08-01 Bills quarterback Josh Allen with Howard and Jeremy

Howard and Jeremy
Wednesday, August 1st

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Live from bills training camp in saint John Fisher furious howry and Jeremy. On the home of the bills WGR's. Sports Radio five feet. Mills. In the state shot well. Right software. Our flight software. Radio dot com half power. Punched up the FaceBook live as well and now we're here on WTO from a buffalo bills' training camp at saint John Fisher Jeremy went with Howard Simon and bill's new quarterback. A rookie cornerback Josh no good morning and one you don't. We're doing all right we're gonna write this our first day here you've been here for a couple days south things don't they go well you know it is game back in the swing of things football diving into the playbook going out there that's key plays its. It's been fun obviously we're hears things on Fisher in. Were torn up so to get to note teammates on deeper level Internet and can develop those relationships I think it helps them fill our the bet is too short. Know that they're actually very comfortable. Back I was very spry and some guys can like request that extra long bed it is that little bit taller but how how much the work that you're doing. Is on the field fans come as he practices he's about two hours out of 24 hour days which is on the field colleges. In meetings I mean that's probably 10% of it on the field we're we're in meetings. She did if we're not on the feel we're in meetings were working now so. It's definitely some long days early mornings. Dates global emphasis on that always grown up wanting to do now it's finally here. You know can join in more. What one of practice starts do you know. He gets plan now specifically what the raps will be yet so you don't wanna practice starts I'm gonna get X number reps here excimer reps there. Are you exclude ever every day when you when you see that is that planned out day by day or is it a week at a time. To my knowledge of things day by day by. I know that Tom kitten. One. What period of reps with ones in the in the rest of the threes such but we do it the same amount of reps on throughout quarterback. Quarterback so. You know nobody's religion advantage in that in that situation. Cue up the playbook what was that like. Getting to learn that the bright able playbook understand he's it's pretty intense is lot of stuff in there. A lot of things you guys are learning do you feel that these right now it everything you've thunders you heard this I did I do facilities. You know he he's been put a lot and a lot of new different things from OTAs but. Have met OT period tickets can in the old playbook was. You know very helpful for me you know I'm not a college I did have a pretty diverse playbook in college so to come here and use the techniques that have used to learn mild playbook and then transfer into this one. The transition isn't so. Your guess about rats which you know seat we get the reps with the ones you feel any extra pressure like OK this is. They hit full of reps and get it with the starters today I gotta make sure produce at this did that go through your mind at all known I don't know what I'm with the threes at select with the ones there at least with some muscle that. You know much to force anything Obama on the field anymore. And that the right decision the right play. Cents on the right place segment down here at 34 yard gain. And ultimately that's what I'm learning as quarterback. Tuesday it wasn't related notes if that. First pre season games coming up a week from tomorrow. It's it's funny like I think. The draft process you probably felt like you try to prove yourself to a lot of teams and you get taken by team and you're kind of in a competition where you try to prove yourself again and the pre season. So. It's all secure living in audition for the last. What year. Almost against it say that but competition something that I invite it's something that it drives me in the author's self motivated guy. Competition is my favorite thing and grown up all its members mean but rather he never and its though the kicked him out here and compete. Day in and day out and get to dome the place in games against other team to compete. That's ultimately forced him about the quarterback room with Nathan an agent that you guys. Hit it off right away I mean how much friendly competition verses you know that the desire obviously for any competitor when the job it is it'll talked units. On I was got on them to gasoline hitting that the room that we have is is it's not not think it's a special room. I mean AJ. I think we can at the same personality. You know. Mates mates. One of the greatest guys at government and he's he's very pounders and carries his faith on his shoulders though. He's definitely. The the nicest one in the room mean AG and get after a little bit. You know it's been it's been pretty fun and they've been very helpful to mean. You know I'm very blessed means which in that it. To bring an RT there's no RP for the snow already this camp and Hillary Nigeria but it may either not yet there is not what it's a couple weeks like this based on what. Much let's. Like like like you know you said all you guys get along really really really well but it's an open competition three guys are fighting for one starting job out is that all that. I mean we understand that well only one I can play. But the same time I mean we're not on the author sabotage each other we we want the best person plays well you know wherever that may be. We will now we will improve every day to roles in the same situation nobody knows the playbook. But the back there and suffers you with the Dave loan. In that aspect their prisons in situations though. We're just still trying to figure out the offense in the flow with stable wants us to do. Ultimately get familiar with the guys that we got grounds you mentioned a moment ago about it alerted ticket checked out every now and then. Do you feel you're better now that you were in a TA says if so how have you proved that stretch wanted to there's. Com precedent because I just feel comfortable with what we're doing on the office side of the ball because it was a really good job in. Explain in what we wanted to do AJ he's he's got a lot of experience you know with Cincinnati in the league for a little bit so. Now he's been helped me a lot as the things that he season. Eats on the entries that he's gonna help you know if I was younger guy whoever was he's gonna help them on. You know throughout this the loans process. So yet just that the knowledge of gun from the plate Beckett in other defenses well why feel more comfortable at Ellis hit the really important stuff. Vacuum pitcher that he said the so so here's the stored on that I know people kind of freaked out. My my mom. I wouldn't states sees little crate puzzle that is the sun lamps are now it's you just can't stop moving so when I was. You know growing up it. Well 123 didn't matter what time I was asleep. I could hear the vacuum go to C gets on the producers in one room paint and other rooms though that that that's the reason that's much at peace. OK I don't take back a little bit. At what was it would've somewhere oh straight as they eat alligator. I've been delegated the minute that's gathering up with a look at it was very good at that fried alligator I don't need anything. I don't dislike Telemar. A little bit aren't our communities they serve theater to take a shot at Florida has a thing for a unit to Manning passing academy in being in no doubt into the Dojo OK. I know. Yep we got audio so appreciate capitalists and have a great sees if they so much forget it.