salary if it's a bridge project and that what you better for him because. The signs up that long term extension right now it's coming off the season where it was healthy for the entire thing right hand on. I've either playing out the season and signing after with a full healthy season on my ballot probably more improvement get myself in that top ten points per game or. I signed it two or three year bridge concert now so I start make in the money. And then at that sets me up for our country may be even bigger than it Davidson three years that is. If that's that's probably what I do find a comment I probably side of that to your bridge contract. Go all out for the next two years hopefully I'm near the top five in points and then you could argue he might be making. That twelve million dollar range in a couple of years while he does take that two year bridge contract. It was so you'd it would be for the 201819. And then the 2091. When he sees an NF there lost out if there's a locked out and he could sign. The eight year big deal done and be making potentially more than comic David depending on. How the cap continues to increase. How contracts continue to go. That might be the way that Jack Michael wants to go might be the way to maximize his value. And this is from earlier this this year in the NHL season was October with the thought of an incoming. In incoming lock out in 20/20. Bomb attack and he was talking about it on. One of the TSN stations. And he was saying that one of the big issues moving forward that he would think. Would be driving a lock out is contract length again. And if contract length is going to be an issue of gun and your the sabres and you know that moving forward to going into that. I'm not necessarily be the worst way to go about it if you're the sabres either to get that two year bridge and then sign onto that eight year deal. Afterwards because you're still gonna controls rights with restricted free agency after the two year bridge deal. And that and instead of only having home for six more years at that point you're guaranteed to happen for eight more years he'll be 31. At that point I believe. And back and you've got. Although I didn't plus years 1213 years of Jack like on your franchise so that might be a way. That even Jason partial as a GM wants to look at it just tell maximize. The time. That Michael would be Saber is to do a two year bridge deal signed an eight year deal before potential lockout and of course the locked out it's all. Conjecture at this point in May be there is no lock out. Looking at history. They're going to be a lock out looking at history there's going to be a lock outs on the AB. It might benefit ball Jack Michael and the sabres to do something like that a short two year bridge I don't know what a two year bridge deal we'll look at. Like salary wise I think that chart theory might be fun and besides there's no granddaughters like two years yeah seven million dollars. For those two years. I think that would make a lot of sense in the eye and see how we grows as a player as a leader the way the team goes. Still want to hear regardless but then maybe you can sign the big eight year contract done and you've got. Thirteen years of Michael your franchise if you look at it that way instead of trying to walk about to be eight years now. Is Vaughn is they stay away from that middle between net 23 years and that eight year contract. I'm looking at stamp coast Stamkos project history are now I don't want to sabres to do attempted to attend stick assigned to a five year deal. Before his first route that's its first big contract five years and it's for seven and a half so and inflation whatever a little bit. If that's a compatible concert for oh what Michael would get five years. Eight million. If he signed something like that it would be seen situations stand coast and you become an unrestricted free agent at 26 years old yet and it. You know what tipped maybe got a little bit lucky that he wanted to save their because then he could have left that 46 and dine at twelve million dollar contract from either Toronto or buffalo exactly so it worked out for that they actually got him in an amazing salaries still needs and they got eighteen I and I know that is such a crazy salary what's stamped us. But just because you stayed there doesn't mean it was a good job by their management creating that situation that the sabres went out and signed Jack cycle to a five year contract right now. There's there's a dates that everyone's gonna have in the back of their minds Jack I go becomes a unrestricted free agent this day when he's 26 years old. And the potential boost him that early. Eighties. Wait too soon you signed to be your deal now what is 829949. Years old. That's a little bit battered a sonic by then hopefully you've had enough success that he's gonna want to stick it out yeah and it. If you sounded to a three year deal that sets you up that eight year deal right after an easier into his thirties that's what needs to happen. I am really starting to like this idea of the bridge contract I've been obviously a big advocate of signing the eight year deal because I want them here. For as long as possible. But the idea that you could sign into this two year deal in May be itself a reduced rate for those two years so instead of it being the eight year deal may be nine and a half million. 210 and a half million maybe it's the two year deal for for seven or eight million in Scott. And then you still control him with the RFE rights. And if it's right before that walk out heads and you can lock him up to the Max eight year contract. I think that's how you maximize your value it might be the best way to go about this honestly now I'm start to think about it in those terms. I'm sort of talk with something new too because I think I gotta think gotta think of is the way they're kept separate now they've got a couple bad contracts you sign Michael to a 23 year deal. That kind of makes it easier to be more competitive the next couple years as you write out the Zach Bogosian contract the map Molson contract the last year Josh Georges with Michael at a cheaper rate. Then if you sign in to the eight year deal that so really what it's doing is it's sending you whop. For a better cap situation in the short term. Because now it's easier to stomach those bad deals and also he still our fate the candidates so if you think about it. You sides of the eight year deal at the end of the bridge deal you're getting him for guaranteed. Thirteen years thirteen with the entry level contract as a total year's post eight yeah so. You know I'm still okay a three year deal and all yeah absolute obviously but. The three year deal certain of the batter batter in class. 8030551. EE 8550. To 550 talking about the economy David Diehl what it means for Jack like on I think there was another. Deal signed today. By a high pick in the draft. The 2012 draft be specific that could be pretty compare ball to a sabres player that's going to also have to be extended and samurai and art I'll tell you about that deal coming up after the break. I'm right gates that's Jody B Osce does the nightcap on WGR. I mean I think that that's writes on the chlorine now I was sitting my agent once just our negotiations buffalo military or is Asia and increment in the right direction so the negotiations start and end you know and whatever happens with that it happens I think that's sponsored Jim my agent and I just you know I get a room play. That's Jack Michael on the east in checklist podcast a great interview. Really really solid stuff hearing from Jack cycle with those guys. So we're we're talking Jack cycle and we're talking about potential for his contract after comic David signing it. It is big contract today I'm mark in buffalo on mark you mind and I kept score on them. Hey gentlemen let's. You think he's gonna die it's your bridge contract that billion dollars a year. You guys but you and I'll get it and wish. Well I'm gonna go a man most called me and I wonder radio right Aaron Prager. And Darren Prager said he's gonna be an at eleven year. Matt got to take yet. Yeah but is that time and a half eleven a year figure for eight year deal vs a two year deal because you pay a higher salary. To buy a longer term. At what happened to the people there and you don't keep them here don't turn around your. Adam here he got a lot I don't bridge contracts. Agents you can let him hit the market is they don't. But if they sign a two year deal they're still gonna have is restricted free agent rights. Well thought it played for seven million a year when it's now whatever I just. And in all at thirteen oh wait you sure we're all able to what oil does he get cycle then Barrett David. Not that they breathe or doing your last and kind of gave mark. If he takes the eight year deal right now what he's doing is he's accepting almost a decade of making less money in comic David if he's competitive enough to think. I'm battered and David arm to go prove it the next two years and then amen to make more than him for the next eight years after that if he signs up for the long term deal now. He's basically accepting defeat. Booed for the mic David Michael conversation that I'm gonna be making less for him for us and then. I guess. I'd Wear it bought for upload their way out OL. Yup classic classic of course there's a way out of buffalo every single player. Every single player does not want to be in buffalo no one wants to be involved oh no one makes the choice to come to an awful everyone once they get the buffalo wants to leave buffalo. Jack cycles just got to leave buffalo of course. Of course that's gonna happen but. You you paid that hadn't ten and a half 1000011 million dollar price if you sign the eight year deal you don't. Maybe 87 million was was on the low and I'll say eight million because that would still make him the highest paid player on the team above Ryan O'Reilly. But you can sign him to a two year. Eight million dollar a year deal. And then used a tape got this too weird GO just like when Joseph was saying there. You've got the opportunity to go out there be one of those guys be on the top players in the league and and before. The lockout which. Looks like it's going to end up happening because the NHL and they always happen. You sign a deal with the eight year deal done and get may be maybe at that point. Salaries continue to rise he. Is making the same. As comic David at twelve and half million babies making more or maybe he levels outing realizes that his value is truly less than comic Dave and accepts that. But abuse under the bridge deal he has the opportunity go out there and play and shell that he could be potentially worth more than economy David. Went to be just signed the eight year contract now be he won't have that opportunity you'll just be accepting OK I'm two million dollars. But. Then economy did it. That's the way it reads to me right now listening to him on the spit and checklist podcast that's the way he sounds he what's the come out. And he wants to show people that he's battered economy David and rightly so he's a competitor that's how we should think he should think he's the bass player in the world and if he thinks that. He's got to prove he's got a wanna go out their true but he doesn't want the sign contract after an injury riddled season to start that. It's got to probably depleted salary because of that injury and only putting up 56 point wherever the comes out next year and puts up 85 points. That's automatically a bigger deal no matter what he signed this you mean he doesn't sign anything that he waits till next offseason that's another option. I mean that's the other thing you can do. Iffy if he does weight and he does get that 85 points of scores eighty plus 85 plus points. I think it's certainly even the bridge deal will be nine million dollars I still think it would hit that talent and a half. Eleven million dollar range because that's what you're paying for in term. Well if he comes out puts 85 points of this season and he hasn't been signed I would actually I think you'll be surprised that point to separate deal because I think that would be proof enough and they would just lock him up. Even if it is it but I had to be the same as nick David but it would be close to it if an 85 point season comes out next season. To see him signing for 1111 and a half. Next year on any your deal is absolutely. Yeah Mike in the terrible squeeze him and here before we go to break Mike you're in the nightcap Joan Ryan what's up man. Imports. I just I. Penny wise pound or what happened two years analysts have walked out problems that you're strict religion rules change. Current bet my concern is you never know what this typically. Calm everything you you know the players could look at our agency nobody's really you don't want. We're stricter creating get an offer she did last five years. Word we're getting rid of this and they go on strike for that purpose and all the sudden are based change so. I had accuses you can buy and operate yours now signer is yours now new worry about whether it's just don't want to see him. Any chance to get him getting away in the next three years I understand everything understanding. What happens in two years if you are there is situation changed. Yeah no I saw. I think your completely justified. To be concerned about that because here right this league could just over all completely the our faith system I hate when it perceive that because. Teams really. Want to hold on to their players the players that they've drafted they've put money into that they've developed they wanna keep those players so I. It did decrease the before the last CB eight restricted free agency years sometimes didn't reach Tel thirty. Sell I mean they could decrease that a guy and ends. By that Ty name I call will be 2324. Years old he would be right on the fringe so I think that's. That's fair I think that's a that's a fair concern that you go into that lock out but that's that's my view is. You try to get that deal done before the lock out if you have the 22 year bridge in ninety lock them up to the eight year deal. But maybe it never happens and you wind up signing a man after the lock out which could be disastrous. Sins. I understand that you're concerned I guess that I'm not opposed to the eight year deal columnist trying to. Fig little creatively about to keep Jack cycle here as long as possible but I think that's completely reasonable concern. Yeah I think Mike makes a great point because the players association in my mind would want to push restricted free agency down because it the way the deems changing is becoming a young man's game. Players and every draft are making it to the league mostly the top and when it's becoming more about speed. You want more of your roster to be guys that are 25 years old and are in younger. And they're probably looking at the NBA right now and seeing guys accord he order like 2425. Years old and they're getting their big pay day that. They've got a we told what 2728. Sometime if they even had the open house that's in the east have to prime. A lot of times it's half your prime but it just a virus right now he. He's making five and a half million up until age 27 years old and he's already put us how many great season thinking. Five and a half million dollars I mean that is a legitimate concern because the players association has got to be looking events saint. Listen you're under paying us for half our good years that's that can't continue. Yeah 30551888550. To five before congress here have a conversation about Jack Michael's contract and didn't get to. The current terrible for me be a samurai and RTL look at that when we come back after the update the nightcap Jody BRC. Mike too far behind the board ranking it's with a here on WGR.