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Howard and Jeremy
Wednesday, August 2nd

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Live from bills training camp in saint John Fisher furious howry and Jeremy. On the home of the pills WGR Sports Radio five feet. No college educated. For life and Miami team. Bills and watching. Mark my helmet makers need to stock up shop we. Close your story. That's saint John Fisher college at bills training camp throughout the practice field in about forty minutes 8:45 session this morning in three. Open to the public we're excited to be joined here at training camp by the GM and I can column that you GM of the Buffalo Bills anymore the GM of the Buffalo Bills Brandon being with us here. Good boards are welcome to morning thanks have a real guys appreciate coming over talking what does that you so. Let's do some injury stuff and we'll get into other things because LeSean McCoy apparently is going to be back today so just little point for our bug thing. Yes he Carol stomach deal and so we we just let it rest and get rehydrated. Against some Madson. You know text with a last night Celek he felt a lot better so hopefully you'll be fooled today. Really Richie checked need to look at the veterans day off yesterday was there would I think Lorenzo Alexander. How important you think it is. It at the very least monitoring reps for certain guys were giving these the veteran players the odd day off every now and at least at the onset if you warranty. You don't want to overdo these guys. Especially the guys that know the game know what to do they're not gonna take advantage of it and you know misuse the day they understand if you leave him I was watching yesteryear would was in every drill 55 guys stay involved. In the guys that know how to handle it that's that's which one do we you run last week with the salad with Bulldog. You mentioned at the time you know I don't affiliate expectations are what I think this team is gonna do because I'm still learning the roster in how far along that process and what's that like. Coming to a new organization as a GM coming in May after the draft after the offseason moves in the trying to learn about all these guys especially a team. You would have seen every year considering the other conference yet we finally got to the pads you know that all we have seen guys. Strap on the pats have. Start to see you know some guys step up some guys. Some guys show better in shorts some measure better paso. Again we're still very early in the process. Kinda what I call the first test is going to be our row I think Friday back in buffalo. The red and blue public what the call. And so wolf will meet after that and will adjust our personnel our depth chart and as we prepare for Minnesota. A week from Thursday. Whitney when your watching practice. As the GM this team what are you watching. Well different days you're watching different things sometimes have spent more time on own skills sometimes I'm watching the guys up front in the first. A couple days and pads I just I had not they'll see these guys up front hit all along at least the skills. In the spring that a not a lot changes members watch your receivers run route hands you know all the all the variables there but. The big guys don't seem hit so I really want to watch how we are front and you know like what it's also for we're asking this. Warning it's kind of a offshoot to this Whitley you know if this team as good as you just. And the fans look at the schedule think you know and I don't lead a one game at a time you see what happens but is there something that you can kind of envision your mind that. That could happen or something somewhere along the way the bye week the halfway point where you might think you'll have a good idea what kind of football team we've got well I think early on in the year. You will still be feel on our way we're still fair or via the guys are still fair and coaches out as well it's it's not just the coaches bill on. The players out its vice Versa what they expect from them in the week in the meeting room on the field so. It's gonna take some time it's really honestly am not again it knocks on ducked a question it's hard to know. But you'll start triggered this this is a process it takes time. And you know I can't sit here and say September 30 domino what what are teams like. I'll have a much better feel that I have today in August 2. Do you it in your experience that you often seen. That September 30 you'll think one thing October 30 is something entirely different November 30 because the TV you are in an opening day. For some teams that is the team you are week seventeen and for others. In the rollercoaster overseas to take just about everywhere yet most definitely I mean obviously in our game the biggest thing is injuries you can. You can start three in 0405. And one whatever. And if you get the wrong players hurt it can really set you back. There's also momentum you know I've been on teams where we started one year Carolina one in three and you know people are calling for heads and things like that because the higher expectations. And we won eleven of the last twelve all the sudden. You win one game. The way you expect to win they knew one another. And next thing you know you've won 345 and wrote. You can see the confidence happen when you do that and it's. You never know what what's going to be a lot of times you look back. After the season is that this was our turning point good or bad in where we're going sometimes you don't know right away when it happens sometimes you do. On the injury thing how much is that changing how much is. The competition in the NFL trying to find cutting edge. Practices approaches to key players healthy whether it's pleas to get guys back guys back retreat monitoring. You know did GPS heart rate like at what level. Is all that stuff that would affair be blown away to know just how much all these teams monitor what they can do with this information. I think the average fan would mean that diehards I think they know a little bit that. You know it's. Unitary can do create jobs here obviously of all the different sports science things we do. Which spent a lot of money trainer there's so much high end stuff from treadmill pools for rehab stuff. Just the various treatments that the the staff people that we have. From what we collar sport performance science stuff so were you on all sorts of stuff from GPS to how we stretch. I mean every little thing is measured. Obviously. The GPS every day as measured. You know velocity how how much guys are running from total how many times there. You exerting us you know start stop just at the very sinking in basically each guy has certain areas. You don't wanna you wanna stay in the green yell you don't want to get in the red that's when he gets soft tissue thanks so. It's all the time. You have to do we have to keep up with a because if you don't have the guys on the field doesn't matter who they are the you know Iraq and help you that the old saying you're in the tubby can't help the club. Your fans are curious if there's anything to update on the Anquan pulled the front you know it's really not it's kind of you know it at a stalls part of the best way acting but it acorns at a time in his life were. I think family's very important as what a draw from this piece. You know his family lived out of Florida. I'm not sure where he's that was that were given him his time to do woody Watson. You know he's got. He's got to be all and that's what we left that if he's if he's not then. Let him make that decision. When he ran yesterday but he used it to the question but you didn't give them a deadline so to speak community. Says listening needs give me four more weeks I'll make my mind up just before camp you know the season begins. Whatever they can't you don't have does that equivalent work and easily wake as we got to move on trio were doing yeah. No I mean you always like to have that in your day in your new head I'd like to have you here by an ex wives but. Eric wants a little different he's been around long time he's approached pro match since Tuesday's arms a man of the year. He knows what it takes he trained even though he wasn't with a team all off season. He trained like crazy all season and no one of the receiving Carolina actually went in worked with him they have same agent. And so he actually told me a little bit about I asked him what he learned from one coastal Carolina. So. And Kwan knows when he's when he's ready for whatever team whether it's us or someone else he's going to be ready. All will have a dialogue in and that's that's par at best like but right now. With Tyrod Taylor Brandon you know again you mentioned a moment ago you're learning the roster you're evaluating all these guys specifically when it comes to Tyrod and quarterback position. What do you wanna see from him in your first years GM evaluating every day well this morning hey you wanna see the intangibles the leadership that's what I. Was not able to see on film before it got here. You know mentioned before Tara does a great. You know sometimes you might want him a little bit taller but you don't do about that there's other guys like Drew Brees and assure the attic of her career so. You know I've said it a couple times. Obviously he's used his legs and made a lot of you know great place for this team and you know back in Baltimore when when they're at. He's got to you know you wanna see any quarterback not just Tyrod be able to consistently make plays from the pocket and so wool will keep an around that again. His strengths are moving around too so we have to we have to be fair the to get him out of the pocket I think he concede that there's well. We talk a lot about the middle of the field you brought up Drew Brees can throw Russell Wilson guys that aren't necessarily six cam Newton's. How old I mean how port is utilizing the middle of the field in is it a problem for for guys have a Tyrod stature you go to and say hey. You don't worry that about the middle of the field so much because that's going to be an issue. Well approach well I mean part of it is the office he's learned in this office two you know on Rick Dennison his crew but I think. You're you're just gonna look at it and it's going to be a week about week. What the point is what they don't give there's going to be some opponents if if they're worried about him run and they're gonna say hey. We're gonna we're gonna protect outside and we're gonna give in this he's got to take he's got ill take advantage that if they don't they play it straight up he's going uses legs mean that's just his natural duke and that's what he does best. You don't ever wanna try to force somebody to do something that's not a strength of theirs while you're always trying to improve what may be a weakness. I want to ask you about. The kind of environment you wanna create for your players not just here camp but also facility. Whether it's music playing and you've got some teams that take away. Any sort of distraction. I agree it's a pool tables but selfless is because they were in the way but some other teams take away everything they could possibly be. Fought for players when they're like not on work time. Do you want to kind of environment where you get players to show up. And like being at work right I I think here's my opinion there's value and you want guys to wanna come to wanna be around to wanna hang out together maybe can get a little bit of that. Here when it comes to. Player friendly verses. You know you've got teams out there that have their dictators authoritarian to your opinion. The modern day player as you know generations change over time. What's the right mix like Heidi Heidi a strike that balance to get players to respect you but also to feel like their respective. In the process well I think first of all you have to show them that you care about making them better but so that's something you know. If you go back to the deal older you know maybe the Bill Parcells has some of those guys. They didn't watch in the training room for you know basically taken TVs out things like that and I'm not associate that with him at that have a lot of people. You know that it won't guys in their I think you talked about the you know performance enhances you know the you know earlier sport performance reports an answer but. We encourage guys we try to make the training room and a nice area with you know lots of new TVs in different like that so that they wanna come in their even if you're not injured you're trying to rehab. You know we obviously at ping pong table in their. You don't want you know kids wonderland in there but you do want to have something to do on some idle time you want to be fun it is a fine line of a balancing. You know that there's so much guys have on your falls now these days if they're just hang announce my time lot of times guys are just the news tentative deal entertain themselves. Earned it with with coach richt are we knew we heard the story from a previous weight about how he's having. Players speak to the rest of the team in that on your first round pick their treatments what you seem to be genuinely. Harsher seemed moved by that Wiki. He gave real impression that that that meant a lot to him in the NFL and the players that players enjoy that as a way to kind of bring them together like if you're gonna tell me. You're gonna go to the again give me all year you know like it's been like. It kind of brings you closer together as opposed to he's just that's just again please let part yeah I think obviously economic guy feels comfortable. These guys just like everybody has the world story from where the ticker. To you know we're here to care home you who who kind of rage cute who your Brothers were your leaders were. What them you know is there any major moment your life that was very tough that you made it through while disguised. You know overcome you know a a sickness as a hitter anything everybody's got their own story we learn about all your years as we go to the draft process. But I think. Show on thing I think it's you know when I hurries doing it I think we've got more out of it sometimes and Tim Lucas. Sent a gesture how much guys are gonna open up but I think. He had a couple guys early they did. And you may be shed its year to as their talk the and obviously that shows how much it meant. And it's it's kept in the room you know it's it's the bonds of brotherhood what are we won't call. And I think that obviously that that builds team unity bonding in and that's what she need coaches to. GM just players in Natchez it's more just been players I think some coaches I don't know that pressure but I. I think maybe 12 coaches have to be answering app not I don't. I don't. You know I want that to be its players coaches environment I want that to be a sacred thing for those guys there's certain places that GM. Needs to needs to be involved in other places let them have it there on the field together on game four minutes ago we talk about this working on the air I wanna hear the story on the error we did some digging on brand. Now we've read stories about how competitive you are. Today on back your day's going up. But I understand from a pretty reliable source. You're very good at basketball and deadly outside shooter to a false. That's though finally talk about it though it's. I've been hot couple nights here. Our experts rate them. It's it's been fun you know what's great about it officer says. We've got a lot of our personnel in summer PR guys and just guys in the bill that your. Again we're all trying to get to know each other trying to get those from the players and coaches we we've had a couple of them out there. It's another way for us to to build our bond as well as we try and work here in built this thing the culture. In all Sears says it's it's a lot of fun we read each other. And that's the best part is after the game you're talking about. Who screwed up and who did that it you know take guys for their lunch there and a I'm not trying to. Not they Whittle wager. You also talk we talked on the phone a few months back your favorite television shows Austria about that. And I see it at Buffalo Bills of the website favorite movies rocky. You have any any value any the other rocky movies to 3456. Creed was a great one via BC smaller each statistic accurate I've seen at all. You know what's honestly rocky two's probably otherwise actually if I had to choose only one but it's it's part of the back and forth for the long stomach but rocky three the as I got voter knows that are like rock just. Heck the series as a kid. You know in east listen there's things that players. Take players when the Rockies though so which is the motivation knows who lost a rocky for her TV Dick Gephardt he's worked at it ought to work out all Raj I think you have those on my thoughts. But you can run that speech Camille just get along a in the team meeting might really fire boys like like it rules if we incorporate that I've ever run the steps in Philly half. Yeah you're much better shape I that helped that a secret. That's pretty close itself via the stat you know I felt down the steps. It's it was cool thing actually we were play in the Eagles when you're pre season and then we have low. Group a runners. We we went up there of some chemicals a lot of steps it is it's what you order at the bottom of the got to go. This is gonna be great if you're much better shape than I am but. It up about half what you're like on. This might not and is conducting that it was much more sun go down. Depends but better going back this is after some state you know steak and cheese whatever that that famous geno and pat -- of pat adult if that's not. We got to get it in a ruckus that after the no you do that that's your reward when you get done. I added that the exit reverse that it's a pleasure having you on you got it thank you thank you very much a victory here yet thanks for your time user.