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Sunday, July 16th

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Western New York race fans it's timed out crank it up goal. The next hour and the airwaves belong to you. See jokes dress pin and let's head to WGR's fast track. With your host of other evidence ever DB can. Fans want to get there we go works when the volumes out. Hoping 1102 here and Eliot GR Sports Radio 550 and welcome. To another edition of WG are fast tracked Mike that I you know what I'm and own up to that that was my fault like I had the wrong like I didn't realize they didn't have the regular microphone different usually we have two microphones that are. Position right firming in the studio. And I usually choose the certain one and that's the one you head up on the board but it is. Broke it here in front of us and I didn't realize that the other Mike was position Friday some light. That is all my fault that is on me that I didn't tell you I was using different like they'd realize. That deer in headlights look because as soon as like the show started excite talking like that pipeline yet I like oh my god at that at. So I arts and that the so alliances than that that's that's on the host will the host will take blame for not realizing he was using a different than normal Mike White. Too far or producer was. Prepared affirm our usual set appearance Sunday morning and it ended you know just I I come in in reformed so that one's on me will will we get a Mulligan here it's Turkish over. She replays show open Dow skidding. Good morning race fans 1103 yard LB GR Sports Radio 550 and welcome to another edition of WGR's fast track on Dave Buchanan thanks for listening. Happy 716 day at the spiral in much of a holiday it's become more marketing and anything but it's still I guess this'll kind of cooled. That the this one day of the year the date mentions our area code here and in the buffalo area but. Regardless can be gorgeous state so get out and enjoy it or you're gonna watch the nets' Kerry today injury that is Welty we can also hear right here and WGR. As NASCAR in New England once again for at the a New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, New Hampshire for today's over tins. 301. And we'll have live coverage here on WGR Sports Radio fight that he can't up at 2 o'clock this afternoon. Courtesy of our friends at the performance racing network back to back weeks for the and I will be back on it today for their race at New Hampshire as a Martin Truex bull leave the field to green today. Of course as I said some once sixty it's it was really 716. Weeks for NASCAR sort out. We actually got visits from two NASCAR drivers this week. Both Daniel Suarez and Kevin Harvick made their way through buffalo. And genial this year on Wednesday. For us PR visit and connected to the folks a walk and an international. I have had a press conference of mayor Byron brown incites the home and they won on a tour of some non Hispanic. I community centers over on the west side. And it was party initiative that walk and con international's parting partnering with the city of buffalo for the Puerto Rican and Hispanic Karadzic. Off vessel great later this year and they're gonna have a presence there's that was real neat. I had a chance talked to Daniel on Wednesday then Thursday was down at the Seneca creek casino. And Kevin Harvick rolled into town. Now almost didn't make it thanks to the rain they'll forcefully Kevin. They don't they're a flight to buffalo of course but with all the the monsoons he had their Thursday morning I did dump what over two inches or rain on us. Dick she had to fly into Rochester and then now Harvick in bed the folks he was with drove from Rochester to buffalo. I actually went to new -- first into the new aero but headquarters there in Delaware avenue. But Kevin toured the facility signed some autograph there Kevin as a partner. With the folks new air or not only for him personally with NASCAR for their half the stuff but also. Kevin Harvick incorporated which used to be is truck team of course now is like a sports managing business and some of the athletes and professionals that they were present. They also decent ties tight ends with our new air as well so Kevin has a great relationship of the folks in new air up so he was down their first over and Delaware. And the original plan was for him to drive his race car from new aero to the casino but it fortunately. With the reigning in the condition the roads won't worry in order. Were in and everything in just so obviously some of the city's resources were were that may give. Didn't used to have to help put on this you know they're out take care of some urgent issues because of the rain. On dead Depp playing that's scrapped and fortunately in and said latest Kevin just took our a regular car over to the casino but he did the casino. Anita VIP meet and greet there was some folks from. That the casino. Of the local Anheuser-Busch distributor. With bush your courses sponsorship there are some folks there any in night a chance to catch up with him at the casino. As well to see you're gonna hear from a genial Suarez and Kevin Harvick here in just a couple of minutes both of these interviews recorded earlier in the week. It's pretty cool I mean every July 8 that that the folks a lock and Glenn you know Michael prints up we have on the show all the time. Injure injured Smith there marketing director Chris big Chris banker their PR director. They know lol they they obviously they're very well aware with the proximity of buffalo the biggest media market closest to them. They treat is very well here in west New York in whenever they can bring eight driver to buffalo you know they they do and it's usually every July we get a NASCAR driver. An immediate tour last year was Rusty Wallace you're going through Niagara square. The before they break Kozlowski over the casino we by Kasey Kahne at the go cart track in the Gil re I think Kurt Busch they did one year so every year they bring us. A NASCAR driver this year you we got two in one week's that was real cool it gay gave beat. Us gives us in the in the media opportunity catch up with these guys that'll more relaxed setting them vs the racetrack. And it's easily these guys. Are more willing to open up and have a conversation verses Sadie regular NASCAR media corps that they they deal with on a weekly basis at the racetracks though. And it's it's always fun ketchup of these guys and and we are really appreciate the folks from walker Glenn. Not taken care of us here in west New York this week. With that being a source and your heart actually hear from them in here and just a couple of moments. Also coming up at the bottom of the hour of the world Ausprey cars returned a Western New York for the first time in twenty years. As a they'll be a degree in Seville speedway won a week from today the big are outlawed shoot out. The world of outlaws sprint cars the major sports car series in the country they travel all across North America. From about February to November. And they will make their first visit to western York since 1997 at the reins of bill speedway. And I David gravel who is a ten time winner this year in the world outlaws circuit one of the top driver shall join us. At the bottom of the hour as I it'll be interesting next Sunday because. Pretty much every driver that's gonna be there at least the world outlaw regulars. Led never raced on never raced at the ransom Villa bill to get some locals free car teams that you obviously a little more experience but. I can for 410 sprint cars. They don't get a lot of lot of chances to run at ransom bill civil talked to David gravel. At the bottom of the hour phone lines are open of course two with 8030 fight 51. 88 by fifty to fight fifty Ali can tweet us at fast tracked by fifty and also FaceBook dot com. Us slash WGR fast track is they said for today's race march show X on the poll although the car with the fastest time in qualifying was actually Kyle Larson. But Kyle Larson was disqualified impulse qualifying inspection. When the the thin on the rear deck lid debt clear piece of plastic runs vertical. Down the rear windshield of the car and onto the deck lid that helps control the year all every car has it. His was found to be too low the the second piece that on the deck would not the long piece in the windshield but the the piece that goes and a backlit. Was not as high as it should be. And his time was thrown out and this is now a no other penalty for the Kyle Larson in the 42 team. And Al third such great performance this year on it and if your regulars in the show you know Meehan in rules I'm very black and white when it comes to the rules but. Did this is now being in east peace and systematic. Rules infractions here by the 42 team three times now. You know Larsson has had trouble in pre qualifying inspection where he's not even even been able to take a lap including last week Kentucky didn't even qualify. Started last one of finishing second. And then. I think it's their Wednesday or Thursday of this week we found out. That Kyle Larson received a penalty and post race inspection coming out of Kentucky after he went from last to second. They took the car back to your and he senator down in Charlotte that's a NASCAR's technical headquarters they inspect the cars. A little bit closer than they would at the racetrack and they found eight a rear brake cooling assembly was a legal and apparently the rear brake cooling. System on where it's supposed to be on the car it was kind of protruding into another area of the car where it's not supposed to be. And apparently can affect the air that flows into the car and give the car more downforce which is what all these teams are always searching after. And Dedrick Becky beef Larson at 42 teams lost 35 points which took a lot of the points leading the points lead to Kyle Martin Truex. And his current chief Chad Johnston is now's been suspended for three races so now you've got. Three pre qualifying penalties were and he doesn't even take a lap you've got this big finally come I Kentucky last week. And now he's a legal in post qualifying inspection this week in New Hampshire so that. You know I I'll I'm glad Schuyler has been doing so well and day it's great for the sport that if a young tail like him is succeeding in becoming one of the top drivers but. If they've just gotten this way by. Cheating better and everybody else it's totally a little bit of bad taste in my mouth. I am a little more some more Pete some people are more. More gray area when it comes the rules but I'm very black and white when it comes the rules and I don't like you I see a team like this that's doing so well. Also racked up a lot of penalties. Kyle is kinda playing in a sit about the whole thing saying that you know that he doesn't know much about the cars just dries it and then. Date that the you know that that that's on the team in this bill overcome this and continue on but I have to wonder if this team now starts to fall off maybe they tighten things up a little bit they get more within the boundaries and some of these other areas may be that their plane around with on the car if he starts to struggle here. Later on in the season you know and forcefully not to pull one and one together and NC may be that their performance. Wasn't so much the driver vs maybe they'd just had advantage over the other teams I mean like we said the past we we've seen that Adam link on the on the 22 ever since his penalty early this year. They've been off of their game summit in crashes of course. But is it because they had something. A technical advantage and the teams and after they got found out it took away that advantage and now they've kind of come back to earth. Will that happen with the 42 car on it remains to be seen. Of right now let's go let's go back to Wednesday. And got caught up with dean you'll Suarez this was inside just outside the mayor's office in City Hall actually. He came into town need a press conference with mayor Byron brown in actually the mayor brought up dead Daniel of course say and we talked about on the show here in the past. Daniel actually came to buffalo when he first came to America started driving. In America for NASCAR McCain any series he hooked up with Troy Williams who we talked to on the program earlier this year. I stayed with Troy back in 2011. And the the funny story about he came here in the middle -- anywhere in and never you know growing up in Mexico obviously didn't spend up. Sees snow and being a lot of cold weather growing up a Mac Monterrey Mexico. So was kind of a little bit up. Of culture shock for him so was it the mayor brought that up in his remarks and an ending a talked about it more press conference so start off kind of joking and didn't hear about returning to buffalo but this time in the middle of July vs January Sears dean of Suarez. From Wednesday at an insight City Hall here on fast track. I'll did you welcome back to buffalo it's a little bit nicer than when you're back in January which Williams. What types of you aside. You know I and a mind me in the cold weather we'll but time with nine of them it's not recruits yeah. I think. Experience in the private world with a good bit of experience. And now they know that they've got most important thing. Excited they're back and excited to be promoting days there wasn't it writes. Right. Veteran dialogue I grew up racing and broadens quake strikes them. And these are these several who have come and review board to somebody. I was talking to Chilean might show a couple months ago he still has your winter this that we should send those to the NASCAR hall of fame. Mary Hewitt through. That winter here's this this industry it's going to be some giants on Monday with a preview and when no excuse them. You know there's an accident rate of guy he beat them I don't know signing this. Or I'm excited there didn't. UCs and I know you were thrown into this right after Carr retired down. You start to feel comfortable driving the cup car here but halfway through the season to now more profitable revenue well war and to try to find more speed. And tried to be better off the team. That we've still got a long way to go but. You know this is that everything you're have a few more thank you dean event an event. Are you looking ahead Ed trying to make them play us they know it's a very tight with all these guys went in all these first time winners. Do you do you feel that you can maybe make it down points or maybe guys shooting Ferraro a win here before the into the right the season to try and qualify for the playoffs in your rookie year. I think we'll have to that we didn't I don't think we'll be lounging and I love drivers that are going to be able to make you don't know points. Cheney accidentally. Well I think you'll have to do we do automobiles and getting when we see coming which you are carnivores out this film salt. Hot two months left in this isn't the exit of layoffs have helped who have may have. Cleaning my New Hampshire this weekend that it. And semi truck race there for the extended series so what do you think of. Up that track. Something inside it right now in the in the canning stuff before and I. And I collect. It may have been every bit for a hard and it and the government of serious stuff and hopefully we can do this tomorrow and honest thoughtful and don't know where different. Of course this week we found out that you're gonna need teammate in the cup series next you and Eric Jones up. What's your relationship like with Eric how much do you guys work together on the weekends. Our wallets we will with a walk a lot in the week people who do more of what everything in the weekends I'm. And excited doom you to have him back I don't think I don't think he ever next. Four made Greg is not like having him back guys not know like who would be not teammate. And that's the ratings. His three years ago so you pounded in the desert Iraq. Anyone that they wanted to ask you yesterday new era that weeded out. And it was your name and the map of Mexico the Mexican colors and you reads we dated as well what do you what do you think about that with. Chill in the Mexican pilot data on your merchandise that something that makes you very privacy. Dad really cool vacancy that is. And you know but admitted that drain YouTube kid to reshape. Makes you wish it was a release it's an exciting thing for me. And excited to have the support from Europe to lose count. They think that's good luck this week and New Hampshire later. It. He did again like if they're on button Daniel Suarez from Wednesday here in ends inside city halls again now he was here on a visit. With the other folks from walk and an international on the mayor declared Wednesday that day I'll Daniel swore as day here in. Buffalo, New York key and also. The mayor was at that it'll jokes since dean you'll. They had come to buffalo when he first came to America that that we would be able to claim him as part of our own. The idea of you for when he wins wins another touchy B chip in NASCAR of course the other rainy X and eighty series champion. As we talked about though he's lightly and need to win a race took the qualify for the playoffs here in his rookie year. Despite all of the other first time winners you'd have to be that he still needs to get a win probably to make the plessy comes into today New Hampshire. A 105 points. Behind Matt Kenseth who was currently that would be the last driver. In the playoffs on points Kansas with 478. Swore as with 373 so. Logistically obviously that is more than two races worth of points he would need to make up so. Either he would have to go on on one heck of a hot street and everybody in front of him falters. Or audio obviously he'll have to win here sometime in the Zell last what year was a 319. Reached point where he owns next us seventy races here. Suarez will likely to win. You know to give himself in Q. The playoff contention here his rookie year but obviously you read can you compare him vs some of the other rookies. Like Eric Jones who what we found out is gonna drive the twenty car next year in place of Mac Ken that would Joseph Gibbs racing but you Eric knew a lot sooner that he was. Going to be driving that cup car. I offered her up furniture row racing vs Suarez finding out you know on December January when Carl Edwards decider read too were to retire. And the European team kind of had to scramble to get cars ready for especially the early season races you only Daytona. And the West Coast swing early on they had to do a lot of scrambling to prepare the cars for genial verses Karl. And you know in course he's had to get more costs and to drive in the cup cars and you know it was. Been up and down season he's got four top ten finishes including a best run at a six that Dover but the last three weeks. Sixteenth at Sonoma seventeen to date Tony keep the talkies so still kind him and meddling mid pack but you know with the obviously. Went with the gives team you know they have the the chance to you know jump up here and he weakened to win because of the quality equipment that he is it. So that was Wednesday Thursday came along and Kevin Harvick came to town as they said they flew in Rochester because of the weather drove in which new air and then into the casino. And had a chance to catch up with the driver of the number four car on Thursday here's Kevin Harvick on WG arts fast track. Welcome to buffalo I was for some quality to it where I know you put yourself thinking he checked properties you guys are get a lot of connection with the folks in new era. Well first off. He knows my first trip to buffalo suited to have my first thought he knew it knew where did I guess spitting on him just because they've been great partners of ours over the last years. City get to see their facility and in need of its fans this morning that they're in their store downstairs it was it was something that. You know this was an enjoyable experience so. They're great great great stuff so far and we're getting so arrive in the pouring down rain and and now it's turned into it doing all right there. I'm sorry about the first half of the season obviously and you mentioned here with opinions the switch to Florida how much have you learned through the first half of the season so far. Well it's it's obviously it's been huge learning curve men and I think everybody. You know from top to bottom as is learning about what they do with the car. Every day and and I think as as that involves for us you know you look at the future and it's just. You look at it didn't see your performance getting better and better and better just because we've we've learned so much. On a weekly basis but it's been. It's been a lot of work but you know everybody get their message are imported sister and a great job and working together to try to make the transition as fast as smooth as possible. But I you know we all knew there was going to be some some learning curve in there and so soon to be as competitive as we have been in running up front man I've been to Victory Lane and that all those things. And going to the feeling was important for us just have put us in the position to. I can't answer the questions when you're gonna win again. And when you go in and afford but also see you kind of everybody breather because you know with your with the back against the wall like that kind of makes everybody you know a little bit antsy to you to try to perform as well as you can bet that kind of gives us a chance to step back take a deep breath relax. And really concentrate on. We do and for the playoffs you can't let the stages and things go in in the meantime. Lowered ought to a lot of different racetracks right now you have road courses and short tracks and super speedway isn't. Go back to Michigan on the two mile racetrack so it's hard to establish. You know. Building new things because you're working on so many different types of race cars for all these different types race next what you look your performance say compared to be seventy. You wish maybe stockpiled a few more playoff points earlier in the year seeing how much they racked up. You know there's there's four cars that go into the into the championship race and there's sixteen starts at. You know there's there's a lot of options to to get to homestead there's a lot of options to two win at homestead so. You know for us. We are and we weren't there are fourteen scored in the same position is there's a lot of teams with the manufacturer's switch so. You know there was there are so plan a strategy to you. Jennifer best cars and stuff to go race man and I think everybody would. Little naive to not notice there's going to be some some building blocks some hurdles along the way to have the we all knew that we are gonna have to deal with so it's. I mean I think those are compare what we've we've we've done okay. Leaving about going to New Hampshire this weekend they're gonna put the VHT down apparently that make people more excited to go there and racist comment that type mile trek to New Hampshire. You know I thought that the racing news was pretty good at New Hampshire anyway OK you know so that the short track. Racing has has been being good. Anytime you can possibly open up lanes and have more competitive lines I think that that would. Making any racetrack better not just New Hampshire so dancers. You know fun part of their this whole northeastern part of the country for for me is. But part of the country to come to you one of the best times ever had risen in Oxford Maine that there are strategic and ever since that point we. We've you know that kind of established you're kind of a different side to follow an overhead and in this part of the country so it's it's been fun to it's my appeared compete. Last thing this congratulations that the UN's Elaine I'm sure I think they're very excited perfect counseled not to become Finley of course and the allied lots of new questions. From from five year old Seth. Yeah so we're we're really excited and looking forward to new addition. Generous he's figured buffalo in a thinks I'm Kevin no problem thank you. It there's Kevin Harvick driver of the number four Busch car for Stewart Haas racing in against first full season driving for the rear Stewart cost. Kevin will start today in the twelfth position along site chase Elliott in Rhode number six in. Obviously feel a lot more comfortable now that they do you have that win under their belt at Sonoma a couple of weeks ago although he is fourth and pointy pride behind and often points even without the win. Obviously now they they can now relax your little bit for the final. The seven races here eight races in the regular season. On May be chalk up on the wind gets some more playoff points now they baby got some things straightened out. Harvick does have a good record at an after so maybe today he can get a win number two. As he looks to win a second championship an interest in Dotson Kevin might ask him about the playoff points and he said there are you for cars go to homestead so. Even if you can almost penciled march right in as one of the awful go to those four cars already just because of the playoff points list such an advantage each round in the standings. That you know there's still three other person's good point by Kevin then you know hills torch he's he's made it to the final form of foreign Mittal deal looking to do it once again. Has again he'll start twelfth. At New Hampshire again coming up here at 2 o'clock we'll have Prius coverage from performance racing network green flight just after 3 o'clock. That little bit whether they're New Hampshire so it's looking like a elect 35. Our competition caution to evaluate tire Wear and everything. So we will so just wanna keep you updated on that. Cut appear in the next second we'll talk to David gravel from the world of outlaws as the crest and world abolish sprint cars. Come to the ring return the reins of the speedway for the first time in twenty years one week from today and the big art outlaw shoot out also helped. On the final segment of course we do our local racing round up and we're also gonna talk to just panicky from the recent champions modified series they've got a big double header weekend coming up. Without visits to dispenser speedway and a very popular event. At the Holland speedway on Saturday one of the best races of the year there wanted to let event at cajon speedway in southern Erie county. So we'll talk to Joseph as the director of the series ought to wrap up today's program as well to just got that wind up. Here since we've gotten on the air but wanted to mention that and that we give backing and David Graham will join us next your fast track on WGR. It's a breaking news to report as Roger Federer defeated Mary sue it for his second Grand Slam title of the air in nineteenth of his career. It is Federer record breaking eighth career title in Wimbledon. Yesterday it women's tennis are being Lugar is claimed her second career Grand Slam title to defeating Venus Williams two cents to nine. Now how accurate Buffalo Sabres announced the return of the prospects house the Harbour center. Prospects the blue eagle will compete against other future any caller's from the Boston Bruins Pittsburgh Penguins and New Jersey doubles the round Robin tournament begins on September 8. ET full schedule of each year by it the dark tan. Let's start that we could see is the first overall pick of the 2017 draft legal each year New Jersey Dell's site into a three year entry level Patrick yesterday. That he is cold and it's also assign their 31 round picks incentives Cody glass in the x.s and key while defenseman Eric brainstorm. And Tampa Bay lacked between your country alive army five year deal worth by point three million per season. And finally the NASCAR cup series continues today in New Hampshire. Marcher junior has the pole for today's Overton 3011. Have all the IQB right here and in each year with pre race coverage beginning this afternoon at two. The easier celebrity golf tournament is this Thursday July 20 at Seneca Hickory stick golf course Lewis then. Quoted at each year by fifty dot com now in BP your chance to play with celebrities like Justin neatly Cody McCormick into Peter's. And ruby airplay theory meal and many more including YouTube each year personalities. You're day includes breakfast lunch and the course party tent and there with cocktails awards and more. Be part of this action does that EGR celebrity golf tournament Thursday July twice it it's Annika Hickory stick golf course in the was presented by canceled improvements. Award winning dollars G a half roofing and brought to you in part by designated drivers of buffalo because sometimes your call need to write home to. I'm like depart for VTR. I this is mark tricks junior driver of the number 78 furniture row Toyota. You're listening to WGR Sports Radio 550. He is your pole sitter today at New Hampshire Martin Truex junior. And he looks to continued his points lead here in the NASCAR cup series again what the race here on WGR. Big news locally here for race fans last weekend at the every 66 nationals for the NH RA. DM Fletcher who we've had on the show here in the pass up past excuse me. Ought to church building York near Rochester picked up his 100. Career national event win last weekend he did in super street. And I got the victory after his opponent red lighted. But that gives him 100 national event Witt wins these is the third driver ever to do that in any sharing his first one came back all the way in 94. And he's won in he's beaten ninety different drivers out of those 100 win that's pretty amazing. So lacking grants to DN we've been following. However since you got his 99 when at the end of last year and waiting all this you'd see Pete get number 180 finally did it at Chicago last week. Got video of the final round on our face off FaceBook page to there BG or fast track FaceBook page. Also you might be headed up to Toronto today of course for the hot Honda Indy Toronto. The IndyCar race on the streets of Toronto they're at exhibition place Simon passion now. Defending series champion gets his first pole position of the year. He and Grimm ray hall who we've had on the show here earlier this year will leave the field agreed today Elliott castroneves will power Scott Dixon team since clip. Just a new guard Alexander Rossi next shall name to -- aside though your top ten starters today in Toronto and Formula One. Racing earlier today they were at Silverstone for the British Grand Prix Lewis Hamilton got the win. And Sebastian Vettel finished seventh that means Hamilton took a big chunk out of bells points lead now one point separates battle on Hamilton. Going into other next threes and a couple weeks at Hungary of military bowl loss is now just done 23 back of battle on Hamilton's teammate. So if things really get inching over in Formula One. Let's go to the AT&T hotline Ellie and bring in. From the craftsman world of outlaws sprint cars he's currently third in points is get ten A main wins this year. Driver of the seed JPM a CJB motor sports big game tree stands number five David gravel joins us on the line. David it's Dave Buchanan near buffalo agreed to talk here this morning. Thanks surrounding songs like he is so proud are quoted people on here. Yeah well I actually and we've had guys that win on the show we'd talked to agree every hall and then he went and won two races at Detroit. We had India Elian he'd won at Watkins Glen. And we get up a local modified driver on and he went out and won his next race of this might be good luck for you going to grants in the next Sunday. I'm looking toward to aperture oh part schedule lead to be race three times book or aunts and also. We get a couple more. All hopefully you get a win at number eleven. I it's been up pretty great year freeze so far like he said that ten wins a new party that's already a career year for you with ten naming winds already here in 27 team. Yet spent a great year are we 19 last year but perhaps and at this point of the season are in great villain so you know our our biggest. Mumford theory lies and hopefully get more. Well of course you'll be coming to ransom bill this Sunday for the big are outlawed shoot out. And virtually a new track it's been twenty years since the series right not so pretty much all the other world outlaw regulars will probably never seen the track before. David how do you approach going to attract you never been Q do you do a little scouting do you watch some video do you talk to drivers and of race there. Courteous kind of wait until you see in purse in the free kind of figure out how you wanna drive that. I typically watching YouTube videos but sometimes you know I just show up there and kinda figured out from they're. Ever spent a ransom open lots of traction you both sides aren't simple yet so they'll Beatty the playing ground along all of outlawed guys. Are typically are like chemical that challenge. You know these veteran guys simply have a lot of pride in search spirits or is that tracks split wasn't even playing ground it's I always find an interest staying in. I'll always look forward to it. I just talk about that the competition you face this year obviously third in points but up. Once again you're you're chase that fifteen car Johnny shots he picked up a big win last at a course that el Dora. Well we'll talk about than a minute pledges. How has bit the level of competition been with the world of outlaws this year. Arlo competition's very high the top 318 point sort. You know Tony Stewart's actually currently genes will be burned car it's super style those guys are in the top five every night. Anti you don't Shane Stewart lit Larson team and and you know Darren tip and at Chase Johnson you know these guys that are are really get everybody is very shortly jeans and and I didn't I doubt it's a battle or you could easily followed top five. The only 54 cars at fixing this world this week and so we've been getting strong car counts are strong Croat federation. Sure that's not fun here. Yet you and last lately said the king's royal addled Doris speedway a 50000 dollar to win event one of the the biggest on the world lavalas schedule and you had a busy night last night you won the last chance qualifier to make the a main in. A course that way it would went off pretty fast they have I heard great green to checkered forty laps and no cautions and death. You wanna seventeenth but it it just me in the A meaning it for that events a big honor for anybody. Are for sure you know obviously we want is better. Format is way different than our normal or below one I should know turnout. Putter so I'm certain that the 56 and was able only to get out of fort Nicki in just a little bit there but. It's a tough format it's a tough field the cars. You know everybody in that 24 starting spots that are really good drivers and are you know Heatley. Beta. A little bit higher and strategies and then kind of stated Lee in ancient dagger in some things they kind of hurt us on the long greens like grown so. How old Suharto's an excellent not a lot of pro war we won last year so hopefully you can repeat. Yet another big week coming up by you're going right to the heart a posse country this week with Lerner villain Williams growth some big events especially other the silver cup coming up on Tuesday. What what's it like being an outlaw envy or goal and an into Pennsylvania up against those posse guys. Holes but really it's for me. Does this year we wanted to link in Italy and stroke earlier in the year and you know we won't Wear the last year or so I'm actually excited to go back there you know look the challenge. And you know it's not easy though big breakthrough that cars to silver cup and a great Cilic cars in Pennsylvania so. Our point five vote away on Tuesday and Torrey postal and it's Saturday so a lot of money up for grabs in. This is the ball that makes or breaks pre season or disclose their seat appears seasons so we'll see who can do. World outlaw a driver David gravel joining us here on WGR fast tracked. David of course a lot of talk up all over the racing world about Kyle Larson this year and of course having a great year in NASCAR. But EE seven a pretty darn good year Wilma spree card to he with went out like a 56 race winning streak. I'm sure you've raced against them plenty plenty of times how much do you up your game when you know EEC Kyle on the draw sheet there and he he's in town to run with you guys. Our system with great Trevor all around you look spur car racing you know our edge it's. You know back at her courage and great work outskirts and bid. I guarantee pride out early in just love to spur car so much being very very passer and about it and are the results are the only those sprinklers and Intel is all pressure aegis try to so real close in. It's a corrupt alone no matter where he dose and usually she beat us at our show where eagle and you know than quantity extreme week in it'll do it's a big insurers so touched geez awesome racer and I erased a lot of little Malik handled. Not grow operation ever so sweet Lou Dobbs outside the country about. They're all out sprint car racing together. You know he was called to the right so. Our school are originating and you know he's not a high level. And actually you're going to be racing against him here pretty soon but he's going to be at ash weaken the race after ransom bill. He's going to be at the ash weakened speedway for their big outlaws event. But of course that's been up fears of Dallas are run and ash we can for the last fears what do you think about that racetrack that's not far from here in buffalo lie there I just across the bordering Canada. I like actually enhance our armed groups. It's not racetrack facility that currently in the middle of nowhere out there and Janet look. We enjoy going England's starters love sprint currently seeing in how do we get to talk their racial attractive so extra slick it. Pretty racy so and so and so a very race. All David we're looking forward as senior ransom bill this Sunday night I would I would work there's a track announcer the excitement level is pegged for this event ever since it was announced. People have in marked it down on their key owners. Tickets have been to a really good on line at a lot of race failure west York are real happy to see the world Alice Cullen back to Western New York next weekend. You have actually go somewhere in England like a shorter term has been very well also all wage it is upstate New York where are. Noticed a lot of us spur curry shoots and stripper trucks from our children here so. Cool and royal put another one that eventually will. Attic of shops are already buying treaty should finish second at the extremely solid and it's pretty cool operation Puerto which each other on the ground again and it car. I yet you can dedicate guy is that I was gonna ask you I I didn't wanna keep you on too long here buddy Iran increased from Connecticut brand leaks and the races you said finished second yesterday modify guy. How does a guy from Watertown Connecticut that started running it at little Thompson speedway not goal like Brian's route running a modified how'd you wind up as the world of outlaw driver coming at a Connecticut. Are not supported measures I got alleging carve outs all and micros currently location Massachusetts Iowa City and a slew of micro he just kind of went to a row and I really don't regret any shape. What toleration is so high so alteration the only answer. He's he can make a living doing what I'm doing so I called my pictures just race early things on the ticket. Pay the bills and have a decent living drive a race car aptly if obviously Ryan's. You know had some opportunities so racing and NASCAR stop so. That's all worked out great for him to Sochi sharply. Both post speech successful and under siege a little doubt I'll let you know we all came from the same quarter version tractors you know. I was 6000 year old stand and it's really cool so awfully early early in the war it. Have you ever raced up they've been modified or even an escape modified. Not just it's so hard with our schedules. At all. You know they seem like a lot of the a lot of preparation is all we can agree is the end. You know every weekend. From February to. You know now the first week of November embrace it legit don't have an off weekend so it is so hard to do anything else other than. So what we do it. And we do have a little bit off target maybe we ought to do nothing to. I don't blame you it it seems like a grueling grind looking at that schedule from a February November as he said. David thank you so much for the time especially taken a couple extra minutes there. Look at forty seen on Sunday again good luck this weekend in the rest of the year with the crest emerald isle osprey cards thanks for the time. It'll probably should have me. Our David gravel will be at orient the bill speedway this Sunday night big are outlawed shoot out even get tickets on line. You know or cancel speedway dot com or at WOO sprint dot com click the link to buy tickets there. On end because pre sale tickets are available including some reserved seating there's a little bit left I believe. Of what we come back all wrap up this edition of fast track will hit the local racing round up animal talked you just got Nicky from great champions. As they've got a big weekend coming up. Here with the races coming up at the Spencer and Alan speedway it's will be accurate more on faster and lead GR. They race fans as Davy can if my friends at Batavia downs and you need discover why the TV downs gaming is the area's premier entertainment destination. As they have over 800 of the hottest in demand video game machines. Lots of new titles as well they're adding new games all the time there at Batavia downs and wire they're not only. Yeah of the they of the great video game machines you can go grab a bite to eat one of their restaurants check out the light harness racing which of course you can place wagers on. And now you can even spend the night as they've got the hotel. Up and running their epic TV and downs on my fair part about the TV down team of course is head over to 34 rush Thurman Thompson sports bar right inside Batavia downs gaming. Grab bite either got great food delicious adult beverage watching sports whether it's you know baseball are racing or Porsche racing from around the country that you can place wagers on as well. You can do all right from inside 34 rushed. Epic TV downs and the TV and gaming is open every day they open 8 AM until 4 AM and you can't miss some their right out the New York State threw eggs at 48 for more formation. Follow the TV down scheming that FaceBook and Twitter for updating information and all their promotions and discover why the TV downs gaming is the areas for your entertainment destination until he heard about here on. Fast track let's find out who visited Victory Lane this weekend it's time for the local greasy roundup. On WG yards fast track. Every segment I did it. We'll start. With the Friday night action at the data are ransom bills speedway. And ill wills got his first career. Modified victory. Older cousin Tony wills it was brits and it picking up his second win of the year in the sportsman brain ensure we got the win. In the street stocks call Susie got the win. In the four bangers Chris Leone also got a four bang or when it was the race that was rained short the previous Friday encamped total got his fourth win of the year. In the in the not a sports there at the big. Saturday night exchange yen SE speedway Zach Carly got the win in the crate late models ray bliss Zeke the street got the win in the sportsman John Zimmerman in the 360 late models. And haven't appeal in the street stocks Don Newton junior in the mini stocks. And Marcus Jackson got the win in the big and it's Genesee speedway is running this Thursday night don't forget they are off next Saturday for the county fair. They are running Thursday night full show including the great sportsman series they start at 7 o'clock if you don't get a chance ago they're on a Saturday. Awfully check out Genesee speedway this. Thursday night Lancaster speedway last night. In these sportsmen. George for the third got the win over Scott Wylie rich sharp getting its seventh win of the year in the street stocks Dave Russell won the race of champions late model race. And in the four bangers. Deep broker got his first ever win it there. State lines speedway last night Michael McGee getting the win in the a lot EE minds last night. That is longer got another win in the crate late models and Greg oaks got the win in the super late models last night at state lines speedway Wyoming county International Speedway last night. Shocker here gave crossing winning in the super stocks gen Denny in the force owners Bryant Allen the six owners and Tony and Barry. Got the win in the SST modifies over told Bradshaw and Iraq and man Ricky nap may Martinsville Speedway. Last night it was Joey molten urge able to excuse me in the many stocks Tyler Winger in the model lights mark shed Wellman vintage cars Brett Rouse in the sportsman. And the modified to the fifty leper the jury when a memorial champ wrapping up the win over Eric Rudolph and Pete Vick now. Number stone speedway in action tonight they've got a full card of racing action there at 630. Over import Colborn Ontario coming up this weekend. Big weekend at all big like that big weaker racing you've got Wednesday night even got the the truck series race el Dora to check out on TV Thursday night Tennessee speedway. And then this week and a couple great events of the race of champions modified series and joining me on the line right now is the director and promoter of the recent champions modified series just got Nikki. Joseph good morning. They spirit that term mean on. And no. No problem first of all the real quick before we get to this weekend I know. Are you wanted to clarify an event that was supposed to take place tomorrow at the state line speedway that's been rescheduled recently. Yeah we we green into a couple of bone mineral bearing now. He moved erased a Thursday September 7 which rehearsing some positive response and just wanted to up. Let everyone know that that the race has just been our respect all the not. It will happen. As we intended to interest wasn't particularly on the on the day just do a little bit of miscommunication. Went up at all six looking forward to. Thursday September 7 that state or what exactly are. Part of third pick we hear fiction though we can in the fall or closes speed we've got and so a lot. Should be a fun time down there and in boxcar. Yeah and that is of course for that the dirt portion of the recent champions modified series not only for the dirt modifies its but the sportsman series as well to that also runs. At Humber stone and Freeman a couple other tracks in the area and and it's going to be was gonna be a good feel a modified and no love match shepherd showed some interest Matt Williams and Eric Rudolph. I was gonna be it's gonna be good feel a modified for that event. It should be only the Bakken well that'll be there are Patrick Berger. You know some of the steer veterans of the region in I'm sure it'll put on great shows they always do on that Thursday night. And Mac of course come up this weekend it is a double header weekend for the pavement portion of the race of champions modified series Joseph and it starts. Friday night the Spencer speedway a semi five leper and thanks to the the cattle lot of family there's some bonus bucks on the line for these guys this weekend. Have a terrible and also done an outstanding job. Oh wolf nearly 5000 dollars and I think for a lot. For Friday many trees and it's a tribute to your round. He you can almost our parents unit and their uncle Joseph Carol. Geithner who you know start reaching a Spencer won't go forward era they've so long. You know via. Those guys have been on ten years Keller ought to be a great opportunity. To. Calgary in their honor and they went out and developed it. Drivers in the top fifteen there a benefit or so or outlook for the first. And speaking of the catalog knows we've we've had some great first time winners on the series this year Jolie and one of those guys on the door you know bang and looking to get in is Tommy cattle on LA and accorsi is one they're earnest as a sportsman car this past Friday. He eat could be he's going to be one of the favorites going into their race. Yeah you're gonna hurt you only when you walk in the good corporate average on Friday and you've got a couple cars that that haven't worn that might when its current term and obviously want to switch nights. Is that the torch article for so long. That it. Were in the situation with so what they just ulterior or or we're blessed to have some guys that that have rewarded and good winners this year are still a lot. Early critics agree. Any mention Saturday of the hot Holland hills 100 and that that's always a fun race. It's it's you know great trek raped her side by side racing we've seen some memorable moments of course over the years there at home with with the recent champions modifying. And debt that's also up that potential first time winner. You look at someone and a couple guys that have lots of experience there and George score and Scott Wylie who ran 12 less than a Lancaster. Bill they'll obviously be looking for for some home cooking and Saturday and they would like to get their first win there. Yeah absolutely you know looking for the home on cherry 900 laps down. Anybody can win but when he start the favorite list. That the paper here and comic had a long. And their weekly in this fortunate this year and and attract champion senior guard. Is that whoever won. A modified tour temporary EU we're actually going into the race as he worked so well. Looking for it to Saturday night Holland and have a good feel that. No matter Hirsch and coming up same tires expressed interest it's gonna be here. But diverse field of non. You know we actual ticket price back to twenty dollars. Trying to keep the affordability of mine it we know that it's decreasing weekend in western nor shall go from 12 o'clock on Saturday night. And I talked to you what chuck costs fell last night sound like he also has both states this week and on his calendar. I'll lasting show IE announced this week the the schedule for recent champion's weekend at press Kyle down to casino recent cheap it's weakened at the Lake Erie speedway. September 29 and thirtieth and that. That is shaping up but to be a great weekend the kind of close out the on the pavement racing calendar. Love for one of the last races of the year in our area for a modified sportsman all the divisions. It's gonna be a great week in their Lake Erie speedway. Yeah Ali you know you don't gave we can we are going to much pork HO later put that that week it is. Really coming together quite well. Pressed per child downs casino came on orders that we can sponsor a few weeks back earlier rate significantly here in June on. You know or that it abandon the party Thursday night so it's Kamal hang out Booker they're pretty creatures. Taken some of the the state owned a you know one of the area's finest facilities I would I would either rival Larkin and when you start talking about facilities. On. You know open and just sit there the track itself with a side by side racing and and all the different element it's gonna bring together from Europe for creep into the era. Finale that we we can go on to the winner anchor product and have some sort of talk all. And a positive manner winner. Joseph sounds get looking forward to a busy weekend next weekend minutes start self Friday at Spencer moves on a home on Saturday. We'll look forward to senior out there. Yet look forward to seeing your game and tolerance and differences. All right just got Nikki from the recent champions modified series again Friday night the Spencer speedway. I'm Williamson New York just outside a Rochester and we're 104 and then the big one Saturday that Holland hills 100 at the Holland speedway. More formation enough ROC modified series dot com. Just jam jam packed week here I mean now hopefully EE no excuse to was not see some local racing this week. From Thursday through Sunday next week any out lots agreed options hopefully get to checksum out. And we'll talk to you next Sunday will old recap some of those big racism leave and look forward to the world about our show next Sunday and I next week's show. So global talked event here on WGR.