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Wednesday, July 11th

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There is an update in the LeSean McCoy domestic violence. Investigation case and it is coming from the bills running back himself. Aquarius hired Don Samuel a prominent defense attorney who has were represented the likes of ray Lewis and Ben Roethlisberger in previous cases. Further reports also indicate that a statement will be released from the course camp by the end of the day it is 8 o'clock now we are yet to be seen. One yet but there is still time and we'll continue to update you on any revelations on to reach our markets dot com as laws or Twitter at W jar by fifty. Sticking in buffalo this the sabres hired Steve Smith this afternoon join the staff as an assistant coach he spent the last four seasons in Carolina in the same role. Re responsible for the team's defense and PK units under head coach bill Peters. And a handful of sabres are also partaking in the summer league called to duty elite in Minnesota there's a game in action we if Casey mills sent. This started at 630. Who is part of the lesson to close the likes of aphorism middle stat technical version and CJ Smith at those games can be streamed at to beauty league dot com. Lots of men's singles action at Wimbledon today Kevin Anderson pulled the unlikely upset over Roger Federer any four hour five set now. Raphael Nadal pull past Juan Martin don't Poulter on five sets as well while Novak Djokovic to be detained as a quarry in four sets. The fifa World Cup finals officially set this afternoon Croatian outlasted England 21 in extra time there will take on France for the chip Sunday morning at eleven. Buffalo's sports fans why not purchase your tickets to see UB football this fall during the one day only flash sale tomorrow July 12. All single game tickets are just fifteen dollars that is 50% off the regular ticket prices. For more information or to purchase your tickets call 1877. UB there that's 1877. You be there. Also hope he hump day a four hour is what the net tweed has take over the hump day today at their region our fight to keep for your chance to win a 25 dollar gift card to Jim's steak now. This is Mikhail Alpert every DR Sports Radio 550 and this update is brought to you by Blanco are you in the know Golan deal online at Blanco buffalo dot com. He saw a nightcap with Ryan gates we'll. Lawyers. There is enough. Nightcap on WGR. Sports Radio 515 here. From watching that nothing really light everywhere it's. Probably Casey middle sent you solved. He's so quick honesty he's not fast but he's fast he's not pleasing fans but he's super quick change directions. In his hands there just as fast if not faster. He looks really get up there for unfortunately more open ice. It have verified fifties the phone number what are you looking net for the bills this season you think in. Playoff race again. 89 win team or you think in this team could be near the top of the draft next year 345 wins. I think that's probably were outside right now. You just Texas at 555 to your tweet at me at sneaking Joseph WGR. Got a text in here saying it. It definitely does not sound like you're trusting the process is it really that important that we make the playoffs this year that's the point I don't. Know how to me I it's not that important to make it this year. But it's different than before. Like remember when they would be out of the playoffs violate early December and it. It did conversation with such change to give him we want them to lose these final game so we can get near the top of the draft. So that league member the one year the bills are oh and eight in the before for the rest of the way in the masonic Cam Newton because of that. I was so angry a year that I was still there was no reason for them they do that Al flight really. Yeah I was still so really now looking edit in its. Okay. They made the playoffs. So that's. Not as. There's not as much pressure on that and course I want them to make the playoffs. But I don't need damned to get in now just to get in and the drought which is what that was for me. To me it's not as important to me if evicted the same thing they did last year. I would be overly impressed but actually that's not true I would be overly impressed with a because of the team I think they've got on the field but. I'm thinking bigger picture. I'm thinking how does this team get to a Super Bowl I've seen a playoff game now my lifetime I had I did not know where I did not remember one before before this year. Are you see how old real assets four years old oh while Janet Gabby you know that right so now my mindset as she took it got left. I know what that feels like it was awesome. Being down the airport scene ever on how excited they were that was incredible. Now to me I've changed in the big picture vote how do you. Take over for New England is the EU. The front runners in AFC. Once Tom Brady retires. Or even once the ages as you know what may be he's. An average quarterback in some point 80s48. By the applicant bide the time that haven't I don't know but. The one thing I'll say about Josh Allen is he does give you a path that I didn't like OPEC because I'd. Not polished that'd be you had eight set up here in buffalo we could really bring out the the best of him it's at least a session in the short term. But you have to even I have to admit the tools are all there in years that incredible upside is quarterback. So there is a path there there's an avenue. To the bills becoming late it legit contender and if see year after year at some point if Josh old becomes the quarterback. The be drafted him to be you're probably that team. Just because of his skill set as quarterback. And the fact that how many I guess I guess there are some good young corps that's coming up now in the FC they're really didn't used to be couple years ago and you've got. He got. Shawn Watson you've died. Terror car. Markets Mario and the couple age you lock is still fairly young he's got to be you've late twenties probably. There's still path to meet. But this year. I don't think it seems making the playoffs. But also it's not like oh I want them finish last they can get this quarterback but that doesn't exist anymore because they have Josh on the are not taken quarterback next season. No way. So now I'm looking at and I'm saying okay. Realistically. How he wins were looking at the scene. Where they improving where did they improve. Quarterback outfitting downgraded. On the short term I would say they downgraded. You gonna score elected did not turn the ball over whatsoever. For all his faults. Passing yards per game was won he just wasn't a guy who really air it out with. He was your second best rushing option for three years you lost that too. I'm not seeing tyra to oversee great quarterback I thought he was a pretty good quarterback. Pretty good I want a batter I was ready to move on. But I think. A lot he would have to admit. That on the short term we could be looking at a downgrade. That could be rookie Josh Allen could be that probably would be Natan Peerman in my eyes and it could be AJ McCarron he's kind of an unknown to. So sitting here today but he probably downgraded quarterback. Running back you're either going to be the same. Or you're gonna EA big downgrade if McCoy is not on the field start the year. Or all this year that's a huge downgrade enormous. Best case scenario sees the same if he plays the whole year. Chris Ivory is Kenneth. It could be a slight upgrade I guess if everything goes perfect ivory it's hard to be worse to me and Mike Tolbert was as a backup running back option. I was feel bad from October to confuse me with plea at a position you as a fullback. They asked him to do things he should never been asked to deal. He got to remind me of booby Dixon as a player that's what should ban goal line situations. Only short yardage. In special teams. For the bills this movie Nixon to do does anybody have a bad receive a booby Dixon he won her name bracket forgot six. I love them. But he was never asked to do Mike Tolbert was last year. And that was a huge mistake in the team's part the they had to bring interest debt midway through the season because of that. Ivory I guess to be a little bit better. But if my poise on the field obviously it's gonna be down. Tight end this thing wide receiver. Much is it offensive line downgrade right they lost and ideally officer would downgrade. The two I think they did improvement. In this is where they would have to these would have to be big jumps for me. To see Tim Timmy to see them beat similar to what they were last year in terms of wins 89. These are the two areas they would have to be big jump and pass rush in interior defensive line helping stop Iran. Pass first entrant Murphy. That could be big. And check Lawson hopefully get a full season out of him maybe he gives you. Mort it's you have to think you've did you give you more than he has to he has given you much of anything. Pass rush upgrade interior defensive line upgrade. They were really bad last year. Yet it's our look to allay he should be pretty good player. That probably gets better. Linebackers tough. Because we haven't teach me Edmonds on the field he. I want to think he's gonna be so good because he's so big in seeking cover in space. Like at the perfect line backer for me. In person he is Nance it yeah I AB CM I yes I am I am I said I think he's one of the biggest human beings have ever seen in my life yes like six. Was 66. I don't know by India the middle linebackers who usually don't get Lleyton. The key clique. Stunt an enormous physical freak. But he's is that good drama at six violently at 250. But he's a rookie and you got a pretty good linebacker last year press around we use our right. The human level you tackles. I'd see that probably stays the same. Quarterback stays the same thing we all agree Vontae Davis probably gives you similar what you had from UJ Gaines turf caliber player of the different styles. Safety stays the same year. You got the goods there poirier and Micah Hyde you're great. So I'm looking at it and you downgraded may be the best at the most support position quarterback. You downgraded offensive line you might have huge downgrade of running back. So your offense is going to be worse. To me I would guess this offense is worse than last year and they weren't that good lesser to begin with the defense I would say probably groups. Because you did get better in your front Simon. And you were already super gun in your secondary. Nature meaning you don't maybe they are better in the cornerback. Trips for devious white was really good last year that he take another step he could use a rookie last year. That'd be hard to be better than he was last year is one of the top quarterbacks. When you look at pro football focus grades. And he was. One of the top rookies when you approve of awful mysteries. 830550s. The phone ever Hollywood's big bills and getting this year. The numbers sticking my head or else for. And I can change day by day ending yesterday it was at three last week I would've said. Seven with basically asking this season. Miami. Miami. Makes it interesting. That they needed like New England in my side. Right. We've also got the LeSean McCoy situation going on of course he hired a lawyer. There were supposed to be a statement coming out at some point doesn't have to be today but I haven't seen that today. But McCoy hired a attorney. Pretty established one Atlanta. That's the update on the era verified that these phone number let's go to Mike Mike's in Jersey here's my amounts. Still trying to find there is Mike the tournament. Hale is going to be a pure to make our football. You know. Outlook from oil and let our now find out late you went right to you know are up this people all majority of them. So you know I'm old I'm I'm I'm on me is on between. Without ham Bo. I still I still I'm very optimistic lowered the trip this year in the drastically improved last year. And all of the running backs they you know we. You can look at it the other a couple of you know we aren't about money growth in opt training camp caught you now. If you look at Baltimore couple years and Alex columns. And he he actually cut by another team when he came and I had like that you know yuk these you know what we you know I acknowledge some local news. Know a lot of the field I think we can only get it replaced. And you know maybe it can work so I can build its own way. You eight to nine games. Eight or nine. Appreciate it but I'd I decade onboard with that IE did elks Collins reference is actually got one. 'cause that's right that's a running at the came out of nowhere and was pretty damn good third. Baltimore last year. But I don't see that guy in the market or an army that deputy training camp. So when it's caught that I think of leaving them have both counts last year because he was in Seattle. He but he met an Oakland for a little bit he ends up in Baltimore and starting. Because Ken Dixon got suspended. If as it stands now there's not a name out there right to say okay yet that they can get that version of that. It's to me it's all their running backs their way past their prime. Peterson. Merkel very neat that we passed his prime but definitely pass it. Oh it's it's me running backs not even. That big a factor in how the danger to win anyway. On this team more so than others of course because they're built through the running back like they kind of always have been in my lifetime. McCoy he's your best offensive player. So you are gonna take a bigger hit than other teams would losing their running backs. But it's still. Not a make or break position to meet. I think they'll lose a game or two more if he's on the field. And that could be bake that can be really date. I wonder if the idea elks Collins. Comparison for the bills would be like of getting a Wendell small would like caller brought up last last hour whose like. Crowded backfield 24 years old fill out three on the curiously. Great three and came from Miami Steve tweets and Emery was scratching my head at how the bills will do this year not not a not a large enough sample size from McDermott. Seems a coach that can make a team over chief like Bobby Knight did in basketball and while. If that's the case I can't wait for tons of talent that's that's right I don't. I'm not overly impressed with the job McDermott did last year I think the biggest reason they made the playoffs was walk. Was effect Andy Dalton made an insanely good pass otherwise. McDermott had a season that Doug morrow had a couple years ago that Rex Ryan. Came very close to having. 89 wins. Rex and tonight at eight. But Doug morrow got the ninth in fairness though I mean. We never had it for the last like eighteenth juror that's right so but. I stopped short of thumb automatically assuming the Chama term it's just a batter head coach. Then Rex Ryan or. Doug Maroney. Just because the AFC happen to be worse the year he got nine wins. Then a year dug around it for instance. But. The point the Steve makes there is what would he do with the super talented team because they were not attempted last year. They won. How did they went. They were not an over talented team. But they found a way to be found ways to win games that NATO integrys teams know a thermometer investors. I don't know they mean that colts game with a little flu peaked we'll there was there was of their value gain of snow on the ground so that's yeah that's very right in the falcons game I mean you know like. They got a big got a call. There they got a call it a lucky dating to burn treading ten men on the field that is most crucial play of the game that's seven and nine I mean those two things don't go anyways that's right yeah that's right. And that's why I'm not so quick to anoint him as. Oh we we found our guy. Maybe they did. And I would like to see him with us who were talented team that's not to be this year though. If you get over cheat again on any real optimistic. But with this team what would it take for you to be impressed with him. Let your viewers always here yet you at six games so that's it if they went eight earned it eight or nine wins again I would be impressed that's a tough test. Without McCoy will see it depends on what the court a court that we just don't know yet. I would ten day gas that they're not going to be better and they were lancer court act that's why I had them as a downgrade in a position to me. And that's why I think they're gonna have a lot less Wednesday did last year. But I don't know because I have not seen. Pretty much anything from Joshua Allen and very little from aging the care. So that's up in the year my guess is that it's gonna be downgrade but we don't know and I don't know because these are two quarterbacks. That if you had that chance and our right now. What 34. Chance that one of those two starting the year. Between Allen McCarron they're both guys we have not seen before. 830550s the phone number what are you looking at for the bills in terms of wins this season their biggest total six and half is that to hide up probably comes down. I have to think that comes down. If verified that these phone number we'll take a break here so that we can get too deep ever saying if you didn't listen to him earlier one bills live and give you know a chance to hear that. Coming up next he covers broadcasters. Sports broadcast journal he ranked. Broadcast and ams in certain in different markets. All time. And he had Rick Jenner at. And then Miller Grady high on that list I'll kill you are wary had a ranked coming up next and then I'll play at bat for you he joined John Murphy and Steve tasker earlier today that's coming your way next the nightcap would Jody B Osce and on a much referring Wednesday its WGR. But Perez is. Magnificent and I expect Cole tells at all. And you pointed out the because he. Used his voice inflections perfectly to build the drama. And really put his signature is stamped. Or what that go home that. Dave Haver stamp from sports broadcast journal. On the eve regenerate made eagle. He covers a sports announcers. Yeah a lot of good things say about generate and then Miller who he had ranked fourth. Fourth all time in terms of a tandem. In a market. I believe Vince Scully. Hands. Turns. He turns the Alley lakers announcer were number one Vince Scully was nothing number one I might have that second. But Jenner and Dan Miller fourth that's important. Must play that interview back feels really good date Haver Sampras sports broadcaster he joined John Murphy and Steve tasker earlier today here's this time the eyes. He is Ilya former radio play by play voice of the Miami Heat executive vice president general manager Westwood One for awhile. And the author of the book sports I'm New York radio play by play history at the to have authored David Halberstam on this David John Murphy Steve tasker in buffalo thanks for joining us. Yeah you know what we're doing great and will act act I ask you this what we spoke on the phone earlier today. I don't just so there's no confusion can you tell me you'd you did mention to me that you are distant relative of the great Pulitzer Prize winning journalist David Halberstam right. I sure am he passed in two wars who bit. A wonderful and versatile writer David Wise you wrote about sports. And he wrote about politics he wrote about business and he wrote about culture. And he warned that the exports man. The books on. The history of sports to the book on Michael Jordan. He hit a book about. The New England Patriots coach Belichick can. These stories on the Yankees cardinals. 1964. In the nineteen point nine Red Sox. Or why am. I. Of public try to emulate into the media use on air. Shingles management. Did write a book about. I sports broadcast history. Yes well it's a great name to live up to that's for sure David tell me where does this idea come from wood to look at. Different markets different sports different play by play guys that and ranked them tell me what the inspiration for that. Well I started you know web site. January. Coal exports brought can't journal dot com sports like cancer journal dot com. And he idealists a profile various broadcasters migrate a bad lieutenant that we content someone's got to the media. And guys like general outline of screenwriter Hollywood too few articles the tunnel for. Rudy march ski in and hold bonds. Doing those formerly. What side is really growing and not have. Really lit. Profiles. Trends patterns and someone's. Have been a lot of stories in the green and Scully you know chick Hearn. And one day at a recent programs in the nation has any market ever. And anyway compared. And Ayers were here. Announcers in the same city like chick Hearn who did the lakers were forty in my years in the court and scholarly. Didn't dodgers' 67 years and overlap. And dominated marketplace the way. Hearn and Scully did and then all sorts of this on the side more summer goes on by. I started in the mutual life. It myself what are some of these. Two great announcers. Who worked together in time. And I military calluses political view is the Phillies and many years in the great Merrill Reese says eagle. They overlap thirty some odd years and it went back to more equipment and they'll island new York and one or fourth. And then I go to buffalo. Person that always comes to mind when I think of buffalo sports announcers. Believe it or not is there any building user. Who is an absolute legend in buffalo went to let me or in 1964. And in fact it was later. Who told me. That Tim Miller. Just a great great for our projects that would do little. Who really told me about him and I started listening to him and. I thought mayhem and of course Rick Jenrette. Or over the years since they've worked in the same market there are no other pro teams yes there was some Minor League Baseball team. But no Major League team. And at this point no NBA team choke guys like Miller is in Iraq. All those years in the same market where you take a play by play. Over the course of years and I know you can build now but two over these years. You make those two names Miller interaction there there on the list and they were up there. They're great strident. They are. You got scholarly and heard. At one and then countless and we should too. I'm Marty Glickman email Alan and play and when you got generous and you got no. Yeah David talk to us a little bit about what your criteria for choosing these guys was likely combination they had to have the same market at the same time. And also one of the things that did in my experience here in buffalo with Stan Miller and regenerate as they are beloved by. The fans who love those teams in their park almost part of the team. So they kind of gain this. At least locals notoriety that that may be somebody from Pittsburgh wouldn't even know the play by play guys from buffalo but the fans couldn't live without on the net and that was also want your criteria. And also they were also exclusive to those teams and and so I am surprised. That she actually had so many groups of guys even choose from you would think you know with particularly in the climate we live in now. The broadcast Anderson is so much turn over that it's hard to find teams and and cities that have had the it the luxury of having two guys they can depend on season after season. Well lectures toward her. That I'll make a point and I and I assured that I look well a lot more about outward to knicks and Rangers. But at one point it became a joke because Smart doing the Rangers missed more games than he did. So what I meant there what you must be committed to this team. Heard it we found it 300 straight games group. An illness and weather delays or whatever but he'd be at that court case cable come hell or high water. And it's going. Yeah he did miss some games food uses a great baseball announcers got 67 years is body of war tells the story. So that's what I mean by commitment. And in fact I got some complaints I have ever seen a Baker's dozen that was my analysts put somebody's kid that I omitted. In Atlantis skipped carry you through the Atlanta Braves Larry my mention of soul legend in Georgia actually. Go late always. Of the Georgia Bulldogs. So there are parts. Believe me and our people felt. And I might have omitted dampen perhaps local markets there are others so it's not that. Necessarily the best announcer. It's the two at the same time where he walks and one dropped out of it deeply deeply in the morning and ask them. Back you know 1015. Years ago Gordon announcers as these two teams. They would tell you would immediately. We're with our guest David Halberstam was in the post were sports broadcast journal the most cherished all time played the same market play by play pairs. He's got Dan Miller of the bills and regenerate of the sabres as same time live at play announcers I wanna let cards from our listeners. Here a little bit about from the east to I know there familiar voices clearly but let's just is there a call from him Miller this is the famous bills game season opener in 1989. In Miami and Jim Kelly takes. Absolutely and and today year to really gain more radio and painting the picture being the word. It's an art that I traded in law. Miller had it without a doubt. I had a great command of the language. He or properly heat build the drama when you can just hear from the inflection in his voice. What I have one thing that I've always Florida when I vehicles can't Miller. Is. There are our blood can't they look back at me I'm sure you've heard political sex perfect games and I've been Scully. Then I would tell any budding announcers to memorize it was that good I told the unfortunate Scott Norwood yet. In my category I heard the complete. Cool. That was done by Miller and the way he described in paint the picture of Norwood. Getting ready and setting an active mind that chick. It was just beautiful I mean I'm afraid you know it didn't work out but it still say they've got. He's called it. Was magnificent and I would tell anybody broadcasters. To listen to. Miller was an. Standing announcer. Yeah they are appreciated and it's interesting too because the game we're talking about Ben Miller and I was actually on the field for a couple of woman or most of them and that it was up. And you're right not all of them are great but the calls can be great and have to be great even if if the announcers disappointed that most of the calls of people remember. Have to do with great moments for their team not not Super Bowl misses or work like that and and me as a buffalo guy now. The things I'm Diana alive I only heard the highlight evident and for people in buffalo a guy who's actually still calling game down again regenerate. Calling a goal of the May Day gold has read let's listen to that right now we if you bring up the average generous call of the Brad May go. And I'm glad based. Easier on her ma. Yeah that was and that was one of the all time great calls office as spur of the moment he and I think you'd appreciate it. Did crescendo in his voice has always been his signature when he rises up for the goal call. And how it started out solo just the Blue Line and by the time a second and a half later. He's at the top of his lungs call and you know one of the iconic calls in buffalo history. Well it added out and I am afraid with hockey. Because unfortunately. On radio. Business model today and thank you very difficult for radio hockey to be profitable. And worsening situation in Charlotte where they're going to be in this horrible pass in the end you get there deal. Hockey legend chuck take much Perez is. Magnificent and I think that call themselves at all. And he pointed out the because he. Used his voice complexion perfectly to build the drama. And really put his signature is stamped. What that Gomez. We David Halberstam is that the post for sports business journal the most cherished all time say market play by paid pears in it in a particular market. You don't I'd Steven Wright I believe David that it is some to do with the call you know the play that takes place how the college remember. I think and am curious what you think about this I I think it may have also something new with the market itself. I think some markets. The play by play announcers are our valued more are considered. You know. Higher than another market you know I think from an idea of the experience or buffalo I think it's important I've noticed it's important to Buffalo Bills fans. Who was caught in the game on the radio I don't know if that's the case in many NFL markets what do you think. I agree it's become very commodity side industry announcing play by play announcing. There are so many answers today. I put games on and on in the business whether it's college basketball game or hockey game. Or even a baseball game I don't even know who in the world isn't captured attention and that'll really scary watching that game and it's become coo Lotta guys because. They teach kids. And in a way where you follow certain script. And there are a lot of good announcers but distinguishing one from the other becomes very difficult or recourse at times where you had Miller. And he had wrecked you know in the game which people knew exactly. Who they are who they weren't what they sound like him by now used on the games are for a very long time and they're becoming very comfortable with you. You stay anywhere long enough into the rest of the worse. It doesn't really matter they love you. And it's just the way it is it's it's like quality is like putting on me comfortable. They're accused. And you adolescent humor. I would all the guys. You do a great job thanks I'm sure it was tough you. Following a legend like Miller during the game. But he's seeing what happens over a course of time slowly there again about Miller and they remember Murphy in matches where in the world. They forgot about an allowance now you know they've had other guest ever you go now they have. John sterling and they'll soon become. Very popular. The course of time. That they kill it but that of course it's time that timing grace is that court military it got to be here so if you give it won't. You we love equally as your predecessor. At just sport in the world. Yeah and I am sad I think. I David I've benefited enormously from working with Stamford. 1617 years so that worked to my benefit I wanna ask you about a couple of others that. And number eight on your list of all time same market play by play pairs you got Detroit earnings are well voice of the tigers for decades. And it and I confess I never heard this name Bob you've heard those who did Michigan football back then. Tell us about those two that a particular. I love Ernie while I loved him so much as a broadcaster tell me where you rank him and how you consider him. Well I probably agree with curt Smith wrote thought voices became. Ranking the mansion and he put our what was really behind goalie him and Mel Allen and part of what was that in. Really paint the picture. He can turn a word. We put the idea. Or listener right behind home plate English is good is a company headed to a wave sweeping. On the people related to use. Sort of your friend that the game and he did it for so long and was still committed to it he wrote so many books he was. Almost interchangeable. They're named tiger is there to all those years. So he would love it didn't matter we bad times are good times in the world riots in the city of Detroit or bad economy. Baseball season rolls around they heard him the first time in March broadcasting to Florida. And they. Began to believe that that goal now rolling into the went to come to an annual purity of the tigers will be flanked. There will be away from more problems so. That's what they're earning a spot do for you gotta go back to that period of time in the seventies. In the sixties when Michigan were so dominant. Alliance or. Awful. Did you know for years. And you have the pistons at the time they were not very good yes you have the right way but you for a way. Not a trained broadcaster. He didn't go to school like generous. He was a fan he ran track at Michigan. So insurance to put some deals on this table. But what he really did and look we're doing those Michigan football games and basically PE CT PC games. And he would show synonymous with the wolverines program that is nearly two years twenty some odd years there's Harlow and they use for work at the same time those were probably the two best play by play guy there and and that way I rank them. I'm Eric its debt burden meat chicken comes from Bob you for a never knew that. Yeah yeah argue for yeah yeah fairways they did it you know all of those years fish. That. They were applying and they were so good. One of the satellite I I don't want adjusted but I do what it says here that we spoke earlier. A great story about scandal or future let me go ahead. Okay rod Dick there's only you know six years. And the color man on TV I worked alone out radio. But the color man on TV is in the game certainly not strange to those in buffalo there was a stage. Jack Ramsay. Jack cut coached the old buffalo braves. And he travel with me. And he spec and they didn't travel on charters which emerged. And he hit that Miller was a prankster. And I didn't know them and they're really have met him maybe once. And he said one day they are there a lot of commercials fly planes land. And that there around taxiing there as they arrived at the gate and then they go to didn't pull whatever. Overhead luggage in the event. And they're standing waiting for the doors open. And Miller's there right in front of Ramsey in the file. And Miller there he's got a good looking woman right in front of. And Manchester. This perfectly. Screen tormented him or straight you have these sister. And you that you wearing a pair of shoes that don't match. And the woman just totally know it. Flushed with what we've. He's being so embarrassed. By what ages six. And she looks down as she's like frightened. In your EC she sees that he Poland uttered and they all started asking you know play started quite expect. I didn't feel that way that we were probably there. Yeah yeah the fingers at Larry trick you know haywire you only wearing one hearing and then you'd retarded. Yeah same scenario on what they did it very funny lot of pranks. But he did them over and over and over voice. Yeah if you if you heard one you've heard a million government it was credible one of the things that that he did so well was called great. Great games in your right it was. An historic game here in buffalo the greatest comeback of all time at the end of the game the Buffalo Bills that come back from 353 down Steve Christie lined up. To kick the game winning. Field goal and this is what it sounded like when legendary broadcaster Glenn Miller called. Great finish for that game they have overtime victory. And they are part of it to him and not to minimize any of the worked on by any of the people on your list agreed cherished all time same market play by play pairs. But you need good game genie drama and order to have memorable good broadcast don't. I think though wouldn't it be or exceptions in baseball. Because there are guys in LA who went Scully was being in the game. For a blowout. Because they knew that seamlessly scale and so he's sorry let's all. You know worn when they would down all those points and made their comeback it's very beginning at the people were short putting out or. You know mind would beat began wandering but I can say you know radio becomes. Very very difficult because if you're driving in your car your mind is wandering you get Chilean mine on road. The most important thing to do all the time you know learn this. The hard way. Talk to many broadcasters Marty glad you told me this when he didn't Chinese jets all these years always in the time remaining. The score in the last couple you do that you do it often enough no way he told me that. That's great. It dated this is great work we thank you very much spent a few minutes where this this summer afternoon to talk about it. Hey good luck to both if you enjoy the football season what. What got a month off. That's right less than a month off until pre season. August 9 I think. Date now we're seeing different sports broadcast journal the bills jaguars playoff game is on and I found that worker now. Since Watson in here first play I see stuff five minutes left in the second quarter. How big I was a big Tyrod defender but even I admitted. In new leg we had to move on. And there's I guess first and tanned unlike the thirty yard line he's got nick O'Leary. Running over the middle. Deep middle towards the end zone Tyrod season any just overthrow it there's five guys in this offense there next to the that's what I've ever notice is gone yet. Harry aid through a 550 is the phone number here we will spend last call on the nightcap talking a little bit about. Eleven date power play tomorrow. Tyrants to hit and had their no penalty whenever. Without eleven a power play coming up next dev team WGR place tomorrow from two to 6 PM Narveson. That's coming up next let's call it a trio by did you for anything like timeouts that I can't Jody B Osce and Mike your fiery on W each year. Last call on the nightcap. Judi Villa lasting image very here on WGR. We've got the bills jaguars wild card game on in here it's on a phone network. And this the first time I'm watching it. Sense it happened. And already. I get this way with a lot of the Saber playoff teams whenever you see those three played from the 2006 season. Like game one against stuff Philly. In 06 has played a lot NHL network. Game five against the Rangers. Game seven against Carolina. It always been kind of relive the moment arguably you know you get that not your stomach when you're in a playoff game it's like really close. But I always kinda get a little of it back. I'm getting it back with the bills here. Just watch Eumig that cannot make throw. Or why are you throwing to Kelvin Benjamin. On the one yard line like what are you doing. Would bet that kind of reaction to me it's happening to gain felt really predictable to mean I love watching it wasn't surprised at anything else going on it psychosis so emotionally. You know. This is like and not real not a lot happened. It was close throughout the hornets and Dallas I mean like in other bills trying to and that's a matchup AJ wires you know the defense so. I go to eleven day powerfully dot com and donate. Myself and Mike here will both be playing tomorrow from two to 6 PM as well as reverend Al Centene WJR which includes Bulldog. Their Kramer. TJ allotment. I'm missing Ellen Davis. Didn't and others right Mazur ASCII Brenda is asking writes Brian gates frank gates will be plain. That's it for two to six tomorrow. Come watch us not really bad probably I played two and a half hour gave me my brother and our goalie makes anti state for the extra game in a we went to a shootout. I am completely dead and sort today I don't know really well with tomorrow's gonna beg a good night's sleep done. For and we kind since then doesn't sound like you're planning on having good night's sleep we have extra triggering after the show now. That's not happening you're gonna Wear your heart that you're you're quite the team I'm not the team trainer is well a former teammates. The league maybe you're like trance on the ice again on the field like with a team it'll help. With that would then that's fine but nineteen trainer not working double duty here Marty got to be. When senator I don't know if I would comets of the first lines are but I am I have no idea and a plan. Bugger if I don't gonna show up and try to figured out yeah fly I you know I cherry picking even on defense in practice that that's right you did which was very strange. Our defensemen up by the Blue Line while they've got the puck in its pocket ace wearing gangly of that. The lowest score them excited yet he's he probably tired into this year I think he has some other hockey game but a wonderful I'm excited about that tomorrow. Four hours and glad we don't do like we did the did it last year. Those guys were warriors last year through gains a day like that for eleven days is insanity it's 22 games total. When one is going to be. They'll be fine I'll be fine the one's going to be you'll be sore after talking two of them only. Hold just put in the ground after that I would not have with your. I don't think. While. 8305 of these phone number you got about a minute you're left joining any thoughts and on the nightcap we've guy it's. NASCAR live coming up next you know you're in radio yeah. Might have a smuggling Narnia the author game or do you talk about that yet no bison stood there and listen to the Tripoli also our game over and a sister station. Yes Pia and 1520. In like Mike hicks is you mentioned jumping around here. You mentioned last segment how they're using no one muffins bills' offense and since there's going to be back and swat looking at the bench. After this driver the bills could feel it's Tyrod Taylor yacht to Thompson. It's Richie got neo air would. And Chama court. Any all those guys can be on. At year number one quarterback. Your starting left guard you're starting center you're starting running back your number coordinator to wide receiver and your profits according. Yet ago. Proudly total. Total yards with two minutes left in the first half how did you feel about that they're up three nothing total yards they were out gaining a 129 to forty. I just I cry I act yet I. I wouldn't surprise in like the bills are kind of prone to heart breaking losses like kinda how it ended in how the game played out is exactly how I kinda doc going in house you know. And moment I forgot how badly portals Wilson's game. And was holy cow. And he he dismisses the guy by seven yards to reject an illusion again running all over New England if she came to him proud should want to. All right that's gonna do for us. So nightcap Jody BI CM IH Fareed. Thanks everybody for listening to BGC America and it.