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Bills Football
Wednesday, August 2nd

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What is being seen and you make it seems on the things. It. I don't like to make comparisons that all I can tell you should on is. Very detailed and very thorough. And thrift plan. You learning yourself as you watch it you know watch coaches and everything and taking notes and learning yourself as you watch them in action you know we interviewed Shonn. He. I had the impression that he was very thorough and detailed person and a it shows and everything it does. At the camp. Is your communication and a take place and it sure there's daily meetings here in have you mapped out. How things don't go communication lines you know during the regular season knowing you've also got a hockey team yes it it's it's very casual. You know we've I like things. Low key so you know we may walk into his office and announce we talked for an hour. Or he make on my office or Brandon or whoever so that's the way I like to do things. Certain were rather be in officials say hey we're gonna have a meeting next Tuesday at 2 o'clock because I may not be there something else happens you know. Yeah they're watching what you watch court practice what you notice so far. And an editor I like to focus in on one battle between two players. Navy tight end blocking. Corner wide receiver battle. That's. What I like to look at practice and you know then I watch film after afterwards with the guys and went up from them to be excited he's. Made changes really thrilled with him. What are your expertise. My expectation is that we earn some respect. On the field. I believe that that's important. And then wherever falls it falls. Really believe that. Well to remain patient and generally would think that there. Did not get these people we failure they realize they had it been difficult to remain. Now know enough for me I just we just keep trying to work in and if you're talking about the savers you know we. Built on draft picks. Toward the existing team apart and bill through the draft. And what the bills. You can see you we do we were. Obviously. We do our draft or what we're trying to bring him in quality free agents leaders. We kind of guys that show on a brand want on the football team that can help. Them in the locker room care patients. The reference notwithstanding. There a thought process. On. Taking your mindset understand it. You. Yeah well and that's what he's here when we talked to Shonn. When you look at he's such a diligent planner and he's so thorough. That he he commands that you know he's got a plan. And part of his plan is bringing in players who think the way he thinks. And you know I think that's a good way to start. There's any update. They're. We're. Continuing to talk with the mayor and about improvements in the arena and you know I don't want to talk about that. Through the media we're continuing to talk. There is here and there. It. I don't know when she says that we're. Just got through with a remodeling. And major contribution from the state in New York you know in in the stadium. And you know where. I feel that in light of that we're. We're not in any planning session at all right now for a new stadium you know we're still. Enjoying what what's been done do who Muirfield. Area and Wilson. I think if you put the pieces of the puzzle together. The respect. Earnest work hard. Diligence. Be thorough. I think. You know that that's how you get well so hopefully we can do that here. We'll see that the league has been urging wanting a new stadium bill but what what is sure. And just like. In your mind all along that you see you. Well we have at least through 2023. So you know that's a contractual obligation. And that's my stance. This is 2007. Things go a long ways ago police there. They're thinking about anything besides. Where we're at now here is how. He would consider using. Or are we gonna go right well nobody needs it now. Here you keep talking about respect and and being learned is that something you just sense that the team. Didn't have or had people around the tools that is this team was not respected. I think that's part of any winner. People respect. Organizations and teams. That win. And you know that's where we have to get him after earning. Respect the risk that we Buffalo Bills that. Failure to report that. Bill would you work. For me. The players. You know what you know that matter. Whether they would vote. I did I don't have any comment on that issue. I really don't. We'll be looking. Concussion mind you this report came out recently. And you live folders have in regards. On. Well. You know again I don't like to talk about. Concussions publicly but you know concussions happen all parts of society it happens in every sport. Did you have your card. Cuts in an accident so. I I don't wanna discuss. The relevance of it in the football world there it would appear here. Earning respect. And working hard. Urgently infield though and they'll translate into wins do you feel the bills have been disrespect to me. If you per you know but that's. What you need to win. You need to have respect we need it when teams commendable political play they need to be talking about it on the way up saying no yes we did go to buffalo. Let's hope we can get one out of here. That's if that's something you learn from. No partner for our peace when you you know we're watching this you know I think you learned that in life. Any business you do. If you work hard. And you love what you do one and you treat people right here and their respect and in. The rest of the experience. And. You know again I don't like to talk about. A player's contract publically but it'll it'll play out this season you know. Sammy looked pretty good right now and see what happens. Very fickle. I think you'll see it you see in the results of our games. Going home. Great. Where do you stand in the center. You know it's at right now. Well we have three quarterbacks on the roster right now are battling. War. Like playing time. And we'll see help place. You know Tyrod can be a weapon. Vehemence young seems to be intelligent and TJ is. The guy that's been around for one playoff games so. We'll see you have. What we that's what we have on our roster and we're gonna go. Expressed optimism about discussions with Jack is there any concern in your mind. But it. I don't wanna discuss. It any negotiations which publicly. But I can tell you this we want Jack can inject wants to be involved on this so it's. Anything more quickly and that person I have not one. There is no longer know. He was yesterday was dominant and and see who don't today but be peace. Between taking game over. Means you know when he's healthy and he's he's player. There. We hope everybody supports the team. We're gonna do the best we can do. With a W them or.