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Wednesday, August 8th

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Brian Urlacher last Saturday night the pro football maiming Kenton Ohio a tremendous speech and we are honored to be. Joined on the show right now by pro football hall of Famer Brian Urlacher brandished John Murphy Steve tasker here in buffalo thank you very much you spend a few minutes with a suit today. Yet there are on guard Richard you know one thing in your speech that I really liked was when you said. You wanted to be remembered as a good teammate what a great depth thought what a great approach to the game. How does that sort of inform your whole career Brian that desire to be known as a good teammate. Biggest burden high school honestly you know all my restaurant that I would have articles server thought Richard good first guys. Fellow guards small cigars in my game or restore service today. Senator's care don't don't stop ever ever folks Barnhart because. You know it is Chicago Utley with a budget guys for a long time service you guys better. There are portrayed its failures were so it was easy to become really close to them and even if there were Michael's struggle order because she urged everybody I think so just. Governor mark sir. Topics one of these are wanna ask you about as as such a big week for you guys golden can't last week wolf when he got there at the cannon first of all with what date did you arrive last week and also what was the most pleasant surprise of your entire experience their during your induction week. We got there I was Bernard Richard does look very similar surface what went very rigorous fair quite Spencer Sergio and I. Are the most pleasant very. Hope. A welcoming them so her Alter course or systemic separate territory and they're just. There are so happy and so myself for all of us but you know what under the cloak whereas. Every every one of those guys very well for me because it that the process oracle the Serbs. Graphic. They were all very welcoming him into its support figure was overwhelming. A brand Steve my partner here as several former bills' teammates who are now hall of famers and and the one thing. You know you talk to those guys did I get from it is that. It really does change your life it seems when you become all of me right now it's only a few days old but can you see it happening you'd you'd feel like that might happen. Also believe it's over. But it's important that that you can promote forces who have sought. On. Progress that parents of our speakers like immediately reached at about what was over. But stressed about it you know six months get breast breach of bird China to screwed up to better leader but is anybody out was also a different honestly you know. Also Derrick to my kids and so first we're voted ritual is different right now. Well you you went into the hall of fame at one of the iconic positions in the NFL forget about corporate you're the middle linebacker. For the Chicago voters you've followed guys like Mike Singletary like like Dick Butkus who's all time iconic guy. And now you sit there and I take it yeah I know he's been a little time in Chicago and and live elsewhere as well but. Hearing now you're looking at a guy like broke once Smith who's kind of having a bumpy start. To his career what giving advice this young guys coming in to what your thoughts on that. Other pictures the rules that would be hauled off traffic about felt the burgers Richard Dalton who urgent concert Soviet. Hold outs and are getting some of us are people's party which. They did Richard Gephardt sort of sets foot. It's a business decision you know whether it's political I think behind all the decisions are great in the business. And will be district SharePoint sure you'll hum that you get church usher here. Of course I was over. Shields was it's out of court judges so it'll hurt her though it is the search because. About circuit or vice is getting there are other or should know. Well torture always impressive series. I want to be a return to get a development as well on trying to cure a lot of theater along with the wonders wondered what it's utterly absurd let's also look would you give me an attorney Jeff. We're on the subway fresh take Thailand with pro football hall of Famer Brian Urlacher wanna talk about your rookie career for second Bryant. Dick Jauron was the coach of the bears when you got there in 2000 you started your first regular season game. And and you were benched right after that the very next week what happened there and and how did you feel about the way that started for so. You horse didn't start murder progress start in the received or what about her thoughts are stuck on the opposite there's no doubt about it. You know I had such a picnic I'd never played the box or like you have. Of those particular people oversight in what is softer cover over we're here we get my hands on a but it wasn't what I was used to doors audio. Justifiably that there's there's me there's a relative or who wrote this as the result wouldn't vote that we we Sue Bird mr. got hurt. Against terrible they are blue course watcher didn't matter as Mike o'clock like Mike Obama backer Syria look to sort of Opel. And I've sort of regain much of that. I yeah. Talk a little bit about that these days you've got. That we got a young guy here in buffalo who is in camp but to remain Edmonds or your right so always talk about your thought on this guy every day he's got the radio he's nineteen or not draft I. Yeah I like you species got a lot of cellular. It's not possible Arkansas coach ravaged. It is very hard it was always says missile or accused where they're athletic they're so cute do. You know as well as the forces by thirty. But certainly needs to get job through every. Whatever you're probably younger than just the birds apart from what I hear from Bob. I don't wanna get our financial resources cute Smart any jets are no doubt I'll make a lot of mental errors or its training camp which is great. And just sort cured cured chit overall and you know I was Serb leader. Bob dispersed about security. We talk about Bob that's Bob Davidge who's the bills' linebackers coach. Your present her last weekend it can't Ohio talk about your beverage in the role he played in your successful career if you would. There's a little flare bird we have more like our brother series took just the altered prepared for secure Burmeister. Like nobody else we would go out elect rather short answer we are so competitive that I want to be murdered your order break be better. He challenged me every single day you know whether it was in the meetings walked on strut his suddenly. I've reveal much totals are the sources if you would always jealous of me I appreciated it's because the biggest Beckett who goes around really get better. Not just leave it latter part of backers as well we appreciated that. What the other things that the guys that have cross pass with you in your career early on you had it we wash your little bit and I was actually. Interest in the guy the cushy little later helped you in your training is rusty Jones whose. A good hitter of mirth and I am night rusty was my coach in buffalo for a lot of years. Kane Chicago talk about the effect he had some of the things that he affected you in your career and and why that was. But a lover is of us workers are reported last week it was ultimately filter out for what Nigel back to vote you're what. Go when he got there I was offered a century and are never runner I'd never pulled a muscle never read hurt my career so little bit hard for me. But he changed my diet each piece. My mindset on TV on Sergey. Just everything. Slick finger is everything your teachers are well looked at. You know what what all of my career assorted picture of my body understood that. And he maybe be just giving you ways to make myself better Apple iPod and so luckily the first review prayer. Did as a player to your house ordered as a player your. And I just got better every year our bodies change and I distrust of and for good reason W usable though what 4041 years yes honestly you don't restore our trust for the regular folk do. He's also one of the funniest people I've ever come across that you buy at the right. Our law whatever I want you reveal what sir are a thirty year mortgages are bigger security I don't know Hastert's not just super. I figured that vacuum which are stretched. That's. What your ability were considerate so are you ought to put a boards or Torre you got the good rusty Jones and did you ever everybody who plays form hasn't had rusty Jones and its just there's no question always what we've all got to numbers Edgar. Ram whats outlets like like for rebounds did you the NFL for a couple of years what you do buddy keep busy. There is a much if you can produce Brazilians are accurate and helpful also are part of what it's like shall audits are off. So the first to a quick slides or fracture of or thought. I go get him or go to chuckles from six states throughout my daughters are still schools lowers the mile or drive so she's got. She sorted through your home. But a little and played basketball also were reported that the but you know owners who articles are about mountain bike which are right every bit of Richard could work out what I chairman. Golf's taken a backseat but I think right now so all could help a lot policies were visits or she's just we're bought diesel. Will also America Wheeler and are you an Arizona Brian's everywhere throughout geragos and a now there's a lot of high hopes for your former team this year brand new coach in and that's sect in your quarterback your thoughts on what the bears might be able to do this season what do you think. I'm super excited about what their dual book called honor your coach or use your boss also are sisters. They're big so there are reported changes mobilize. They got some good players and altered our good side about Mitch it is if we don't talk in the mediate civil rights day. Remember much about themselves and that's what he can do better. We talked about browsers seem accurate as a liar blocked. The quarterback for the good doctor Bernard church ever thought. What you'd jitters it's always about what he can do better or whatever else you're great and I'm really project ever thought.