07/05 Night Cap HR 2

Wednesday, July 5th

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Mac and the nightcap with Bryan gates. He didn't know hey Bob. I. Nobody can stop you lessen. The right. I'm talking. About going out and about choice America. I don't think you need to worry because if you wanna be giants you will if you don't that's fine. That's my friend. Easier victory Ryan geeks who do you play. On WG ER. Sports Radio 550. All right we're back back on the nightcap happy to celebrate America yesterday. With some fireworks. Might show policy is that pitcher if you post of yours that whatever it's us it's. Where where former through channels here because for some reason we are watching. Some Steve Harvey show when he was suddenly up to some elderly lady in a tax on yours sir flipping through the channels and you know there's there's some baseball and there's Saddam panel soccer on. But we'll landed on ESPN two. Where they have some own racing. Going on right now. And they go through this ridiculous obstacle course in these guys they also where. Like the Google glasses virtual reality goggles so that they're seen. Through like the front of these two results. Hello we decide pop this much pre. And you sit back and looked pretty seconds. Drawn racing. The future of racing what do job it must be did you play by play for it's yeah I'd be really use going nuts over watching these drones race round. I can't kick where the obstacle these doll. That's it's the future drone racing an. You ski racing goes are seen looking yet like those guys go so hard to they're they're going down half full speed that awful hockey equipment and they're technically not allowed to each other what I but he still happens all right yeah there's there's it's dial project as big time it's about content I wish they would just be allowed. Too just like fall. Full go for golf full contact. In in those things but those races to. Thanks to the scenes sometimes of watching some racing here there's. This is famous do I can't put my finger on who is response some famous dude sponsoring this team. But well while Willie. Wilder really that might just be this guy's name this guy's name is just a little mini search will meteor pilot. Are able bull will look into this potential famous guy. Sponsoring. Drone races in a 30551888552. By video phone numbers here comic David with his eight year. Expansion. Twelve point five million in average and annual value. Now word is worth that plays Jack like only the toss around some ideas. An eight year deal may be a two year bridge deal that brings you to just about that locked out and any could go for the eight year super deal done. What is what are you guys thinking about. What Jack Michael should be should be making what he. The length of the deal should be wanna hear from fans in 30551888550. To 550. The other contract it out talking about I was mentioning going to break a Bol aid deal that I think could be kinda similar for Sam Ryan. And that's the L scale Jenny a deal L scale Cheney today. Right after declaring that he was gonna go for salary arbitration does end up signing a deal. With the Montreal Canadians in the deal is three years and it's about 84 point nine million dollar. Average annual salary. And you take a look at L scouts Antioch and what he has done so far. In his career. He's put up a little bit more than what Sam Stein Mart ads thus far he's got the thirty goal season underneath his bowel. And but otherwise the point production is pretty similar. And you even look at their draft status is similar if got a number three overall pick in the 2012 draft and Chan yuk. The number two overall pick in the twentieth. Fourteen draft almost 213 to fourteen draft for samurai and hard sell. I think these are hard a couple of deals that can be very come bearable just because I think you're you're looking at San Reinhart and Europe. Automatically looking at the bridge deal for him. Maybe you do the two year bridge deal for him too because he gets you to right before that block out the shelves more. He didn't get the big big deal done but I think that's probably what you're going to be looking after Reinhardt is a four and a half to five million dollar bridge deal to keep him around. Going into these negotiations. Yeah I think that's probably fair I was look and compare apples to. Don't ten ducks won Chris Kreider is another one I found four point six million Nike's gonna be somewhere in there he won't be eligible for arbitration next year. You four years of pro hockey if you sign year entry of contract at eighteen or nineteen so. I definitely see bridge contract next year in glass teach us. Came out and did what beyond tries it'll do this year like something out playing a check cycles wink he just goes down puts up like 75 points. Or something like that but. I don't really foresee that happening. To be honest and it I mean but that's what's controversy at sea like couple year deal for after five it's pretty fair. Yeah I think that would be pretty fair I mean you looking gal charity out that his best season was a thirty goal all year over fifty points and that's kind of where the rate is right now that the kind of compare it to because they're both centers that are being used really in great position. Like Montreal I don't know why they don't do it sabres to an oxy is able Riley and uncle but. Watcher I still can't you know I mean you don't play him at center they don't play MS Saturn I think it has a lot to do with the coaching there. Unity even with the middle Kerry and old school coach of the old school coaches and now with Claude Julien. And it wit what Boston ended piracy can trade which if you look back in history now is just an absurd trade they simply haven't Sutter either back in the day they did play him etc. the reason why he got traded while among the reasons they thought he was immature and couldn't handle boss and now it play out Bruins hockey and play Bruins hockey any hole and I didn't like Communists are yet to score forty goals and punch somebody in the face they're valued trading. Sell the but there was more reasons than just. He can't play center in Claude Julian system. But it's kind of a similar situation now with Gil Tony Hawk. But I mean going back to that seek to trade the Bruins traded elementary at seventy point season and it aged 21. The war. That's Peter's rally I mean he just paid comic David which is probably the best movies ever going to make. Man. Once I mean and you look back at that they can deal and it's just so ridiculous. Nothing there that you didn't know they rhetoric. They need to get draft pick they got even a second something they they got on the arm ever correctly. Do we Ericsson. Brick cover Lee Riley Smith. And they maybe gave up something else with Sega and know we gave up are they gave up I always can even use that Ellis set a slap in the trade arguably. Yeah they traded Sagan have early and defenseman Ryan bought into the stars for Louis Ericsson Joseph Mauro who. Was a restricted free agents that Digg gets. Qualified. Pete was with Pittsburgh I wanna see originally for a while yet. It is so key he's been apart from the team Riley Smith gone from the team met Frazier. Even in the lead. And that's what they got forward Tyler Sagan. And maybe that's that's that's a lot of push back I've seen from people when Mike I talk about wanting to treat Sam right over Boehner came because he's only 20/20 one years old. You trade him you're probably not getting and you're gonna get a lot. Which is why I wanted I would be open to it but if you're not getting another guy his age and return. Then you're siding yourself up for me be your stove and it can be even in the Netflix first couple years at the trade but like to say entry for years down the road. It's probably get a look pretty bad for him because when those players starting 2.5 46 years old and the guys you got. Are kind of fading out it's gonna look horrible maybe not that bad but that that's just the worst of all time. Yeah I mean if you keep in Lou we Ericsson and Riley Smith. You'll fare tree are well known is still not a fair trade and they could combine for more points than Sagan but. Such as trade from Boston. 84 points 37 goals 77 points 37 goals 73 points 33 goals. Last year his worst season thus far 72 points in 26 goals. Then just that it's mind blowing mind blowing that that trade ever happened. And that that guy who made that trade. I got another shot at a GM job and that instead of trading the second overall pick in that draft traded the first overall pick. Of that same draft for Adam Larsson books in my payoff for the short term but now he's got to figure out a budget cap space stuff so. That is just crazy that that dude was ever even treated when you detail it. Was so obviously there. In his age I think was aged twenty or 21 season he puts a 67 points in 81 games of Boston point nine goals and and the lockout shortened season. Sixteen goals 32 points forty games. The you're gonna give up on that guy because. He doesn't fit your style. I guess you know scoring goals. A lot and having an offensive game is your style but you know it's one that you want to play that's entertaining and fun to watch is hockey fans say in an interesting case because. He's almost he was also sector picked like right art Michael but I might almost wanna put him somewhere in between those two and talent level all because he's not. I would wanna call and generational let down. Like he's a borderline superstar. And I think he can he's not gonna put obsolete bright he's not gonna the top three in scoring every year but he's probably have a couple seasons where he's nominated for a DP. But he's going to be that type of player. And he signed his contract at twenty like we're talking about Michael could do now by point 75 million it's six years. And he's got one year left on that cell. God does not interest at all in that four earned a five year Grail range. Because if you're if you're free agent after next year I don't foresee him leaving Dallas but I now another guy that's gonna be 26 years old hitting free agency that's just something I wanna avoid here sitting here Jack cycle all costs and that means I have to sign. The your deal is he won't consider the two or three year deal like mark brought up last hour of I don't think the reasoning. Makes total sense but it. For whatever reason he wants to do that. I'll sign into the eight year deal even if I'd rather do to. Yeah I mean if it comes down to it I think you you start negotiating. Both sides of the deal. You go you explore all options and to see what but the feeling is like from Michael's Campbell the feeling is like from your camp and you explore. Like hey look at where we're thinking about this two year deal. That would put you right before potential lockout and if that happens we're looking to before the lock out. Extend you to that they eat your deal also that we control you for the longest possible time that we possibly can't write as opposed these say. We we want you here for a long period of time either way and you sell itself do you prefer an eight year deal while giving an eight year deal over work trying to. Maximize our time with you and maximize potentially your profits if things don't. Right exactly what you don't do is what Montreal did with PDC ban and what Columbus Day with rank Johansson when they went into there are being of Joshi since. The ace at set in stone were doing bridge deal only end. That cause. Tons of problems with debt that costs so we processing the team. And the player is in one respect it looks like the team doesn't have full faith in you that we wanna see more from you before were willing to commit. And what happened both times right it's in with a clean the cage shell. For a couple games I think I don't know if he made it over their piece was gonna sign with a KHO team before coming back because of contract negotiations. And PK sue ban has that long. Ferocious negotiations of Montreal and yeah like signed its first contract like a like a week or two before the season. And then he ends up playing so well he gets that long term deal and makes his money anyway. But what we're beats its bad blood that starts between UN team. And of what can happen is it spirals out of control eventually they get treated and that's not a spot I wanna be in the Jack cycle so. You're he holds the cards really if he sets and the office says office since JT is about to office says I want the long term deal. I I've bridge deals out the window for me. Yes absolutely I mean. It's not that he controls negotiations I would still go to tumble pathways obviously just explain the thought process behind each one. But if he is like you know what I want the eight year deal now. I'll prefer just get a guy and I wanna get paid. Just a steady salary half of that security. Yeah okay fine mobile keeping here for another eight years after the three year entry level contract the two year deals just Marcel. Okay you get this opportunity to showcase yourself even more who knows what happens that the cap may be it raises the only raised two million dollars this year previously raised five million dollars a few years ago so if that happens where they. Goes back to being raised. 34 or five million dollars a season it's another three seasons from now. The cap reaches its 75 million dollars now let's say the cap REIT is not 90000085. Million. And all of a sudden you can look at like Columbia like OK we be willing to pay you. Twelve and a half thirteen million dollars at that point and you can be making. A bigger money for that long period of time and you're going to be locked up in buffalo for that entire time. It's it's an interesting concept and I never really considered the bridge deal just because I've always been like OK just get a block adult get them done but web. This lockout looming EU bro on Twitter right now with the deals for Carey Price and what comic David just signed. Pretty much every single analyst is like our era go lockout coming look at these contracts locked out definitely. On its way. So it'll be it'll be interesting to see how things continue to grow. We are gonna get to an interview with. Don Stephens brain Wilson was able to conduct earlier before we we get their job somebody wants it before I could switch up your job. Yet just broke quickest and the just looking at Michael projecting too with talk a lot of his contract were not about where we actually think he's gonna grow to end. I really think I mean he's got a side of the ninety point player ninety point players probably where I put them and I think he can have a couple seasons like me David had last year. Where he gets that underage any book Patrick Kane throw his career he really had two or three years where. He's been. Like significantly over point Timorese can close that hundred and looking Michael last year he played the most minutes would simmering heart second most markets fully. Are you have to think at some point the wingers on either side of him are gonna get batter. And besides flash designers better finishers in markets we know who's playing more than a third. Of the amount of time with pet with fully know that's more than a third of the time and yours playing with and at some point that's got to improve and that's gonna he may be he looks at that too was as. I need a better ringer so that I can go out put up more points and and I can get the big mice it is just so many factors to yeah a lot of. Lot of moving pieces and I would expect that negotiations. To. Quite honestly I would be pretty surprised must have it's just the straight up eight year deal I could see that being done quickly. But if it's gonna be you know let's let's explore bridge deal to explore long term deal I could see negotiations going on. Into the season and of all the sudden it's like okay he's on pace for ninety. Just trying to lock them up as quick as possible that apple has wanna talk real quick before we do get to that conversation with Don Stevens. Well with brain Wilson earlier about the arbitration players Nathan ball you. Robin Lehner and it's. Larson Johan Larsson. I think for the most part I expected. Definitely liner because you see some of the contracts that goal he signed this off season might look at. Ben Bishop and Scott darling specifically. At three point 15 million dollar price tag I just never really had a chance. It never really had a chance in my mind yet and above average save percentage and 920s. He played. Starters minutes and back up who had a better save percentage on him. And got paid you know. Four point one million so I expect liner to end up in a four point one million in between them four point 1000004 point nine million. I expect four and a half million are probably right there and it doesn't reach arbitration I think that three wind up with planners four and a half million not sure about the years. Palatable you. I'd Joseph cited earlier. That he doesn't think he deserves more than Jake McCabe. What I do a Egypt's WellPoint says yeah that's one point 60 boy you one point five a dash right around there. And Marcia is kind of an interesting case because. The way that he's been used recently when he's been healthy has baton. Our role that does get paid in you look at what Marcus full Leno was getting paid and kids. Qualifying offer was 2.5 million. So if you're looking out arson. Larson hasn't always done a bigger point guy. But he's around thirty points or so like fifteen goals fifteen assess probably in any point some. Big minutes against other teams top lines. And I think I think you can see that guy getting probably a rounds that one point 522 million or so I mean. I don't know I don't know what I'm looking at it he's more like a twenty point. Guy yeah 74 teams died the year before and that was you know the first year Michael tangle some assistance and before. Last year 36 games eleven point six schools by the says solemn. All one point five. He probably has the upside to thirty points but he's not getting paid like that now obviously and I think you're right boy you and Larson I think. I'd pretty easy to guess where they're gonna come in I think they're gonna come in Iran that one point five to two million dollar range. Weiner is really up and year to me I think if I I think Robin Lehner might be asking for five and change. All I absolutely think he's he's gonna be on his side of contract negotiations desperation asking for five plus I gotta be honest if I'm an arbitrator and I'm looking at his stats and I'm looking at how restarts he got last year what they paid to get him the motive everything included. He might get close to five million hurt you if he doesn't get it I mean he's got a case. I'm proud I wouldn't bat on it but I would also would be surprised if he breaches five million. All right we're gonna take a break here. And get to a conversation brain Lawson had what Don Stevens. Play by play man of the Rochester emirates recently with all the moves Jason bottles and Miki. Solidifying the depth in Rochester. Chris Taylor being added as head coach down there wanna get a perspective from a guy who honestly knows the Rochester earmarks better than anyone. And Don Stephenson that conversation coming up next. I WGR Jody B Osce might safari ranking it's a few here on WGR welcome back in the nightcap Ryan gates hanging out with you here. Gonna transition from our conversation about Jack Michael's contract and Sam Ryan Harris contract situation. To some of the development there's been a lot of great articles written recently. About what Jason cultural has been doing with the entire organization going down Rochester. All the signings he need July 1 bringing in some depth hour. The bottom of the lineup sabres and even for Rochester creating their competition so we now hear from a guy here he was with great Wilson earlier today who's going to. Be continuing covering for the investigators for the rest of the week on Stevens play by play man for the earmarks longtime play by play him in for the emirates he joined Brady earlier today to talk about. All of the changes that dangling in Rochester. Really great to hear from Don. Scott Stevens the play by play guy for the Rochester Americans he joins me now on the ETT hotline dot. It's operate Wilson here in buffalo good morning and thanks for joining us. Pat thank you for having me appreciate. Yeah absolutely I mean it's a heck. It's been a busy off season for not only for bottled up for Rochester but I mean. Has been urging deceit and can hear about what's being done both NHL level in the HL global for the sabres organization. Well the first thing is that the things that are being shared by the new general manager things that. Who wanted to be here for years and years and and I've been saying for 25 years or whatever what needs to be done here so finally some of those things that are. That are being said it's just a really refreshing and and virtually no way at. It was an outstanding young man man in and says turn into be. Who apparently have just an outstanding. Management to a person and they have in the hockey world the National Hockey League so we're really I think quite thrilled to have him in that position and and that he remembers Rochester and knows what needs to be done here is as a really refreshing. Yeah and in Jason opera last year who is general manager with the will spur Scranton penguins down in the HL. Really beat a lot of moves that. Affected the penguins are huge winning he brought in Mike Sullivan who ended up becoming the head coaching now solvents blood them to two Stanley Cup wins. He's also signed a lot of guys also brought in and develop a lot of guys. I doubt in the HL for instance street cancel he mentioned a lot in his introductory press conference and he's gonna be mentioned for really along type. And now bochco brings in a guy like Randy sexton to be the GM. Of Rochester will kind of an impact do you think having a GM specifically for Rochester is going to have on the team. Well I think that's the biggest key rate there is that like you said barker concentrated on. On the radio world sprint brand penguins last few years and look what he's done. Q where is we've had one general manager that's been. Trying to that run both games and really not adequate decision making as far as what has to happen here. And Randy Jackson of course was around once before with the to complete debacle of the Florida Panthers and then probably the only good thing to come out of those years was Randy Jackson I remember he was just he was excellent in the very. In the very tough situation. But he was certainly he had. One of the better parts of that whole process and so I'm glad to see him back but now he's able to concentrate on Rochester and and really determine what needs to be done here where it needs to be added which we have and have the pastor everything has been done. Here over the last year's all been predicated on. You've got to have this system that foundation built. From the bottom up you can't just start building that you wrote and then let the rest of it. Fall in place underneath you've got to have that strong foundation. And looking at the American Hockey League. Two NHL statistics corset this past year 85%. Or something like that of a players in the National Hockey League went through the American Hockey League. It's it's it's huge and not enough people pay close attention to what needs to be done at this level yeah I in my opinion. It's easier to develop a winner at this level then that the big in the and that the big club. And so with all of the players that are moving. From here to there are basically the same teams are playing each other as they graduate to the next level. So if you can win here why wouldn't you win there. It just makes sense to me that you you build a winner here. You develop that. That whole character in the organization. That shares. Losing is not an option is not acceptable we only win that you do that it's gonna carry over from here to there right. Yet it seemed play at any less sure looking at the team. I was I was in Rochester for a handful of games and and really a lot of times last year watching watching games that mean there were nights where both guys were playing with heart out there they are playing and competing and grinding out wins in and losing close games and and other times it just kind of seem like. After the games talking with the players the kind of seemed bewildered in and just. I don't know like I got that sense it's just like well we're we're kind of down here were were kind of not. Bill all that well. You know we we just got to develop down here but now. It's got to change that mentality with the players knowing that you actually now have a general manager for the minor league system that actually can can make additions and actually will try to build and develop all winner down the HL not only that but at the NHL level. Early in frustration such hit edit every part of it has to do it. I called that we had to change. Going last year we had average each and am a west. Of course that was what being the sabres because all the players that were supposed to be here or there so. As used as you start to build and start to win a few games and all of a sudden you're losing all your players to buffalo and end. And guys are sitting here Welch. She eat he would. Or now what do we do we can't seem to win with what we have at this level and they're they're done the next level what do you do you become very frustrated. So look to me part of it. Biggest key is adept with the organization. Starting with the sabres they need to really have that depth in place. And taking into account the all the injuries to. It to build that depth to where it. If it over the years we've seen and and I'm sure you've seen over the years all the leaves us young players that come through and just blown through Rochester in the buffalo. I without really developing and owning their professional hockey skills here first. And what happened to them such as that as saying Greg wrinkle for example I think is one of the best examples of he had spent time here he would have been a whole lot different player than. The net he turned out to be moved like your contention didn't spend that time here and look where he turned out to beat a very important mainstay of the sabres. See if you develop that and you have that. That. Depth in the organization. That slowing down the process of these going players going through here to the big club it's very go to benefit everybody. Don Stevens embarks play by play man here on air AT&T hotline. On Don of course you know with even with some uncertainty heading into this offseason with. You know the the Rochester immersed with their Arenas situation however they are getting some some things taking care of here. They've got a new head coaching Chris Taylor obviously he's very well known in Rochester he was. He was a player down there he was an assistant coach and now he's the head coach what do you think that Erik Chris brings to the hammer said. You know not say that Dan lamb Baird didn't bring site but damn I'm Baird did the did a good job with that with the team last year in his first season what do you think Chris Taylor brings to the picture here for Rochester. Well he's also an Emerson hall of Famer right so and yet he brings alive he's been here. I don't know maybe he set a record for the number of times of returning to a franchise. That. But he's he's going in and he's back he's going and he's back. We look forward to but. Christmas he was always. He wasn't necessary this superstar. And put up a lot of numbers in the and that but he was just there shift in shift out day in day out you knew exactly. That he was going to be there he's the when it got all the ice time he's the one that was there and all the important situations. He was really. That tremendous foundation for this organization over. However some very lean years and very dependable and and he's back and coaching. I watched him studying. They deem as film and and the work that he puts him as a coach and that. And it'll be interesting to see how it carries over because there's a difference between being an assistant and being a head coach so. This will be him learning the head coaching responsibilities is going to be a trustees Shiite does that but if he puts into. Coaching. What he has over the years as a player and an assistant coach I think he's gonna do very well and it's. We had a of help that he was with the with the penguins organization lectures and assistant coach downing India in Scranton wilkes-barre it has that you certainly have to think that it helps him. Knowing what. To expect especially with Jason bot troll who was the GM down there. Now is gonna come to Rochester with kind of the same mentality that he learned from last year going in to part of Rochester here. And being part of a winning organization to actually. See what it's like to do it with winners if you will then that what it takes to beat that guy that such an important. It valuable lesson I think for him that he would've learned this last year and maybe. It was unfortunate when he was let go last year but maybe in the long run. You know what they say things stirred and things happen for a reason maybe that was the reason was to give him that years' experience. In a different system and a different light so I am looking forward to a carrying over here. We'll continue the rest of this conversation between gray Lawson and on Stevens after one more final break here on the nightcap ranking aides hang out with duke here on WGR. Welcome back it's the last poll on the nightcap arm ranking aides and tonight we're gonna spend last call me now with great in Wilson. And Don Stephens the longtime play by play man. For the Rochester Merck's here is the rest of their conversation here on the nightcap. Donna I want it now transitional bullet through the roster and what could look like I mean what the team could look like in your opinion with. How it's gonna change looking on the Blue Line last year. At often times I mean there were just guys up and down in and out lineup all the time it seemed like at times. That the roster never could really just gel and find Amish reads it to be able to perform on a consistent basis nine in in nine out but especially on the Blue Line I mean. The rock the nights that you know Linas hallmark wouldn't stand on his head and he'd be phenomenal I mean he was a guy that piece the most shots in the NHL last year but now looking at this blue line. You've got guys like Brendan Lee down there you've got a guy like Matt Tennessee and down there you've got some other guys Li TC Nelson who's got another year experience. And then possibly you'll see veterans like. Just the fall in Taylor Purdue and back in Rochester it it certainly seems like that Rochester on the lease on the Blue Line needs looking like they're gonna beat. You know a little more structured to hung there in front Alina cellmark night in night out would you would you have the same sets of that. Well the only thing in the American Hockey League that we can be certain of the rosters that we can't be certain what brought brought just going to be new idea yeah. He and he got some general inkling but. Like last year for example this came was most consistent but Justin Faulk was forced to be the mainstay on the Blue Line. And what they play two games or something and he's gone for the year right grip. Supposed to be are our marquee player here last year we don't respond to what ten games left in the season you and so you just don't know and again it depends on the depth to the big club. As. Happens with that. With that Brian Gionta. Is she going to be there if he's not then that means there's another slot that opened up with a player that. We be here is now going to be. With the sabres so you just don't know but on paper the way it looks now. What I'm most excited about his goaltending. It would be especially with the addition of Johnson. You've got Johnson learned the problem there but but hallmark whose. Expected probably to be improper this year now is going to be able to be here and play. Which is what he really needs to he's a young guy he's got a lot of left in his career needs to be playing I always thought that in an organization. In the depth chart at your goaltenders. Number one should be playing in buffalo number two would be playing in Rochester number three would be your back up in the in buffalo. Number four would either be the backup in Rochester or even probably should be playing. The east coast league as the number one there. So you've got your goal is that your. In your organization of playing and they have to play a lot. So goaltending I think looks really good and very excited about that. It looks to me like defense is going to be solid I wonder what's going to happen now upfront with the loss of and Kohl's Schneider in Gary Koreans and some of those players that were our offensive weapons last year some of the youngsters like a daily and back to Easton. That guys like that are gonna have to really step up their game. Right and so and and going towards the Blue Line that are not the Blue Line though the forward group now who did what I mean what what kind of year do you think that. Odd this year could see a guy like you know Alex the Lander who's now playing his second professional year. Or or guys like Justin Daly and nick that tees were playing their backing thirty year now and professional hockey. What will kind of growth and development do you think you could see those type of players having especially the ones that are. Looking to take that next step from going from DHL to the NHL level. But anyway yeah I don't know maybe more so at this level because the players are younger. You might not see it so much in buffalo where the players are there you kind of know what you gonna get almost one year to the next but here at this level with the players being so young. The growth of a player in the offseason can be. All the way from nonexistent to phenomenal. So he did here don't know very it is some guys come back at the start of the year and they just look like they're that totally different player so. Mile under I think it would be needed. Obviously has the skills. And end so that all year long that he just needed to Grohl. Physically straining and maybe a little bit of size. So I'm thinking over the summer that it he was able to put on some. Some muscle in two pounds it that he can be a whole lot different player not because he can be more physical but because of that will give him more confidence. In his size and playing now where it. With men which I think he's still. Kind of a youngster playing in the men's game. So I'm expecting good things from him. That the a guy like kept daily needs to have it was leading to really. Learn the whole game. It is not just about two years speed there's a lot more to it than that so I'm hoping that. If he's positioning some of that had a chance to grow Baptiste and he was coming on strong at the end of the year. That I I do I'm not sure with a guy like Rodriguez for example is going to be properly certainly earned his spot there tremendous player. So. Again there's just a case of right now there at all Buffalo Sabres. The end in that just a short period of time we'll find out which ones will actually be right just Americans. Slash Buffalo Sabres blanked. Yeah and on the blimp before elegy go down one other player wanted to ask you about and get your thoughts on is spreading Cooley in last year or any team in the year before that you got a small sample size of what branding Cooley compete with the type of player he can be not only for Rochester but also in the future for hopefully the Buffalo Sabres I mean. I mean with the way that the roster is built as of right now in buffalo it seems like it's going to be built for burning goalie spending at least another year maybe two. In Rochester further developing his game but what do you think. And it's this season could entail for for brining goalie what can do for his team overall. And you know I I really didn't see enough of him to determine. Real good thoughts on. And what his future might be I think he's got a great upside myself. He he needs to up. From what I did she needs to spend some time with I guy like Justin fault for example. Maybe learn a little bit more about the stay at home part of the game and while putting it together with the offensive part. I. I think that he. He needs to be here at this level I think he needs to learn and for the good of the organization. The longer that some of these players are here. Before they make that next move the better it is for the organization it just means that there's more depth up about so. I would like to see some of those players still remain your full well. Our Don thank you for. Thank you for coming on during this offseason where I'm sure you're enjoying your summer and hoping join the rest of the summer and looking forward to hearing your voice on the air again odd later on this year. I've played a great start to appreciate didn't end any time I'd love to do it again. Don Stevens with great in Wilson there. Thanks to both of them thanks to the calls texts and tweets that came in tonight we will be back to tomorrow night to make. Talk sports that's what we do here. A will have Dan Lagerfeld of jets confidential. On with it might show tomorrow taking a look at there. Offseason plans and has normal I have no idea. What's going on. On the morning show I don't have a good night this is the nightcap on WGR.